Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1928
Page 8
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Figures On .Are Submitted To Morrison Council hus Mf.rrKcn, 11\. Oft, 10 ---I Rprriji! I ] r-~ sdjoiirn'-d from Intt Friday until j to ;-o rn-nu', Fmrn this tiro; THf-wl'.y night at. 7 o'clock found ft'l j this munty will hold nirmbfr^hip of the sldrrmr-n ntid Mnvnr Vnn O?- ; !?i Hi* jpc^nfiv formed Rnrfc Rlvpr trnl day* IAS?, rvorfc. iiv»-;fiit ; <-/iiin!i<-* nf WiiH^'i'ifif Th«! report of H. \V. WilHnms. r!!y jnnri LOP. Irwmjirr, Showed t' nn hunt) j Tn<* Morrison hieh •••'•hool band Sept. 1. with rrrrip's of J44P.75 sine<\ i h<v<; lure No city orders wric recounted n r . i ('rtainr up d«rinzjhr_rnr.nfh, so Qcf. | proprpm. TJndr-r th« Ipndrrfbip of H, i J.™" j W. Burch they air slni^d to piny' i' li numbers, nnd iinci'uil>t/ v (!ly wil} A -pr.irti bus hns bcrn > _ 1?, SRft>i. pn«w-1, .Tun? 2*!. rnfs- I carers *sr«» frnni the John ;;*_* j Lyndon lodffc•: Porter Holt, Reynolds, Myron Bowers, ( Kniskrrn. Frnnk p*rty for Mtes LO!A Keller (m 'TIW*- 1 Sunday s?s<3 day ev*ntn(j. If, ...,„ 55th birthday of Mi.«* for the »n<S her Thf> muMr WP rrn Bown. O. M, Cndy nnd l>11s- mrre IVm-en. The regular officers find Mor J found nprwnny $3.113.85 on hand Alderman Boyd cavr thr rrport Jtlatlvfc So « hratmft platu for Hv" lire station, city hnll, firemen's room find city jail. A figure of $1140 war, (submitted to hrat th? entire building. $1020 for cno !o U)<? down- sinirs only, or $Mfl for n pbnt suit- FORMER RESIDENT able for thr do" n r -!;i>! -~ only exclusive of the ri!y jmi. 'I h'-rf was ron- f4der?>,hie clisrtisMon nn the mnttrr rhnrterrd nnd will iravr from the Jlntri Whifrside corner in this city n: 7 o'clock Friday morning. CLUB ENTERTAINED BY MRS. HAREINQTON HERE DIES IN EAST .-,„. ,„ .... ..,„«,,. . Mnrrison, 111., Oct. 10—(Special.) AS it is the dcj-irp to curb cxj^ndi-j Mr?. W. N. Humphrry on Tucs- lures wherever jv>-sbK nnd (ho Lyndon. III., Oct. 10—(Special.)— The Lyndon Indies' cliib met on Saturday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Dwlght Harrington who was n.5isls!.cd by Mrs. G. C. Morris and Mis. 1 ; Kittle B. Morris. At the closp r,. l,. JIUUIJIIIKV VII 1 Ul;S~ I , . J.VJ..O. nv 111!. LIUX- momiiiR rrrrivrd Information ! n P^^^nt social afternoon the *VHV,T i**ti*v>ii j ". ' • iij|', M4J't \ i t'-.' ' *•** j "nv.utiini^ *'. **(\t:\* i 1 1 1 U1 tti» L.|t )I I t , " ~" "-• matter was fiimllv Irft in t!;c hanrt^jof tho drnth of Frank Wilson of' hostc -f cs served a three course din .. .^. ..... ,...:,.,,„_ ... . i r. 1,._ .. ... . ner. tho waitresses being the Misses Doris Harrington nnd Avis Holt. of the city huild'.ns; commit tec and ! Somrrvillr. Mnan., which occurred the mayor with jw.vrr to net. ion October 5. Burin! wns made Mon- Aslde from thf regular bilb nl-idny. Details of his passlnR were t kot lowed wns one of 'ho fnrm bureau not Riven, other thnn to state that lor two CflrSi of liiin-s'oiie u^rd In | th*? cud came suddenly. street repair work, for $207.50, Al- ) Mr. Wilson wns formerly B resl- derman H. J. Rnulall recommend-(dent of this section nnd will be re- ing the purchnse of another car if j memberrd by somr of the older rcsl the uc-cds of otlicr "'—' '* * '•'""'- "- •-<-'•--« « ----its purchnse. The from Wall street toward Waterworks ! about 65 years of age, nnd for many park, and made a notable Improve- ; years hnJ followed the profession *"""' [of undertaking, having a business I The table centerpiece was a has ' ket of bittersweet nnd autumn leaves the tints of nutumn coloring the nut cups nnd place cards which were novel. Present were Mrs. Holt, Chamberlain, Mrs. Tumey, iv.4.ii«. *i \,\jiinm\ «v* j "' •*>• *•* * «.»n.« i-!,v.itvjt ii t HA v* 111 m* '^"na • ----~---.~-»*«i- ( ,^,.,~ of another car if j membered by some of the older rcsi- ' cha i>berlain, Mrs. Tumey. Friday and there appears on the streets warranted! dents. He visited here nnd went'on H lM J IoU> Mrs - c - Chamberlain, ballot a question for or against a i stone pust pur-Unit Into Iowa in the early part of i Hodges, Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. Mur- special bond for the fish and game on Henton street ! September. He wns R Rcntleman ,'f ' Mrs ' Austln - M«- D. F. Mil- proposition in this state. Mr. Hur- iwnrd Waterworks ! about 65 years of aee. and for mnnv \ l ™ n ' . Mrs - Cora Mlllikan. Mrs. C8S "mes the people to vote for this classmates jmve h« B birttirtaf present. The party WM held at the home of h«r parents, Mr. trod Mrs Ortey Keller. Perry Dew report* Uw Mr. and Mrs, Arthnr Mundt of Sterling »n<l Lloyd Hetrington of of M'otrl«on Mr. «»d Mrs, Btinday LstVens Mrs. Mm, B!1««! Turn«r. Mr D»v* Klmmel. Mr. pupils nf his room neither iMxwntjMrg, Lulk Uwnirood Rnd u>*.i«i.i-r nor tardy during f,h» month of 8ep- i Iva were entertained at th? Wm tember; Ritchie Bender, Everett T7 """" 1 ' Baksr. Dorothy Cunnon, Ear! French, Oscar Osbome. Donald Button, Doris Ahrena, Kenneth Cady, Cor* Teach, Miss Rolto repcnrtu neither absent rior tardy from her room- Douglas Cftdy, Keith Millikan, Jack Holt, Marian Ends, Huml Teach Elma French, Lyle Miller, Vclma Ramom, Marjoric Olbwa, June OehJson, Barbara BriggB, 8h*tman Willis Ahrens. Mildred . Tholma Blagg, Ethel Baker, Mary Osborne, Chester Button. URGES ALL VOTE OH STATE BOND ISSUE Coleta, III. Oct. 10—(Special.) — Supervisor C.'L. Hurless was putting up the election notices last Friday and there appears on the ment, , BUI For Pnmjwr Srrvier rnongh to require the services «*»* m VM * M **»!»** .->* i * f i * i •" • f^' • tiu»*^i« i \j i i,t^uii i: 11IV Ut'l Vlwun AuthorlKation was given for pre-j of four competent men. The family -" '•'" '-' - 'lived in Gcnesec township about thirty years aso. nnd Mr. Wilson at one time conducted an undertaking establishment to-Lanark. senting a bill totaling $02 to Harry Pruls for the services of the tiro pumper and six men when his home burned last week,.. A charge for country calls is made on the basis of $25 per hour for tho pumper nnd $1 per hour for rnrh man accompanying. Supt. Kelly of Grove Hill estimated his needed cash for the current month at $250. He hr« $147.30 in the checking account. Supt. R. H. Green of the city waterworks estimates his cash needs for th« current month at $500, his report showing a balance of $20.95 in the checking fund. Supt. M. O. Howe estimated his needs nt $300 for streets, $134.40 for uarbape and $50 for sewers. He has S-l in the checking account for streets and $71.52 in the checking account for sewers. A. J. McLennan presented n petition for permission to erect a gasoline service station lit the site of his present blacksmith shop. Upon motion of Alderman Wripht the petition was unanimously granted, subject to the approval of the street committee and mayor. The opening of A.«,h avenue .was discussed, and Supt. Howe reported that he and City_Engineer_.Edw. p. Hills'liali"been"looking it over, nnd Install New Officers Morrison. III., Oct. 10.—(Special). —Reports of the recent Mystic Worker convention at Detroit were Riven nt lust night's meeting of that order, which also installed the following officers: prefect, Lloyd Mason; monitor, George W. Hawk; cor- m;por.clent, L. E. Rounds; banker. O. W. Howe; marshal. Mrs. W. E. Roscnbergcr; warden. Mrs. Geo. Hawk; correspondent, L. E. Rounds; banker. O. W. Howe; marshal, Mrs. W. E. Rosenbcrger; warden, Mrs Oeorce Hawk; sentinel. Mrs. William Watsorf; supervisor for three years, A. J. McLennan; for one year. T. M. Whitemore; musician. Mrs. C. G. Hawk. J. A. Rlordon was installing officer and Mrs. L. E. Rounds was conductor. At the conclusion of the meothiR pleasing refreshments were enjoyed. . , . Mcnsch, Mrs. Conrad, Mrs. Grccnlec, Mrs. England, Mrs. Lathe. Mrs. Parmenter, Mrs. Harriman, Mrs. Rt)cy, Mrs. Crowell, Mrs, Clarence Brov;ncll was a guest. Church Societies Join For a Social Evening Lyndon, 111.. Oct. 10— (Special.)— The Congregational and Methodist young people's societies held a party at the Elmer French home on Friday evening. There were games and a brief program as follows. bond as It deals directly with the fish hatchery. He, as well as the other citizens in this vicinity arc interested in the locating of a Fi»rrmm home on Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Edward Miller and two children Evelyn «n<! Maxln© motored to Waterloo, lows, to spsnd the week-end. Mafulce" Almy and family moved Monday into Lampman house. Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Lee and Mrs. Effie Oault spent Sunday afternoon in Chadwick visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosenberry were Sunday dinner guests at the Hugh Brown homo in Coletn. Adella Crawford and Wanda Pilgrim spent the week-end in Clmna t the Loren Crawford home. Mr. And Mrs. Le® Frederick are spending several weeks in Chicago visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nye and iamlly of Dlxon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Lenhart and family. Mlsa Evelyn Meyer of Feorla Bpent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Warren and Mr. and Mrs. WUbcr Nicholson and baby left Sunday morning for Chambcrsburg, Pa., to visit relatives. They drove there in a car. Mrs. Fred Sort and her daughter- in-law entertained the Lutheran Aid b*rry spoon anrt R eolrt m»»t, fork of the . iB Jutich, conrisiirif of fnilt sandwiches, pickle^ cmke and »M brought by the visitors »nd Berried Iftte in th* evening. Thews pr*M>nt •Kere Mr, nnd Mrs. Staer Anderson and children. Mr. and' Mrs Fred Ruker, Mr. und Mrs. Lew Brown. Mr. snd Mrs. Richnrd Kelly, Jr., Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Rftsmussen. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ornham »nd children, Mrs. Jarncs Darby, Mis* Roberto Peterson and Herbert Ack- ersoa. • • iiucrcsifu in me locating or a 1 v..v^.v.*.».v^ m.. unv,..^i,n. x »iu hatchery on the farm of Mrs. Am- Iadlcs on Thursday afternoon. Af- «1t« T-* i.._. -. i_ — — mt . _ i _ t • . . . tfl* Q fotictmive tn*M»tlrir» n fr\f+\nt *l*v\/» clia Reecher. The voters should look into this proposition and vote to their best Interest. MAKE BID FOR SOME OF GRAVELED ROADS Coleta, 111., Oct. 10—(Special.) — The fanners living in the southwestern part of Genesee township are Club Studies Antiques Morrison, 111.. Oct. 10.— ^ », 0f ° Pr °8 resd « Read- found that considerable filling would ' ,?,:,,'„ , lnd nn ? xceller ><- oppor- be required to many places, some us j J," 1 "' 1 M ™*?y -evening at the home much ns time to'four feet. This i"_. R . In V'- c - Barnuai to study un. fill will be started within a short'" ' n- "^ kice ' ;: , ng wlth the l )r °! ' rjm oullled »" the club calendar time, r.nd probably spring will see the new street opened. This runs from Maple nvenue pust the cast plant of the Kay Bee company hothouses and connects with Wull street. , the club calendar, ," ry Im ' mber brought something -of • *» - — —"• «w • V«t<«> F* t7l -fm mm f*Hm V V* *.* ^-• • V t»^, t \-\JYV HOIHIJ HI SJ Readings. Lona Murphy. Esther awakening up to the fact that If trench, Elma French, Merle.French, they wish anything out of the $12 Pumpkin pie, Jcllo and cake were 000 bond for hard roads they must the refreshments. The next joint ! get busy. Two meetings were held to party will be held at tho Congre- that vicinity last week, one at the catinnni rhnr^v, „„ n^ o a John Co rdes home and one at the Hickory Grove school house. -Arrangements are being made to rock about three miles of road in that vicinity. gational church on Oct. 28. nature prove was jewelry, a which they believed ef interest to others, it splendid array of capos, pictures, vases, dishes. suicided watch, and W. E. Burrit NEW FAIR SECRETARY Morrison. 111., Oct. 10.—< Special i —Election of officers and directors of the Whittside County Central Agricultural Association wtfs held Tuesday afternoon between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, thore bciiiK s total of 84 ballots cast, which was & larger number than most persons anticipated. William Boyd received 84 votes for president, K. J. Martindale 69 votes for vice president, A. j even n chopping bowl, which, If it could talk, could trll of more than 100 years of existence. The hostess read a very interesting paper on itntitiues. In two weeks, October 22, the Progressive members will enjoy a Hallowe'en party with Mrs. Carrie West as hosiers. Addresses Lions' Club Morrison, 111., Oct. 10.—(Special). —Judge Nds A. Larson was the speaker of the evening at the Monday night session of the Lions club, giving its members a splendid talk uojc vy fcuic.i lui > in.: jji t siut IIL, /*. !»••?*•£, **-< *»iv***unn u DiJiruiuu U&1& M. Potter 75 votes for treasurer. For j on the work of the courts. In the secretary, P. F. Boyd, who has bo course of his remarks His Honor capably handled the duties of that l °ok occasion to tt-11 what a lavor- olfice lor many years, received 30 i able impression Morrison as a whole votes and W. E. Burritt received 37 I nas made u|>on him during his vis- votes. Mr. Burritt has had Quite a j ^ here,, and referred fspcciany to iltlte experience in connection with ' Grove Hill cemetery, saying that it *v.*«. ««fi*..n ;« #v.^ ^.-.c, c:.,... w to *v,^,,.- i IS Ollf* of tllp most, iw^nntftul Im V^o*.- this'pffice in"tne past. Sam Mathew. j !s on<> of the most beautfiul he has J. M.OU»an and D. JF. MlUlkan were I evcr seen re-elected as directors, receiving respectively 78, 71 and 64 votes. Win. Boyd was the only one to receive_t he solid vote of the stockholders, (everyone purclmsing a season TIcTteY being considered u stockholdej ?nd Teacher Is 111 Morrison, Jll.^ Oct J0_—( —On account of __ _ wTio was engaged during" the past summer as teacher of English k^V-***^ VV*«i*t*^t. * VV* fc« +J V"JV •0**V^*V*W* » i*v« f «uu> U U« (441,14V. 4 C±O VCiJtV iiVi UI JCfilKllill having the right to vote) tiierc oelng j in the Morrison high, lias found it a number of scatlcnng votes. Chas. ne<^ssary to go to a hospital to Ro- Lutyeu. W. J. Crump and Mrs. cheater. Minn. The board of educa- italph Green acted as the tiettiou j tion bus been fortunate to secure as v> "°'" il ' a substitute during her required ab- board, sence. the services of Mrs. H. J. Lu- . . . . u- Heat For Hoboes Costs $100!d e ns. who previous to her marriage Morrlson, 111.. Oct. 10 —(Special) i —Hoboes, of whom there sire any- i where from two 10 15 nearly t-vi-ry night during tht> winter, cost the taught this subject several years in Uie schools oi Pulton and Morrison. Wa-Tan^eTciub Morrison. 111., Oct. lO.—t'Special) city-more. Mian 5100 per season tor j—The Wa-tan-ye club held its regu- fveiling, and as the features Mrs. Rex j Ajs.-tin cau- u much enjoyed reading Puddifoot gave two coal, according to a htatement of ! lur jession Marslial C. C. Fletcher. Mf^la arc | entertainment not provided. MORRiSONllRIEFS Morrison, ; IH , Oct. Hi.-- Mntarci Meece ot the C. E. Burch dry goods store force ha* ju.vl ix-uaned from a vacation of a month wiuch was epent in MouUna. Yellowstone park and other western points. Frauk, Murray .who hus been «m- plosj-ed in the Libby factory until re- eeotly left' ye&terduy uoou for Ciii- f.fejjo whete he will take a cour^ in etectrical work at one of the trade whoute of th« city. and Miss piano btlt-i-uiii\s. Misses Nancy Carlton and Dorothy Olson lormed rhi» fintertuiiiuicut coouaitux; iw th* Olive Aggea euhmitted to a y«ar at tiu; oiiit* of a local He is the iour daughter oi Mr. and Mia. , E. 'W«*ver wmae & to Hwk Isknd Mtuiday aher- mm- Mr. luoA Mi* Ward Letch uf Isa- 8. O., ai« it^iUiig at the viir- Bridge-Lisaeheoa Morrison. III. Oct. 10.—(Special*. —Mrs. W. E. Weaver entertained a few of her frteiids at a brn*tii 1 o'clock luncheon and bridge ii Monday afternoon at her home Ei$st Nwrtli street. The proceeds oi this party, which ia cue ol several planned by various ladies, are to be applied toward the redecorating of e of the lurnuurt ut tin? Mwri- Cwutitry Will Attend Lodge Session Morrison, 111., Oct. 10.—(Special) —A number of members of the I. O. O. F. of this city are planning on going to Sterling Friday night, where the second degree will be conferred upon a class of candidates. LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon, 111.. Oct. 10. — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Forward and daughter, Kathleen....Mr. and Mrs. Otis Richards and Miss Elizabeth Terry of Prophctstown nnd Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Teach of Lyndon enjoyed a family' party and picnic dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fox on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bell of Cones- vine, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McKerg, of West Liberty, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McKerg of Morrison, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H Crowell on Sunday. On Saturday Theodore Blagg hauled one of the large mixers, that had been in use here during the road work of route 86, to Forreston, 111., where it will be used on a new road being built there. It is said that if work progresses as fast as U has been going the Cady corners will be reached soon after midweek. Six stretches of road all east of here, however, are yet to be done before the new route is complete. Mrs. Richard Cady and daughter Miss Glodys, visited from Thursday to Sunday with Mrs, Cady's sister, Jvlrs. Win. Black, near Port Byron, la. Mrs. R. W. Remour and son, RuS' sel, of Hooppole have been guests of her son, Leonard Hemour and family. Mrs. C, A. Harrington liss been on the sick list Uie past week. Mr. and Mrs. A«a Harkness and daughters, Ruth. B*tty and Maurlne. who live near Sterling, were din- in_ Sunday ^at_ the..jC..j;. Tha Misses Carria Stewart and Clara Dykema of Morrison, visited Sunday at the Garret K.lount home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bolt and family Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hosenow and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenow were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Pilgrim on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Orley Keller and family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Dorathy at Prophetstown on Sunday. Mrs. Clark Rosenow was surprised on Tuesday evening when a number of relatives and neighbors assembled at her home and remembered her birthday. A jolly evening followed and refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Conrad and daughter. Joan, were w«efc*«*id -«f Mr. and Mrs.- Ch&rtea Gates at Polo. Mr. %nd Mrs. Carl Spragu0 of Rockfortt. were Lyndon eallsrs OJQ Sunday. Mrs. Mahala Cady and Mrs. -Robert Settles motored to Thompson Saturday afternooft. Mr. Settles, who is working at Thompson, e»u«s home with them fur au over Sunday visit. Mr. and Mis. D. F. MUUfcan were dinner guests of Mr. ajod Mr*. J. a. . . at their hwu*t on Friday. At Masonic Meeting Murrison. 111., Oct. 10. H, L. Shawvcr wid Walter ol Motriscih itucoujpiwiled by Frank '• Altai o| Lyndon, hau- tout: to Chi-! to aiUTid the lui'ftingi oi Ujv Mjt'&Sii Kb R9lPlt|P Birthday Party Lyndon, HI., Oct. 10—(Special.)— Mrs. Eugene Ransom entertained at an afternoon party for her daughter Betty Gene's fifth birthday on Saturday, Oct. 6. After games delicious refreshments were served by the little girl's mother, and grandmother, Mrs; Alice Maberry, Misses Velma Ransom and Lucille Sammons directed the games and assisted in serving. A number of birthday presents were left as reminders of the fifth birthday. Present: Beth Elaine Gardner. Francis Harrington. Theodora Blagg, eBtty Jane Hardy. Verna Belle Settles, Russel Maberry and Lucile Sammons.. tcr a business meeting a social time was enjoyed, followed by refreshments. Several new members were taken in. Miss Irene Sherman and Irvin Missionary Meetings Lyndon, 111,, Oct. 10—(Special.) — The Missionary society of the Methodist church will meet on Tuesday afternoon at the home ol Mrs. Lee Lyon. On Wednesday af ternoon the Congregational Mis sionary society will me$t at the home of Mrs. Dwight Harrington who will be assisted by Miss Cora Patterson. No meeting of the Bend Missionary society will be held thl» week because of the torn up roadway. WEST GENESEE BRIEFS West Genesee. Oct. 10. ~- Frank Broderick went to Sterling Friday to see his father, James Broderick who is ill. Mr. and Mrs. George Lefever and daughters Martha and Edna and nephew, Mr. Groff all of Sterling were pleasant callers at the Mik» Flynn home Sunday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. John Landheer and son Kenneth spent Sunday at tits Mr. and Mra. Prank Broderick and family were entertained Saturday evening at the Claus Haneen home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buhrow andf sons Elwyn and Merlyn spent Sunday at the Louia Martin home to Lyndon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Sheehan and son Floyd and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johmoa and family of Dixon were Sunday guests at the John Hay«a home. Mr. and Mrs. Alek Livingston ot Polo were callers at Jhe Ed Shee- lian home Friday, Miss Maire Sheehan who spent a few days at the Livingston home, returned home with them. 8upt. Price of Morrison visited at th* Liberty school one day last Greater London increases its pop« til*Ucm at the rat* of 75,000 every year. Prevent Dandruff Pie&sant. healing, lua&aaged toto the . _.. djuidiuff. Irriiatious, soreue&s --itching frequently disappear ov«r night. Ziwa penetrates, clfcaa&«( th« scalp, keeps it and prevents dwidrrt. it to a ciejui, iafci, healing liquid-nuvi the sura way to eradieate and yr*- vtnt itchiiif &cai|> aad dandruff, AH drus«ist*--3Sc, 80c, $1.00.—Adv. Hintz of Chicago, came Saturday noon to visit over Sunday at the Prank Llvengood home. The W. R. C. met on Saturday afternoon. An Inspector was present. Lunch was served. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pfundsteln weer Sunday guests at the George Pfundstein home. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Carpenter of Sterling called on relatives here Sunday. Robert Teets a Carthage studen spent the end of the week at hi, home. Mr. and Mrs. Cllf Dingman and son Wayne were guests on Sunday at her mothers, Mrs. Emma Wea therwax home. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Derr left Frl day morning for Ohio where thej will visit relatives, at Springfield also visiting a cousin of Mrs. Derr'a at Chillicothe, Ohio. Miss Blanche.Hawkins entertained the girla of her Sunday schoo class and the teacher, Mrs, o: B Teets on Friday evening. Fourteen girls were present. The next meet tog will be with Ella Bracken. Mrs. Anna Dieterle and daughter Fanny, and Mr. J. J. Schmitt spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dienl at Woodstock. Mrs. Henry Jones went to Savanna on Wednesday evening to stay with her mother several days. Mrs. Harry Bowders went into Chicago oh Saturday evening to spend a week with Mrs, Oale Hoak Trinity Lutheran Bible school held their harvest festival on 8un- daj? morning, The church was decorated with flowers, barberry, fruit and vegetables and to the afternoon the donations were taken to the Nachusa Orphanage. Mr. and Mrs, Nelson Ridge way Fanny Dieterle and J, J. Schmitt spent Sunday afternoon In Sterling. Mrs. Wayne Smith and Mrs. Gua Smith were Coleta visitore on Sunday. PINNED U.ND1E OAE BUT NOT BADLY HURT Erie, 111.. Oct. 10. — (Special) — When Mrs. Sophie Foropoulos was returning to Rockford Monday afternoon from the tri-citlen her car, a Studebaker coupe, skidded from the paving about a mile east of Erie on Route 3 and turned over pin- ilng her underneath. She was unable to extricate herself. A pass- ng motorist came to her Bid. She vas not hurt but the car was bad- y wrecked and was taken to a local ;nrnRe for repairs. Mrs. Foropoulos continued the journey In the bus. Birthday Party Deer Grove. 111., Oct. 10—(Special) -Lynwood Norman was pleasantly urprlscd by a number of friends at he home of her parents east of Deer Grove last Sunday, the affair being in honor of her fourteenU birthday. The afternoon was en Joyably spent in playing game Dainty refreshments were served b the hostesses, n feature of whlc wns the birthday cake with fourtee lighted candles. Miss Lynwood re celved a number of pretty and use iul gifts as a remembrance of th occasion. Oordon anil, tored to Chicago Sunday, Sunday 0. I, NAMED AT Pentcm, III, Oct. 10.—(Special).— The Lookout committee for th® ChrtRttan Kndpavor society tnclud** Marie Likes and Rachfl Ewers, Other committees arc: Devotional, Mrs. EfTle Forth and Mrs, I<era Burns; social. Margaret Ewers and Etta Chrisop Rnd Estel Neal; music, Rev. J. O. Neal, Ma« Oooding and Marlon Snyder. The stewards of the church for the coming year sre M follows: 8. C. Given, chairman, Everett Bsrk- man, Floyd Florence, Harry Snyder, Dan Forth, ijnd Mrs. Charlie Roselleb; treasurer, W, ,7. Forth; j secretary, a. G. Ooodin. The —i Christian Endeavor will have a wie-1 H * ner roast Friday evening in Floyd Florence's pasture. Miss Etta Barthel of Sterling, country treasurer of the Christian Endeavor, gave a splendid talk at the church Sunday night. fei *," Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Schriner have moved into the Finzel home in South MUledgeville. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Buffington, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Speaker returned Sunday evening from a visit to Iowa with relatives since Thursday. - ERIE BRIEFS Krle. Illinois, Oct. 10—Mrs. A. L. ahuj»_Jeft Tuesdjy for D^Kalb convention of tha Woman's Foreign missionary society as a delegate. Mrs. Charles Dentan returned recently from Tampleo where she had been visiting to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Diana Glass. R L. Burchell, Mrs. Mary Shoecraft and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Bur- GbeU were recent guests of the former's d&ughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw to Dlxou. Mrs. Ora Huston of Searsboro, Ia, is the guest of her friend, Mica Julia Quade. Grace Matson visited to Fulton recently with her friend Miss Lucille Keliey and her slater, Mrs. Mtoo Kamphuis and family. Or. Harry M. Bocae, of St Louis has bought the dental business of Hr, leader, taking ~ Will Change Location Morrison. 111., Oct. 10.—(Special; —H. W. Burch announced Tuesda that he Intends moving his band in strument sales, accessories and re pair room from the rooms over th Bradley-Boynton store to his horn on West Wall street, the change U be made approximately Novembc 1st. In anticipation of the move h is now making needed changes ir the room at his home which will be used. Entertain At Dinner Deer Grove, 111.. Oct. 10—(Special —Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hamblock en tertained at a chicken dinner Bun day Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Heckrnan of Sterling. Mrs, Henry WJtte-of-Stcr- ling. Mrs. Paul Craig and daughters Eileen and Evelyon. Jane of Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keefe ant daughter. Oeraldine, Mr. and Mr? Hubert Schauft* and son, Jean anc Matt Hamhlock. 10.— and DEER GROVE BRIEFS Deer Grove, 111., Octber Mr. and. Mrs. Hoy Noble „ daughter Viola returned Saturday from St.. Joseph. Mo, . Fred Kinky of Ottawa is visiting at the home of Fred Near. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Bond one family and Miss Margaret Near transacted business in Sterling on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton of Rock Falls visited at the home of Israel Bechdolt Sunday. Miss Alice Grennan of Sterling spent the week end at the home oi Will O'NelL Charles Ankeny, who attends Lombard College, spent the week end here. Lyle and Oliver Melvin and Vincent Barum of Sterling visited with friends here Sunday. The Misses Marie and Marcella SchaufT spent the week end with their parents. Mr. arid Mrs. M, F, Schwamberger spent Sunday in Sterling. Margaret Schwamberger was ill and unable to attend school Monday. and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Btonesifer and family en joyed A picnic dinner at New Bedford Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Devermjf of Prophetstown spent Sunday evening at the home of William Stone- Mr, and Mrs, Jack Coaroy of Emtagton are visiting relatives here. C*- O, £, Bterett, who conducted Uie bushier for Dr. Tra der tb* past year, left Tuesday for bia home in Little York, III, (3ood Sound Eeatf ul Sleep i» only possible when the system '" fight and is free of to ef adults nod children as well 3totaacfa giuei, Lodlgeatiou and bil» ._,-— nhoukS be guarded «gfttost. a corrective for every «ge and condition nothiot! Is better . , Boal'a fruit-laxative RoUa. They are m&de to the old-f»shioA«d w*y of flfs, raisias, herbs ana b*rk* uii*«d *iid pnmed into rolls that look arid tstste like ' ' ' wtU show you 6ults O«t a !¥, Tha roll" every at say drug WILL DO ALL IT CLAIMS TO «ud Pratt, W. Va^'I wa* go that 1 was ia bed mo»t ttll tho iimti »ifel couldu't bit up *ad I am only «aw your ibiwg iu wg iu * m**» » ami *fi«y I lutd takea : 4o«** of Ljdi* E. TAMPICO BRIEFS Tamplco, 111., Oct. 10—(Special.) " Wm. Swenson has been re-.' to the pastorate of the M. £.! of this place according to a \ telegram received here. I Mr. and Mrs. H, R. Yards of Rock j Falls and Mrs. J. O. Shearer of this! place motored to Carlonvllle, 111., and spent the week-end with Mrs. Shearer's daughter, Miss Lucille, who is R student at Blackburn col- i lego of that place. Connor Brophy came out from Chicago Monday where he has been employed, for several months and will assist in the corn picking at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Brophy, Mrs. A. E. Bennett. Mrs. L. E. Chapin, Mrs. Fred Rowland and Mlsa Bernice Rasmussen attended a district meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society at DeKalb Tuesday. Hulger Pederson was a business visitor In Chicago Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jaquet and two daughters arrived Tuesday morning by motor from St. Louis, Mo., called here by the death of the former's father, Mr. Elmer Jaquet. Mr, and Mrs. c. E. McKenzie mo- j tored to Chicago Tuesday and attended the city series games. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Helller attend ed the meeting and banquet of the Red and White stores, which "WM FLIES TO SCHOOL,—Ml«s Betty Shorey teaches In a kindergarten school at Washington, and makes the trip to her home in Virginia every day by plane. She is pictured as she arrives for the day's work. Miss Margaret Lancaster vialtefl ovre the week-end with her fathet- Curtis Lancaster at the Thos. Rich*- ardson home in Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Winchell were Tuesday morning passengers tp Chicago to attend the Masonic grand lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Cart Oustafson of Walnut were dinner guests Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Swlnke. Mr. am! Mrs. Glenn Stcsdman, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Shank and Wm. McCreedy motored to Mollne Monday on business. honor of his 62nd birthday the following guests, Andrew Wylle, Casper Schwamberger, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Potter and daughter Jennts Elolse. Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Henry Wetzcll and son Kenneth Laverne of this place and Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Norman and daughter Norma Ruth ot Deer Grove drove to El Paso Sunday and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Norman until Monday. They stopped at Starred Rock on their return trip. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stelnhagen received word Monday that Mrs. Stelnhageh'a father. Mr. Wm. Drennan's condition was worse. They left Tuesday morning for his home at Detroit, Mich. held at-the Lincoln Tavern to Sterling Monday evening. A. E. Bennett motored to Chicago Tuesday and transacted ness. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Pierce and daughter Geraldtoe were entertained Sunday at the home of Mrs, Pierce's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kane at Tiskilwa. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wareham and daughter Esther of Davenport and Mr. and Mrs. Ransom Egart and children of, Leon were Sunday dinner guesta of Mr. and Mrs. Ales McCombs. Mrs. Anna Seymour is visiting this week to Amboy. Miss Bernice McKende and Miss Bernice Rasmussen were hostesses :o the Active Booster class of the M, E. Sunday school at Uie home of Miss. McKenrie Monday evening. The evening was spent with music and visiting. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostessss. A. ZL. White entertained at the Hotel Cooley at Sunday dinner in Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Davis and daughter Barbara Jean of Chicago spent the week-end with Mr. Davis 1 parenta, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Davis Miss Beryl Davis returned to tl city with them for a week's visit. Wm. Staackj manager of the Jwift cream and produce Elation baa been quite ill the last week with an attack of quinsy, he is improvtoj now. Mrs. P. C. Shank went to Mor USTICK BRIEFS Ufitlck, 111., Oct. lO.—Mr. and Mrr. Lynn McKee anrt two children Juna I and Ruth of Sterling and Mr. and Mrs. Harold McKee and two children from here-visited-with Ora McKee 1 ? in Carroll county Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Montgomery and daughter, Arvilla Mae spent Sunday at- the C. F. Mlcfcelson homo In Slinton. A home talent play and enter- Inniejyrwlirbfi^given in the near future at the Crouch school by the patrons of the district and teacher, Mrs. Rosa B, Mars of Fulton. J. D. McKec and son Lynh of Sterling visited at the C. R. McKee home and with other relatives Monday. Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan and family and Leonard Matthew /linton were guests at the Al- Matthew home Sunday evening. Along the edges of the carpet on «ich side of the English House of -——*• . , . - M»»B. *-. v. k»IUlUK WVilb iO fixOT 0 Mrs, Laswalls, Mr. and Mrs. rj^JWWajjmd_visifcedatthe home Ifead^flgcfr-Mrr-and-^Mya. Qeldeaa M hfr sm^r. Mra.J?.-jt,-W«>avar. Bat———•--•—••••••, ••••*•»-•». -yir—Ty wmypi . tquy urday, Mrs. Shahk with Mre. E. J Weaver, Mra. Earl Weaver and Mrs. Hottry TheUaa of Morrison Motored to Rodrford and visited until Sim- day morning 1 when they went to Beoit. Wis. On the return trip Mrs. lhank called on Fr. L» X DH Four t St Francis hoffpitel to Fmsport. All tlads of Sheet Metal Tin Wetfc. feroaeo Kepairfnf oar specialty Clutierham Tin Shop at Baxiaa* ffuwie 310 til i*t Am, w«* better. M- of takiurf two ^_ ,__^ sgr ««>« aad life*' a mew woia»a.' -I r«c«ia- ai^a^ it wiU da all it to do eud 5«uf«. I will * " " w. 1 ?* Don't let the warm days ool you. Coal in the bin low means solid comfort ( nd no worry, We have a r ery..good gradfi m low as S6.50- Telephone 58 JOE RUBIN unwritten law no member may mas these lines when speaking. The custom dates from the days of the Cavaliers and Roundheads. In Face Powder A new youth shade that is erclusiva 1 to MELLO-GLO; Stays on longer, less affected by perspiration, doea —3SGHI — .mimf i • <T ~- •"-•'• »•*•(« OrA^ym VV V*-* derful Beauty Powder is made by a new trench Prooesa and you will b* delighted with it. Absolutely pure. Just try MKLLO-OLO «a«t nete ite raw auaEtios. (My one Blcjaord'a Pflaraacy.—Adv. Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. 5 J5&. Springer^ and over . ..... ..Y. 4 Ibs. Springers up to 5 ms. 34e No. 1 Bmwn Eggs* perttox. ....... j...,, No. IW hit* $%**, Bkckh& ^biKrao^ts *w

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