Great Bend Tribune from Great Bend, Kansas on June 2, 1954 · Page 7
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Great Bend Tribune from Great Bend, Kansas · Page 7

Great Bend, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1954
Page 7
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Seen Any Flying Saucers Lately? Tell Air Forces By CHARLES CORD BY United Press Staff Correspondent Washington, IIB The air force's flying saucer sleuths are sttll unable to explain about 10 percent ol the phenomena reported to them But so far this year they have had only 87 sightings reported tr. them. At that rate, the students of imj. dentlfied flying objects (TJFO's) faced the prospect of getting through 1954 with fewer than half as many flying object reports as last year. In 1352, 1,700 sightings were re ported and investigated. Last year the figure was 429, The present annual rate is about 208, The aerial phenomena that give rise to XTPO reports are still pres ent, of course, and the idea that some ol them drift in from outer space still gets some attention But the air force believes and says the ilgures support it that more scientific investigating pro cedures and better public education are shrinking the saucer prob The air force says: "No evidence has been received which would tend to indicate that the United States is being observ ed by machines from outer space or a foreign government. No ob iect or particle of an unknown substance has been received and no photographs of detail have been produced." If you see any TJFO's, the air force says, it "would welcome the Information," The people to contact are at the Air Technical Intelligence center, Wright-Patterson air force base, Dayton, O,, where Capt. Charles A. Hardin collects saucer data and directs It to air force and other agencies for scientific study Over the years, the Intelligence people have found 80 percent of the sightings explainable as known objects: balloons, aircraft, tronomlcal bodies, atmospheric reflections and birds. Of this year's 87 sightings, 70 percent have been explained, 10 percent unexplained and 20 percent of the reports contained such flimsy information that tbey had to be ignored. Two interesting facts turned up by the TJFO students are these: 1. There is a "direct corre lation" between the number of sightings reported and the publicity given to saucers by the nation's press, 2, UFO reports increase at those times of year when meteors are most common. Saucer "sightings" have been made by both visual and radar means. The air force said that "temperature Inversion reflections a natural phenomena under certain atmospheric conditions can make images on radar scopes as sharp as those from airplanes and at speeds appearing to range from zero to fantastic rates. Ionized cloudes and flights of birds also have been picked up on radar. Phenomena Galore Jet aircraft, flying at great speeds with sunlight reflecting on their polished surfaces, are often mistaken for unknown objects. Weather balloons and huge 90-foot upper air research balloons carry small lights when launched after dark and have highly re-felectlve surfaces. Methods and planets often bring a flurry of saucer reports. Venus in particular Is low on the horizon and appears to change color and move erratically at certain times of year. Saucers which behave in "weird and peculiar manner" believed to be reflections rather than actual objects. The air force says reflections may be projected to clouds and haze from both ground and air. Brilliant flashing lights, red and Mte, have been traced to a new lighting system on top of a tai section of commercial and mill tary aircraft. Heizer ALICE M. EVERETT Mr. and Mrs, Amos Clark and John were here from Liberal and accompanied the Roy LeRoy fam ily to the Great Bend high scboo commencement. Donna LeRoy was one of the graduates. The Leo Orebaugh family visited her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Jurgensen Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Boatright of Wichita spent the week end with their daughter, Mrs, Irvln Alefs and family. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Ziegler Newton visited Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Roy LeRoy and fam ily. Mr. and Mrs. W. C, Schultz o; Great Bend helped his sister, Mrs. Emma Langford with some painting at her home in Heizer. Mr, and Mrs. Leo Orebaugh and family spent the Memorial week end with relatives at Jetmore and Dodge City. Mr. and Mrs. William Neuforth spent the week end in New MexS co with their son, Dean Neuforth who had his exhibition of paint ings in Albuquerque at the University of New Mexico in fulfill ment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Arts. The show ran from May 17-23. It slsted of about 20 paintings, four of which will remain in the Uni-versity Art department collection. Dean will receive his Master's degree this month. The William Schuis family of Iowa, Mrs. Mary Burgtorf i Mrs. Dale Kapelle of Great Bend and the Ralph McEinney family spent Tuesday evening at the Ralph McKinney home. The Gale Cathcart family have moved from tbe Connor house into Alvin Otte's tenant house. Bonnie McKlnney accompanied her aunt, Mrs. Dale Kapelle tp .Eiisworui Wednesday to get I letter's daughter, Doris Kapelle, teacher In the Ellsworth grade school who came home for the summer vacation. Mr. and Mis. Henry Schwier o Jetmore spent Wednesday with his sister, Mrs. Bill Neuforth and family. Mrs. Lottie Eckert took supper with ner son, Dan Eckert and family Wednesday. Later the Gene Bowyer family of Pawnee Rock: Mr, and Mrs. Gene Eckert and family, Great Bend; and Mrs, Annie Lawrence and Joyce also visited there. Mr. and Mrs. Leon McKinney, Martha, Bonnie, Helen and Prank isited at Burciett Sunday with their uncle, John Mour, who was recently hospitalized. Melba Trauer, who will gradu ate from St. Rose School of Nursing at Great Bend this summer, spent Thursday with her cousins, the William and Glenn Neuforth families. ah Nea.1, Gail Plush, Mrs. Clarence Clarke, Mis. Oral Hay- nes and Sandra shopped in Hutchinson and visited the cemetery there Friday. Vicki Lynn Trauer spent Thurs day atternoon with Janet Brock, Pakistan Arrests Karachi, Pakistan, ltTK3overn-ment officials said Tuesday 19S per- on JOttimi mists anrt fpllniu t.rsvli-r an Unofficial rptwis enirt t.ho tti jailed approached 300. nun WW ond See these A-1 USED TRUCKS at SPRUILLS! t away in one of the best buys in town 1952 FORD F-8 156" wheel base, air brakes, two speed, 5th direct, 1020 tires. Heater ond radio, clearance lights and electric horn. 1949 CHEVROLET A ton pickup. Clean and solid. Four speed transmission. Heater. Deluxe cab. Tires excellent. All steel grain sides. 1947 FORD Vx ton pickup. Above average unit. Heater. Tires good. Wrap around bumper. 1947 GMC H ton pickup. Unusually slick. New tires. Heater. Outside sunvisor. Far above av- 1941 IHC Vz ton truck. Engine completely ov-rhouled. Good for many miles of trouble free use. A salesman wid be on our truck lot evenings for your convenience SPRUILL MOTORS, INC. TRUCK LOT Across From Showrooms 16th & Main CRIME AND PUNISHMEKT-CoDvicted c being a beardless, foreign "subversive," Sen. Estes Kefauver, of Tennessee, is placed in a stockade by a bearded native of Topeka, Kan. Beards were the order of the day for Topeka's centennial celebration. He spent five minutes in the stockade for his "crime" before he purchased his pardon by buying a $5 centennial sponsor button. LEGAL NOTICES (First Publlsl Tribune, May 16, 1M4) STATE OP KANSAS, BARTOW COUNTY, IS. In Oho rrbt Court soil County and Stile In the Matter or the Estate J, B. BRACE, Deceased NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a ptlitlot Braes, Administratrix, praying tor approv the Real Estate, abc disdiarslnE the undersigned LEGAL NOTICES WIETER praying that she be dl-herein and oilier equitable relief. you are hereby reoulred to plead to said petition July, 15M In aaid Court at Gi County. Kans snouia you iau werem judgment ana . v EVA ELJJENWIETER 4 JA-f "a 1 : swk. m&m buildings wmL& LEGAL NOTICES (Pint Published In Grei Tribune, May 26. is; STATE OP KANSAS, COUNTY OF BARTON, ss. In tne Probate Co Barton County, Ki In the Matter of die Estate JACOB B. SCHMIDT. NOTICE Or ! THE STATE OP KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED; You are hereby notllied that a pernio haa been filed ln Bald court hy Paulln tJnmli and Edith Richer!. Jacob B Schmidt, also ki Schmidt, deceased, praying tlon oJ the estate ol Jacob B. Schmidt, t so known as J. B. Schmidt, deceased, ai for the appointment of Paul p. Schmidt i administrator of said estate. And yon are hereby required to f yonr written defenses thereto on or 1) ore the 1 'clock I Great Bend, Kansas, ; time and place said cause will b Should you fall therein, Judgment ATTEST: (Se: Probate Judee In The Great Bend Pally Tribune, May 25th, 1PM) It STATE OP KANSAS, BARTON ooum-r, ss. In (he Probate Court of the perfect jit Jon W. BRACK The Great Berk Tribune, May i, 16&4J -6t NOTICE George Hartness, sentenced 2-25-31 County. Kansa: Decree in Barton cutlve Clemency to the Gov. his office ln Topoka, Kansas. Signed GEORGE HARTNESS (First Published In The Great Bend Dally Tribune, May ID, 1054) .11 NOTICE OF SUIT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO: WAYNE 1! ROY WIETER' You arc hereby notified that a petition FOR Farm and Commercial Use Here is the Answer to 1'otir Storage Problems k Maximum Usable Space Reasonable Cost k Fast Erect-ion Rugged Durability Authorized wns& Dealer PERRY Steel Building Co. SOU Tenth Phone 3972 Also C-Thm Awnlrtgi MODEL TO AUTOMATIC MIXMASTER Exclusive Bowl-lit beaters for lighter, higher, ft nor-textured cakes, creaniier mashed potatoes, etc. America's most popular food Mathers - Jaeger Appliance Co. world-famous, nationally advertised i iPMT offers a great 5 year old Straight Bourbon An outstanding buy! PMon of America' most famous, nationally advertised whiskey brandis here at last as a fin straight icurhon. Th whiskey U S years old. Pick up a bottle of this celebrated whiskey, tonight taste tchaft inside . . . savor PM't rieh, smooth bourbon goodness. Learn why it's a pleasure to buy! if you like fine things (amp have a keen ' iexse or Wttnl FM STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEIf, 86 PROOF NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION, NEW YORK LEGAL NOTICES Matter ol tbe Esta THE STATE OP ICAKSAS TO Jiiju -r-iijisuffs CONCERNED: You are hereby notified Ihnt a petition rlx. praying for ap-,lnff, now on file In Gladys How nlnlstratloD said deceased, for Judgment tlie descent of all the property tic In the state of Kansas, In. Real Estate, and assigning It order discharging Yau are hereby reqtilrtd ia ill your written defenses thereto, on or before June lath. 1(54, at S J. M, of said day. in said Court In the oily at Oreat Bend, Kansas, at which lime and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein. Judgment and decree will bo es- WITNESS my NUSS Si HVSS IN NEW JOB-O. K. Yul Is Nationalist China'! new premier, succeeding Gen. Chen Cheng. A former journalist, Yui started his government career as secretary-general of Shanghai In 1930. New Mexico Okoys US-55 Road Proposal A. G. Doc Ames, saibcommittee-men In charge of the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce K- road group, ha been advised that New Mexico's Slate highway cnnuttujslon has approved tbe proposal for the new US-55 federal ly-markcd hcjS-way from the Gieat Lakei to the Southwell. Word come this week from Jim DunsTord of Dodge City, who in president of the Midcontincnt Df-agonal Highway association, the project that was spearheaded by Kansas towns along the K-45 route from Elkworlh to Elkh&ru Ames in the local member of the K-43 group under Vernon Traylor's central highways committee. r' Official okay from five states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona and New Mexico, now has been given for the highway project. Tires Win Again at Indianapolis (or 31 Consecutive Years BILL VUKOVICH AVERAGES 130.84 M.P.H. TO WIN 500 MILE INDIANAPOLIS CLASSIC STANDARD TIRE Special SALE PRICE M95 6.00-16 PIUS TAX Exchange) . If Your Old Ttr Is Recappable SIZE 6.70-15 SUPER-BALLOON 11 95 flttt Tax - Exdiangt K Yeitr Old Tin It Rtappibla Other Tires Sale PriCjed Too Importonf NpalM Wotorlsts These Tires These Tires Are Hot Take-Offs These Tires Carry Are Brand New These Tires Are Mot Discontinued Lines The Firestone t Firestones These Tires Are Not Seconds Lifetime Guarantee DRIVE IN TO YOUR LOCAL TEXACO DEALERS. 1NLOW TEXACO SERVICE 10Ui & Williams, Great Bend, Kan. WARD'S TEXACO SERVICE West 10th, Great Bend, Kan, H & H TEXACO SERVICE 4th & Alain, Lamed, Kac TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION S4lh & Main, Great Bend, Kan. MURDY'S TEXACO SERVICE 2nd 3c Green, Holslnfton. Kan. KNOP TEXACO SERVICE Hlchmr SDK, Ellinwood, Kan. HI-WAY TEXACO SERVICE Hlfhway MN, Chase, Kan. aferRRCHIVE. N flfiCHIVI EWSPAPER

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