Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 16, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATXJCK DAILY'NEWS AUGUST 16. 1944 Nazis Destroy Ponte Verchio ... •__—^^^^^^^^•"^^^g^, . ... -/^^ • •- • Rubco gdges Out JJ.S. Time Injvxtra InninrContest - II-'. AIHfi ,, sr,,. K D^plt- II- ir,"«.«l .--ii-lii" fur Hi- wound,-!! :unl Improvlm; Hi.- .nl.v's sanitary con||||£,,H I V . s:i£":.l <:<>n- K_..0lc.|.l...t... (l..t.Tn»tl..nul Sou,ul,.hotu) - -, -_-^jjjj^^j^r^*^**-*-^-*^* s * s * s '-"^*^ .*^^^^*~^^*^~**^-^ M ^~~^^^^ • On The Air Today •1:00 p. "i. ' WOR.- Rambling with Gambling ! WABC- Srrvi--i! Time j WATM-WJ/C- Ulue Correspond- I i-'.'ts , | WEAF-VVTtC B;if.-;c.--trigo Uih; , -I: in i>. ni, WKAr-'-WnC-St.-lla Dallas WATR-VVJX, Pun Show W A L'.C — Mat i no-: Nt'w.-i .!::;<> p. in. WABC- -Off th-j Kecord; Neighbor.-! WATP.-WJZ .-News WOR -Di-tt-ctivu Stories VVTCAF- .[.oivni'.u Jon PS •I:-!." ;i. ni. Wl-'.AI-'-WrtC Yuiiii!.: Widdor Til-own WABC -I'-ay Scott Orc-h. Pore Pauln Kelly, pictured Merc, i: .'ftuturc-d wlin cho Moclcrnatrcs in •liyttun tirningcmonts ot popular ^IIIKS on die Harry Savoy series over s'BC Tluu-sclays. Secret: Pnttla is imrrlcel to one ot the Moclcrnaircs ind her wedded life is one ot har- nony. WATT. —Sustaining -Music VV.IX---.Hiip .[[urritfan 8:0(1 |>. m. WABC --Fun with Dunn' \\M'/-WATK--Torry aivl riral.-." WKA|.'-WT.[C--Wh<:n a Girl Marri;-- V.'BAF•- -Siironada to America U'OP.-\VTIC—News \\-JZ-- IS tin.-: and Albert i;::-;n p. MI. WOK -News \VI-:-A'I ; '—Sorenadn: Bill Stern \VABC-Jeri Sullivan WAT R—-Vows; Songs li:-lo p. m. V.'OF. - Stan Lomas V. ABC--\'.'orld Today U ATK—Pleasure ar.-cl Profit WEAF-WT(C—Lowel! Thomas WJ5i—News 7:00 ]). in. WAEC—-I -Love u Mystery Wt-JAl-'AVTlC — Music Shop WJ'X-WATR —Sci-Linby Amby \VOfi--Nows 7: 1 l."i p. in- WOR—Answer Man , WABC—Passing Parade i u-KAK-WTIC \V'or:d News | U'lCAf—Nows ! WATK—Fur tho Girls 7:1(1) 11. in. WOK--Can Yuii Top This? \v r ^\[-iC — UJasy Acu^. \VTIC--Gloo Club ! W.I/i Lone Rar.gor j WK.AI''—Koth Oi-ch. and Chorus | \VATIi- -Phc:no Your Answer 7:4,5 |i, m. \VTIC--Studio Progriim N:tM) i>. in. \VATR-\VJX—Wiiteh World Co By \>Ui: -MI.-WS V.'KA [••\VTIC--.Mr. and Mrs. North WABC A. Jones, I-lormun Orch. S:l"> p. m. \VOR--Xavier Cugat WABC--Dr. Chri.stiani vv.i'/.-\\'A'l'K -My U-jst Girls ,s::',ll 11. in. WA'BC -Jack Carion Show SVKAI'-WTIC--Alan Young Show WOK -Galn'ioi Heatter WATIl-WJX -Dun:',ingoi- Show ! 1:15 i > .in. WOU Scruon "'est ililio |>. m. WBAF' -Mr. District Attorney WA'RC —Mildred Bailey Show i \VATIi-WJX--Sputlight on Olscn ! WOR—First Nightor i 10:011 p. in. ! WI-:Ar-'-wARC-\VOJI-\VATR— —News !()::«) ji. m. \VATIt--Dancirig Discs; Nows ,"i:l"> I", m. WOK -Chick Carter WATti -Mclixly II..-VH'! \\',\V. Dick Tracy VVICAK-VVTIC--I.-OV-.- and [.earn 5:KI) p. in. WAI'.C-Thi-ot:'.'1-s \V'C;ii -Tom Mix Show WTtC-WBAF— Just Plain Hill ,»:-13 |>. »'• \VOR--Siipoi-nian WAT R- W.I V,— So;, 1 ton rul WABC — Wildonvos.1 Ro.-u.l WtlAf — Front Pugo Karroll (i:lH) p. in. \VO K — Monti linos: F 'ray o r W AT K-WT 1C-- • News W Ii A [•'- VVT EC-WAT R-W J %— News 6:15 p. in- WABC — Murray Orch. and Chorus WATK— Music for Dining NOTICE! TO OUU NAIK1ATUCK STOKK CUSTOMERS! Our tn wiir linn' conditions, wo «rr cmiilH'lli-il to cl«wi! our N:iu- (jutuck jituro. CAM. US For thr «1:iy our lioiitu Mun will l,i- on your stri'rt. Free Telephone Service For >'iiiig:itiii!k Cu.sloiiii-CM Call Enterprise 4700 Gcorce V. Denny, Jr., stiown nerc Is founder and moderator of "America's Town Meeting of the Air," hcarc Thursdays on the Blue network at 3:30 p. m., c. w. t. Program is now under the sponsorship, of.a famous national maK.i?.lnc and is tourlnfc' :astw:u-cl from tile west coast. Bosbx Lo se To Browns,' 6- 5; Cards And .Wilks Beat : Dodgers' ^/..^ '.' ': (By UiUteU Press) : Shortstop Vern Sloplieiiiismashed. L .home-run with the bases loaded to give the. -St. Loula Browns. G to 5 triumph over Boston—and ut the (i 1-2 games In (.front. •• The Browns wore behind, 5 to when Vern .rtrove hii 14th homer into the loft field stands. The Detroit Tigers pushed a run icross in the eleventh inning- to, bctxt the Athletics, 3 -to -2. Hal is'owhouscr won his Iftth-Riamc ir, this extra-long battle,- aftor ' re-llov- ng 19-gumi: winner Dizzy Trout. Veteran Franlde Crosettl hammered out his first home run of thu season to buck Bill Zuber's three hit pitching effort, The Yanks- beat -tile Chicago W.liito Sox 3 twelfth and' pushed over • ono - rui to beat Washington;'-1-to'0. • •'' The weather -and the Chicago Cubji combined, to defeat tho-Phi-la- '.ulphiu Phils;. 4 .10-.1. The Chicago Bruln.s -we-ro declared winners when ruin halted- the gunie at" the end of six innings. • •• , The Pittsburgh Pirates beat tlie Boston Braves. 7 to 5, but loit ho services of • outfielder Frank Colmun. Colnian — who hit four lome-runs in -three days last week —ran, into the wall 1 trying for a 'ly bail. He had to bo carried i-om the field. - - - • The Cincinnati Reds crawled all over Giant pitcher Harry Fekl- uun, scoring four runs in th^- last three innings to defeat New York, 0 to 3. Ernie Lombard! bashed out Now York home run. with none i in 'the fifth inning. Tho St. Louis Cardinals put! fidiiig percentage pitcher Tod U'ilks against the collar-dwelling Dodgers from Brooklyn. Young ilks pitched tho Card.; to a 6 tu 3 win. He allowed only six hits in oeoting tho lowly Dodgers. Stejdiens' fioinw With three Ori Breaks Up^ Ball Game '' * ' '• " •'• limey's First Frofightlad Him Worried You BEBNAlilJ -BBKNNBB U. P. Sportswrltur ' wouldn't tiiink that the to 1. Zubcr allowed only ore L-t'e hit in the. last eight innings,' Dutch Leonard "of .Washington •ir.d Al Smith- of .Cleveland sUiged.l an extra-lar.'ing pitcher's-.battle, i The Indians broke t-hc ice in the j sluggers and come out'on top.' -But !1 - wheat Gone- w«H a' 'civilian again— light-heavyweight'champion of the American Expeditionary Force would be afraid to go Into the ring But Gene TuT..ney was. Gone. had come back from France the top' man in his weight class. Gene was a Marine, and he had battered his way to the top, with his buddies pull'ing for him Jill the way. —When :lie came back he decided •to make boxing his career. But he found that things -'didm-'t look the same.' ' " '' • • In Franca -he--was fighting Cor his buddies. He-was one of a bunch of guys, and he felt their support, helped him stand up to bruising WALTER BRENNAN STARS IN "HOME IN INDIANA" FILM Walter Brennan isn't unduly superstitious, but the throe-time Academy Award winner has a number oi" reasons to beliovo that his newest film, "Home In Indiana," with 20th Century Fox filmed in Technicolor from the Saturday Evening Post story, "The Phantom Filly," by George Agnow Chamberlain, is blessed with more than it's share of good onions for success. It is, for instance, tho third time Lhut Bronnun has appeared in films dealing with racing horses, and completes the three phases of the sport. .In "Kentucky," running horses furnished -the background; "Maryland" was based on stceple- ch.nsir.g, and "Home In Indiana" depicts tho thrilling adventure and romance of Grand Circuit harness racing. Moreover, all three films found their lilies in the states most closely associated with each type of racing, and each boasts the benefit of Technicolor photography. To complete the unusual parallel, Bronntin points out that each film files the 20th Century-Fox banner. - '' In addition to Walter Brennnn, wheat Gene-wan a''civilian again fighting'on. his own—it was. a different story. He' felt lonely and unhappy. • " ' '" ' . • • • One 1 : of Gene's first bouts > as'a; professional b r o ii g h f • him up' against an old timer n-.nmad Whitcy Allen. Whitey had a.' murderous roundhouse righ-t. 1 Somehow t;llat right 'didn't frighten Gene—but,the thought of going up against a professional did. Cane listened while his friends warned him -of Allen's power and experience. Somehow he felt like a •miartyr on-his way to' the lions.' Tho morning before tho fight— New Year's morning in 1920—Gene was in- church. He wasnt praying for victory .against the professional slugger. Ho wasnt even praying for protection against a knockout. The' ex-marine, who Inter became heavyweight champion, prayed, that when ho was'knocked out ho would not bo permanently injured. Gene was afraid ho would be marked for life. Fear—in a beginner—is a natural thing. Al! newcomers to tho ring game have it, Most managers pre- ler a kid who is afraid at lirst and If.-arns to conquer fear. When the bell rang and Gene Tunney nioved out to meet Whitey I Allen. Gone still was in a hu.lf- dar.e. Whitcy, seeing tho kid was pale and shaky, lashed out with a power-packer right. Ho wanted -to land one crusher ,and send the crowd homo early. Gone had ju.-jt enough of his wits about him to make tho correct move. Whitey came rushing down "n with that right hand flying around and his body wide open. . The ex-marine stepper inside tho powerful swing and jammed a stiff right into Whitey's body. Allen pu'.lod up. He realized he had a skillful boxer on his hands—and retreated. Then he came in atrain with the sume tactics—the same powerful roundhouse right— • still trying to nail Tunney. Butcach time Gene stepped inside and rammed a right into Whitey's body. Thu round ended When the next session started Gene came out of his corner. Then r.o saw something, There, in the center ot Whitcy Allen's body, was a pink blotnh. Those rights to the .body hud hurt the veteran. Suddenly Gcr.o's fear '.eft him. He had hurt tho veteran professional—hurt him and slowed him up. There was nothing to bo afraid of. Whitcy saw the gathering confi- tho talents of Jeanne Grain; Char-j dcncc in Gene's eye and he tried lotto Greenwood, Lon McCallistcr and June Haver are 'featured along with an outstanding supporting cast. "Homo In''Indiana" closes at the Strand Thursday night. The co-feature" on- Strand bill is ' tho • n this current once more for a kayo. Ho came in with a swing that turned into an uppercut as Gone ducked ' inside. But Gene saw it coming. As .the right whistled past his head, Tunney slugged Whitey with every- Charlie i thing he had—a right to the jaw, r-hirc-se! Whitev Allen went down—down ;:;si=:'"-—- £—•,r.^.'-"" bury - "American's All," a now March of Time and latest Movietone News nre also on'this same Strand program. | "DRAGON SEED" DRAWS CROWDS TO LOEW'S POLI . 'Jy.,.' - • TIRELESS CHICK By Jack Sords SHALETT-LUX I iiiiii<!i-ri-r* — Dry •>« K. Mniii St.. Wuti-rlmry Main Office * riant. ^2 Wiilnut St. Kxt. tViiU-rtuwn — N \VO R—Sy m phor.'0t te \VJZ--Croon Hornet Jl):-l."j p. in. \VATR-Carl Rtwaxxa Orch. II MID p. in. ALL Stations—Now* ll:lii i>. in. \V,I%—Songs; Portraits U'ABC—Sammy Kayo Orch. \VATR—New's 11 :.1I> p. m. \VABC-Invitatlon to Music \VEAI"-WT1C—AKhur Hopkins U'JX—Claridjrc Orch.: J, Smith \VATR—Clai-ldRC Orch.: News U'OR—Shop Fields Oi-ch. • I2:IMI \Mldnit,'lit \VEAF-\VTIC—Hopkins; Design WABC—News; Chiciigo Program :-A now, and cven\Ereator Kath- orino ftepburn' 1 \tv "a " demanding role whcih reveals all her -superb dramatic ability, "is 'seen at'the LoewPoli the-atcr in<amovie which takes its place with all-tima- great Hollywood' productions, "Dragon Seed." This is the filmization -of the Pearl-Buck novel by the same Eitudio that filmed -tho same author's.! "The Good Earth," "Dragon Seed" Is even greater, a powerful story of China and tile valiar.'t Chinese' people in their glorious struggle -against the Japanese militarist machine, bare-handed fighters for freedom whose place in history is almost unsurpassed. But "Drag-on Seed" is .-magnificent movie entertainment above all. It has in addition to Miss- Hepburn, such outstanding performers .is Walter Huston, Aline MacMahon. Akim Tamiroff, Turhan Bey and Kurd Hatfield, among: many others. The picture is filmed on epic proportions, «. truly great achievement among motion pictures. 'Mar,, y months in- the making, "Dragon Seed" has. 'been masterfully directed by Jack Conway and Harold S. Bucquct and produced with ivive taste and dignity by Pandro S, Berman. The -entire cast is excellent;' you have never seen Miss-. Hepburn turn in a better, more moving performance or Huston do a more realistic -portrayal than he does u.s Ling Tan, head of 'the Ling Family. You'll greet Turlian. Bey as Lao Er, husband of Jade (Miss Hepburn) arid you'll hate Tamlrofgf as th'e Chinese quisling ' who would destroy his own .people. You will indeed, find yourself -'running out of laudatory adjectives for everyone coimeotac with tho-'filming of "Dragon-Seed:" Certainly this is one of tha' best pictures of this or any other year. Don't miss it! - " ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY In Technicolor H miicHdi lEiste pnooucTion 'LAST Locals Fight Back After Trailing 3-0 Arid Win 4-3 fr/AMS, GOLF iMMbRfi,u, CHICAGO'S &-fa e NS'AS.FKM.4CIS o^iMiT's -Jiciof:-/ ,931 rJATiOXAu A.sWTSUR, I"7 -/CARS This V That By £ K.VZT..ACSKAS (Sports Kilitor) Both scionco and athletes arc gradually getting around to the fact that, the once-mythical four- minuu- mil..- is definitely possible— and, what's more, probable. Dr, Alfred W. Francis—research' chemist and amateur trackman of minor note—recently plotted the average speed of runner in motors per sotond. And about that same time Arne Andersson of Sweden chopped another second from his international mil"- 1 figure. Francis dra>vs a graph of seventeen record marks, from two-hundred motors to ton mile's, Judging from thi.s scalo. he finds the'cur- rent record for the mile surpris ingly slow. Veteran track coach Detir. Cromwell says that Guilder Hnijg of Sweden "could have run the mile in three minutes and fifty-some seconds. It sounds funny—n four- minute mile or loss. But a few other things sounded funny to the American public at ono time or an- other—oggbc.itcrs. flying machines, automobiles, lots of stuff. Arne Andersson of Sweden, a school toucher, is consistently proving thai Francis and his statements are true. Andersson has eclipsed his fellow countryman Hagg now is on tho brink of a four minute milo. ' A ycnr ago Andersson miled in four minutes, two and six-tenths seconds. This year ho cut a swag in that figure, knocking it to its current figure of four minutes, one and six-tenths seconds—a little over a second and :i half to uo for the magic mile. Don't call it impossible. Don't hold out than an American will run it. Hags: and Andersson appear the closest—and Stockholm report* Sweden owns nine milers who run tho distance under four minutes and ten seconds, former magical mark drawing tho line between 'good and groat. ' 'Arnc ' Andersson is doing all he can to prove researcher Alfred Francis correct. Tho four-minute mile -seems inevitable for this generation. Nelson Takes PGA Medal Honors ' Spokane/'Aug.' 10—(UP)— Byron Nelson took medal honors in the annual P-G-A tournament with a score of 138. Thirty players qualified for the thirty-five-hundred dollar prine money. ZND-WEEK NOW ,Woll«r IRENNAH • Lon McCALLISTER Jenniu CRAIH • Chorlolla CREENWOCO bl IIC CHARLIE CHAN ill rLUd -THE CHINESE. CAT" Yostrnlay'K ItuHult* St Louis 0, Boston £ Cleveland 1, Washington 0. Detroit 3, Philndclphia 2. New York 3, Chicago 1. The Standing W. L,. Pet. St. l-ouis Boston Detroit New York Cleveland .. Chicago Philadelphia Washington .5SS .0-i .52 .023 i-1 GO .-IT-! 12 59 .4 OS GT -i5 CO 51 !>S 52 . v. . 51 G3 . . . -17 G-l . .123 Today's GanicK, '/•Kellers Chicago at Washington (night) —Dietrich (13-11) or Wade (2-3) vs. Niggcling (S-r>). «U Louis at Philadelphia (night) —Kramer (12-10) vs. Christopher Cleveland at New York—Klio- man iS-7) vs. Donald (12-S). 'Detroit 'it Bo.-ton—Gentry (G-ll) vs. Cecil (1-0). „ LEAGUE Yesterday's Results Chicago -I, Philadelphia 1. Pittsburgh 7, Boston 5. St. Louis G, Brooklyn' 3._ Cincinnati 6. New York 3. The Standing: W. L,. Pet. St. Louis ™ 2 ? Cincinnati .'..'.' Gl -1;> .738 .570 Board Plans Great Strategy For Hose Co. Win Thursday Tho I'O.'irJ of strategy of the Nf.ugat.uck Hose, Hook and Ladder Co softball organization, consisting of Jim Quinn, assistant chief Joe Durkin. supcrintf:nd<.-r,t of the fir,.- alarm system: Mike Shc-.-i marshal.. Mgr. Nordy Nauges; and ' Cnach Jim Grant, having hoard that the Walortaury Fir..Department team wan. a pretty strong ono, decided in an all night mooting last niglu. that tho best way to slew up the Brass City smoke-caters was to dig holes in I ho infield and outfield, plot them on' maps,' and issue one to each mf-mber of the local loam, so that they would know tho location o. ,-ach hole, and in turn have the Brass City firemen tripping and falling all over the place going after tho pellet. This plan was adopted after nim> hours and 3S-8 other proposals. Th- board of strat'.-gy also appoint-d a. committee, whose names wore 161 disclosed, 1.0 do tho necessary work on the field at Linden park. Maps will bo passed out shortly Ix-forc game time tomorrow, anc. th.. board urges each player to study th« map carefully. If there is any danger of any map falling into oppositiona! hands, the possessor is asked to chow it up and swallow it. It will be only 2-8 by 2G inches in si::c, and will be made of light cardboard. The game gels under way at e p. m., and both teams are already claiming the victory. No Stymie Rule In PGA Tourney ISpoXane, Aug. 1C—(U P)—The Professional Golfers' -association has eliminated the stymie from its ] 9-8-1 championship match, now under way at Spokane, Wasbin;- ton. In most major meets golfers are. faced with tlio problem of losing a hole—-and, consequently,- maybe the match—because of an obstructing ball on the green. There have been times when top- drawer golfars have mashicd a shot onto the green only to find an opposition ball blocking Ulc road to the cup. Such a situation calls for figuring. The better golfers, when faced with this situation, curve their ball so the sphere will roll around tha enemy pellat an{ j—they hope—into the cup. One of the spectacular golfing feats is i^f. "iumn shot" — consisting of "jumping" the ball over the enemy Utii and into the hole. Such shots have added flavor to the popular American sport. But now they're done away with — at the P-G-A tourney anyway. T his golf group may be setting an example which other meats will follow. Pittsburgh 61-85 ,575 Chicago' ....: -fS 55 ,566 New York 50 CO .-153 Philadelphia -5262 Boston -13 €. r i Brooklyn. -13 67 .398 .391 Today's Games, Pitchers Philadelphia at Pittsburgh— Schanz (10-:l) vs. Butcher (10-7). Brooklyn at Cincinnati—Chapman (1-0) vs. Hcusscr (10-6). Boston at Chicago—Andrews (1110) vs. Lynn (2-1). Now York at St. Louis (night) -Voisolle U-l-13) vs. Jurisich (79) or Schmidt (3-1). NURSES WANTED Boston, Aug. 16—(UP)—The Wat- Shipping Administration is seeking 50 male nurses to serve aboard the Swedish exchange ship Gri-ps.- Jiolm on its next voyage. No reason was given by the W-S-A for requesting 'male nurses. , f Rado, A Bit Unsteady At Start,' Got Better As Game Went On Pressure applied by U. S. Time gave the Rubco soitball team a. jew tough moments !a«t night, aj» they fought back after trailing ::-() far five innjngs. The clockmcn, however, were held scoreless after the third frame. The win keeps the locals within a half game of the leading Wa.t*r- bury Too) men who defeated Farrel with Hardy Browntil to«sing his second no-hitter o. the season. Watco's schedule M completed and U. S. Rubber c-^n make it 12-3 all with a win over Lux. Clock Friday. Fajjar's double with two out in the first inning of last night's K am« gave the Clock Co', it's first .scoring chance, as Dundee followed with another double And in the third inning, Graham singled and Goodwin walked as Rado got a. bit erratic. Two men were out fc.t the time. Fagar came to the plate and hit his second extra, base hit, this time a. triple, scoring two runs, and making it 3-0. In the first or the fifth, G«pda drew a base on balls, and Ktak came through with a. single. King: followed with a. bingle which sent the two base runners scurrying across the plate and Rubco trailed 3-2. In the sixth a single by Rado, Karaban'.s sacrifice, and P.hodes double tied up th<v old ball game. Both clubs went score-loss for th« next few innings. But in the top half of the ninth, Farrar doubled, and scored on Stak's single. Rub- co held the Time scoreless in their half of tfie ninth, winning -J-3. After the first stormy three innings. Rado settled down and pitched a. good steady game. He also got 2 of the 6 Rubco hits. Neff of the Time Corp. had a nice- night in shortficld where he stopped or pulled down everything that came his way. Fagar had three hits at the plate, standing out as the hitter of the evening. U. S. Rubber meets the Xauga- tuck Chemical Thursday night in a playoff for second rounc honors of the Naugauick Dusty league. Last night's score by innings: U S. Rubber....000 021 001—! S 2 U. S. Time 102 000 000—3 S 0 Radkc and Blondin; Rado and Stak. Umpire, Kcnney. Wright Challenger For Pep's Title Xcw York. Aug. 1C—(U P)—The New York State Athletic commission -named. Albort iChalky) Wright of Los Angelas the No. 1 challenger for the featherweight title now held by Willie Pep of Hartford. Pep took the championship from Wright two seasons back and has since -been in the navy—and discharged. American investments ini Xor- way arc estimated to bo in execs; of '$111,000.000. Wanted J Part or full time help, male orj J female. No experience necessary.* I CITY BAKERY I 5 171 Maple Street J TEL. S678 Prompt. Expert WATCH * JEWELRY HEP.VIRTXG William Schpero Jeweler 180 CIICRCH ST. — 1 Flicht Cp — Loews POLI NOW M-G-M's glorious story of a girl who gave her'love to-a fighting man! KATHARINE HEPBURN «4. JADI Walter Aline HUSTON • MacMAHON AKIM-TAMIROFF TURHAN BEY SINCE '\Ht GOOD E»RTH" A PICTURE LIKE THIS) —ADDED— PETE SMITH "MOVIE PESTS" 'MEMO FOR JOE' FRI. — "Show Business" plus "Nifthl of Adventure" 10-JAR CANNERS S5.98 7-QT CANNERS S2.98 Also CANNING .TAK-S and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE XEABY BUILDING Tel. 5212 Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing loie SOUTH M.V1V ST. Telephone 409C BDV AND SAVE AT THE HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL: «wo ROCCO RADO, prop. of Course" That's right. Clyne's is the place to po for handsome gifts, g-ifts that arc treasured Just a few steps from Exchange Place. Drop in. We've been helping Watci-bury pick pifts for 20 years!, CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 HftrrUon Avc. Watcrbury

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