The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington on July 5, 1913 · Page 3
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The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington · Page 3

Seattle, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1913
Page 3
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DIRECTORY Jiocomobile TUB J D THOMAI CO. IMKK AND lUtMONT LOZIER—MAXWfIl — PATHFINDER VAN BRUNT MOTOR CAR CO. Telephone East 1129. Broadway. RAMBLER "41-1 SO7-309 East Tike St. N. J. Morehouse. District Distributor STUTZ MOTOR CAR CO. THE CAR THAT MADE GOOD IN A DAY. = The fiears Motor Car Co. Agency 1509 Broadway The Hup mobile I* In Its Class the Beet Car In the World PHONE E. 469. | lla Bunker Motor WaftladlU Car Company "THE CAR WITH A CONSCIENCE* Elliott 1043. 170 HO Broadway..,. Ea«t iIS — s" Mnifß turn rn DORRIS TRUCKS llll « J " B1 nv / v VVI j <04 But Pitt. * A. MILLER. Manager [ CHALMERS SUETS I mrmiBUTCRt Phone Fast 47. m 1401 Broadway, c. W DANSIE, Manager $500 "Special" METZ "22" $550 roily b. SwtUe. Most •conomlcal car on earth to operabe. METZ CAR DISTRIBUTORS. 70« Eaat Whe •». Phoos iaet 4M. W. H. Barnes & Son "XiZZL Guarantee Continuous Serrlc. Coders Every Track Sold. Garage and Salesroom #10 Seneea St. Phone Main 6604. « * n-rr i\Pin Washington car- CARTtRCAR V • 1 Imperial Automobile Agency 1 I Messrs. Waller a •'.ratton Imperial — phoo# RMt »»•« Tlra different modal*. prtcad from |I.M* to >!■*<>♦. * ° b TllTfrßMr ,^- Hudson - Paige£"2r P "k I FEDERALTRUCKS-- - Studcbakcr w *^ l d^S« C °' Garford Touring Cars and Motor lippard-Stewart ~M Truck * «.m. HAVERS SIX 1 K-R+T =E«f.UT. _ _ Motor Car Co APPERSON 'jurh Rabbit [iIITA BROKERAGE CO. 1409 ' W U lU Sold BROADWAY ALONG AUTO RQW NEWS OF THE AUTO WORLD "Pullman comfort on the high i »H\x no longer It) confined In auto mobile*. asserts A 11 Jones, of Hallou A Wright, the local Indian motorcycle dealers, "for the cradle spring frame of the 1913 Indian render* It the mo*t luxurious riding motorcycle ever offered to the pub He It I* ca*lly the greatest Im provement offered motorcyclists In recent year*, for It eliminate* the one great objection which the pub lie ha* held against the motorcycle heretofore that they '*hook the I rider to piece*' "This Ingenious solution of the comfort problem for the motorcyclt*t I* nothing le** than automobile spring *u*t>cn*ton applied to the rear of the motorcycle In such manner that practically no vl bratlon reaches the rider. Being abaolutely original con*tructlon. It I* covered by broad patent* It ha* ellclteil much favorable comment both from mo'orcycllsts <»f all cla**e* ami the general public, for It* simplicity and efficiency are clcarly apparent even to the unversed In mechanic* " No more striking Instance of a motor truck operating In direct competition with a railroad could be found than that of E. J Foster, who Is operating two five ton Klsael Kar trucks In hauling lumber from the yards of the Ganahl Lumber Co.. In Redondo. Cal . to Angele* For motor trucks to compete with the railroad on this haul seems, at first glance, impossible Eighty cents per ton Is the railroad's charge for hauling lumber from Redondo to l»« Angele* Foster hauls sit tons of lumber at a load and make* two trips a day. which. If he were working on the same basis as the rail road, would bring him |9 a day Where the motor truck wins over the railroad, b -wever lies In the fact that It can deliver Its load directly to the ultimate consumer The beautifully finished chaases which automobile manufacturer* exhibit at the national winter *how* sometime* figure In peculiar and Interesting events afterward Such is the case of the enameled Marlon ST A cha»*e« which were seen In New York. Chicago and | other Important cities last winter During the week of the Spoedwsy races In Indianapolis the Starr llano Co borrowed one of the black and white enameled Marlon chaases for part of a moat Interesting win dow display I'pon the rear of the SEATTLE AUTO MEN DRIVE TO RACES IN GAILY DECKED CARS Headed by the press car, which was driven by Harry McKnlght, followed closely by a Stanley steamer. carrying Cavanaugh's band, a great procession of automobiles left Fotlatch den." 21st av and Mad I son st , for Tacoma. about R o'clock this morning, to attend the Tacoma races Every auto was garbed In Fotlatch decora'lons by the Carnival association. At the Mountain View course. Tacoma. a section of the grand stand wa* set aside for the Seattle autolsts The Seattle delegation was headed by Tyee Rice The Intercity Century event 2 DRIVERS HILLED IN COLUMBUS RACES COLUMBUS, 0., July 6 -Marry, C. Knight of Indianapolis and his mechanician, Milton Ml'haells. were killed here Independence day, when Knights machine over turned, at the 110 th mile of the 200- mile race held by the Columbus Automobile association Knight, shortly before the accident, had been out of the race for 30 minutes with engine trouble. The Judges declared him out on account of lo*t time, but he did not heed their rul Ing and re-entered. Johnny Jenkins, the Springfield driver, was directly behind Knight's ONE ACCIDENT AND ONE FIRE Physicians at the Providence hospital were unable to save the leg of Karl Morgan, the iR-yearold boy who was Injured at Mellevue while firing a small cannon. An amputation was made above the knee. Timely arrival of the fire depart mcnt saved the home of Charles Iterryman. 2633 Calhoun st Fire was caused by a piece of lighted punk, left on a chair by Charles Berryman, Jr, which burned down to some firecrackers near by. One room and furniture were damaged about $300. STRUGGLE TOO HARD l/)H ANO ELKS, July f>. I»i»- bcartened because of his failure to make financial progress, handicap ped by his Inability to heat* or speak, Leon Borough, 23, a naturalised Russian. Is a suicide cere today. Me shot himself while within a few yard* of the rentral police station. • McFARLAN SIX ; HORTON MOTOR CAR CO. STATE DISTRIBUTORS. 7 ., 708 E. Plks St. Phone East 743. THE STAR—SATURDAY, JULY S, 1913. Dr. M A Miller at the Wheel of Hla American Underslung. Dr Miller Is Distributing Agent (or This Car tor the State of Washington. The Picture Is Thst of a Sl*-Cyllnder, 60 H.-P. American. Dr. Miller Aleo Handles Marlon Pleaeure Car*, Dorrle and Stswart Motor Trucks. chassis was placed a Richmond | player piano, and placards, couched i In automobile language, were placed on various parts of the piano, and automobile A tio niycar non | skid tire was mounted on the tire rack at the rear, sand was sprinkled on the platform underneath the c*r, and a low, wooden fence placed In front of It. *o that It looked for all the world as If It were on a part of a track. The history of the Ford company Is one of the marvels of the Indus trial world. When It te-gaii opera tlons In only 311 men were em ployed, and the production the first year was 1,07* cars The total floor area was less than one fourth of an ac»» The production of cars this year will approximate 100.000, more than i 14.000 men are employed and the floor area of th« main and various branch assembling plant* I* In ex • cess of 117 acres In addition to thl*. plan* are under way for pradlrally doubling the > ] site of the plants. J. 0. Teuton, while upon Ms re turn trip from the Kast. visited the • National factory at Indianapolis, which factory is busy turning out i winning Nationals While the big 5«0 mile rsce Is orer all of the Nai tlonal forest from Oesirge M Pick opened the races at 10 o'clock this morning Thi- 200-mlle Fotlatch event. In which the Seattle Carnival sssocla tlon offers a perpetual trophy, started at 2 o'clock this afternoon, with the following entrants Hat (Teulaff). Mercedes (itannan), Interstate (I.attai Tulsa (Hughes), Kndlcott (Kndlcotti. Stutx (Coop, ert. IxM-omohlle (Welchi. National iTaaffel, Romano iHarnesl, Ballard (Thomas). Hudson (Hansen). Apperson (Nlcholg). Sunday afternoon, at 2:30, the | big race for prlxes amounting to 15,500 takes place The race Is a free for all event. i car, and ran over Knight's prostrate body, terribly mutllatit a It. The dead driver was known as the hero of the Indianapolis spoed way," having chosen smashing Into a brick wall to running down a driver who had been thrown from his machine The race Friday was won by Ralph Mulford, who broke the world's record for 200 miles, low erlng the dirt track record to 3 hours, 21 minutes and 4K seconds. Marry Kndlcott crossed the line second. Ernest Keeder was third and llalpli 1H) I'alma finished fourth. INVADE JEVERETT EVERETT, July R. —One hundred members of the Seattle TUlkums, some garbed In white Potlatch unl form* and others wearing Indian regalia, featured the two-mile Kla- Mow Yah parade here on the Fourth. The Seattle boosters oame to Everett In automobiles and on i auto truck* At noon they were the gin HtH nt a dinner given by the Everett commercial club. Bert Swe&ea, chairman of the i Potlatch auto committee, won first I prtie for visiting atitos, which api peared in the procession. , Aviator Chrlstofferson, who has ■ announced hi* Intention* of making I a night to Seattle either Sunday or Mrmday, made two flights during Friday's celebration. ' M)H ANO ELKS A negro and a Mexican are dead and nnother ' Mexican dying as the result of Injuries received In fights hero yesr terduy. FORT ANOKI.ES—The Joe i Baylay-Clarence Roth us ifi-round • | battle scheduled to take place here on the Fourth wa* postponed. son down to the office boy, are Htlll enthusiastic over the fad that the National ha* traveled t>»o miles In shorter time than any other piece of machinery ever built, and that the National still holds the world's record. In *(>eitklng of racing. Mr Oeorge M Dickson. manager of the National factory, state* that It I* Interesting, and at the same time there I* some satisfaction In build Inn a car that all of the many rac inn driver*, and of which there are a (treat many, are very anxious to drive Me state* that there Is hardly a day passes but what they receive Inquiries regarding racing. There Is probably not another automobile manufactured In America that get* the tenting and trying out that the National car doe* Thl* Is undoubtedly the reason that each car that they turn out can make a good account of Itself on the track. John L Stanley. Northwest representative of the Thoma* B. Jeffrey Co, manufacturers of the Jeffrey motor truck and the ltambler plea* ure cars I* visiting the local agents In Seattle Mr Stanley's trip I* for the purpose of supervising the present agenc!«*. and looking over new territory with a view of enlarging the preaent field. The new Lincoln truck, handled MEDFORD YOUTH IS KILLED IN RACE MFT>TORI). Or. July r. -non Helms. 20. son of A. I) Helms, a wealthy rancher. Is dead today as a result of the flvernlle auto race here Friday afternoon Helms, who. believing that he had another lap to go. failed to slow down on the turn at the cloee of the race, collided with his competitor's machine, and overturned He succtimbod to his injuries 10 minutes later Marks, the dead youth's mechanician. was painfully injured. THE MARKETS »*»• a*er»#« price# I? a M by m»rrh«nt« prf>4<ir*rt an* paid th* r# ta*l»r tn Th« {■•id f«rm*r* r» uad»r * and tb* i»*"1 t *r th* retailor titv4«r "aeMtnf pt\r o " rrtr •• In all nr ft»;hj»rf in v art* tlon accordina to fr>-«iin*M «r'l but il Indlealad ... f-vr ••rtiHlr flret srartea ?**• ranch I*o •• fr,fl« — Helltnt Trtc# Applfi 1 •• Vm.n la • • »• \ 4 +>n< ->• I M 0 ft nmldtip## ......... 'I'M llHll'M • Pe«rhM 1 »• hum* 1 1 S»!ll«f OIMMIV 41* l!Ibe Nn 1 • . J .It ! «in# 1. fW» ". rnwi Mo 1 .IJH Hind# «t»er 17'^ P-r* JJS It iinfl. JJH »** tongue, frean .11 Itvr -H lt..rt •« Mutton— !*»•■ -JJJJ ! rsr".:::::::::: :::::: -"h. !i H v'ftl fanrr m.dlum wt .. \9» JJH Vft«) large •*» Pork — .14 "I I 1 rnlidSl Short loin pork .«• Sh'uldera •••*•• *14 111,. feM •• Sp«r« rtb» ''JH rork eauaaga »1J I.lvor •aueage *11 Boiogma •« Tim Ptrnokfd Mfttt-Scllla# rrtra. llama .14 V 101 lad ham J* f>i t -nguc aach |>rlad ba«f .. • — •• Pnnltrf. Ical—Haying Price. Hrrlng brotlara I R { • 1 J !(«,. ">• 1» Tiirk.T* It*. Old flurki •>» Ronrl.r*. Itv. Spring duckling# •>•••<•> Oaeaa JJ HfHiaba, do* I. Ti Vegetable*—-Celling PHee. j.oral rhubarb .. J' ® I .oral barrlea .75® 1 8f Onions, lb -JIH I'ofat'.ae. ton .lI.POCI* 00 Parrotg. I«eal 1 OJ riaaia. local Turtilpa t.tOO J.JO cratilirlowar. crata J} <!aullfl«»war. dog 1.11 l.ttur., rrst. ... -'fS , »• l.ocai aaparagua. bo* .... I.SBO I SO h.*H I.ItUC. tn* .. •« Calerr. gr«»an top, do« .... 1.50 Pood. Helling Price. Kaatern Wsahlnftan timothy I« 00«J4.00 rtia»t aound timothy 14 oo^io.ot Alfalfa 1« OOOII.M Whant kay oo©|t.oi (Iran 00^27,00 Sh- rta t» 00«20 00 Wliolo corn 1100^11,00 rra< ked corn SI. 00 Middlings 14.00 Ilollad oata and barlay mlxad •• 11.01 HAVE A CARE, SAM! Hamnol Green, 47, Jftnltor at the CreacietU MnnufftcturltiK Co., foil over a bannister nt the Hay fltato house, K"1 rut av and Hattery at., <>arly thin niornltiK, and broke two rlhK. Il<' woa Uikcu to the city by the Imperial Motor far agency, Is selling rnplilly In Seattle. Two carloads, which arrived some ten day* UK", have been placed locally The half ton truck Is becoming very popular In Seattle, many of the smaller merchant* taking advantage of the terms offered, which en able them to own "tie of the*e cars The Tacoma Grocery Co. has purchased n l.fioO-pound Jeffrey truck Mr W Eaton, late asles manjiqeof the Olympic Motor far Co. ha* returned from a very pleasant trip to Hartford. Conn Mr Katon ha* made all arrangement* whereby I e In connection with Mr Dsnr.le, la'e manager of the Olympic Motor Car Co, will handle the entire output of the Pop*-Hart ford line of car* in thl* *ectlon A carload of l*oi>e- Hart fords will arrive In Seattle tomorrow and will Im» on display at their temporary *howrooms on Itroadway. F. 8 Nsal. of Mountburn, Wish, has purchased a 5-passenger Imperial touring car The Olympic Motor Car Co. hsa Just made delivery of a one-ton Seldon truck to the Angeles Rrewlng Co The Soda Reverage Co. has also taken delivery of its one-ton Beldon truck. FIAT WINNER IN 444-MILE RACE SACRAMENTO, July 6—A Plat, drlrrn by Frank VerWli, won the 444 mil*' road rnco from I*>* Anto Barmroonto Friday afternoon. completing the distance In 11:18:16. 8onl««. driving a CadUlar. rntrrod the track at thn state fair ground* a good second, and Barney Oldfleld. the famous spoed king, finished third A chain hecame entangled In on* of Oldftold't rear wheels, which caused s delay of 12 minute* The r«»Rt of the cart finished In the following order: Car No Z Chnndler driving, arrlved at 12 ?? 03 runnfnir time 11 oi No. 84 XntlonAl. c r, IMitnum. arrl\««l «t 1? 44 Sfc, running time 11 sr. fui N'». 2. National. St* n«on driver, arrlved 12 44 '■ running tlm*» 12 »>S r»" Sr* 46. I*vj I< k arrived M 50 21>, rur.nlnir time 11 ?1 If. No SS. App*r*on. Ifnnnhuo, running tlm* 1 1 so N" 4* pop*. Hurt ford. Ralph Hklnner. running time 11 No 14, Overland. Fred Wiseman, running tlmr i: 44 IT No IV Hulrk. Nlckrent. runntrc tlm* 1? 4T *< OVERLAND WINS MOUNTAIN RACE ALBUQUERQUE, N. M.. July B — "Red" Sperrv, In his Overland roadster, won the Albuquerque-Santa Ke road race, the flr*t auto race ever held In thl* state, here l->lday. The course wa* over 130 miles of the steepest mountnln roads In the state Sperry's time wa* 4:19:553-5, A Rulck, driven by Win. Emblem, finished second. J. Caldwell, in a Velle, won third place. SICK 'EM, BILLY! I.OS ANOELEB, July s.—Word reached here today thnt Secretary of State llryan has started an Investigation of the detention, nt Ouaymas, Mexico, of Morrison of Ixib Angeles. Morrison's mother appealed to the state department when she received word that, her son, who was on an nutotnoblle tour of Mexico, had been 1 seized and placed In Jail. The messages received hero stated that llryan hud ordered an inquiry by Minister Wilson. HUNDREDS OF BABES IN MADISON SHOW Druslla M. Davis, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. M. Davis, 809 North 00th St.. won the grand prl*n in the baby contest at Madison park Friday. In which several hundred bablfl* were entered. The show was held tinder the auspices of St. Margaret's fhurch at Interlwiy and Ht. Anthony's church Of.Renton, and was one of the big features of tho picnic and celebrntlon at the parlt Mayor Cotterlll and Asslstitnt United States Attorney Sullivan delivered patriotic addresses. Music nt the Heidelberg Cafe every night. Hotel Blrkel, First, uear Spring.—Advertisement. ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIES I BALLOU & WRIGHT Automobile SupplU f G 4J. Tlre» and Tube»—a Haf" Hojr. | .17 K..« nk. "" K - " ,U J "HUGH A. CAIRO MOTOR SUPPLY CO. Hamu TlrM ar* tt>«- Mat prov-n »o t.> f-vcr ten. I Binott *00. _B<>o tnion t. MILLER "QUAI JTY" TIRF.S MMI I HTMOM.INI *111 II It IIM K ': % 2 r rt 11<«> »t»«l M«ht M WW » AUTO PAINTERS H. POYNTER & SON Mw«nnn and MlwlH ' '» *""'"»» '*ho— «M> T— •I f • ; ' h Tim At'T • MAN AND Hffl CAH" i ML W \SHINGTON auto supply company , .. ...t liT K "' Plk * m - MOTORCYCLES 8M.1.0U & WRIGHT 1 iinruiii *« I r.» *>i» i»i< t' ik» \„MI ..I Itlairlhtilora iHdtna l:nil«lrm WnloroirlM BIT Haa« Ptkr -trrrt ri«..m- IB—« "fa i Motorcycle an I Bicycle REPAIRING Side Cum Made to )r<ler. Kverythln* In th« Motor Lino RAINIER CYCLE CO., 1112 PIKE ST. Phone Main 2967. MOTOR CREATES OPTIMISM The motor car Is a creator of happiness and optimism It ha* done more to make the American people a happy, cheerful crowd of contented worker* than an* other Invention In the history of the world. Huch Is the remarkable statement made recently bv Mr Harry R Radford, vice president and general manager of the Cartercar Co.. Pont lac. Mich "The motor car affords a kind of pleasure and recreation combined, that Is entirely new to the world." said Mr Radford. "The man who drives a motor car has a means of travel that Is equal to both the railway and the horse-drawn vehicle He can cover the great distances, yet Is able to choose his own roadways and can go at hla own free wltl." STEAMSHIP STATE OF CAIJFORNIA, which has been on the run from San Franclaco to Southern ports, ha* arrived here, and will ply between Soattle and Southeastern Alaska ports, beginning Tuesday, AUTO PENNANTS TENTS AND AWNINGS—AUTO STREAMERS CARNIVAL SUPPLIES—FLAGS. Auto Pennants made to your own design. PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY! AH otir stock is manufactured in Seattle. Lindquist & Lund Manufacturers. 220 Spring Street. Phone Elliott 5340 J^yjßß^ge}W^^WljSß^B|Bßj[^^BMA3^^^B^jJ | The Motorcycle Auto Delivery and Pleasure Car j For the Small Business Man Such as the butcher. the baker, lh« grocery man. the plumber, (lie laundry man, we make a motorcycle delivery cur thai cannot I be duplicated for economy, efficiency, practicability and cafety. I Can be attached to any motorcycle In lese than two mlnutea' i time; doee all the work of an automobile truck coetlng from $d6o I to $1,000. i AND COBTB ONLY $38.50. WE SOLICIT A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION. Paesengere, from $75.00 Up. Rainier Cycle Work*, 1112 Pike St. Main 2967 j AMERICAN UNDERSLUNG SUCCEEDS The rapltal to-< apt'al run, or, to be more specific, the 573 mllea ot roa<TTsetwe«n Melbourne and Sydney, 1b to the people of Australia ■ what the Marathon race in to the spectators at the Olympic gamea. It i» a heart-breaking, nerve-racking trip from atari to finish. and la by far the uiost dangerous course for an automobile on the island. On May 10 ik V. Turner, a mem-, ber of the firm of Stanton, Turner. & Co., Sydney, who handle American I'nderslunn cars in Australia,) not only succeeded In completing the trip successfully but clipped 4# mlnutea from the time record of IP hours and 47 minute* that had stood for more than three years. C. A. Klnnoar ha* purchased. through the Van lirunt Motor Cftf Co., n Pathfinder roadster, delivery of which wag taken thl» morning. Dane© at Dreamland tonight. 0

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