Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1928
Page 2
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^•XSfXt v ArT to i - v -, ,. •*•»' iff st i** tt*t* 5< f -ti t~ w f-\ IS 3 IT £"=> *r TK ""• £ * % *• * M 1 - vj'i,. I Ai! i fc i,p. ^ „ f»-'-tf tW ^ i* ~ "-^s'tr^V ^r«-^t Jyv^w^ fet ^5*J5 ,' .«»•! vv<* *,««a *t"»*if% jijf ^f^f^ , **'•-* I **&*,-*t?*tK** ft fr y^^^ ^£,^1- ^ % t J--«^— f'T^M^*. •-,*- f f* A «•„; »-,«^ „.» r f f^: H ,, ,»•»!».'-, »- - - . Hf* » •, -i * .•><-* •^ .- » **4 ,•>«, |^,.» j, # , , "«'« ~* l^^^tp.^ .* ,«' -^ * *• a-,*^ *<_* jr it?r fosr.rtr ~;^*r n r w s - «*- 4 r- *•=,!- r * of e !-,* to- Iw yrsir *fh<-»!. !f.r te AUf 0 Kvr Jt! T wr,m»,n in. th* tlrl/nity H In* by th* Os*?*Ue not rm'r to Rt- i»jj |p>««tnn« at- IHini : t*-»lv*-jrpRr»okl son of fret. Mr*. O. M, Bottruss of fj«9t fftt*! injurttt to «ti no6r». rurmini? through Fiutm-. hut urdnjr night, t»r* h«M this to make prfr»arntkw for cfttlnjc ttw noon fit 3:30 o'clock at th« home nwst out. of Mrs. IxJiidon'K talks and Und S o*eJwsk sit thft First LutbArtn <J"mon?M r*!iot«. T!w bow for start- (church of Mollr*. R«v. C. O, Mor~ ing th» sessions \r]ne fitetl at 2'J«ntl sh»rp, with the door* of th* Dr. <3u«t»v Andrren, prtsidtut of Irani theater aprnine at 3 o'clock, Ausnattrm college wh*rt Dr. Bos- win make it jxmtMe' for the tromfn trom t* profaisor !n Chrlitianltp, to nr ranee thrir affairs in Brtvnnr* r*pr*sen(;«! th« college at tb» wr« vie**. The choir of the First L«th« wan church furnlahed the music. iBf* thrir affairs in advance for i» two hour iwiod of discussion ant! relaxation without Interfering iriih duties nt home. You ratiy look forward to the cooking ochool M a worthwhile convention of housewives, instead of mi amusing circus of trick perform- anefs. As a wife and inoiher, you will b« entitled to hnve your houm- Jcwplng; problems receive practical light from n lecturer of mature ex- j>er!enec. That is just what we have In store for you—only more. The fa.iclnaUng pcrscmallty of Mrs. Loudon in combined with a refreshing sessions more humor to mnke the than educational, by Uio introduction of mnny unusual dishes, which the lecturer hns gained from her experiences with nudJences throughout the country. Questions encountered by Mrs. loudon from the minds of wives and mothers arc vital to the modern standards In which wo arc all so much Intrrestod. prrhnp* your problem Is colorful equipment to add charm to your kitchen. Perhaps It Is concerned with some worn out appliance sapping your strength and time and costing more money to u&6 than is fair to your household budget, Your question may Involve features you should demand In a new range or a new refrigerator to pre vent extravagant spoilage of foods Mrs, Loudon, enjoying a nationwide contact with latest appliances will be able to advise you with the practical knowledge of an expert, Food Values. Often there are questlona M to dining room appointments in silver, china and linens to be brought up to your standard, but your particular trouble may be child feed- Ing, or possibly dleta for yourself or family. The presentation of food Values for children as well as for those who believe they are too fa< or too lean ATO greatly appreciated jeatures of these programs, : Taking your household problems to the cooking school la what we dean by making the cooking school your school, BO that when the sessions are over you will feel they have been helpful and enjoyable. With the knowledge that tho cooking echool will perform far-reaching service for the women, the Gazette offers this contribution to tfaa home life of this community with confidence and pleasure. Cooking school discutslons will be arranged to cover the most troublesome phases of kitchen practice, <from actual stage equipment very carefully selected for tho purpose,) snarketlng economics, little pointers en entertaining that help *o tremendously to bring out the personality and charm of the hostess. At each session new recipes of fancy cookery, as weU as hints on using plan- overs in menus, are prepared and (displayed before the audience* Mrs. Loudon finds women keenly Interested in the benefits of money soul .time-laying standards, and in methods, ingredients and appliances tor better and easier housekeeping. Modern devices and cookery principles for economical and oavory dishes have cut woman's housework almost in half, as compared with the tiresome hours formerly spent with $lumsy tools, overheated kitchens «uad awkward iceboxes that dldnt keep fooda chilled below the spoil- 6«e point, Do not forget the splendid gift* donated by the merchants of Sterling and Rock Falls to be presented to a few fortunate women, and JKhl£h.-«ill.-be-very worthwhile for your borne. FOR REGISTRATION The election Judtea of ths tight voting precinct* in Sterling town* ship will b« at the polling place* of their renptctivs precincts on Tuts- day, Oct. 18, for regietrntien of voters from 9 a. m, until 4 p. in,, and on Tuesday, Oct. SO, from 8 a. fe., until 9 p. m. As previously published, »11 newcomers and first voters should nee that their names are given to the election Judges of their precinct for registration. It is not necessary to appear in person, If the Information can be given to the election judges by other means, but everybody should check up the poll list after the first registration day and be sure his or her name 1* registered, thus avoiding the trouble and loss of time Incurred by swearing In their votes on election day. Election judges have authority to accept the vote when a householder of the election precinct vouches for . the qualifications of the voter. f'ijh Hrtv Fprt- ItJ ft!! n f ,T Prpflill fjfjt},^ n p r ) f ,( j^ ( mn,.,«, I,™,™., n <,,-..,,./" of th?• fortlffhi ... ,, „+ rtWrict of H^sry Tntwn*«on*l, *n<l!. " m . p 'f ^J^.' ,? *?* f n Rn " th* intfodimlon of iwwrwnm to!^7' '*>•'"«[ ^"*« on flwfwftww of (hf itxlwirMI -iffimit «f 'flt^rJJn* ?f," ry ^IFP? f - en f L "«« of *"- •!»• >T« HMfMnllllM th* PW*.W«fil l * Ul ** d **ltMW»ft* Oo, % »m! woring !nt«> the A, .1. P1»M fuctory fetJlWIns* on Wnt- 6 irtrwt, ^*rc festtiirs of tl>* of tl!» StW-llflf Rotnry club , n Rtt»mJ»im. ftt fetal; for witrwtft stt*t4iift« *« few, no tickets of any nature will be required. Everybody is inivted aad you will be undef no obligation of any sort to any one, The program will provide mu&le each after- soon, and there will be much fun In th* awarding of daily gifts, such **> -amrtet teketariiHea^rtth-tfaolee fooda, tad cakes prepared during the demonstrations, You know the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Mrs. Loudon will invite everybody upon the platform after the sessions to view tfa* ioodijf prepared, from which you taay judge the efficiency of her ' BOWLING LEAGUE STARTS NEXT WEEK A. .7. Schfinerrmn nml Bee. Dftvld J. Twoin?y of thf A«:i.i- ctfttion of Commerce lrj(roducf-d W. May, Fred J»ns?n Rnd N. Orleve, nil of Rochell*. L*R«* ParrlH of Sterling, RS the ^ntlemen t*'ho arc fitting the Pktt factory in Sterling far the new quari«r!i of tht Precision Product,!? Co., itianufaclurcrg of indoor action games and other light art.1- Th« company operfttod a small factory in Rocfe FsllB und the atlcll- tlon of th» cftpitftl and mRnngp- mtnt of ths RochPlls gontlenn-n will enlargement and extension of tins business, Mr, .Janspn and Mr. Parrlll are In sctivo manB^e- rn*nf of the factory. Tho company will b« prepared to make a more detailed statement regarding plans r i *' POLICE IK OH DRIVKM OF ih» «*ta s«!j .leefti yt$m *.« m^kinU R J?l*SRt}p <5RTH|Wli|jf! t^fclsisl I ti'Svfrs who,*!* t«iunt to srlop bsfaw- f-ntcring R« ftrtertm? Wfhw*.f feffl •rimin «aj« si tlw ejty. »36in hlflumy tttsoufh Sh« fttHl'ful ^.rs must iKstns Isc s «t«p t»te® tistewsy upon eiUuw " - t'ff^SSfil^^s ^^^^l^'K. -••*• fc.»t '*#£*>* i * s iifi*g\ Musraav-" U OF w at Mrs » E, 1 Farm :m hi* ftrr* «4 wars tbe or Mrs. §f Mm. thy callings, Th* object of ft elub mad« up of men of dlfffrpht ISnAi of activity Is to the Rotary !d«>R through as many professions »nd bu*tn#M«» as poa". sib!0 end td ronke m many possible-to st& M*, aM its r billtiss in the spirit of ths nnd during the <3ny » nwrabw ef !r>fft! dflVfffg Will b* ««teMi in court and jmy A fins for th* vloW4an <sf thl* Th» 8tAt« a rheck oh ornrt WitJi enJf om licht nml no tall HgUt, TreclH ttr f-Hr.s not Mfuipptei Drtth f§i5 }jgbfe should br —*—*- -- — * • The Y.M.O.A, bowling league to going to get under way nsxt week. There is room for one more team in the league but thl* team must be turned in before Saturday night, At the present time the following teams are entered: Otklee, Zee- men, K, of O,, Lutherana, 8t*rUn« Pattern Work*, Rock Palla Chria- tlans, and Remlck'a Stan. if you have a- team you want to enter in this league get busy at once, It is aot necessary for the members of Uia team to belong to the Y.M. CJL ANNOUNCEMENT OF OHUKOH WEDDING Invitations have been given to the wedding of Mlsa Ruth Blough, daughter of Rev, aad MM. 8. 8. Blough of Stirling, and Kenneth Blocher of Oreeaville, O., to be sol- emnised Saturday, Oct. 13, at 11:30 a, m., in the Chtoxh of the Brethren on Sixth avenue, Sterling. All friends of the family in Sterling. Rod? Falls and community are cordially invited to attend the ceremony at the church. Mr. mnd~Mrarlrvln-Wells »„« daughter Viola, Miss Darlen* Kraft Mr. and Mrs. James Myers and ?XX"?'**•"»? "P*?* 8und *y ^ Chicago with Mr. Wenchel. Mrs, Well* for the week, Mr*. Howard remained in Special Tomorrow While they last— Biscuits _ White or Graham 8c pan 2Panslorl5c Federal Bakery 214 First Avenue Matinee Daily, f:tW and 3:1 Lincoln Adalla $«« TODAY and TOMORROW Bather ifi a new style three ring entertainment Sparkling with fun ••"ana life limit Also JACK DUFFY and r- -- — •-• "--^- ••» " f^r *6iftO W" ship, which WRS ths flr«t thine thought of *hrn Paul Hani* or- tanlHjd the first Rotary club In Chicago in 1005. with the help of a few congenial spirits he called to- gethcr for that purpose, Ke wfcs lonesome nnrt wanted the fellowship of other men. but thought It better to seek such fellowship among men not£Ti|«ged in his own special line .,„ ftnd other vSeMtoni „, the sin to automobile, }&w will also be enforced. Mr, Riul Mrs. Lotnaii Brown and C.-E. Bpnsingcr motored to JPrtncc- ton Monday and visited Mr. Sretm's brother, drover Brown, On their wny back they vigSMd another brother of Mr. Brown, Marquis Brown, near Normandy. Have You Tried A Box? Sold With a Money Back Guarantee 6Sc ILb. Box Also packed in 2, 3 and 5 It), boxes, of your own selections. "Made For Lovers of Better Candies" The Chocolate Shop 108 East Third Street Oirw MO etaUn »fr« 41nn«r, And H •was a w,m*«r of for to - .. to B^OWOdftte th? nw?tl- fe^r wtift 0ft.fS5s« Thftre- wsre othsr ftrrivfetft after dinner to attend the i»¥*rai well known speakers from Ohk*fo KHA thia congrettioniil dls- tfiei Mrs. McCormick furnished hot coffee for tht pionie dinmr, the la- 4te8 ati bringing well filled lunch Qm A- PftetM, M«L m Mw. R,ob*rt W, JS*i»» MTI""M" Mr*. Astra A, ^ite-. Clara R AJiferftr, itt*. A, A, ing, Uf,\. Maro!?S Ward, Mm""iifi HftldrMg*, Mr*. Ok I», ItoMlsi^a Mrs. K/BOJtMtt, Mrs. E. R, Or!m««! Mrs, B*l)«i M. Angell, Mm LeRoy 'E. H^ndrtck*. MM. R.%t" " " Mrs. H. «T, Cramer, Mrs. Mr*. JPusirl Itock rallw—Mrs. WUlUm SR. Murray, Mrs. E, M. Wftkeman, Mrs. John Andrew, Mr* HI* Andrew, Mrs, Will Kftdcl. Mrs. J. O. DisPyy, Mrs, A, Battles. Mrs. JE, F. IVerin, Mr*. Ray Oilman, Mrs. Krnest Ijogan, /Mrs, H, P. D«tg<?tt, Mrs. John R. Thompson, Mrs. W. 8, Bristol, l/x f . C10TOB1R «, — . Conncticut offered lt« west- *m to let! Into e on Wiuihlngton, D. C. tetter mmrage. wwnws Mfn ' ^, Wiwuton hftvs j-etiiraM hotH« aft** a visit at the hoftte of tha tetter^ sister, Mr, and Mrs, & Freadhoff o{ this city, 1 W* 1 Matinee JHk «wb Jis A O£llly vvwim. v^ ••.»•;•• v. 1 / 1 .,ijjj!.!!?.' .'. l ;j¥ 11 "V? 'Mijp'i^wfi 4» TONIGHT TOMORROW—Matinee and Night the love story of a sailor's " gal ^ with Dorothy Maekaill and Jack Mulhall Insuring Sweetness for Kisses in MoviesTamous Love Scenes cts noted stars of stage and screen * have found to do it Barbara Leonard and Ricardo Cbrte* in "Latest ef the An utterly new type of gum people are locking ^» i I T is different from any other gum you have e¥er tasted, this #ew creation that millions are Hocking to everywhere today. Famous lasses In the most famous love scenes of stage and screen arc being insured unique breath sweetness with ha unique properties. Many of the most noted mm and of the stage and motion urge it at doing for the breath what ao old-time gum, no breath perfume, ever did. Baby Ruth Is 8 modem-day gum creation that IfPiYftI the tingling, mouth-wateritegddighUaftiieiml, Old-Tune Pepp^nunt flavor you remember as a kid*i Then, too, it c<*a/« tlie mouth wnm dry or parched aa no old-time gum ever did. People ^ tise t!iou*ands jare fiockiag ^n tlsii a*w' Also Laurel and Hardy in "Piirpte Moments" Also BARGAIN MATINEE Children We Adults 40c EVENING Children 2Se * Adults SOU C«stiii«aj8 0*4 otto y. ycsutuyi 140, you &e«K«c6ption£3r Atwacer Kent iU known ^>rde- peocl*bilJty. 222 factory tcaa or itujpcedom insure it f Alnu>»£ COMPLFTK 2,000,000 owner* know d« fios »«rvke Atwmter Kent RaflUo gives. And we guarantee it f Ask fox a dcmotwtratioa at horn*. EaSy XeflUS

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