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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 10, 1928
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NEWS SUMMARY FIXED OPINION USED TO ESCAPE TRIAL '"By the AswcsUitwJ Fr»w> DEATH OF WARDEN Plans To Make Only Bear re to b* tried for c^ And State Chairmen of New York Called On O&ndidato Today By James L. West, 'Associated Stress Staff Writer.) Washington, Get. JO Herbert Hoover tyrn«d Ms Attention today to the situation in New Torts Bt*t«, calling into conference Charles D. Hi! tea, national -com- mitteemftn, and Edmund Mnchold, stats chairman, for B thorough-going survey of conditions. Aside from the drive for the €5 electoral votes of the home state of his democratic opponent, Alfred E. Smith, the republican presidential candidate is evincing a lively Interest In the success of the state ticket as well aa the party candidates for the Renftte nnd house of representatives. Byrd (stiff in Boston Moortsy. Tor*—-SmKh »rr*ir*« tram Albany fttTd ecnfsrs with F. D, wit, York — Vsn Sw»t1r»e?w by.y Rochester and Pittsburgh railroad. WftshJnirfQn-~WiIb«r wlnhrs expedition. Tfflrk—Wsrnrr Brothers movie merger, Philadelphia — Detective Herbert t*yer convicted of extortion ami i bribery. ' r ~ Swtt Antonio—Americas Legion par»4«s 10.000 strong, Chicago—Mrs. Stanley McCormick petitions for conservators for husband's $10,000,000 estate. Platform Appearances On Trip South trw Illinois state p*mit*nUary for pRrtldpstlon in the prison, at the penitentiary two years age ta Warden cd- l"he trap was sprang at 6; an-d Shader Was pronounced short time later. Tlw «xecuttotL was By D. Harold Oliver. * Associated Press Staff Writer.) New York, Oct. 10~(A.P.) —Gov- carried out in tire yard! of-til* Will cmor Smith start"? tonight on a tripi countv ^ al! to the southland and itn border) Shader was the youngest of . states ending with a speech Satur-i convict* who were i^ntcnced to Hie day niRht at Louisville Report* wer» prevalent that for tne murder of Klein. He wag the to die on Ulc Prague— At least 18 workmen killed, many burled, in collapse of eight story building. Mnlmoc. Sweden ~~ Flight from j was doubtful whether he could pcr- Swedrn to America planned for next suade him to do so. Chairman Raskob wanted the dem-j ocratic presidential nominee to make' at least one speech before reaching Kentucky Saturday morning, but it Campaign. There are evidences that the republican party managers are welding the organization there Into a more cohesive group end that a more Intensive campaign will ho waged both up-state as well as In the metropolitan area during the four weeks before election day. *»> Hoover has been told that hla own visit to New York City a week from next Monday will be of benefit In this drive. Arriving in New York at 8 o'clock on the morning of October 22. the republican standard bearer will establish his headquarters at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where lie will devote much of the day to conferences with NewYork leaders as well as those from Connecticut and New Jersey. spring. Budapest—Hungary accepts Kellogg trcatj-. Sport Preparing 8p*«L J /.:. The nominee has not yet turned his thoughts to the subject matter of the address he will deliver at Madison Square Garden that night as -he is putting in all his spare time on his Boston speech next Monday night. In that he will discuss both foreign trade and th« tar- in and It the time remains he will also talk about ; the 'dsveteptneai soft maintenance oX an adequate merch- raartae. York rally wlB be the toe three arranged for tta th« hours, with -Charles former secretary of atat«. and republican presidential candidate in 1910, sharing the time with Hoover. A nation-wide hook-up for broadcasting both speeches has been arranged for by the national committee. St. Louis—Oehrig ties Ruth's record of four home runs in world series, breaks record with nine runs batted In; Ruth smashes previous hatting mark with .025 average. Washington—Government $80,000 In world series taxes. Chicago—Cubs win city title, beating White Sox, 13-2. New York—Trustees of Muldoon- Tunney trophy announced. State Quincy—Tried on a joint" Indictment. Everett Howcll of Farmlngton and John E. Barnhlll. of Peorla. were convicted of the robbery of the Golden Exchange Bank August 20. Chicago—A speaking tour In be- aalf of Herbert Hoorer and the state ticket will be started Friday by Rodney H. Brandon, secretary of the republican state committee. His Itinerary includes Rockford, Oct 15; Decatur. Oct 20; .Quincy, Oct. 29; and East Bt Louis. Oct. 19. Chicago—A bequest ot a half million dollars to Chicago institutions and 425,000 to the country home for convalescent children at Prince crossing, HL, e*xs ' As the schedule now stands, the governor will make only rear platform appearances tomorrow and tomorrow night at Richmond, Va., and Charles Stalesky. and Roberto Torres, were hanged more than a ysar ago. One of the original seven. Cfre- gorio Rlzzo, was killed in an attempt to escape and the other two, James Price and Bernardo Roa did escape and never have been captured. Escaped From Jail, Shader escaped from the Will Tr>* m»n were brought track: to Johet nnd a few week* ln!»r made another desperate attempt to caw. SVmdrr was the only one piereeded. Tlie others were cantitrri after a gun battle with police in th 1*11 yard. Duchowski. the "had man ef th*> outfit, was severely rwaten, In June. 1027, Torrpi;, Major Scapinij And William Green Are On Program Today the a!'on of and were Imaged. F.nn Antonio. Tex.. C>:! JO—fA.fM opinion" has most, universal rlS-qnnHfU ())<•> 400 vpnlrrmen who d. but, it H admittM bv a(- pys Ui^t the rr*«! rxcu^p h thpt mrn ar<* nfrnld to become in- To Be Free, Jnstiet And Duty To Humanity, Rest On Eeligioa Oct. 10.- ttimmrr a South Chicago policeman!—Putting behind tlvm throe dnvs or J vnlvr<1 in a tr!ai ^Hh ft" many po- recoRiiired a, truck driver ss Blind- j'ntfn.^e m'"rry-mnktne, cllnmxed by "- ical S!1 R'PS BR th<? present r/i'-.r-. Addressing er nnd arrested the youth. Rhader' fMP mwt "nmiliinry parade San An- Jl '<5re John M. O'Connor has Jrc- of the"Episcopal church here today ril '» not attempt to resist arest. Ho) tonln Pvrr *w. "rrd I^sionalres to- j turr<1 tnf * ^enlremen repeatedly, even i President Coolidge proclaimed t*«- *ns brought back to Jolict. jdny turned to the serious btislnew' Rf . cu 'f n * sornp °* «> p m of Ivintfigion fo tx; new-wary for the con- jof the tenth annual American I*- """"A !. h t lr P rfl J'^jce. but the jury' Urination of American land mcn arc ««"»«» companion*! Nashville, Term. Asked "»* might an address In Nashville, Gov. Smith said he preferred not to talk about that. Talks With Roowrclt Boon afterward h« greeted Franklin D. Roosevelt, democratic nominee for governor of New York, whose headquarters are in the same hotel, and talked over plans for the campaign in this state. Mr. Roosevelt, who placed Governor Smith in nomination at Houston, probably will be depended upon to campaign up-state for the national as well as the state ticket,-since the presidential candidate's present plans call Shader was calm and apparently without fear during all of laat sight He said he was prepared to dio as he counted off his last hours and added he would rather die than be ecnt back to the penitentiary. In order to please his mother, the youth consented to receive the last rites of tho Catholic church a Jew hours before he died. Shader and his six companions escaped from the new state prison at Statevllle two years ago after brutally butchering Deputy Klein in his office In the prison. The name of Nathan Leopold, murderer of Bobby Franks, was Uak- ed prominently with those of Qse Eighteen Bodies Removed From Wrecked Building, 65 Are Entombed Prague, Czechoslovakia, Oct. 10 — (A.P.)—Piteous appeals for help coming today from the debris of an eight story stone office building which collapsed yesterday spurred rescue workers on to dig out 65 persons estimated to be buried in the ruins. Eighteen bodies had been 2^? n ? t * n * U , W 1? fearcd that ! and ' M ^ndsw»iVch'», w , B| ».r BC u I ,nc many of those entombed were dead, i line of march, filed past the review- Ttt-n itrnrn wnm ..,1-.,!.,,- i. . . ' •• ('««-•>», mi ievu.w- turn! American I>e-i ."" UIU . !."« r Prejudice, but the ju.ry'unua ° convention. Secretary of War Dxvigbt F. Davis, Major UewR-r-, Scaplni. Mind French war veteran «"d Wimamj {'"""» \° t ""' I >\ hc April elcrtlons , -we can raw iwmna oumn Orrrn president of the American " t) ^f °™ """; V " ndldnt ^' often." «* chief executive •-ration of Labor were scheduled tlcgro ' was "»«rdered. ,.., tiaf _..- _,„,., tn ^ fM- fK Federation of Labor were scheduled! to deliver addresses at the r.esump- i tion of convention sessions. I Convention business did u "parade rest" yesterday while the gay drlr- Kates nnd visitors pa.ved in arr.u.v inf? review. Ix-forr their war-time commander, General John J. Persians; their present commander Edward E. Spafford; Field Marshal Allenby, Orcat Britain; Governor Dan Moody, and other military and civilian notable.-!. Three MUe* Long,'. Strung out over a three mile route, the former soldiers, sailors and marines, attempting to keep time to (lie confusion of music furnished by 51 fife and drum , ,„„„ «n, lor only two speeches In New York i seven men at the time and it —In Brooklyn nnd New York City—the Friday and Saturday nights before election. Gov. Smith greeted affectionately the man he persuaded to run for the office he will leave December 31 A \ was tcld that newspaper- will of Mrs. T. JR. Blackstooe, in the 2SLn?.££ to - **. «»***** FOUR HOUE PLEA MADE TO BOARD J. P. LOONB1T Springfield, HI.. Oct. 10— (AJP) — A four hour plea urging executive clemency for her father, John p I^ooney, was made last night by Mrs Frank Hamblln before the state board of pardons jmd paroles. The appeal of the daughter ot the convicted Rock Island lawyer and «Utor. serving a u year sentence for conspiracy to kill, was, the cli- Sf* Jf » day filled with pleas for clemency. The board took I(0oneys case under advisement. ***""* a 1 when Mrs. ended her presentaUon of evidence by producing Emil Davis a nsgro who was a witness for the Beardstown—-Cass county resident* voted by a majority of 167 to Jwue 960,000 in bonds to put the county on & cash basts. ,_^ - la,—Sheriff Murray «ftUHw-imd4 teams Wednesday evening Jor Tucson, Ariz., to return Jake Zippe and Jonathan Hagen. who are wanted In connection with the slaying of Oliver Sheppler, of Georgetown, HI. leaders of both next fiflvemcr of New You mean the next president o Oie United States and the nex governor of New York," eorrectec Mr. Roosevelt He Leaves Tonight Governor: Smith win leave tonight for the south at 11 p. m.. wlththe first stop scheduled fcr Richmond at 8:15 tomorrow morning. Accompanying him will be his wife and two daughters. Mrs, John Warner and Mrs. Frances J ties estimated that yesterday's registration in Cook county had added from 20 to 30 per cent more names to the poll books than were regis- - MM was 1,084,685. ~ - ——— »*— j , (j* A^CW XUXK Norman a Davis of New York Representative Joseph W. Byrns o 1 Tennessee, Charles W. Berry, eomp- claimed he lied in his testimony against Looney. and that by Senator James j. Harbour, who —~— booncy. tried to Civil Warfare Followed The Massafere of 200,000 In Kausu, China York-CUy-«ad per- wntl Physician to the governor; Justice Bernard L. Shientag. of the New York city court, and John J, Qlynn, the governor's nephew. op POIIOE" CAPTAIN IS DEAD FROM BOMB SHOOK Chicago, Oct. 10—(AP.) — The chica so itwlice' captain . the Rock island crime war Davis named Chief of Bennett and Lawrence m*yur of Rock oc *w*nd had requested U» board for " for convicted of killing Zooney. Looney'a eon. AIE TONIGHT New York, Democratic: Senator Carter at »:M p. m., from . WKAP. and iseiwark- Arthur J. w. Hilly, at § Shanghai, Oct. 10.—(AP.)—Civil warfare after a Mohammedan uprising in Kansu province, which was stated to have claimed more than 300.9QQ Jives,- jsras~ b*lkved -4o be continuing m the western Chinese province. In addition tq fog ravag^ of UJ ,?* rtlir * .*** •"» *** stated in adrtew from mlsstoas to be suffer- i. , last night, a victim of bomte It was September 8 last that a bomb exploded at the home of Captain Luke Oarrick and hurled Mrs. Anne Bvangeline Garrick. hla wife from bed. Mrs. Garrick had been seriousls ill, her recovery being predicated on c&lm and quiet, doctors agreed. Following the bombing she was hurried to a hospital where she remained several dajs from 1»mb shock. A few days ago, after she had -— — — WTl3 charged Leopold, who then wa» la solitary confinement had engineered the escape. The men were at liberty for more than a day. but all except Roa and Price were recaptured after several gun battles, In one of which ! a Mexican, was shpt 21 times. FtW Were Slayers. The men were nlaccdJn t_ wnmty jail, trtedrand asntenoed flsr the murder of Klein. Five of then already were cpnvicted murderers btfore the Klein slaying. Price and State»ky had been sentenced to prison for lass serious offenses. A week before .they were scheduled to hang, all escaped, it was found that while, during many sleepless nlghte. Boa and Torre* had entertained their guards by singing, Rlzzo had sawed away the bars at the back of their bull pen Rizzo was shot and kffled by police of South Chicago a short time after his escape. Roa was traced by police to South Chicago, but never was captured. « score were missing. j ing stands in front" of The „. Pedestrians in the narrow street Texas' shrine of independence. Explorer Asid Party Will Be In Exile Many Months In The Antarctic San Pedro. Calif.. Oct. 10—(A.P.) Richard E. Byrd and followers prc- the United and passengers in a 8treet car pas- States today as their final gesture Four hours was required" for the! wl£ tf?"*- ^ * 10 " g trck nnd privileges which av« char* of American life. "We can not remind ourselves too said, that our right to be free, ths support of our principles of Justice, oat obligations to ereh other In our domestic affairs, f>nd our duty to humanity abroad, the confidence i» . each other necessary to support our ! racial and economic relations and finally the fabric of our government! Itself, al! rest on religion. "If the bonds of our religious cot;* victions becomt- loosened, the ftiaf« antces which have been erected fee the protection of life and liberty and all the vast body o! rights that U» between arc gone." The present convention and cAhet similar organizations were taken toy Mr. Coolidge as evidence that *tM« major forces of the world are actively und energetically engaged In promoting the spiritual advancement" of humanity. c w sins the building at the time of the Parade to pass. More than o 000 e jn collapse were injured. The chief in- j veterans finished the march though •raw*™. O f ponce Wa3 mn over and | a considerably larger number started- Many were forced out by overtaxed feet and sultry south Texas heat. World Grows Bettor. "When." he continued, "we «'into voluntary I member further that thla ™ 8lOIU iOT killed by a fire department auto- mobil$ when he was hurrying to the scene with a group of salvagers. ThejuchUect of the building was Besides the state delegations reported to have committed suicide Mexico. Italy. France Greece HiT- "" *-h»--««» when he saw the dlsas- wail. Panama. Guatemala Cuba building inspectors were | and Nicaragua had representatives those buried hi the ruins, of relatives of the missing of the scene labored through _.,----. ^ — .— •"-*&« beams of searchlights. City engineers directed the workers In tunnelling into the wreckage through the wall of an adjoining building. the Three After Convention. In the flood of committee reports scheduled today was one ol special importance .recommending location of the 192D convention. from otie to three years. The explorer, who left his mark in the Arctic by flying over the north the arca - who r oy airplane In one of the most thrilling of tram-oceanic nights, will meet adventure at the nether end of the earth by essaying to -fill in the blank srjaceson the map" of that region. Aboard the staunch. Whaler C A Byrd and hla eager com, - • tod *' for Dan««n, New 2ea- e convention. Detroit ,, r ann, ew 2ea- Loulsville and Miami have been bid- d ' whcre thcir <irl ' n - tato the . - ~ T -—-— —»«- been bidding for favor among the thousands of delegates. A «« .* E "* V4t "-~& u ICft. A woman found In the ruins held Colonel William MitchPii <?' *" husband a^tant chief - MIU * e1 '' and police liad to take it away from «er by force. The populace of the vicinity was of the o. States army, said upon his yesterd °y the aviation (J and faulty Pacific *° ne Across the they will follow three is steadily advancing through tha years, we realize that It provides 4 complete and devastating answer to the Indifferent, the cynic, asd tha pessimist We cannot doubt tfaaS the world is growing better." Mr. Coolidge warned hla audteota that America's Influence In spread*, ing its faith abroad will te Ian dependent upon its renditions home. In this country, the EXPRESS CLERKS CAXIED STRIKE IN NEY YORK AREA New York. Oct. 10-<A.P )-The •MkiU+A.,. 'fc.T^ «-. . "•••* ./ J. ilC to -carry his fight to the floor of the convention. Won't other vessel of the Byrd expedition the Sir James Clark Ross, the Eleanor Boiling and the City of New York, already well on their way to distant New Zealand) All four of the ships carry great stores of supplies including airplanes which Byrd will' ia t i ons st m i Mntr employ In his long exploration of Hit <„„« ""/">"»«-««=. turcga con- the BO called greatest frozen a«S on Sn— AJt . hou « h «»? *** dwelfer* •» —. ~-fc L. »-u _«.j A *tWlti, men will aid the I yet States. saw conditions which rcqutie stantly Increasing tfforts ' betterment "Tha pr^e^^ w trainmg of the youth of the nation^ he said, "is one that Is now and wlS be forever roourrtog- In sptteof oar great school system, our eecondar? Institutions, our colleges, and our universities, many of our young peo^r plfl are still growing up with th* most meagre advantages of edueat tion There are large settlements of people in our great centers daring plans of the commander. After .supervising loading operations, .yesterday-- th® commander the Hollywood film colony , come into the United . greater New York scene . .» v W ,,,u,« iraHO n' does not contemplate any weaken-11" ^^' who Is here to bid her our ingot tho national defense because i h , usband ** sP^d on his explora-1 enL of the recently signed Kellogg treat tion shlp ' ^^^ the danger of the 1 the ? ties was given the Amerlcaii'legTon I^ ^ertaklng. she was dim arid "We have provided by our institu- lions Tor a genuine method of sslf- but there are many ot an unann&unced i ,. « — -• »••*. jiuicnuan j-t'gion i T — _ the ' " ere , toda V by Secretary of War cneertul ~ ' Davls ^ Bn address in Mna, Declares Holiday And Has Central Government c * ase of After 17 Years . exploded at a Yellow Cab — _ __ home. This bomb had bass aggravated by the fight- tag and the advices said that half the population of the province waa mole to die during the coming winter. , The latest estimate of the population of Kansu. compiled by the Chinese post office in 1923, is 5827.997. ' Serious conflicts between the Kan- su Mohammedans and troops of General V*w Yu-Hsiang. who at H. Muses B, Liemh^ a t S:SQ », over Minute Men" "The . claims the overlardshlp of the province, caused chaotic conditions. Detailed information was not available w Shanghai, but a letter from the China inland mission headquarters at taaehowfu, capital of KansiT dated August J, stated that acute an empioye~of th* Chicago Motor Company, a concern affiliated with the yeUow Cab, and Mrs. Otarriek iaw in the two bomb- Ja^ threats agaiast the Uves of both her husband and her son. The bombing of the Garrick home was described as a strike of veng eanee against the police officer fo hia energy In directing raids houses. By Harold P. Mills United Press Staff Correspondent) Shanghai, Oct. 10.—<U.P.)~<3en- ral Chiang Kai-Shek was inaugurated president of China today h-'hi^" flnrt ^^ to " ***** °* 5f .%?*»."W-inWBMte. China unmed 80V - Chian* was .Inat&Ued at of members of the Brother-1 wnlch he P«lsed the purpose and i »*"«-oad and Express Clerks^ stat **'«anship of-the documents the American Express | " Sclf Preservation Is the first law ' effect If, 1 natur , e : It is the first law of na"" are removed only ten midnight was and | tmnc uons. night several of the P art V amused themselves at theaters. probably the last theatrical entertainment for them for many months. ** ttie wa ter. American «. re 0^ tati . M now m w apuear to exercise . p re past the break- members. , are not of such a aystcmT 1 Law Net Eas»*fa. Declaring that white the govern- t*r\t ft n ^^ „!» j. - , efev*«c*t4 - ment does all it can to remedy what evils in society, the expressed the view that l*wa dono f ft ,^ *, °f furatstl & «ufflcfenti ~ foundation for human progress. **/"^i»rti» ni».A-J . government and or- and try. extended throughout the caun-j? ur alms Ho official union statement on the conld beob he grievance Islons." 0 ot ' rd>a plans hb arrival the needs . - at Duusdin about November 5 where ° flhe we- in The United States Davis estim»t ed. now nmintaim "" per capita than I ^ 8sen win the tliree other oft, would be the first to be laid to* title started last spring. At that *«ae ftrmed Mohamxuedans began -'•»-~ vUIages throughout central the iri- wece unable to of- "IF" SMITH WINS FOUB STATES HE CAN BE ELECTED ' St. Louis. Mo,, If Governor Alfred E. ^»!&-3N»i§'-*aB«ed of Her- August IjL, .Oct. 4ft.~«JJ».)— in earned i Kln-J mated Missouri, „ Tennesiee jn addiUon „ south and Was east he can presidential election, U Harry B. i&weg of reguxuid director ft campaign, esti. TM four ir« state* %r« to central Iowa, Kansas, and Okto- *?£ tte I the e*a with 9t, and the *»d from of £1^ ^id^'^^&^^ ^L ^^^^^* roads has ^^^T,«W tea* He beiitrVfca i&ucis populatily tgrn Uw wid fargi reltef isKtm to ItU i* believe* tooic P J «*e on of the fighting a sS Chta ' m duty at the and the company's stables. average ratio be"per thousand "16 one jier thousand for the United States. A month aud a lmlf later he I *"**•» "» that direction that we must '« the permanent eoureeT of muiistrations of charity, brotherly love, ' *•'«««««* STATE EDITORS TO MEET IN CHAMPAIGN BOMB TODAY AGAINST TWO CITY JUDGES o make unification of II for state's attorney .„. «emoeratlc ticket, was check*na«»a today. _ 111.. Oct. 10.—tA.P.)— KestKjnding to the call of President VV. W. Loomis of 'Hie LaQrange Citizen, more than 300 Illinois editors and publishers will gather here tomorrow for the 63rd annual convention of the Illinois Press Association. During the three days program at ,000 mites from the pole. Somewhere in this arca. his base of operations will be established. Telegraphic messages expressing hopes of success were received by AGAIN DELAYJED BY THE WEATHEE CotJimander Byrd from many.'io — friends and prominent countrymen on the eve of his departure. Priedrirha 1B ^ n ' . j.. candidate r »i v , , , — •> "• *'" *-T«* **?•*« **v the University of Illinois, several nationally known journalists will be heard. The state Associated ing will be held s«e meet- :ie couvfen^. Katurday the publishers, the Illinois-Coo football QOV1RNOR WILL LET LAW PROCEED WITH HICKMAN San Francisco. Oct. 30.—IA.P.)- ° Ct Death on the gallows seems a cer-! *&% o'clock Uus aittmoon that the dirigible Graf Zeppelin would act start tor the United States today because ol unfavorable weather conditions. Although the weather reports «; ceived late yesterday had caused i postponement of the projected start | this morning, there were still uager- that conditions would so tamty for William Edward Hicknutn '< improve that the great airshirj today following rejection of his plea! might be able to get away some Ume for an, appeal to the United states i late tlus afternoon supreme court and announcement i There was a stiff bre*»gg *" out of Chtac&e Iwrth funk, t tonal Editorial" Association. William - its course. The Kansas City youth ^ U! sentence £o die October 19 ui prison f or Humson, of the American Society of Newspaper Editor and Willis «J. Abbott, contributing Ttie and his pfflwrs throughout the day lie ei>i£itoii that & stmrt moat improbable. The passen- , - - — i-"*o . c"--" uiid crew, however itill stn^rf S £££ i^t SSiie^" ln ' by : " llng ^ *•»*£" Hickumn's attorneys no-.i.vd Warden James B. Htolohaii ac the *iuwuu«d ^. Among Us« ciuea it %fli ¥^41 g^ when the latter u» hit him KUEAL MAIL FEUD OF KILLING Martisburg. ill., Oct. 10.—(A.P.) —John Vance Knowltu. rural mail carrier ftut of Stoneforj, who , William Luster, late Saturday after- Boon alter Luster was alleged to save Imulied Mrs. Kiiowifs. ^ as ejt . oaemted by cwuiter's jury last night. Mrs, Kjiowtes was ijj th«? act ol her busbauci «l tiw insult by' ' >e a sudden turn in Uie weather and that the ship could get oit. The start of the that „ - could in- Governor Young said night him to. commuta Hicknian's sentence, Navy TO VISIT CHICAGO. New York. Oct, The Los BQ Koute last I Lm % Ui Kt\U£K over Aaisat<ai as iw aa 8t Lcmis after its arrival In this country, Hugh Alien, acattttivai of t&j$A r &. J~. ..t .

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