Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 16, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1968
Page 1
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"•ytMwiw Mixed Drinks in Clubs to Be Allowed Mfs, Adi Burns, age 91, died 14, to a Lgw-isvllte hospi« member- of fits Mt, HOPE (ARK) STAR, Scientists Mow Link Cancer Virus to the Rare Kissing Disease Inehrde two aoftsj Bum of tufel, Mary* nd and Harr ell Burns of Lewis* llle, and stx daughters; Mrs, a Simons 6f Mope, Mrs, Burns of Magnolia, Mrs, Laha of Patmos, Mrs, f relda Maunss of Stamps, Mrs, eseftA Rogers of Sewlchley, Penn, and Mrs, ftola Archer of ..Patmosj one brother, Arthur Me- $ellan of £1 Dorado. j' Funeral services were Tues* tky at Mt, Nebo Church, offi* .dated by Rev, D, 0. Sllvey, and Assisted by Rev. Harold Marin, Burial was in Mt, Nebo rnetery by Smith funeral Home Lewisvllle. * COLCHESTER, fen gland *(AP) - The death of Sir Myles Wyatt, 64, chairman of British tynlted Airways and Air Hold- 2 lngs Ltd., was announced Mon- The cause of his death, occurred Sunday, was not in MOSCOW (AP) - Boris N. -tyatoshinsky, Ukrainian corn- -fjpser, died Monday in Kiev at the age of 73, § f i/no Ferber, Novelist, Dies at 80 v- ' ' 3» NEW. YORK (AP) - Novelist $dna Ferber, whose "So Big" $on the Pulitzer Pfl/e in 1024, ttled Tuesday In New York. She tfas 80. g$350 BILLION J (From Page 1) ?Jnent to all federal, state and lo- xfcal government agencies. *» -Relaxation in qualifications «jbr' Small Business Adralnistra- iion loans in slum areas. 5 Brooke did not estimate the xost of his proposals but aides Jiaid it would run to thousands, Bather than millions of dollars. jyhey said he avoided Introduc- •§ig more costly measures be- Jsause of congressional resistance to new spending pro- igrams. •'5j' Instead, Brooke hopes for sev- •jlral, small .victories to put Confess oa record in favor of even iiftl -rndfeslye ^ban- fioh, the aides' said. JOHNSON (From Page 1) Jieing lost," Johnson said: ,? "For us, this Is not a propa- njanda exercise. We have sent rious and considered mes- aimed at bringing about _^ earliest possible contact. 2? "What is needed today is an ^qually serious reply, reacting 30 our proposals for neutral sites or offering additional ^suggestions of neutral capitals •tyhere both of us have repre- jJjsentaMves and communications." 5 Several hours after Johnson 4poke the official North Viet- jjamese Communist newspaper an Dan said the United tes showed "lack of good in turning down two sites panoi has proposed, Warsaw Jand Phnom Penh, Cambodia. S A Nhan Dan article broadcast 9rom Hanoi flung back in the president's face his offer In the Jjjast to send U.S. negotiators an- •ywhere at any time for talks, +& "This statement Is big-sound- 5ng and allows no mlsunder- jstandlng," the article said. jsf'Yet, after making many such Statements the Johnson administration now changes tune." 2« While here, Johnson said, he •would discuss wUat he termed ajhe twins paths to peace with She top military command and, !j>n Wednesday, with President *£hung Hee Park of South Ko. 4-ea, a somewhat restive ally LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state Alcoholic Beverage Con* trol Board approved regulations Monday which would permit licensed, private, nonprofit clubs in wet counties to serve mixed drinks to members, Harrel Hughes, director of the ABC, and each member of the board denied that the board was taking It upon itself to legalize the sale of mixed drinks in Arkansas. Hughes said an opinion hand* ed down Feb. 28 by Atty, Gen, Joe Purcell had been used as the authority to draft the regulations, The opinion said the department had been given "broad regulatory and rule-making powers." The opinion also said the department could issue six permits, one of which was a hotel, restaurant and club permit Which was not defined by statute. Purcell said in an opinion handed down in March that mixed drinks could not legally be dispensed in private clubs in Arkansas. The ABC raided the plush Top of the Rock in Little Rock following Purcell's opinion and confiscated 26 bottles of liquor. Hughes said there were no plans to ask Purcell's opinion on the regulations approved by the ABC. The regulations for the club permit were released at a late afternoon news conference along with a list of 18 private clubs which had already submitted applications for the permit. Hughes said the regulations provide for the dispensing of a mixed drink and not the sale but the fifth of the nine provisions says the serving of drinks "having an alcoholic content in excess of 3.2 per cent by weight" calls for an "appropriate charge therefor." Hughes said one of the "compelling" reasons for the action was the fact that the "board's recent action in enforcing existing laws and regulations against private clubs has caused a number of cases of severe hardship and unemployment." „_ He denied that GqvvWinthrop Rockefeller was aware* of the Card's"'action and also denied that pressure from prominent club members and the Arkansas Private Club Managers As- socation had forced the approval of the regulations. "I believe it important to keep in mind that although this is a departure from past practice, the attorneys appear to be almost unanimous in their agreement that the board has this authority," Hughes said. "With this in mind, the board feels that it must, in the public interest, take this action." The 18 clubs which applied for the permit were: Pine Bluff Country Club; Delta Country Club, Inc. of McGehee; North Hills Country Club of Sherwood; Fayetteville Country Club; The Town Club, Inc., of Fort Smith/ Hardscrabble Country Club of Fort Smith; The El Dorado Golf and Country Club; The Country Club of Hot Springs; Newport Country Club. The American Legion; Club Riviera, Inc.; Top of the Rock Club; The Little Rock Club; The Dummer's Club, Inc.; The Gasllte Club; Riverdale Country Club and Western Hills Country Club, all of Little Rock, concerned about American steadfastness in the Pacific area. Park was flying in from Seoul tonight. Johnson is expected to remain in Hawaii until Thursday. He Is living about 10 miles outside the city at the seaside estate of the widow of the late millionaire industrialist Henry J, Kaiser. "I Saw Wrinkles Vanish or Diminish in 2 Weeks '* ! NEW VOHK (Special):—"Dis- iH-'uruncu of entail wrinkles wan • • • tiyun thu vary duupwtt wrinkles showed very great improvwient." Tlii* dramatic report on tlw ingredients in Gututva uutdv by a noted phyekian, in duruiaUilogy, after amdv op a selected group of women, llo gow thetw resulu with hia own eyu«. With this «ub»tana! new to COM- uiotu*, lujuiwl fluiMtvu, aging *fcin o»o ttturt looking younger and youngwr - -aot older and older. Tai uhy»icwn also coinnientttd, "Thu tttuftU »uiH!rfieiul wrinkle* re- MXJttdwd UrwuuticiilJy." And ho udd»tuttt IJUvikm wu» "wort- trans- lucent and smoother in appearance." These result* are nothing abort of amazing. And it look a new cosmetic compound to do it. Developed by the trustworthy Nina laboratory, Genava is de- digued to bo used under make-up and as a night cream. 11 is absorbed instantly. In two weeks time wrinkles will vanish or diminish greatly. That is Urn promise now made possible by Cienava. Skin will become more translucent, younger-looking. Now available in Bi'lf'cted stores -1.65 o«. |3.50; 4 oz. $5.00. Village Rexall Pharmacy HQ|>0 VllUge Shopping Center By JOHN BARBOtIR AP Science Writer ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — There may be a positive link between infectious mononucleosis, widely known as the kissing disease, and a malignant tumor which is quite common in Africa but rare in the United States. That was the report today by Dr, Julius S, Horoszewlcz of Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, N,Y. If the link, a virus, Is established definitely, it will be the first time that a virus lias been indicted as a cause of cancer- type disease In humans. The virus has already been shown by other researchers to be associated with infectious mononucleosls, usually not a severe disease that causes fever, chills, general bad feeling fatigue and sometimes headache and chest pain. Researchers have shown that the virus reacts with protective antibodies from humans- who have already had the kissing disease, the Roswell Park report said. The reaction is the same as an infecting virus would produce in a vaccinated person, indirect evidence that the virus causes infectious mononucleosis. The New York researcher, associated with Dr. James T. Grace Jr., and Dr. Virginia C. Frank Holt Files for High Court LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Former Associate Justice J. Frank Holt of Little Rock filed Monday for re-election to the Arkansas Supreme Court, He is seeking the position that will be vacated by the retirement of Associate Justice Paul Ward. Holt resigned from the high court to make an unsuccessful bid for governor in 1966. He finished second in the Democratic primary. Chancellor Thomas Butt of Fayetteville also has filed for Ward's position and Chancellor Lawrence Dawson of Pine Bluff says he will be a candidate. Holt, 57, is from Little Rock. Mo n P^Tyra; 'M,,t lied foriiPcis.' '•. 2 in House District 33, which is Jefferson and Grant counties. Rep. Paul Bates, who says he won't run again, currently holds the position. Rep. Harry W. Carter, 47, of Little Rock filed for renomina- tion to a fifth trm in Post. 2, District 22, which is Perry and Pulaski counties. Jimmy Adcox, 25, of Newport, filed for Pos. 2 In District 16, the position held by Rep. Jack S. Oakes of Augusta. District 16 is Jackson and Woodruff counties. John H. Simpson, 51, of DeWitt, filed for Pos. 2 In District 24, which is Prairie and Arkansas counties. The Incumbent, Rep, Albert M. Hayes, has said he will not seek re-election. Bob L. Pool, 64, of Arkadelphia, filed for the position in District 35, which is Clark and Nevada counties. Rep. Glenn E. Dunkel, gave his report to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, meeting here, They found that the same virus associated with Infectious mononticleosis is the one often seen under the electron microscope in tissue samples of Burk* itt lymphoma, the malignant tu* mor frequently seen in Africa. The Roswell Park studies indicate that in the test tube the vi* rus can affect certain cells in a variety of ways—ranging from a mild chronic infection to a le- than infection, Weather Experiment Station report for 24- hour s ending at 7 a.m. Tuesday, High 77, Low 44. Forecast ARKANSAS- Cloudy to partly cloudy and continued warm tonight and Wednesday with widely scattered showers and thundershowers. Low tonight low 50s north to low 60s south, Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low •" Albany, clear 60 35 Albuquerque, cloudy 77 50 Atlanta, clear 67 41 Atlanta, clear 67 41 Bismarck, cloudy 69 44 Boise, clear 59 27 Boston, cloudy 45 43 Buffalo, clear 51 32 Chicago, clear 60 48 Cincinnati, clear 58 37 Cleveland, clear 50 32 Denver, clear 71 39 Des Moines, cloudy 69 49 Detroit, clear 58 34 Fairbanks, clear 38 17 Fort Worth, cloudy 75 57 Helena, clear 52 22 Honolulu, cloudy 82 73 Indianapolic, clear 59 39 Jacksonville, clear 87 52 Juneau, cloudy 48 34 Kansas City, cloudy 76 59 Los Angeles, cloudy 66 57 .... Louisville,.jclear. 58 ; 39 , 'Memphis, clear 69 46 , ' Miami, clear 84 68 Milwaukee, clear 60 39 Mpls.-St. P., clear 66 48 New Orleans, clear 77 48 New York, cloudy 68 43 Okla. City, cloudy 75 56 Omaha, rain 73 55 Philadelphia, clear 58 42 Phoenix, cloudy 90 59 Pittsburgh, clear 51 30 Ptlnd, Me., cloudy 47 44 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy 53 37 Rapid City, rain 77 40 Richmond, clear 67 43 St. Louis, cloudy 66 43 Salt Lk. City, cloudy70 42 San Diego, cloudy 67 58 San Fran., clear 56 47 Seattle, cloudy 52 35 Tampa, clear 77 64 Washington, clear 66 43 Winnipeg, cloudy 64 51 T-Trace Kelley of Arkadelphia current ly holds the position. Printed by Offset Governors on Fence Politically By WALTER R. MEARS Associated Press Writer ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP) - Democratic governors have decided not to tamper with "the events of history" in this explosive political year, agreeing instead to wait and see what happens before announcing preferences in the race for the White House, They didn't even reach an accord that would have declared advance support for the man their party eventually nominates to run for president. Even before their 2'/2 hour political talk Monday, the governors meeting in St. Louis acknowledged they could not possibly agree on a consensus candidate for the Democratic nomination that President Johnson said he would neither seek nor accept, They matched their forecast. A handful of Democratic governors declared their choices in advance of the conference which drew 17 of the 24 Democratic state executives. There were no new public commitments at that meeting. Its major product: A statement rejecting any mass attempt by governors to step into the developing race between Sens. Robert F. Kennedy of New York, Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota and Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, the latter still undeclared. Instead, the governors agreed to wait and watch. Even that wasn't unanimous. Gov. John Bell Williams of Mississippi • abstained from the decision and Gov. Lester Maddox of Georgia wasn't present when it was made. Gov. Richard J. Hughes of New Jersey raised the question of an advance endorsement of the 1968 Democratic ticket, but dropped it when Southern governors objected. "It appeared that there was no opportunity for unanimity of opinion," Hughes explained. Without unanimity, he said, a governors' pledge to support a party nominee would have been pointless. Development 1 District Is Approved WASHINGTON (AP) - The Commerce Department has approved the West Central Arkansas Economic Development District, which is composed of 10 counties, Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt, R-Ark., announced today. Hot Springs has been designated as the economic development center and Russellville as the redevelopment center. Formation of the district will allow the area to receive greater federal assistance in conjunction with the Economic Development Administration. The counties in the district are Clark, Conway, Garland, Hot Spring, Johnson, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Pope and Yell. NASA ENGINEERS prepare the X-24A lifting body for the wind tunnel to study its airflow characteristics. Small while pieces of tape hold tufts of material so that details of airflow over the unit's surface can be observed. Allen Files for House in Pulaski LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Marshall D. Miirtin, 29, of Little Rock filed today as a Republican candidate for Pos. 12 in House District 22, which is Pulaski and Perry counties. Martin, who is self-employed, is seeking the seat held by Rep. Allan Dlshongh of Little Rock, who has filed for re-election. Martin has held several jobs in the administration of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. He did most of the leg work on preparing for a central telephone system for state government, which was authorized by the February special legislative session. Rep. Charles E. Davis, 40, of Springdale filed for re-election to Pos. 3 in District 7, which Is Washington County. He is seeking a second term. Wayne N. Courtney, a 32-year- old merchant and farmer of Forrest City, filed for Pos. 2 In District 27, which Is St. Francis County. The position is held by Rep. R. E. Flanagin of Forrest City. Haiphong Says U.S. Plane Shot Down TOKYO (AP) - A U.S. plane was shot down today while "Intruding" into the airspace of Haiphong, North Vietnam's major port, far north of the 20th Parallel, Hanoi's official Vietnam Nows Agency said. In a broadnast monitored here the agency said four other UjS. aircraft were brought down Monday "over Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Blnh provinces -vhei! hey came there to raid populated areas." Women had the vote in Australia, Finland, New Zealand and Norway before World War I. CHANNEL NO. 5 WATER Wallace Is Coming to Arkansas MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP>Former Gov. George Wallace takes his presidential campaign Into Arkansas for a news conference Saturday afternoon and a rally that night, both in Little Rock. Efforts have already begun to get the independent candidate's name on the Arkansas ballot in the Nov. 5 election. The former governor will talk with reporters at a news conference at 2:45 p.m. In the Albert Pike Hotel and then speak at a rally in Barton Coliseum at 8 p.m. Five Bodies Found in Calif. Fire FRESNO, OiKf. (AP) - The bodies of three children and two adults were found early today in a house partly destroyed by fire. Police found a five-gallon gasoline can in the living room. Officers said a child found on the living room couch had been strangled. In the bedroom were two other children, one strangled, one stabbed and with a plastic bag over its head, A woman had a head wound, officers said, and a man on the back porch apparently burned to death. Identities were not lmm?di- ately known. Firemen said the house was locked from the inside when they arrived. A woman had noticed fire in the house and turaed in an alarm. Necessary Step by ABC, Says Governor LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller said today that he thought the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board took a necessary first step Monday toward resolving the "hypocrisy" surrounding Arkansas' liquor laws. The board issued a set of rules and regulations governing the issuance of permits under which private, nonprofit clubs could dispense mixed drinks. "I think you've got to start somewhere," Rockefeller said at a news conference. The governor said he was unaware that the ABC regulations were being made until he received a copy of them shortly before a late-afternoon news conference held by the board Monday. Asked if public reaction to the board's decision could cause him to place a mixed drink bill in next month's special legislative session, Rockefeller said, "It would take some extraordinary situation that I'm not aware of now." Quit Paying Bills for Prisoners TUCUMCARI, N.M. (AP) The Tucumcari City Commission says It has paid its final dental bill for city jail prison- Tuesday, April 16,1968 Turned Out to lie a Canary COLUMBIA, S.C, (AP) _ A discount store was surrounded by Richland County deputy sheriffs with drawn guns when the burglar alarm went off, The deputies discovered that a canary had escaped from his cage and flown through a light beam which electronically guards the premises and set off an alarm. Body of Mon Found in Wheat Field OSCEOLA, Ark. (AP)- The body of a Negro man was found Monday afternoon in a wheat field about five miles south of here, the Mississippi County Sheriffs Office said today. Officers said there was no identification on the body. The investigation is continuing, The commission took the action after funds were approved for a $30.16 dental bill dated September I960. Kennedy Enters in South Dakota SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP>Sen. Robert F. Kennedy an- noiMced today he is a candidate in the June 4 presidential primary In Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey's native South Dakota. Local Democrats apparently entered his name in the primary without fanfare last week, and 5. Kennedy spokesman said his announcement it the airport in Sioux Falls today was his formal announcement of candidacy in the state. Sen. George McGovern, D- S.D., wliile hoi'ling back from a formal endorsement of Kennedy, told a Chamber of Commerce meeting, where the New Yorker was to speak, that Robert Kennedy could be a greater president than his brother, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is not expected (o campaign heavily for South Dakota's 26 delegates to the Democratic national convention. Thp primary falls on the same date as the crucial California contest, which has 174 delegates at stake. More than 1,000 persons greeted Kennedy in Sioux Falls as he flaw in from North DakotajUKM Kennedy, for: thetflrsMinmln his month-long campaign, has found himself running into McCarthy people en masse. ''. Kind a Rough ' on His Date BOSTON (AP) - Arthuj Frederico, 17, of Boston, has been fined $100 in municipal court for throwing his 14-year- old date into Boston Harbor. -. The girl testified thatFreder^- co choked her and threw her in the water after becoming angry with her as they walked along the waterfront April 7. ; "These boys today are just too damn fresh," said Judge Elijah Adlow as he passed sentence. Easter Love-in a Lay an Egg j; LC6 ANGELES (AP) - Tbe Easter Sunday love-ins in the Los Angeles area laid an egg with police. Officers arrested more than GO persons at Elysian Park aoi Mallbu Beach-most of them dti suspicion of possessingmarljui- na. * LOOK, but do we see? We read, but do we conipreheud? I'liufujjnjpln'r Lurry Mu)u-l>i)J, ever alert to the unusual or off-beat, found these amusing sign situation at New Smyrna Heaeh, Ha.; a JMioenK, Ariz.. Irailic court; the Florida Keys; a parking Jot iu Jacksonville, Fta.; and Water Mill, \.V. To Residents Of This Area: JOHN PAUL HAMMKKSCHMIDT "I will be in Hope on Thursday and Friday, April IB & *J and will be happy to nied with all persons wlui have problems and views of a federal nature. My office will be SANUO G°PM "°° r ° f " 1C I)oKtofnc( - > buil(Ji "K l " Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt

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