Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 16, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
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Vol. LXVIII No. 191 A Progressive Newspaper Por a Progressive Community" WEATH ER Fair, Continued Warm Pull Report On J*»KC 8 ESTABLISHED 1885" WEDNESDAY, AUGUSTS, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent* Allied Troops Driving Forward In Southern France __ : • ^^FF .•-,-. i .. . ; . . Fern St. Matter Is In The Air George Cassidy Desires To Do Business With Borough On Lot 1',1'orcc CVi.-i.ildy. W.-iterbury developer, who i.-" the owner or ;i laruo lot or. Kern street, which blocks the opening of Ihe northern end of that street Into Chestnut street, adjacent to Ihu new L'lii.Miuiisc development, is incllnod to tin htisinci.-.i on the mutter o;' opening up the street, with the lioroiiifti of NViugatticg riuher than with individuals, it wiitt indicated in official circles hero today. Wnrdun t.txi Brophy stated today that he .luid been in conference with Mr. Ca.s.xidy on the matter of uper,.ing up Fern t'-trcol into j Chestnut street, with the borough ' to rcceivu -10 foct of land for a road in return for '25 feet on Cheat- ! nut street, that would tvj tickled to Ifiiul that the U'aterbury man already own." on the latter street. A Chestnut »tn."_'t property owner, howi-viir. ha-- indicated u de- .-irv to do hu*inc-.-!s direct with Mr, Cassidy .<ince •_>& f-jut of his In ml would be involved in the trnn.-.'ic- li'>n with the Wa-torhtirmn. This matter WIIA brought up at ;i recent borough board meeting, it was decided that an. effort would I>R made t o bring the principals toiretJier. Just how the situation will even- tuiilly work out wan a matter of conjecture here today, for M:-. Ca.SL.uly is e'lld to be satisfied with the prosppi-t of .selling his lot on fern .street, which opens Into t.n.-stmii struct, and ha-; every convenience; and Improvements avall- iwii.'. it this lot i.i .sold, I'orn wtrcot will never bo opened at Its northern end in all probability, for lu.m •(.• erected at t.bit poin definitely -seal off th-.> :ureot Japs Say Allied Planes Have Raided Halmahera Again First Photo Of Paratroopers Landing In New Invasion American, French Invasion Forces Already Are More Than Five Miles Inland; They've Taken Five Towns Sonic nf Hi,. IhiHiMmiK nf purartiutes hearing AlliVd paratrooper* to tin; soil of .southern France fur the ni-vv invasion of Europe Mr., picliin-ii .-.111! In tin- air ..r Jigrmiiul in tin- ciiuin r.vslilc, behind tlu- lio;ichli,.;ids. At (he mmu.Mit when this picture was inadr. gliili-r-lmni.: troops won- iM-iniC liimlril fur at tacks mi other objectives .and soii-ho troops w.:n- approaching tin- Mediterranean coast for tho main assault. Corps Hadiopliiilo. (Int:Tii;t(i»;iiil Suiuiilplmtii) Shortage Of Ice Felt In Boro Local Producers Cannot Meet Demand In Present Heat Wave n will Concert Tonight Fnal Band Groundless "Tip" On Alleged Sale Varied Program Prepared By Band With Daniei Oemcke In Charge Of Tires Brings 0. P. A. Probe ^ - "mT"" ' ' ' ' ' '" .••,'-•: ~~- ~ •.• W^ - • -m --'^.-- ••-—-.-^aJK-j-,--.-•-•" •- ..•' '•"-..' — At JNaugatuck Rubber Factories (B.v irnit.'d fnwj.) Then' js lirile news today from lh<! I'aciflo llfrhtinR frontH. Rut a 'h.-ipa(i:h from the Dornul iii-ws ;i K rncy nays Alllot! piane.H ni;aiii raided Halrnahera— the eu- f-niy stronghold MO niilc.M from the ''hilipplnrsi K.-irlU'i- Allied reports told of. (he tinltrnriK thf islnrul received from Aiiifi-ifjin Uboriitor and Mitchell s cliirlnK umiv.' than a week imious n.i.sauli. a recent rairl. tibservfi'M iij-fhoiixn llre.s ,i(;(it Hinoke frmrliiK four ihou.sand feet Into the n i r, Other Mitchfll.s reported a clif- fprnnt lyp,. ,,f tJii-Ket. A head- f(ii.-ir!crs spriki-.snian said they sank i I'ilTlit j!i[iimrNi; .sailboats off thr nni-thwcxt fronst of Cnr»im, The us,; siif!h ships is a wood indlcatit.n r. of tho Japanese .Navy ant niarinc, "' 'if rhr- ami I'.AM)IT TOOK CIGAHKT C'HfrihriclKft. Mass., AUK. 1C— (UP) • Hero i.i one police li-:utetiiirH who "'''I •ulrnit. tli.-iL there's a manpower short;,^,.. f..;,. t not ft ,'|, 0 rt-'i;,'c i" thn usual fields, IJoutenjuit I.Kttuinl r.lnehan reported that a woman called hivulquartera and ii'l'l him she had been h.-ld up a Klrl bandit, who took anc clK«r'et whfii she found no money in the pocUetbocilt. President Cleveland Wanted No Pearl Harbors ^N" iinti-imporlallsllc W.T.M i;nivi-r Cleveln.nd, 22nd Pi'osi- <!ent of the Lf. S.. that he lildcked Ifawaii'si efforts to be nnncxnd to the United States ia 1803. Pefu-l Ftiirbor showed how ">iport;int this we.storn base ix^to America's «ecurlty. Every Win- Bond you buy helps to 'ivcncn th;it day in our nation's hi.story. f'-ot money to buy an extra War Roncl: sen somcthinR- you ii" 1'iiwr need by ortlnrlnfr n • v 'iujratiick Dully Ncw-j Want Ad. HII.V llfinds to lirlp tlir lio.v.i who liindcti in .southern Tho Xnuiratuck Community biind will jirc.soiit iL< final concert of the SCANOII on the Green tonight (it S o'clock. The band is under the leadership of iJauiel Oerncko. Two concerts have been held on the Croon, and a third w;us held in Union City two weeks aj,'o. I'Jach concert wis well iiUcncrud by local I'e-'idcnts, indicatinjr a successful year for the baud. ToniuhtV procrran: follows: ^•hi ! - c h , M a m i i t on i a u . Overture, IVinibour Di.'i'Karda Medley, Yvinkec !-1hythrn. Marchc, 321 Capital!. Suite, lispariolfj. ",lja Kurisi": . CO j J./O.S Torus; (2) 1 .a Keju. ' 'fntorniexiio Cli.'iivictfr; <tic, "Tho i Wedding of Hie itose," I nterniission. Mvirch of the Services. Selection, Maytime. Trombone Odtlity. 'Slidin' Sonic." .Soloists; I'Yed Abcle. \\,'illiarn Harvey, Richard Whitehill, l''orrost, Selection. "tVoodland. March. Li.u'ht : Out. Star -SpaiiKlod Banner. Only 8900 Lbs. Of Prepared Tin Cans Collected KK.N'T he iN>H- York, Autf. li; (UI liui'llriril him restored c Hcrvicos in tin: \(fi family iiixvrt- mcnt house at wn riiv-i'i-side drive, ending a ri:nl strike by tenants. W.-iltiM- l-lfirt, OI'A ri-nt director for the New York :ii-e. r i, says he expects to ruci;ivi> n stntenicnt from the tenants thai, they ure satisfied with the iidjustments. JSduvirtl Mullor. tin oo-orclinatoi Iho NauKatuck Salvage commi tc\o reported today, that Lhc collec lion of prepared tin cans here o Tuesday netted only 8!>00 pounds. Mr. Mciller indicated thai thi (.•C'lluclinii i.s only 30 per cent o N'misatuck'.s quota and that col lections of prepared tin here in I hi past have hit as hi^-h as 5r> pe Cent 'of the qtiula. Tin.- local tin co-ordinator inilT eaten that plans are already in tin. wo/'ks for an intensive drive here for |iri'p:i.rcd tin cans and th;.i: when preparations arc complete they \vi;l be announced here. Meanwhile Mr. -Muller asks that Nmi- fratuek housewives start ;n todaj Lo prepare tin c;ins thfLi. ari:; badly needed for the war effort. Oscar Wedin Lodge Meets Thursday Tho Oscar Wi-din lodge, -IH8, of t.he I nternji linnal A.ssoeiat .ion of .Miichirii.sts, AF.U will moot at Ocld ! Fulloivs hull on Maple sitru'et at S '-' l 'I p. in. Thursday. Tho mooting will ho out of re-orgamxation and planning for the future. The lodge nj- ccntly lost an election in the mechanical and maintenance department at the U. S. Rubber Footwear plant, Refreshments will be served af- tur the gathering. Naugatuck Soldier Is Home After Spending 34 Months In Panama Reporter Believed Responsible For Check At Naugatuck Chemical, Rubber C'o. A reporter in the Njiuguluck office of a VS'atorbury newspaper is believed responsible Cor an OPA in- vcstipalion at the U. S. .Rubber Co. and the J-'augauick Chemical on a charge found groundless, of selling tires l.q employes. The OPA men. W. M. Harris and W.J.Sweeney Speaker Tonight At Rotary Club The ice situation in Naugatuck is critical, an official of the D. Thurston's Sons Ice Co. announced this morning. The company has been producing its capacity, 3G tons a day, in the present heat waVe. It has also been buying three tons a day. but it still cannot meet inc.! demand. It was reported that people from out of town have been attempting to get borough ice, as the situation in most cities in the state is also pretty bad. Watcrbury has been affected with a shortage that may soon develop in a very critical situation, unle'ss there, is a break in the weather. The local ice company had figured or. laying up a supply over last Sunday to start -with a surplus on Monday, but the demand was just as great on Sunday and the supply ran out, it was reported. • . ' The .official of the company said that people'wno'Sre' planning: weekend picnics this week should plan to hold them without the use of ico, as affair? t which have been planned, for sonic time, will pet the priority on ice. The last minute picnic planners will get ice only if there is-any remaining;, unless, of course,"there is. a change in the weather before the week ends. The United Press weather forecast stated that the temperature I will continue as is tomorrow also. The company has been able to take care of all its customers their homes, it was said. LATE ALLIED ADVANCE New York, Aug. 1G— (UP)— The German radio now says the Americans in the central sector of the South France beachhead have advanced 10 miles inland. CANNES LIBERATED London, Aug. 16—(UP)—Radio .Algiers MI.VN Can no*, the French Mediterranean • resort city, lias been liberated. oOo NAVY DEMAND IGNORED Groton, Conn., Aug. 16—(UP)— The 32,000 striking workers at the submarine construction yards of. the Electric Boat Company have ignored s>. ^"avy demand to return to work. And company President Edward Schneider says ho has been advised lhai the Navy does not intend to take the plant 'over. 600— LIGHT CASUALTIES Komo.'Aujr. 30—(UP)—It in announced officially that- cunualtictt suffered during the Invasion of Southern France were "exceptionally., light.'?..:'-. William J. Sweeney of New Britain, former Naugatuck resident and golf star, will be the speaker tonight at the regular weekly mooting of the Naugatuck Rotary Prank, went to the footwear i club nt Str.-iUon's restaurant at 6 tin: chemical plants recently j o'clock. Air. Sweeney who conducts a brokerage oflice in New Britain specializes in the sale of Connect!- In Sergeant Julius Orahowskl, Ch;<- ry street, who .has been in the Army since October, 10'tl, arrived. In the borough early this morning for his, first visit here since induction. His wife, Mrs. Helen G-itibow- Nki, left for Js'ew York last night after receiving word from him that he expected to arrive home today, She had .hoped to niaet him ay his train pulled in, but fate willed that they would miss each other, Mrs. Grabowalci arrived from New York city later this morning, and found her husband home, Sgt. C-ivibowpk; has been s( Lioned at the Canal Zone, u.nd after completing ;his furlough—2S days in length—will report to Florida. He arrived from California. A t'or.'ner employe of (.he ''Nnuga- tuck Chemical Co., Syt. Gi-abow- sUi U j.i member of the signal corps, attnc.'ied to an aiiU-aircraft u.n:it in Panama. —Don't mi.x.s (hi; MK snvlnjrs In tin: August Sale of Furs now underway lit Rupluiel's, Xauffutuch's Fashion Center, CliurcJi street,—Adv. nnd and found that there was no sa of tires, in f;ict only noted thr I he Chemical \vris loaning rcjcc (;d tiroK from its stock pile to tie over employes who had applied fo tiros through their ration and had not as yet received then This procedure of loaning tire is nut. illegal Lhe OPA .suited to day, but is common practice a over tile country. In fact man service- stations loan tires to cut, tomei-s who :n:o aw.uiting tires o who are having their tires re capped, it WHS suited. The OPA office ill Hartford in dicaled ! u Tlvj News today that ol 'icials came 10 Nuugiituck or. a ti hat Lhe local factories were -sell ng tires. They stntocl that whei liny h:id complctoil tlicir invest! gal ion hwe that they talked agaii vii.h the reporter why had callec .heir office with the original "in 'unr;."i l.ion." At that time the. OPA men told he repoi'ter that l..'ie paper rcp- •CMonl/.ilivc erred in information .bout the I'jicl.ories selling tirc.s ut the reporter is ulloged to IIILVO luted this .fact was nnt indicated the first place. OPA officials .-ere positive today, however, that s tho inform.-il.ion they had omc t.o Nnugatuck on. The Naugatuck Chnmica; receives ijncl tires of .-.ill kinds from very part of the cnun'.ry, it was atod by plant officials. Some oT these tires iook good, but actually .-ill aro in very poor condition, it was indicated and eventually all will be cut up and used in making- re-cljiim rubber, Some of the tiros may have some miies left in tl'.e.m, Chemical officials staled, and those arc the ones that have been loaned to cm-, Ploycs who arc thus enabled to i cut. Securities and his talk here will be along these lines. The New Britain man has many friends and acquaintances in Naugatuck and his talk, promises to be more !.h;m usually instructive and interesting. 'Clarence Frerdinnn attended the meeting or the Milford Rotary club on August, 2, Rev. Artlyir Lewis wns a truest of the Peterboro, N. H., club on August 7 and Atty. Clarcniora I. Tollcs and Idris : Alrierson attended the Rotary ses- I sion oi: the Waterbury club on ! August B, I Russians Have Given (round On Two Fronts Town Hall Survey Is Not Started Henry Moeckel, Sr., Expects To Begin Work Within Next Few Days OPA Office Still Without Sugar Stamps The Naujiatuck ,OPA odlcc an- louncod this morning that tho canning sujrar coupons had not yet xum received. The coupons were expected last week, and hope was expressed that they would be re- -oivecl by tomorrow, the day of istribuiion, ,-in. ollicial said. (By United Press) The Russians have suffered their 'first setbacks since the start of the summer offensive. They have p-iven ground on two fronts—around Warsaw, and little over 200 miles to' the north, beyond the northeastern frontier of East Prussia. The Nazis attacked in two directions from PraRa, Warsaw's easternmost suburb They drove wcdfrcs in the .Soviet lines in one sector. Russian counter-blows restored the situation The Germans then brought up reserves, and • renewed tho Tn Lithuania—30 thousand German troops smashed apainst a narrow Russian sector at iv point about 53 miles above the Prussian junc- (Continucd on Page 8) Tbc work of making- an cnpri- nccring and architectural survey of the town hall building to ascer- t;un all points in its condition as it relates to public safe'ty, has not ••us yet been started. Warden Leo Brophy stated .today. Warden Brophy. indicated that he had been in constitution with Henry Moeckel. Sv., of W. J. Mcpin, Inc., who will make he survey and submit blueprints ,\nd sketches in connection with building changes as suggested by State Fire Marshal Edward J. Hicke.v Mr. Moeckel indicated to Warden Brophy that he was just clearing up a largo batch of work and that within a matter of several days he would be able to start the town hall job, which may take quite a long time to finish. Jt is fell in some quarters that the carryiiifr capacity of the roof limbers may be the key to .the whole situation, for if Architect (Continued on Pane 8) Sky Trains Of Gliders Arc Ferrying In Air-Borne Reinforcements THE OPEEATIONS ARE PROCEEDING ACCORDING TO PLAN Allies Are Nearing- Toulon; Yanks May Have Begun New Drive Toward Paris (By United .Press) Successive waves of AJlicd troops are pour-ins 1 ashore in southern France today and striking, inland, without pause. The American and FrcncJi invasion troops—numbering inthetcns of Uiousands — already arc more than five miles inland and have captured &t least five towns. Following closely behind, ether troops are spilling-across the white sands of. the. Riviera, from a Virtual bridge'of ships from Italy, north Africa, Sardinia and Sicily. Simultaneously, great sky trains of ' gliders—some of them more than 100 miles long — are feri-yfag in air-borne reinforcements. Original ground troops, which swarmed, ash ore yesterday, are believed already linked with paratroopers >and glider-borne infantry whic^i • landed yesterday . behind the German coastal defenses. Due to necessary military secrecy, - official reports oh the new invasion arc scanty.. But. General Wilson, supreme , commander ' in. the" Mcdilicjwucjin, says operations arc proceeding- according to plan. , • A concensus.of front reports give this picture of the new JO-mile front in southern France. At the western end, the -Allies arc reported unofficially only :iine miles from TouJon in, a drive to outflank that great French naval base. An unconfirmed broadcast -•>ays thai our forces cut Marseilles- Canncs road at Hycros, and effected a junction with paratroops s-oma 12 miles behind the road. Headquarters announced yesterday that one force had captured. Cap Xegrc, 28 miles east of Tou- Jon. A correspondent in ^otithem France says fighting: was Koing on early laf.t night for the little port of St. Tropez, about midway between Toulon and Cannes. The bombardier of a Liberator told of seeing troops storm a beach near Frcjus, 10 miles southwest of 'ar.ncs, this morning. But the evmans say the 'Center of gravity seems to be at Thcoule, across the bay south of Cannes. Kront dispatches agree thai Ger- majv resistance has been only spor- .i-dic. But heavy fig-hting- reported from near Cannes indicates thc- going is hard in that area. One col-respondent s^w French paratroopers who landed 20 miles inland from Cannes yesterday. Allied casualties on tho. beachheads are described as exceeding- (Continued on Page S) WAR BONDS i Horse Fall Victim's ondition "Fair" Authorities at St. Mary's hospi- i.l. Waterbury, announced this lorning that the condition of Doii- ld Litkc, H, 'of 220 May street, as reported • in "fair" condition, he youngster was taken to the hqspital after suffering' internal injuries from a fall from a horse while riding in the Pond Hill sec- rcach the. plant nnd carry on their I tion Monday. war jobs until they arc ablo to sc- The extent of his injuries js not euro tires that have been ordered, Representative Painter Reported Leading Field For State Senator Nomination At the footwear plant of the U. S. Rubber Co. there has been r.o action in tires, selling or' loaning. C.u'lly. known yet, Dr. Seymour Zonn* .'said^this morning. 'WOMAN HOSPITALIZED since the tire freeze went on in Boston, Aug. 1<;_(UP)—A 70- •ycar-old woman is hospitalized after she inhaled 1'umcs from a leaking ice box. The Boston fire department shut off the power at (Continued on Page 8) —When your apjietito is u bit jaded, »n<l you are looking for nome- thlnfr different in food, stop at the home of Miss Margaret Cavanaugh. She was suffering Jeffs Restaurant,- Church St,—Adv. from heart disease, Representative. William A. Painter, prominent local Republican legislator, ^according 1 to reports hoard here today will be the choice of tho Naugatuok G. O. P. for the nomination for state senator from the 14th senatorial district. This matter hai been a- focal point among Nauffatuck Republicans for the past .some weeks; with Judge Tlioma« Neary and. Attorney Clarcmont I. Tollcs, at one time being prominently mentioned for th.e nomination. Representative Painter, it is understood, has been hard at work campaigning: for the nomination, and seeking the backing- of local also] Republicans before the time of i the convention, Mr, Painter is said to have organizations working in his behalf ajnong Republicans all three wards here, and reports have it that .lie has the situation now well in, hand. It is expected that the date 'of the senatorial convention will be announced within the next few days. If Kep. Painter goes into the meeting backed by not only Naugaluck delegates but with much support allegedly already promised Jiim :'n 'the district, ":is chances of getting the nomination for state senator arc regarded sis cxcelicnt, it is indicated. —Cash puld' for musical mcnbt, pianos, rndlox, phonograph*. Metro Mufttc Mart, 88 Church St. Tel, 5387.—Atfv. Si'rn*/ Corps flow Guarding the health of the U. ,",. P-Shtcr on Bougainville Island, at tho dispensary of an infantry regiment. ' . Paul Troup, Dayton, Ohio it urgeon.- and Capt. Norman Friedman. Cleveland, Ohio, is assistant urgeon. Jtccp th»t dUpenurr sup.* .illed; buck 'cm up with War Bonds! . V. i". Trwtury Defer

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