Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio on February 9, 1921 · Page 8
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Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio · Page 8

Wilmington, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1921
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. |LT.mE.teUB(M8r MARLOW STATION THE NEW TESTAMENT CHL’aCH Tfi*' \\ •‘(in«"‘Uay nigh: prii>* r Ing Hrrvicc t!i(* NValn'ii S»rr«!t I'iitiKh of ChriHt is h( tug tlevotod lo * Kverc*U 0.*iborii who S0ld ihfs iftrro H ntudy of thu Now 'I't'.vianu’iit t hurth The tf*xt luxik lioinp t^fu* of JesHie hfFoTRB Wfti « Snodftjf fUeftt Of Inaura Dallo. f Virgil Wilson o>l| wts a tfient visitor of his brother, Clarence liiid femily, \ il»*rlx'rt Moningt’r. txaring Ilo* nam« of iho at.o\o tillo Thi sp'x ial study WH ÌM'Cun la^t k, All in- t»*rrf*lfd slu>uld h* at th* tontght ¡<;.r a íík I. v of tht <Ttitu. ICMSOli. nf some weeks ago has moved to the Will ¡am Hertln farm near Ogden. Mr. and Mrs. Worthington and WILMINGTON NEW8-J0URNAL, WEDNESDAY. FEBRÜARC 9,1921. ' ' ti n nan will be the guests of tba domestic science class Thurgdajr afternoon. They are cousiderlDg havtng a domestic science .equiporent Installed' fti their school and want to see how Adams' cl«*» 1» progreslng. MACEDONIA vl- The roads are very bad in this clnliy. Mr. o»d Mrs. Everett Kerr rot urn ed to Wilmington after visiting Hat Adam.T wa.s again victorious tn the jwfday night and Sunday with 'i. W Interdligh , Schcyl ^ Literary, tUs Morris and wife, making a total of 12 points to their credit. Mrs. H. A. Coate spent most of Mrs. SII«« McKllhen called on Mrs. B. K. lieddlek one day recently. James Tikyiof and fatnil'y visited IlM « daughter, were Sunday visitors Mast week fit the homo of her mother, ‘ Soturdtiy until Wednesday with ices of .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lane. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sewell attend* Mrs. William líale. In Wilmington. Mrs. Russell Bell is Improving FRIENDS CHURCH. There will h- a l.irge number pr cut repi* -ei.llng memh-r^’iip the Fr.er.'l < anti h at th* iiiiniihly hu uuiiH' fli'r te-ij'or.j VI night I'rayer t • a l,i t vm « k wa-« the large-: ii. ti . .V a > ar *he d"V tair rei»m a. -K ‘’u.i t ; ( rirOAitie A Uieciiiar <»f tk* a.".'- II.t le. Ì antici pat h 1 f‘>r tc mon-. w night. Sunday rvi’i ".i-r ’ g r<* cvai. ( aittiniìig th work begun in til • Honey aiil niectiiig- ed, the funeral of Charleyj Harden, at ! much to the delight of her many Clprkavilfe,, Wednesday ! friends. The Drang« of which she .Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Fouch| were Is a member, kindly remembered her Tuesday evening callers at the home ¡with some pretty flowers. ,,f of Mr. and Mrs, Will Anders. Mi.«<.s Lillian Cusils, of Wilmington viwTfcd her mother, Mrs, Sam Dalton and family, last week. .Mr and Mrs. James AVehb and Lillic liilliMpe, of I*Bnsy, were 1 nurs- day vlnitors of C. T. Webb and family. ' . relatives in Westboro. Mrs. Leonard Anson .spent the day Friday with Mrs. Pearl Kerr, of Martinsville. I). C. Bond and wife and Rev. Frank Foust and son, Floyd, were enter alned Sunday in the home of Silas iart and family. Mr. and Mrs, Herman l.a/.enhy and /Cvl Moore siMuit the »lay Friday In Elizabeth Harvey, while going(hmnty. a.nl alfemted the down a flight of stairs at Mt- Pleas | »»«rai of a friend tl ere. ant, the -venlng of the Literary contest. caught her foot in some way and “HOW WELL YOULOOK!” When Your Blood la Rich and Red People Notice Your Good Health PEPTO-MANGAN BUILDS HEALTH Pale Face, Dull Eyea, Drooping Shouldera, Reault From Clogged Blood Clayburn BuOen has been suffering the past week with a felon on his right hand, It became so painful he had it lanced by Dr. McKenzie. CHAIN TALK Tlic ( (dlogc thi‘pci lc.am w ill hare (barge of the services at thy .Methodist Fpiscopal Chnrdi tonight. Tli<* team will give a chain talk on the siihjcct "Four Amhoj.-! of Life '* The M-rvic* I a follow up ni(*et Ing of Ihe HotH'vwiIl (;vang-distlc lamjvaign h«dd In-re. Mr and Mrs. flus Dalton visited jfell spraining her ankle very badly. Mr. and Mrs. Denni.s Dalton Sunday. jShe had to be carried to the automo- Mrs. Dennis Dalton has not been eo; bile. It is quite paJnful and no well the past week. j doubt she will not be able to return .Mr. and .Mrs Sam Dalten, Mr. and to echool for some time. .Mrs. John Carson, Harvey Ciistis. | John Rutledge and wife BAPTI8T I»IKK .Mr.s. Ethel Mc’Kint’.cy ha hern very 111 for the past two wc«'ks Thurnmn Him« .‘-pout H.i?urd«y and Stinday as a gueat in tin* horn*» of .Mr, spent: and Mrs C.eorge Mc Kinney. Stanley Thompson, Henry, Naomi and Finn Dalton were Friday evening callers at the homei of Mr. and Mrs. Kverett Osborn, near Ogden. ADAMS TOWNSHIP WALKING TO PALESTINE LO.N'DOX, F» h. Í», <Ry the AshO ciatcd Pre-i.-í) <>¡igi'r are many of the Jew . of tir* I kraím» lo gii to P.iiesliiK* that, failing transjiortxtlon. th*\v ar«> a tnaliy utlempting to walk ipi the hom*‘/^nd. pa^iing <hrough L'ouatautinopla Mi.ss Ospo Orr of near Lebanon, visitt'd in out school Monday. The following were dinner guests Sunday with Russell Crosthwait and family. • ^ ^ PANSY Mud, slush and automobiles stuck in the mud are the order of the uay. J. T. Meyers and family visited relatives at Wilmington. Wilbur Quigley, who has lu'cn ill, Is much improv«Hl at thiM time. Tho.ne attending the. fine ra! of George McKinney were: Mr Flor ence Fo^ler and daughter, of .Michi If your blood Is In had shape Is «hows tip In yotir looks and feeling, W'lien your blood I k rich with re« cor- puM'h-s your color Is better your lip« are red. «>>♦'?- w ide open and bright; your g(»od L'eling M iowh in your actions. Common sens*» will fell yon that If weak, thin blood makf-s you look lifeless, It lowers your vitality. If your vitality l.s low- you have little power to ri-sist dls«*aH(’ germs M»>n, wtimen iud children with rich, red blood are aide to tight off the germs which bring severe Illness. When you feel run down and weak, with no appidlte and no ambition, take INipto-Mangan for awhile, it Is a great IdoijHi biuljdlng tonic» You sliould begin lo feel better within a Hiinday with tba lattar'a paraata, Mr. and Mra. T. W. Morria. Wendell Carey and Dtovar Hart attended the basketball «ama at New Vienna Friday night. Friend a from Clinton County who attended the funeral of little Wilma tiall, of Adama County, last Friday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hull, of .VIt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Wtllle Cnechtly, of near New Antioch; William Murphy, of Sabina; Mrs. Ed. Hoeg, of near MartlosvUle; L. T. Moore and Mr. and Mra. Herman Lazenhy, of this place. "Mr and Mrs. Silas Hart apent Friday with Mr. and Mra. Elijah Brown, of the State Pike. Lincoln Arrasmtth, of Sugar Run, was a caller here last Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Roberta wera sntertalned Sunday at the home of I tho latter’« parents. i Alfred Roberts is improving. i Mr, and Mrs, Grant Farris and sous.! VViliner and Russell were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. N. ‘ .azenby. Ruth* Hnd Owen Anderson spent -tunday afternoon with Eleanor and ' well on the farm near hero for the lamoa Hoyt. ¡body of Robert Dytr, II yeart old, Edgar Hurley and family spent who disappeared two years ago, was tunday in Wilmington. abandoned taday when the aearchers John Roberts and family have mow failed to And any trace of the body, ed lo the farm of .Mrs Etta West. gan; Mrs. Elma Kinkood and on, of few- days. Dayton; .Mr. and Mrs. (ícr.ild Hahh. of Xenia; Grant .M< Kinm-y. of D.jy- fh'fito .Mangan is put H(|uid and tablet form. UI» in both Take either ton; Thoma« .McKinney and ; í>n^, of kind you prefer, beicauso they have The W. C. T. H had e quilting party I Lfw-^hurg; Mr. and Mr Joiiu I’yl# tin- same medii ijia! value. But be in tlie home of Hiram Curl and fam-Jat the residence of Mrs. J. T. Meyers and .son; Harley (’«rfwrighf, Klmer «nre you get the genuine Pepto .Vl.in ily Wedne.sday evening: Prof. ondj Clarksville and Veri^n Township W’itherspoon and family. William van • fGiid(‘’s’h f The .full iwime, .Mrs W. A. Driscoll and son, Glenn, plans to have a Farmers Institute on VVitln-rspoon and family and William “Gndc’s P»*pto Mangan" should be sti DEFECTIVE BOLTS REVEAL WAR PLOT Prof. F. A Tener, Señorita Haynie, February 25 and 26. i’harlotte Brackney, Thelma Jenks I Charley Reeder and wife were re- Mary Howard jcent guests in the John Baker home. Indian Chief Strongheart will be here j Mias Hazel Meyers is visiting re lo lecture Saturday evening. This latives at Clarksville- will be the third number on the lec-l Everybody will soon know whether the packagi’.* Aav. lure Course. •the groundhog is a true prophet or MIDLAND The Clarksville ladies organization not Wilson, of Sabina; W iHi iui Rho tdc- and daughter, of Wilmingson; I»oug las and Tiffin Hamilton, of .X* w An tioch, and Thurman HiiU'. of Sabina ; ------------------------- j Mr. and Mrs. L. T Monro «pent Camp Greene cantonment site will'Tuesday with Mr.s. D. C. McMlllen be transformed into a ccjinmunity Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kerr, of Wli center. j mingtoii. spent Saturday night and Flavor! No hmm fiBvor mm Luaky Mrlto. NBOBttM— Its toasted LUCKY STRIKE CIOARBTTC m TAKE POSITION STEEL MILLS fteSUMC YOCNGSTOWK, Feb. 9. — Nine * sheet mills of the Youngstown Sheet Mr and Mrs. E O. Thompson, of. and Tube Company, returned today this city, have «cr*-pted the posllloue *fter a shutdown of 10 days. ->f Av.-^Rtant Superintendent and As ------------------------- Hl.stant .Matron of the State Farm, at* OUT OF HOSPITAL Orient. ! - .\tr. an.l .Mr., Thompvnn h*v. lIvMÌ M*»" M.rlori« 0*d«n hH return- in th 4 ’ Port William neighborhood »hI home from Ih# Hale Hospital iucd in thiii ( Ily for a number of year» ^where she was operated on for the and although their friends r#-gTet their removal of tonalls Sind adenoids. moving away they are congratulating them on securing the «plemild sp IKiintmenls. FAIL TO FIND BODY MASSILLO.V. Feb. 9—Search of i She is recovering nicely. Protael the ChlKren Healthy Bloea iwd a Healthy System !• a Child's heet protectton against Colds. Grip and lafluenta. Give them OROYE 8 IRON TONIC SYRUP. 7Sc. A:..' ...jn . dji' s NEW YDIUC F.-l) 't (Hy the A h M iciatcd Pn » A i'.enium war {»lot tUat faih-d \ra ;t v< a , h»-r(' to-<luy. F(»«r def.'ctive h-'I , t.»k.-n trom the siachhiery of the Iran, port Mount Vrrnou. told tlo’ taU*. They were din ' covered by the engineering loneH ot Commander U D. Gat»-wuo(l. dir. etor of th»* Shipping Board's divinion of e«n^truelion and repairs, and placed on exhibition at his othce. Long Term Provided For Taking an Auto ' Without Permission I I ^¿.i COLFMBCS. Feb 9.—(By the As- leciated I’res.s.)—Joy-riding iu 'bor- jrowed’* automobiles would bo a dangerous pastime if the Legislature enacts a bill proposed to-day by Rep- Tceentativo Edwards, of Cleveland. He would make it a felon, punish- jible by live to 15 years impri.son- ment, for taking an automobile with- put the owner’s consent. Another b action of the measure would provide a, mini mum penalty of 25 years iiijg-tae penYtentiary to use an automobile in going to or irum commission of a crime. mwm Friday & Saturday FORDS RUN :il MILES on GALLON (LVSOLLINE WILUAM FOX PRESENTS Start E,isy in Coldest Weather— Other Cars Show Proportional« Saving. tur Co. 8id -I'lUS lU- kVffl dy increas- J/Au A new < arburtdor which cuts down paHfdmi- con.'umptiun of any motor and ic.iuces gasoline! bills one-third to oil“ liiilf i.s the proud aehiev«’iuent of ilo-.\ir-Frici ion ('arburetor Co. 816 Madis<m St.. Dayton, Ohio, markable invetiiioii not onl’ t'B the jKjwer of ail motors from ;;<) to 5u pet ((lit., l>nt ( nahles evt-rv one to jun ^low on h.g'.i gear, tl «Iso imikcs it ea^y to slait a Ford or any othci ( ar in tho ( ohic r weather. ^ oil (,.Ol U'f llie ver> (lieajie.-t »rade of ga.-;oiinf or half ga.solim* and hall kertiscm- and ."lili gft more ¡»owa-r and n.oit* ro e ag- ’h..i' yon now get from the hjgiie.«t t< -t g-a-olme. ,Alauy Ford owners .-av they now gel as high i. i(j r." mile to a gallon of gasolim S(,. ai*- ih*- mai.nlac turers (jt ihf- nniu<-n>e sav.ng iheir ne oH« every tar (rwiu-r. A it cun le- put on or t¿iht-ri or, ,n f- w minutes by any on-'* ami r»'.'t i*-: .>f th - papei who want lo L > it iiedd -.tad their name, acidia i-s and n.a’. (P car to the löHiiufac turei s at one*- 'I hcy also want loc ('Xccptlonal! th('m to-day. Auv. Lt. OMER LOCKLEAR The Greatest Flyer the World Has Ever Known, in the Greatest Romance of the Air Ever Filmed, áí THE SKYWAYMAN This Daring Aviator Was Killed in Making This Picture and Wm. Fox Has (^ven pnek tenth of the Proceeds to His Young wife. (,'W carljuiut"!’ v\dl mak*- that tlicy tier to -• nd it on té» d.i>s’ trial t( pV< REIMEMBER —15th and Final Chapter of “BRIDE 13.’’ Prices, 15c and 25c. : uiJt‘i^ til tujr»v I u* V NMV4 ca! agt-nt.-i. t.) whom they oiler r’,\^ vnally ia-ge irrohi!-. Write niik S. D. MYERS, VETERINARYfiURGEON 215 North Walnut St., Telephone <>5.

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