Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 15, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1968
Page 10
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V • , •At-' LEGAL NOTICE .. *!• .PHXtttalftt Selled propos ' al| 1st the eanstflidtlon, Iflelud* ; : ffif iWi futntshiftg 6f all fteee&s« -. at>y fnafgf Jals, machinery, later ; ted .efutemem, of the buildings ; MM below (hereinafter called . the "Project") to be financed 1 pursuant to a loan contract be* .' tween SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS : TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE, : INC, (hereinafter called the ', "Owner") and the United States J of America, by the Administra- t'tor of the Rural Electrification .' Administration (hereinafter ' called the Administrator) andde* : signaled ARKANSAS 514-P will 1 be received by the Owner on or "before 10 o'clock A.M« Central * Standard Time, May 7, 1968, at r'lts office located at Highway 71 : South, Texarkana, Arkansas, ', (Mailing Address? P,0, Box ' 1169, fexarkana, Arkansas ; 75501) at which time and place * the proposals will be publicly opened and read. •" Location: Emerson, Arkansas, * Columbia County, Arkansas, " Washington, Arkansas, Hemp; stead County, Arkansas. ;.' 2. Obtaining Documents: The : Plans and Specifications together l 'with all other necessary forms :> and documents tor bidders may , be secured from F. M. Hollands* '•worth, Consulting Engineers at •'P. 0. Box 308, Highway 64, Wills •[Point, Texas 75169 uponpayment •of Seven and 50-100 Dollars ($7.50) which payment will be re; funded to each bona fide bidder Mwithin ten (10) days after the bid ''Opening. Additional sets of Plans f and Specifications may be ob- ?tained upon payment of Five and : no-100 Dollars ($5.00) which -.'payment will not be subject to .'irefund. The Plans and Specifi- ; cations may be examined at " : the office of F. M. Hollandsworth, ^•Consulting Engineers or South-west Arkansas Telephone Co-operative, Incorporated. A copy •';of the loan contract may also be ^examined at the office of the •Owner. ; 3. Manner of Submitting Pro;posais: Proposals and all 'supporting documents required to be attached thereto must be submitted on the forms furnished by ;the Owner and must be delivered in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Owner. The name and address of the Bidder, its iicenle ^number, If a license is required by the State, and the date and hour of the opening of bids must appear on the envelope in which the proposal is submitted. Proposals must be filled in in ink or typewritten. No alterations, or interlinationswillbe permitted, unless made before submission, and initialed and dated. 4, Familiarity with Conditions: Prior to the submission of the Proposal, the Bidder shall make and shall be deemedtohave made a careful examination of the site of the Project and of the Plans and Specifications, forms of Construction Proposal and Acceptance, and Contractor's bond on file with the Secretary of the Owner and with the Administrator and shall become informed as to the location and nature of the proposed construction, the transportation facilities, the kind and character of the soil and terrain to be encountered, the kind of facilities required before and during the construction of the Project, general local conditions, and all other matters that may affect the cost and the time of completion of the Project, Bidders will be required to comply with all applicable statutes, regulations, etc., including those pertaining to the licensing of contractors and the socalled "Kick- Back" Statute (48 Stat. 948) and regulations issued pursuant thereto. 5, Bidders' Qualifications: A Bidder who has not already completed similar construction for in KEA borrower shall file with the Architect the Bidder's Qual- iflcations on forms supplied by the Architect at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the scheduled bid opening, 6, Time of Completion of Construction; The time of com» pletion ol construction of the Pro» ject sl&U be as specified by the Architect in the Proposal, 7, Bid Bond: Each Propos- ai must be accompanied by bid l#nd |n the form attached or a certified check on a bank that is a member of the Federal Pe< posit insurance Corporation, pay* able to the order of the Owner, to W amount equal to ten percent (10 per cent) of the maxi- bid price, Each bidder agree, provided its pro* ooe ol the three lowpro- that by JUtog its Pro, W together with such bid bond U» consideration of receiving and con- Proposal, said shall be firnj and each supb BJ4<Jer tog,d or cbecfc shall be hetd by the owner until a Proposal Is accepted and a satisfac* tofy eontf actor's Bond (or Build* e* f s Risk Policy) is taished by the successful Bidder and such acceptance has been approved by th« Adfiilnistf ator, of for a per* led Hot to exceed sixty (60) days froffl the date hereinbefore set for the opening of Proposals Whichever period shall be the shorter. If such Proposal is not one of the three low Proposals, the bid bond or check will be returned in each instance within a period of ten (10) days to the respective bidder, 8 4 The successful Bidder will be required to execute two additional counterparts of the Proposal and to furnish Contractor's Bond or Builder's Risk Policy in the form attached to the Proposal with sureties listed by the United States Treasury Department as Acceptable Sureties, in a penal sum not less than the contract price. 9. Failure to Furnish Contractor's Bond or Builders Risk Policy: Should the successful Bidder fail or refuse to furnish a Contractor's Bond (or Builder's Risk Policy) satisfactory to the Owner and the Administrator within fifteen days (15) after written notification of the acceptance of the Proposal by the Owner, the Bidder will be considered to have abandoned the Proposal, In such event, the Owner shall be entitled (a) to enforce the Bid Bond in accordance with its terms, or (b) if a certified check has been delivered with the Proposal, to retain from the proceeds of the certified check the difference (not exceeding the amount of the certified check) between the amount of the Proposal and such larger amount for which the Owner may in good faith contract with another party to construct the Project. The term "successful Bidder" shall be deemed to include any Bidder whose proposal is accepted after another Bidder has previously refused or has failed to furnish a satisfactory Contractor's Bond (or Builder's Risk Policy). 10. Contract is Entire Agreement: The contract, effected by acceptance of the Proposal shall be deemed to include the entire agreement between the parties thereto, and the Bidder shall not claim any modification thereof resulting from any representation or promise made ai any time by any officer, agent or employee of the Owner or by any other person. 11. Minor Irregularities: The Owner reserves the right to waive minor irregularities or minor errors in the Proposal, if it appears to the Owner that such irregularities or errors were made through inadvertence. Any such irregularities or errors so waived must be corrected on the Proposal prior to its acceptance by the Owner. 12. Rejection of Proposals: The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals. 13. Discrepancies: Where a discrepancy appears between the sum of the Base Bids for each building and the Total Base Bid, the correct addition of the Base Bid price for each building shall control. 14. The Owner Represents: (a) If by provisions of the Proposal, the Owner shall have undertaken to furnish any materials for the construction of the Project, such materials are on hand at locations which may be deter mined by the Bidder's inquiry of the Architect, or if such materials are not on hand, they will be made available by the Owner to the successful Bidder before the time such materials are required for incorporation into the Project. (b) Title to the property on which the Project is to be constructed has been obtained. (c) All funds necessary for prompt payment tor the construction of the Project will be available. If the Owner should fail to comply with any of the undertakings contained in the foregoing representations or if any ol such representations shall be incorrect, the Bidder will be en. titled to an extension of the time of completion of construction for a period equal to the delay, if any, caused by the failure of the Owner to comply with such undertakings or by any such incorrect representations; provided the Bidder shall have promptly notified the Owner in writing of its desire to extend the time of completion in accordance with the foregoing, and provided fur* ther that such extension, if any, of the time of completion shall be the sole remedy of the Bidder for the Owner's failure to comply with any of the foregoing representations. Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Harrison Grace, President F, M. Hollandsworth, Consulting Engineers Dated 44458 April 8, 15, 1968 The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phofie 4678 PR 4474 THOUGHT FOR THE 6AY The clew of our destiny, wander where we will, lies at the foot of the cradle foot.-Richter said it, OtTOOEJSAUMN Kclward Kverctt Morton celebrates his 83rd birthday after opening in a play in Florida. He lying him is Suzun Clemm, who appears in the musical with Morton. 8 Persons Killed by Traffic HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printftd (Pope County); James Franklin Courtney, 22, of Fisher (Poin* sett County; Wayne Killion, 28, of. Sulphur Springs, and Homer Foster, i)4, ofCarmi(Craighead* Mississippi Countyes) Officers said Leudermili was struck and killed Sunday night while changing a flat tire on Interstate 30 about one mile north of Arkadeiphia. Author!* ties said LeudermUl was struck by a tractor-trailer driven by Martin W, Taylor, 43, of Wilson, N.C, The Boswell youth was stmsk and killed Sunday while cross* ing a city street a Forrest City. Officers said the youth was struck by a vehicle driven by Nalup Chu, 26, of Round Pond By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Eight parsons died in traffic accidents on the Arkansas highways during the 54*hour weekend period which ended at midnight Sunday, State Police identified the victims as John Leudermili, 27, of Hot Springs; Lewis Boswell, 5, of Forrest City; William H. Herschell, 19, of Kansas City, Mo.; Ernets Selby, 43, of Springdale; Coy Pitts, 54, of London (St. Francis County). Authorities said Herschell was the driver of a vehicle which apparently went out of control at the junction of Arkansas 16 and 110 Saturday and the Vehicle overturned several times. Selby was struck and killed Saturday night at Springdale by a vehicle driven by Lester H. Dewaters, 28, of Mountainburg, Officers said Selby wus crossing a city street when he was hit. Pitts was killed Saturday night when the pickup truck he was driving left Interstate 40 and struck a concrete pillar about two miles north of Rus» sellville. Courtney apparently lost control of his vehicle Satudday on Arkansas 14 two miles west of Waldenburg, Officers said the vehicle overturned three timos and hurled Courtney into a water»filled ditch. Killion was killed Saturday when the vehicle he was driving collided with a vehicle driv* en by Joe Caveness of Benton* ville. The accident occurred at the intersection of Arkansas 102 and a Bentonville city street. Foster died Sunday night of injuries suffered Saturday when his car was struck by a car driven by Gary Craig, 15, of Leachville, on Arkansas 139, about 3'/2 miles south of Leachville. Authorities said Foster was attempting to pull a truck out Monday, April 15, f§68 of ditch when the accident^* curretU Craig and a passenger in his car received only ffiinof injuries, BARBS By PHIL PASTORET Th<> matt who greets the new year with a clear eye, a firm, steady hand and a good appetite will not have attended the same party we're invited to. * r> * Our neighbor always makes last • minute New Year's preparations, and they taste like it, too. VIRGINIA JOHNSON. WOMEN'S DAY OBSERVED AT CLEAVES Annual Women's Day was observed at Cleaves Temple C.M.E. Church, 25th and Decatur Streets, Omaha, Nebraska, Sunday April 7. "The Role of Christian Women in Crucial Times", was the theme for services at 11:00 a.m. and 3:30p.m, Mrs. Virginia Johnson, a member of Cleaves, was the speaker at the 3:30 service. Mrs. Johnson is a graduate of Yerger High School, Hope, and Texas College, Tyler, Texas, and the University of Nebraska School of Social Work. She is a social worker at the Uta Halee Home for Girls. She is the sister of Mrs. R. D. George of Hope, Arkansas. UNION EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS CLUB The Union Extension Homemakers Club met April 9, with Mrs. I. B. Hendrix, Hostess, Mrs. Henry Madison, president. The Eye Opener was "nylon laundry bag", by Mrs. Ned Brunson lesson—Home laundry, techniques of pre-wash jobs, by Mrs. I. B. Hendrix; leader reports- Healthy idea-alcoholism and family life, by Mrs. Eddie Mae Wai- dron; club project, "cemetery work", will start on April 16th, at 8:30 a.m. in Fulton. Poem, "The Way to Success", Mrs. Henry Baker; recreation leader, Mrs. Mary Alice Hendrix, conducted singing and exercises; refreshments, cake and punch; Mrs. Henry Baker, vice president called the meeting to order; roll call was answered by "naming a new fabric you have used and like"; thought for the month, "People who jump to conclusions will frighten the best ones away". Six members were present. The meeting closed by reading of the Collect. The next meeting will be held May 14th, in the home of Mrs. Ned Brunson. Mrs. Mary Alice Hendrix, Reporter. OBITUARY Mrs. Rachel Pickens, passed away at her home April 7. Survivors are: one daughter, Mrs. Arcenia Miller of Dallas, Texas; one son Arther Pickens of Hope; one sister, Mrs. Sallie Leslie of Nashville, Arkansas; one brother, Mr. Frank Johnson of Hope, and one aunt, Mrs. Sarah Brown of McCaskill; nineteen grandchildren, seventy-one great grandchildren, and three great great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Saturday April 13th, at BeeBee Memorial C.M.E. Church, with burial in St. Peter Cemetery, Ozan, The election of a presidential candidate is officially recognized after Dec. 19. •• : • -wax-. SAFEWAY DOUBLE GOLD BOND STAMPS Wednesday at Your Safeway! 2ND BIG GO-A-ROUND at the Special 29 C Feature Price! This Week Get Your^ ~SAVElOc! Ambersttme Complete Your Entire Set! 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