Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1928 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1928
Page 9
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iCI th«lr Sr? b»for»> !h<*Tn av*T<< «r^r<» clipped Rf»r- 9 ^ » 4 to 2 Irsd in n\» Hrs,t pncl miinf"»in»f! that J«*»d un* 1 fifth inrnng which York- won 4 to 2, Sterling: CRme Jhrouah in tlw sixth taking »!1 six nnd tht* toiimsnrent. ft Ivnn Smith carried off tht Blue for Yorktotm winning five of as games' sna " tossing T4S »ncJ 23 doubles. J. Motrt* a nesct in Jinn and ha pitchtd 34 urers to win from "Hink" Pfwnd- !n in a single same. E. Bnyungs was hUjh man for ijktrling winning «l iof his games. *~rank Shrader was second wlnnlnjt [ve out, of six. At the close of the purnamrnt a single game TSB* »r- ,ngtd between thr managers of th« *£*>*"& ro teams and F, Bandrock, m&n- of the Yorktown team, won [ver C. I». Bowlesby, manager oi Sterling train, by a score of SO 2J. | Yorktown hns a very good team " a JU'pt tin; local jillcnci* gOtnf 1 the time. After the game ths orkkwn manager passed around J|ie cigars. The nrxt game for 8t«r- will be with the Morrison team, ifhc scores: Sterling G. B. D. Ncaly— I. 10 18 2019 2G 17 118 '. 50 32 43 34 50 50 3 10 |. Boyungs— R. 23 18 21 20 20 23 125 P. 50 50 50 50 50 50 6 10 Pfundstein— R. ID 18 28 19 24 22 130 F. 50 50 42 48 50 413 18 Nehring— R. 16 18 18 10 14 16 101 P. 37 39 50 41 50 50 4 11 fr Shrnder— R. 23 23 24 25 19 21 134 P. 60 40 50 50 50 50 B 23 Hurpt— R. 22 31 H 14 IB 17 106 P. BO 50 25 29 60 50 4 Totals—24 Yorktown G. , Morris— R. 16 19 34 26 13 6 P. 44 49 50 50 27 18 3 . Johnson— R. 12 16 4 98 13 12 J 5 . 11 35 3 47 38 29 0 Oish— R, 19 20 20 23 28 24 V. 47 50 31 60 44 4B 2 •Smith— 22 24 33 27 33 24 ! 60 50 50 50 43 50 5 Durlock— R. 18 17 22 17 21 13 P. 31 32 50 36 37 43 1 R. P. 16 20 12 22 15 11 21 50 17 50 41 17 714 R,' 114 83 131 143 106 102 16 87 D. 19 23 11 18 Totals—13 678 88 SPORT NOTES ] ,.,.. The sun rises Wednesday morn "log at 6:07 o'clock and seta at 5:2fl 9. m. It's getting along toward duck eason. The Sterling township high school am stacks up against the Roek DjfUver conference threat next Saty at Community Athletic park e the Rochelle high school team a record of three wins this sea- on comes here for a game. Coach cheld is working his boys hard and f- bovjLBre, determined-to do their st to upset the Rochelle aggrega- SL aon. [toixon, after losing two games In a fow by overwhelming scores, may \ kerk up a bit tliis week, and Coach pkejr of Rock Falla is not taking any ibances on his, warriors being over gonlldent when. Dlxon come« to Roek Fslls next Saturday. He is go- Ins to do hi a best to give Dixon a trimming. Bondi of Dlxon broke into the Notre Dame lineup lor a ehort tlmfi last Saturday against Wisconsin. He was also in the §amo the week pre- vftms. Sammy Behr. cousia of the ManHeld boys of this city, was In th« Wisconsin lineup snd did come very nice work, Coach Woeber of the Community high school is much encouraged with the Improvement shown by his team in holding Stockton to a scoreless tie 'Saturday and will give them real workouts during the week in order to prepare them for the game wlith Aquln high at Freeport next Saturday. Morrison's defeat, 44 to 0 at the hands of the East Moline high at East Moline last Saturday was entirely unlocked for as East Moline did not look good in two previous starts. The loss of travy by the Morrison team was a severe blow. He was injured in practice snd will be out for the season. Savanna high defeated Mt Carroll. S3 to 0 at Savanna on Saturday. Rochella defeated Sandwich 1 to 0. Mt. Morris defeated Byron < to 2. In ths Little Ejght oonferena Sheffield defeated Wyanet 43 to 0 Manliua J8, tiskllwa 0; Walnut 42 Ncponset 0. Captain Glen Ridgo led his St. John's ^Military academy team to a 48 tr \i win over Delavan, Wla, a DCvield. last Saturday. Captain Ridge has a green team this season but the boys arc showing up well Captain Ridge accounted for 26 o th* 48 pointa while be waa in the game. Alter running up the score ho was taken out in order to allow th* marves a chance to get caper ieaee. Next JTiday St. John's meets Ihe.Qreat Lakes teanK-Mrs. k. A Rldga and Harvey LawrenceTot this city attended the St John-Dclavan game. When Tuffy Griffiths and Kayo White me«t at Davenport coliseum Thursday night, Davey Miller o Chicago will be the third man in the ring. Ho is a well known referee. The Moline Dispatch gives praise to Hankenson, last year's Rock Falls high captain who is playing an end position with Carthage college this season. In speaking ofthe game a Augustana last Saturday, the Moline §port writer says "Carthage had a pair of dependable flankmen in Walker and yapHtnson, who splllex Augustana backs many times for losses." —Several of the-players in ling Tiger-Dlxon Independents game Sunday were "fagged" out The backs did not always "strike" the line hard, and when hard hit the boys "humped" around, and at times looked like the "funny men at the circus." However, ii they play no worse brand of ball than exhibited Sunday they will satisfy. will find it a Real Motoring Pleasure te regularly use our Oils, Gas Greasing Service Our station |§:..«eatrft3iy located—Easy of access and courteous attendants add to the joy of coming here. Try it and be of our slogan the -mean- D IHM ^te WMIWMiWMittMMMMIttMailH -/C Station aflb -miftji "WfMWMHfnttKSmrwmmuvmt Stk St. ami Am. A Indian ft Fiffit •Irtyl, ft. Midrftten Press Sports Wrt Chf&MTO. O*t, P.—fA.F. >-~^Fat •mil tihs-towring c:nm«r»n clsrf irt- fpttjff we causing nothing hut. worry swnonf their RmWUmw Big Tvn ff»tb«l! rlvfth this Ever *3m-f; tb* inin' Patte football, bfl.FPbsJl *nd fcrr th* t'niwrstly of [yeant'agn, h« has been bw]? bl«*t- jng ot.h^r <PBTT!*' championship hop**. At- Butter, he mn$* a RJT* record »nd last year his Inrti^m ra!rM»d Minnesota's title hop? by holding the Gophers to R H to 14 tt*. But this fwason. Pa^e has what as one of the most jxiw^r- fwl KSFPSiw !ii TnaiABss's lusUjfV. Ar.d whll« it is not regarded ta a Big Ten contender, its rivals, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State, Minnesota, North- *nd Purdue, respect and ftar it. Coach Zuppkc of Illinois Is espsn^ally apprehensive as hl.i tpam meeta the Hooslers in Ite first conference elfish, October 20. Team 8tf,ow» Fifht. Page's hopefuls, strong in the line n??et in the backf. •.!, showed Its fighting Instinct SaturOny when It came from behind to defeat the Oklahoma (Sooner*, 10 to 7. Indiana has some capable kickers, especially Hughes who kicked n field goal from his 38 yard lino agnlnst Oklahoma. Michlgnn is Indiana's first conference opponent They meet at Ann Arbor Saturday. Big Ten teams went through only light drills yesterday, but scrimmage was on today's program. j At Michigan and Illinol«;, wvpral' shifts have been made hi the varsity lineup. Coach Tad Wleman of Michigan took four players from the second team and injected them into the varsity in an attempt to bolster hb machine, while Coach. Zuppka, disappointed with the case by which Bradley Tech scored iu one touchdown against Illinois swapped his players freely. Wisconsin Confident, Because of the Badgers' victory over Notre Dame, Wisconsin Is filled with confidence. They have a doubleheader with Cornell College of Iowa and North Dakota State Saturday, but Coach Thtstlethwaite is pointing to the Purdue game, October 20. Bronko Nngurskl, who waa expected to take Herb Jocsting's place at fuflback at Minnesota, has been transferred to his old tackle post by Coach Clarence Spears, who waa dissatisfied with the forward wall in the Crelgbton game. Purdue, which Invades Minnesota Saturday, is Corking on a smoother offense. Ohio r, I"! 1 - AV-r Kan?! — ClnrinnaM — Jlmrny f?i»ft*ry. Buf- f«1o. kncwStPd out .'s 1 "^ I..yr*ch, Ok- lAhoma rJ); OcU P?rn* knorkffl o'.it .Turkic fv-h^ Innd IP); JoJinny MPWH. Cint!rt- n«n, knockfd out Tommy Bunn. Nfw York f3>, N.-'wrnM'tf-. Prt-^-RfX^il ITib*«rt. Ash- tnbula. O, otitpointfd Yonns Flrpo. Above: Notrn Dame's famous "Four v Horsemen" bicknsid of 1B24. rending left to right. Miller. Laydrn Crowlcy and Stuhldrchcr. Below: Quorum's 1923 "Four Horsemen." Johnston in forrgropnd, McCrnty directly behind him, Dudley at left and Hooks at rik'tit. Don Miller, who now coaches the Georgia Tech sackfleld, says the Georgia baekfleld, coached by Jhimy Crowley. Is the ber.t backAcld in the country this pear. Saturdays State &nd Northwastern at Evanston and Chicago and lean, *t Stagg field undoubtedly will be bard fought. "AU four came through Saturday's contest* victorious and un- Druised, CONTAGIOUS DISEASES HAVE NOT INCREASED Springfield, HI., Get 9—(TJ.P.) — Contagious diseases in Illinbls show no increase, according to the health report issued here by the state department of public health. The summary follows: Diphtheria, SO; scarlet fever, 108; small pox, 6; typhoid fever, 40; pneumonia, - 187; influenza, 8; whooping cough, &5; tuberculosis, 307; mumps, 31; chicken pox, 75; measles, 38. SOX TIB SERIES AND FIGHT CUBS TODAY FOR TITLE Chicago, Oct. 9.— (U.P.) —The American League White Sox and National League Cubs were ready today for a finish fight in the seventh game of the city Eerie* to decide the championship of Chicago. The Sox, rated as underdogs ever since the eerlcs started, had proved Box ........... 331 000 OOx— 7-14 Eattenr Bush. Root, Carlson, and Hnrtnrtt; Adklns and Berg. On The Sidelines Lafayette. Ind, Oct. B.—(TJ.P.)— Purdue's' Boilermakers are getting some roiiRli treatment from Coach Jimmy Phelan this week because Phelan did not like their ragged performance last Saturday against Dcpauw, Hard scrimmage has been substituted for signal practice in sola. their worth by tying the series at preparation for the tilt with Mlnne- chree all. All this has changed, however, and today the American Leaguers were figured to have at least an even chance to win the final. Iowa City, In., Oct. 0.—(UJ?.)— Secret practice sessions have been I inaugurated at the University of Following up their 2 to 0 shutout ;lowa football camp. Thomas. Pape. over the Cubs, Sunday, the Pale! Schmidt, and Hagerty, all backfield Hose showed added strength yestcr-jmen, were not in uniforms yesterday and smothered the Cubs with a deluge of baschlts to win, 7 to 1. They scored all their runs in the first three innings and then took it easy for the remainder of the game. Art, Shires, Box recruit, waa the star of the' game, making two singles and a triple in five times at bat The line score: CUbt .......... 000 001 000—1— «— 1 day because of minor injuries. Chicago, Oct. 0.—(UP.)— Having shown the world they are not as weak is they had been pictured, Coach, Stagg's .Chicago University Maroona are displaying more confidence In this week's practice for the Iowa game Saturday. They are not. buwever,, too confident because of their easy win over Wyoming. KING EDWARD E ttioe* osdf OM« to •dD - ,«acm|>f^yoaiaNO .EDWARDa, TUaffyoa Bloomington, Ind.. Oct. 9.— (U.p.) — Coach Pat. docs not believe the victory o£ Ohio Wesleyan over Michigan last week necessarily Indicated tlwt the Wolverines are weak and is drilling his Indiana Unlwr- sity men hard for their clash with Michigan at Ann Arbor Saturday, Ho Is giving especial attention to tackling practice this wtxk. Notre Dame. Ind.. Oct. 8.— (UP.) — Tackling and recovery of fumbles are being Btre-wed nt Notre Dame University's football camp as the Irish prepare for their interscctional clash with the Navy at Chicago Saturday. | Columbus. O, Oct. 8.— (U.P.^— • Confident that he has one of the Big Ten's most powerful football machines, Coach Wilce Is pointing his men for their first conference tilt with Northwestern Saturday at Evanston. Evanston, 111., Oct. 9.— (U.P.)— Changes In the lineup of Northwestern University's football team were threatened today as Coach Hanley accused so:«.e of the linemen of loaf- Ingln last week's game. St. Loul* — Johnny K».i««r, Louis, outpolntetl Milton Man New Orleans, (10). St. COURT BTANDS PAT ON WIRE TAPPING Washington. Oct. „.—(A.P.)— Ths supreme court today refused to review its five to lour decision of last term holding that evidence obtained by wire tapping could IKS used in criminal prosecutions. Th« question was presented In three cases from Seattle, Washing ton, brought by Roy OimstCTd snd others convicted of a conspiracy to violate the federal prohibition law. Tha principal evidence against them was obtained by tapping telephone wires and listening to conversations alleged to have been conducted Jn the unlawful sale of Intoxicating liquors. Millions of feet of pulpwood are used every year to keep the newspapers of the country providing you with the newa of th eday. 'T- ! * Injes te her m*ny frtts^s*, John McCormlc*. ?WR rtatf€ lh« ,?. w. clMft totrtfeJtne *1S er*«* a wctnl ejtjb for t«r. H« exowt* hers and «ys it w!H b* rw« ffltt i Mr. and Mrs,, MSIss R*ub*n Koyj« of Beo Osc..%r WAlteee of Hatroy. HI, vitiumr Sunday at the b«w» of CX M. P^tisb. ,1. J. Gsnrtck sn4 farailf Tinjling Sunday at th* .Iota? feard home n*»ar MIUwJgfTHIe. C. L.. Hurle**. Ben Kcsley tsd. Hownrd HnlnM apprmtsed ths personal property. Friday of tte»-li*« Mr?. Jlncob W*tw>l. Mr. «nd Mrs. Wilson oicnn. rad Mr. »nd Mrs. William Kopwl »*»d son of Ch!cs«o were vtettor* t*st week at ths h<>nie of Mm ITALY-IS WIU.INQ TO" ITS Rome, Oct. fr-<UJ».)— Italy's reply to the Anglo-French ttam! agreement put this country <m rte- ord as favoring limitation, of total naval tonnage, rather than tton by clftA&ex. it w»s dtel^mA Hie Italian r*p:y. fonrai^ti London, said Italy w»« aowpt the lowest ratio of land armaments, on con<«tlca* that her ratio wa> not «soe«ded by smy other power of continental to to FRANK STAGE8 INSURANCE AGENCY SOS Lawrence JSlijf, Phone im Trousers School boys will find our trouser stock an easy place to supply their needs for school. Some new and very attractively priced all wool patterns have just arrived and we think they are about the last word in what the younger men call "pants." $5 and Boynton Co. Toast that Never Bom! H ow simple it is! The illustrations at tfie left show an amazing new way to toast — automatically, There is no need to watch this toaster, and can do other tilings while the bread is toasting. There will be no soraxdied toast, and never scraping to make thg tofl§t ^di^>lg. You have to be on the lookout for that thin column of smoke, and then rush over to the toaster to turn it off. For with this new toaster, the current is turned off automatically when t&i* toast is done. The Toastmaster toasts the bread, on both B&dee at once, just alike, an even golden brown, and you will not have to look for the best side to butter. The enclosed oven seals in the flavor* and the toast is piping hot clear thru, and the taste — you will be surprised at the TQOTMOTER Fbe TOASTMASTER work* on the *«me ftutotniatic a* the Senior Finished ia ^teaia nkkfl~-« b««uty to owu wr this Ttx&ter now at &ur tlo#«. A Itpa minute dmwmtr&tton wUi tv&t $m» there turf <w«a- 19,000 ptonwd for «wec f yam*. Harry G. Thomas lit Fint Avenut BLECT61CAL Sit01* ,..Sl

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