Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 15, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1968
Page 8
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Koh Could Relations ..._..«. (AW - OB a tttlVgrty rfhrhtng In Janu* afy, half to Inch tf raffi (ell in Jfemt-MB, btr ely enough to send tf lekfes df Water albng the gul« tera, . But that httt an inch <rf rain SWfted a ftodri o! wants' that nifty have altered th<5 course of fae^ relations ih the uaited States, Because of. the rato Jan, SO, Mfemrjhls Sanitation Depart* mo.ftt Supervisors sent home, with two hours pay for the diy^, 21 6r 22 mt!-. Whose job it was to clean the gutters. Hie gutter cleaners, all Ne- gross, complained their white supervisors always received a full day's pay, even when it their complaints swelled Into a strike of 1,300 sanitation workers and garbage collectors, 98 per cent of them Negroes.- Tho racially tinned labor dispute brought clashes with police, hundreds of arrests and a sit-in at the City Council chamber. And it brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis. King led garbage collectors on a march through the business district on March 28. He Was planning another march when, on a still spring evening April 4, the civil rights movement's leading apostle of nonviolence was shot and killed by a sniper; The night of King's death, disorders started breaking out in elites across the nation, lite rlc-fs wa*ed ;iftd w^nwd for a week, leaving more than a sco?e o? persons dead, scar ring Wash* iftgton, Chicago, Ba):lmo?e, Kansas City and other urban centers, and heightened racial tension in communities from coast to coast, Withift a wwk, Congress had passed and President Johnson signed a civil rights bill Contain* ing a broad open housing provi* sion. The turmoil following King's death all but Obscured the sani» tatlon workers' strike, which en* ters its 10th week today, the dispute has left the city edgy, and some officials appeared concerened about the plans of the Rev, Ralph Abernathy, who succeeded King as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to address a mass meeting here tonight. Aides said Abernathy would launch a new campaign "for justice, jobs and human dignity" and would stay in Memphis "for the duration," Two days after King's slaying, the White Hoine dispatched Undersecretary of Labor Jam us Reynolds, a veteran of steel, railroad and other major labor negotiations, to Memphis in an attempt to settle the garbage collectors' strike, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes Is seeking a 45-cent increase in hourly wages that ranged from $1.65 to $2.10. The last reported city offer was an 8 cent an hour increase. Reynolds called negotiators, including Mayor Henry Loeb, into session Easter Sunday but he didn't seem hopeful of an early settlement. Army Tries fa Outnumber the Rioters WASHINGTON (AP) - In the year it has been going into slums to quell riots the Army has found it's batter to try to outnumber rioters than to out* shoot them. Only about 15 bullets were used in coping with the recent wave of looting and burning in Washington, according to o.ffl* cial reports, the troops did not injure anyone with gunfire. But tear gas was used liberally, The violence in Washington and scores of other cities was a crucial test of the Army's tac* tics for coping with civil disorders, Negroes in more than 100 cities reacted to the death of Dr, Martin Luth-?r King Jr, by some form of disorder and about 40 lives were lost. By comparison, the Newark and Detroit riots last year had a combined toll of 66. Thus, top officers say the Army feels the recent disorders show the homework the Army has been doing for months, has been time well spent, Swift mobilization of power and restraint In applying it are the keys to stopping disorder in its tracks, officials said. The Army poured more than 26,000 soldiers into Washington, Baltimore, and Chicago, the three sorest spots in the nation' wide siege of street violence, These regulars were backed up by 14,800 National Guardsmen who were "federalized"— called up and added to the regu- HOP! (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset Monday, April 15,1968 Blue Cross-Blue Shield —John DeMoss, Pine Bluff, Ark. Mr. DcMoss is the owner of John DaMoss Paint Company, 2606 Haiti Straat, Pina Bluff, Arkansas Who else counts on Blue Cross-Blue Shield for dependability and value? Ford, Bell Telephone. I.B.M, DuPont. D, H. Baldwin Co. American Greeting Corporation. Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Assn. It's true! And thousands of employers attest to it. For dependability and value, Blue Cross-Blue Shield beats 'em all. Check these points: Paid-ln-Full-Benefits: Only Blue Cross hospital service benefits pay in full the cost of your hospital services not included in the room rent (except blood and plasma). 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In a situation where firing seemed called for, it was to be resorted to only on the order of an officer or, lacking an officer, a noncommissioned officer. Post mortem, 1 ? showed there was no such tight rein on shooting for Newark and Detroit in 1961. The tactics of restraint came in for criticism from Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La., who said he would prefer that police use guns to stop fleeing looters. "It might cost a few lives to be strong and enforce the law/' he said, "but I don't see that we are too badly off if a few professional robbers, thieves and arsonists do lose their lives plying that kind of trade." Whitney M« Young Jr., hend of the Urban League, complained the thoughts of moderate Negro leaders are often ig- nared or given scant attention by news media he said are more concerned with coverage of militants. Young singled out the way the media concentrate on the statements of Black Power leader Stokely Carmichael. Leftists in Berlin Order Blockade By HUBERT J. ERB Associated Press Writer BERLIN (AP) - Leftist students ordered a blockade of publisher Axel Springer's newspapers today, raising the pros* pect of more trouble after four days of violent demonstrations in West Berlin. The Socialistic Students Association — or SDS-SAID it would set up blockades in West Berlin, Frankfurt, Esslingen and Hanover. Springer, continental Europe's biggest publisher, has been a chief target of the German New Left because of Ids papers' antileft editorial stand. Earlier blockades led to clashes with police and considerable diimnge to trucks and buildings. In an effort to reconcile the dissidents and the authorities, other West Berlin political and youth groups announced plans for "nuke a new start" rally today. Leftist demonstrations begun Thursday when SDS leader Rudi Dutschke was shot and critically wounded by a gunman on West Berlin's main street, the Kurfuerstendarnm. A demonstration on tliat street Sunday erupted into a clash betweou thousands of Dutschke's supporters aud hundreds of police, plunging the traditional Easter parade of strolling Berliners and tourists into chaos. The demonstrators shouted "Nazis" at the police and clunt- ed. "Ho-Ho-Ho-CId Mlnli" and "Hull DutschKe." They huddled together rather than retreating when water cannon opened up at point-Wank range. In a three-hour niilee, the leftists flung atones, pieces of iii' tul, fruit, firecrackers and paint and tried to pile larders across the street. At least three cojistruction trucks were knocked over. For EARLY WEEK BARGAIN HUNTERS PRICES EFFECTIVE THROUGH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT iocs, THE KROGER CO. U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Cubed or Sandwich Steak FRES-SHORE BREADED Catfish 2 U.S.D.A GRADE "A" Split Broilers OH QUARTER FRYERS LB. 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