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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 1

The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 1

Kansas City, Missouri
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SAS CIT ST SIX O'CLOCK VOL 20 NC KANSAS CITY I 1899-THURSDAY TWELVE PAGES PRICE TWO CENTS THE 1A i A fa: A CA NDI DA FE iv NEBIZA A To THECOASTS AND THE GULF THE FRENCH ARMY'S PRAYER Tho Nomination for Ompromo altolgo Iay Go to Reese Gnmha Itepuhlietin state (711VIlti011 Win Itet In the auditorium at the expoettldn grounds at 2 oclock this afternoon Since last night a complete change has taken place In the situation so far as the candidate for the head of Et) ticket is concerned The state Mil to be elected this yiir ore ine sum In Judge and two regents of the State unitersity For sum eine judge up II) this morning x-Governor Crotime W014 poFt1 tO tit lieSt haTICO for the i'ti 1IiicIii 11U1 t11 hiS M1 ing proposed the IMMO hr Itee former nnanher a the stipaeme court and announced that lie wonld acaepi the see-mid nomination 'rile intileot In are Mat he Win itPrd041 the 110MillittiOn litai! Gently unanimously 11()OTIS SCARCE IN NEW renti Visitors to the Dewey il'elebration Witt the hot pis' Copaelt) New York Sept Is a big demand for hotel rooms for visitors to the Dewey celebration In nearly nil of the hotels cots Ott be mit up in the hall and other Places for the me of the many who 1 will bo glad of an ilpportu ulty to nafl themsek's of eVPII atit POor accommodations In the matter of supplying food to the N'isiting thousands the outtolt Is 11111Crh UNGRATEFUL PLOIEE- Ile Ftoir From tile Firm lhat finva Ilim York ben Ho Come (Mt of Prison Edminston a salesman for the liehmOzer Arms eompahy made a wrlten and signed confession yesterday that he had stolen goods from his employers to tho amount or lie was loAted lii a cell at the odic stvtion and was charge I with grand larceny Ills method or stealing was to load his samphs trunk With shotguns rilks Juni revolvers and Ike them with him on his trips lie would dispoe of his st(1n porptrty in the country towns farmerly worked for the Sonmeizer company and was for stealing Later li served a term in nrison for forgery l'orm his rtdease from prison the firm gav him 9mploynient again on bin proms to reform Now tichmolzer N4: wIll prosevute tat ii AILLED WHILE SLEPT Jeff trabtree10 Vent's Old Itun Over by a 1 rain The botly of the boy who was killed by a train near Little It station earl Wednesday morning was 11ntilied tdav it that Of Jeff Craldrce i mother is 1r Hattie lib- East Fifth street Young Crabtree after a 11 unsurcesful to get Work near Little itioe had started home to Kithsti9 City' but upon 1 eetin3- three ttiltut riiii nt anipod for the night the Little Blue he toined them lie slept with his head itgainst the rail Um track At 310 Mditesday he heaNI a train but mton FtrUck rrchead by the piton rod and was LOOKS BRIGHT FOR STILVVELL A BL sl)u11s AWFUL ItESULT RUMORS OF MORE FRAUDS 'Frisco Officials Say the Swope l'ark Wreck us Due to Carelessneffs tt BONDHOLDERC FAVOR A COM- Another name WaS added yesterday ar- LIPPER FLOORSOF THE FEDERALBUILDPLETE REORGANIZATION tertmon to the list of hilted in the cok ING BEING EXAMINED listen bet weett passenger train 6ri and an extra freight on the St Louis Itn Frani'" 1 Martin Is Not ihod That the Majority else' railway flair a mile beyond Swop Richard Fourehey the New Superintentint of Stock Ita Merit peousited for ore Palk yesterday morning Fred Laker of onstruction Declares That All ork tiOlitte sate of the tttind---flartin 1ngtrpr or the passenger train tiled at Not According to 4 ontract Must tiny lie President Ann the ilniversity hospital late yesterday af- ternoon 1 he Surgeons 11Ver entertainI ile l'rotoptly Corrected any hope of his recovery as his left leg WitS crushed off his throat cut and his skull A Stilwell has wired to Martin fractured The bodies of ii Itedtlick As a preliminary step to the carrectirm of of this city that he has again secured cim- coginver or the freight train Chitties lila- the fra he ud in consituction of the floors trot or tile Eansas i ity 111rs unit fireman or the passenger it'lliti kilid 4 the new federai building Itichatd Four-Ilk railroiol 'flit telegram ri eived by Mr NV laikur were Nelli 10 Springfield Mo last chey superintendent has prepared it sample a Alariin conies front rq1111leipliia and reads: night for burial 'Chit body of William flay of Whitt Om CP1IFtrucitoll should be to ac- f'Mapaity of bonds dehostell have clson the idingiii Ind Cdtlati Wadi Stdit to cord with the 14vomintnt's spcincittions vot Th 11oll or roorgtozution win be Clinton Ins home 'rho r011eret 1)040 (P NIS Lltillpik A id ht A1Pcti tne postal clerk Fred A eto 0 Lnmnir nenning ed then the deciart il hp rative at once" til A pt t'SSIIPLI1 awl ii'itHiett Mr MI11111 SOP Wt rot-middy prF11cri 1 t' 1Ic3 NI ffors or hie building will t10 torn ilp td 111 l'LI said lo-ditY tivit It Would not was seat jutilliumeglii' 611-U30111 010 had work 1plaI hy Inorull like that be long now till the road 'A-011d pas out last night whih Mr Foutchey has prpared in the the of th rIccrs and into the Tho body round in the ashes after the ineatitime the sem1 third and attic floors wio iiiiiii tilt riiii Tit tilin 0: 17irpf1k had burned was a Porpe ipiti4 wel he other Ilion hatnis ir Stil an gailiLiitiai is irt! trillt taleiii KOit5 Mil WIllike'' It IP' the hody id Palmer and tt 1 th cf'1)nli tilt In Illf pay- eon be P'ittlitd if the building will he thortaighly ev'ePt awl tI1 ow so th it no I illirp11 will tmet- it in I tiehl hen I the th fele with he examination of toe frit Tile first tier or Ho! toiloiwg ill in-no nt or interest on the bomb of Ow rad A (I11r diyifflun urrinteialcrit Sp'- sp led In the sante way Vri will be made 'no di1101111ittd Wiii 11-1 A PriiP2r anl limn ktnan innirttei a week 11-IL tor PIA tdill eisia Flti 6''11 IV I Sold toA Air Fourcin toat the pi 0 rt 5 At thiS til1P the toad will he tioalling to investigate the tvrock fraod had 1ecil practiced di the cfqistri)tif1 bought In Ify the bondholders themselvts t'bitri 141W11011 the freight conductor of tills hoot ita ell IS I Ile 6tlicrs rinis tI a inliwity tticas bondholders are "In teh Wilf4 1dillid Wellt Wall Va 111t al or iii Xpp MAW 1y favorable if) Mr SillwIl and illa plan tlif'Y illriclMItleitIntit''effitihightitt I2r M' II Jtice NvIght I nal eeiiiig III acquire the rNid and tako it out or the hntt tau for hnfsit4Wptifritttrartfnwoltflilttilliltyt or ciodus othor Idd8) vr uscd ld'ftitd 11111iP4 ft1111 place Mr Stilwell i ti routt '''y th tt'1 (d 1 he ght WilCI'1 011y SJ'etied eilititd! Sitoffid ha Vt1 Praia III C011( l'Oi It is underfdood that Mr train can give no excuse for not 'bottom have tfit nittli'S of Lire marlin whi 1 ttni prettt of ate r-d I mit or the V-ay Of I he pafseriger The other worknien vt hi) he Afid woald tatity and Air Stilwell chairman thil executive 1Po Olcillesatne stateincrit or Lo! effnitnittee which will manage the financial 1 nt444 '1 tilt? iViten't'on'ilutor firwn- lia11's th charw th tirete gang hid (lid lilt' WOldi itl IPTIf'Stfl Of tile road got back to the city his writ li was four- About 7 1011141 Ilie bonds or tim rfad if a Winaiss behind raiirOitidtinte but 'henaltfglias been tatty' from the work A UNION OF VANDERBILT HUNTING-TON AND ROCKEFELLER LINES From New Vork to Kansas City end Front Mere to the tiutt by the Ion and Soul hern Peettius to the West New York Sept the doath of Cornelius Vanderbilt may temporarily delay the consummation t)t the leg vandeihtit deal tor a transcontinental line It is flit be lieced that railway and linancial circles Will much longer be kept in the dark concerning The ntraneo of William Rocktdelle Into the ditectory a the New York 'entral with it was made possible by Inc Icath of Mr Vantletiolt it is believed win further the deal From reports now tuirrtot tile projected combination of roads tu many eases may be simply in the way of 'ratite arreemtlits and eontinctst lind oiIl ny 1111111S too composed exclusively ot Vanderbilt properties At the mtseitt tinte the lit ythich is mere orinmehenske than ant hereIolre brought about I Anwriean railway properties miresenting Milton dellsrs twilp roek inennh4 Huntington feller Vanderbilt roads Not only will 4 3R 7 LA ND 1 TUE iltr( Ctr'e4t -'4'--4 It dais of lite road say that Engineer 1111Nt been right anti a 113" been duc a duregar4i for orders Elie 1ei11 ti2n Etturclie: that the improper wlhn I-'1 r) ----J---' 1 rf) i 4 3" i f----- --1- I 0 1kt 7-- )A A' iv 'ro 4Y- 7 -----6- 0 l'' if I i doors have 14 tecosktructed PlaStfT CIS tuadthreastentst strike because Suporin- I 014114t I taw 11- toads the statt mud in I 1 he iiir that ftorill of the plastering a 6' out of lint "Let I htni szilk- said the superintend lit thk morning had I tt lye strilits et hue 4 watt il th pp wu ev I ho use la Now Yolk cit) ut l' '3v-' ir ilillililll'i wili" 1' 't! ostplica OttIf i more loan about sat iti Now l)rit (illy hut ve the hunding StVen nnno Nole6 11ftitrtLe tittrisatti utWr'0 itstp mat uii (IL I It II i teter of the river bed hare berti letek word until now have passed the The he-1 of the river ng it eel it vet improperly vonsti 'pled so I hni roistering of the tsourt river It Is presurne1 the enunt not he pot on necording to specito raplds continue to fail hack the tions 1Vael the ititN' to loW1 etnIttlint Is elenrnd below untti the the wails Ii riek or fire proofing 01 retwe dam is reschet I he clitile11810118 here this hss 1 iu tnr1 done pianer nvo inches thick has! 3 33 In soft char- 40 aeter of the river bed 1141ve hoen eating backward until now they have pased the 'alto ay- tote bririgt4 The 1441 a the ri" ore held in it'aitattir chiefly ifi At 1oht homis eere 11111goll the 4f these tauus eere pa ow to 44 44- man 4 r4 oftruniz4ition The phinotelthia ornmitt of the Stn Melt hus charge ti ii'llt Pi million tt ell ptatt of reorgattza 4 of the roads howls Of dged to tPilw a lr plan or rvahlzJII 1 Ile total a MO Wit of bonda Is '4 wilillui 111 ii ROI( Orr Judge layer Is tienrigng Aruntoot in the Jud It i I onuttoll fit Louts i ftilly Judge Ihnyer I Itenring Arguments in the jonetion ftt Lent i tIttly St tol vision hi the In iou tin the Lity pitthutg Gulf topany against rtteen roaos in whit the aIbgatMn mad tht dtendanis are tut agr ment 0 hoyci11 plaihtirr by refusing to h4 busitn A111 not be todri day TI0 to at Mg 'gar' 0114 morning be- tote Judge Thayr in tot United Stht6 Cit 0 heing ynkattly two hr days A restraining ordt'r eomPelling the di-lendaMs to atah itt the haetheFS of the Pittsburg ei thil wa3 by Judge 'I ha: et 1W AVta'k ag The preeot hoar tug thttsburg tlult havo the resdralninc order perniamnt RAPIDS OF THE It A RIVER Low Stage of the Water (lives 1 tint II itherto Peaceful at roam a New barim ter The haw river Is low( than it has been it an be rt vittl str for many ytirs and in mark- pia( ett along l'hc Missouri river is Itmer than the kitty 1144tevet and for this reason ft toritli of aphis have been started In the Katt Thev 111 itppn rent near the mouth sevetal DEMO('RATS N4 ME TPAINEJR The Philanthropist's Son Nominated for timernor of Mnsnehosei 1-rton Simt 21-1'he Democratic stall' thtivention nominated Hobert Treat Pain etitn rern 1-- I ne vemrieratic state tonvention nominated Hobert Treat Paine Jr i1 Itoston for governor by 44cciania- Ili John II Meek North Adams was ruminated for li011teDitlit grurtior Mr PaIne is the great went grandson of th signor of the li islaration of Ind- pedilence Ills father Is the Boston Phil- antlirmitst organizer of workingmen'i dubs 4Lrld prsident of the ASFociated liar itiei of Itostom The elder 400 wa a free Jr of Itoston for govrnor by acchwitt- tl John 11 It North Adaintt was romtuatod tor lietitent governor Palm is th grt tat grandson tn Signor of the D-staration of Ind- anthroptst oraanizer clubs 4Lrld president of the ASFociateti rharle! Of Huston The ehler l'amo svik a free SUN er Pcpublican until Is'4 1shen ho ta3- cline a Democrat HE WAS 1 III SHAFTEll bodies which menands these bodies is com- and a marvel in paste diamond and AAA SAN CITY A OTIIERS SEE IT Pot1 th! Pr4essors and demonstrabos long coat with a Ve4t the like of which TY in )1 th' "1 th' 111' Ws seen before in the mayor's office A New York Main 4 onipilments ps progress neIfin''' '''''s '1' "Hilill'ht" a and probably neyer will be again li tor toe put-rose or gating lor AMI Enterprise disetion hi the colieges and provided that The visitor iii1 his name was tVilliatn "To see Kansas 11r to-da anti' P30ing they might ilemand the bodies of pauper Gaitor and added: "I done shined kiall it )d1-4 ago is quite ie a sensation" said lien- i ded 1 shoes many tmes i lie was short ry Selby PoPon a NeW York newsy-11)er and between 3e abd la years old Nobody man of not wh''' I' a'- th' In ad- nOer deltic! The state boatt1Slr itls ti'initl'i''ua-- I could guess his age much nearer lie 11vi a -in vrizc'' "ne of the finest tim to-day demands all the brid kV not a star as big aa a Palirrmalls hut it I ever extarienced was to sec the butted by ilnd at the ex pense rf kindred gold or gold washed It said kVilliant sim-king wreks fr torveras squadron it The writ rr mandamus is directed against tlaltor Champion Bootblack of tits 0 wpim a rt ion When the board of health The intdical college coat was an old litSMODI'd cula way in- made sa twohurrse of ose th I way up town and a grat professors anatomy comp I ale: tended for a man Just a toot taller han ne'v city a type of lt own the thought Enseworth College Si Joseph liarns tlaitor Ills vest was knit and the pattern Caine to Me that I bud seen how the Amer college St Laois Kansas City Medical moi4 have been designed from the deem-1p iesne Can deetroY it haw theY ran Mind college persity Moileal colMge Kansas Bon of Joseph's coat of many colors The 'Tile Kansas City of to-day in Place of the City 4 entral college of Joseph Amer- Wornittl who made it secured as many CitY a tew Ye't" Slit ent colors of yarn as PIle could find and power of Anierii---the forces at progress Louis college of Physielans and Surgeons used them without regard to harmony of -I lik0 tho hills city already pus- Medical Department at the Stateuniversiav color FAeP piclumsquens8 that will improve women'p 11leat ontipge Kansas City Co- But it was the diaMonda hat paszled with lime Kansas City is unlike the cm litmlitan rollege Kansas City Kansas City i lie wore two diamond studs the ventional American town Except tor the limeopathic Medim ((dirge st jatis and xiimirt medical Medico-Chururgi- ise rings of edibles On one hand were five hitis it would Lot have an appearance pe- a he thee bd on other rhe rings I colle Kansas ity collar to itself I feel sorry for the Kansa ge big enough to have been made by a (it men who have ben unible to enjoy tne blacksmith Diamonds Wistened in each Felltiot Ui seeing thelr own town as others OAL PRICES REMAIN STEARy ring A heavy cane with a bone handle and it" ox-biood shoos also N'ery large conipleted That Peotrg Kansas City would give a tVq1- Dealer Ito Nat Leek for an Advance at hi makenp satin a min who used to do the assign- Present thiltar explained that while he was walk- merits to overcome impossibilities on the eW York Journal staff and who would The real romPanhit announce that there "rig Petn'ealdY en Woedialid avenud gah had stopped him amt flashe a knit discuss the armed 1111 of lircyrus with- is no change in the retail price of coal this Indicating an intention to "cahve" hint Ile out surprise la the tinest contpliment Kan- year although the wholesale price is from had raised Hs cane and with one blow stis City has had this week I odies whleh demands these bodies iS clOrn- poeil 4 the professors and demonstratios anatomy in ail the metileal colleges In the I 'rho I a laws cr died them Into a The real companies announce that there is no f'hiltrigO in the retail price of coal this year although the wholesale price is from twenty-nye to fifty rents it ton higher i bidiOd a Imirviii In Viste diamond and long coat with a Ve4t the like of hih in in the mayor office trme coat was an old fashioned cutaway intended for a man Just a toot taller than thtitor Jils vest was knit and the pattern roust have been designed from the deserip Hon of Joseph's coat of many colors The Worhittl who made it secured as many different colors of yarn as Phe could tind and used them without regard to harmony of color But it was the diamonds that pazzled Badly Ile wore two diamond studs the size of pebbles On one hand were five dugs mot on the other three The rings big enough have been made by a blacksmith Diamonds gistened Iii eaeh nog A heavy cane with a bone handle and ox-blood shoos also Nery large completed his take-up tlaitor explained that while he was walking peaceably on Woodland avenue "a fig-Mail had stopped hint and flashed a knite indicating an intention cahve tzIn Ile had raised lita cane and with one blow thro be thorough mid-continent line from more favorahle The many restturaiits of will New York make the 'NM of feeding the 111-11g a 1111111 simpler 111t 111111 that ot providing them with piaes to sleep Th hundNds of boarding houses in Greater New York will of course take cure of VIA010 itors? but it is to he expected that many Persons will make no arrangements for itewill conwohlttlionti in advance of reaching 111 city Trutt they may suffer is to be ex-California tieeted At the niu a 100in or cot is to be had evry availatilo acconiport InVdattUn baying been engaged weeks ago Several other itoteik otter rooms at from Li to $ima may on condition that tile) are engaged at once and pani for to Octeuer 1 akting hOLIS rates range from $1 to a tiay and all 11FSarY informatien as to the location of these slopping phiees can tie obtained at the bureaus esiatittshed trans-I the hieat newspapers winch confront the viar evrywi?" he includ-1 t'OUGHT A 1ELIPAICIP IN A CAGE Lieutenant Colonel Ducat to lie In Tem- 'ten' also be a ntl pornry Command of the New 4911c Southern transeonti nta The Chicago Alton will figure in tin! A Intent lieutenant colonel nr thP deal as a link between the New Forty-nintli United Stab-s volunt er regi- York Central-Lake Shore at Chicago? and ment whigh is formitig a jt frrsn bar- the Missouri liankatt Texas at St Louis racks St Louis passed through tile city and Kansas City The Southern Paging this morntng to take 'charge of the will be reached by the Micsouri Kancas ment in the absence of the felam 'giving' a through line to Southern Deck who is at present in Santiago COM California which is a much nearer point Liotenant lone' wa ahledo to the Pnitippines for chipping than any port on Puget sound camp on Gencral Shaftegs staff at San Mr Rockefeller as It dire' to'r In the New Francisco 11'11 he Was oppoiniod to the pavan road and an important factor in Fortninth Ho held a Captain's commis the Roston Albany will throw to tit SiOn in the Twenty-fourth regular Intim- Now York Central the control of the Nt'Si Tht' Forty-ninth will be sent to the England roads lie IS ISO 4tn important Phillmones only about Iti) men have been favtor witil the Vandvrhills in the Chicago enlisted co far Nortnwestern and riliao I liii whoql tie combined for the most direct trans0ntinelniti line practically under one man-ACCUSED OF STEALING CATTLE Silt meat 'MIN will be the northern arm or enlisted so far 6r Nortnwestern and rniOn whfth vHl he for the most direct transinental line practically under one RPM-ACCUSED oF STEALING CATTLE ent This 'will be tin northern arm or New York to Puget sound but therc also he a Southern trnn()ntu flti lIr The Chicago Alton will figure in the deal as a 0111141AI-1g link between the New York Shore at Chicago? anii Missouri OXAS at Louis and Kansas City The Southern Itc1tc tie rached by the Miksouri Kaimts TeX" 'giving a through line to ti-iutliern which is a much nearer point to the Pnilipidnes for shipping than any on Puget soutnt Mr Rockefeller zu I dire tor In the New IlitvPn read and an important factor in the Heston Albany will throw to Now York entr al the control of the NV England roads lie I also an important factor with the Vanderhilis in the chicago NOrtnWeSiVrn and rnion Pacific whicb wHI he combined for the most direct continental line practically under one man- agement This will he the northern arm of GALLIFET OFFICIALLY SAYS THE DREYFUS CASE IS "CLOSED INCIDENT" The 7011'141er of War's Note to Ile Read to All the toltliers hot Dreyfus says Ile I ill ontinue to eek Reparation Paris Sr pt 21---The minister of ir General tiallifet addrssed this order to tho corps nunamiers: "The in hlent ehsed The military ludges enjoying the respoti of Ali have rendered their verdh complete Ildelone VVe without harboring afterthought bend to their deri in We shall in the same manner Tpt Cie action inat it feeling of profound pity dictated to the prcAnient tile republic Thur ern he to further question of rprisals of any kind Item I rep I Ow incidoit i cloed I a you and if it were necesary I wradd onimand you forgct tii pat order that )tt can t'1117 of the (Lyme With you and nil my mrados I tve l'atmee lt delmts to no try Mit to Franee alono--(1 illifet" The wiler will br! read to 011 iroopi 'lirniighout the Frrn arniN Thc Aurore publishes the fellowing doe Ert SY 11Nt larotion from former Captain Dreyfus: he goxerninent of the rplibile has en me my libcrt But liberty nothing' no without Mono Irom I day I shad commie to seek reparation for the flightful indicial error el 1vhiolt I remain the vitdlin wish France to know Ii i dennitive Judgment that I am Innocent Nly heart only be at rest when there remains a single Frenchman who Imputes to me abominable crime perpetrated by another" NEARING THE RIVIERA rarpenterits Department of Vancluee France Sept arrised here this mottling and went to the heiret of Val- breue a relative Tills town is about htd from Nice and it is believed that lorYfus's ultimate destination is the Rivierzt Nantes Sc pt arrived here yet-lel-day morning from itnnes aeoinsputled ity hi brother Mattliieu Dreyfus chief of the secret pellet Viguier one pitticemom The party traveled as ordinary passengers The Dreyfus brothers alighted on the platform that followed by Viguit Who inddired it they COUld a plivate rooM A Waiter replying in artirmatiVe the brothers entered a room ordered two glasses of mild While Viguier and the policeman remained oetside in the publiu bar Inquiry was then made concerning the tiorntteX train winch they were inioimed at dock All four then entered Prst Maas compartment in which there alreatiy other pitastingerS It was tended by thus retraining tront ahy attempt to secure privacy to settat tItciting ctirlosity anti thia appal ently iteceeded Viguier ttie poitceinan only went as as tile tirst stop Venom Memo they returned to Nants ivaVing the brothers continue thir Journey alone MAithEii Pmt London Sept t1ti London lilin publishes the tohowing diSpaten from laverpcol: "A quantity of luggage has arrived here tiavre and mattone addressed to Madam Dreyfus and rooms have also been taken at a local hotel The luggage Is marked for New York and it is supposed Dreyfus Is going to America" 'foe Paris correspondent of the London DEWY Telegr iph says: Itreyfus is so Hi that he can live only few months The governnumt hb promised to watch over and protect him has recommended that he lite on tho Riviera It Is not unlikely that he will ae the villa offered Mtn during the trial the Prince Of iklimte Carlo" SAIL) IIE ANEW BE ft 0 UED HANG Boy Dime Novel header Pleads Guilty to Murder In chteaga Sept Hoeneck sho pursuit of a preconceived design and without apparent reason recently murdered Walter hmeller in Chicago pieaded gailty to-day "Do you know you eau be hanged on your piper asked the Judge do" replied idoeneck "I am guilty" Herman ituntillausen imptioated with aelicc entered a plea or not ulity Imeneck Ia Ai and Hundnausen is IS years The older no blabbed hoeiler who sick In his room here September 2 boys had sachets full of weapons and xpeotea to ICONS the Country lacy had known Koeller at school nod ciatined they Killed him tor revenge It was found Oat had been reading sensational 11Veitt Watch had suggested tile moluer to them DEAD IN A ittRALD iiaSiqtAL Pi ebbed la the et Vincent de Paul building at aortoik Norfolk Va Sept hospital of Vincent oe Paul WWI almost totalty burned between i and 3 clock this mothibg Firemen at work upon tne imartn discovered the body ut a It011tall beRoved to be that id Airs Alet'une an aged demented patont Two other uninenutal bodies were round this afternoon and Fire- Barrett has died front his injuries The property loss it is believed will reach 4outsie with comparatively little Insurance The tadieles covering the burned building will rod aggregate over bib- 110 Otellien were injured but aro expected to recoVet ift ineents nospitat four stories hign exclusive Of till basement cnOtt Ur itti 01 pressed brick stone mammies and was One of the equipped institutions of Rd kind In toe duth ne Dias bets LettWO to tiro to I hire''' city of Mesieo Sept senate and chamber of deputies in Joint PCSSI011 by a unanimous vote granted to President Idea twntynttee days' leave of obsenee to Vibit SbOt our line of Riverside Oak and bate burntra Co IiM iain tzthAn 1 ft is conShiered little short of a miracle I that the passenger coach ts Were not i stnashed to pieces and many passengers I knit 31 4 I'S A l'A I'VE II BOD I ES The Annmien! oetety IF ighte the Pauper ntiriiii Oidiattatte in the Tlw toeftical of NI iSSOUri WWI to seem for disseettan hodies of a the The inetleal ollegept of Nlissouri wtsh to for tlisseetion bodies of all the Palmer in Kmstis City These Ieg hsAts oomhined to make a legal tight aginst the city ordinance hieh provides that the pttuper dead he kindred are to poor to bury them shall be huritd at the xpense of the city This ordinance already rwes to the medical colleges the on tainted dead hut that Is no' enough for the medieal e0iitqZ'F They vkish all the 'tanner dead for 11seciton There hie tyke bodies now In the morgue The hoard of distribution of human aPplard to the cirenit court to-da for ft writ of mandamu commanding the le'aird of ttettttt deliver these bodies for disection in mediei1 colleges '1'he ilPh HMI Ihr the writ also asks the vour7 to ad Judge the eity ordinance null and The state hoaid of distnialtion of hum in expentic of thiii city This ordinance already toves tft he medical colleges the uniii a 1 med hit that is flu: enough tor the medical COHVZ'F nice wish ail the liauper dead far illioqiciiiim There ore two hodies now in the morgue The hoard of distribution of human bodies arinhed to the eirenit vrmr tidv morgue The board of ditdrilmtion of human bodies applied to the etrimit court to-day for ft writ of mandamus comma riding the board of health to Eiellvor these bodies for In medlil colleges I'h disection ii 'e appiiea- lin 1 th rit he ur o1' also asks voo ail Judge the eity ordinance null and old Tile mete boatil of ilistniadion of hum in Fancy anthracite coal Is Sit a ton Stanitard an is WO Arkansas anthracite KZ Arkansas semdanthracite 3476 Cherokee or Weir City lump SIM Cherokee or Weir City nut 1150 Lexington lump Panama lump 24'2J Itich 11111 lump $3 These were the prices when consumers OPHNCli buying It spring and real deabrs ray that there is now tm Immediate prom-pert Of an increase The semi-anthrarite mines of Arkansas which were shut down last winter by a strike are In operation now and are producing about three-fourths of the amount Mtn Oft lot winter If thore is to he any shortage it will be ao the (1 al-era say in the semi-anthracite product The labor troubles In Son thoustern Kktnsas and In Athanfittg have triadP an uncertainty In the coal market but stability is said to be restored A considernble quantity nt coal in sold to consumers this month Coal wagons begin to curry their freight to the dwellings of the city for the chilly nights for week have made grnte fires necessity for comfort tietober is the busiest month for coal men It always leads in the sale of coal November in second December is third and September fourth THE NEW BLUE RIDGE ROAD surveyor Ca Ilehrin Sail it May BO BilthiPd ter 07000 rile Th6 r1PW macadam rood proposed by ihe county court to follow the creat of the ridge east of the Blue river from the Fairmount park road south to Leeds has been roughly urveyed by Callahan the county surveyor lie has figured that a roadway sixty-sax feet wide with a rocked driveway thirty-six feet wide and a space each side of the drive fifteen feet wide would cost only r(os) a mile for grading stone and all Mr Callahan has a plan to build a viaduct across the Blue river bottoms at the north terminus of the road and thus connect it with the entire boulevard and park system of Kansas City A 4 WHIPPLE HOME AGAIN A Slip on the Mesmer Cowing Over Sends Ulm Wows on I rotehes A A Whipple returned this morning from a six weeks' business trip in London and New York Although Ntr refused to discuss the nature of hie business I hp gigantic railway system to timbal-John Itobb Arrested at the Stork Yards on the Oregon Short Line and the Oregon Italia Serious Charge I way and Navigation which have in fact tlePit Iiircaily taken over by the Union Pa- 13 Green chief police (Meer of the' stock yards f)rce arrested John Rohl this Mr Rockefeller controls the Nlissouri afternoon on the charge of stealing cattle KanBARI TPXAIS and is largely intereste Howard a farmer living near Lansing in the Chicago Alton reported that live cows were taken from his Mims last night Shortly after 4 CHICAGO GRAIN FAILURE ()Meer Green met Robb at the gate driving in fourteen cattle Robb was locked 111) in Barrett Farman of the Board of Itrade Forced thP JiltneS street pollee station in Kan to Quit sas! City Bak He WrtS firr0Steri on the Kansas Chicago Sept Fern tit sidf nnd when taken across the iin0 on hp CO a well known board of trade tirm way to the station he protested against gt- I fatted to-day All trades with the firm ing back to Kansas The ofikers nuttily ordered closed Mr Barrett did not prtViilled on the prisoner to CrOss over appear at the OttiCe and Mr Fittntini 10 xplanation or estimate of losses could GERMANS I DER A FRE be made yet Both member3 of the lirm have been well known for 3CatS and Ns -ere Old Foes Fought as AMPS Against the big traders he Ontnediate cause of the African Tribesmen Sun" A 4 oscomr thp gigantif railway symtm to 1 1 11 im iii" i orr and lie done over properly" I i Mr Fourchey siiiaels ileariY all of hi lii I ht the new boliditig Inspecting all i I "i It' 46- I HIS VISIT TO 'THE 3141011 I I 111S l'ISIT TO Jul M41011 ills Champion bootblavk of Kamilla City nits in stunning Array onot ah wants a pernot to tway a gun: tit sail this to mon ittlit prio retary to the mayor lolly turn il around i knocked his assailant "unsensible" He was afraid something might happen again And wanted to Ca rry a ievol Ver "He must have been atter your din ITIOn You have $1ene worth of diamonds on Reny PUggeSted "Alt well Icy was with a thousand I'd be in some other Reny kept on talking diamonds until the negro confessed they were only imitation etteleS -Hut dey do glisten at night" ho said grinning It turned out that it was not a highw lYR hat a negro with whom he had quarreled about a woman that had wiciald the champion bootblack of II I ISMS City Gaiter will not carry a revolver on any authority given hint by the mayor's office ODD FEL LO FCS PUZE MULLS Canton's Contest for An Indian 'Resolution Postponed Dmrp wen sent prize drills of the Patriarchs Militant lu the convention of the Odd Feliows were held to-day The contests were Mid upon the La troit Athletic club's field The prizes tirilled for aggregate The contestants were divided Into three classes Class A was composed of cantons no twenty-four men and three officers each The following can entered: Muncie of WI de Ind MoKeen of Terre hate Hid Lincoln of Syracuse Locum of Toledo Class it comprised cantons composed of eighteen men and I hree officers The following drilled in their classs Oswego Oswego Victoria St Thomas Ontario Akron Akron Erie Hunan) Colonel Fenton Flint Mich Class I' cantons composed of twelve roes nod three cheers had the following entries: Syracuse Syracuse Hamilton Hamilton Ont Ilartford City Ind The sovereign grand lodge to-day indefinitely postponed a resonition permit-Hilt members of the live civilized Ionian tribes in Indian territory to become Odd Fellows provided Hwy had no taint of A rico blood A resolution providing that it the next session of the sovereign grand bilges representatives be pato only actual traveling expenses instead nf to and twelve cents per mile met a similar fate ----g- OPPOSED TO HALF IMF SCHOOLS Patrons of the Lowell School Are Protests tog Against Hours lit addition to the schools named In The e-rmcdea meeting alai will ask the board 1( give lief at 011P They are apiamed to hair day sebsions which is the first expedient Cl C7y tystrA 003 4 5 -( Frt) vANDEltitilrnrvi ok A Ionian Trainer tiiiiiitined the Animal ith ft Pitchfork Philadelphia Sept Frent'll Wolfish tattler or leopards Mile Miturei had a tight with ime of tlI anilllaIS In a locked (ago at noon yesterday The people who saw the light were unable to get into the cage to help her Apparently 110 ale had It reoiver Mite Mantel hail 114134 in the big extutation cage with thie leopards and a Jaguar in order to have tt rehearsal A young leopard natiliit Rapier was ugiy unit not Ile persisted in nig anion anti snapping Iitatit I atter whipping him thr lIltrfl tilintites got him In a coriter atiil strlicit hint iii ill fare tinnier jumped on the omen and buried ins teeth in tile left arm iiiii tills paw tore her dress from the neck down to tier Waist tile claws ietiVing a Woody trait lioth felt to the floor and thu tratner's revoiver Mapped tinder tile 'rite glri pounded the neast with the butt of her whip intuit all attendant tlireW tier a pitchfork AM she secured this weapon the leopard made a tremendous Jump and wits received itpon the 'wings Ii lie fors As the anitnal led back wounded the train er foiiiiwed tijni 'I tire tittles arolitid the rage she tinased hint 'rotating alai waking him over the livatl altinaigh She Wiiti badly sorittehed Within liVe lifililitert the leopard gave Lip the tight slid lay illotiankss Alai till tonglie hanging it After Unlocking the caw the wonlan fainting into the arms ot an officer A pere lilted her into an stimulative and she wait hurried to Inc hospital hAtOW DLII Montejo's Trial how tbs Ignorance Maitirld Officers About the Americans New York Sept dispatch to the New York Journal from Madrid says: The court-martial of Admiral Montolo corn mander Of the fleet destroyed by Dewey at Manila was continued yesterday Counsel for the defense charged that the main cause of the defeat of tho Spanish fleet and the army was thethoroughly bad defensive con dition under which the fleet and army fought The responsihility he asserted rated only with the Spanish government Tho accused ho said should be the accusers Telegrams produced in of Montoio proved that the government had no conception of the at or the American attack but tlectared that it had no fears ohout toe result of Dewey's operations and snw no reason why tno Spouts!) forces ought tO re ntoreed rtiontolo it veto shown had sufficiently warneo Auadrid regarding the prolottue issue or a contest and ilitt Coulitct ttlerelqe Manned itto moral tilid "Motor renoluiliatwit ot the accused tie asserted that with the resources at ins command AtImitai Montour Mot made a heroic orfense and ought to be aCquitted olurmurs or ap SE ED THE GO FOR LIBEL The First NistiattrPs olootri Thinks self injured to the katent or sritrthro St Louis Sint Edwin Ilatdorf of the First Missouri regiment hied a suit this afternoon tor libel against Lon Stephens for Vrioiro The Ptilt is based on the published interviews with riovernor Stephens In whit he reflected severely upon the military reputation of the tOlonel and irttplittlicd 1118 character as a citizen It kruws out of the tremolo which followed the appointhient of atilutatittt and 1111)trit for the regiment when it was organized for the war A MISSOURI COLLE GE FIRE Burning of a 11173000 Building at Lebanon mOny Lebanon Mo Sept 21--The Culpepper-Shannon college building that was built at a coat of yiovoo burned to-day The tire caught from a defective flue troth President Culpepper and Vice President Shannon are away from the city The lots is said to he total Riverside Oaks and baseburners none neocr much heat little fuel itedhelfer Company h44 Maio street gl Id vitt not the Mlle I he and hare the and lett a were far to frum that a and cept by A in old was both toe) Four St floor man main with best failure apparently was heavy sales of Derails Sept 21--The governor of Dahomey cember wheat around -00c Monday and cables that the Franco-German commission 1cay 1 Barrett sold about million which is deciding the Togoland ry ounda els 1t ww suppo me sed to he for soig l' Iwing "IST'l l'Y "tives The "I'M''' custom th a customer of firm nd there ham been stun bad to tight several engagements de-a great deal of mystery about I he sale fealing the natives and Inflicting comdder- but it seems nOW that Parrett sold it in able loss mem them while losing only one a lima effort to break the market make native trooper Tile French and Germans a big turn and recoup losses The effort co-operated wiih the greatest cordiality tin Obi not The though made der the command of the French 0mi-wieder ori a dull market had almost no effect at Togoland Is Just of Dahomey Poi all On prices lo-day when the firm or- coontries are on the Atlantic eepaPt elst of dered deals closed December wheat ad- vain ed rapidly to 73c and almo a not quick- Liberia PSI of he mouth of he Niger and south of the Sahara ly dropped back to 2c and a tittle under closing 4c higher than yeatenlay liarrett CoVelfA sonic of ins snort sales Th Municipality League's Prenldpnt yesterday and 'me more this mornIng Syracuse Sept John- through brokers before the Den announcement so mayor ver was elected president of th fa a ilure ade but he evidently of the League of American Municipalities found that to get out of his entire line of by a vote of I wen tyOne cities to ighteen tthOrt wh eat for Ma yor Maybury of Detroit than he could stand so rnthe firm quit great er losses Farman was forerly a partner of would Involve George Italdwin Baldwin made a for-NEWS NOTES tune out of the stock market last year vittulrew from business and has started on John liergri wealthy distiller died to- a I 1 the world with his leisurely tr mount day at Pekin DI family The Rev Jo Buckner will lead the n''''tt'-ng Rrth-ert to-night NOT READY TO HANG AFTER ALL IT: al snsIosn (t00 John Iterget a wealthy distiller died to- aeui aroun the world with hi day at Pekin DE family The Rev Buckner will lead the miciet thnogp at the rt iegehraL NOT READY TO HANG AFTER ALL No NIGHT St'lloori Tins yEAn hey Were a Failure East litivion rind Will le Abandoned The board nr education has made no provision this year tor night schools and will plobahly make none as the night schools last winter were acknowledged to he a failure hen night schools opened last November 1 the Lincoln High flhool the fittrnntr the Page Washington Switzer end Benton schools the fluoilment on inn tirst inght WiAM nearly 500 But the attendance decreased gradually until in all ur the night schools fewer thnn 100 pupthi itttned In the l'ase and Sumner schools both negro the attendance was confined at last 10 the Janitors and the teachers So tna board has deehied that there Is very Jinn) IIVInnild in Kiintiini t7ity for night nohools Superintendent Greenwood said thin morning two or thle night chosen may be formd in the high schools thin winter for those who wish to make spvcial preparation to enter those schoois 111 WON'T STEAL YOU 4 Wit ILE hronle Thief Goes to the Penitentiary for Fifteen Team HarrY Welford a negro habitual criminal who escaped the penitentiary many times because he was to young to be sent there reached a "penitentiary age" a year ago and soon thereafter robbed a man and was arrested Yf'Sterday he was found gtillty in the criminal court and sentenced to fifteen years in the penitentiary Thomas Matthews a negro was given FIX months in Jail for killing Eli Cobb Cobb Lad a diseased brain and when Matthews struck him with his fist he fell dead IV Montgall for shooting at a man given a year in i4IL WANT A LABOR TEMPLE SITE he tnions Will Ereet the Building If the Lot Is Furnished If Kansas City will subscribe $501100 to buy the ground at the southwest corner of Balthnore avenue and Tenth street for organized labor the Labor Temple Building association believes the way will be clear for the erection of an Ps00) cen'nal labor building The association's board of directors has issued a call for subscriptions guaranteeing that Organized labor will itself raise the for the building It the corner i8 bought for it Already a coesiderabie sum has been pledged by business men The canvass will begin anew and the officers hope to have the 10isia before it Is over THE Dirt) liTE DoCKET GROWS An rousotti Vtitolber Apply tor a Nevermore or Matrimonial Blods The new illvorce sults filed In the circuit court are: Mildred againq Rufus Wedge cruelty Henry against Alice belle tier-ling desertion against Mary 'nap-per jealousy and abuse John aalinst t'ora Locke desertion Ewald against Erncstine Luther desertion Rachel against John hunt tio3crtion: Prue against Howard Parks ilk-scrum Julia against kianunick cruelty Prrporlog to Sell Property for Taxes Siott ilarrison eity treasurer is preparing a list of properties on which taxes sre delinquent All nal estate on which the tax for has not been paid by October a ft be sold in Novemoer for lit31(11 There Is not as much delinquent IRXeS this year as iast but Many who could easily pay are still in arrears and Will have heavy penalties to pay if they wait to redeem their property after the tax sale The great sitecess of Hotel Baltimore Cafe is due to the high quality Of Pe daily Menu and the excellence of its service n-r ted the new Episcopalian church at Medicine lime Kringile Lite Convict little hatged Me bodge Kaa yesterday Mind About aiding to Die John Samsel a Nebraska farmer was killed In a runaway near WymNa! ore Neopeka SM Cook a prisone last night lie was thrown from his bu ggy at Lansing has written to Governor Stan-A reeption and entertainment will begin 1-- repented as i king that a death war-by the King's Daughters of the Dundee flint be signed for hint The governor noE church Fifteenth and Troost avenue tined Cok to secure the recommendation this eveii ing of the judge who sentenced him and i he The firectors of the A naronth lining ling tttorney as well "then" our a said copay have declared a dividen of pi ipt O( I fil it a OTIS 1' a per cent nd an esira dividend Of 34 pet tho governor cent payable November I cation for the death warrant" To-day the of Soden Bag governor reeelved from Cook a letter in and congressman ilidgley addressed Cie which he sayik the Influence of Deputy A reunion of Ow Twoolleth Kansas tVarden Thompson hag caused him to he district at Grenola yfsterday heve that lire is worth living lie COnelThips A two days' reunion of the Twenty-seli by saying: enth infantry arot the Seventh cavalry hat can't be eured must he endured" Missouri state militia veterams of the eivii war began at Perth Springs Moo to-day OTIS A CATHOLIC CoNEERT Missouri state militia veteras of the war began Ht Pertie Springs Ma to-day Lamb away tt is generally understood that his! yesterday half day ses3ions will be chief object was to raise money for enter-' i held in four of the rooms Of the Yeager Ire which he is promoting school Nineteenth street and Indiana ace- Mr Whipple returned a cripple While at last Thursday he stepped on a nue until the four room addition to that Fated-4 is finished Two rooms In a Veant steamer mat which slipped under hIc bulling it near the schoolhouse have been weight severely Elprining his left ankic1 1 IN Med for pupils sho cannot be accomumMr iVhipple may be on crutches for sev-I dated in the building itself The board eral weeks education at its meeting to-niKtit will DIDN'T READ HIS OWN FUTURE consider measures! for imme4liato rella in the crowded schoo 5 Those who send their children to the A Fortune Teller With a High-Soundlmg Name Fined tor Fraud school are mindi exercised over tile A4 Minn there Thov held a eandition thcre They held a rptain formerly of Cr Mr Third reximent has called former numbers of his cmparly to meet at J'arlor A Midland hotel this evening for reorganization General Brooke has informed the War de- 9 partroem or tio death of Private William Dawson hosmtal corps whi11 occurred irytphhdaintitfrtv'Iarra September 1 rum SlIMIlel Clemens (Mark Twain) who a short time ago arote to the Princeton ina tor a suite of rooms for the winter season hag canceled the arrangements and will spend the winter in London The attendance tit the Sedgwick county A rembion at 1Victilta this Art Wail Paper larireAt "IWO( Intor lot decorating teo Petvin IOW Uainut Pouliot Fathers Pubitsla the tienrat's Name in 1 heir List New York Sept connection with the charges of vandalism In Catholic In the Philippines by American soldiers it correspondent of the New York IM calls attention to the fact that in a recently published book issued by a Paulist father Is given a list of "American converts from Protestantism" in winch appears the name of "Colonel Otis United States army" Although Otis holds the rank of brigadier general in the regular service having been promoted from colonel In 13 the Paullst lathers no doubt refer to toe officer in command at Manila tnere is no other Otis in toe army Jerey Simpson 'hrentens to inik Topeka Sept 21--Jerry Simpson has sent word to lbs Topeka friends that he Will deliver art anti-expansion in pecch at the reunion here next week The 10111611(Rn speakers are preparing to reply to ISlinpsent 'mould he talk politics Captain Crosier Is Lttek Itont Lurope New York Sept 21--Captain William Crozier the military member of the United Statfm delegation to the late International disarmament congress at The Hagh reached this city to-dav en Wald the attainSdolo from Southampton "Senor" Don Carlos de Avandras the clairvoyant arrested Tuesday by Detective Koshlear returned the money he had taken from victims since being in Kansas City and this morning he Wai fined EZ in Justice Spitzpi court He promptly paid the fine and left the Court room in company with George Duboise the man who acted as his servant VIII le in Kansas City he collected $77 from poor women who went to him to have their fortunes told ottnly 'Rim A re Dn The payment of county taxes for thi year began to-day and will continue till January I It will be best for taxpayers to go this month or next to the collectors office and pay their taxes because In November and December there IFI always a rush of taxpayers and a long iine of people In front of the cashier's window payers and a long line ca people in front of the cashier's window Binding contracts and binding magazines are both Hudson-Kimberly specialties TRIED TO ROB THE PAT TRAIN 1 IS at ttet t'ongress- i 'nun 'lila itfloi Coto Ile! A Fink ot Win-- heiti addressed the meeting to-lit) A ay of lit Lurk for Three Desperadoes 4 totriestown is i was selected by th In Ohio vote (of niaPiern ritiPs as the piare of I-mid- Toledo Sept 21--OPorge 11errill and Ina the next Minna' convention of the George Baker of Chicago and a Man named iague of A me riean Municibaliti hich has tocn in seesion at li: owner Fisher attempted to af441111t a woman at ot puty MarFlial A Present he auseon yeserday afternoon They es-to itelieville Mts to arrest Thom Wm calld oln- on a Lake Shore freight train a negro who is enArg-I With hvi a ial: et' el ing east On the way the train broke MI th ts'eandia postemee wiip will complete "King John- in two and Fisher was thrown off The others' to-day a sentence in the county Jail for bur-compelled the engineer to back up and get i glary Fisher who Wag dangerously injured Juot I Itrerbohm Tree thP actor-manager pro-London uced a nceessituireviv last night before a ertisstled anti i then a train With the pay car came along ai (4 and they tried to flag it but the engineer' trihtahrillethiarsitallen Lord oiseley and Lord audience including joseph would not stop The throe mPn were ar- rested when the train reached Toledo Iteresford would not slop Ins rime men were a rested when the train reached Toledo afternoon is ttitriated at tifAP CohgressMan 10114 and Calinet A Fink ot field addressed the meeting to-day chariestown watt selected by the vote of nineteen cities as the plare of holding the DeXt annual COnVerillon of the League of American Mutileivalities which has been In Stlfl9ion at 8 racuse liputy Marshal A Present ha imne to Believille Ens to arrest Thomas Wink -Best Paint Hold-stands tor pro ress in paint makisg.

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