Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1928
Page 6
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r^£- i V"^) •**- 3 £i ' «»-*) ^.t-ft.^-9 "4 i '-* ^f*"°r**,#- * ?f# -$15 Tr*"* 8 *** ^-,nH^ &$>*-•» r fr»^ l f T#*M-a». ^ ^ f 5,s*~* f "\\ e\p J T> -' ,v • - - r i <) f' tie « tth t '<i COHTRfiT A f MAI.VF.RN BCHOOI T»ith 'P'f.r. 7*ior* h* -A sent Mrs, «- F FrS foHw i-t ir r, R£" •r i ' t f- ' s < n ^-* * ", r>i «-.-"• rjg • T "• <Vr r'i i . i-ii fv » f*» j j i • r *" 'i* S , t ' *> T • f! , , | , „ ,., j r ., f ' ' * ' ' ' ' !ll/ GJ»I n i ' • mi nr" '''if"'', j ',1 * ) ' 13 | •> 1 < T 1 ! -t • ' <1 ft CM^ " n i i } H f T ' f * fl 1 < * i f ; , jv-,, )F , • , j ,-H(J'\ f, * 1' " « !>') «« |l 4 1 fV * l 1 "! rl, 1% -,r«\f« j-tn fni'! ' s*ned by ttutlrnt j> Autnisfuna Rock Island U'stfi tli tht time ftbrn it «• Jv With the Proph" Two year-. ago H ^r f» notiwablf b'-nefi' i il i*tivrs from Ihr i al P> ; >miri?>rv nf j " rxrf p!mn nf j ,t ;;rr STf1 jOifl! - j ' t(V.t n rli!;>( ii j I - cl"i-id"fl uiMi ' '> •i n|v lidunc-' !<> ! ' HERD OF CATTLE ACCREDITED LIST tunitif r-fl P) (t, P . i r ,j TAT n of life- BALLY BAY AT CHRISTIAN GH0EOH P"»llV Hfi', Til np Or' P o'T-fi '. f*\ Sf H of -••. !!-f)in Wovrls '-irimn. Hi. ( ')• ', (i ntjfl Wyn'.iiM l rd irrtn Hprinc <\ ''f 32 lii. ; t) ---iSi>PriRl> • monthly. PERMIT GRANTED FOR BOILER HOUSE ?v"oni--nn. Dftnils »rr mjf Ul !hr I MBdi.' ; nn MI nrw homr n Co. Monday d of Hois'nn rail If All "nut thin 1 lirnd of thr Jim! ,r> b'-f-n r;il!-- r (! hy thf owners. n?vi .'h men ;ur Jinn lirlirvors In H'M- '. alth'iUKh in I'irir intUnl r'forl'; !U. MiH Hnf 1 Miry lost 45 hf;ui. To >_ i "n f |iif.'-;i'inablv kc-^u up Ihr MtiiHlitnl ,,,ijir"N hnvr now attniiird. it Maii'r''nnrl I >" !r »""» '" ^ r 'P ' " hicli ;.-. to l;r Ihr' Hliiivurr Ptinhni; »n'.l eighth srndnjtho jnomlnp find pvralng r school* HTT- in-[Then? WM w j Hrgp atu-ndsnee et the m-i „/ in,' • , i'" - krn .' ro . ra |« t vrnlnc service, at which. time there iv»,t of HICK, Ummpum fcpell- ,,„„. ,^ dfU n ,, mhm by ttw orchM ., nnri two numbers hy thn. male composed of thfi following members: Rev. Thr-o. C. Meyer, j Ralph Orison, Frank Oerber and Klmrr St. .John. iy ; iri J ;l!-! uliir ni'.r rvnls. Will Banquet Winners MiiiiTrn. III. Oct. P 'Kpfcinll '-.''•:•,' SKUii-n- II).. In-.r-rs 'in th<- \Vi!;u;i: Workns cinss of thp Mid- vrin .Sunday •> \\nvl wil! banquet, thr «ilH](iS ftl thf Wfll n; «• (*, MT ftrrf Mr* f-n<1 daughter, Mary, , nnrf Mr anrt Mrs, of Diynn, Mi find Mw Mm B«rt ifrfi»ld end .J. 55 8*ti*rfln]4 of CHAOWICK ic.k. 111.. Oct. 9.-— Mrs. Alice returned horn© on Friday after npendinf several days .i th her brother, John Bowers s.t annrk. Harvc Schrclner and daugh- i-, Oii memorizing the Ten Commnnd- nifiHK rind on Rood n.t!endanre Miss Lucille Uirkry nr ,d Clifford Waters <>f the winnerB, nre plnn- to furnish cars for transpoitn- the required tunnst war, brine done. A portion of thr hf-atmg plant has l>mi in.Mallrd. prrancrrnrnt!, have brrn »n«d« the nty to allow rrrction C3{ a room at thr irar of the builrt- 'np, thr Addition to house the boiler of the heating ,\vMrm to that no Interior room Will ha\c to l>c hncii- Jicrd. A fmr Rf-nrrel nnd private ol- lira hns been prrparrd, p.nti tlm roncrni will haxc fpl^ndid when tiiry move. Entertain At Dinner Prophet.'.town. JIlinoi<:. Oft ':-!>•, j,,i -, . >,f r , a ,, d Mn . f , H _ mnd rn'Mtislned at dinnfr Htnidny --' ivirilaud fnmihe!;. IN COURT FOR THREE Morrison. 111.. Oct. 9.- (Special) — Herbert Spencer, indicted by the jtrnnd jury on a charce of petit Inr- ceny. appcaitHj Before Judge- I in circuit court Monday and Kiven a wntencc of 12 months in jail and a §1 fine, and Ed. Schroeder who stole chickens in the neighborhood ol Erie, received a sentence of nine months and a $1 fine on the &ame charge. George Jones of Fulton, who. was brought !o tho Jail on a charge of disorderly conduct Saturday. had a hearing before Justice Howe Monday afternoon utid Will Install Officers Of American Legion Mnrn-on. 111.. Oct.. 1) cspfriidi — Mrmbfr.s of Mornwin I'o;.t No. 3^0 ye.-.triday received notilirntion that nrxt Thursday Jiiftlit Mould vvituPss thf'illntion ol the 1!'^!» ofncers cif tlir po.'-t, who \\rre elre-ted *t fhr Krjitember meotini.;. P. I, Woodson is the commander-elect, and is now -.. .-- louinilatinn jilnns for the wellnro of ; JJf ' llv fl<1 ')p Ransom rntrrtninc-cl the Ihe orRunii'ation. Announecment • I "" IJWll)B Pli'.vmatcs at her homo on wn« nlMt made that harlx>eue sand-' 1 "" 1 ' ll(Ul birthday, Betty June Har- wichrs will be served following the: dv v '-'Vrna Drll Sffttlrs, Theodora meeting. 'Ihe auxiliary i-erved tlirsc! BlilER - B^thnlane Gardner. Franeis at one pie\ious meeting, nnd the i HarnnRton, Lucille Samous, Phyllis LYNDON BRIEFS '>nudn. III. Oct. 9. — idea proved very popular with the bo vs. was He could not nt and will be the guest o£ Whilesidc county lor 6C\-cral days. Jmed $50 and coiU. Jiquidate the Affair Celebrates Three Anniversaries Morrison. 111., Oct. 0— iSrjecinl.)— A "thrce-in-onc" celebration was enjoyed by of_ J Mr.--nnd- a number or Iriends Mrs. %V. H. Sprinkle Saturday evening at their home. 317 East Main ;-u«'t, October 7 being the birthday of both Mr. and Mrs. Sprinkle and also their 30lh Shedding anniversary. During the temporary absence of the hostess iiuin the dining room the cfk'bianu were enjoying a delightlui rep.t end groom my.' on the Uibk. Th a immature bride upepared d«-j)H'non nf some er the hfr-l:ke rhsr.uTi'rihiii-;->'"was BO noticeable that much merriment mulled the. balance of tin.- Will Elect Directors Of Whiteside Co. Fair Morrison. 111.. Oct. 9.— (Special)— An election of officers and directors lor the Whiteside County Agricultural Society fair is scheduled to be held nt the municipal building thl:. nftefiioon between 2 and 4 o'clock. At a meeting held Saturday evening it was deeded to have blank ballots, so that the stockholders may have an unrestricted opportunity of writing in the names of those they wish. Erie, ERIE BRIEFS 111. Oct. 8.—(Specials— •, Barbara Joan was born , and eVlina Ransom and Kiuaell Maberry. Ucfre.'.hnipnts were served. The table WUK decorated with n rikc with five yc-Jlow-wui- dies, yellow nut dolls, dressed in n dre«--N. Each guest with a Rlit. and yellow yellow ruffled presented her Mr. nnd Mrs. Bender and fnnu'Iy motored to Oalcsburg Sunday to visit relatives. ruii.sell Muberry entertained Mildred, H.aa>l and Doris Ahrens Saturday from 1 to 3 o'clock. Ice crenm and cake were served. Gene Ransom worked at Dcnrock Sunday in Mr. McCoy's place. Mr. McCoy went to his home in Oales- to Mr. and Mrs. Lylo Ollnger Sunday afternoon. Mrs. dllnger was formerly Mios Nellie Russell. A son Robert Edward was born to Mr. and Mis. Henry Biumhoff Sunday afternoon, Mrs^—Blumhofl. was formerly Miss Ruth Kclscnbig- ler. Rev. and Mrs. James Ellison arc the parents of a sou James Blair born Monday. Mr.s. Peter Dyk.stra returned Sunday evening from u hospital in Clinton, when- underwent un cmer- grncy «,vTat,on a rew week, ago ' Mrs. Alice Maberry entertained Irene Kansom and daughters, aicillc Samous for dinner Sunday, also Mr.s. Alice Stungcr, and friend from Clinton. Mrs. John Attlfr spent several days in Rock Island county In the home of Mr. Attig's mother. Mr.s. Alice Mnbcrry, Funeral .Rites Wedneiday Tamplco. III., Oct 0.-~f8pecl«l)~ The fimrral frrvices of Elmer Jn ouet will bn hrUj Wednesday foro noon ot 10 o'ejoek. at the Chrlstlflt church, r.nd burial will be in th Tnmpico cemetery. TAulPICO BRIEFS TampSco, III. Oct. 8.—('Special. ---Two nnmr. 1 ; were omitted in th 1 wriie up of tlir- frcshmnn class, th- officers rlrcird are ns follows prrsidrnt. John Olxson; vice presl dent, LeRoy Kelly; r^crctarj', Fred Bingenheirncr; tl-casurer, Susann Jacobtion. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Meredith and the lntter'.«( parent.',, Mr. and Mrs Oeo. Homes of Peoriiv. III., motored here Sunday nnd upent the day with Mr. Meredith's parents, Mr. and Mr:,. E. W. Meredith. Mr. and Mrs. George Newman ant tho former's mother, Mrs. Emma Newman of this city and Mr. ant Mrs; Leonard Newman nnd son .Junior of Oreensburgh, Ind., motored to Davenport Sunday and visited "a little bit of Heaven" nt WOC Mr. and Mr.s. E. R. Peterson were dinner iiue.stK Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Georgia Harrington in Walnut. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maloney and son Raymond visited Hunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs Will Hcitzler near Hooppolc. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Smith, daughter Mrs. Ina Hclller and Mrs. Ida.Allen enjoyed a motor trip to Kcwanee Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Adda Aydelott, Arlle Love and son John were Sterling visitors Saturday afternoon. -< Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murray of Roy. 111., motored here and spent the week-end with their son, George L. Murray and wife. Saturday afternoon the four enjoyed a drive to Oregon and Rockford. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oetzel and daughter Helen Marie of Prophets- ftbt-iry. Mrs. Lee Lyon town visited Sunday at the home - ..... ou.muy »v me noaic und son Boyd motored to Prophetstown to attend thp picture show. Mrs. Bender and daughter Mildred. Mrs. Murphy and daughter. Ix>na, attended the show Saturday night in Prophetstown. The Royal Neighbors of Lyndon und some from .,,-j w *. tt»,.n.ii* n it-w yvccua HKU. * ,.,., ,t „ i .1 i Mr. and Mr s . w.iiiam Whitcand n',^ fL!! 1 -!.. 1 l .°, me , Kin Harry of \Voodhull, 111., were .Si.inriiiv;. Kue.^t.s. oi Mn: .Joatum Gra- gath- bel. . . Among the bi-autilul pilt.s received and much appreciated was a string Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Angell and family oi Rock Island spent Sunday with Mrs. Angell's gra Mrs. Eh/_tbeili M. St-elev. of Mr. and Mrs. George Oetzel. Mr. and Mrs. John Woods and daughter Shirley Mac were Davenport visitors Sunday. Mrs. William Long nnd daughter of Sheffield visited Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Adams. Mrs. Mildred Lamont visited over the week-end at Mr. and Mrs. Will i ita ai uie Home oi Mr.s. Manning, the week-end at Mr and : then went to the home of Mrs. Alice Lamont's at Prophetstown Maberry and gave her a complete Mi^ H,,7».i Am,™* n r • gave her a complete They cnrripcl well filled baskets. At the close of the after* ,, 1 a llne !uneh and KnuVdmo ei r pselltfd Neighbor .Maberry with Kinnumotnci, i tu , n „,..„ i.,._,,.. it , ..„„,„._,' -, Hazel Adams of Yorktowu was a dinner guest Saturday eve- nine at the home of Mrs. Mary Adams. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Woods and Mr. and Dave Guthrie and of ivory bead.-., luuukaned by (Chinese artu>&n, and a bravs i^lil, ss^^'« ^|2r;r s.'r-s. cta * s ' opriiiKit' ^ fluUuntCT C**irrif *»*- A »T . r-.ou- in-.-.* „. \t, i t ~ ;\ Mrs Anna Benymnn has gone to P™, 1J «J>»''. Canal | pavt-nixu-i wlu-i,- .she »-ju uuike ail ^ an<uli ''- : Mnd!-l:ui!eMhii uim" her" blather. pTaritc Yogi aiid""hVr""i)iece~arid'Tie'- ;phcw. Mr. «nd Mrs. Herbert Thor- two nice books in remembrance of .daughter Helen motored to LaMoille ,.« —o. ^...u uuu.m- «iiu «r O,',H »t ^H ,, (Sunday and spent the duy. They r, Marjonc and Mrs. Evlvui tn "L "1, Ins 9 Iivcr Olwn enter-,were accompanied home by Mrs. • 'iMiiipn r*Am t v.! 111 * t i-fi »^i fiiti.,.. _. '»*».. .1 . . _- . __ y from Chicago, over .Woods' parents, Mr. and Mrs. H week-end, among them being ' Stacy of LaMoille. Observe Their Silver Wedding Anniversary Morrison. !i!. Oct Tile sih-tr uniaau; Mr. and Mr:. CUuciuc B. Swecr Newton was uum«iy obs«-r\e<J Mon- a0 V d a^» | Mrs. Tiion-nson was formerly Miss Mrs. Helen D. a former re- by friend.-. .•-uriHiMng them ut home, where an enjoyable lime was held. Mr.-Sweet is clusir-jdaus of the Whiteside rouijty board i^ust J>—'Spci-lal.)--{ Mildred Vogt ami ammeiMiiy o!"i sident o! Esie. of I Mr. and Mr.--, .lolni Cur.->li-n.seu uere, in Hie home of the Ut- tiieenlee, who haa tspcnt Sunday at Davenport and rvisited--"-a-little t»it-of "Hcavon" at WOC. Mr, and Mrs. James Arnold motored to Bradford, Sunday und visited relatives. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McCracken en- tertalned their children and a lew i*n arrival home Monday. George Reece, of Prophststown, was a Lyndon visitor Friday. Miss Mabel Ahrens of Sterling, came home Friday to visit in the Henry ;-r Ixjnora of Milledgevllle spent r-<;uurd«y with relatives. Mr and Mrs. Dwlght .<!-.d Mr, and Mr». Lloyd Schreiner iiuitorrd to Batavla on Sunday iiHirnlnjt where they spent the day, rimming home In the'evening. Karl Mines of Chicago spent the •Acrk-cnd with relatives. Mrs. Brink of Dixon spent several days nt the W. J. Schrclnci 1 hn;nr, Miss Susan Smith of Caroline Mar!: Home at Mt. Carroll IB vislt- Jric with Mr. and Mrs, F. M, Spent. man. Mr. nnd Mr,-. Wallace Ware and dmithter of Fulton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Sam Turnbaugh. Chtu. W. Miller has purchased R new corn husker, which U to be delivered the 16th of thl« month. It is claimed this corn husker will husk a load of com In 18 minutes. Mr. and Mrs. George Manning nnd daughter Masinc of Dixon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mm. Chas. Queckbocrner. Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Pumper and son; Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnrvc Queck- boerner nnd daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hartman and family of Mt. Carroll spent Sunday with Mrs. Schuchard, Kenneth Senneff of Chicago spent the week-end with his parente, Mr. and Mrs, H, B. Senneff. Mr. and Mrs. John Lott of Lanark spent Sunday with relatives John Hicks has torn down his old jam. and will have a garage built io Is place, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dambman and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Henry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Z. Roderick and Mrs. Alice Keckler were dinner guests at the Frank Cheeseman home on Sunday. „ . . Mrs. Wm. Seattle and two sons of near Lanark spent Monday at Ann* F, DUVm, TJwi Viofhn, $f»* f*«y Dating KUlfdAto, III, OH 8<~.{8pt$t*ji)™ Th$ Boy 8e»yts wr* fiftn HJFJ gyt^ ing an* Meen to Itoolf lalsiatl '. »ft*nwon to wi*ti««? thtlr b»twt»n q*rthe«*!, Ttw foUowinf scouts ": Leonard WsSm*r, ~ Oharl** Nelson,Hann*. Junlnr Il«n«in. Virgil WuJnwrtght, ArooW Con and AUwrt WUt^rwronglt, Tlwy wens by Mr. ontl Mrs. J, R. and son Gale, and Mrs. E. a»a son itm mm mm «ta „.„ Mrs, Mf. ry of ' B, in Alton Ortibs of Mr, Mrs, Ifailan tA ttjj Mr, th« w8«lr»fiRd, Mr. Mrs.. K^wt and d«ng ht«f ,Mr. and Mw. and son Clifford of Roott I«!*nd wws of Mock Fells, wt*k-*nd K. A. For Bf01y Hillsdalfr. Ill, Oct. 0.— (8peci«il)-- The following will »p*ak at th« r«- publican rally at the Hillsdsle hlfh schooJ Wednesday evening, J. F. Murpliy and mi L«ng«rt of Rock Island. Dsn McNeni, Judge Larson juid Mm. n. C. J. Meyer of Molina. The Peter McArthur enfetrtalners from WOC, Davenport, will also be on the program. al K**. n. A honst with th«m for tte In@c Lik«« and LttcUl« Rtek o Morrison wsrt Synd*y dlnn«r fii«rt« at tht hcsn* of Mr. and Mn. J. 1C, Mr. and Mr». WUHftm OoltrllJe o D»r!*n, Win., over th w*sk-end at ths home of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wright. Mrs, Lstura Wright, mother of Mrs. Oolvill«, accompanied them home for a visi Mr. and Mm. Kenneth Mlckl« and daughter Peg®y of Rock Falla Mc^lrath P.T.A. Meeting Malvern, 111., Oct. 9,—(Special.) —-The McKlrath district will hold Its iir»t Parent-Teachers meeting Friday night, part of the evening will be devoted to the election of officers, A program consisting of a dialogue and other numbers will b« given by the school. Buy Cattle For Feeding Proplwtatoim, Illinois, Oct 9 ~ (Special.)—Despite the fact that the pries of cattle U hlfh, farmers are buying cattle /or fesdlnf. Tha first of the we«k <3*orge K, Richmond and L. S. McNamara went to Omaha for several car loads. Funeral of Mrs. Senner ill.. Oct. B. he D. E. Graham home. Mrs. Lester Schrelner and Val tmiiibrr ol tlifir jti-r'.-. Miter, Mr.s. (.U'oree Shcrrard, their : visitors in Peoria Monday, .sunal t Mr. and Mrs. Cieorgc -Tiinu-r and ° f R ° Ck Fa!ls ' other re "» Uv « «t tlieir home Sun- caller on Saturday. Jday. present were the fol- e. ol Mormon, has been lowing. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S Me- jKenzie und-family and Mrs. Flora ' '' Moline. visited Krie relutivtb a L; Ot'o. HHVV.S vihiting his brother, Roy Hawse. Roy Morif. of PurtluaU, was here :Deitz of 'I'unipico,"*Mr. and Mi'a i}' on busine-ss Sutuixluy. ' |c. Johnson, and family and S w' Mr - aiK » Miil Arthur Gibion, Mrs. IHalsted of Sterlfng,'"Mr?and"Mrs" ii' Farfor oi tlus city were among those Charles Feasler present. j v j George Brown wss a rcwnt urri- MORHiSON BRIEFS ! VB| fronl Bt - Lo"«.and will spend 'he winter with his Mstcr. Mrs. Rose _ -_-_..~i=_«»* J «..JL_HRl3ted.-of_^ckin ( --in. I -Mr,-mid uas u business ^^\A *» "l of , ^"PheUtown, Mrs. George 8. Craig of Downen, (visitor in Chicago. Monday I \ M ^ «»« wwk-end in the home Grove, ill, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gibson. •ison. II!,. Oct. 0.—The Thomas '' Robert&on laimly iiad us i-iu-.-tb, Sunday Mr. atitf Mrs. John McMil- a lid aLo .. _. . and Mr. and Mrs. Will n. Mury Gibson re« Childs of Norbornc. Missouri .with t lie-in. • | Mr. and Mrs. Will Peterson enter- Mr, and Mi.s. Carl Anderson, of j tallied, the following guests at Sun- la« and sou Jack o! Mr, and Mi.-. Cl Ch; The c.aiva. , - c.aiva. urtf viaitJn K in che home oflday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. August Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gibson. SwansQB iin .'au Robe Mr. and , in Mr.s Wall the ijt, uh qu:rkSy Mii.-.r- tilt •Swanson iilid .'daughter Edna Cc- Chamber-1 celia and ion Wlllard and lady s OrtoH, vi&ited j friend of Princeton, Mi-, and Mrs ( home of Mr. and Mrs. .M. M. Sea strum of Prophetstown .u-burfe'.,Prophetstown. 'Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Melvijle and ladits oi the H. N. A. lodge;.son Artie of Sterling. Afternoon lauipico where they guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harold ejitmaim-tl Tuesday by the ,Barch of Clinton. Iowa, H. H. Burch motored to Tlu- turned *t the V.uidu itSi. Vi.j >i iitr ouj) lUHit* tO ten USTICK BRIEFS tjstu-k. ill. Oct. 9.—(Special.) — ; HiUly Uuy was observed at the fau.iday with a K.igc ciowd prewfiil i lor the H-gular M-rvift- in the ijiorn- liiit. picnu- dinner at twelve thirty |..nd :-peeial piu;;r«m in the alter-. l^mpjeo H. N A. nju^e. AH pr»t s . iana daughter Shirley and liairv Uiuon. -ilioM- p.t-.seiit iroin other Ml he splendid nunner of Tuaiplco Linder. and children of Morrison ;p:.a,.s were: It.-v and Mr.v William i lo "f • I Mr. and Mrs. James J. Darby •t b.'iye and cium;!iUT KaUiryn of i IUl - and Mi. i-'rank Hodges, of: visited Sunday with the toiler's par- :Urhu.ib Mrs. f.ttlH-ruu- Haibon ol:" or "so«. yisiit-d Sunday ut tlw j.'ents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Som, I I-uhon. Mr. and Mu. (Jner Miller, i vv - Hougea lioaie. i at Oregon, 111. ;Mr.-:. Mttg«u- foot. Mr. w nd Mrs,! *'• J- Ljoa und Win 8, McCoy i Mr. »»d Mrs. C D jHobcrt Row all u! Mormon, Mr. and jUjotored to Oale*.buryr Sunday. -MyrUp Graham and '?•?•>•• Liutait iuiuty uud iwi iut-i ^' ^JJtJ Mrs. Ptiiutrr Hhodcf, Mr.!motored K-u ol Lyndon. ' "'" 4 "•- « " " - - -• ' ; «»"••«"c« lod^i'. Allprais. ! and daughter Shirley and Love pent iSaturday with Mr. and Mrj. B. F. Buckwalfc«r at Mt. Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKean of Sterling ejpent.Sunday with Mr. and Irs. H. H. Zugachwerdt. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hosteller and amily of Mt. Carroll spent Sun- ay evening with the Wm. Traum amily. Mr. and Mrs. George Hicks and on Robert of Argo Fay spent Sun- ay with Mr. and Mrs. John Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Weber and iussel of near Mt. Carroll spent unday with Mrs. Ola Weber. Mr. and Mrs. Meryl Spencer spent unday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Catzenberger near Mt. Carroll. Harold Fink, a student of Carnage college spent the week-end 1th his parents. Wm. Strauch is visiting his sls- er Mrs. Kathryn Shlbley at Fair- lew, Kan., for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey spent Monday afternoon at Preeport. George H. Lang sold his house outh of town 16 AiiVust Altensee. Mrs. Mina Motirman is visiting at the home of her son Ben and family at DeKalb. Mrs. Fred Crahler and daughter of Dixon spent several days at the Lawrence Strauch home. On Sunday Mr. und Mrs. Strauch entertained the following at their home Mr. and Mrs. Fred Orahler and (laughter of Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. Preese Stnneff and family; Mrs. ISmma J3enneff; Mr, and Mrs. Clayton Senneff and_daugMer. of_Bocfc~ ford and "Mrs. Sam Senneff of Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. "League of La Crosse! Wi*., spent several days at the Oeo Lang. Sr., home. Wayne Plumer has rented tiie Stela property and will move into the same, as soon as it Is vacated by the Lamoreaux family. Mrs. Henssl returned to her home at Morrison on Sunday after a visit at the Henry Miller and M. L. Hiller homes. Miss Viola Taylor returned to Chicago on Saturday morning after ft Visit with her sister. Mrs. Harold Smith and family before going to ¥t£>>* Vm»->» jt *. y» _i._». * ^* ^™ h»r home at Galesburg. held !!«• <.:. u. sweet horn* ui City today. Harrv itturned u> Uie Ut tbe Mr*.' Ea-a a.' ui hii uncle., Dr. his Loo«fu»e«ker her but ti*s Hex "•iaewiv«r. a .» eeurie la !•>. sad Mr. *ii td to Q»*eij|J4?rt iu the city iw and at of her brother VVUiuun and family. .udwiu 111., Sunday ' Manila vi..aung witii Jii Sunday, i place. . her brother ana \u!« Mr. and .Mrs. C. R. McKw at IUTM-II*, * ; — Mr.~ and Mrs. chnries kpvnt fcJunday ui Uu' home ci daughter MJS. Puul McD^tti'mwi u* • ........ ""' G& By This Simple tict rub . ftlifl la S«tf Siluuie*. will ut ie ara flint aii;iU Swmt &tu£ Skmtty • ive sup«f-a«i»» tmeilktu for the ^ t' lt<Jaio $' wuaififi, scrt» aftaioas of the - - dmdtu£ , »fcJ t|«m«ttt for fift tth Cutta»* So»p, for wftc ad toothuc tfcg «kln bowAr of the hwr. The funeral services of Mrs. Lena M. Rcnner of Deer Grove held at the Tampico M. E. church Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. Burial in ths Tamplco cemetery, FENTON BRIEFS Fenton, HI., Oct. B. — (Special) — Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rosnow and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chriaop were business callers at Clinton Friday night Mr. and Mrs. Roy Florence nnd children of Chicago and Ear! Slor- ence of Creston, Tenn., were at tt» home of their father. John Florence. Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mr*. Wayne Bealer and Mr. and Mm Carl Rosnow were Clinton callers Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Forth and son John motored to Clinton Sunday and were entertained at th* home of Mr. and Mrs. AUioe. Harold -lerwjlt, son ~fll Mr. and Mrs. Coo Tervelt, while shucking walnuts Saturday, got Ills left arm caught in the corn shelter and gave it a bad twist, and la now carrying it in a sling. Mrs. Opel Ncal. who has been ill. was able to teach her school at, Frankyn in Clyde Monday. Mr, and Mrs. W. J, Forth entertained Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Marchel and children of Erie, Mr. and Mrs. John Tetter of LaClare, and Mr, and Mrs. Earl Bejinet of Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bull and chll drcn of Morrison were callers at the Jack Hamm home Sunday evening Mrs. Raymond Hogarth and soi Raymond spent last week in Colomi with her parents, Mr. and Mi's. Dan Jones. J. C, Hogarth of Davenport was week-end visitor at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs..Thomas Ha garth. Mrs. Carrie Mason and daughter Miss Vida, entertained for Sunday Mr. and Mrs, Pete Fyse. Mr. ant Mrs, Hurry Elliott and Mr. and Mm William Mason. Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson children were guests for dinner Bunday in Newton at the home of Mr and Mrs. Fred KeLsel. In the after* noon they all motored to Erie am called on Mr. and Mrs. James Bo- mile. . LegterJWright returned home from spent the week-end at the homa oi Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Lik?s. Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Chrfsop en ttrtalned for dinner Sunday, Mr and Mrs, W. J. Forth. Mr. and Mrs. George Ooodln enc family were iuppr gucat* in Tarn- pica Sunday at the home of Mr, &n< Mrs, Earl Sawyer. Mr, and Mrs, G. E. Robert* of Ocnesco were *upp«r pucstji at the home of their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ohrtsop. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Watklnc of Rock Island were callers In town Monday Mrs, Alice Miller and daughters B«atrica and Burnice, of Erie called on Mrs. Jane Miller at the Mary Oorbett home Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Blaisdei! and E. A. Likes were bualne&a callers n Davenport Friday. Mr*. Mike Oaffey was driving a pony tho latter part of the week: when it became frightened and ran away. Mrs. Oaffe? Jumped but got caught in the wheel aod Is very bad ly bruised. J. O. Hawk and son Howard shipped cattle to Chicago Monday. Howard Hawk, shipment. accompanied the a Clinton hospital Saturday improved in health. Mrs. David Bealer motored to Sterling Sunday and tier cousin Mrs. Fred Voelsch, and son of Sioux Fails, 8. DalL, returned boms with Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. S X&. Springer* and owr 27e l&. . Springers up tv No. Brown Egg*, ties. ....... , , , No, I WMtt Eggs, .Sic Biackhawk Produce Co., Lou Jensen of Clinton spent the week-end with hU nephew, Chris Jensen. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Burns were Sunday gue*te at the Wilkinson home hi Stock Falls. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bums and son Harold and Eva Bristol were dinner At th« J. A. Ewers boms Sunday. In the afternoon they were Al- b«nf ealSerU Mr. and Mr*. Howard .Hawk of Nowton eatartaiuea at * famUy dinner Sunday, Mr, and Mrs. J. O. Hawk of Newton, Mre. |*heb* Edea of Rockford, Mr. and Mra. Randolph B«N» and «on of Erie, Mr. and Mrs. R, B. Ewers and daughter Rachaci and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Forth and daughter Arlene. Business callers at Morrison Monday afternoon were Mrs. Thomas Chrlsop, Mrs. J. K. Likes and Mrs. Dan Forth and daughter Arlene. PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS Prophetstown, Illinois, Oct. 8.— (Special,)—Raymond ptt was out from Chicago Sunday to see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ott and other relative* and friends. Mr, ef Mm Mr, Asssit tint Mr*. OUfcsrl el Mr, HI,, with In «aturd»y Mm my FTWJ^ L, Somenauk, oa WillUiin Thomp^wi wt*. « g«r to Chicago Monday momtaat ?j»ii fe«t. was a patsfnetr to hmln«s» Qeorg« W. Warner of this city, it rlf- visitor to Florida, *»ys that no odd* how fine a toy w» haw in Illinois, it is always better in FJorSds, Mr. &nd Mrs. Clifford R«yrK»ldf, MJs« Ousta Brydla and Mrs. Oom UnderhlU drovs to Prlnwtoa Sunday to b« gutsta of frltnds. Mr. and Mre. Gale Underhlll sptnt Saturday and Sunday in. Sttrlips with, friends, PALMYRA BRIEFS Palmyra, ill., Oct. 8.—in the report of tha R. B, Hortlcumirnl So- clety'B meeting held in PrelrteviHo Thur«3«y, - & typofraphlcal error said Franfe Kills w«» elected prwl- d«nt. The name »Kould be Trank Sills. Another m!*t*ko in tht Horticultural report WM In regard to the C«co gr»p»*. Mr, Hey infornw ma that the CKCO is a large red grape instead of a Email white grape aa reported. The October meeting of tha Prairievllle Social Circle will be Iwld with Mrs. M. D, Taylor, Wedne»d*y. Mr. and Mra. E. 8. Soltenberger will move from the Oap into the house now occupied by Elmer Over- cwsh in Prairievllle next Monday. Sunday they vteltsd Charles Au» ment. in Sterling, who in an Invalid. Betty Meppln, who** arm was badly sprained while cranking an automobile, IB improving although she • till carries her arm in A sling. Another carload of white face 'eedera pa*sed through the Grove recently thia load being driven east Famous Cough' Prescription Cantatas K% CUiaretbniUOr Other the use of medicines containing hloroform or dopt to relieve cough- ng is dangerous and unneeeaaary. Wow iTiyorie can ffettjuick *urfr relief with a famous prescription called wlner which contahw no chtere-^ orm or other harmful drugs and U safe and pleasant to take. Thoxina is thoroughly efficient Mcaiue it has » doubt* action— xx>the« tha irritation— goes direct the internal cause, and stops tha cough almost instantly. Far«*u- erior to cough syrup? and patent medicines. Also excellent for sore hroat. Quick relief guaranteed or our money back. S5o. 60c. and 1.00r'Sold"by BiAford's Pharmacy. terling; Daggett's Drug Store, Rock Fails.— Adv. See yourself as others have NEVER seen you Last season the stores were full of hats and the hats were full of fashion—but never like this. Newer and fuller opportunities to look jauntier—jollier. ,,. A new thrill in living is to be found under the brim of a STJSTSON, •$7 to $10 * Btttrthede&tfar s on-the new Fall shirt & Bmdley*Bpyntm G0*

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