Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 16, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1963
Page 5
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South) free from rcsmirces ot public library radii* tie*. 'the greatest racial Inequality" bcciirs in Birmingham, Ala,, and Washington, DC. s" thr report New Windsor I CARNIVAL Groups Map; Activities By Dick Turner t ^ 1 CHICAGO CAP) - Racial South has proceeded without If rtM PatiniAM are sifted the im% a «um- AlOIQ ft6UlllOll WiPt of ah American Association *u At Far mora frequently than has V AW«s ™« mu **. hem the ease with other public «. Y , A « C1TY ~\ 1116 17ttl La £ facilities" the AM^IXH ^» NUAL R °8 ers reunion was held libraries has been accomplished without protest movements or dis« ruptions of community life." Prom the survey, expected (o It was decided to remove the stone border from the Rogers cemetery lot and to reset three stones. The men of the family Every ytir Hi Jftt* Mr family ttlteidhi (he family mmUm m ffijTliiftfcMtfi itif, Ttttto fl always c*»«Mer»Me dHfTteiHy li grttitg atyofie t# i«*pt an efftee. t happened te have heea the pmttfctt for the la«t Me; a** when It tame to eteetl** M mm ettteeti, mrimiy waited a Joh. Can they be fereed to d* the job (as I was) If they de Mt want to take an office? It has been my atrial** that the official bmlness of an organhBitiM of this •hottld be hiMifoi by the kinsmen of the originator* What do yon think? Interested to Know be published in Its entirety this , > fall, researchers concluded that are to meet at the cem * ter y My 28 to do the work. one out $ four southern cities make their public library facili- > -— ties available to , persons of all sported John Higgs left the first Mrs. Mattie Gentle, historian, races on an equal basis. Wood part of June for Ft. Leonard Louis Rogers Alabama have integrated library married to Judith Sandfort July r **imu- iu „ A 29 last year at St. Charles, Mo. facilities, the report said. Direct discrimination defined Mrs. t Edna Bantz reported for as complete exclusion from li- her family that Gerald Bantz was braries—is confined to 16 states married to Sharon Hambrock on classified in the report as the June 29, 1963. Deanne Lynn was born Nov. 17 South. Dear 1 don't believe you can or should force someone to take an eledive office. A person who has to be forced into (his kind of job probably wouldn't carry out his duties well anyway. Any person who is eligible to attend the reunion should be eligible to hold office. Perhaps the solution to your problem would be an announcement to the effect that every adult will be expected to take his turn at holding office and doing the work which is necessary for an event of this kind. The work should be divided evenly and not fall on any single perfeon year after year. Dear Penny, I have been Invited to a baby shower for one of my very best friends* My husband's work has been very slow and we have a new baby at our house, too. For these reasons the old budget has been stretched just about to the breaking point and there simply Is not enough In the piggy-bank for a very nice shower present, I would feel badly giving her something too inexpensive, because she gave our baby a lovely gift when he was born. I would like very much to go to this shower since It will be an «f iriHnHir i,-^—«ii * . ... iMn A. »w' 11 • ., * Willi au line WCt» I1IUCII W KU W HUB BllUWCr SIHVV II Will IPC Mil Library segregation is st 1962, to Harold and Betty Ann nnnnriimitv J m . «# m „ fri AM f. i ha «„«« widespread and severe in the Bantz. opportunity for me to see many of my friends I haven t seen five-state area of the Deep I The death South," the report said. Indirect discrimination, the re since school, but I would like to know if it would just be better arch 11, 1963, The officers for the of Phyllis Bantz to 8tay hom ^ Ufflder the c i rcum9t ances? coming port said, is found throughout the year are: President, Rollin United States. "Indirect" refers Bantz; Clayton Swartzbaugh, to location of branches and re- vice president, and Mary Ann sources, limiting access by one Taylor secretary-treasurer. The group San Francisco was found to be 1 5 at the only one of 10 large cities Home Park. 1964 J the Yates City Harvest Donuts Grand Av«. or Whitesboro ONE 16-OZ .ICE TEA TUMBLER AND STIR SPOON PLUS with purchase of ONE DOZEN DONUTS . . COUPON BELOW CLIP BAKER'S DOZEN DONUTS Coupon Grand Avo. at Whitesboro Tumbler and - Coupon I Broke Betty Dear B,B.» By all means, go! I'm sure your friend would not want you to stay away just because of a depleted wallet. Besides, who says you can 't come up with the snazziest gift without spending a cent? .Why not put a little artistic talent to work and make a fancy scroll or certificate. Make this certificate redeemable for "one evening's baby sitting services by the most experienced diaper changer in a 40-mile r&dius." This could also work for a casserole supper to be delivered on the first night home from the hospital or a house-cleaning session or a free ironing. After all, anyone can go downtown and buy a gift. The person who is willing to give of himself is rare and should be appreciated. Dear Penny, t My child had trouble with his reading in school last year. We had planned to have him tutored, but we had to take our vaca- NEW WINDSOR - Mrs. Mario Forseth, vice president, preside ed at the meeting of the United Presbyterian Women, who con* vened Friday at the C. E. Build- tag. Mrs. Curtis Walsten conducted the devotions, Mrs. Atlee Brown, church world service chairman, announced the clothing, which will be sent to this service should be left at the CE. Building before July 30. Plans were discussed for the annual praise service Nov. 8 at the church. The Faith Guild will serve as hostesses. Announcement was also made of the bloodmobile which will be at Viola July 16. Mrs. Curtis Walsten, a member of the committee of 500, spoke on "A Day in Court." The United Presbyterian Women will be hostesses to the junior missionary group at the Aug. 10 meeting. Mrs. Donald Crawford and Mrs. Myron Hickok will serve as program committee. Mrs. Jack Bollinger and Mrs. Arnold Roquet are hostesses. The World Mission Institute was announced for Aug. 5-9 at the Northwestern University in Evanston. New Windsor Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Myron Armstrong and family of Anaheim, Calif., were guests July 17 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hickok. Myron is a brother of Mrs. Hickok. AVON — AvoWdalf Alt ceived top honors at the County share*the*fun festival held Friday night at the Canton Senior High School. This club will appear at the state fair in August for with golf clubs, dear?" Maquon Club Has Picnic At Lakeside MAQUON Mrs. Warren Stevans and her daughters were guests Thursday of the Good On Friday the Hickok family of New Windsor, the Richard cheer CIub * Carlson family, Mrs. Mabel Arm- The group held its annual pic- strong and Hans Gran of Reyn- nic supper at Stevan's lake. The olds were guests at the William group decided to meet every Armstrong home honorin at Reynolds three weeks instead of every _ the California relatives, month. Vern Bangston underwent surgery July 11 at Moline Public Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith I day at the Maquon Church. The The Maquon Unit of Homemakers Extension will meet Fri- The average "lifetime" of a Tiros weather satellite is about four months. Receiving the state master of ceremonies was Deflhli Mummert of Astoria. First alter* nate was the T .6. tiarmonettea and second alternate Jolly Work* ers. First and second alternates in the master of ceremonies were Larry Hawkins and Shirley Sackman, respectively. Those receiving A ratings were Victory Aids, Checkrow Chlx, Junior Homemakers, Pacemakers and Jolly Merry Maids. Master of ceremonies receiving A ratings were: Linda Cattron and Susan Cleer. Participation ribbons were giv* cn to Avon Scissor Sisters, Smithfield Up-and-Coming Senior, Monterey Happy*Gb-Lucky, Astoria Homemakers, Voung Hickory Nutcrackers, Mound Builders, Flying Eagles and Big Ten. Nearly three fourths of the earth's surface, almost 400 million cubic miles, consists of water. CLASSIFIEDS! Ethan Allen EARLY AMERICAN SUMMER Chilberg and son Kenneth and 4 " H Ch* members and mothers were supper guests at the L. L. wil1 be guests. No. 3 spoon with donut purchaso r and this coupon. No/3 tion right after school was out. Is it too late to start him now | of Inman, Kan., visited Mrs. GusI Sc i uare Circle and Peppy Pals and how do I go about finding someone to help him? B.L. Dear B.L., Even three or four weeks of tutoring should make a big difference in his reading skill for the next school year. You could run an advertisement for a tutor, or the office of the Board of Education may be able to give you some leads. Personal to Sponsors; It is a policy of this column never to print any appeal such as yours unless it is made by a well-known service or civic organization. If you care to make known your personnel, your aims and purposes, and more details about your group, I will consider carrying it at a later date. Thinking of you . . . Penny Wallin home Saturday. ^Mrs. Stanley Danwitz and daughter Jane, of Short Hills, N. J., spent the past week at the Arnold Petrie home. Stanley Danwitz arrived»Sunday for a short visit. Mrs. Gilbert Austin returned anc j home Monday from St. Mary's Hospital in Galesburg. She had been a patient since May 13. She suffered chest injuries, a broken left leg and right arm in a car accident east of Knoxville. To Leave Hospital Watch for additional coupons in this paper. Send yoar questions to Penny, in care of the Galesburg Register-Mall. Your letter will be answered either in this column or personally* Letters need not be signed unless a personal reply Is desired. IK KPHDUU8 f ROM DONE! Named to Dean's List AtlSNU Named to the dean's list for the second semester at Illinois State Normal University, Normal, were seven students from Galesburg and surrounding communities. The list included 482 persons. Those from this area are: Beth Christy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Christy of 1469 Beecher St., Galesburg; Richard Eacott, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Eacott of 515 Rio, Galesburg; Merrilee Gearhart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Gearhart of Lake Bracken. Also, Jim King, son of Mr, and Mrs. Keith King of Oneida; Carroll Lou Shaheen, daugher of Mr, and Mrs, Louis E, Shaheen of Elmwood; Janet McLaughlin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McLaughlin of Alpha; Philip Loveall, son of Mrs. Mary Lovs- MONEY Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shafer returned home Wednesday after a 2-week vacation to the West WASHINGTON; (UPD --George Coast. They visited Mrs Shafer's Preston Marshall, owner of the sister, Mrs. Malcolm Knight at Washington Redskins, is expected Homer, Calif, to leave Georgetown Hospital next Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Donald- weekend following what was de- son, daughter Susan and Mr. and scribed as a "mild vascular I Mrs. Alvin Donaldson returned spasm." I home Thursday after a trip to Doctors reported that Marshall I Abredeen, Md. They visited Mr. and Mrs. Garland Dillon, and stopped at Washington, D.C. and Atlantic City. BEDROOM GROUP Now is recovering satisfactory. all of 503.N.W. First St., Galva; and Emily Cederberg; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Cederberg of 217 S. Pleasant St., Cambridge. The name "Tiros" stands for Television Infrared Observation Satellite. VICKROY'S HOUSE of Ethan Allen 248 East Simmons Galesburg 0 living with THE LOW PRICE The car shown above is a '63 Podge Polara hardtop, a beautiful bargain if there ever was one-a good reason why Podge sales are up 65.5% so far this model year. For one thing, the Polara is priced with Ford and Chevy. For another, it's backed by a five-year/ 50,000-mile warranty.* And to seal the bargain, Podge Pealers are tfiAfl IMIMr III giving the best deals in their history. So be our guest and come IHK.i IIIIIIKr III drive this bargain. The '63 Podge. At your Dodge Dealers now. IM1MI If UMMl in NORTHERN CREDIT CO., INC. Type! Financing and loans Available in Amount! from Of course not- of ten, anyway. So takes income when sickness or accident of Country Life's comprehensive health in surance Your Country Life agent has the answer: Dis* anility income inswance—*egular monthly payment3 to help cover ordinary expenses and relieve you of wheelchair worry until you're on your feet again, You'll want to ask him about the other important normal hospital-medical-surgical bills—or a costly once-in-a-lifetime medical catastrophe. Make it a habit to check all your insurance need* with your friendly Country Life agent, He's an expert in helping you plan sound, low-cost protection tor many purposes, V.V.' p Oodgi Pillar's Warranty afiiinst defects AND M « AAA I • • * • r • • r r m untry bun upaautd to inciuaa pirts npiacioivnt or repair without chargi lor raquirad parts or labor lor tiyt yaars or 50,000 rrUlas, whichever comas first; on the engina block, bead and intornal farts; triwraisstofl case a/tf fnUrnaJ parts (e*cluding manual clujtcM; torqua coavarter, driya> shaft, universal joints (excluding dust covers), rear axle and differential, and rear wheel bearings-provided the vehicle has two serviced at reasonable intervals according to the Dodge Certified Car Care tchedaies, e* eooQt wimp* i r CHRYSLER Pile Nelson E & A Motor Soles, Inc Ufa N. MAIN MQNMOUTH, IUINOI5 Hoynes Azdell fAIT aiOAPWAY AlfXIS, IUINOIS Sig "gMm§", NSC<TV, CHECK YOUft LOCAL USTINGS. Credit Life Insurance available 65 South Prairie St. Galeiburg, III. PHONE 343-0144 PON PENISON, Manager PARKING FACILITIES Park Plaza Lot H block office George Hatch • T • — r .• i 4 + m + -r m - - + m M ^ i -. r • * John Sloan INSURANCE COMPANY Dontld StensoM lou Carnage mofm m»w cow unit 95 NO. SEMINARY ST. PH. m*m GAtiseuio eailty Connie r Andersen Wayne Uinbach 4 i

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