Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1928
Page 2
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• \ .-., A« Jpftdnr flf through h;« ptt 0 rn*tr Inforrnfttlon, which has shown »hc nt to wh and g?!!ing of butter. 1?. r f«f rhnrch tin tlw l«.*t two trmnsfCTTTTl to t.l?»* ChlcHim nsirtfftAn by ?,b? Rffcit River ran- f*T l;f^ f^^^lO?^ 0f MntKlR? night, R«v.,?. O. j Crawford, who J«w beets the pastor j of the Cfi.ScagT) I,«-wn church for Jmrt sjs jffuns, wil! bt th? new ] to? of tiw Rock Fftlla chuirh. Ho rhdntfs w?re mnftf in thf ] of i.hf Fourth Sir? and First MfO«yurt F,. O, Stotrr bring The church, BOW, Is to lr»~ Chicago Rev. Wirw-hSrisr rated on Sixty Thini slrr*t, near K<sW* itTenue, *mrt Is fn R gitming- community of snbm-jsn Chicago. Itev. Wirsching experts to k»ave lor his new charge some time next w-wk, but hopes ,to rnnkc nrranKrments to retain his residence Jn Hock Falls until after .election. The transfer of Rev. Wirsching by the conference came at his request, he having inndc application to the church officials seven*.! month*, ago Tor a chanjre oi 5fi AND WHITE . HOLD MONTHLY MEETING ' in nn eutoraobito *ccid<*ni tin th" I.,!nrnlrt htfhwiy twnt nf fbfs rity Sn.turdny night. Th« Jury to the te«t!nicw»y of f!i? s vitn^wr 1 ? rp?idr-red R vprrilct jfhat "Thor-!.PTi Bostrom csme to }si* |r!« i flth ns the ir*»lt of st-orp grofry oreaniratlon, owners «nd clerks from grocery ttores in this part of Illinois, held tb* monthly get-to- ffrtli*r dlnntr of the organization at the JUneoin T*vcrrs Mnday evening. There were grocfrs pre«»ti( from Savanna, Forrest on. Ml. Prior to coming to Rock Falls. Rev. Wlrpchlng was pastor In Belvldere for five years. But few changes were made !n tho pastorates of the churches of WhSte- jsSde county. Rev. H. T. Chenowcth Is returned to the Morrison church Rev. A. I». Chute rctoins the chmrgr Bt Erie. Kev. L. L. Hammlt was n«med as Superintendent of the Joliel-DSJton district, to succeed the late Rev. E. C. Lumsden, who met his death near JUinckley two weeks ago when a last train struck the automobile in which pic was riding. Other appointments sf local interest are Rev. Fred D. Stone to the Jtrvlng Park church in Chicago; Rev. A. E. Stoester to the Western avc- huc church hi Chicago; Rev. C. H. Newham to the LaOrango church; Jitev. T. K. Gale to the First church }n Maywood; Rev, J. J. Kitchens to |iie Richard street church in Jollct. The complete list of appointments fcf the Jolict-Dlxon district ia as follows: L. L. Hammlt, superintendent; Amboy, M. G. Galloway; Aah- lon, A. J. Tavener; Bristol, Ralph Kofoed; Clyde, to be supplied; jbootpton and West Brooklyn, War- Hutchlnson; CortUnd. E. C, Pope; Creston, W. H. Ake; DeKalb, J. C. Spencer; Dixon. A. T. Stephen- pon; Earlvllle, W. E. Royston; El- tiurn, to be supplied; Elwood-Channahon, W, C. Stauffer; Erie, A, 1L. phute; Flagg Center. J. A, Foard; S^rankfort, Samuel Wel&schar; Franklin Grove, A. J. Tavcnner; Freedom, O. C. Hansen; Geneva, W. JBT. Aylesworth. Harmon, Wilbur Hopkins; Hindc- fcy, D. Ji Roxs; Kanevllle, Frank August; Ladd, to be supplied; La- Mollle, Job Moore; LaSalle, Willie K. Way; Lee, John Mlllin; Leland- Buydam, A. D. Moore; Lockport, H. Barnes, Lyndon, Leon, Maldon, G. E. Knight; Malta, W. H. Ake; Manhattan, B. Wash; Maple Park, James Walker; Marseilles, J. W. Payne; Mendota, J. A. Wilson; Millington- Milbrook, Ottle C. Mitchell; Mlnoo- Jta-Auxhable, E, W. Ward; Mokena* Glen T. Beatty; Montgomery, Stan- Say Miller; Morris. H. E. Rompcl. Morrison, II, T. Chenoweth; Mt. Bterllng. Frank Q. Rummer; New- ftrk-Ltebon Center. Frank Johnson; Pralrievills, 111., Oct. fr-(6peclal.) —Some one entered the Prairieville frohool house last Thursday night, appropriating two hot plates beside* various other articles. These hot- 3lates are very much needed and he teachers will be very much }le.ased if the person will return hem. The Gap Grove school house was also entered the same night, entrance being gained by tearing ;he screen from one of the windows and raising the window, and although the house / was thoroughly ransacked, nothing was taken. TALK OF STERLING' "How do you manage to get Phil to take you out so much. Ray says he doesn't like restaurant food and so we eat at home night after night," "Phil was like that until he discovered Ye Coffee Shop. I'll get him to phone Ray and ask you two to have dinner there 'with us tonight. See what happem** Weil wager Hay and wife have and luuchea many times they try our good home MMP9O and a goodly' variety efeaos* from, la any time. . Carroli, Polo, Waterman, Svcnmorc . I>Kalh, Malta. Roe.hellr, ' Ashton, Prankltn Grove, Dfxcn, Amboy, Tamplco. Morrison and StprllnR- Rock Falls. Tlie address of the evening was gh-«j by Otto Ooldstchi of Chicago, who spoke on "The Selling Plan." Mr. Goldstein was accompanied by Edgar J. Sabbath of Chicago, a nephew of Judge Sabbath. Will Go To Ceremonial Of Masons In Clinton The monthly mwtlng of the Rock River council, Royal nnd Select Masters, waa held Monday evening at the Masonic temple. An Invitation was received from tho Clinton council to attend a ceremonial session in Clinton, Oct. 26, when the super-excellent degree will be conferred on a large class of candidates. The Invitation was accepted and plans are being made for a large delegation of Manons from Sterling to attend thla ceremonial. The thrice illustrious master of Sterling council, F. F. Fitch, gave a reprot of the recent session of the grand council which met at Centralla. Plans are under way for an "open meeting" of the council to be held at the regular meeting time In November, when the ladies will be invited and a Bpedal entertainment provided. To Winter In California Mr. and Mrs. William L. Emmttt will leave next week for Los Angeles, Cal. Thla will be their third winter at Long Beach. They will motor to the coa«t, probably taking the Lincoln highway and take one of the southern routes from Salt Lake. THIEVES RANSACK TWO SCHOOL HOUSES rrcflvfd In an cidpnt on nouf« 3fl, Oft, 6, and further rpcnmroenti that the state's attorneys office Investigate thU accident," Or. Wm. E. Prrry WRS t.h? first uritnrTO called Rnrt'hf? t«tlfle<I as (to the injury and stated that d*nth jwas due to the basnl «kul! fracture I with thr accompanying injury to the jbrain. I O. H. Bostnim of P01 Thirty-fifth 'avenue. Rock Island, father of th» boy who was killed, nnd driver of the car told of the accident substantially ns published In Inst evenlng'n Oftfctfc. He testified that h« was driving perhaps between 35 nnd 40 miles an hour at the time of the crash. Eugene Stanton, driver of thd truck, which figured In the ernsh, stated that he was employed by the H. W. Rtrom company, contractorw, find that he ww» working near Elkhorn creek doing some grading. Carl Johnson, another track driver, was with him at the time of the crash. Sfiinton said he missed the turn In the road In the hollow just east of the Albert Weast home, and ho had driven up to the roadway leading to the Weast farm yard and was about to turn In when the crash occurred. When a«ked by Coroner C. M. Frye if there was a tall light on the truck, his attorney, Walter J. Steven*, Instructed his client not to answer the question. Stanton said he was going about eight to ten miles an hour when his truck was struck. He did testify that he had headlights on his truck, Officer Testifies. Hal Roberta, state motorcycle policeman, testified that he and Officer Wilbur Cushman answered the call to the wreck and that ija had gotten out a warrant, charging Stanton with driving a truck on the highway without a tail light. Tho officer testified that there was a tail light beneath the truck but that the wires were disconnected, there was no bulb in the light and there was considerable dirt in the light indicating that it had not been lighted for some time. Dr. G. A. Andren, president of Auguatarm college, was present and volunteered any information that that might be required, regarding the veracity of Prof. Bostrom'8 statements but it was not deemed necessary by the coroner or Jury. The testimony at the Inquest was takerrdown by a reporter ior State's Attorney R. W. Bessc. He was notified of the verdict of the jury and stated that he would fully Investigate the matter. Mrs. Bostrom and her sister-in- law, Mrs. Norman Benson, were unable to be at the Inquest as they and Joan, the eight months old daughter of Prof, and Mrs. Bostrom, are etill Thos. Oeiger Sentenced To Serve One to 20 Years In The Penitentiary Thomas L. Oeisrer of Nelson, formerly supervisor of that township, ftiut for ninny years » farmer In that community, entered a pip* of irulUjr to burglary Kind larceny In the circuit court of J>e county at Dlxon Monday. Oeigc? was Indicted hy the grand Jury for theft? of butter from refrigerator cnrs .on (he Northwestern railroad. CJptger had nothing to smy In his own defense. Before pronownclnf sentence. Judge Edwards Inquired tho ngc of the defendant, which Is 50 years, and the valuation, of the property Involved, which was shown to be $1,344. Oeiger was then sentenced to nerve from one to 20 yenrs hi the state penitentiary at Jollet. He received hla sentence in a reol manner, gazing about the court room in an unconcerned way. Gelfrer was asked to tafce the wtt- fless stand to answer to charges of conspiracy, receiving and concealing stolen property, which were found agnimt his wife. In e> low tone, almost a whisper, which could not be heard by the few present, Oeiger stated that hia wife had no connection with the long s«rlea of thefts from Chicago ft Northwestern trains and that she was Jn no way implicated. Arrested March 9. Oeiger was arrested at his home on the morning of March S when Special Agent Stanley Sonnenberg of Chicago for the Northwestern and deputies from the sheriff's office, who had been active for many months In tracing thefts of butter from through trains over tho Northwestern. He was In bed when the officers arrived, armed with a March Mystic Workers No. 2 Dance MOOSE HALL TUESDAY NIGHT, Oct. 9th Dance where you are assured a good time. Everybody invited. Oh, boy! A real kick in every note. Follow the Crowd to the Moose Hall. was taken to LaSalle and quantities were taken to p, it d?T«lopwS from Snf'wrnntion nl'hM by Dwnn. H» will Imv'e hfrn conttned In the county jail seven month* tornorrcri?r, WHITX8IDK SCOUT OFFICIALS INVITED TO AEEA BANQtJlT Albert W. Drlesbftch, Boy Scout executive for Whltrslde county, has •m allotcd R quota of 100 Wliite- le county scoutmaster*, assistant scoutmasters, troop'men. deputy commissioners find other scout officials and people who participated In financial drives for the Boy Scouts, who arc privileged to attend the scout leaders' appreciation dinner In connection with tho annual meeting of the Blnckhawk area council Oct. 10 in Rockford The dinner wll! be in the Masonic Shave Step into our strictly modern barber shop an*d enjoy a clean, smooth, refreshing shave. Hair cutting for men, women and children. BARBERS — 4 F. A. Smith R.J.Bradley L. Ward R. M. Blum M. Blum Barber Shop 324 Locust St. Academy Bldg. f h!rop-> f»rf 0 . r>f p>,, fj St. !.«U!R. s^VJng to pr«-his extradition to St. 1,0131*. 9,'s.s postponed until Nov. j, Toombi H wanted to stfstid ttinl In connection with the rt"i*llnes of the Interna- tlonal Life Insurance Company. Toombs wax ,*»!d to 1>? 1!! «?, his hPTn? and it w«« indicated that the bfinkniptcy proee^slings btfore Oar- field Charles also would he held up for n time. The hearings were to re- mjro*! today Rft#r R recess over the wwk-end. TONIGHT and TOMORROW , the love story of a sailor's gal with Dorothy Mackaill and Jack Mulhall Also Laurel and Hardy in "Purple Moments" ^ n e us for your beauty ?if reduced prices, s at Ihcso pres- 1: wo 0 perator s—Gu a ran teed Work, MarceUing, 50c Your Choice Water waving, 60c Shampooing (Bob) 50c Manicuring, BOc Finger Waving, 50c Plain Facials, 50c Permanent Waving-— Hair Cut, 4()c t Call ECU for an appointment Crystal Barber & Beauty Shop Central Trust Bldff. Basement Phone 240 Lincoln Time CLARA BOW m "The Fleets In" Nautical but nice. TOMORROW and THURSDAY for . * and yet they Satisfy e over 100 aaillioa cbokc tobjicco from oae esep, it mmm tfa*t ireg&rdi^^ of co»t, we to be sure of the iju»!ity of €iie*tttiitld dbl» w»f we hour* Caesterfrdd'f good of d«ii*f'» wordb of fice to* ia stouts -»-Ui«it« h sto bs«*r safeguard thw diis. 1X7 J J Wednesday 1 Loaf Bread. 1 Devil's Food Loaf Cake. 1 Doz. Five O'clock Tea Rolls V 2 Doz. Scotch Tea Rolls. l /2 Doz. Chocolate Cream Cookies. AHFor49c WEDNESDAY, OCT. / j Federal Bakery 214 First Avenue you all enjoy Chocolate Creams ........ ... .- — 20c lb. Midget Chocolate Caramels . , . . — 40e to. Milk Chocolate Drops .«.,„ — ...,40c B. Milk Ting-a-Ling . , , _____ ....... — 5$e ttt. FULL LINE OF HALLOWE'EN BOX CANDIES Don't Forget Our Also FRESH ROASTED PEANUf& and POPCORN T* C. Lailo & Sons Greater show .season. Read It All and Save at the E. & W. Wednesday and Thursday BASEMENT Men's Suits ........ .12J8S 1.50 Dress Shirts ...J.OO - Men's S'x, 9?/> to 11V> . 10c Work Shirta,l2 to 17. 5&? Rockford Sox. ..2 for 25e Blazer Coats, fleeced. 1MB Ribknit Sweaters ....1.00 Men's Suspenders ...22c Pullovers, men's. and boys' ....... ..v... 1M 3.50 fine Pelt Hats ..1J85 4.00 All Wool Blazers ..... mM ..2.8S Caps to 2.00 at ...... 9Sc 1.50 Men's Under- "Wuxtrij! Wuxtryf* EVERY once in a WHILE a little hunch COMES along and TAPS at our front WINDOW, and Just the OTHER day one of thoaS LITTLE hunches came ALONG'and whispered TO us that there are LOTS of people here in STERLING who would LIKE MIGHTY well to t HAVE a Bargain Basement SO we're working on THAT bunch when we MAKE "Oils special offer: BASEMSNT specials which > WILL be good for Wednesday AND Thursday; and whether or NOT that w&s a good •> HUNCH depends on you POLKS because there's NOT another such a BOOM in Sterling, U there, ABOUT whether or not THAT'S a good bargain. BUT if you're needing any* THING each as specials COME in and put in a SUPPLY! If this is a GOOD hunch, maybe we'll HAVE another next Wednesday. wear ... . ....... - 2-Pieee Underwear, special .... ..... , Cotton Gloves, knit wrist, pair ....,,.. .Hkt Men's Pajamas 'at;. . .1.00 Muslin* ^fight Gowns. .$1 FOR BOYS Sweat Shirts, wing spread ...... ____ .J.OO Athletic Shoes at . . , .89e 1.50 Wool Knicker Pants, pair ., ......... ...IM 1.50 Sweaters at ,,,.,1.00 Boys' Blazers ..... ..1.29 Coats and Pullovers. ".We"-" 75e Wool Overalls to size at ......... ?$e and 8§e Rib Underwear ..... 79e Sheep lined Coats, 6 to 16, sheep mHar a«4 ,„ H«i^

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