Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 10
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j>Aj!.r_r;.\7rrrr. "\ /vreimFJt n. i?^i \* Os,r! nf Sterling At-,-1 1 Ts. In Mt. A rr»ryH*r»* t>T high d*.r*. I*.. tht? of to Csrl D»Darts of Ws.fJ?rk»o, I», The ; - of thp St. Paul's W rh ww.rt th* sSnj)* rin? for* tt» IrowdiMe f am Use*.' 8<"ovi!3 of this rit-v »nd O*rl Hark of W»f erlor., jn., ( J>«? e*»j- nrf intimate friends -- t- \ steX,. t fr>f hine* of Hntt*n The young bride looked h*r vrry hrst 2n a ,«rtyli$h eostnmw and hs'f of IfnpcriaS blue thiffon velvet. foUre! KiiprJe pumps nnfl all acofswirir s of i h«r attire corrrcpraidirqF in rotor. • She carried R hand bouqurt nf beau- i tifsil pink and white rosebuds. Miss' Scovill the bride's attendant, was! rnortishly gowned in s fall frock of j rocoa brown crepe velvet trimmed, • find h«t and accessories to match. 1 Bhc vron an attractive corsage of! junk rows and blue fiwretpeas." ' An olnbornte wedding luncheon •R-fis served at one o'clock in the pri-' vate dining room, of the Roosevelt i hotel in Odar Rapids where cov-1 ers were laid ^or a dosen guests, i Later In the afternoon the bride! end groom departed for Waterloo' to make their home, where tlwy' have an apartment furnished. : The bride-is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs, w. n Foster of 903'.* East Third Street, and came toi Sterling with her parent* two jtars' ago from Mt. Vernon. la. She en- j tered Sterling township high school' to complete her fourth year and last • fall went to Iowa State Normal < School at Cedar Palls, la., to con-i tinue her education, While her re- Eidence in this city has been of short duration, the bride has attached herself to a large number of friends who Join in wishing the couple a wedded life of happiness and prosperity. The groom's parents are Mr and Mrs. Rfeea Davis, residents of Mt Vernon, la., in which city he spent most of his life. For several years he was an apprentice with the Currle Construction Co.. of Waterloo, la., and now holds a splendid posl t ion as a buiMing engineer with the company. The parents of the bride and Miss Scovill are expected home from the wedding this evening. 8 t- BE. 1LOOAT1S at two o'clock in th» the Shannon Trinity church. The two brides IrBcUrp and charming Jn th»lr beautiful rmt times with hmto and acwssortes to match. Mlm Little wore a gown of tan georgette carp** und Mf«s Buckingham wss utttred i . In blue rrej)e dc chine. | Dr. C. O. Beard mislml Infor- : In the evening tfi* wviyiHfdis re-' matltm Satnnlay thmt rrts TO t»M» Annarlotn Lnrtnn •' fN »ni«*i r««T*«t»rn, in F an Antonio, « 0 * ft> - c^^^^-Sn^h^f of thi» A, F. P., M nn n»M Mar^*l Vi*s British troopw In ih* eaptwe of ^enjssiero, sre <m the proflram for the epenltwr tiKlf-d fii«Jib*ir of the Firvnch eh*mb»r nf H« !» ahown !«•!» with hh fm-orlt* A BflDICINB OAil BTOLlffYEAE AGO FIRE PREVENTION WEEK OF OBSERVANCE IS URGED LOCALLY This is Fire Prevention week and everyone is urged to cleanup about their premises so that all fire hazards will be minimized. Basements and attics should be cleaned up and all paper, boxes, rags, anything of a combustible na:ure or anything that might cause a fire should be disposed of. Now is the time to have chimneys looked over to see tliat they are in a sale condition, stove pipe and furnace stacks should also be carefully gone over and everything done to safeguard against fire. Literature vention THINK YOU'D'LIKE LION FARMING.—One of the strangest a<rri- cultural exhibits you ever saw was displayed the other day at the Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, Calif. Miss Edna Page is" shown here with Jackie, 8-months-old African Hon. Lion farming has become a recognised industry in southern California, to meet the demand from circuses, zoos and the movies. VS_r>^XVW Kenneth Moore, playing In his first ...~....~... *«* vu .. *,, f* H ^ •••!» «« «»w «4*ttb tf*i*u j,t win xiuiiUGLiUail* irflQf tO OlS game at tackle. looked good in the I last Illness, Mr. Jaquet had been em- line. ' DlOVCd at thr> Pnrlmone 1 ol.xrc.fn~ line. Princeton scored again in the i fourth quarter on a fluke. Oetts I hurled a nice pass and it was Jug- , . ployed at the Farmers' elevator. The widow and four children — Irene, Edna May and Delbert, residing at home, and Howard of St Br, eBsitl called at the horn*' of the party having the case and was informed by the wife of the man who found the case that her husband was not there and that they expected a reward for the case, iti is probable that a warrant will be j issued In a Lee county justice of the j peace court to recover the case. COURT STANDiTAT ON WIRE TAPPING! ( tunv<! to Sterling, wlwrs they trill! CRIW which was stolen from th<t ran- I j make their homes. . Mr. and Mrs.' nin ® board of Ms cur about R year. | Breidlng are residing at 709 Third! °^°' co«M be found at the hotne of avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Canning- i ft fa raw rwar PralrieviHe, The far-: I ham at 207 Ninth avenue. AH four "W n *d found the case In his corn' , of the young p«>pte are popular and ! llcl<j R few days after the theft, but • j highly respected in this community,! had f»U«l to return it to Dr. Beard; I with hosts of friends who are wait- i **Pfts the fact that his name fttsd i I ing to extend best wishea for their i Rdtf re«s VM stamped In the case. future happiness. Mr. aad Mrs. irw -"—" —"--• -• •• • Cunningham were guests of honor at a wedding dinner given Sunday for them at the honor of Mr. awl Mrs M. W. Buckingham, Mrs. Breidlng Is the daughter of Mrs. W. F. O'Brien of Reck Falls She has spent all of her life in Rock Falls nnd attended the public schools and high Kchool. Later she went to Brown's Business CoUefle. and recently has been employed at the Larson factory office. Mr. Breldlnp L-J the son of Mr. and Mrs Albert W. Braiding of Sterling, and holds a good position with the Russell, Burdsall. Ward & Co, Mrs. Cunningham Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Buckingham of Sterling and has always made her home here. Mr. Cunningham ia the son of Mr.' and Mrs. E. J. Cunningham of Sterling, and has a fine position with the Ideal Cleaners Co. PARALYSIS FATAL TO ELMER JAQUET Tampico, HI., Oct. 8,~-(Speelal)— Elmer Jaquet, who suffered a stroke of paralysis about four months ago. passed away about midnight Sunday night at his home In this city. Mr. Jaquet had resided heie for about four years, moving to Tampico from Hahnaman. Prior to his Washington, Oct. 8.—(A.P.)—The supreme court today refused to review its five to four decision of last term helding that evidence obtained by wire tapping could be used in criminal prosecutions. The question was presented In three cases from Seattle, Washington, brought by Ploy Olmstead and others convicted of a conspiracy to violate the federal prohibition law. The principal evidence against them was obtained by tapping telephone wires and listening to conversations alleged to have been conducted In the unlawful sale of intoxicating liquors. ^^ ->„-., jw B...VW JM-W.M MMU »v ••***»* J**o »**v»**»|£ «(, iiuiuc, fiUlU AlUWlUU O* £»&., gled by several piayers and finally Louis, Mo., survive. Four brothers j fell into the arms of a Princeton! and three sisters also survive They I player and this paved the way for "- - Princeton's final touchdown. • ' Coach Schcld will work his boys hard this week in order to prepare jimiu LUIS WCUA. tn uiucr uj prepare Local Boys Unable To Break them for ine nard battje wlth R °- rr v ~j TI_ »?»u ' cn ?Ufi next .Saturday at Community --Up Jforwara JraSSes-^-ltie } Athletic park. Rochelle has won v _j TI_ mu ' cnp ii= ^eJ"- Jsaturaay-at Com! Jforwartt JraSSes-^-ltie } Athletic park. Rochelle has Score IB 26 To 6 i three games in a row this season and has a number of veterans on the team. The line-ups. Using "a forward pass attack al-i Princeton Pos. tSerling most continuously, the veteran : Brown LE.Becktolft. Peugh | Princeton team took a fall out of • Sargeant .... LT. Russell;- Clarence of Annawan, Mrs. George WhlppJa of Yorktown. Mrs. Florence Bechtel of Deer Grove and Mrs. Claude Blytturof Jess< . of Tampico, Floyd of Q«orge of Wllliamafleld. No funesal arrangements had been made Monday morning. WILL CLEAR DOCKET OF CRIMINAL OASES An attempt will be made today by HORSES RUN AFTER TRUCK HITS WAGON This morning Joe Freeman was driving a gravel truck south on First avenue and Max Mashman was driving a team entering onto First avenue from Wallace street The grar vel truck struck the rear left wheel 2! ft? ^PP-.M^^™*" *«• thrown Z'EFFBMN FLIGHT.—The skipper and two pilots who will sail the giant Graf Zeppelin from Germany to the United States are pictured above In front of the navigating cabin as the dirigible lay In h« hangar at Freidrlchshafen. Germany. Left to right are: Captain Flemmlng; Dr. Hugo Eckener, designer and commander of the ship; Captain Leh- T , n ^ VKH „»,»,», M j iaMt wfMI UUuWIJl I ->^— ——«--,-^» F •ww»* A « l v* wuv* •w^(«*t«4u»AAui;A u& W.4C7 <UU^ t V»wUV«UU *jC*l"" to the street by the Impact and the'J®*" 11 - Below the the two women who will make the first transatlantic norsea ran away, night: Lady Bnunmond-Hay (left) and Dr. Onite-Karlsrune, medical »! 9 o'clock hwptlftl In Out S4Mty of Sfirro«'S Ohurch of CWasfrs Ssturtay inornlRf, "wh*?! Mia$ Btete} PlemmiBf tatH Floyd of this city, t>Hght«! their tratin. Thsy •s-ers aetend- ,„ at ti»* eeremonjr by Mtes Mattel Plawff ef M*rinrtt«, WIs., and lt«tt«n ef Sterling, the !at{*>r a !»ft*h*r of th« groom. Th* Isi^'g -OMttsitw w»s a stylish awArt-of tnraiqMTent brown velvet, *^»« fts^s ftc^&^sorl^s, ftnn fe WOT* al0v«iy t«n chiffon fifj- relvet sown-, and, d«^i!s n/t- hap attire Jmnmonltini?. BeUi ladles carried beautiful flowers. A wedding breakfast was „...„„ after the nuptial mass in. the honwa of the bride's slater. Mr. »nd Mrs, Joseph Hyde on Ban Francisco ave~ nue. Covers were IfUrt for 35 relatives, besides the members of th* bridtsl party. Lftter in the morning the newly married couple departed for Denser, Colo., on their honeymoon trip. The bride and groom of Saturday are favorably known Sterling young folks and numbered among the younger social set here. Mrs. Hutten is the daughter of Mrs. Jc Flemmlng and R very «we«t charming young girl. Prior to h<*l residence hrre, she Jived In Marhj- ett*. Wis., from which city several cf her friends came to attend the wedding. Mr. Hutten Is a son ef Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hutten. whose family have Ipng been residents of Sterling. He Is the freight clerk at the Chicago & Northwestern railway office. , Upon their return to the city Mr. and Mrs. Hutten arc going to reside on Fifteenth avenue. They hava the best wishes of many friends extended to them for happiness tn their wedded life. Sterling people who attended the wedding were Mrs. John Flemmlng and the Misses Lucille and Oeraldlne Hutten, Annual Meeting Wednesday The annual meeting of the Rock River Country club membership will be held at the club hous« on Wednesday evening. The session will be , preceded by dinner which will be served at 6 o'clock. WHITE SHELF PAPER. 15 to 20 yards, 34 inches wide, Ifto roll The Daily Gazette adv. laundry on First avenue received a bruise on his -slightly .-- had the Injury attended by a local physician. LITTLE LOCALS I I'atephonc No. ture relative to fire nre-1 Prmccton team took a lal1 out of • ° ar B can t •••• ^r. Russell, An attempt will be made today Us is beine distributed thrWh the Sterling township high school; Vcarllng ... .LG Knox States Attorney R. W. Besse to Clean ta?£i'2S!£ t 3 STcTv •"?*«: *» ^Princeton «»act-1 B»«". Capt. . c ..... Harms | up all of the criminal cases to «S and tion who desire information or literature may secure the same at the fire department. out the business section of thVcTty •"j""?: 26 to6 at Princeton on act-- , h - --• by members of the lire department u " d f >*' " was f case ot .»" «perienc- {^ Johnwn 1 . •""" """' ; pd tpam rtip»>tinu iin a-i(Vi n t»am nf Jtapp isbeer UIIIK , -Uiy jj ie , Frantzen lima. team green nmterin.J, playing its flrj;t "• "•»-«>game. The most encouraging thing' NcwbUry regarding the game is, that Sterling Club ladles, one o'clock luncheon, Thursday. Oct. 11.—adv. • ^ nanns i up an 01 me criminal cases to the Mr - and Mrs - B® 1 * Eberley, Mr. and RGSchuneman. Capt circuit court aside from the murder! Mrs - Joan Landls Dodendorf and RT Moore : case in which' John Sheehey Is de- i son 1 * e of Octavla, Neb., who have ' Tlppett I fendant. This caseJias been*tt-ior4_**? n visl ting their uncle. David ij>n- t _ . l-IllKpl~ I l")r>fnK£»v> *>O * winvtn *!-.« — ^^_ «... «. _ * fliS. ftllri Olinf A rirUe*. rVA«a«.M, Jl^_* _ , * HIOKMAN FAILS Ta HIGH COURT Washington, Oct 8.—(A.P.)—Wil- liam Edward Hickman, of Los Angeles, Calif., under sentence of death on October 18 for the murder of Marion Parker, a twelve-year- old school girl, was today denied an appeal to the supreme court by Justice Sutherland. Walsh, -of—Kansas City, Sterling boys fought from start to ! Flnn RIi finish and show promise of develop- • Small FB ..«v*' vv " i *vs*v*»nv. 4ii»a v.«b!«_tisa uct:il.-Scv~ZOT4-.- T»««V*»*^ »t*cn uuuic. tjaviti un- WCTumc WIXl&uL, n \ fS anSttfl vlty. Huber(October 22. Among the cases to be *«• and aunt . Addie Dodendorf. and Hlckman's lawyer, held a long con- lynard brought up today are the following; i o * her relatives and friends here fen-noe with Justin RiiUn>rinnri ™* n nmsu ana snow promise 01 develop- """"' *o nix, weiw: ing into a very creditable aggrega-' R e ^ e «c Davenport of Mdline; tiou before the season closes. ' Umpire Sprunger of Buda; Head- O.O.P. Women Invited To The McConnick Farmi"™ 1 Mrs. Ruth Hanns McCormlck ls ! Princeton opened with a forward sponsoring a p.crUc luncheon at her P assl "B attack and before the end of farms near Byron. Tuesday Oct 9th the Jlrst «l uarter **<* scorp d two to which she has extended Invita- touchdow »- A P fl ss for the extra! LH Maynard brought up today are the following:, °* ner relatives and friends 'here — Eva The People vs Spencer; People vs 8inoe last Thursday, left Monday CnVtv-dHn* • G^vAnlA ». ie*™5*,._t »*. HWimlncr fr\t* .Ta Alr«A.M«<(11n. -n* i Nix, Bettc linesman Rogers ot Minera1 ' ftf W p OI M. T. Funeral sen-ices for H. P. Klmen- *>* T«*4^.%.»ji oiic tiaA CAlfHucQ lIlVHfl"* • ; *«.*»*v*»i *T\-I »*»_<; j iu* 11. r* CiUfTCH" lions to the Republican Women's P? m , 1 ^ au ttUem P ted kick were;dprf were conducted hy Rev. J. GL Clubs in the nth. 12th and 13th dis- I? rL Prlncillo » sco^d another Little of the Baptist church Sunday tricu. The ladies will brinif their' , cn m the second quarter'afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the own picnic lunches and coffee will' . JP as fL d Ior the extra poiHt - A11 family home south of Rock Falls. be s-xvtd by ivus. McCorm'ck " i Princeton touchdowns were, Mrs. William Kelsey and Grant —"_ " ' scored from about thp.30 yard Un*,; Landts sang two favorite hymns of HOUSEHOLD BAKGA1NS The half ended with Princeton lead-: the deceased and the pastor spoke ing 19 to 0. ! feeJinglj' of the o,uiet. unoatentatl- — . <v^.ui«&ij "i "tc »tun-i, utiuaumuiu- Coach Ted Scheid was well pleas-! ous Christian life of Mr. Elmendorf. 1 and the local fans who followed j The friends who served as pall bear- IIOLSEUOI.O BAKGA1NS Sale of household goods. Tuesday, Oct 8th. starting at 9 a. m.. 710 East Fifth 6t., Sterling. See ad on page e a ana me local tans who followed ,'4'ne mends wno served as pall bear- 9. Estate of Mrs. Mary Btll Meyers, j the team were thrilled by the mun-;ers and assisted in the'sen'ice of in- Fred W. Bell, administrator.—adv. ner in which the Sterling team wt-nt' terment at Riverside cemetery were. ««w,"7 back into the game with light and 1 James Wetzell. Pearl Chapin. Jolin HOUSEHOLD BABGAINS (tleterniiuatJon. Sterling outplayed^ Flack, Harry Butler, Frank Russell 4e ol household goods,-Tuesday,! Princeton during the second half and R. S. Philips. ftosJrtarting at 9 a, Oju^Tlp Eas^^and^during the second period the c,.*. .j play was all.]" Princeton territory"'"' John Hancock^slgnaiure.-on-the and Sterluig marched through rrin-• Diclaration of Independence was ceton and Maynard went over for! so large that his name lias been -#.—Rrtate- of Mnr, Mary E*ll Meyers. Fred W. Bell, administrator.-adv. FEtSH MEATS Buy your fresh meats. Chase and ! Saaborn coffs?e, and Federal bakery 1 goods from Larulis & Son, Rock i falls. Phone 401.—adv. Sterling's touchdown. Maynard was } synonymous .with (the outstanding baqkfi.eld wan and,since. signature ever Schrader; People vs Ewbanks; ,^^- ple vs John Speronl; and the People vs Earl Fee. Disorderly Conduct Clifford Green and John Finch were arrested Sunday morning about 2:30 _-o'clock- by Deputy —Sheriff Charles Slddles and Fred Jacobs and Soren Hansen, members of the to- cal police force. The men were both charged with disorderly conduct. Sunday morning they_ were each fined $3 and costs by Judge W. P. Palmer. They paid and were w* leased. VEGETABLE SCRAPS. If you get into the habit of spreading newspapers out to catch thii Ecrapa when you prepare vegetables, much time will be saved and nyyay. ' ' Add a tablespoonful of paraffin •to the water when washing linoleum. This removes stains and hsipa to preserve the linoleum. - - — — —*-^ i •»••* w ***uu%4«.Ljr laornlng for Jacksonville, m, where they will visit their sister. Annual dinner and bazaar at the Christian church, Oct, 27.—adv. H. B. Chase of Kewanee spent Sunday with his sister, Mise Evelyn Chase in this city. fiuat Drool...your screens before faying them away for the winter Our screen paint will save them. Quarts 60c, pints 35c. for this week only. Lewis Paint and Radio Store —adv. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Anderson, daughters Francis and Hilda and son Vernon visited Sunday at the home of Mrs. Charles Anderson's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson, Jn Morrison. Hurt While Cranking Auto _ _ injury at the scene ot the automobile collision at I-Oel-Woode Saturday night He had difficulty is starting tfaa ambulance oa the PADS FOB UANY PI3EFOSES. Scratch pads. ___ ., , 11 and special giaes. lOc Ib, The Dr.:! Gtu: ite office.—adv. way bOKfta and it was neceesary to crank the engine. In doing ao the carank broke and part of it struck him in the head, inflicting a pain- full bruise. Fortunately he escaped 8k«U fracture, which might have happened had tfce iron struck a more direct blew. ferenoe with Justice Sutherland who has charge of cases in the Pacific coast circuit, explaining to him In detail the grounds for asking an appeal. He was unable, however, to convince Mr. Sutherland to grant an apepal. Walsh intended to ask for a stay of execution. Walsh said that he had not abandoned -hope -to ^etttogf the^sse before the supreme court. He will be unable to take it before the court as a whole but he intends to call upon other justices In the hope of finding on« who will grant an appeal. . Under the practices of the court It will be necessary for Walsh to explain fully to other justices the refusal of Justice Sutherland and in most Instances that - of Itself has been controlling;:~rhow "funUisr with the prodeoure were of the impression 'that Walsh was not likely to find a Justice who would give him an appeal after it had been refused him by Justice Sutherland, Bicycle Stolen ! Mack Ougan of West Eighth street reported to the police yesterday that his bicycle, a Hawthorn Flyer had been stolen. The police are making an effort to recover the wheel. — • ; •• • n | i n m a * Crash 'At Corner Saturday evening two cars collided at the Intersection of Third street and Ave. A. oBth caw were slightly damaged, but no one was Injured. "Trade Winds" are winds blowing continually towards the ther- " deflected westward All kind* of Sheet Metal aod Tin Work. rttraaw. Sepatrtef war specialty. Clutterhant Tin Shop Located ai Rafhmi Bofdwatt" 810 til tat Ave, Statttag I ** fett •nortec; "Switt* it tb* bar D*AO« *t* i/tajimg. TfaougK thoilr tfccr n*r «JU»«r««— on eat potoj tbtr unite: Tan Moor* d#ar> «re t«lnfc«»pp«tit*. by the rotation of the earth. TOM MOORE JOHN M. STAGER Attorney At law S-AKAI ANO C!iV MIANS BONUS AND BfOBTG&CiES Starling National Bank Building *t*ave your dogr In the ctoak room" reads a sign in a Parts cinema theater. Lap dogs tod wolf- neands can howl their loudest in the kennel lr» which the h&a arranged to keep them annoying th* audience. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: IK wui nuul demand, It ti » iri-uwtond a We wish to take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation to those who so thoughtfully gave our ambulance the full right-of-way Saturday night. The public in general now realize it Is a matter of life and death, in some cases, and for safety's sake— they pull to ike ewb mtd? STOP when they hear the siren. tv, ; A^n We You Pearl Woods m Trousers $5, $6 ami Worsteds, Cheviots, Cassimeres! Small neat ft r I pj>g,. ^htfikt thafe "~ ' " ' new

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