Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1974 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1974
Page 5
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Classified Ads Motorcycles 73 72 HONDA 500 792-3878 after 5. and extras. 7,'M40-5tp Auto Service 75 REGULAR AND heavy duty Gulf shocks. Carry out price — reg. $3.98, h. duty $5.98. Craig's Gulf-Neppl Oil, hwy. 30 west, across from Hardee's. 75-39-2tc COMPLETE MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT DENNIS HOLDER 7T6WS 792-9236 JOHN WHALEY CHEV. Inc. 7S-79-ltc DON'T TEMPT trouble, let Peters Motors check your brakes. Speedy expert service on all makes. For safety's sake, drive in today. Peters Motors. 75-141-Uc LEASING Could leasing be an advantage to you? Stop in and we'll figure a leasejo suit your needs HERMAN FORD-MERCURY West of the Mall 792-1505 75-l%-6tc New Cars & Trucks 76 'COME IN and see all the 1974 Fords — The doser you look, the better we look — Breda Auto Co. 76-226-tfc Calendar of Sale Dates Claimed and Auction Sales All types of auctions will be run in his Auction Calendar FREE if we lave the advertising copy of your ad in our office. EVERY SATURDAY AT 1P.M. Farmers Livestock Auction. Special Dairy Sale — the 3rd Thursday of each month. EVERY THURSDAY— 7:30 P.M. Carroll LivestockS;ilcs. SATURDAY. JUNE 221:00 P.M. Rain date Monday June 24th 6:30 P.M. Furniture & Household items sale. 827 North Court Street Carroll. Iowa Margaret Biller owner. Wieland & McCarville Auctioneers. SATURDAY, JUNE 22- PUBLIC AUCTION Land auction. Farm No. 1 177 acres Carroll County land — starting at 10:00 a.m. Farm No. 2 — 160 acres Audubon County land — starting at 11:00 a.m. W. E. Cooney Estate Mrs. George Keeley Exec. Lynn Byerly auctioneer. SUNDAY, JUNE 23— 1:00 P.M. 3 bedroom home & lot — furniture & household items. Anton A. Klocke Estate owner. In the town of Dedham. "Iowa Wieland & Irlbeck Auctioneers. Legal Notices SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox CARNIVAL by Dick Turner IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR CARROLL COUNTY PROBATE NO. 10502 NOTICE OF SALE OF ESTATE PROPERTY AT PUBLIC AUCTION. In the Matter of the Estate of Tony J. Pittman, Deceased. TO: Christina Pittman; Virgil Pittman; Valaria Meister; Virtus Pittman; Verlin Pittman and Vivalee Pickhinke. You and each of you are.hereby notified that the undersigned administrator will sell upon the premises at public auction that real estate described as follows, to-wit: Lot 10 in Block 2 of the Town of Hilsdale, Carroll County, Iowa. (Located in Roselle, Carroll County, Iowa) The terms of the sale for said real estate are cash, ten (10) per cent down and the balance payable upon delivery of deed and abstract showing good and merchantable. Immediate possession shall be given of the real estate. You and each of you are hereby notified that the undersigned administrator will also sell upon the premises the furniture, household goods and personal property of the Times Herald, Carroll, la. Saturday, June 15, 1974 decedent. The terms of the sale for the furniture and household goods and personal property are cash and to be settled for before removed from the premises. The undersigned will hold said sale at 6:30 P.M. on Tuesday, June 25, 1974 upon the premises. This sale will be at public auction. You and uach of you are hereby notified that said real estate will be sold at said sale and upon the premises hereinbefore described and that said sale is a final sale. Dated at Carroll, Iowa, this 14th day of June, 1974. Virtus Pittman Administrator of the Estate of Tony J. Pittman, deceased. Leighton A. Wederath 517V? N. Main Street Carroll, Iowa 51401 ATTORNEY FOR ADMINISTRATOR. June 15, 1974 LET THE DAILY TIMES HERALD HELP YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE NEW FARM LISTINGS 120 Acres, Audubon Co $600.00 160 Acres, Audubon Co $575.00 40 Acres, Audubon Co $700.00 600 Acres, Audubon Co $610.00 150 Acres Audubon Co $650.00 200 Acres, Guthrie Co $400.00 210 Acres, Guthrie Co. . v $250.00 Most of these farms can be purchased on an attractive contract at current interest rates. Call or write or see, W. E. YOUNG REALTOR, EXIRA IA. Phones, 268-5422 and 268-5300 HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER MODERN 3 BEDROOM HOME Forced air furnace. Built-in air conditioner. Fully carpeted. This home is located across the street from the Catholic Church in Lidderdale. John Scharfenkamp Phone 822-5589 — Lidderdale PLANNED USE REPORT GENERAL REVENUE SHARING General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly to local and state governments. The law requires each government to publish a report of its plans for the use of these funds to inform its citizens and to encourage their participation in deciding how the money ought to be spent. Within the purposes listed, your government may change this spending plan. PLANNED EXPENDITURES Categories (A) Operating/ Capital (B) Maintenance (C) "Nine children, eh? He ought to be a good crisis man!" 'We've got a religious hang-up, too 1 She worships money 1 " THE BORN LOSER by Art Sansom 1 PUBLICSAFETY 2 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 4 HEALTH 5 RECREATION 6 LIBRARIES 7 SOCIALSERVICES FOR AGEOOR POOR 8 FINANCIALADMINISTRATION 9 MULTIPURPOSE AND GENERAL GOVT. 0 EDUCATION 1 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 2 HOUSINGS, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 3 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 4 OTHER (Specify) 5 TOTALS $ 45,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 92,920.00 S 50,000.00 $ i J 35,000.00 S S 30,000.00 $ 10,000.00 ' i 25,000.00 S S $ S337.920.00 S $20,000.00 $ $20,000.00 $ $ $ $ $40,000.00 T. SAID \ fo-IS BUGS BUNNY by Heimdohl & Stoffel THE GOVERNMENT OF CARROLL COUNTY ANTICIPATING A GENERAL REVENUE SHARING PAYMENT OF 5377,920 FOR THE FIFTH ENTITLEMENT PERIOD, JULY 1, 1974 THROUGH JUNE 30, 1975, PLANS TO SPEND THESE FUNDS FOR THE PURPOSES SHOWN. . ACCOUNT NO. 16 1 014014 CARROLL COUNTY COUNTY AUDITOR CARROLL, IOWA 51401 (D) The news media have been advised that a copy of this report has been published in a local newspaper of general circulation. I have records documenting the contents of this report and they are open for public scrutiny at Carroll County Courthouse, Carroll, Iowa 51401 (E) ASSURANCES (Refer to instruction E) I assure the Secretary of the Treasury that the non-discrimination and other statutory requirements listed in Part E of the instructions accompanying this report will be compiled with by this recipient government with respect to the entitlement funds reported hereon. • Leonard Rupiper Signature of Chief Executive Officer Leonard Rupiper Chr. Board of Supervisors 6-12-74 June 15, 1974 DOES MY LOOKING \ OVER YOUR. SHOULDER BOTHER YOU WHILE YOU'RE WORKING .- ARTISTS ARE SO TEMPERAMENTAL/ PRISCILLA'S POP by Al Vermeer FOR SALE 4 UNIT APT, ' Four 2 bedroom opts., in ex- cellenl condition, with garages. Close to downtown, Sold al below replacemenl costs. 3 BEDROOM RANCH Owner transferred. Home in excellent condition with completely finished basement. Attached garage. Priced to move fast. Pudenz Agency 792-1440 Bob Pudenz Krv Pudenz Gary Kunecke 792-4946 792-9927 792-3239 63.uo.hc VOU'LL NEVER GUESS^ VMAT YOU'RE GETTING- FOR FATHER'S DAV LIGHT ITGOES SHORT RIBS by Frank Hilt —Junior Editors' Quiz on 1 Thailand 5 City in Brazil 9 Ride a — to the airport 12 Italian city 13 Poems 14 Southern state (ab.) 15 Swimming feats .17 Masculine nickname 18 Blood clot 19 Certain male deer 21 — of Man 23 Piper's son 24 Heart (anal.) 27 Paving substance (pi.) 29 Chemical suffixes 32 Kitchen gadget 34 Help 36 Withdraw 37 Swiss product 42 Food fish 44 Was borne 46 Mineral 49 Artist's frame 53 Sesame 54 Of food assimilation 56 Spanish cheer 57 Smell 58 English school 59 Mountains (ab.) 60 Oriental coins 61 Require HE WOULD HAVE TO SELECT THE ONE THAT WAS UP MY SLEEVE / A CARD. CARD / RAINBOWS Travelogue 38 Make socks 39 Rail bird 41 Stitch by Howie Schneider EEK & MEEK UJHATS THIS 'FIRST \ /OH, ITS AkJMIVERSART BUSINESS 1 )/ WOT MV youve seew HERE / Au f\ YEAR, ! / L_ 33 Former name for radon 35 Window blinds QOO QOQ by Bob Thoves FRANK AND ERNEST DOWN Warbled 2 Danube tributary 3 Aleutian island 4 Florida cily 5 Hawaiian foodstuff 6 Idolizer 7 Nevada city 8 Property item 9 Slanders 10 Fish sauce 11 Luxuriate in warmth 16 Bed canopy 20 Idaho city 22 Roman household gods 24 Irish county 25 Not shut 25 Handbags 28 Sacred (comb, form) 30 Being (Latin) 31 Menu item 40 Western state 43 Capers 45 Was consumed 46 Particle 47 Cheerful tune 48 Ocean movement 50 Location 51 Cry of bacchanals 52 Give use temporarily 55 Bitter vetch i.NKWSI'AI'KH KNTKHI'HISK ASSN.i QUESTION: How are rainbows formed: ' ANSWER: The rainbow is a beautiful natural spectacle which appears when the sun shines through water droplets. It frequently appears when the sun is shining after a brief thunderstorm in the late afternoon. This arch or bow of beautiful colors may spread all the way across the sky following a heavy rain. There are seven colors in each bow: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The colors blend into each other. This natural display is caused by the reflection and refraction of the sun's rays as they fall on drops of rain. The rainbow is an arc of ISO degrees if the sun is at the horizon, and cannot appear if the sun is high in the sky. Rainbows are often observed in the spray from a waterfall, a lawn spray or in mist. Occasionally, the lunar rainbow is seen in the early evening after a rainstorm when the moon is nearly full. It is weak with very faint colors. Aristotle of the ancient world probed the mystery of rainbows as did Descartes of the 1 7th century. A scientific explanation was not made until light and the .spectrum were understood. 6-15 (Ricky Ricard of Manville, Rhode Island, wins a prize for thin question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper is selected for a prize.) WE'D LIKE A THREE- DAY PASS. ALLEY OOP by Dove Groue HOW CAN THIS SON OF A DOG .POSSIBLY BE \OU STILL NEED A VOLUNTEER TO OF ANY USE TO US ? I MAN THE KITE, DO/YES.'OF YOU NOT, NOBLE COURSE ONE?V " ... LIEUTENANT/ MY ANCESTORS SHOULD HAVE GIFTED ME WITH YOUR GENIUS/ RELEASE HIM/ HE HAS JUST VOLUNTEERED TO/ I JOIN OUR FORCES/ UAW

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