Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 9
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WT «***•** ™ ?*?"• *.«- **-» A s ! w!«tf»r~ try it BITICTK Msster si* wmn, rsrf- HJtrt by S»?!y riHrrr, f'xtrn In <»v»ry TSCRT. HASH BwclM *«1»n. Rot * mw- rii ftmittem Service Timothy «w>j»fl Clover «*«J, $82 (X) •j - jcr -" -*,'.; r;v < j.%v , BTJTCK touring, four of them $SOO to MOO, two with wlntw jpsrw tcp. extra gw»$ mechanic*! cwn- cltton, »p*cJ«i at §335. 149-8 JSEWKTT DekiMMf iwtian, low mileage. Ur*» like n«w. 4-whwl hydrau- Bc tortifew, beautiful interior, mo- •hanlcal'y perfect, A very attract!?* talue at WOO. TWO FOHO tourings, Mollns? Knlfjht fewirtng. BuieK touring, two ixxs fO«j»», Bulck apart r^wdster, Bulck 4-eyIli*d*r touring. Priced ot MO to $378. ARE b«dly crowded for »jmee and rtsoT* these cars regardless ot R. Get acquainted with the woa- Itrful bargains offcml berv, Your car sMxrpted HB psjrt payment. TWIN CITT MOTOR CORPORA'nOH Bulrfe Solwi und ATTHACTIONS INCISED CARS THIS WEEK— OODOB touring, gtxxl Rhapt, $50. DORT "touring, extra gcxxl condition. FORD coupe, mechanically perfect, good rubber. $50. AtSO several other used cars — priced tow to Mil quickly. EAST TERMS. Ootxl trade*. Open Monday. Wednesday and Saturday Bight* fcnd Sunday a. m. BIOJL, MOTOR Chryaler. Chandler and DJanfond T 434 locust St. and 1207 E. Fourth St. BARGAINS tR USED CAE3— landau aedan. 4-door Cbeap. 1W8 'J^OSStJAC! 9-«oor cedan. very flrie condition tn every way. _ ..... ________________ ...... -------- ..... - ........ -^s 1 — — 2S34 FORD coupe. touring, first date. CABS are priced way below actual worth. If In the market call and aee them. j. w. MCDONALD P03 THIRD AVE. PHONE 14S9-W (OEBVEOLKTS USED CABS— 3838 CHS7RO&ET coftcb. slightly used a* a demonstrator, in perfect ma- for and ?? M WStrmr, Priori^ J337-M, ' wltih" <S oSp ~ track, car* hotiRht, TJ*«K5 p*»ts for ta»!e Knapp, Rock Ffclts, Prion® J038-W WB~ BPKCiAwrJi ' m' ac*tri«R* electric *ro welding. Bosjotfn Repair 8h«sp, r**«r ot Sterling Oaragt. _Dr«wi»wk«ni' and" MJlHinSry'¥i FAL.ii "COATS ~r».ii«jad"' and^rapalred DreMKnaklng. Mr*. GwrterttrnKSt, Hot* O*lt Bkljj. Phon* 131B-W. fcrnplvymrnt if ono family to wnrfc on farm. 0t««dy work throng trie winter. Write "X," cum co JM PETKNT~m«53" T work. Pl^asfl furnish rwfcrencen. Call 1713 or writ* Mrs. D. B. Bogaard, 203 W. Seventh St. KXPEFli ENCS> "rniid foTthree and one child. Rcferenc«i required Write X.X., care Qaeette. St. or pbona 534. See Mr. Johnson. at 1603 Locust as with gtrl 3'i care Oa2ctt«. houaekecper by Write lady AJV.. Instruction —- .Mgatcal^ Dancing, Dramatic 44 BAJ1JO, mandolin. g\Utar.~p!ano ao- -cordian, harmony and compoamon taught by Louis Beiaon, artist of national reputation, over BScktord'a every Sunday afternoon and Monday. Live Stock Cattle. Btofs, Etc. 48 LARGE Duroc-Jeraey boar, cholera immune. Lawrence Xtoaengren, Pro- pbetatown road. Bock Pails. Phone County 880-18. TWO~COW8, one will freshen aooa. other now milking. M. B. Wllger, at Martin Bros. and cage. Pnona 1X88-W. SHH* Wanted—tire Stock feed atcvcs Pbona Mft-W Of ArtlCiwi tor Salo : SI L. C. SMITH dolftle~bamHieileaB~i2 gauge, automatic ejrctor, field grada. An »80 gun 08 p*r cent new lor »35. A. "W. Cournyer. 134 K. Third St. 90 HOl^~of"24Tndn""woven'wireTaisa one hog wat*rer, @0 gaUon capacity. Phone 53S-W. LLOYD atroiler. cheap. 408 13th Ave. CHEVROLET sedan, excellent eh*P« m every way. Ride in it. 2939 FOHD roaddter. mechanically FOHD tudoi' asdan, good oon- tion and very reaaonjibly priced. T|irO FORD truck*, grain bodies, first condition. TELEPHONE 5fifl 1XOTO-SM1TH CHBVEOUBT BALES 613-618 LOCUST ST. |^~ JOSS HOPPLES di BOM QAKUJTO-PONTIAC 414 LOCUST ST. CABS PHOWB 1377 PONTIAC cxjaca. Thi» car looks and runs like new. A real buy. 1§37 BSBKS coupe. This ear te prac- KKAL BOT8 in touring*, sucb Hupp, gji&ci. fi^rlaud and Chev^^ &IIALL down payment, easy a. M. A. C. verms, 6s« our d»ily TWO ESTHA, CHKVKOLBT THIUKE aropbead sewiiog machines. Singer. Free and New Royal. Phono 6S8-R. 807 Aye. E. Sterling. FORD60N tractor~wit£~pJow in3 disc. All in good eondiOon. A. a. Hoak. Ill W. Third St. SPECIAL ten day sale good grade second-class woven wire fence. North _. DAUASOOS sewing mactineT~ntiFly new. Call 14J7-M. IS17-J TWO Sight hcnj«e!|r««»p!ne. rittranc?, 311 W. Sirth St. TWO fumt.<Oicri n»mr, for lijhl Kefplng, mortftrn. fr-ft»,-?ra»!>i.y S*hon«> llol.j. FURNiSliS> n»xt«n> "roraT» ""lor _bou*!>fcc*pin£. 313 W. Ttt'nl 8? in, front light. 7» 5O. ~ Apart MPni FIVE ROC*M ffiotjsrn spaitiswnt."witU f?»rage, closs In. Pmanrmrton at'o»r«. Thorte 723-W. Inquire 304 !a West, Sy rpnth St. FI vlllQOM wtth gftffnge, at £07 Are,. C, Phone 1066-W. NICE reliable couple. 835 per fTat to mcnUi. Sec Toe- STRICTLY modern bungaiowT completed, one-half block from Central school. II. M. BrtxlcTlclc. Phone 1341-J. FIVE ROOMf" houseT Wesi ~ Uncbln Highway. 615 per montfa. Oaulrapp and Floe*. . double Rarage. at 613 Seventh Are. Call nt 50^ E. Fifth St. Call 1578-M. with Ave. . garage. Inquire at Sll Fifth buslncsa Gazette. " mod«5~"hoaie district. Write Lit. care ROOM Oct. 17th. modern bouse, after _ usa-a. SIX ROOM modern borne. with~gar- jfcg^KateJMyere^ 5O7_Smh Am _. .__- . HALP double garage. eJectrtc llgfcrte. cement noor. J. E. Taylor, 708 Fourth Ave. Phono BOS. Heal, Estate Far Sole ~Hoag«» tx» gala 9t COZY COTTAGE. sTrooma and bath. hqt air beat, screened tn porch. BUT—— ttx. 00x75. Ninth AT*. TOsnger. SEVER ROOM raodern~5o3se" m- will exchange for erty. Phone 1139-R. prtm- FIVK H0OM" houao, partly . . Ave. Prtoe 93X00.1. JBL Sn&T»iy, IAWTCJQCC BkJg. Legal* IX. March May Corn Ds-<-. March May Gala Dec. March Mftr 1.3.", ! .S3 1 .35 * .81', .83 .64% .87 UPC. March Oct. Nor. Dec.- Jnn. RJba — Oct. Dec Oct. NOT. Dec. 1.03 1.11 12.30 13J22 12.37 12.65 15.40 1.05'i i.oa 1.09% 13,10 12 15 1327 l.OSVj, a. 09% 1S.10 12.15 12JT7 12.SO 13.10 13.70 1S.3O 14JJ5 LIVESTOCK CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (O. 8. Department of Agriculture) Chicago. Oct. 8<~-<A<F.)—Hogs receipt* 38,000; market mostly 35@so cents lower than Ptfetey; top 9lljQO. petd for A load of 294 Ib. wtlghts. Butcher*, medium to choice SAD-SCO tb.. $10.00011.00; 200-250 lb., $10.00^ 11.00; 1«)-300 lb.. »».75@10^0; ISO- 160 lb.. «9J23,^ 10.65. Puking *Q«B, 98.75^9.75. Pigs, medium to choice 80-130 lb.. Cattle receipt* 17,000; calvea 3.0OO; fed ateer* and yearling* strong to SSe higher: top aiBAQ; stockcr* and feed- era fully 2Sc up; fihe stock very alow; vealrcfl 80c lower, largely »15.00» 15.50. Slaughter clacaee: Steers, good aad cfaolea 1300-1990 lb.. ai4.aB®17.7S; UOO-1800 lb., *1« @ 18.00; 860.1100 &» »14J6@ia^ oommoc and mediust, §50 Ox up. tSJM red yearlinga, eood and choice, 750830 m, BJ«J60(317.78. HflHcra. good aad choice, 000 lb. down, at8.3S8i7.oo: otmatOA and LEOAL State of Illlaois "NOTICE HOLLAND BULB8—Buy them, plant them now. The largest assortment in years ha* arrived and they're tha best and newest vurittlea to be had from Holland. Aluo a full line ot Peonies, Popples, Evergreens, Pruit Trees attd other numery stock. All fully guaranteed. Highland Park Nurserlea. 14 mile north of Lincoln road. CaU 934. apples, band picked and sorted. Henry Thome. 2^ miles southeast ^833-3. pla pnmplrtniH, BOc per doeen. County 80C-U. SQUAQH, beet*. dkbba«», peppera~anHl pear*. Herman Berg, frmpoct, road. Phone 767-J. PEAHS. Jioha McCue. County 974-3. .. CIHEB, applea, canning pe*ra. w7~lrl -§?2!!L. 418 K ^pptfa st.. CJDEIi APPLES. W. T/L County 8»7-aa. HanschcM HEATERS 1 HEATERS! THREE STYIJSS of new liaatfcra to select -from—Copper Clad, a beauty. Stovd* and Atolt. Tour* fer wwrvu*. aiyiln aad Reed, the Tractor Men, 31B ata*« Third fit. M«u-toB&. teutiwl FOUR ruchlug ry t*l)it. good brass bound point cabinet, gwden tools some F. P. Batidall of the total to amount of year. ll«,&T7jWje oa tit* cw. See it mJptJE jDfeS*, lt-*irfi Whtteslde County I In the Circuit Court. Of the January Term, A. D. 1S2S. Oscar Haeberle. Trust**. vs. Inez Schmltt. ln*e Schmlit as ad- mlnlatrauu or the estate of P. H. Schmltt, deceased, Elmer Schmitt. Edward Schmltt. Arthur Schmltt. Thomas Schmitt. et al. Public nolle* ia hereby given that n pursuance of a decree entered in said cause on the 8th day of January, V D. 192C, trie undersigned nmster n chancery of said court. WU1 0 on tbo let day of November. A. D. 1928, at wo o'clock in th* afternoon of «Ud ay. at the* south door «aT the County Court House, in the City of aCorrUon. __ »*'4 county, etii as public «ciuiuB to the hlgheak and ise«t biditer fur cash, the tallowing described estate to wit: Tne uonbe&si of the southeast quarter oC Section Twenty-nine (89J» except two roda off tha north stds tbeteof ia drainage ditch; aKo tiu> ca>t lorty-foor (<4) rode of the aoutbenut quarter fit the Koutbtast quarter of Section Twenty-nine {S3}; alco the north balf of the northeafct quarter t& Stctloa Thirty-two (S3), except right of w»y of drainage ditch; also the aouUitaat quarter of the uorthtttt quarter at Section. Ttilrty-two (88); all tu-tewit- ship Twenty north, Bauge Six (6) e^t of the Fourth PrtogtjMtl >fo>fbtt»^ in Whlteside County, Uliuq) talnlng 162 acres, ot t/a mucfa as may be ueceaaary to satisfy decree. Terms: Ten per (seat o£ bid eaah ta hand oa day of t&le and tba b&ianct) upon tlu; tpprovai of the nale by lisa court. notions aUgbtty O. lotted this lElb <i*y Charlea H. Woodbura, ot . Woodward, ilibb* «c' Fool. Ottawa. 3tli, nojieltttra for THE MARKES OADI CHH'AOO By John Cows, good and choice, WJ.OO® 12.09; common and medium. *7^5«9.00. Low cutter and cutter, as.fiO&7.25. Bulls, good and choice (beef). «10-78; eutfcer to mwdrora. 9£0. Vealers (milk-fed) good and choice, •54.60tn 16.00; medium. ai3.OO@14JSO; cuU and common. aa.MJe» 13.00. Btockcr and feeder steers, good and choice (all weigh ta), 811.754M3.fiO; common and medium, a&7&@ 11.75. Sbtsep recttjpta 20.000; early trade on all classes alow; about steady, asking a little better in Instances. Lambs,, good and choice, 83 lb. down.; madium, 911.3S a 12^25; cull and common, 67^0^ HJt& Eru-es. medium to choice. ISO lb. down. M 55 9 6.73; cull and common. ti.73eft.00. lambs, good and choice, (If. a. Oepartment of Agrtoultuw) Kawsaa ciqr, Ma., Oct. a.—(Aj?.)_ Bog* nreef&a Sj(K»; mostly 85 U> SO c*att tower; top 910.70. on cboioe *S&**O lb- ButctiraSi *»fm«mft to lb.. •H, kUttng Kcarc*. atwdy to SSc «tock«n aad iaadwa itron* to - imdiuns 14,000; acdd «*jriy; lowtr. , »l0.1»«u.t6; cull awl Itfc. cam- R to " ~~ i'LOf* SSABUtE* Oct. *.— In carload Jotg, at *8Jt& in es lb. cottcoi aaeks. **»*& CHICAGO CbiMgo, Oct. B-—(A-P.) — oduas martwt quotoldoat u* lts«s: nw^pSs a^» «»», QH tal U. 8. ttK «i*F ll'ie taaris. 8uud»y 23 cmn: Jhst tr«lj fl"» bnll to thi» !!n* wh*rs t{v? g«thi*T«i themselves tofetrwr formed ns atone wsfl and Ipassesslon of the ball. A puss Preston to Irmis was a Utriller »nd nrt- " Community high 4S 5-»n!s and thf? bail on Stockton's 5 j-»ni line. Here Stockton b«opd up'nnd « cost Sterlins a touchdown and the game, fttockton took tt» b*ll and punted osit of dsngrr mnd tn<r half ended with the ball' to mldficld. Th-e baJ] »e-sa«red back and Forth up and down the fie?d during the second half suad Sterling s^aln oarried tha baJl to the Stockton 5 ltf« yard line tart were muiblft to pwt it across and the game ended a scoreless tie. "Midgut" Moshcr got Into tlw game at quarterback and while the play was in mjdlh-ld ha did weD and bad the team performing like a bunch of veterans, but once within scoring distance th® boys became OTcrtirudous and lost out. The improvement over the gmase of a week ago was so noticeable in tha team that everyone was well satisfied with the result although they would have been more than pleased had StwUnj been able to put over tte two touchdowns which they were in position to score. Tbe line-ups: Community HI Pos. Regan , LE. Steeper JVF. Welch LO. 0-Maliey c., McConEick .. RO. BJuna RT. tonis RE.. Orennan Moaner .... QB . D. Preston .. LH. Kohl RH McOrath .... FB ..«^, Referee Wbatey, Umpire Ohare. Stockton h>,*r> ts s. pstr5f<mri off ipr**t ssSa^l *J«S . .:», fet«? isnrttantesl, »! nwtltadft et tb* f<f rff»rr of the Treasury H. Crturford of Ofcrgist, • nwsrty nnmfe«t»?l 1818 <?»«!3it«- his to TOKOS riGHT WAS BITTEK— Henry Clay, awh fa« *f a teiafarat orator. }* ptetaml at tbc i«.ft. Jaekwa fa *teewm right, a«*a hel^-w Is JeJtn quii^y a rtasniu By Rodney Dutch«r. • a. 1 ? tha rr*«U was anrtoanoed <NEA S^n-icf Writer.) ' the gnllcries were clearud. Srpl, 8— "That Judas erad of UK-West," said Gen Andrew Jackson as Henry Clay deprived him of the prtsidenfy in 1KH. "has closed "Cormpt Clay had said that didnt the contract and piece* ol silwr." his 30 The election had been thrown Into tbe Boose of Representatives when none of lour candidates obtained a majority of the electoral votes, though Jmckson was out In froni both with popular and electoral ballots. Clay, speaker of the House, ran fourth and was not considered by the House. He influenced the con_ gresstnen from th^* to «rin» men qualifie* for the various difficult and complicated duties of the chief magistracy," but when Adams rnadd him secretary of state the appointment was accepted by Jackson and naany others KM evidence of a "corrupt bargain" which became tba Mg issue of the next campaign, j PresidentiaHy speaking. Clay was often a bridesmaid but never la bride. D: Mottrrw to !» With the» personalities CtOhotm uniU fw tlr^jH^ out cf ttw presMenti*,! rm« to ran «oc- for T!» pmdNhatt. He t rarttor. »n gte,r,f — s b«d man for *n «»snf, Ute Clay, ha w»ip»<! Mtter war <as 4is.cfe»oii and tart, Crawf erti ?1?^te»feNL Crawford, choio» of Moturos anfl Jetfcntm, was -rtocSjcated the caisimisB of charges of falaiWMtuct tatsSrcd far campaign purposes by Cmttsoun, Sto^t^r .fee- fare ttw ®fH*5re«i6«*.! cmacwa Crawfort had % pamlytlc strttke which bttrt his ^ttn««. It was Crawford against Use field susd the WOT. Only f& of m members of Congress gathered to nom- Soate him and CS2ay, Calboaa, Adams and Jadcam Joined in gnat oatay Simmons! to Secretary of State John Quincyj ... Whitsoa . Werkhiser ... Bcradorl ..... Brown • *•*... Jvirx .-. Pewsny Keeler COACB O? WISCONSIN , CSUEW 7AKEN BY DEATB Wia, Oct. B. "Ddd- Vail, eoaeh of the or Wlsoamtn crew since nj known «s a scalter. filed this morning at Qftgetoim. New Brunawlct ftccor«l- wt»tl rwietvtti tod*y by tad- authorities. 1911, and fonaeriy nj Adams, who was chosen. Jackson followers Irt out testing whoop frtan the and John C. Calf houn of South Carolina, taller? BlanU of the period, fcaueryi ^^ 1824 camj^jgn ^^^ (Ctmtmoec EPOZB page one) 271-3«28; ditto. June special, -»—~ ,_ ateafiy; recwlpta t.118; Ireaa gathered extra. 38@41; extra Bart*. 34 038; first*. 303-4 8 53; ttK&ato, S&m 30 1-3. ^ Butter tmaetUed; reccipbs 8,718: creamery biahw than exUm. 48^«e 1-3: ntfa. 82 score. 471-3; first, 88 69 EH acare. 441-3@47; packing atbdfc. •mrret make Ho. I. 35@sai-2; Ro, X 13 1-9. J poultry ea«y; chicken*. resh 2a@45, froaen not quoted: Zowta. rresh 28«S5. rroaen a3«S4; old roogt- era. 18«2S; turkey tprtog*. old turkeys, troscn %>«4fl. FINANCE KEW YOXK SXOCSS York, Oct. a—{AJ».} ___ _ wanS price- moremextt WM nvtuaed at _ of Coty epceed « points bigfaer. Smelting, Oeu«ral tiotora U&ion Carbide Khowd ttuUal gain* at 1 8-a to 2 1-2 potato. Seraral iarg« tdocluk c&a&£«di Mada ia tte early trading. Siud«b*ker opwolac with R block of lOjOOO sbarca at 85 -4. VQ^ L Samadall o$M3B£dl AfacHoo&— aUy lower wttft a block ot 15.000 •baraa. {uioe»laat mtii ta Ui» few of a arei** of teartah terii^r Up. plowed along for some yarda. then flipped over and broke to pteees. The gals wens dead wlien picked up. Wilson .aas throsoi about 20 leet clear of the PILOT ALSO DIES. Denver. Colo.. Oct. 8.—CtTP.)— Cliarles F. Wilson. 44. of Seattle. Wash,, pilot of au airplane which which crashed near Derby. Colo, killing two prominent Denver society girls, died ia a hospital here today of his Injuries. two other down caucus the old system of nominating presidents by congressional and opened the way SOT nominating conventions. Only ens party existed and Monroe's retirement, ending tbe Virginia dynasty which had held the presideacy Cor 32 to 36 yean, brought on & free- for-all scramble for tha White House. II waa known M tbe "Period of Personal PoiiUca.' At one time 18 candidates were counted, but |hose wbo received electoral votes were: "Old Hickory- Jackson of Tennessee, hero of th» Battle of New Orleans. A born leader, honest and loyal but ruthless toward his neter cultured nor scholarly, be was devoted to the mama which idolized bim and his courage and character made him oae of tfee strongest figures in our political history. The QsaJittea ef Clay. Clay of Kentucky, "tins the *'as«rp- Up to Usig time, tbe bad been held by patriotic pa- triclans who had passed it eromsd _ " " -. ErifrancMse- ascnt of th* masses, of unpropsr- tied men bad progrtsspd rapidly, but not sufficiently to allow the comraoQ people to run for Umemtmra. Row. they wewr Toting to enough tiers to nsspood enthusiastically to tt» aatl-caucua so&\maeat. Tits day of the Futbers and Oselr con- BoaalmUng om- trol was aver, A few state Jatures, were hrfd, sixme M b«t»» u> nonriaate tbe *aU« *M^ r ^ at _ straw held fitmyvlieiiB "- on itff. in graad Jory waBpaofag araS ao KN«S!NE FEUL OCT. Van Horn. Ttee^ Oct. 8.— (UP.)— Paul T. Vicfcers. Prank King, and Ley Mitchell, pilot, narrowly es- cape4 deaUi here yesterday when the engine fell from their airplane as they were making a forced landing. Whea the plane first struck the earth it bounded high in the air Rod tiw engine dropped out. J3t£ lustlagf barely deared the engine when it bounced a stcood time. Noee ot Use men were injured. ia tba martwt, Itnali coupled with a . »e«ey rates, also fears of a further ^ . a^atsa. w«ui ta ajtid aoo- up ta t at 83 1-a and Haaii «a4 lliter Products COM 1 Ut s i-a firm. of ttut bean. wta«b had by by tts» waiteya at tti* P«to« et naay 8 *a * fctotos*. . Champaifin. III. Oct. «,— (A_P.)— O&car f<»t!yf- {jroifessionaj parachute jossper. died tnis auHtii&g from in- received yesterday whca »us taosened alter he had jumped front a plane at the local airport, and he dropped MO feet. He wms S? pears &M and a Chicago resi- deut. .............. Boy of the Slashes". Another popular idol, a marvelous orator with astonishing infliaaea owsr his audiences. Domineering and high-handed, an inveterate gam- bier and a heavy drinker to a heavy drinking age. yet patriotic, brilliant resourceful and ambitious. Calhoim once said: "I dont like Clay. He Is a bad man. an im~ . postor. a creature of wicked schemes. aenger rooms. miltUa csit with tbB »a»S ttonwuKs. to Bosbm. WM « ,4. to t snoft ta ttot betting. Attacks on ti» caaosr ticket were so bitter that AUjert Ganatte. C^awfod^i ramsing mate for vice prwidewt, withdnrw a week to- fate eteeOoa. Tbe first corapUation of a popo- lar vota waa made in tliat rear. It rtoed: .............. - ........... Popular Electoral day 41 It 114.000 47,000 47,209 .— pro-Jtticksan TB wbsn the House gavs the etectiim to Adams. Ooagnsstaina from tha three western states cmoss ta Adams by Clay issre ve<«d cat of offlee ia tba mat btemial poll, for tha westerners had BO use for Ariam?. . .Use Hew Englanritrr -- If wlfl of ti» people bad" defted. us was cianrged. the were to take tbeir real revenge In 1908 when they brcfoe ttffi Una of sacctsision of Virginia and Ma«3u*.iJs»tiK patricians, ooa^st- presideiits or tor tbe tog mostly of vice cabinet members. . won't speak to .him, but, by God. ANOTHKit KILLED, Cmocuinatt. Oiiio. Oct. 8. — «UJP.) — One aviator was killed and another critically injured mhen their Icil iiUo a comlield tere yesterday. LoveU Connelly. So, of N«»«aod, O, w«* kilted *Ad I-beodtae ifamt- er, 38, oJ Miilo«l. suffered a fj*f- stuU a&d internal «W^*ww*p ^^•^|*^^^M|H94P Will IJrge Merita la Sou itioii And East . .— (AJP,»— 45enate«- WUlsam £. Bsa^mii left Chicago to urge the nasriis of pr«»hiMtkia in tne Ksuin aod easi- I am going to t*Sc far itrohibi- Hon." he i*id. ^*v e been talking it , pwnns dAdirt tnijak tt ec, ftn .« deaaiwafcrated the la bowe««r. fea- Vatefe&d*^ IBW^S. WWHIlf Oe*. 8-— «*t a* C*M&. tt^stwtbe te uu* lo Administrator's Sale of Household Tuesday, Oct. 9th 7JO EAST FIFTH ST., STEALING tm Sate atari* al $ A. (Not an auction) Entire furnishings of a five room house will be sold — ail practically new— leas .than -one year old. Come early— avoid the rush— get first choice. Each piece at a rare t»rgilau Estate of Mrs* Mary Bell Meyera, •

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