Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 15, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1944 Victor Furs, Well Known Athlete Here, Engaged To Wed Announcement him been made of the encasement .of Victor Km'.", son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Furs of Crown street ,to Miss ISllsavbctn DlJohn, daughter ot Mr. and Mr*, rnsciimlc DiJohn of Wood street, Watcrbury. Mr. Fiifs has been one of tne Ictidlnp volunteers In rellevlnc the labor shortage a: the Hop Brook Goir club, and he takes great, prldi; In helping to keep the course in lip-top shape. The local resident's Interest in golf dates bnck to the clays when his brother, Zippy, an outstanding; gol-fcr of the district. Invariably entrusted one of his younger brothers with the Job of ciuldylnp for his tournament matches. Two other brothers, ICdmund and Frank, now serving overseas, gained experience in the same manner. Both later were star athletes at Nmipy high; Frankic playing forward position on Naugy's New Bngluncl basketball championship aggrogatlon, and Eddie participating 'in both football and baseball. A third brother, .Henry, recently honorably discharged from the Army .is also an enthusiastic golfer as well as one of Union City's best softball players. Commando Kelly Is Punished For Overstaying leave For-r Rfrining. Ccorgiii, Aug. l"i — i UP i—Commando Kelly, the M demur, i-irmy from Plttsburirli. lifi.-" boon confined to Fort Banning fni- 'M tl.'iys [ft 1 overstaying a furlough. A 'courtmartial fined Sergeant Kf.'lly SOO an-d ordered a S15 immlh- |y reduction .in his pay for six TnontliM—it sentence consldrrud lun- lont for being A-W-O-L in win- tlmo. The 23-yc'ir-old Medal of Honor winner said ho tried to rrach camp on time, but was di-layed everywhere by hero - worshippers holding celebrations in his honor. Mourn Dead At 'Camp Of Annihilation' , . , - t , , M... x-n»l "Ciimn of •viuillilliiUon" outside Lublin, Bcrcuvrd Vol.* nr,> pictured at a ""*" .'»'""' "* '''« N " °' ",' 1I1S of Na«l-criiolty. Thousand* of l',,lund, ::s they joined will, ">«ny "tl'ers ... s, M iss o . -<|im^ f r ^''.^ „.„„,. th( , Nu ., ls held Poland, „„.„. W.....L.I. ami child.-.-,, won, rxU-rnilna t«l m <" ' ""^^^^.^ either burned In the „„„ «,, '-"^WporUul cou. Funerals J''uncrut of Hutrli MV. H Tho funeral of .Hugh W. Burns.! fit], of (M Pleasant avynuo. factory i inspcctnr Tor the slate department ; of labor, who died Monday morn- Ing In St. Mary'u hospital. Watur- hury. will be held Thur.scViy at Si30 ;i. in. from hU residence to St. I'"ranclM' chureh where u solemn high Muss of requit:m will bo celebrated at 0 o'clock. rntormohit will he in St. James 1 c:erm>tery. Friends may call at the rr.mloncc after 7 o'clock this -jve- ning. IPunvrAl of Mrs.. I.onls Niirdrllii Tho funoi-ftl of Mrs. Catherine j <Ferronc) Nardclla ot 'I! 1 !' .South I Main street, who di':d Saturday I night in,St. Mary's hospital, \Vatcr- liury, will he hi-ld lomorrdw In Chicago, ril. Burial will lie i" Mount Carmel cemetery, Chicago. UOIlBJiKY KI'il'OliTKI) Rrooklinr. Mass., Aug. '.".--(UP) — four gunmen --.accompanied by ;i. young woman—-have held up it KrooUlinostore. Proprietor John Carnii was robbed of $100 cn:;h Vinci ,-i. wrlttt switch. Game told police thut the men.cor.,t'ronted h!m with revolverH • after puivlvislni; nomf ionic, tlo said the plcl api>arnntly artod as a look-out.' New Voters To Be Sworn In Aug. 23 At Town Hall Xcw voters will be sworn in at a meuling of selectmen. regU- ti'ars of voters and town oU-ric Wednesday, Aug. 23, in the rourt-- room from d to S p. m., it was an- nAuiiced this morning. In three previous sessions. 2U3 new '.Vntig.itucU voters were sworn in, Raymond J. St. John, town clerk. s«iid this niornii'.g. Those accepted as i.-li^ible to ciijt. ballots Included recently naturalised resi-". residents reci-nUy reaching their -1st birthday, and thoso who hiivt- been rosi'lin.g in the borough for over a year. Tho lurgo number of now voters may be Attributed, urnong other rea'-'on.--, to the Cac: that since tho start of tho war. ttieru has been ,-i lai-LT^-' influx of out-of-town poo- pic-, who wore forcer! to establish rosidenci.', according to law, and t-.ave recently completed that period. June was tho busiest month a.-i llij weru .--worn in. In May the figure was 50. and last month §'2 v.-i:iv granted local voting privileges. Cyril Tuohy rind ,1-loniy Zwick nri- the rogit-trars and Mrs. Join:. Bipclermiin. Mrs. Ccitharine Nar- clello and Casimir Galcski lire the select men. IIUI.I. TtKTUKNS Limited Civilian Manufacture Goes Into Effect Today Washington, -Aug. 15— (UP) — The War produnioi-. Bo:i rd oi-dcr pcrmittinif limited civilian manufacture gooi into effect today. The order authoriKcs the production of a wide variety of items, such as vacuum cleaners and sowing machines, as long as there is no iiUorferonco with the war effort, The War .Manpower Commission will have the • final sny as 10 whether labor can be spared to produce the civilian i-oniiiiodi'.ics. Hop Brook C. C. Clambake Saturday The Hop Rrook country club will hold a clambake m the club grounds Saturday starting at 5:30 p. m. Ail club meniboiv find Uieir friends are invited to nucnd. Tii-kets can be obtained from John PocU. chairman of Iho ticket committee. Over 100 tickets have bce-n sold and all indications point to a successful affair. Couple File Wedding 1 Intentions Many Acres Of Woodlands In Maine Burned Augusta. Maine, Aug. 15—(UP)— State Forestry Commissioner. Raymond E. Kendall estimates .that more than IL'.OQO acres . of Maine woodlands have bocn destroyed by forest fires in the past week. And most of the -10-odd blazes in the northern rind centra! sections of thc> state sti'.l are raging uncontrolled. Meanwhile. Governor Sumner Scwnll has placed a' bnn on fishing, smoking or building fires in the woods starting ut sunrise tomorrow. Fishing on streams and lakes will be allowed only from a boat. The woods were'closed once bcfoiv. this year—early in June during a serious dry spell. Kendall refused to estimate the •otal damage caused by t-hc fires but said it might, run into hundreds of thousands of dollars m the destruction ot sulooblf! lumber and o' : reproduction mid growing timber. He said that well over 2,000 firemen and volunteers are battling the blas-.cs. It GenTPatton^s Wife Is Pleased Cooler Weather For Late Friday Is Promised Bbaton Aug. 15-(U P)-Much- cooler weather for late Friday has been 1 'proml«erf by the weather, bu- ;'rcau to brca^ New? England's heat .The bur«au' said ..that the', break Xv.ould come iyith'.. showers .and triundcrshowers .. throughout the area 'Friday;'.-.Meanwhile, New. Eng-, landers are. sweltering in record- heat and' huml'dlty. Today's high was' expected to re'ach -96-degreea, two degrees above the record forth! date; set'In 1938. -,. Yesterday's temperature hi g h '•was'--above" (^degrees, .fractionally, above a record set for ...the. date, in, 1919". Officials said that temperatures would average five degrees above normal until late Friday. But relief may come -this afternoon in scattered thuhdershow«'8. Three more deaths attributed to the heat occurred in' Massachusetts yesterday. -'- /-.•'..: >•;.-• Cary Grant And arate 'Hollywood, Aug.' . Wo'vle Actor Gary. Grant and dime store' heiress Barbara Hut'ton have separated, • Grant's studio confirmed the news .today.- However, no one wan at '.home' cither in Miss Hutton's home or at Grant's sriug beach-house at •Hollywood. .-.,:.•.. , • The 1 couple eloped-, to.', Lake Ar- 'rowti.ead In July, 1942. Grunt, at that' time, waived all rights' t'o the 40 million dollar fortune of his bride. Washington. Aug. in—( UP—Secretary of Slate Mull is back at his desk after a tv/o weeks' rest. Hull conferred today with tho British di-Icgntiijn to next week's ir.tor- r.vitional Security meetings. And h-.! told a news conference that the spirit of cnopi'ration is thor- ouglily 'ilive in connection with those tallo 3. Won vine, home is on U. S Aetna S£t. John Army, whoso street, and Klcanoi May street, filed wedding: intentions at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. The wedding date is August 23. •A-bovit P.OOO tons of cig.-i.ret paper are used in. the U. There am an cHtimritprl 23.2SO.OOO i-lf-ctrlc irons. M.r.TO.OOO i-luctrir: wfi^hlng machini'S. .-.ind 1 1.sS'i.nOO vacuum clcnhc-rs in U. S. homes. ,«i>M II.v J'U'riimtt'M i . .. . . lit \\-jilrvlMirj-, PIERPONT'S IIA.Mv .I'l'KKKT 1JIJKN*—llt'GIl W., «>r III I'li-iis.. nnt Avenue, Aug. 1-1, 10-1-1. P'u- nurul Thursday Jtt S:30 a, m., from the residuncs to St. J-'ran- cls 1 church at 0 a. m. Burial in Kt. Jiunc*' cemetery. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Hamilton. Mass., Aup. 15—(UP) ,, „ -Tho wife of Lieutenant General 12. Smith ofj Gctwe S. Pntton. Jr., has left her home for Washington after hear inir that hor husband was commanding the American Third Army if. Normandy. Tho purpose of Mrs. Patlon's journey was not disclosed immediately. She motored to Boston where <,he planned to take an American Airlines transport for Washmfrton. Said Sirs'. Patton when in form en of her husband's new command, ••That's wonderful, just wonderful I" yearly. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS BEACON FALLS Correiip.orHlent'li. phono 4324 Postmistress Urges Early Xmas Mailing For Seryicemen Acting Postmistress Beatrice Lee- announced' this morning that the Christmas "mailing to mc-m and women. In the armed forces will extend from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. It Is only -between these dates that. packages, may be Bent to military personnel without first presenting a written request from the servicemen', she said. . Many parcels .llaye never been 'delivered, the local' postmistress said because of insecure wrapping 'a.r»d a weak «ontainer. She recommended a box made of metal, wood or fiberboard, and reinforced with twine and gummed paper. •And writing the address on both the wrapper and the container might help in the delivery, as the 1 wrapper may be lost. Parcels must not weigh over 5 pounds, and must not be more 15 inches long or 36 Iniilics In length and girth combined. Each package .should be marked "Christmas Parcel," the postmistress said. Perishable; goods, such as fruits •and vegetables that may spoil, arc prohibited.' Intoxicants, inflammable material* such os matches or •lighter fluids, poisons, and anything that may damage 'other mail also are prohibited. Gifts enclosed in glass should be substantially packed to avoid breakage. Sharp instruments, such, a-s razors and knives, must have their edges and points protected so that they iM.n- not cut through the coverings and injure postal personnel or damage other packages, '" Postmistress Lee concluded. I>«jives For S Robert Crosby, of North Circlo Acute Water Shortage At Sound View Sound View.Aupr. 15- £ UP)- acuto water shortaffs-'Chleny for the resort area is pumped well* '"to »» elevated, tank, Umt the recent Lack of rain , it impossible to P"mp :enouph wa ter to raise the tank level high •enough to provide pressure to dc- Jlvcr water to third and second floor levels. __ wi )l leave for Sampson, N. *".. and .boot training in thc.Nwy tomorrow. Home On Furlough Pvt Edmund Sierkowskl. who is' stationed in BlandinR, Fl.i is spending a tennjay furlough with his parenw on. Fairfield Place. No Sewing There will be no Red Cross sewing this week. Governors and state treasurers of Missouri -cannot succeed themselves in office. BABY DIAPER SYSTEM Is At Your Service— Diapers Are Furnished Serviced and Delivered- By Calling Waterbury 4-4714 YOCK EYEGLASSES SHOP'' c. Tomlinson Ncary Building Nauffatuck, Conn. : .STORK CI-OSED AIJ, DAY KACII MONDAY DDKENU, r-Y AND ACGCST Wanted Part or full time help, male or female. No experience neccswry. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TEL. 3GT8 Holland Furnace Co. Furance cleaning with big power suction machines. Also gas proofing and furnace repairs. — Telephone — Naugatuck 5629 Waterbury4-*OO3 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. It calls build a b •St GIVEN SENJTSNCE New York, Aug. 15— CUP)— Mrs. VnivnliiB Dickinson— known as the Doll Woman — has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for send- in" military information to the Jtipaneso. She was also fined $10,000 Mr«. Dickinson opcratod a tloli shop in New York— and sent information to Japan through South America. COLOSSAL The Toft is big in size, and it's even biggeri'n service, in value and in convenience. 2000 ROOMS, I*TH AND RADIO. HOTEL. !>'«:> IEWIS..MC*- TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY C.n.slj idles ol >.!/.! ciinlt> IK ro\r il«l in this xmitt picluro made III M:ii(l:im<k. :i siiliui-li (if l.iililln, I'liIiiiHl. when- tin- conquiiriii^ ItPrt :in;iy inicuvi-rcil a story tluil hsis sluicked <lk- world. .I'icturcil 1" thp -Ciimp «( Aiinihiliilii'ii" in whii-li thoiisiiiuls of victims were torturc.U Jiiul killed :nul Ihi-ir hoilii'S luirieil and hurned, these sUrleVons of that \vi-ro liurieil :in; pictureil a.irninst; tlie liuclorromul of (he crviniilioti furniici'.s where other bodies wore reduced to ashes, (International Kildioplioto/ MIRACLE WALL FINISH COSTS ONLY $98 7 ^ G. C. Murphy Go. and this country is making more bombers than ever before ewlore planes, more ships, more of •verything for war mean more Long Distance calls'. And right now things are moving double-quick. That's something to remember when you're telephoning to a distant out- of-state point and the operator says"Please limit your call to 5 minutes." More calls get through quicker when everybody help* that way. \ the Southern New England Telephone Company

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