Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 8
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In Gray's CORNER. Ji'w fall goods. While many iner- '4 are stuck ou unseasonable goods #re using every means possible to f-hcm onto their customers. John 1 $ comes to tbe clow of the «asou ifnnd shape and Is able to tuUc ad&se of tbe very low Eastern mart ifor casli) and Rives his ™^ m ^ '•^ over stock.' -Come and *«e the difference. and County. mftlvin attt.r at Foot Office. February 8. REPUBLICAN TICKET. I f ; B GA*KKTT A\ HOJ^ i^iBli^ , wl uSt.o«^£- c '";"' ii ;. 8u i t uUc«», N of Shelby county. Fifth Dl«trlct. C.Z.AVW.UVofBwiton eta OIHI in ija^u;^." — mand that ail paper currency shall be at par with and redeemable In coin. WE MUST THIS POLICY AS NECKSSAIIY FOR,THE . TlOS OF THE FARMEBS AM) BOR1SG CLASSES, THE:-FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS TIMS OF UNSTABLE MOSEY AND A ' FLUCTUATING CURRENC1- Deinocratic-platform, 1S02. - POn-LISTS LOVE DEMOCRATS The fwliujrs of love lii the -POTOI!'..-* l,i-L-:i,=t for the Democratic party l.v^ls be rnuwd i»*o a bhuc _o warmth. There is every «aM»1oi • esteem hv wWch tlwTopg hold-Dc.«o ,.,-vt*. I'l^tliCT admire them forth utrvo :uid slu*wan««s'Miown in th . llliln .p U i a t-Joi« by which the principle " ,!, c-irai«id -good Uiin^" of the Fop. party were stxvlen for 'use at th Olilc:i«o eouvenlKMi. Populle«s the Democratic party because pood tiiwte to so Uito the T •anixaiion <o sriwt a cnncKdiit.? for rivsident. . . Tlio refferl'tos are wowWpecs of .tliu Democratic mawacor* who. furn!*hod tl'iou*!Mid« of substitute delc s a'tfl8 and Bt-van "rootos" for the' Populist cou- vmitKm a,t St'. Louis, an<r> r erA«SC,ully forced upon the panty of w.Uiskor,? the boy orator as Its standard bearer, in spite of protests. The party, of Coxey U. glad to a-tl\Ha.te wlrh the pai'ty of Sewall. There should be. :i ml»B'"SP of tiho forws of the t.wo.parttes-' Tht'ji an: fo well suited with each- other. Then tlic latest evidence of thc.jwell meanln-K and Rood fatth of the -party that first named Bryan was so plainly sliown in the rape of Alabama.\ The ropullRt party to that State may feel «ll"lit'ly d?.zed for a while, but they will understand In a short time that the partnewWp-wltli the Democratic party mom* a Rood thing, from the Dciuo- cnf s standpoint, and that tbe latter Is prepared to enjoy it making the «™ WORK IS ON Republican Clubs Formed at Walton and fletea., -.-'-i- \_ ' ENTHUSIASTIC CROWD Greets the Speakers at Both of the' Gatherings. would not answer for U* P^^ «y,'. om-n*. wou,kl be; worth mm* ««•* diamond of the -same m should .be of such. ., s-i ''OKI piece whether ><">»ed '<*•' A.nu-1-Ica ^.ouUl be fo,r n and -purposes tl»S samp; -Now money..,i«,a raaisurc of value, lust Hie sUM n or Highest of all in Leavening Power.-Latcst U. S. GoVt Report Baking m *, S ™-. , ,it i-« also, a medium. of vxehaingo. WlMi ycM work tor V-!.00 nw 'My ana va-uive'W' n <™ t for y>iu- .lay's work, " ••« •'•-_« Large n^e^hlp Enrolled In the tlubs Formed. A Qpod Be^inflink of a Brilliant Campaign. va-uive'W' n <™ t T ",r W U« takes tte SB.. ivml buys a nw drew. '' ABSOLUTELY till takes wo huriicls to 'my «* y fllld . <!t ' ic ' v . lab* fr» not only measured tltt *2,00;;>ut> the $i l ~ ^ : you 1-ece.he bcjnia to . earnest: Two Wd la* * ami flic other at Metcn., was" > at At an tiaftlrls Mhndnncc was not con- toed to rccogiitacd Rcp.vbUw.ttS b* there were also. many present who a.Kv.W 1 .b^,Do. 1 n-oc.^, who- the'speecht* and zwd <3*»e at ,. I. TUe opening woeMngs of the 'is to UK i- traded y'-s >a.lwi- of exclroffCusal by yt> "' • , , „„ "Let us suppose mat you axe paid on Saturday no «u . TlW what'* mime is mine, and wnnts vo«w, to mine." "illflfcuMy' in. exriw using '* ,„—„.. Now 5' W1 lia ' 1 ' 0 l )a!rtp<1 .vowTli&r and you iuuiJ,vally want SI "00 represeui-ed by the cheek to, be ecinal In purcliaslng po-wre to any otlwv ,<il2.00. ' ' . ' J'.i'Xow H' I llavo ^'fl' 1011 Ulis iwnix*",' 0 '!; dearly you' will iwdorsl'ind, ttiwt. t.n-'i. . •ns-.a'i»ea*«.'re ot value your money m-u>t be eoMftct. and'secondly, flat your moiiej- must be of RICH character ifcvf It will 'lie' universally accepted at .its rice for ,tf It is anyQiius less in Its pur- falls sl.ort of '"""• " ••In t-hese four yea:* "« siuvke h..s bivUls swens-Ui was mot y« Siif- dcvoloped to eat up ilie prlro of the"ftinnw's whoa*. It was only do-i-l- ,vpta" Its appetite for v,h«ait. and the fanner was yot able to foal tat/i i:» a bushel of wheat and R«t for L* a sMvca- scale. But the <=«afce was ?-- Xhwre was coined la IiilSSS Si«^'.'" ::::::::::: ?x£ silver tihrcc rais au-. work .will, be .pushed vlrti vigor fivxm now on until. Ilie .close of the c-ajnpa.igtn. A BIG CLUB FORMED ,AT , WALTON.': trae til-ensure o,f your laoor. "The real-test of ahe value of money is .Ifs-pniTObastag power, and a dollar flint •wMl-'.-iiot purctose any more than a half'dollar is of 110 ivire value than tub' 'half dollar, luul as 1 win endeavor on- may be a great dftd Blitrlct— COMPARE THEM. -The Republican party la unrenerved- r for wund money. It caused tbe en- of the law providing for the of specie payments In 187,0; >ry dollar has been aa good if" jC' li. • );.-.' »we are otmlterably opposed to every •MMBI. calculated to debase onr cur- ••wney or Impair the credit of our coun- -t»T We are therefore.oppwed to the to* coinage of .liver «cept by Inter "^U our .liver and paper currency nwt be maintained at parity wit ••"*"• - - all roeasureg.de- If our forefathers were - *-were quiet about it. In the Dcctar, of Independence there Is no vo- t once to "crown of thorns'! .or "cross oi cold." Thm> was roasonJn every sen rtieDeelJimttan. .Thtere was no anarchy. Oratonfaal flight* 'i r were earnest.':,TUere Is s no nnmruininc the cxclawaiHoin "Give me W P r^e me death'' M spokon 1» IWK k Henry,.and U.ot'.W«. DB»« tint won, for. Bryan titt «om»Won n Chicago. The fli* bad nwch M*|fl» The last wns" nsed as a. caiwii only, amd expressed tlie feeHiag' Democratic party *s tJtls year ( , .Ichito Me .to further dlMoaiest ,enus. IS NOT AT ALT/. PROBABLE THE NEXT nOTJj&E .WILL \ r - A MAJOBITY .pAVOKABIiB THE FREE COINAGE OF SILER AT A %VTIO -OF .1ft TOi 4- VHE'N IT BECOMES., A. DEMON- ~3i.™, I >'rAOr--THAT.;THBBE IS sO JJA^GER OF -LAl-lfc. '_. ADOPTING THE SIKVEB-8 TAJs °-. \KD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSTNESS OF THE CWCNTRY, PROS- PEMTX WILL COMB VGAIN ANIT WITH LOWER TAXKS.'O^ THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY CIND OF BUSINESS WILt, BOOM .IN.-tthairos edJtoi-ial, -MarcJi Ji 180C. . ._• , Hcrwy-An opinion takea-upon oppo- sttlon to tine established doctrinc.- Webeter. Tlie established doctrine of this government has boon since the *e- glnntaK. strict and .untopeacba.blc honesty The man who. advocates a plan niteatos the repudiation of one-half thi* naitlion'R boncert debt, is not only a heretic Im the wenee of opposing estab- Itahcfl doctrtocs. Heretics may be honest Iti theBr opposition. Such,h«resy as to acknowledged by many Popucrats is plainly dishonest.. i wa.s billed to speak, ^Iwi-e was I "of "almost ^ ''Uiidred people u ajDreullahccV'Not more than half of tiiem could gefl-tito'tllie hiiU. yas unable'to "be 1 'present. sent ww uuaioie 10 u« \K.^=^--< — yorv. excellent substitute to.tlic pers^ of'T' P?Welsh-, who iuUtajfrom Ne"^ •*•• *....,., _ . .... . ' -O...MVI Wito . .-- ; $118,830.710 W1K11 , flic S110,SOJ,i'34 coined juntas ?229,023,-l7o. " r rJlO KTlillvC llflS DO."VV rOilClllMl llCiul'liy I ]>ro 1 x>ritons. Instead ot pivtais m> "»« \ ' ot Jite scales for a bus'.ul of wlicat it now cx-ictod nearly :< buftliftl and a iwk for cine of the dollars ssa the pr'.ix- tlwpped to 70 cents. By -ilif* tlinc tuft fai-mw sJ».old hnve ioSen «•"""" :mc Iwve bean able ta sea tlwt the-silver ivas rapidly- mcr«iRtoiff ! tp ...... aral aasannlns huge pmpoi' •i,u<l Hunt Ws appeal'.o W.TB jirowitii;. 'Jlie rflver sta^m flowed on.. There -'^'^^ *3o.l01.0M 2Z 1 ::::::::::::'.-'." SSS In 1S90 year _. wheat to tiuy a dollar: 'wirrthc fanner hi u-tticr. despair Hhc homo of We faOwrs. nad Xot coDleut t more than -,0 OOO.'oOO a year, t,be sUvcr bn«ns are demajidJiiw Hint it rfmll be' "rroe ami «c- wUs of'tlii? glltiterins vjrpisw slmll f ol(i wi*1:to as deadly ffrtp ^^ insnriale maw all your products. Ton) nra bejil» nom-rtcd by the sJieen of i^e solver sncic'to yo"r owu dosi-i-ucHom. Once betore tJiat wlil-o-tihe-wisp "free'' protu- ,I B «! yoai prospeaiWy ™l good prices. , now auadicd to '-silver" w.«i ra .1- aiiid histrous pronitaw. RemiecjV-er Vjrokcm promises of the past. Re- ^ ^ _ . thje Demociutic'nomi^ee for president Before the Rpeeclimateig l>ega-n -a. Bopub- hloanclu.b was organized by George A. Gamble' w,Mv the fallowias JM. of offlcors: -..-. '• '' '" : ''' ' '; :M !" "' f Presmeat-Gewgc W. Bipbop.., -.-. Vice Pircsldenit—Saimicl A. .Th Secretary-D.' A. G. --Sobten*!. Assistant' Secretary :- ; James sdver. ''' '"'' :''''•' '' • ' "' Treasui-er-DJfttSol Brougli. . There were almost «v«rty-flve names .. __.-. iii-*h«-'s,i«ift m«mberBibJp roM,.a»W si ^VJ been Mr,.Weteh made had .^ Money' IS coined me,tal,,BoW- or other 'TnaterinJ, sta,,'nped by public and wed •« a .inflvare «t °-nie govermneiii stswup on a piece o 1 .' metal simply shmvs awt.ft eontaius a cerral-ii'-qunntiity of gold or Silver, aw. thV-'-cmlY reason, rlia.:' the govevn- raeiit stamped it is because the people would -have more faWi to tlic rtnmi) of thff'governimenit tli.iu that of a pn- vnte-'indi-vld-ual. «'Ift''61deD times money was weighed We-'read in, flic BiWe that. Abi-ahnm wetehcd unto Ephro-n, f.ie Hlttlte, '-ton deckels' current money w,iitli' tlie ni'ercliMils, and the mewliante of the world then, as MOW decided what would be curi'ent money, ' " ••Th'ere nire men w^o imagine that wu 'stamp of the govermneat, by some pow- ; er of mnglc,' imparts value to flic metal Craped by'It "ut that is n mlstnta. -TJie 1 "word-mint ao«l money' mean tlie same-'th-ijig, and are doi-hed from *,lio '"woSd monete, wlddb. waa the Bumamc "of rD ; e !| 'Goddess Juno, at whose temple in' Roime, 300 .years B. C., money was flist cbl>ncd;-nsid from- tla-t day to u,.-. •'coydnimeBts have assumed flic rights -tdcota money rtmply M a consveiilcwce < ••-...--^..^.int-.. |j^. the v>aymK.\n.t of oui 1 - \(]tl to this the previous ' $302,Wl,Tiil ••Tlie insignificant strsain of $27,:>GS>. 700 wW('b began to 1S79 had sweated to Uie lorrewt of $392,341.751 In 1890. 12 years. The Ubtle swite.oir 1S79 had STOM-n to a base anaconda to 1«X). cov- civd wWU 392 millions' of gltttiei-int,-, sciiB*l*,tf.ns scales which It propowl to exchange for the farmer's ' "^ *~ memMS . S t.,x,,m la* flowed, the ie» save boe B tlie i>Ti<w realizwl from your produc.s "rd?yo.« are agato deceived this time it ij: your fault." A.;SOTHER~ASS.Vt)Ur. Mao- Moi-gan, of Dunkirk, yesterday nCtenoon told a story of an awM*-^* criminal toteBt, the acnisoa toa* being .Toe MHclioll, wliose paroftts'mve OD the Soirtteidc, tlie vtotim betaB herself. A wu-rant was Issued for Mltc-M], who to' employed at W.ibash, and who was here only for a *hort vacation. In case tbe evidence justifies .R, the warns* will be chanfitd from assault and battery to a ctarge of 9««anJt with, Jaitejrt to jtrs. Alice Freahour, wlfTof William Frcsho-ar died at lie torce in Lucerne vesterdoy -at 4 p. m. The funeral will be told Monday at 10 J. m. at. tJ* FW*- bytcrian church in Lucerne. Bunal at ZIon cemetery. The Rev. J. K; Sammis of ».™,,«. *, -pisHbCh -ttite forenoon at-de vnlue ;i; atld ;l ainodlum of. esfl)«inse. .. ,, : I^n'rXtia awl'sudi like me,ta,ls .wer« ' mwte'Wao'commerce; until Jntely.coppci- wiw-Che sole mooey uited : )«F.*l»« ca,n : ta«.e'»o of both' ta«.e»o o o metals ttot,are.mtjch tnove,.4eslra,bte foi_ im^e tr,ansictl^8 : befcuwe ,-ttoy. -.repre- '- lit eveu propose to exchange cldtterinfT so.Je for a bushel and a peck as lit did to 1887? TWtft you tilntak eh.ai the more sHver doUnrs^UiCPe w>r ^^ nwublff even for the Mme btishel of wheat? ' . ' , «\VTi»- to 1870 wtieii we onJy had t,w t.^^of^m^of^verd^ In OlJfflBO today after a vfett of a lew <Liys wiUi life friend, George Grams of aa well a6 a . measure . /* ftuaffltttj-, ...1^, : grato and- how we .vie . ' IN BETHLEHE'M TOWNSHIf- -Ti'ie 'H'ep'ubUeans of lietblehem township tAfttefl out to force th hear Dewltt C •'Justice', talk on the sound money 'fi'uxiBaoiV George Gonwr organizedI » club' : of 'one hundred/ members witOi tbn Sllowlng officers: Pl-esUJcnt-D. C. Bedor. VJoc' : P«slden.t-Josei)Ji Hall. : gea-etary-D. M. Klngery. '••"•'•• - Powe-ll. now wlioni Hb» atrsa.ui 302 mffltoi*; nea;i^ l ob, »** couldn't «be immtinie mn,w of to 8 nver «nake be satisfied at least to exetange 2 dollaw for one bushel? -Mat certnWy wwild aavc bean a ftur exKhomige awl «bo fanner wouW linve l>een. happy aud.'co^* He tana of Uite huge atos tih'c ui,te,r df tto prto of Ida citato? ,of .«* . do bemocralB uswl wall of enfisWencd nations of tbe earth blican Platform, domand the free and unlimited both gold and silver at the of W-to 1, without lor consent of any to, talk about Hie Clfllnaae- wal o protection. Now ««ey want to ereicit thait.-wxrt of structure by plaotof Wie government on, a eilv.tr OWnese baste. They ^1 to Vho-iit. about trading wlith. -«io whole world. Now 42ur advocate UieM^itont Amcr en can sustain hcwolf wMfita to ltal,s. with a doUor tliait no • other. Krtitan. w.u 'honor' at Jits .face. ' . . ' J -mrat be.btood . tic -a drontathw medium "'V iiusih<>i"o'f' giratm. ...«,»»-- , : ; ... dilawi. wi« 'eWtaiiii the ««ne qua.nMty nttd'matb.'asmw loaves of bread as a. bushel' of the'saime grain^meowired:.*? L...--.,' Vjj € g^vertimeint.. has maot , so It to **» know what *t i»,«»»«• *> "'• - " ure o* 1'engiiii, 20 .Ineiies'measurea . tai'ci' composed .of 20 space* cp-cU'ao teb lonis, anil '.the tocU represenitB a. ,cer- • ; ' •' -owTi space -ilhe world over, and is s'the baste of conn*. We. must muivv a's'taft goimcwhe.re, *o we eet-(3i« 'jincb'a's'tiie.'starang point. . "Tu'e'mcnenre ofivaltic used lin count- g money is as mwh, a matter, of .con•'•••.I i.- -_ "-as the measure wnon-uie oi-go-nJBtttKm- had been com- 'plotea Mr'. Justice, sppie to tire la ret- aad' etitimsiasitlc crowd, and.'Ms presea- 'biBon of facts wasicleur and concis-?. Hes'riid'In part':i..- : ,;- -' . '""But if this theory of our Democratl.c Mondii to true awl t,ha,: .silver. Mid the ra'i*V"products regulate-the values of ""•'-»&, tiuoa 6lo%vly and tarfdiously • ' ... i.j™ «•.-.>jl^ t« of flesh " rJlkc Ilie daughters .of ..«« " The" Rev. J. C. KauOman retaraeA tort' n igUt froon Akroa ^.^^ ,n Ohio, '- . . -.''• -!-:i.riI'T» AN EXCITING ADVENTURE. «t t.r Chick" TM.W, Bmt I* "SSblSSiKD«-•» '"3LS2t2u« of any klridof losalten- jTmTey by private contract.-Demo- e mwJ unBmlted roln- r. ood gold at the, P«*«nt l6 ; ton* .. ' -extremists aianriy - : '1 •;,' '"-'i "LabOT'^'-(he : fotindarJon of aJKyal nation. money! Free ,.of rtttnor nee«9Bary ' be 0-^ tt o. a« the standard money of Tbe ,Torirnal:,tliis mroralng.BKaln calls j it* ,bflfore K.was compeJled real coavicttans..: Every Democrati ...^ day wto advocaies' free silver does so wWi-tbe knowledge.that,he te-wwWm? ngnlnirt the.cx»l, v cfliin. Judgment crf-tto. only Democratrc piper -inJ^SWenBlFi ' , rf i ' - *-' out Of work toe butter lonfa* of even more In- prosperity of the over •* oaie prices for bot- ^orm'ed £ ; Ci»inn. would not'produce^hO; 'enriieresult.iw it would : »i.;jhe U. i?.,. nnd l '"as" : ii meiisure' -of - value .eto.uld, In, "J5bTTatitre- of thilDgF, be'^s certadnr as,. 'tic metoarwof ^eights <* distant, you '^^read'lly'see the-.ai«enlry of.ari1vl.nc. 'pt an:'average;,';-.. ;.-'..*'' •••"-••' ' '."'Now'faB ,nion«? & ''*«' for'jabor wai OB an our mtoed In. ^JtrJKa wBi b* aanc« mln caan purer, ^w »«",-•* .-•~ - tlic silver snnke te insinunfflms 1«» foW* •|ifo(uiiil itflie fnrmer's wlieait. Year by ?lhc ; ikfc : oiit of the price ot aw product* ; (>f "tiie'tajm Moaiitii after mexmtli as n . of silver dollfliTB flows un out-of, the .liitofthc deadly sMversfiomke are.fastenioi: ,HS»« — J#MC.fl& K * fa« Bta - °" the 'substance, of. the-farmer. ''Mr' SMvdy, the Deroocra* conai- B-e'^fof• Governor, said at tine-rink Ia»« Sartira'ii'y. -It is the dollar tlint His artOOT-'buyR wiitli His wheat and it lia* vataW ; mm-e bushels year after..year to. lidy-Site aojlar.' So it Is .'awl a* (host; '^m drop ^^^^",f c . sw'e!." it partner wearily,-drops 'to, -tw» ' wh^t tiliis-j-«ir_f<ir hito Kilvyr - 'ellver fenake. In^ls.S 8,000,000's It cook one buMttsl and U pounds to buy a dollar. Im 1890 fflfc s'Jvev Barons wlw owiued ttw sttver snake.. wiH* .toaw as brincy- as the. waters . of .Salt Lake, begged OOWPCB9 to aW them further by cofcins stffll n»ra of the buUton .from tKefe vast doyetoped mines wl**e. pro : ductflon tod ao largely incrensed by. the dteeavory of. ttew rota* a"« .chcapei .metliiods of niitoilMg, and «HJ act pvw- cDhriaig 4% mrtllton ounces par;mo(nitih was pasfced, and Uie «Hvcr. steemn lenffdi'ened and broad»ie<l, tlifc s» fattened ami the gKtterinj; slieen of siJlver coait becaime.brJsl>.te.r. nl tip to tip- F1ND A BIG CAVE. "at Wakefleld, Mich., »t 150 feet, tber •'—' Tbe cave IB perfect no-iRa-Imost directly und*' Thia cave i§ reported to to silver ID 1802 .... In 1893 In 1804 12,641,078 '8,802.907 9,200,3'>0 ? 58,103,301 raou wilfh ttoe coiM?e of prertons y«a™ • '-:?302,WI...'i ad illiam A. Monroe, c.v. went from Bessemer to make o^hesplorationoftheirdUeovery Soor is »id to be composed of grade Bessemer ore Killed by : nes the size of ,--«,--- '.G.McKUinell.ofMe '-'ot-imre gold. iMcellv the F I«t « . -Sfirnary Mti, 1878 and then - r , would ,i\it valne, *J»9» i^ ^ 11 i.i ) awl got hte edlver dol- The «iake b^u ff begaoto flow the'govemm.ot topprr a moBtk:. under the: act wa* ln- tns SIIIAHCIUWW^.* «-^ , ol^Tto 4000000 a aw** and the _"—i ne dtok beiraa and Wie Krcan. Mai* a Wtal .<<.., :.":..--WT04.852 Tbte greed of ttie silver snake te.Bn- satfcite. Thie Jnrger.it SI-DWS, Hie J«oro stiver scales lit hue and tlie iuore; basaeJs-, lfcx«cs fw oo«'••of-.iiii^oliajfe- P* price-of wbsat went downr-urst in 1&83 ;to 53.cents;.tJie« Jc -ISMVto « ceuv.;u,n- .tlld it ; took moTo.than two:bnsli«l«.*« >W. one dollar. ". . ••' ' i-j.- • < -.' "The«UTOT^"<Tcam;i'ows:on aud; Us sti-essrh iseema cow so>gwafr -:W threatens to 'drive the farmers.. there wh« coined 1 to -ellvcr. So to these.eighteen years to i the silver ««nke bas Jived Wins i m-ulated 450 000 000-*lver wate ^ times as mony a* 't hod In J-' each, tocrenstaK killed 105 Canod». geese during t thunderstorm recently near Manitoba.. A farmer named «. found a large flock of the g<*«u or disabled nfter tie Btorm, andi ; klllins t* c livin ff oncs with " f. 0 home and got a wagon andI* % CCB8 ..to BaurU ond sold^the lo : w it fc -each,, i He took w ? began creeping the farm C<*»ea Jn . jfc mrovr • w» »^— X'Wberehop. on North bM a i^rrot which w |>rob" more t* &fe cetablishm* of any one, of _. man enters the . call* out: "Ge ^ shaved." As on'the point of leavmg bird calls out sbarah-: pay your money." Tbet , ;lnlxed Tip In bis remarksl TCTtfremettl proves nttrnc^ TD* diameter of tie •' .,», tech-, and. ~

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