Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1974 · Page 4
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1974
Page 4
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A New Wrinkle for Soybeans? By Harrison Weber lowii Daily Association DES MOINES - There may be a new wrinkle to growing soybeans in Iowa. A Japanese delegation has been sounding out farm leaders throughout the country including Iowa on the feasibility of raising an edible soybean. A team of five Japanese representing the three largest Japanese soybean wholesalers met in Des Moines last week with Kenneth Thatcher, secretary of the Iowa Farm Bureau, and Glee Mulder, director of market development for the farm organization. The Japanese, Thatcher reported, wanted to know if farmers would be interested in raising an edible soybean for export to Japan for use in food. If the contracts were right, Thatcher replied, farmers would be interested. But there are some complications, Thatcher observed. First the yield of these soybeans, such as the Kanrich variety, is about 15 per cent less than the variety presently being grown in the Midwest. This would mean that Japanese would have to pay a higher price than .they do for the beans presently being shipped to Japan. As an alternative the group discussed the possibility of making special arrangements to receive ordinary soybeans that are carefully harvested so they do not have as many splits and could be used in foods. This may also necessitate special handling in shipping the beans to Japan. Thatcher said. Soybeans purchased for human consumption are mainly used in traditional foods called miso and tofu. Miso is a fermented soybean flavoring used in soups. Tofu is a white cake, high in protein, and is used in soup or eaten alone with soy sauce. Thatcher said the Japanese were particularly interested in the Kanrich bean because it does not have the dark spot of the normal bean currently being grown in Iowa and elsewhere around the country. The American Soybean Association is supervising the Japanese tour of the United States. Thatcher is "optimistic" that some agreement will be reached between the Japanese and Americans. DROWNING ROCKWELL CITY, (API- Paul Anleitner, 25, Fort Dodge, drowned Friday in North Twin Lake just north of Rockwell City. Authorities said Anleitner, his wife and another couple were boating when a water ski was lost in the lake. Anleitner tried to retrieve it but went under. Patrick Gets Flying License Sp. 4 David L. Patrick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Patrick of Carroll, who is stationed with the Army at Ft. Greeley, Alaska, recently obtained his pilot's license. His interest in aviation was developed through private studies and instructor training as a member of the Ft. Greeley Flying Club. He plans to attend the Ross School of Aviation in Tulsa, Okla., after leaving the Army. Presently he is with the Ft. Greeley Post Office. He attended Kansas State College at Pittsburg, Kan., before entering the Army. Sp. 4 and Mrs. Patrick and daughter Joni plan to come to Carroll the latter part of July. She is the former Renee Hein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hein of rural Carroll. WINS CONTEST DAVENPORT. Iowa (AP)— Sandra Sue Rossmiller of Bettendorf, Miss Scott County, won the talent competition Friday night in the Miss Iowa Pageant to become the event's only double preliminary winner. Kathryn Scott of Maquoketa, Miss Jackson County, won the swimsuit competition Friday night. Patricia Whiting, Miss West Des Moines, won the talent competition Thursday night and Miss Rossmiller won the swimsuit competition. Miss Iowa will be crowned Saturday night. Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 Mine It With A Classified! All rnpx fur classified nils .mil clussifinl <lisplii\ ;i<ls must l>i' in Ihc Time's llcnilil by '.I .1 in iliix nl |)tihlir;itiim Monday Ihrmiuh Kruliiv iin<l H ii m nn Salimliiy In insure IMililiriiliim CI.ASSIKIKI) DISPLAY I'IT column inch . $1 70 Additional insertions $1 51) CI.ASSIKIKI) CASH WITH OltDKIl 'Inc dm. per mini lie Three d;i\s. per word 2tic Six d;us. per word :iBe (•Alt!) Ol- 1 THANKS 2tt minis or less $2.fill I )\IT 20 words |0c tier w:i o Card of Thanks C'AKI) OF THANKS Many thanks to Dr. Fcrlic & tin- nursi's of St. Anthony Hospital for the care given my wife & our mother during her illness, to Father Kollasch and Father Silk for their visits & prayers & to all who helped us in any way in our time of sorrow. Henry Steffes Children and Stepchildren Cirandchildren and Stepf>rand- chilren Great Cirandchildren and step f>reatnrandchilren CARD OF THANKS A word of thanks to Father Robert Silk and Msgr. Leo Lew. for their prayers and blessings during my stay in St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Thanks to the staff of the third floor and to the therapy department for the attention and fine care I was given; thanks to my friends, relatives, and family for the cards, flowers and visits I received. Mrs. Lillian Treckcr Business Services 14 Board Proceedings Semi-Annual Report of Bernice Williams, Treasurer of Carroll County, Iowa For the Period from January 1, 1973, to Dec. 31, 1973, inclusive. If your auto insurance premium hasn't dropped at least 20 % this year, before you renew Call Bill Comito Pringle Tax & Insurance 7Q2-3805 STATEMENTOFACCOUNTSBY FUNDS S 485,545.50 S 658,974.50 190.04 741,847.96 284,300.07 524,980.39 100,064.86 237,896.49 321,494.64 1,572,817.57 23,074.19 310,404.96 15,457.56 100,168.38 54,457.63 3,184.75 13,563.85 150.00 74,421.45 35,559.13 39,069.40 875,579.14 2,384,095.71 33,062.83 5,387.13 6,971.88 2,903.63 26,634.36 38,453.82 35,192.42 15,084.23 12,120.72 12,063.14 594.90 92,231.74 2,732.32 13,206.43 112,674.39 316.53 12,979.30 11,724.86 9,177.57 2,987.04 1,495.43 280.95 847,571.54 303,111.59 653,741.61 131,486.28 331,578.11 470,928.70 1,884,834.79 25,080.40 468,119.96 27,291.65 142,041.40 55,788.83 9,718.08 17,390.97 23,775.29 450.00 75,746.47 21,572.05 39,298.77 882,016.56 2,390,040.12 36,274.21 10,050.38 7,057.71 4,052.63 26,703.33 45,523.05 62,981.42 42,557.40 15,295.28 12,134.97 1,047.03 114,442.75 3,496.67 13,206.43 113,064.65 746.70 13,018.07 11,873.95 7,152.20 12,122.48 1,495.43 S 546,341.50 206.53 733,265.51 279,206.44 510,770.46 104,353.92 223,273.19 361,166.59 1,436,728.22 12,315.65 267,392.43 6,646.15 62,189.74 54,077.50 5,391.00 691.28 7,390.30 Total to be Auditor's FUNDS Batance Receipts Accounted Disburse- Balance Outstanding Jan. 1, 1973 for ments Dec. 31, 1973 Warrants Federal Revenue Sharing Trust Fund S 173,429.00 Korean War Bonus 90.91 Automobile License 105,723.58 Use Tax 18,811.52 General County 128,761.22 Court Expense 31,421.42 Poor 93,681.62 Mental Health and State Institution 149,434.06 Secondary Road Fund 312,017.22 Road Clearing 2,006.21 County Board Education 157,715.00 Veterans Affairs 11,834.09 County Assessor Expense .... 41,873.02 Bond Funds Court House 1,331.20 Domestic Animal 6,533.33 Bovine Tuberculosis 17,390.97 Bang's Disease Brucell. ....... 10,211.44 Improvement of Instruction .. 300.00 Emergency 1,325.02 Drainage Assessments .' 13,987.'08 City Special Assessments 229.37 Corporation Funds 6,437.42 School District Funds 5,944.41 Township Funds 3,211.38 District Library 4,663.25 County Fair 85.83 Fines 1,149.00 County Agri. Extension 68.97 Co. School Fines 7 069 23 Old Age and Surv. Ins. F.I.C.A. 27,789.00 I.P.E.R.S 27,473.17 Weed Eradication 3,174.56 County Library 71.83 Bounty 452.13 Conservation Board 22,211.01 Civil Defense 764.35 Mobile Homes Area School 390.26 Basic School OC 430.17 Bd of Ed OC 38.77 Sanitary Disposal .149.09 Election Expense 2,025.37 Basic School 9,315.44 Errors & Omissions FREE STORAGE of winter gar ments. Pick up and delivery Cleaning, pressing and alterations. Phone 792-4333. HR Cleaners. 14-95-tfc 11,463.24 39,057.50 878,205.96 2,387,560.08 34,794.78 186.78 7,000.00 4,022.63 26,677.69 36.202.62 41,806.59 22,983.27 12,318.00 12,092.34 241.50 93,535.25 2,317.68 12,418.43 112,916.44 729.07 13,008.99 11,314.00 7,501.59 9,135.44 515.24 112,633.00 74.42 114,306.03 23,905.15 142,971.15 27,132.36 108,304.92 109,762.11 448,106.57 12,764.75 200,727.53 20,645.50 79,851.66 1,711.33 4,327.08 16,699.69 16,384.99 450.00 75,746.47 ' 10,108.81 241.27 3,810.60 2,480.04 1,479.43 9,863.60 57.71 30.00 25.64 9.320.43 21,174.83 19,574.13 2,977.28 42.63 805.53 20,907.50 1,178.99 788.00 148.21 17.63 9.08 559.95 349.39 2,987.04 980.19 48,494.88 3,859.92 2,388.74 2,910.84 25,152.22 414.43 15,661.41 650.27 2,019.32 6.50- 3.00 TELEVISION SERVICE Prompt attention. Fair prices Qualified technicians. WAT TERS' Appliance Center Cen tral Service. 792-2696. 14-48-tfc Where To Go 17 2,247.85 574.09 . $1,368,817.02 $8,646,318.34 $10,015,135.36 58,389,411.52 51,625,723.84 5104,383.47 KING AND QUEEN NIGHT 'K.ofC.HALL Saturday Night ^ 9:OOP.M. Be sure to come and Invite your friends for a Night of fun and Games every Saturday. Open to the public. Seating for over 280 players Bar refreshments available. Fun for young and old alike. 500 265 Business Services WANT TO do roofing. Karm & home. Free estimates. Compare. (7121 659-3843. Tom Sheets. l4-I40-40tc WELCOME HILL Gooken. our new flight instructor. Fisher Aviation Inc. 792-9128. 14-140-4tc LET THE DAILY TIMES HERALD HELP YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE 17.UO-2tc RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS RECEIPTS Amount On Hand January 1, 1973 From current taxes 1972 tax list (Not including Dog Tax) From delinquent taxes 1971 and prior years (Not including Dog Tax) Penalty, interest and costs Current $6,184.93 Penalty, interest and costs Delinquent $1,580.59 Rev. Sharing Int. Fees from County Treasurer $10,312.50 I nterest on I nvestments $64,356.05 Military Fees from county auditor Fees from county recorder Fees from clerk of the district court Sheriff's fees from sheriff From drainage taxes From city special assessment (paving, sewer, etc.) .... Delinquent dog tax Dog license from Auditor From beer license & Cigarette License Use tax to county Secondary Road Basic School Bd. of Education School library from State (school Int.) District Lib Secondary Road Rental From sale of automobile numbers and licenses Auditor's Refunds Fines for forfeitures from Clerk Fines and forfeitures from other sources Secondary Road Assessments Miscellaneous Mental Health and Home state institutions County Home Receipts—Care County Receipts—Misc Sale of Produce at Co. Home, Misc Sale of bridge & Rd. material Maint Poor-Outside Court Use tax (Motor Vehicles) Homestead Credits Veterans Affairs Agricultural Land Credits Election Fund Mobile Homes Receipts General Miscellaneous Civil Defense Conservation Weed Fund Road Clearing Postage Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Drainage - Mi seel I Transfers from funds under Code Sec. 24.21 & gen bus. .. .$ 1,368,817.02 . 5,185,168.38 11,620.71 7,765.52 74,668.55 251.119.25 l',180.50 16,976.62 28,995.66 1,307.85 35,556.29 39,069.40 601.50 2,583.25 5.527.50 652,618.37 1,540.11 77,998.33 5,387.13 2,139.08 741,847.96 78.29 37,975.82 2,903.63 33,001.49 45,079.52 4,638.94 4,057.53 57,790.41 17,045.51 4,217.75 6,105.32 284,300.07 172.84 6,186.63 13,206.43 85,642.16 1,232.32 19,611.22 395.86 963.25 245.89 475,233.00 2.84 616,255.52 Total to be "Accounted for ....$10,002,831.22 DISBURSEMENTS Amount Korean War Bonus County auditor's warrants Drainage bonds redeemed Interest on drainage bonds Sanitary Disp County bonds redeemed Interest on county bonds City specials (pav., sewer, etc.) Orders on county treasurer by mayor of cities and towns Orders on county treas. by presidents of school dists Orders to President of Agri. Extension Council Township clerk's receipts • — Auto License paid State Treasurer (680,368.65) Paid State Treas. auto licenses (3% 21,512.75) Paid State Treas. auto licenses (1% 7,170.91) Receipts for "Use Tax" remitted for Treasurer Area School ' Basic School - Other Co Bd. of Education - Other Co Township Library Basic School City Fines Transfer to funds under Code Sec. 24.21 & gen. bus Balance on hand at close of bus. Dec. 31, 1973 206.53 3,196,224.91 3,000.00 2,564.00 40,000.00 14,077.50 39,057.50 878,205.96 2,387,560.08 26,677.69 34,794.78 709,052.31 278,003.69 112,916.44 729.07 13,008.99 12,092.34 9,135.44 3,544.63 616,255.52 1,625,723.84 Total Accounted for $10,002.831.22 Carroll, Iowa, April 17, 1974 I, Bernice Williams, Treasurer of Carroll County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the report given above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said treasurer during the period therein specified. Bernice Williams, County Treasurer. never know how much good you can do until you do it. .iiili-iTt.'.m.K Ki,>kni.««liim inn. hui «.Mii- iti. Slii-Niliiini! it fur llu- i nvi|!lil».rhi»«M.i can help people. • In fact,there's a crying need for you. Your skills. Your training, lour concern. There are volunteer organizations in your town hard at work doing things you'd be proud to be part of. We'll put you in touch with them. If you can spare even a few hours a week,call your local Voluntary Action Center. Or write: " Volunteer,"Washington, D.C. 20013. It'll do you good to see how much good you can do. ££% \folunteer. Tin. 1 Nntioniil ( i'titcr lurViliinniry Action -Tom a Household Spot lo a Spotless House Your CARPETS cleaned and maintained the world's leading professional cleaning systems - carpets, furniture, floors, walls and complete House-Wide Cleaning. Isn't ihis the day to col I 792-2155 for a free estimate. 1<1 A6-tfc SI'KCIAL THIS week only. Your portable typewriter power cleaned & adjusted for $6.25 — ribbon .included. Manual type — $12.50. Carroll Typewriter Service —Ph. 792-3248. 14-13fi-6tc Farm Equipment 29 SIOUX STORAGE and Dri-AII bins. Finance and erection available. Halbur Implement Co., Halbur, Iowa. 29-i;*; tfc LET THE DAILY TIMES HERALD HELP YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE Auctions 40 STARTER GENERATOR magneto and ignition repair for your tractor, car or truck. Reinart Service. 7th & Hwy. 30. Phone 792-2126. 14-tc We Fix It 16 FOR FAST lawn mower tune up service, usually two days, bring in your mower today. Bob's Sport Center, 618 W. 8th'. 16-116-tfc Where To Go 17 NEED A change 11 Try a Hoagie Sandwich — Ham. salami, lettuce and cheese, all on a long bun —Pizza Hut. 17-266-He Help Wanted 23 ATTENTION TRUCK MECHANICS Are you looking for a good position in a growing firm with excellent wages & fringe benefits? See Tony at REUTER, INC. Hwy. 30 West 23-14I-4IC WANTED - TWO Waitresses. Permanent - Part time. 15-30 Evening hours per week - one weekend night per week. $1.80 to start - $2.00 after 30 days. Apply at PIZZA HUT. ' - 23-140-2tc WANTED'-'TWO boys or girls to clear tables, wash dishes and other related restaurant duties. Must be al least 16 years of age. Apply at the PIZZA HUT. 23-140-2tc RELIABLE SECOND cook. Experience preferred. Call DUNLAP LIVESTOCK AUCTION Dunlap, Iowa Tues., June 1 8 Starting at 1 2 noon Estimating normal supply of all classes of livestock A few of the early listings are: 30 Crossbred pigs, 35-40 Ibs. 65 Hamp. cross pigs, 50-60 Ibs. 20 lo 30 Bred sows STOCK COWS 25 Hereford and Black Whilefoce cows with calves al side. These ore from 1st calf heifers lo 6 yr old. 2<? Young Hereford cows with 150-200 Ibs. cttlves al side 4 Holstum I si coif heifers, heavy springers. BULLS 1 ''? Limousin, '/j Angus yearling. 1 '-•? Limousin. Vj Charoluis yearling. 2 Registered Angus. 3 yr. old 2 ' •jChoiamnd. '/? Holslem. 2 Registered Hereford. 2 and 4 yrs old. CALVES AND YEARLINGS 20 liqhlweiqhl steers and bull calves 41 Strictly choice Black Whilefoce yearling heifers, 625-650 Ibs. 19 Choice Hereford heifers. 55(5-650 Ibs. 15 Hereford and Black Whilefoce 500-550 Ibs. 35 Mixed steers and heifers. 500-600 Ibs. 70 Black and Black Whiteface heifers, 550 Ibs 1 7 Hereford cross yearling steers, 625 Ibs. Our yards are cleaned and washed after each sale When buying or selling livestock, moke Dunlap your market DUNLAP LIVESTOCK AUCTION For more information call 643-5761 BOB PRYER, WOODBINE LAWRENCE MAJOR, DUNLAP 40- Ml. I Ic Livestock For Sale 41 LIMOUSIN BULLS (50%-75%-87%) Complete performance records available. Shirbrouns' Limousin Box 127Rt. 1 Coon Rapids, la. 50058 Phone (712)684-5522 41.135-tl Pets AKC LABRADOR Retriever pup pies, from good blood line with hunting background. 6 weeks old. 659-3688. 46-140-6tc For Sale 55 ;()()!) USKI) furniture: set. Living room sd. 3 Desks. Bed & dresser. 7!)2-9:t4(i. 55-Kt9-2tc New I 2 It. ri.-friyorrilor Used built-in «l«r.lnc oven & cook plait- New gas 4 burner drop-in cook plale 4 Ft. folding door 5 -- 4 x 8 x V4 Plywood 2 •- 4 x 8 x Vi Plywood 4 — 4 x 8 x % Leafboard 1 _ 4 x 8 x % Birch Plywood Birch desk School desk Dining table & 6 chairs Leather couch L. F. Vender Ph: 792-3297 55-UO-2tc ROYAL PORTABLE typewriter with carrying case. $30.00 Ph: 792-3248. 55-139-3tc For Rent 57 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Saturday, June 15, 1974 Apartment For Rent 65 LAIU1K 2 bedroom downstairs apartment. Heal & water furnished. Available immediately. 792-9():i()after5p.m. 65-136-tfc WESTWOOD KNOLLS Available now — the perfect retirement apartment. Kmergency alarm connected to Carroll Health Center, dinner delivered daily, coin operated laundry, golf course nearby. 1 and 2 bedroom units available. For information contact PUDENZAGENCY 217 West 4th 792-1440 65-11U-lie Misc. Real Estate 70 m KOR ItKNT: Trailer house Maple Park. 792-2609. 57-140-tfp FOR RKNT: Present location of Sporrer's Barber Shop. Available July 1.792-4273. ' 57-140-3tc DISTRESS SALE 40 Acre Montana Ranches 4 beautiful ranches must be sold IMMEDIATELY Original price $8.500 each. Assume $7,000 contract al 6'/j% interest, $70.14 per month $210 42 now due on each contract. Beautiful recreational land with excellent hunting and fishing. My loss, your gain. Call collect lor Jack 406/656-0450. 70-l3B-7tp Wanted To Rent WANTED TO rent: Winnebago trailer -1 week in July. 792-3248. 58-140-3tc SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR needs 3 or 4 bedroom house by July 1st. Call (515)279-0449 collect. 58-138-6tp Houses For Sale 63 TO BUY or sell a home or farm, call Wilson Real Estate, Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson. 792-9605. 63-18-2tc HOUSE FOR sale by owner - 3 bedroom ranch, north side, fully carpeted, large kitchen, finished basement, double garage — close to church. 792-1554. 63-136-tfc Houses For Rent 64 TO FINANCE the home of your choice see First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Carroll. 64-29-tfc Used Cars & Trucks 71 1965 MERCURY 4-dr. — power steering & brakes, air conditioning. 792-9600. 71-137-5tp 59 CHEVY. 792-3440. Red title. Best offer. 71-140-2tc 68 FORD Torino, automatic, power steering and brakes, air cond. 792-2663 after 5 p.m. 71-141-3tc 1971 PONTIAC Catalina 4-dr. power, air & low miles. $1895. Glidden Auto Sales. 71-141-ltc 1972 CHEV. Caprice coupe. 23.000 miles, can't be told from new. silver & black vinyl top. Mc- CARVILLE & SON MOTORS. 71-141-ltc 71 TOYOTA Corolla 2-dr.. 4 cyl.. 4 speed, bucket seats, low mileage, plenty of economy left here. 68 Dodge Coronet 4-dr. sedan 318. V-8. straight stick, air conditioning, just 50.000 local 1 owner miles. Special S750. 71-139-tfc 792-2650 for interview. 23-139-3tc WANTKD: PKRSON to live in ;ind care for elderly lady. Write Box Y-25 Daily Times Herald. 23-139-3U? MAN TO drive truck and pick up refuse. Must have chauffer's license. Apply in person after 5 p.m. Ray's Refuse Service. 310 Kast 12th Street. Carroll. 23-139-3tc For Sale ORGAN 684-5375. stools. Alvin Long. 55-140-ltp GOOD WORKERS needed at once to learn a skilled profession. Good wages, overtime, good opportunity for advancement. Apply in person. World Wide Meats. Denison. 23-84-tfc Positions Available 26 SECRETARIAL 792-3248. ' POSITION. 26-140-31C FOR SALE Due to ill health I am selling my entire stock of rabbits and hutches. Most of them are from show stock. CHARLES HAMMAR GLIDDEN, IOWA 659-2246 55-140-2lp NEIGHBORHOOD BASEMENT SALE 81 7 N.Carroll Monday, June 17 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Clothes, furniture & misc. 55.UO-21C LAWN MOWER — good condition — just overhauled. Call 792-4780 after 4:30 p.m. 55-141-3tp CLEAN EXPENSIVE carpets with the best. Blue Lustre is America's favorite. Rent shampooer $1. Coast to Coast Store. 55-141-ltc NEW CASINO CAFE OPENING WEEK SPECIAL: Wednesday thru Saturday. Breakfast Smorgasbord: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, rolls, juice and coffee. Lunch: Off the Menu Supper: Chicken Smorgasbord. All the chicken you can eat with tossed salad, french fries, dinner roll and drink. CASINOCAFE H z, 30 BILL COMITO REALTY 792-3805 3 bedroom-split level-ranch style home now completed. Featuring — dining area — family room — deluxe dishwasher and cooking facilities — bath and a half — and a 2 car garage exciting brick front — and many many others — come and look. For appointment call Kevin Bierl at 792-4318 after 6:00 P.M. 792-1086 3 Bedroom home. Close to St. Lawrence. Gas heat & central air. Completely carpeted. Lovely back yard with plenty of space for a garden. Call us today to see this home for $29,950. Phone Pat Beck 792-1134 Just listed. Highly productive 80 acre farm located adjacent to north edge of Carroll. Includes nice 4 bedroom home;, out building in very good condition. Phone Harvey Fleshner 792-1513 A one year old 3 bedroom ranch home on the north side. Large living room & kitchen which includes dishwasher, stove & garbage disposal. 3 Finished rooms in the basement. Large patio. Gas furnace & central air conditioning. Call us today for a look at this one. Frank Comito 792-3577 or 792-1558 A NEW LISTING A 3 bedroom in excellent south side location. This fine home features a large entrance foyer plus a large all electric kitchen on front. A 15' x 22' living room/built-in bookcase & storage. Bedrooms feature large wardrobe closets. 1 % baths. Full walk-out type basement/15' x .38' finished rec room. 3 Zoned. Hot water heat. Attached garage. Beautifully landscaped lot. Plus many other features. Priced below $34,000. JOHN GNAM REALTY 792-381 5 65-UO-2IC 2 BEDROOM HOME Modern 2 bedroom home with unattached garage in Templeton, Iowa. seeSCHRECK&HORBACH Realtors Templeton, Iowa Phone (712) 669-3322 160 ACRE FARM FOR SALE Located in Milford Township, Crawford County. Within four miles of Vail Can be bought on contract. with attractive terms. 149 acres tillable with 3 bedroom house and other outbuildings. Possession: March 1,1975 For more information contact: WALT JOHNSON, Broker Westside State Savings Bank Westside, Iowa Phone (712) 663-4322 67-UI-3lc

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