Oxford Public Ledger from Oxford, North Carolina on January 11, 1921 · Page 5
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Oxford Public Ledger from Oxford, North Carolina · Page 5

Oxford, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1921
Page 5
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OXFORD P UBIGjUEDGER TUESDAY. JANTTARV 11 , iqoi PEOPLE AND THINGS AMUSEMENTS ATTRACTIONS AT THE ORFHEUM THIS WEEK CHANGE OF SCHEDULE ON SEABOARD RAILWAY LATE NEWS ITEMS Lieutenant Governor Gardner declares he will not be a candidate for eongressman-al-large. Representative Brison of North Carolina, opposes increase in the house membership. of local game legislation until North Carolina has reached the very unenviable reputation among the friends of conversation in other states of having by far the most intricate, confusing and voluminous game laws of any state in the Union, with an almost equal amount of non-enforcement. When the Audubon Society of North Carolina was incorporated in 1903, and the game interests of the State The Dew schedule on the Seaboard Railway, effective Sunday, Nov. 28, is as follows: Arrive At Oxford. (Southward) The electoral college was in sprs- While the bureatrof mines was buying coat at 4;70 aiton the war department was. paying1 over $7. The National' Retail , Dry Goods association offers Cofigress a new plan of federal taxation' making radical changes. ' ! ' Representative -Lawrence of Alamance, introduces a bill : io eliminate grade crossings in r North Carolina. D. J. Ward, sixty' year old man under sentence of death from Uommbus County for murder in the first degree will not lie in the electric chair, his sentence having been commuted to thirty years imprisonment by Governor Bickett President-elect Harding became a thirty-second degree Mason at the lon yesterday in the 48 state capitals, voting for Hardine and rnniMr0 Every Night and Matinee Friday and Saturday. TuesdayAlan Dwari production, "A Splendid Hazard." Wednesday Harry T. Morey in "The Darkest Hour." Thursday Star Cast in "Choosing a Wife." Friday The Veiled Mystery; also Katherine McDonald in "Curtain." Saturday Fatty Arbuckle in "Village Scandal;" also "Curtain." m. m. HI. m. Cox and Roosevelt. ' George Crow, who was rejected because of his adanced age by a recruiting officer, when he sought to enlist for military service in. the Ci-v vil.War, died at the family home. Denver Hill, near Littleton, West. Virginia, Saturday night. Mr. Crovr recently celebrated his 108th birtrh-day anniversary by riding eight miles; on his horse to the home of one of his sons. Governor Bickett , in is' final message to the general assembly recommends that the salaries of all state officers be increased from $3,-500 to $5,000.. that the, short ballot be substituted for the present primary law, and that there be established a sanatorium for the treatment of negroes afflicted with tuberculosis, a reformatory for delinquent negro buys, and a larger and -more liberal system of teacher training for negroes. SUBSCRIBE TO PUBLIC LEDGER No. 485 7:45 a. No. 413 . . .... .... . .1:00 p. No 411 . . ... . .3:25 p, No. 42 . .7:45 p . Depar ts From Oxford. (Northward) No. 486 (for Durham) ... 7:50 a. m. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF UNION BANK & TRUST CO. at Oxford, m tne state of Nc-ih Carolina at the close of business, Dec. 29, 1920. placed under the supervision, it was perhaps the beat solution of the situation then practicable. But it was merely a compromise, and about two-thirds of the counties of tht dtate have gradually withdrawn tiuru under the Audubon Society's jurisdiction. With the correspondingly reduced revenue of the Society, its work has been curtailed to the point where but little can be accomplished THE AMERICAN SCREEN BEAUTY No. 412- 12:15 p. m. No. 414 2:45 p. m. No. 420 5:15 p. m. Note: The Oxford Public Ledger is sent only to subscribers wlio have paid in advance. At the expiration of the time paid for, the subscriber is Resources Loans and Discounts . $130,698.64 h. S. Bonds and Liberty end of a twelve hour initiation ceremony in Columous, O, . last week, participated in by' ranking officials of the order from ' all parts of the United States. . and the time has now come when the notified and unless nrnmntlv -renewal: x vj ivujuvu ill i 1 1 iUT-c rT T n a rt-r n Amnn .. -- bonds 2,672.50 Furniture and fixtures. . . 2,200.00 All other real estate own- n- -?d.-- 15,056.79 Cash m vav.lt and net runts due from banks, trust companies 15,314.92 Katherine MacDonald . In "Curtain," At the Orplieura Jan- 14-15 In "Curtain!" her latest big photoplay, charming Katherine MacDonald has secured one of the most attractive vehicles of her career. A story of the stage, ii tells a pretty romance of a popular actress, 'who gives up her career to w(d the man of her choice. Later she discovers his infidelity and returns to her profession. How she works out her problem and ' ! n ii mm nin mil n it n mra'rn minim OHBNHHHi ill I iCUHIiiluUiiilimiiiiilU issue would do weil to watch their label and send in their renewals just a few days before their time is out. This will be to the advantage of both subscribers and publishers. Send all remittances by Check or Money Order, and address all communications to the Public Ledger, Oxford, N. C- Total .$165,942.85 lue wuuie worm awaKe to tne neces-s. ty of handling all public Waivers in a broader and moie efficient manner than heretofore, particularly matters relating to the conservation of our natural resources, we believe that North Carolina should take the place rightfully belonging to her among the progressive states of the Union and treat her great game resources as a State-wid isseue. and not one e Tax Beturalil ncom . Liabilities capital stock paid in. . . .$20,000.00 eventually find happiness furnishes one of the most delightful stories the unaivmea profits, less current expenses and screen has produced in a long time of only county or township impor-1 In this photoplay . Miss MacDonald tance. is at hJr best mz vein KJiiiy ikjiix5 uj Liic uca "Curtain!" will be the attraction at the Orpheum Theatre, next Friday taxes paidi 7,994.44 Hi Dividends unpaid . '630.00 H Deps. sub. to check 74,149.30 H Time cer. of dep 26,567.04 Savings Deposits 33,000.00 H Cash's, checks outstanding 237.57 Certified Checks 364.50 wm Accrued int due deps 1,000.00 unearned interest 2,000.00 HI and Saturday. The Katherine MacDonald Pictures Corporation is presenting it as a First National Since these returns are so complex in their nature it is quite difficult to prepare them according to the law except by advice of trained experts. My experience of six years as Chief of the Income Tax Division for the Eastern District of North Carolina enables me to give this advice and sec that the taxpayer takes advantage of every allowance granted under the law. See or write me about your returns before March 15,1921. All communications treated confidentially. tion of a centralized authority, call it a Game Commission or a Conservation Board or any other name you prefer, clothed with the power and authority and duty necessary to accomplish something, and by the a-doption of uniform close seasons and bag limits for each of our different varities of game." Pubscribe HHo public T edger ubscribe A 0 A ublic edseir Total $165,942.85:1 Card Of Thanks We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for the many kindnesses shown us during the illness and bereavement of our darling wife and mother. May God bless them all. R. S. Usry and daughters. Go By Rail The road at Cheatham Mill being impassible and the road via Dicker-son to Henderson, and the road to Henderson via Dabney being in bad shape, there is only one safe route open between Oxford and Henderson the train. Changeable Weather There was a white mantle of snow on the ground here Monday morning about 3 o'clock. An hour or two later a heavy rain came and washed it away. It rained and snowed three or four times before the noon hour. Critically Ill-Mr. Wiilliei Howard, of Route 4, who isi in a critcal condition at State of North Carolina. County of Granville. January 6, 1921. Mrs. Warren Cash, a sister of Mr. G- T. Walters, died at her home near Chase City this morning. Burial near Chase City tomorrow. I, J. P. Harris, Cashier of the above ! 11 j named Bank, do solemnly swear that j j me aDove statement is true to the ! pi best of .my knowledge and belief. j Si J. P. HARRIS, Cashier. J Subscribed and sworn to before me, j mf REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE NATIONAL BANK OF GRANVILLE AT OXFORD IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS, DECEMBER 29, 1920. . F. W. Hancock mis vin aay or Jan. 1921. E. G. CREWS, Notarv Public -: Oxford, X. C. Correct Attest: j lf J. M. BAIRD, m JAS. W. HORNER. Ip3 r W. H. HUNT, directors. M! i i! ill i I !i ill !l ! ! I RESOURCES. Loans and discounts, including rediscounts. . . $1377,090.12 Notes and bills rediscounted with Fed. Res. Bank $99,199.52 Notes and bills rediscounted other than with . I i"i i " -i Mil!. i :ri' ii i .t i i : ' ; I t M' i' l -'Uir.tiiiiiuuiMHiiiituHHiituuiiini(iiititiiui;iitui!;i)Si):iuuiutiLiituitti(;iii -'") """uuimiiiiiimiuiiauuiiniiiumiiui;iimi!;i)miKluu Brantwcod Hospital, is somewhat j improved this morning. His child, who is with irelatives in the Federal Reserve Bank 47,000.00 146,199.52 1,230,890.60 U. S. Government Securities Owned: Deposited to secure circulation (U. S. Bonds par val) .15,000.00 Pledged as collateral for State or other dpeosits or bills payable . . , . ,41,480.00 Owned and unpledged 71,970.00 128,450.00 Securities other than U. S. bonds ( not including .stocks) owned and unpledged Stock of Fed. Res. Bnk. (50 per cent of sub.) Furniture and fixtures Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank . . . 3,000.00 4,800.00 3,012.32 80,858.57 country is also very sick. e Off to Canada , Messrs E. F. Currin and Carl O'Briant will leave for Kingsville, Ont. Canada, tomorrow to engage in the tobacco business. Theiri tickets are routed via. Cincinnati, Toledo and Detroit. They will return home during the summer. O Oxford College Practically every student in attendance during the fall term returned to Oxford College and some new ones in additioin. This fact indiciatcs that the present temporary dperession in business has had no effect on school attendance. 81 Cash in vault and net amounts due from national banks 103,489.68 Net amounts due from banks, bankers, and trust companies (other than included in Items 11, 12 or 13) 7,088.99 Total of Items 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. . 140,688.58 Checks on other banks located outside of city or town or reporting bank and other cash items 14,942.30 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas. and due from U. S. Treas. . 450.00 Ttcal $1,576,982.-46 LL1BILITIES. Capital stock paid in ; ; . ... $ 60,000.00 .Surplus fund ; . ; ; 100,000.00 Undivided profits 16,376.66 BRING US YOUR BABY CARRIAGE WHEELS WE CAN RETIRE THEM FOR YOU. WE KNOW YOU WILL BE GLAD TO AVAIL YOURSELF OF THIS SERVICE AND WE CAN ASSURE YOU OF FIRST-CLASS WORK AND PROMPT SERVICE. BRING YOUR WHEELS IN TODAY THE PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE. OUR TERMS ARE STRICTLY CASH TO ALL Railroad Business Slack The railroad business here is the slackest it has been in years. The truth of this 6 borne out in the fact that for the first time in many years local railroad n...en have not got enough work to keep them busy one-lialf of the time. Freight business has fairen off tiemendously, passenger business about one-third. People will travel, hard times or no. Thus it is that the passenger service has not seen the slump that freight service has. Amount reserved for all interest accrued 10,500.00 ; Circulating notes outstanding .. . ; . . ; 14,700.00 ; 15,836.85 4,771.60 Amount due to Federal Reserve Bank (deferred ciedits) . . . Net amounts due to national banks Net amts due to banks, bankers and trust companies in the U. S. and foreign countries, (other than included in Items 28 or 29) Cashier's checks on own bank outstanding 25,741.66 j 5,926.80 ! OUR GAME RESOURCES Indiviiduel deposits subject to (check 796,872.60 Total of demand deposits (other than bank deps.) 796,872.60 Certified deposit (other than for money borrowed) 153,565.63 Other time deposits . 331,210.66 Total of time deposits subject to reserve .484,776.29 Bills payable with Federal Reserve Bank 41.480.00j Cm We publish below extracts from an article sent us by R. H. Lewis, president of the Audubon Society of North Carolina and H. H- Brimley, vice-president. "Our game is a valuable asset to the State, and it should be preserved and protected for the use of this and future generations, with such amount of propagation as seems best in the case of each sepecies. This work can only be carried out under a centrali-7ed State authority clothed with the necessary duties and powers. Ttoal $1,576,982.46 Liabilities for rediscount with Federal Reserve Bank (see Items Id) : 99,199.52 Liabilities for rediscounts other than with Fed Reserve Bank 47,000.00 25 Main Street. Oxford, N. C. Total contingent liabilitiies $146,199.52 Of the total loans and discounts shown above, the amount on which inter mm est was charged at rates in excess of those permitted by law (Sec 5197, Rev. Stat.) (exclusive of notes upon which total charge not to exceed 50 cents was made) was none. The number of such loans was none. II ilil I'l 'IM'.llllllll Ii! iiiii I'i i! . i i i .y.'t STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF GRANVILLE, ss: I, W. T. Yancey, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. d Surreys esan W. T. YANCEY, Cashier. Tods Recovered Eepaiatei Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of Jan. 1921. JNO. R. HALL, Notary Public. CORRECT Attest: H. G. COOPER, E. T. WHITE, B. S. ROYSTER, Directors. "Our game is steadily decreasing in many sections, and unless something is done to put the whole of our game interests on a business basis, the outlook is gloomy indeed." "A State Game Commission would cost the taxpayer nothing, the expenses of the Comission being paid from the funds received from license fees." "Below are shown some of the ririiouions features, of our present game laws: - For deer, the State has thirty-six different open seasons. In nine contiguous counties in the eastern part of the State with similar conditions we have fourteen different seasons! Comment on this seems to be unnecessary. For partridge or quails, we are blessed with an even forty different seasons in which they may or may not be killed! A man may be hunting foxes in Moore county and, if he should inadvertently cross the line into Hoke county, he would be liable to a county license fee of twenty-five dollars. Then there are the varying bag ' REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF The Oxford Savings Bank and Trust Company AT OXFORD, IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, AT THE CLOSE BUSINESS, DECEMBER 29, 1920. RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts $318-,990.03 Cash in vault and net amounts due from banks, bankers and trust Companies 25,516.73 WITH THE BEST ; MATERIALS AND MECHANICS, NONE BETTER IN THE STATE. OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST FOR GOOD WORK. NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT YOUR VEHICLE IN THE SHOP FOR OVERHAULING, SO THAT WHEN THE SPRING WEATHER OPENS UP, YOU WILL BE READY TO ENJOY A RIDE IN A NICF "G60D AS NEW" CAR- Total $344,506.76 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in $ 16,300.00 Undivided Profits, less current expenses and taxes paid 28,012.88 Savings Deposits 300,193.88 limits. The most unique feature a- 9 s RIAGE OR AUTOMOBUjB. , COME TO SEE US. mong these is the prohibition of killing more than 25 wild turkeys in a day in Madison county! There are not only confusing game seasons and bag limits, but there are county and township restrictions, some even re Total $344,506.78 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF GRANVILLE, ss: I, W. T. Yancey, Cashier of the above named bank, , do. solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best yf my knowledge and belief. IBkaggy W. T. .YANCEY, Cashier. lating to districts less than townships, io the sale of game, to shipping gam, to trapping, and to other features df the subject Subscribed and sworn Io before soe this Ctb day of Jan. 1021. JNO. It. HALL, :; . . Notour ; Fublie CORRJ2OT AttMl: . H. 4. OOOPDB, E.-Tv WHITfi, B. & ROYSTER, So far as our same laws are on-l 9T een3C ti tor tried iifce , . prtniJe;

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