The People's Press from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on February 7, 1856 · Page 1
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The People's Press from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 1

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1856
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I i t - : i i i ; i t IfVli -Wi r " ' .m .. - - ' m VTHE PEOPLES "PRESS,. FEBHSHED WEEKLY V .:i:BT L. V. BLtJM. 7 PRICE Two Dollars a Year I 'VAYABLk 1N ADVANCE ; " - , SF" "NV paper will be discontinued until all arrearages are paid, except at the option of the editor. : ; V' -V ; "X" t3KLTJBBiN0.Six copies will be mailed to one Post Office for $10 j and ten copies foi $16. All payments invariably in advance. .- - Any person procuring . five new subscribers and remitting Ten. Dollars, will be entitled to a ..sixth copy gratis. .' COXJEECTIONERY ' - AND ; . ' F AN CY TOY STO R E. MAIN STREET,; OPPOSITE OfiD FELLOW'S nAlL attE suljscriber respectfully announces to the . public, that he has on hand I an assortment of articles in his line, which he offers on reasonable terms: CANDIES, Wholesale and Retail, NUTS,xFliESH OTSTEBS, LOBSTERS, -FBUITS, PICKLES, CHEESE, Cli A CKEltS, ? 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I wish you to pay strict attention to WE WANT MONEY, AND offer for cash" all or any part of our stock of Goods, at cost and carriage, rTho stock is fresh, and comprises as great a 'variety as can be found in any establishment of the size in this market. - We wish .it distinctly und?r- otuuu mat, uiis is no iricK in traue, Dut, a oonajidc proposition. , Our thanks are due and hereby tendered for past favors; and those indebted to us will dd another " to the many obligations we are under to them by paying np. , ; . Interest will be claimed on accounts after the 1st of January, 1X5G. SULLIVAN" A EELL. Winston, N; C.,' Dec. 20th, 1855. jan.ll.45:t LIPINCOTT'S PRONOUNCING GAZETTEER OF THE WOuLD, or GeorapSilcal Dictionary, Comprising nearly 220Q pages; Including a greater amount of matter than any otherjsingle rolnme in the , English Language; giving ;a description , of nearly OneIIundred Thousand Places, witlr the correct lironunciation of their names, being above .0,000 more Gc-. raphical notices than are found in anT other - vjjiiuueer in me ona' . For sale by ' . O. A. KEEHLN & CO. Jan. 11. f451m ; Booksellers,' Salem, N. C. Leather Belting, or Bands,; jii , j.nomasvme ueppzy jjaviafon io., i,j.y MANUFACTURED .by the subscriber,, either single or douljle; made1 from the best Northern Belt Leather stretched piece by piece by improved Machiuery, cemented and copper rivited, at New York prices. ; V CIIAS. M. LINES. - ' Thcm!sville, Davidson County;- N. C. J""A11 orders promptly attended to, and Belts forwarded according to directions. Jan: 2, 1856. 44-lj- School Books ! NEW York, Eclectic, and N. C. Readers; Env erson's and. Davies' Arithmetics and Keys; Da' vies Algebra, ; Davies' t Practical Mathematics; Johnston's Natural Philosophy, Guy's Astronomy, Botany for Beginners, Michels Geographies, Jlur-ray's Grammar aud Exercises, . Worcester's and Webster's Dictionaries, Bullion's E glish Grammar; Bullion's Latin Grammar, Ollendorff's French Grammar. Davnport's History of the U S., Rob-biu's Outlines of Ilistory, Rollins Ancient History, Turner's Chemistry ,Keightley's and Dwight'sMy th-ology; Anthon'sCi- ero, Johnson's Cicero, Anhon's Greek Grammar, Kuehner's Greek Grammar, An-thon's Greek Reader, Anthon's Latin Prose Compositions, ' Anthon's Latin Lessons. Webster's Spel; ler8, Root's and Strong's Copy Books, &c. &c. 1 . For sale by O. A KEEHLN & CO. i WACHOVIA STEAM MILLS, SALEM, N. C. THE Undersigned, proprietors of the abore Mills, begleave to announce that they - are prepared to grind both WHEAT AND CORN in any' quantity and in the shortest possible time They can sateiy say mat tneir iUiiis win iura oui such flour and meal as cannot be surpassed, if equaled by iy Mill in this section of the State. lhese Aims nave just Deen umu 01 me trj best material and in the most .workmanlike man ner, And the - whole machinery' is constructed after the most approved plans. The proprietors are prepared to give the highest market price for Wheat, and to grind- for others, both Corn and Wheat, at the usual rates.; - They also carry on the Cotton Spinning business and keep constantly on hand a large stock of excellent' ' I COTTON YARNS. The building occupied, by these Mills has been j commonly known heretofore as the "Salem Cotton Factory." The patronage of the public is respectfully eoltcUed. , " f ' " r i SHELLY & PATTERSON. Saleja, Dec 7, 1855... V . j 41-3m - - . '- - - 1 , . . . . v New Books I v MEMOIRS of S. S. Prentiss, byr his brother; Benton's 30 years in theU.S.Senate; Abbott's Napoleon; Travels in Europeand the East by Prime; fine's China: India, China and Jananlbv Bavard ,Tayler; ilomeof the New World, by MissBremer; Sidney Smith's Life;. Lady Blessington; Prescott's Philip IL Ferdinand and Isabella, and Mexico, &c. Jf or sale by " J. a. tsuxtiijn & tu. my dying advice I" "Father, I will." : ; .. , -j. ' "And I wish you to follow-my. advice after I am dead.!' - . ' i "I will, father." -. , . . "Sammy, , the neighbors and, all my friends tell me I haven't an enemy in the world, and I believe I haven't. I want you tor understand why I haven't. It's all owing to policy, Sam; policy, and nothing shorter, j When I was of your age, my boy, I was as poor as a broken down . villatre horse, turned out to die. Ace has at last ii . -. . . p orosen me down, but 1 am t poor, thank policy ! Follow my example, and you will become richer by far, than your father, Sammy, and die without an enemy! as I do." . - " ! Samuel wept, as 'in duty boundl but grief and his handkerchief choked his ut terance, so he said nothing. ' - "It has always been ray policy," resumed the dying Smirk, "to avoid" giving offence to any one No matter what people said or did to me or any one elseright or wrong I have always endeavored to forbear and submit, wherever I could ; to be calm and cautious on all occasions, and to avoid the exhibition of anyrsign of resentment. Byllong experience in this course, I have found ; that by persevering to agree with everybody, skillfully, is a sure eventual guide to universal popularity." ; "But have you never had' any difficulty with any one?" . t '. ' "Not since I was twenty-one," said the dying man, gasping for" breath. "Reach me a little more water, and wet my lips. they are too parched to speak plain. There there," he added as his son. obeyed him ; "that will do, and you shall be initiated into my invariable, and- invaluable policy. Be deferential,! Sam, deferential, and control your temper, and flatter whenever you get a chance, have a bow, and a smile, and a word, -and- a shake of the hand for everybody, mark ! for everybody, and then you will get-abm'! : "But I mustn't be friendly to villains, must I?" i-f ' "Friendly ! humph ! be friendly to nobody, seem so. Villains: they compose two-thirds of the community, and are most influential, j As for the other third, tliough it is well enttugh to keep their good opinion they are ! only subordinate agents in the building up of a man. But don't get affronted with I them. Oh, no, Sam ; never do that ! Never kick a dog unless you are sure he hasn't any owner, then kick away, if you like.' Though his father ' was dying. Samuel could not help smiling at this language. "That's right," said the elder Smirk; "I like that. ' Smile again,, bam, smile a gain. ' By smiling I have gained many a friend. But be careful you don't smile at the wrong' time A smile is a powerful weapon, but it must be used with judge ment. "Do you know, Sara, why I was always such a favorite with the women : "No, father." "I was always careful, in the first place, to feel my way with women ; took care to understand their characters, their sentiments, their particular vanities and hobbies keeping my own ideas in the back ground, until I could coincide with theirs. I al ways .took care never to speak, disrespectfully of the sex. I never, in the presence of a woman, called a woman a "woman" or a "female,".! had but one name, ladies, for all the feminine gender. "How did you do when they differed, and asked your opinion : et a 'God blesi you for that, I'm mista ken., i never found it to fail." -"But a subscription V ' "Read the paper, praise the object, but say that you have just subscribed for more than you could afford for another object of a similar nature. ' If the applicant believes by this that you are in the charitable line, he will let you off, whereas, if you refused out and out, . without an explanation, he might abuse you behind your back. I have made r.iyclf a great reputation for benevolence merely by 'refusing to subscribe in this way. This is a queer world, Sam." . Here the old man was seized with a violent fit of coughing, which nearly took him uui oi uus queer worm. "I fear, father, that Ulkinir so much will be, fatal to you said Samuel. - "iso, no, . resumed his father. "I'm de termined not to die till I get through. As I was saying, Sammy, this is a queer world Thd Expedition for Camels. We have been favored with a copy of a very interesting letter indeed, from Major Jyne, U. S. A., the oCccr in charge of the expedition of this Government to pro-care camels to be brought bithcr. with the view of experimenting for their foture employment in the United States military transportation, especially on our great Western deserts.. It b as follows c . C0S5T.NTCOPLE, OcU SI. lSSS. ' 'In accordance with my report of f 0?o'f, Licot. Torter and rat- th scl 1C Ir the fore-leg, and use their rifle more effectively. , The corps JPot McMurda in-fortned roe, could be readily marched seventy miles- in any direction in twelre hours. (! 6-6 miles per hour,) and rendered throughout tbo caapaim tr.wH service. c 5 dent TEIUIS OF ADVERT1SIX0. Oa iUrt, (tJUtn Use ct in ni U. f . lioa Oa DclW, aai Imtj ln rrtU eicty reUcoartl itmiiw. Dltkr tri ta f. ?or vfstislisg adTcniscsrs, ftr a UArt it Fcr tirr tatls, t : ' 13 M For aix cstJji, t : IS !j tcr twelve tacc'.it, : : 4 C ProfcucosAl or Ut.wa Crd, tct rxrtdlt itt Uor ia Irsrlh, Tue rH'rt a tw.-J.:-! et can ia jrcpartiaa. To itrare rrrjr attrrtica, all rr:suit-Uosj and lcttrr co I dtcf csjlU .IIrrTc4 to th Elitfr, rat U. cltc5 SO crsi tie fvretr SI u !l0 ao-1 it cots to Vw-p !sck n n l!x FUtfm Stilj, tit frtd lirg 1-1 is lit ia?tr, ulico Kjura frrrs tt ctl.'f 1 19 fcd tct Lit. V C-il'.lcLstf tin 1', acd eowi i-tLil (sr vhit tlty c i iailt buie ef .Vrw Ycrk. Bat i:Lia tie Utt lirce raillf, tk cf a!l liU ti a2ttt.." l ti'j iri U t?ul c -tr v Gen. Slnpon stated that ia the same campaign he found the cartel so terviceable ttat be nrocuitd ure or ir Tar hit rt-rnn .rr cat., xzi "ts t'ul r-tr vr. ilvicire - . . . - w mr . use, and that with thera hcv frequently went I Ktirg huxc ; lie oa'.bsj zr J inp. seventy miles between sniirt and unri. nk &e thtra cp tcrv fxit, i ihcrc t; ! To a direct' qctftion by Msjr DehfieM !be cott rohg etcrtle I: le (ho we pet in the Crist.) w! ctlrr Le?roj f ju-J:a f r lit VT r- u U t2 i) ii !! tht 17th. Calling on Aiior Uos'C'tha Dew I puty viaartennaster Ocneral at Balaklava, and, further to the front, on Gen. Simpson, the commander of the British force, we re- and ou can t get along in it without reh-gnd crery facility for the prosecution of our "Without what !' exclaimcl his son, in amazement. He had never mentioned religion before in his life. "Without religion. Hire a pew by all means. Talk religion occasionally," you can soon get the hang of it. Profess, and practice when you arc obliged to. But, at any rate, profess ; it. helps a fellow along in e business. I got some of the most profitabl customers and best friends by professing religion, rew rent is no ooiect wncn you "I would iacrree with one. and at the same time wink at. the others slily, as. much Dealer in Produce and Groceries, ' ' high point; NJ a, TtjtTUAj atte'rid 'to receiving " and forwarding ? f GQODS; also tojBhipping i'roduce &c . Jan. 18, 1856.. BIBLES, Testaments,. Sunday School Books, Methodist, Baptist. Union and Mfiravian Hymn Books; also a new-supplyf lT.. Harbaugh s WrV nmeB Notes. A Life hid with Christ in God, Ac., for sale by O. A. KEEJILN & ffl MOUEY-WANTED! fTlTTTS T rint.HV nil nersons that have been in I .ahk a m fwplvA manths.tliat all such claims not paid by the 25th of "December next, will be found in the hands of the Sheriff -or some other as to say' tis all a humbug, what 1 am saying." If a woman was ugly, Td praise ner intellect. If she didn't know anything, I'd nraise her virtue. ' In this way 1 seldom missed the mark ;? for it is very seldom that you find a woman that 3 ugly, immoral, and a tool in tne Dargain. xn iaci, n hard to find anybody who hasn't some good point, or .who isn't susceptible to flattery in someway or other; and a man must be a fool, who, determined to flatter, and make his flattery acceptable, can't seize hold of some merit, in mum, ucan, iviu v the person he wishes to please, and, ieign-ing to admire it, make that person friendly" ' r - . ; !4Mustl be stingy, or uoerau igion come to think of that. "But if you belong to a church you will have to defend its doctrines ; and religious controversies create enmity, don't they ?' "Sometimes. But wheneer I found that I was getting into troublo on account of my religion, I was a)ways careful to yield a point or two, smile in a Christianlike way and then back out of the -scrape. That s the way to do it, Sammy, that's the way to do it." "It is best, I suppose, to be some kind of a politician i inquired the eon. "By all means ; but take care and always be on the strongest side. You can, though, be rabid as a n&d dog in your views when nobody but your side ia present ; affect to be very liberal in your sentiments when you talk with thoso of an opposite political creed. Mankind love a liberal man ; and if you flatter your foes, you disarm them." "There's a good deal in that," observed Sammy, musinglyi reflecting upon the aaxy existing instances of its truth. That thcro is, responded tho.sick man nearly exhausted, and his lips as pale as asnes. "Double dealing docs well, will fix the flints of everybody. When I . lived in Snuealbury. .a hoirirish set there, Sam, I was a great gun. 1 was a general favorite owing to my management, and I had mon ey They were going to baud & town house. There were two parties each Favor ing a different site. They sent committees to ask my opinion. As the parties were about equal in numbers and influence, I hes itatcd at first which to favor." "And how did you overcome this difficul ty I" "I told the committees that if they would call a meeting of both parties, I would give them my opinion. Tliat meeting was call cd. and I went, 'btnirk ! btnirk ! bmirk ; they all cried, and I arose, and after com plimenting the rowdies generally, the town its character, and so-forth, disclaimed my right either to the distinguished honor con ferred on me, or to deliver my opinion on the subject, I was a native of Squealbury I said, and no meddler. 1 would not express my preference or opinion. I had confidence that the intelligence of the Squcalburians would enable them to choose for themselves, and, with great affected modesty, ' I bowed and withdrew, in the miasi oi me cueer oi doiu panics. "That was well done, father, said Sam, admiringly ; "and was that the reason you were elected to the Legislature i v "Yes," said the senior Smirk; faintly ; "I made a hit. . "My noble mindedncss became proverbial. I was compared to Cin- cinnatus and Washington, and put up for representative, and elected by both parties. Do as I did, Sam, and you will prosper oh " VGod bless you, my dear father I what's the matter? "I am going, Sam, I shall be off m a min ute ! Call in the ministers ana otner pores quick ! but remember policy, Sam, policy l" And with the unfinished word, which .had been his guiding star through life, upon bis lips, Hon, Simon Smirk expired. - . intelligence oi ms ueaiu was icivrupuvu all over the Union, and a great many editorial obituary notices were written upon him ending with . ' . "None knew thee but to lore thee. None named thee but to praise.' r . duty was promptly afforded to ni. 1 wa further fortunate m receiring an introduc tion to Colonel Murdo, in charge under the Quartermaster General, General Eyre, of the land transport ; service in the Crimea, and who as Quartermaster General to General Napier in tho expedition acainst Sinde had used camels extensively for military purposes. He gave me much interesting information in relation to the military use ot the camel ; and from Ocneral Simpson also, who had served in the same- expedi- : 1 - n - i t ... ion unucr vjcncrai rapier, we nau auui-ional accounts of the valuo of the animal. and of the favorable opinion entertained of it by the army for the services it was capable of rendering. The enraccments of Col onel McMurdo were such that I could occu- hi bt-arn epen then in lif-bt Isidrrfct could move raor6 quicMy asd continucuilr. In relation to our visaing 'Persia, the inquiries we have made lead tu to the cnda-sioa that, though wo ciht reaiilr get there, our return, owing to the Ihxkfng up of the roads by mow, would be impossible until nxt spnng. As this would detain much beyond the tine fixed for oar return to the United State, and ennecemrily delay tho experiment we are engaged in, we hate reluctantly abandoned the journey, though Wc desired much to see the varieties of the Penman camel, and particularly the Lcurbourck or dromelary artillery. A journey into Persia, wiih the intention of returning its mediate I v. must be com- oalcalrr i!!s a ecr!t cf i3irrS d.CUrs. Tie re are yrtbsilj vine ictr.d f.ii l irri kef t at lirtry, ia i3 rnfte", ir -Itr fr :a I $00 ta f l,0) ia f ilae. A p:r tf rnlrr;; terns cent $2,000 ; a pir itsMri'.l 9i":lct io 2,05 cr 3,10, SZfrO. The dWtltni.u ia Tilue L-cic - r c:r ts4 trctUtr t;rr $t. lu great as with yea. A pi" Lcrva v.'.l .! f t ese fssrth as trsch -.t a lr!tfr tf, peed. The titiit CI.fcn.: lcr, :- -;4 saII, are Lt;c- Irolta t-a iircm, -t.!: art be isj cntea ta .! wi-ot aM lrt ut- t..Iw.rt: ts a fwt eaotrv t,- txUie it- -t J it acl etrryrce Itre xcai 19 lr J-trr.:t 1 ... i i ... racneed, we hnd, about Mar. Our course r t f- ... . , , . . I) py but little of his time, and in consequence obtained from him only a few material facts j without going into details. My thanks arc due to him for the moments he devoted to me, pressed as he was with the many and various duties of his position. . .We found in the Crimea both the Bactri- an two-humped camel, and the Arabian, or one-humped ; but the latter alone seemed to bo used for the purposes of military trans-' poriauon. xno lortncr were xoumi in the from this will be, I think, to Syria or Egypt, for dromedaries, and then tack to Smyrna for burden came!, i& the expectation of commencing our return hon:e soue time in February. The inquiries ia relation to dromedaries for the French army, reported ia my letter of the 11th of OctoLcr, prolucc no result. Very respectfully, your obl serv't, HENHY C. WAYNE, Major U. S. Army. Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War. Life and Business ia C&lifamit. A rapT cm enroll lent cf the New Yotk Timr Crimea at the commencement of the war; s Vr,,;.,A vwrt iV. the latter were earned there since from I Ai 1 inftr I Kmc rnrmur wrn liltlA i .... .1 IVIMIK. inougnt ot, tne latter were highly esteemed; t;le jcaVe jc-ss-, hr ta ca rxi c.i in i&Cuattcutt. Ulr the only objection to them wc heard of being In the waj cf politics ttt tiscs are pre gzxtl 1q room they occupied in the nairow 7lttraut"8 t.iar ail SU-eets, and their frightening the how. UttW- XL rans art lile a let tf d that kite jot er as out ef a grntral txnm-mage, aal ail got whipped, as! art ratter reluctant to taka hall agaia 1 ttty ait all a-rosul ia a ring showing itcir teeth at tach other. a sriA&j rxtzrxx rca debt. I noliecd ia its timet, ncntka ef tte caul rials of a taUJicg havisg been atslca froa a vaeaat lot up town ia your city, aad co eiue obtaioed to their herratcaU. We do tbce thiogt up tetter ia Sao Fraacisco. Tte pepri-ctor cf a sew hgvr beer nlxsa at tte teal cf Uiga wtirf, hatiog fsiled to py his gross J rent, taipcctcd tit landlord woald l litcly to lay claim to tte buildiog vtkh was cf cocr; lublo fcr tte grouod rent. So af:cr dark, .te cocctceort epcratisct, aad atiucrie ttrre vn noltiar left tat tte riles ca wtich The" two arc very distinct species cf the same cenus ; uillenng Irom each other as much,! should say, as the buffalo cf our western prancs docs from the common ox. Doubly humped, tho Bactrian is a strongly built, powerful animal, standing not quite so high as the Arabian, of coarser and more shaggy coat, slower, in motion, but capable of carrying immense burdens From the lormauon oi lis oacr ib iwo numps; mere is difficulty ia adjusting to it a pack saddle and without one there is always more or less perplexity in loading and securing the load. This I rather think is the principal source of objection to its use, thAcgh I believe the opinion adtanccd to us to be correct, that it is not as serviceable an animal as the Arabian. Its use in the Crimea before the war we understand to be chiefly for draught, and on one occasion wc saw . Trosble with tho Izilizi SW m ifcrih tte Ibiuri Lre tolL'f f. i t grartie fci!!:ki fcr enufciefctii c ;h eaxi ctttr, it wot! 4 n-eta iht iby i!c.:ij act ia ecoctrt io tte wctk ef ia:xt:f. At st e r TTKtt lice it rre Kra ta l a ir cj'.Ict.. rrtTai!;cg itrosrttui all tteiatsp u. t in tc riteTa ascrctt cf tte rets tt etc i f tcttulitss ia Flnida. AK.t tte srs, x't tn t m mm 'mm taJ i&Lel.irtact cf KteraJ tSrt?v t '.$' s m ith the ia Orrrctj, CVif.-ia's, xv ta ite iroavh Weicra fr?, ax I i r !m mm 4mm itat irontle is i:!iipiul ia nr t: winter with the Iclbt.t wt tr I ' m-mre aaltd'.ttricgotcr t-r e t?t asd aotfjixce ef etiUr, Uvt.:j. ci U staj at heat U jrcteet ttejr tct ? i fusHict. At tte Itiii-i are W. I iatdt'r;-aol !aoJ:ritsg the Killer, tte tjc hrf-.uu to tle ttclr ri t? rid ttts-n'tti trsJcra. By laie aec!ils frt ta Tcrt Di!!rt H : we learo that tte IodUct tste brca c-tis.j'.t m M zzen tssrien ta U.l ticituj. i j trto, rmm mm mm vtc4 cactt tte wtuiesua tuaixrJ c,,i l t4 tears, west cst, as wxj ttir ectifsa. in t" - r- n?w.rtt, stcul ix xa?.ei fnc ta rtvs'.h cf i! f titer, rear wtich Van Ii.Iii u tluv'ed White ergst l to tt'ir wrtk ttej wtre aititl J ty tsl cf Iciiiss tfl Cnd t jn tl a.i Jtttv-o and coe cf tte c!tt it.:'j as! weutwb- tte ctbtr to tte ; 1c ted ! -1 two yoked to a Tartar wagon, as oxen are. iog stool tte etcaicg yrttioca. The haJ!-td ! te cczl ttith ti Uit wtkh rt ' ? i"j:r tte tui'd. He i tt Mtcrtly turt, tcwtti i, I .t iLit "Oh. he liberal be liberal, by all means, said the dying man,' with a ghastly smile, that ia - in Rontiment. w nenever a ceucr- rto Aia i : ATalt it to the skies. Al- ways praise generous people. Clap "your hands for philanthropy, and then clapthem in your pocket, and keep them there. 'Suppose a beggar asks alms of me, or I am called on to contribute to some charita ble object?" ): "If any person begssay 'certainly mjr noor -woman or 'my. man or 'my child and then quickly feel in your pockets. You will find no money, of course ; . but you must say, with a sigh, , and a tear in your eye, if you can scare up one, I'm really ashamed i to ! own it, but unfortunately, 1 haven't a cent About xne. If you don t but guided by rope reins. The result of ;Can:e down io tho curoisgla attach the toll J. J our examination determined us not to pro cure one, as it would oUy complicate our experiment without producing such results as we anticipate from the Arabian stock. At some future day, should the camel become domesticated "with us, it may then be worth while to import a few males for crost, ing upon the Arabian females, as it is said is done with advantage in Persia, the isuc always taking after the mother that is, being onc-humped. : Sketches of the Bactrian camel were made by Mr. Heap, which will convey very clear ideas of the anima 1 and of its difference from the Arabian-Col.' McMurdo informed rac, that in the expedition against Sinde, he had ia service about twenty-fire thousand camels, and that from his experience he esteemed them high-lv : so much so. that he had then at Sinonc three thousand of them, in addition to the few now in use In the Crimea, in readiness for the campaign next spring. The loads they will carry depend much, be said, upon the service ia which they arc employed rapid movements naturally require light burdens but their average load, under fa-yorable circumstance, he stated to be about six hundred pounds, and these they will The Cherokee belle. Miss Jeanie nicks, was married on the 10th of December, at the residence of Ctief John Boss, at Tah-le-quab, in the Cherokee nation, to Mr. Steplcr,broth3r-in- law to the Chief. Her pretty face and brilliant wit. it is stated created manv.adinirera in our northern cities and watering placea during her vacations from school in Now Jersey. Miss II. is a daughter of Judge Hicks. Pusiso Machinis. Borne ooe calculates that there are now over thirty thousand plan ing machines in operation ia the United States, each doing soiso sixty men's wcrk. Tf tby should all be discontinued, it .'would: require eighteen hundred thousand men to perform the same labor a number" nearly equalling three times tbt population ox iuq city u .icw io carry easily, without pushing, twenty-five to thirty miles a day. He mentioned this intercatmc fact, which I do not remember iog (a two story cce,) but was ecsii Jcrsllj a-toouted tot to tied a stick cf it left, as! tc tas t;cTcr found it cr the ewner to this day. TUC MATCJ0N1AL MARKET . Ts abundantly supplied, and etea yoasg and tcnJer canlilates go eff sbwlj tte caste maia-ly being tte dreaJful extratagancc ia drtaa ia uaigea ia Dy iu tcmtaise cocsiuus:iy. iitt perfectly awfal. Thty taTc cottisg c! ta da but spend mosey, drrw, running about frca tcuse to house, gijing and talking sca&dal. Of all placet that eter were teard cf, Saa Fraa-Cisco takes the lead fcr scandal. No cse escape. No wonder the young men shudder at tte ttcugtt of tacking ttesxlret to such ttoughllekJ, tztraTgsst, yenvlcsa candidates fcr tte sitoalica cf witet and mcttcra. Society in California, at tte pretest spcakicg, Is in a dreadful stale, tte chief occupation ef ttt female portioa of it being aj afjreiald, asd ia turning up ttcir ncsca at each citcr. SSTW HOTEL YALCK CF RtJtL t-STATC, Tte Union Hotel, formerly tte hcadqssrtcrs cf genteel IVtaocracv, tut laltctly, like Tara's Hails, dejerted, is about ta bt crscd agJa. It will never be atuitacloboUl fr ladies vtly ting f Act, to have heard before, that during tho expedition against Sinde, General Napier cr- ganizea a most emcieni corps oi one inous-and men, mounted upon five hundred drom edariestwo men to each dromedary the the men sitting back to back; one facing the head, the other the tail, and boili armed wth rifles and sabres. The man facing the head was the animal's groom and driver, and the manner of using the corps was as follows: Upon arriring at the scene of ope rations,, the dromedaries were made to kneel, in a square, under charrro of their five hundred drivers, forming, as it were, a base of operations, from which the other five hundred operated as infantry. At tho advanced body moved, the square, or squares, if more than one was formed, if required, were also moved ; and in case of extremity, the squire offered a cover under which the one thousand men . could find com parative shelter behind the animals, who were prevented from rijiog by a hobble on by, c!"ly j sricK 1 by tto tc i '.u c:.-I t- ii a L.i to tat a til IrvJ t:r trstTi. II . . . f . ... . . .. .. a acctcca ta rrsc;rv rtrt ia..x. i r.a as ti !- ry wai i.!d, a j ivjty i : j v ed asd set cut ia pjr-.t cf tic r.i.r?v- Nigtt tvl esse cn, towrter, ari j f tte Indians ell l C.-zzl. Oa Tcci!ay, Jfth it?t, TO tses wet. at, irriilrg at tte sctcc cf tte tacrd-r, f I two cse cf wtuh Lid Ua w- i"d A party frcsa tte Fcri tsd brca .x!..ij ecustry far a fc.rtaitf, tut Lad i t : in sd!sg tte Isilass. A man who tad lived aba-t at II'sIt- ? sstst fiy tsi.cSsSp tte e-xl ab-.-te I" -ft l. tad arrited al ttt Fort, tM dectair it x .l J txv mm Ml mm W JTW m W m m m m traiUclisg with ttt Indiacs,-wi!;:.;: lUrn U qucrt, tic. He rrpcrtcd ttal a -ly cr to trtticoj to tis arriral at tte Fwrt, a t't i! Indus caseto tis Lcue, end trad?! at -r..! At ttej were leaticg coe cf tttta tur: 1 I ti asd said U ttt trader, that as Kc l.kt i t en, I. weald adflaeKia to "tatbt," mm L? i;f.v-J it, Ur it wcalJ do lesser be safe fr t "a ls re oalo wltre te was. TteWiT.aa asd Jut n InvgU dc-pkulti t tte GofcrstscaU We art rlcacd t tears tUl tU War I art.firt!i!i f.-9 mrnt9 V .r V Tt ti -tr tr rvct the difTcrence between times at ttey "cttd to was" and timet ai t the rest cf this toUl io '.prtsttat Us j rcv.x-t'j asihriif d t!,e IS52 and 1SS3 was tS.OCO per f0C,-Lf tl-orcos td sfexute teass Ur tte rt-..! uw per annum u ireougv oeisg net ctcr izi fect, iu depth about 100 ttrtt stcrica high, Now, it hat a very tight scratch to get aa ccca- cf tte Iuuucs and tsst I w are m::ei tr-ganlscd sad ia tte fell to t.Wae asdd'itt ti .f f-ittcr frcm tie Slat?. pant at $1,000 per month, or t!2,00w per an-1 &ia.3& .Vvj nuia, and it U extremely douttful atcst its ecu- j tisuation at that price. Heal estate sl!s slow ly at lot price for hocse and 1st than tte baild-iog cost, cr abcat out fjurih cost two years go. TTtK FASJ4C3LS CT CAlJrOXMA-Tte enly cdua cf people wto maj be said to be thoroughly sound and yrosperwu, art ttt firmer. Ttey Lata Lad a bstd struggle, but hare come out trigtt at lait, asd ttcrt Is icurt-ly cot ia ttt country that is cot makicg ccae j. Great attention is being paid to ttt dairy tu oesj. Ttcrt sever haa been a Use that fresh butter wcmld set trisf 75 teats ptr pwnJ, of a JcMrmyrr. Io Ctrficitg tte La 1 7 scdst u the Hc4a Ivcr ilaclr.a4, ti N lctk Hxprrsa tm) s : "Mr. Join rrs"o, tte ceiKitr cf ;:, DattercM Cj. s Attercaa t.trc, ; ata- s It . i cos t&t icjar.c lie aa s-tTercit irwisi, Lit atu'e d'llocatrd, std cse ef tte ai'. U f bis leg was t-rokta. He tad ia cjiarc t,!? a EJiiiioa ci c.-iurs, cut, Bi;Hs.a.Jtr t severe isjari, te rrfoMd to Jcatc its ta; :rJ and icmainei to tiie cars et en ln ia tie VV W m .... ... , . mmm m w . . . . w . w . 4 eoursgt asd ssdsraset like tils tu ctcr ttj' ca rtcctd &oer. . - ; . A. T, ZVJ6lI SaJjas, Kov. 14, 1I5, ; , . :

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