The People's Press from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on December 24, 1853 · Page 3
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The People's Press from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 3

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1853
Page 3
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' . . ...... . . , ' , - - Territories Messrs. IlicLatdson, Mc PEOPLE'S PRESS. COMMUNICATIONS. - " CONGRESS. : In the Senate, on Monday 12th. the Queen, Tsylor of Ohio, Bayly of. Georgia, Smith of Virgisia, Farley, English Philips and Lamb. - , ' . . - SALEJI, !f . C Standing Committees were announced, and a number . of notices of bills civen. Even tha peasants will contrive to ksvt a Landfall sat by tar this pnrp, and what the birds d not cat cm Christmas day, remains fur them to finish at their leisure tiros h tie winter. Tbt carrying of Uras about thos poles mads a Norwegisa Christmas ia the s!Js onlu hcly to as. CrraitTMAS m Fiarmia I atsd Beverly Tucker, of the Sentinel was Roads and Canals Messrs.- Durham, Riddla. Camnbell. of Ohio, Pratt, Walk- Saturday, December 24, 1553. Haiti jk ati Gasff KoaA. l rem tha report cf Mr. Branch, ths lVcaiictt, to the lalt meelicj cf tht stxkbdiers of tits Road; wt are pleased to learn lial tht total incocsa of tht Road from frciftr, nan, and paaseng-rrt from October, 1 toa-tober, 1S3, iu 1119,051 being 13,C00 C3 arrs tlaa trc lie trecrllagyear. A Strmm iTieee suffer JZe ATaa- ; For the People's Press. This is emphatically the age of progress. Every where the activity of mind and body are developing the resources of our wide-spread country with a rapid-It V hlftlrts linnmnl nA 1M-..-U H ..- elected printer to the Senate by the fol er, Ritchie of Penn., Shaw, Cox, and lowing vote : luckjer 26, Armstrong 17, Gales & Set ton 1. Barksdale. Patents 3Iessrs. Thurston, Bridges, In the House on th tame day. the Tracy. Perkins and 11 ill. Standing Committees were announced. SoT la conformity with the established custom among printers, no Press will be Issued next week, in order to afford all bauds an opportunity l indulge in a little n creation darior lis ' holiday J iiVV uuvHIUltUi VI, U . VU1 V Una has felt the impulse and has awakened to a due sense of the importance f flTtPnintt 4k Mni)' wi.r4 aIiaom a v G waama say nothicr of ths brill Unt torthet The Resolution heretofore offered bv Tbe Delegation iroxn mis state is thus apportioned. . lirhU with which, ths wister nighu of Mr. Bayly, to elect a Librarian by the IWrstoT were rlenScd. Let.ns cotae ' r l i . For tU Press. ' r - Whig Heeling. Ameeting of the "Whigs of Forsyth waa held at the Court-House, on Tuesday, the 20th inst., for the purpose of appointing delegates to attend the Whig State Convention to be held, in the city of Raleigh on the 21st ofj February, 1854. On motion of C. L. Bapner, Esq , Dr. Thompson Weatberly was called to the Chair, and Col. Mathias jMasten appointed Secretary; The object of the meeting having been explained, on motion of Charles E. Shober, Esq., the following -.resolutions were unanimously adopted : I Resolved, That we, a portion of the Whigs of Forsyth, so far from having seen anything in the antecedents of the present Administration to induce us to abandon our party organization, are more than ever impressed with the duty and necessity 'of. adhering to it with still House was rejected, yeas 98. nays 100 fiaslly t Christmas, which ts out there Mr. Kuan On t-iaims; .xr. rverr on the Judiciary; Mr. Ashe on JJaval Affairs; Mr. Cralga on Public Buildings Mr. Wentworth, of Illinois, submitted the following Resolution : . week. " . , J Wt Under our readers the compli in lbs cold, also a festivt aeasee, lasiicg aatil Twelfth day. At Christmas tads a six wtcks fast at Bsmov, by which and Grounds; Mr. Clmgman on Foreign JCesolvexi, That Congress has the pow er to provide for the construction of a Affairs; Mr. Puryear on Agnculturs; Mr. Rogers on Revolutionary Qaims; and Mr. Shaw on Roads and Caaals. railroad over the tern tones of the United States for the safer and more expedi , , wj - acapav - tuvi vuvaf lubcivvul nunjcation with her different border and sister States. Her Central Road and , her Wilmington Roads, her, projected JEtoads to Beaufort and the Tennessee ' line, will open to her markets and afford her facilities of travel which will form an epoch in her history. But the good work must not stop there. This is but the beginning of the end. ; y -f The history of all these improvements has been that the more of them made, the more each individual one is benefited, v Tbe on?, proves a feeder to the other. The riserin value of lands and eo denbl all sprstius art sharjned for tbt Christsau ctecf. On thi first day cf Christmas, all tha mttt noted all tha women at their beasts ; on the acccoa day cf Christmas, all the women vlcuJ furfur. I bt enurTTssing jTprCKrs ci the Iroo Feundry la Fayrtuvills Lava eadt axd Lava now ia e jraiis3, a Steam rsgiaa cf 12 Lerst power, aai j-arj-oa to make ethers to crder. Dinpurxt The Bank tha Siato cf Ncrth Carolina Las declared a dividend f 5 per eeat. And tha Mrr-thssU Bank f Ncabera diviiead cX i per ceL Wt regret to leara thai tht K3 . Mr. Kerr, af Narth Carrot a, waa yea. Urday called Loeaa by ulerrsLt despatch la ecseaac tf tLa eUegvros i Us ess cf Lis wiev .Vaf. lL tious transportation of the publio moneys, the mails, tho troops and the muni TOEEIGN NEWS tions of war. from tbe Atlantio to the all tha men, and tvcrjtwj crs tat Pacific coast, and ought immediately to ments of the season a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. . The following seasonable sketches, drawn from various sources, tasy prove rote rearing: . In former times, the celebration cf Christmas began in the latter part of the Ererions day Christmas Era. Tbt oust was first decked with holly. Ivy, and other vergrtcna. CaadUs of an uncommon sita were then lighted under lbs nam of Christmas Canniest an e-nonnoas log, called the Yule Clejr, or ChrUtmas Block, was laid sponthe fire: FOUR DAYS LATER The steamer . Arctic arrived at New exercise that power. finest drtsses bt or she possrsacd. Oa tbt second day after Ch rut at a majqnt-radirg began, and lasted till Efipbaa-y. On a call of the previous question the stronger devotion. Resolution wan laid upon the table, 120 York. Her dates from London sad Liverpool are to tbeS0th November. Kesolved, lhat with the .view to the to 72. Messrs. Ashe, Chngman, Craiga, Kerr, Puryear, Borers, RuSn and Shaw Faxicy coatnBcs ana masas, fcrcvxat ct-tan from Tbo!sk, form a stock . that rrows in Bertiot from year Vs year. Whoever could net Iny a fcask, ccall of this State, voted to lay on the table. The est, generally for, and tbe North thorough organization of pur party, throughout the State, preparatory to the next Gubernatorial campaign, we approve of the holding of a general Convention at Raleigh, on the 21st February next ; and will give ourj undivided tic a bandlercbUr over iaa be. ao4 The British Parliament has been further prorogued to the 3d of January. Mention is made. of a treaty having been ratified . between . Great, Britain and France to guaranty the iotegrity of Turkey, which has a condign heaving it optional with Austria and Prussia to era and Atlantic States against the Res wear a merry heart j that was suckat olution. The wnjtve si Ualae sevts ts be avsjer ca a4 rrvaar kaliy trt tLs t w4 skm. Tb imoaoiuka sjm! p- rerTS fraca tocalaa4 t SltLA. wt dnrra Lack froos tbe vends ar I river, aad dtUd evvr aix-U ly a larxa detscocaeat cf iLeae abararv Ux the people aatrovnd rvgaliog Ihssoselres with beer. In the course of the might small patties of songsters weot abonl No business of importance was trans their increased "production causes more travel and a greater , amount of freight and makes all tbe citizens of the State Jfeel.a deep interest in her progress and improvements. Hence it is the duty of the Legislature to encourage every-' feasible project of improvement which may tend to develop the resources of the State. The valley of the Yadkin is admitted to be.the finest portion f North CaroMna and, the most secluded and shut out from s market. support to its nominee: i . acted in the Senate on Tuesday. Resolved, That the Chairman of this from bona to boutc, ungiDg vbal wtre SB become parties to it. no mors Bhtin In the House, on the same day, the for the plaasnre C4 tha povrtsU - Ataoag other tsaskrrs, thcrt cast aotat drevscd ia the earrisgs rareraU of thair forefathers, stgrvttlar jnaiat and tonchicg thoughts. . Tit Lcrtnvi-ana preset vt their rssmsgs dresses, aer- had taken place along the Danube, ani SDV.,iaV I?iP Tf Resolution of Mr. Washburne, of XIII meeting appoint 20 delegates to repre pent the "Whigs of Forsyth in aaid Con Ecrrts. Dec. fL Joaae ClikrrUe. ditties fall of joyful allusions U Us crtat rift from bod to man' is the Re nois, affirming tbe power of the general government to construct railroads thro' Cas:s fUx tsa&si actarer. &d ci s; pUsy laa aiL deemer. A masa was commenced ia rumors prevailed of an armistice having taken place, bat they ware not credited. Tbe allied fleets were at BtTkos. The Turkish fleet had gone to the Black Sea. The report before riven of the Turks the territories, ww laid on tbe table, yeas er weancg tbem sraia ia cctaoca nsa, ; n.t InMffl'illifiv tvm La dkd-t tuns lata axts. Tke efflsti the churthe at midnight, a custca still kept up in the Calholis Charch. At 117, nays 74. " mi 1 a mm U.C J. aa It is therefore the imperative duty of the States to give this garden spot of sots. - Ghostly thocghU mart attend STtSS017 tht atranre coUectkm ef raeh dresses, f? Jff - . . lne proceedings or the Senate, on Lrq, aad Z7.CC3 one period, the people had a custom of Wednesday, were unimportant. . waasailisg the tnui trees em this evening; that is thty lock a wassail fcowl, threw a toast from it to the tree, and having repulsed the Russians firs times from the Fortress of St. Nicholas is confirmed. ' The Prussian Chambers have been cpeoed. That nation elaims to act . . a difcricg tn age and faiLlea, that art stored cp ia a Beretovisa wardroba. At Christmas semt of these dresses art worn ; they fcena aa slesscnt ia the mas-queradiBg,prepcr to tht season. Tat Caotxa r Nrv OstxavfwNtw Oslsass, Ik. 11-Tbe evcsftV X Vixa ly (Wtn lV imI weX. wa 111 ds crvase eX 1G7 fa tbepodg wk. vention. . j . . Resolved, That the proceedings of. this meeting be published in the People's Press. L In pursuance of the 3d Resolution, the Chairman appointed tho following gentlemen as delegates to the State Convention : j Messrs. Adam Snow, Thos. B. Lash, Wm- Goslin, Henry Hart, Abr. Teague, Chas. E. Shober, C- L Rights, R. W. Wharton, D. H. Starbuck, Rob't Gray, James E. Matthews, Aarop Linvillc, Chas: B. Brooks, C; II. Matthews, W. P. Henly, Philip Kcrner, Henry Laah, A. H. Shepperd, Col. M Masten, and issr a socz. eirectior thus to car a rood croo of fruit tha Dzt ftcssoo. It as she deems (st lor car ova mieresi in the war between Russia and Turkey. was thought that, darior the night, all the state, every. facility of market and .travel which it may demand. Every .nidtive of State interest and State pride calls for it. - No hcre else on the habitable globe is such a fine portion of it bo entirely land locked and shut out from the rest of the .world. It is true the Central Rail Rjoad will afford it many facilities, but not enough. Casting your eye over the map of the country, and you will perceive that the In the Route, on the same day, several resolutions favorable to the Pacific Railroad were offered and laid on the table.. On Thursday, in the Senate, nothing of importance transpired. In tbe House, a resolution - for the completion of the public works for whichtppropria-tions were made at the last Congress, was laid on the table by a vote of 102 to 75.- A very large number of bills were introduced, and among them were Later News from China represents the Insurgents to be every where successful. There was some talk of a Tartar water was for a short time changed into wine, and that bread baked ca this tvs would never become monlir. Thess Fqnjth Axrlrcltsrtl Society. t&T We art glad to Kt thai the recently ceranixed Ccacty Ajriculicral RxTcxrxn raxtaocrrx Exrxrrncni. It is staled la scene c-f lit ea;rs that a powtrfal fillibea vrrisg expediUea U pre-parisf st New Orleess sraisAt Cat, sad will sail seme tlse Le.'crt lie e&Id-d!t cf February. It is isUudsd LLai notions are essentially faelih. but ss It appears that the United Statea Min fijerbhiog cooditica. ister to Spain has got into some difficul- they art all well-meant adorations f the . . , -aimplt spirit cf the people, they should 2fKt. " f not U hsstily eendemned. TbtspmlcfAgn ty at Madrid. The French Ambassador Arrirallcral isproTemcnt U. L. Banner. ; j On motion, the Chairman; was added to the number ; and the meeting ad at that place latelv rsve a ball, at which upwards of thirty for .making grants of to be in Lbs asccniaat, andwetw iunu oca Ma y carers c seems The carols were more reocrally suag . Mr. and Mrs. Soule were present, when journed.! T. WEATI1ERLY, (JA'n. in the moraine cf Chmlmas day. A the Duke of Alba, a brother-in-law of contributor to the "Gentleman's M ge MattiiIas Masten, Secretary. tbe public lands for railroad purposes. In the House, resolutions were introduced to give every head of a family in the U. S. 1C0 acres of land, on condition of occupancy and cultivation for a the Empress of France, made some dis Lope the persons who Lave put the ball j J 7"7 7, ." t i ... t ti j Lo raised laarals i a M euro at in motou,wi!l not 'weary in wU deter" T1 t,rtsaata. it UaaiJ, sre nuul the laudable object of Arrica'.ta-. trxeedief with every ert to keep the ral Societies will not only befell, Latf matter stnetly rrirau. Kach saaa is a ' nu." tn Ibll. deeenbtne tbt msnser paraging remark concerning the dress of ) Foa the Paopti's Press- ia which Christmas is celebrated ia tht ortn lUdior cf lorksure. asys Mrs. soule. Tbe remark having been overheard by a son of Mr. SouTt, he 1 ... . w. . . v. . t. -I '.. ifr.. m... rc Ul suljeetrd to lie serausy cf U4 order ci 1, Daubcrry is a little ville, Wher. beauty doth abound ; Located 'on a lovely hill, ' With mountains all around. raw window; u ranged at a vuil so ear-1 .i - .i c r... M. ! "-" mT shortest route., between the North and South is immediately along the Piedmont country. Al Hail Road is now completed from Alexandria, in Virginia, to Charlottesville, and measures have been taken to complete it to Lynchburg. -Meetings have been Jeld in various counties to petition the ucxt Legislature of Virginia for a charter to extend this roado the North iCarolinaline. Shall we not meet them and have a connection crossing Dan River either at Leaks-ville or Madi?on, and extending to the Central Road and joining with it at. . Greensboro' Lexington or Salisbury ? This is 'a project for which I solicit your 'earnest endeavors. This portion of North Oaroljua produces cotton and tobacco, and is full of lime, inn, coal and other metals. Lynchburg would send us in return for these, manufactured gxds and tobacco, and both regions be maae a " aug&i assault upon lne 1uke, which caused tha interference of Mr. Soule, the Minister, which was followed by " great excitement." Young Soule afterwards challenged the Duke, who certain period ; and for the purchase of Mt. Vernon by the Government. Mr. Mcacham gave notice of an intention to introduce a bill to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the fourth instalment of the publio money ordered to be distributed to the States by the act of June, 1830. ly snd unczpected, I arose, and looking .a to divnl tbe aeersl. o.t of the window, I. beheld sis youuj , . . J . lJ women and four men welcoming, with T cred with the U-jlUt a Urge rnseUar af the the Orleans racers Lccs Star Cataa exiles was ex- Asscclailca aai lowing : Aa adjourned tote tie g cf lie u For Ccted to be LU ia list city ca Ssndsy it. Xat, JL9 17. Masonic Creusd t4re of 31. C This body ccsvened ia Ralrieb r syth Agricultural Society was held at weet music, the blessed morn. It may scarcely be imagined how delightfully attach a moment weald fall -upon tbt Lalf-al umbering tar such strains as tht followiog : . God mljoo, merry rentlemen. 2. Although right near this small village, The roads are very poor, Yet the hills not fit for tillage, - Abound with Iron ore; 3. And the peoplo enterprising. Are nltel ting out this ore ; . While the mountains upward rising, Are yielding more and more. 4'. On the cast is seen meand'r ng, The pure and crystal Dan ; Through its mountain scenery wand'ring. To bless the eye of man. the Court House, ca Tuesday cf Court, rcrused to accept the proSersd civility. Such is the suUUnce of the story as transmitted from New York by Tele-graph. Another account sajs that Mr. Sonic interfered and removed his aoo, but the affair created much excitement. Yicxiva', Thursday evenisg. The Russians sttacked Fort St Nicholas, in ?0ih iasU Rev. JeLa Alipasth ia tbe Monday evraisg cf last wttk, eel ai- chair lateresUog adlreearrtn famlcg and joumed ca SaXardsy. The eUsaiac The Standing Committees.' The standing committees of the Senate and House of Representatives have been announced. In the Senate, the following arei the principal committees : On Foreign Relations Messrs. Mason, Douglas, Slidell, Clayton, Wellcr, Everett. ' On Finance Messrs. Hunter, Bright, tht importance of A rri cult a ral SooU, mutually benefited. Besides, the travel would bo immense, as it is decidedly th? shortest most healthy, and romantic On the west the Saura mountains. jhiKt uvvutu 2 w waeaae-evs For Jreas Christ our Saviour Was born upon this day. To save us all from Satan s power, Wben w were cooeaatray. Ob tidier of cotafjrt aad joy. For Jecoa ChrUt cwir Savooe Was born en Christmas Day. In Bethlehem io Jewry Thia blf el babe vu born. And laid upon a manrr Upon tbte Ued mora; The wfctch bis mother Mary In awful grandeur rise; , . . - i i i i , w Decked with bright and leaping fountains, Gwin, Pearce, Norris and Badger. asib, dj una ana rea, tui were repulsed five times. A Rutrian steamer, with 1,500 men onboard, was sUaoded ; 26 of tbe crew were saved by the Turks and brought to Conttantioopls as prisoners. It is stated. In soother despatch that the Turks have taken a Russian man-of-war in the Black Sea,, and that the crew had arrived at Constantinople. fwere delivered by Ralph Gcrrel, E , and the Hon. A. U. Sbeppcrd. The followiog cfLcers were sppsMated fee tht ensuiog year : ; Ilea. A. II. Snm rxx, Presideul j Rev. J. A Lara ran, i Piur Baaxow. ; PrtrtJrtL I D. II. Frannrcx, Secretary, t C. I. Baxsta, Treasarer. I A committee of nine, oo erttsioms, was On Commerce Messrs. Hamlin. And mipgling with the skies cf memberv, we Uira, waaterylarre, ret reset tali vet frcm all jarU ci tie State beiag prrstaL Baslness cf istereet to the rraisrairy was transacted, eot the least ispcrtstt cf wLieh, was the deUrmisaikra ca the pert cf tie Lodge to rests race the cca trecrica cf tbe tvew Gl? lJift detigned Io be arreted al Oxford. Tbe Tracers cf tbta Instit&uon, we learn, were aalhecued ta receive rrrpals ard make ecu tracts f.c this purpcoe emh all reaaoeable dUpatch. The cScers fir the casulzg x&asoule year are as fdlows I . C II. JerlsJSy ef Prrsca, O. M. W. P. Taylor, cf CUiLam. D. G. U. route North and South. In fact same of its friends fear the amount of travel upon it would be so great the planters could not get their produce carried off. In order 'to obviate this difficulty the people of the country should take ly of its stock, so as "to give them some control over its. affairs. V The advantages to this region would be incalculable, as -it would place it in direct communication with Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York,Boston,Charles- Dodge, Wis., Stusrt, Seward, Clay, Benjamin. On Manufactures Messrs. Wright, Allen, Fish, Butler, Dixon. On Public Lands Messrs. Dodge, of Tnwn Stn.vt -Tntinastn Ywsit TV 1 V r Notbtng did tale la scorn. Ob tidings, Ac ANOTIIER ARRIVAL. 6. The air is pure and balmy there The water very good ; j And the guests are always sure to Ehare, Both nice and wholesome food. 7. Then how charming is Banberry. How beautiful and grand. Oh 1 will not the heart grow nerryt ' That beats in such a land ! ri.r.' - ' ' " ' The Steamer Asia bss arrived. At Christmas carols art am oar the oldest sppolatrd to select the srtielce ea whkh pvemiums are to be paid, Ae, aai ta report to tha Prcsldeal by the last Sator dsyia this year. The fUlowing reatlemta ccapcee the fi, tf;i;.M A M..r KVt.M. Liverpool flour bad declined one to two Lrrn.i;.t. A collecuoa of them Weller, Fitxpatrick, Dawson, Johnson, niin.Pt bttl f?10 fj,T,r V published by Wvnkya de Words ton and the: whole south. . V J Jones, of Tenn. : vu-.., ,m viwo.- ia 11. Tney sre sua pnated oa sin- Thee T The dates from Liverpool art to tht 3d Then indeed North Carolina would gle sheets, which ate sold by chapmen On Naval Affairs Messrs. Gwin, Harpers Printing and Pcbush instant. ww w- a a Fish, Thomson, h. iNa HOUSE Committee : Thoa. JH Wilson, Jeehae Boner, A. Nicholscn, D. II. Starbuck, CVae, 11 Shober, John II. Suferd, R. A.ELalts Joseth Masten, A. J. StaScrd. in Ruins. About half past Mallory, Brodhcad, Saturday afternoon, a fire J- Bell. Tht war In ths East makes but little 2 o'clock, on a Ou Indian Affairs Messrs. Sebastian, progress, but favora tht Turks. There brokeoutin the building of Harper &Bro- there. 82 Cliff St. 'New York. occuDied Walker, Adams, Cooper, Rusk, Toombs or dealers ia cheap literature. There is sleo.more then one modern collection of thus curious productions of former agrs. . Tht religious, service ef Chrislxaas Day receives but a small share tf attention from old writers. Io fact.- the dsy waa chiefly distinguished by the pc pa bur festivities. Its grand feature was a relet Adams, Guilfocd, O.SK" J. II. Jloere, " Wsrreu, G. J. W. C W. UcUhiare, of Wake, O. Trra. Wca. T. LUia, M - G.Src'y. Mr. DcakWy, ef Va, sppasei Grand Lectartr, wiih sa asslstatl tx tit westers ard eastcra ccetkua cf tie Sute, Heralt CataT TUctirre on tbi Tlaxk. Roa. We Ltrra from E. L. WUaJew E PmkUat of tbe F. t W. rUak Road, that tho uHs actaally nertvrd not be aerra incognita; but foreigners and citizens of . the other- States could see something" of her besides her barren pine forests and she would no longer be the laughing stock of the Union. Her fertile valleys and smiling hills teeming with countless herds could be seen and appreciated as we know their merits deserve. Hitherto they have been a sealed fountain, and nought met the eyes of the traveler in the State but barrenness and desolation. were continued skirmishes along the Danube. In Asia7 the success of the Turks has been brilliant Thty had captured a first class fortress at Soucham Kale and Fort Usurgbetti. A Turkish stesmcr had captured the Russian frig- as a printing and publishing house; On Claims--Mcssrs. Brodhead, Clay, whioh, being filled with combustible Chase, Pratt, Williams, .Wade, material, was laid in ashes before any- On the District of Columbia Messrs. thin? could be done to stoD the destruct- Norris, Mason, Dawson, Bright, Pratt. Much tnlertst and teal wtre manifested ly the meeting la behalf cf the objects cf tbe Society. SO new members were aided , to the Society, and the faads ia the treasury increased to f ISO. This sum will probably be trippled by next November, ive element. 1 I On Judiciary Messrs. Butler, Tou- Toombs. aie jammer in ine jxacc cea. ana lot feast, of great abundance, and at which a few particular dishes rerolarly appear- Russian ships had captured sn Kryptisn The larsc publishinr house and bind- On Post Offices and Post Roads when it as tatea44 to bol a Ixmaty " T - steamer after a desperate firht. Tht ed. abova alb nlam-nerridre and mince. . . . ery of Geo. F. Coolidre & Brother, the Messrs. Rusk, Brodhcad, Hsmlio, Mor- will be nii Idensr the mcclhef Aerrtsber sssoeai- Allied fleets remsin st their anchorage, pie. In every great ball, whether cf a ft .li-T.L t. . i .t . .i r t m . v i . . ' . I mil ia rrraiams amcsr lac rremiems among tae ton, Adsms, Smith. The Eastern part of the State is al Walton House (of Revolutionary mem meeaoers et k i m wmwww nm anvvvAn m a r . . w - - . m - tnto of nak or of a grwt cwjortsUoti, ! ts 9 mi a ssss iu Jk tsva saavia m We le On Roads snd Canals-Messrs. Bright, readv provided with natural facilities orv.") the Franklin Square Hotel, and Slide!, Wright, Diwson, CbtM. Jonu, handed atUcking SbeUtopol. the Mftl tbtr wu a botr'i bead tubert4 ia bj will it desire to deprive us of that which W. W. Thayers store. NeV York" pa minstrelsy. It was customary for tht of Tenn. I depot ot the Itussians the Soosty. - D. U. STARBUCK, See'y. Pertocs wiah leg to become members can d so by callieg ea the 8ecre- nature has so gratuitously supplied it? pers estimate the loss of the Harper's at ed to KU IS. Ia NcvttaUr 112 the smcunt as tl,C09 bl ; aa Inmuse ot nearly V0 per eeui. Tet the trrt Lalf cf the treseat mset tbe remp4c Lste been about 11,720 ;.' vh3st tar the wboZe mselh cf tWmber. lilt. the amoaat was 2,051 tO-Try OU rich and noble to treat their hamble de On Patents Messrs. James, Evans, I Austria baa proposed a conference It is too noble and generous for such an 151,205,000, with only 25Q,000 msur pendants, and to meet with them ea Stuart, Seward, Chase, Thompson, Ky. I either at Vienna, Paris, or Loudon.- object. lance, inis maaes ineir loss nearly a Oo Territories Messrs. Docclaa, I The other rowers sre reported to be fa- , The whole liae in" North Carolina million. Six hundred persons, manyof Houston, Johnson, Bell, Jones, of lows, I vorsble, and Russia and Tnrksy art io and Viririnia would m. thro' th. mnt tbem females, are thrown out ofem terms of equality, aa consideriog that all men sre regarded alike by tbt religion of him whose natal day they were celebrating. A sort of license prevailed. A branch of mistletoe beisr hner p ia Everett vited to send delegates. fertile portions of the two States. This ployment by this calamity Oar Ccualy Court was U seaakci this week. . We Lave Lrsrd cf no ease of marb itspcrtaace detcrmlnel by the Court The fire originated in a room where TLe rrreuae eu'.ur ItasaZtoa eras Lot bear CLarkstoo, P,C,cu Friiay the S-tb inst. She was drisea aibare ca Fj Ikvakfrs Ly a storm. TU crtei u camphene waa used to wash! the inking The Sultan has declined to receive further treasure from tbe Uleass, being unwilling to mskt it a religious wsr. In the Bouse, the principal committees are thus constituted : Ways and Meana Messrs. Houston, of itself would give it an . importance and advantage which no other Road in the States possesses. : Lynchburg now rollers, and was caused by a boy drop the hall or over the doorway, the youths were understood to havt a right to k'as ping a lighted lamp in that room. The j II Ui IILVIKU Limm U IIIIUV. UUCO I K. . . . uses coal brought from Pennsylvania. g6TTbt yrceeediars cf tefTeae are jtessfAed U escape to la&l ia Lau, but not iatcresuag. FeeCce-j Loals we rapalxvd .aad C were- Will nof North Carolina prefer to send spread of the flames was so rapid that Jones of Tennessee, Hibbard, Stephens of Georris, Phelps, Apple ton, Brcckin-ridce, llaren and Rob bin a. several girls had to jump from the win upon betwsen Eogland. France, bpam, . - l . ,. 1 as yet very ALIQUIS. ber a supply ? Lead IcTjtlu dows to effect their escape. and Sardinia. a It was also eustomsry to elect a pn. Pww r ra- rresaWal t vediagt Elections Messrs. Stanton of Ken- Itisalso reported that a revolution ,MM" cfWurale, who weal about 1 meet topetixnt raaaisj cemmatces. Counterfeit Threes.-J We have uckJ Gsmble, Ewing, Seward, Matte- scamsa. MTessrs. Blum & Son has brokca out in rortortl in favor cf I lBe Try kind cf extra va- real sport and merritneal which tht vit : " Uentieroen : l see m I Don Miguel. tQT It arrears that the sneer has Is cf Sallebury Lave aa Idea cf cbasg-'ag the MARKETS been shown a counterfeit Three Dollar ton, Stratton, Dickinson, Bliss . and bill, purporting' to be issued from' the Clarke. Merchant's Bank of Newborn, tht gen- Claimii Messrs. Edgertoo, Letcher, eral appearance of which ia better calcn- Giddings, Curtis, Mace, Miller of Mis- i . i . .1 . ! . . - : i c t j J T of msa could devise. several papers of our State that the 2lst of February next, is fixed upon for the i rouu cf sh'rnsg their g-xis frca tbe The London Weekly Frees says it Las 1 the best authority for statinr that the Cnaimixe Ccrroxs i .Voxwat. Whir State Convention to assemble to FaTrrriTTiJLi, tWe 15. Baa. fla eh Tm. fill a 173, iiaiea to aeeeive man most counieneua. vumu, jtcauy tan iwjba NcrtLera cjiitf, by sy tf Portsmwth, At Chris Uania, and ia other Norwt- select a candidate for Governor. . In Commerce Messrs. Fuller, Willson, I Court of u Petersburgh bsd addressed The bill is a new one. ' On tbe words Cera f 0 aCO; WVeat SO s S 1.1 . Lard 10 giaa towns, there is a delicate Ued ci bygtoa al Fs jet- boking over the various prominent gen- Merchant's Bank in large letters Wentworth of Mass., Aiken,' Hsrlan, a brief and conclusive note to tbe Govern me ate of England snd France, announcing that no further nerotiations tlemen of the btate, 1 know of no one across the middle of the bill, the body I Morrison, Dunbar and Eddy. who would -do more credit to the Whig 0r face of the letters in the Spurious bill - Public Lands Meiirs. Disney, Cobb, alltEalU taea,2.COaOCQi Apfit Brandy, 45 a 10 1 Wb.aley.JC a4, Ta;w 10 -llj WocI a. way cf Cenng to a Isdy a brooch, er a rule, aa berttefxe. i pair of asr-ringa, la a truss of hay. The r bouse door as the person complimented Tax Baxxcrr-BoXj -ibis b the dU is poshed cpea, and there is thrown cf a shet, the alxe tf lbs Gmcbctccjh bto tht Louse a truss cfhsy or siraw. a Kfi ,V:.V.t .J n t with rerard to the Eastern affairs will Jcaa s-j aao tuv.ii vuuuiuu sueau MvvijCv I &X0 WlllvC Z 11119 ID lOO ITQuUluO lUcT I -eiaaJ vsj asu( eVA IXel t,crB OVC - as ' - - - - Davis, of New, nanover. In the language re shaded. On the renniut bills you vens of Michigan, Caru there and War- be listened to. Ruaita having definite of a correspondent of the last Raleirb nowhere find the innitiala5 N. C. nor wn. ly determined to settle tht question by war. . sheaf cf com. or bar cf chaX. Ia acme I. 7 . . .. Register, "he'is known as a gentleman I "what is a s trance omission) anv men-1 Pol Office Messrs. Olds. Powell. :g- nass .v m AEPJYALS AT lEYELrS E3TEL JVr tie wwri fj'nf XWmLrr It JmT VfiVfmmw, KCj A t-iv. tte. tj J--k- r tw ,rs-w. - oi nne uiems ana attainments 01 me tion or th name ot tha State where tha npnam, wonti ox xew xorr. liams 01 part there TSe London Times refcrriog to the ttstIA uIkbm at tha Tnrka fmn Iva. rtMMt in K t sxrx wtid per www. highest character ; he is eloquent and bank is situated ; but on the spurious I Mississippi, Urey, Packer, Norton, and bunted for. A friend cf mint received Tht ebjoel cf the tull'icatioa 1 abot&ecj 3IcDougslo i lafat to Krsjora, and their rreat activity argumentative before the people." If bill: just after the word f Newborn and before the date, the letters " N.C." Judiciary Messrs. Stanton, cf Tenn. alonr tht whole lint of tht Danube, ssys cf intempexxnes) by legal prchlU'ico cf we iook io sectional prejudices, iur. from ber betrothed, accovdieg to this Christmas cujtota,' an axcecdicrly larre occur. Owior to the white face of the Caskit, Meacham, Seymour, Parker, it is evideat the Wsllachian eampelru is vis is the man-. All the Whig nomina tht Lqusr trade. Ocmtiled Ly Rev. browa paper parcel, which ca leior DAB Wmx. tions, since that of Gov. Dudly, have large letters in Werchaht'a Hank," rig, ox x-ennsyivania, iverr, (Jutting only jaat beginning. CLarbsa F. Dacs, and paUobed ly J. t-ini a. r u-. ope a ed revealed a secood parel with a been from tPmiddle and Western seo- ensuu a'a aii above noticed the general appearance of IWW-w-. 11 TV r . . L Estate. Hector loving motto oa tht cover. And to on Military - Affairs Messrs.- te, and 1 think it nothing tion of the bta P. Dlsecsreay. - 4 the counterfeits is lighter than the gen- f-. J II Vm an Eastern gentleman uine bills. Greensborit Patriot. but fair that IV Hrm reL U W X"t esu The conmaatcaxxei ct west Busell, Faulkner, Howt, Smith of Ala. J0010 " u ija " 00 01 F1 w,lB,a Frct, Uhm mot. Banks, McDougal, Etheridgt and Van- lhi Leirl cf tkt Jetainp estate b Eng. u, till the kernel of this paper Lark sant. s lend, estimated at from fifty to seventy- which waa at length discovered to be a Naval Affairs Messrs. Bocock Me- Sre millions cf dollsrs. Mr. J. B. Ba- delicate piece of miaate jewilry was Longevity in the should try bi Land in the -approaching campaign. ' With me (a Western man) I care not where the candidate is from, ern" spcearf la ocr cdsmee as essboJy Nivy. There said, a captain is not at present it is ior the views cf cue cf the xaoal reoaw whether he be from the East, Westor Donald Chase, Ashe, Florence. ZolU- r00' cf Tu eoalV . bM J01 arrived at. in tne u. a. ixavy who was bora in this century. The average age of officers of this rank it about. 70 veara. ieeat WLip ia ibis Ptstrkt. TLere-fjre we insert it. CommsaicaUaae cf middle portion of the State, but with coffer, Skelson, Colquitt aad Sellers. "turned from Lonaon, jna autre i&at Qot ef the prettiest cf Christmas - some of the Whigs it is a matter of some all r. mM Rnninn am ajxiai 4A aaai ssaUB VS tilll I t a. il m - - . m ublic Uuildin rs snd G round s-M ssara. K.-mt-m.. ;h H Oip. tWti-i-iSf.. f r D S pry if E-'ii m U 8 C r"-Ttt Jk W AtW. E O ttmj. iTta,TAU r II tmn. Ta rwa.Vs tt. IkTC two,, y i kr l C Aei. BDo-fcf Aw.ioa. Atvr-t' CUi it W -t-. K a UtS-rts, V 1 !, rsuWW. 1UH, t t- a ewe-, ic. ur Heavy Damages. A libel suit baa consideration. Therefore, if the East furnishes tbe candidate this time all par- Craige, Belcher, Taylor of Ohio, Keitt and Chamberlain. r ' .T" I :r, ,M ilaj. rmirt been tried in New York.-tFry the On- The Supreme Court of the ' United 1 Christmas manner, every rsble. rxt. I DcmocraU, i aee 1 w tics oueht to be satisfied: and I think era manager against James Gordon Ben- i Slates commenced its Term on 3!ondsy luay, or barndoor, is decorated wiih at doe aUeutwo. smw vtu w-w. 4. I " t J?orsign Afiairs--Messrs. Bayly of . o J J v. .A . . ... 1 I nett. rAiitnr nf I ra 'TT i-Binin m I Vim!!. TT.:. .e 11. . ri .r -r I . . . m ... . Mr, Davis can run through triumphant 1 M.. . n mivu m i iiuuiai uuiii ui ail. t .nannur in.iiaaf 'vrt linr nui l n it rm a mnp-w inn mru ui corn n T .l rtt I urn (m nr. I . j j 'a !... ... i , . ziz zr - ; : r r wr r v . ly. Tours truly, ; WESTERN ei a nAn "uu"rfu agaiM inuew xor gerson, iesn, tjimgman, .Shannon, Judges McLean, lYsvae, Catron, el- pole, wtrrefrom it U intended that tae The Lerdxre ef Tmaont bas aocm-f lU,UUti. i Frtiton and Perkins. . ,n. Orier, Curtis and Campbell. 1 birds shall makt their Christmas dinner. 1 ed witboai eUctiag a Scaaiar.

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