Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 11, 1964 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1964
Page 9
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Local Notes Rtp«al Ordinane* No. 12291 Vote yes. Voter's Committee against Compulsory Bubbisb Collection. Taehemttcr Stolen Dan Womack III, 715 Esther way, reported tiie tlieft of a tachometer valued at $35 from his car while parked at 1333| Highland avenue sometime Thursday night, according to police. Style Beauty Salon needs hair stylist. Apply in per son. 418 E. State, 792-4877. Tr»$h Fire A 150 foot strip of brush and trash burned yesterday at 5:28 p.m. along a road in S m i 1 e Heights before being extm guished by firemen. Juveniles playing with matches were believed responsible according to the fire department. Ell's Sheet Metal Moving New locaUon, 409 N. 5th St, 792-1849. Red Cress Board The regular monthly lunch eon meeting of the Redlands Red Cross board will be held Monday noon at the Chapter house. One of the major items %vill be a discussion of the March fund campaign. Ifs Now Official! Buick won 3 out of 4 classes in-Mobil Gas economy run, Los Angeles to New York. Buick V-6, 25.29 MPG; Buick Special V-8, 23.74 MPG; Buick LeSabre, 21.3G MPG. Here is proof positive that Buick's engines and Buick- pioneered transmissions have what it takes to lead the field in operating economy. Get a '64 Buick todayl Bert S. Hatfield Buick, between 7th and 8th on Redlands Blvd. 793-3238. x N»w Loma Linda Dean Dr. Robert E. Cleveland of South Lancaster, Masachusetts, has been named to become Vice President for Academic Affairs at Loma Linda University effective July 1. Dr. Cleveland is presently academic dean at Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster. He will succeed Dr. Kcid J. Reynolds, 67, whose decision to retire at the end ofj the current school year com pletes a career in teaching and education administration that began in 1919. 1955 Chevy Bel-Air 2 door hardtop. Nice, clean. 793-1406. a Echo 2 Tonight At 8:28 p.m. today Echo 5 will be east of Redlands, 74 de rees above the horizon. At 10:19 p.m. it will be west of the city, 18 degrees above the horizon. Simday evening at 8:03 it will . be east, 56 degrees^ above the horizon. At 9:53 p.rii. it will he west, 25 degrees. The balloon will be moving southeasterly on all passes. Shaw af Valley Forom Bettina Shaw returns to t h e San Bernardino Valley College forum-lecture series Thursday at 7:40 p.m. when she will present her latest color film, "Athens and the Aegean Islands: Effect on European and Western culture." The program, which is free to the public, will be held in the College auditorium. Setback decision facing Planning Commission A determination that may affect long-range planning for revitalizing the downtown commercial district will have to be made by the city Planmng Commission Tuesday. The problem the Commission must resolve next week concerns the setbacks for future buildings to be constructed on property bounded by Citrus avenue. Orange street. Vine street and Fifth street. United States National Bank owns the property, and plans to develop it. Before bank officials go ahead with their plans, they want to know where the buildings must go. City planners must decide how the property should be de veloped. Their decision is shadowed by the Victor Gruen 701 Study which proposed drastic changes in the downtown area. As one commissioner said recently: "We're being asked today, to provide answers to fit the as yet unfinished 701 Study." The U.S. Nafional Bank building setback problem was raised earlier, but the dertennination was postponed until after Victor Gruen "progress report" on March 31. Other matters to come before the Planning Commission on Tuesday are: —A public hearing to consider a request for a zone change from agricultural to residential uses for nme acres in the northwest comer of Pine avenue and Tennessee street The request was submittd by R. C. Andrews, Jr., of Santa Fe Springs. The Commission wilt also take action on a 26-Iot subdivi- sioa for apartment type development on the Andrews property. —Submission of a tentative track proposmg 19 lots on the north side of Highland avenue, south of La Paloma street. The developer is Cranford Development Co. of Orange. —Public hearing to consider a request for a conditional use permit in a light industrial district to allow construction of a sales office and used car lot on property on the north side of Colton avenue, 150 feet cast of Alabama street. Bequest submitted by Franklin D. Barnes. —Submission of a tentative subdivision map for 49-lots on the northeast comer of High land avenue and Ford street. Submitted by Andover Development Corporation of Santa Fe Springs. —Request by Marvin L. Poe to split property on the east side of Church street, 150 feet south of Hartzell avenue. —Request by Frank B. IVIiller to split property located on the southwest comer of Pacific street and Ridge street. —Hicks-Badraun, Inc., re quests approval of site plans and elevations for a proposed Shell Service station to be con structed in the shopping center now being developed on the southeast comer of Lugonia avenue and Church street. Hicks-Badraun is also seeking variance to permit a reduc- fion from 25 feet to 15 feet for a setback required for a three foot high block wall at the shop ping center. 7964 Grand Jury intends to keep people informed "The 1964 Grand Jury intends to keep the people of San Ber nardino County well informed of its activities," Foreman Jack Cooper of Redlands declared today. Since being impaneled In mid February the Grand Jury has held three regular meetings and one special meeting. During this time, committees have been appointed, chairmen have organ ized their committees and arc now in the process of planning their investigations. After thorough consideration by the auditing committee, the Grand Jury has engaged Alexander Grant and company, a national firm of Certified Public Accountants. Tliis firm will assist them in their investigation of the operation of San Bernardino County Govemment. Foreman Cooper emphasized that the accountants were not to perform a financial audit. duplicating that performed by the County Auditor. Instead, they will be asked to invest! gate management and financial problems in any department in which the Grand Jury deems necessary. This invesUgatlon is a depar ture from the procedure followed by past Grand Juries which had audits made jointly with the Board of Supervisors in the fall of the year. By hir ing the auditors early in the year their findings will be made available in time for the Grand Jury to make appropri- a t e recommendations, Mr Cooper stated. On March 18th and 19th the Grand Jury made a tour of the County with the Board of Supervisors. This inspection was for the purpose of familiarizing members of the Grand Jury with the facilities and functions of County Government. The tour went from Ontario to Needles, stopping at librar-, ies, justice courts, welfare departments and sheriff substations. Stops were also made at the correction detention home for young boys at Verdemont and Glen Helen which is part of the sheriffs department. Rev. George W. Haskell moved to another county and was replaced as a member of the Grand Jury by Walter Sanders of San Bernardino. Robert Cooley resigned and was replaced by Mrs. Peggy Barnes of Redlands. During the month of March the Grand Jury brought in twoi indictments and presented them to the Superior Court. Judge John P. Knauf is the 1946 presiding judge of Superior Court and has been advising and working with the Grand Jury. New pictorial brochure on Redlands Copf. Nietsch receives Commendation medal MCCHORD AFB, Wash. — Captain William L. Nietsch, son of C. H. Nietsch of 1556 Kevin A colorful pictorial guide of avenue, Redlands, Calif., has "The Homes of Redlands" is been decorated with the United now available at tlie Chamber states Air Force Commendation of Commerce. Medal here. Prospective home buyers will Captain Nietsch, an Air Force find the brochure of great bene- weapons controller, received fit in making a quick survey of the award for lus part in help- the homes now being sold in ing the North American Air Dethe Redlands real estate mar- fense Command's Seattle ket. Sector win the 1963 WilUam Information on the city's his- Tell Fighter Weapons Meet at tory, government, city services, Tyndall AFB, Fla. economy, public utilities, trans- The captain's team durccted portation, population, parks and McChord-based F-106 fighters to recreation, churches and schools target areas with greater ac- is listed curacy than any other team Homes" and apartments now Sh '^^'thnc. 41.^ ™ Captain Nietsch, whose ^ " l^'iT^f mother is Mrs. Helen Hill of vln^lf f; "th street. Phoenix. Ariz., t?v?TH n;'h,^^ ' attended the University of text and pictures . Maryland, CoUege Parkf His The map also shows the resi- ^.jje, Betty, is the daughter of denlial subdivisions in relation jjrs Charles Mumford of 813 to civic buildings and schools. Wlldflower time fast approaching S. Fifth street. East Grand Forks, Minn. Captain Nietsch was commis- Redlands Daily Facts Saturday. Apr. 11, 1964-9 CAPT. WM. L. NIETSCH sioned upon completion of Officer Candidate School in 1956. First Chinese Methodist bishop dies NEW YORK (UPI) — The death of Bishop Chih-Pang Wang, 85, first Chinese to be elected a Methodist bishop, was announced Friday by the Methodist Board of Missions. Bishop Chih-Pang died at Kentsin in Red China at an undisclosed date, the board said. It's HARTZELL For City Council BECAUSE: ir Ht is EXPERIENCED in Local Cevemment i( Ha Believes THE PUBLIC Should Ba Kept Informed On All City Problems. •k He Wants to Do Hit Share to Preserve the BEAUTY and CULTURE of Redlands. it He is For More ECONOMY In Govemment. •k Ha Wants DESIREABLE INDUSTRY — To Lessen the Hbmeowmers Tax load. it H« Believes in the REVITALIZATION of DOWNTOWN REDLANDS. WILLIAM T. HARTZELL Incumbent 113 drown in Persian Gulf ship disaster TEHRAN, Iran (UPI)— One hundred thirteen persons were reported drowned Friday night when fire broke out aboard a motor ship in the Persian Gulf, the evening paper Ettelaat said today. The boat was carrying 120 persons from the Persian Gulf port of Khorrmashahr to Ku wait, wliich officials said they hoped to enter illegally. The fire broke out when the vessel was near the island of Salboukh. An Iranian naval vessel rescued only seven of the boat's passengers. Served them right INDIAN.\POLIS, Ind. (UPI)The U.S. Secret Service had bad news for the thief who looted its office here. That money was counterfeit. Weather March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March IS . March IS . March 17 . March 18 . March 19 . March 20 . March 21 . March 22 . March 23 . March 2-1 . March 25 . March 26 . March 27 . March 28 84 March 29 87 March 30 82 March 31 April 1 _ April 2_ April 3 _ April 4 _ April S _ April 6 _ April 7 _ April S _ April 9 _ April 10 _ April 11 _ 70 51 64 76 77 73 62 83 73 78 63 52 47 53 Si 70 salnfau Temp. 24 Sca- Houra too . 58 . 60 . 59 . 67 . 6S . 58 . 63 . 76 . 82 . 85 . 84 38 4S 4S 38 41 54 57 46 45 AZ 40 40 42 SB .14 33 41 44 51 47 45 50 42 38 40 48 40 33 45 48 47 43 Tr. .12 .01 .81 .61 .19 S.0O S.81 10.42 10.61 .45 .02 11.06 11.08 Permits for four pools Building permits authorizing the constmction of four private swimming pools were issued this week by the office of city Building Superintendent Raymond Phelps. The pool construction projects are as foUows: 626 Los Altos drive, owner J JI. Gorman, builder Barton Prestige Pools, 18 by 35 feet, permit value ^,800. 1-J20 Cameo drive, owner Al frcd G. Nelson, builder Anthony Pools, 17 by 36 feet, permit value 52,500. 1421 Cameo drive, owner Fred F. Fitzgerald, builder Anthony Pools, 20 by 35 feet, permit value $2,500. 385 Los Robles Crest, owner M. B. DeNicolai, builder Master Pools by Jim Hendricks, 16 by 35 feet, permit value $2,900. Safe sticks, bank borrows from neighbor BRACKNELL, England (UPI) —Customers waitmg to draw money at the Midland Bank here Friday were told by offlc ials, "we cannot get the safe open." .After a hasty conference, a cashier slipped across the street to Barclay's Bank for loan. The trouble — "a little bother with the combination lock" — was sorted out later, according to a Midland official. Austrians to aid U.N. force MENNA (UPI) — Thirty-one Austrian policemMi will fly to Nicosia on Tuesday to jom the Umted Nations force on Cyprus, spokesman for the Interior ZI Ministry here said Friday. OPolitieal Advertiseaitnt) Vote April 14 CHARLES fChuckl DeMIRJYN for COUNCILMAN I WANT TO REPRESENT YOU ON THE REDUNDS CITY COUNCIL AND I NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Japanese civilian at Norton Takso Sato, first ci\-ilian em ploye of the Japanese Defense Agency to be sent to the United States for study, arrived at Norton last week for an indefinite stay at the San Bernardino Air Materiel .4rea (SBAMA). Sato is the equivalent of a GS 15 and works in planning of new supply systems with the Equip ment Bureau, a Department of Defense level position. He particularly interested in proce dure.'! of consolidating supply functions of the govemment. He has been with the Japanese govemment since lus graduation from the Tokyo University of Commerce 10 years ago. Sato will be given a complete orientation of supply work m various asignments here. Inasmuch as he is in the United States for 78 weeks, it is expected that he will visit other supply agencies in this country. He was interested in studying the Air Materiel Area level of supply operations of the Ai Force first, which accounts for his initial assignment to Norton. Ruby to be in court Monday DALLAS (UPI)-Condemned slayer Jack Ruby will make his first appearance in public Mon day since his trial when he is scheduled to go into court again while defense motions are being considered. Ruby has been in solitary confinement, except for visitors, since he was conricted March 14 by a Dallas jury for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy's accused assasin. His appearance Monday wiD be at a brief hearing before District Judge Joe B. Brown to consider motions for a new trial and a transcription of testimony at the ori^nal triaL WILUAM G. MOORE. Publisher. FRANK E. MOOSE. Editor. Publlahed every evening {except Sunday) at Facts building. 700 Brookside at Center. Redlands. CalUomla. Founded October 23. 1890, 74tb year. Entered as second class matter October 23. 1890, it the Pott Office at Redlands, CalUomia, nnder act of Slarch 3. 1878. SUBSCRIPTION RATS (In Advance) Br Carrier DeUvery One MoDlk _» 1J», Three Months 4.M Sli MnlhM »-S» Ona Year If At One Month One Tear _ By Mall _ 1»J« Two Injured in Sunset Drive auto accident For those who like to see des- xwo people received minor inert wildflowers m their glory, . . ... t. .w • the time is approaching, or perl ^« ^''^ when t h e. r haps is here. automobile skidded 90 feet and The John Dunn family, 670 E. then overturned on Sunset drive Palm, made a tiip to the high near Ridge stireet, according to desert country earUer this weds ^ poUce report. e^' Jel^^? ' Curtis B. Jenkins, 3429 Florida At this time, however, most street, Riverside was eastbound of the flowers will not be found on Sunset drive at 1:30 a.m. to- before reaching the 29 Palms-^.^^ he saw another auto Joshua Tree area, the D u n n s \. ^ .^,jf westbound in the wrong lane po- Frora 29 Palms, one of the best sights is on the road to the Jenkins applied the brakes marine base. and skidded straight ahead. His "The desert along this road is auto overturned when it hit the carpeted with verbena, desert shoulder of the roadway near dandelion, primrose and even Ridge street, some yeUow primrose. . . the jcnkins received hand injur- pnmrose and verbena are so jej. His passenger Nicole A n n sohd it's difficult to walk with- Jenkins suffered head and legi out stepping on them, accord-injuries. They were taken to ?u F^^: ,., . Redlands Community Hospital. In the "white tank" area of The oUier vehicle proceeded on Joshua Tree, she said the pre- to the west without stopping, ac- dominate flowers are bluebell, wording to police. ceceUa and some apricot mal- ^ low. Some wildflowers are visible •• ii before reaching 29 Palms but vOlflllllllCC these include only a few verbena and coreopsis — the real color comes only on the high desert at this time, she said. King Hussein to visit Washington endorses billboard bill SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The ^issembly Ways and Means Com mittee unanimously endorsed legislation to prohibit most billboards within 800 feet of any WASHINGTON (UPI) - King f ^"'"^^ ^'^hway Thurs dav for discussions with Presi- '""'"^ ^-^ dent Johnson and members of ^? ^""l .testified his catoeL agamst the measure hut several ^ , , ,., . . smaller companies were repre- The Arab monarch s stay m jented by Gordon Garland of Uie the capital wiU be part of a 16- CaUfomia CouncU of Outdoor day visit to the Umted States. Advertising Uie Stale Department said Fri- cariand said tiie bill "regu- day. Hussem will also visit the jates the little men clear out New York World's Fair, the o£ business" Kennedy Space Center in Flor- caHand also said a S7.5 mil- ida and a Texas ranch before uon billboard mdustry payroD leaving Uie Umted States April ^.puij destroyed. 29- Billboards offering irforma- $260,000 award for operation LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A Su- tion deemed necessary for motorists and those located on premises of advertisers would I be among exceptions to the regulations. Advertisers would have five years to remove their nprii^r ^l ,Tr,^ U'.r.i'lC.-rj P'-«sent billboards after the rt °[w ?dTcto ^a ^f mS le^lation went into efiect group must pay the widow of a salesman $260,000 in connection with the death of her husband. Harold Leo Samll. 37, died at Huntington Park Hospital Oct 10, 1960 following an operation to remove a lump on his neck. His widow Marien, 44, Los Angeles and her 15 • year • old son, Steven, charged two doctors named in the suit were Bids opened for American Bank building Four bids ranging firom $78,500 to $83,700 were opened by Harold Winn yesterday afternoon for the construction of a n e w building at 30 Vf. Colton avenue to house the American National Bank and a retail tenant. The bids — all submitted by local contractors on a closed select list — are now being studied and the contract is expected to be awarded early next week, Mr. Winn said. The four bidders were L. P. Scherer, Forsberg and Gregory, Swen Larson and Donald and McKee. Plans and specifications for the buildings were prepared by Cambell and Miller, engineers. The contract will require the succesful bidder to have work under way within 10 days after the contract is signed. Thus, Mr. Winn expects that work will be started before May 1 and the building be ready for occupancy by September. Schools to resume Monday as vacation ends Redlands school kids can say a fond farewell to vacation time until next June. School resumes bright and early Monday morning after the week-long spring vacation. And there'll be no more vacations for either students or. teachers until the end of t h e school year. Monday marks the first day of the fourth quarter of the school year. It'll be the longest quarter, too — a total of 48 actual classroom days — four more than the first quarter. That there will be no further holiday break of any kind results from the fact that Memorial Day falls on Saturday this year. For students, the last day of school this year will be Thursday, June 18. Teachers will be around one more day to the 191h. Students enrolling in secondary summer school will have a very brief summer vacation since their classes start on June 22. Elementary summer school students will have a few days more to relax — to July 1. 14 Redlands students named State Scholars Girl ignores pleas, jumps into net NEW YORK (UPI)-A teenaged girl, ignoring the pleas of priests and policemen, jumped from the roof of a six-story Salvation Army building Friday but was saved from death by police net. Onalee Fuller, 16, who is ward of Lt. CHiarles West of tiie Salvation Army, was fsken to, Harlem Hospital after the leap. She was treated for shock and hysteria. About 3,000 persons gathered before the 16-year-old girl jumped from the East Harlem huildmg. Lt. West was araon„ those who pleaded with her not to jump. Officials said the girl had come to New York several months ago from Ithaca, N.Y. Murder for hire middleman gets life sentence DULUTH, Minn. (UPI)-Nor- Dr. Max First and Dr. Joseph I ""an Mastrian, convicted as Dobkin. Word misread, baby dies middle man in the "murder for hire" slaying of St. Paul, Minn., heiress Carol Thompson was sentenced to life imprisonment Friday night. Slastrian, 40, was found guilty of first degree murder CHADESDEN, Eng. (UPI) earlier Friday by a jury of —One word misread by a father seven men and four women caused the death of his month- and District Judge Donald C. old baby son. Odden's sentence was manda- A coroner's inquest was told tory. Friday that Dennis Taylor was Mastirian was the second of advised by a child welfare clin- three persons to be tried for to buy sodium citrate Ub- the March 6, 1963, slaying of lets to settle the baby's stom- Mrs. Thompson, 34, mother of acb. four children and the lone But at a drugstore, Taylor daughter of a wealthy St Paul misread the name and asked plumbing contractor. She was Vital Records BIRTHS CONN — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Conn, 408 Robmhood lane, April U, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. DERNE — Bom, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Deme, 514 Lime street April U, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital for "sodium chlorate" tablets fatally beaten and stabbed in instead and the baby died. ber St Paul home. The coroner ruled the death Her husband, T. Eugene accidentaL Thompson, 36, a St Paul attorney, was given a life term in Biwah,»A <hM« P"^"* December after con- Keceivea snorr ena ^^^Q^J^ planning Uie slaying LONDON (UPI) — A driver ^ ^ went into a "bargain shop" surance and resume an affair Friday and came out to find ? pretty nusfress. his truck containing $560 worth , ^"^ ^: Anderson, 36, a cigarettes had been stolen, ^^w^y dnnking MinneapoUs salesman, is slated to stand TREASURE HOUSE . trial next. He has admitted he Your unused furniture or ap. killed Mrs. Thompson under a pliances will find a ready mar- $3,000 "contract" from Mastri- ket through Classified Ads. an. EASfflAH DnioN, UNION SECURITIES t Co. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE NEW YORK SOSTON PHIUDElPHlA CHICAGO Di»l Optrater (Tell-frM) for Zenith 7-SSOO STUART E. POWER, Manager, RIVERSIDE PLAZA Loi Antelcs - San Francisca 4nnoifflcement of Funeral Services LEIGH W.OWENS Services 11:00 a.m., Saturday, at the F. Arthur Cortner ChapeL MAXIE BASKIN Body forwarded to Colion, Calif., for funeral services. EDWIN EUGENE CORWIN J Services 2:00 p.m., Monday, at Uie F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. f.juraiu CORTNER 221 BR00KSn )EML*Pir2-I4I1 Fourteen Redlands high school students have been named State Scholars for the academic year 1964-65, it was announced today. In addition, two Redlands residents who attend St. Bernardine's high school have been selected along with a UR student from Mentone and one student from Yucaipa high school. The State Scholars have been selected from approximately 20,000 applicants and all those selected this year are within the highest three per cent of college aptitude, according to Arthur S. Marmaduke, executive director of the State Scholarship commission of which Dr. Robert L. Morlan of Redlands is secretary. State Scholarships arc available to a maximum of $1,500 but in DO event in excess of tuition and fees at the college or university selected by the award winner. Redlands winners are Timothy J. Alexander, 809 Banyan drive; Larry R. Cross, 1545 Stillman; Anna L. Gmbel, 317 Mulvihill; Daniel G. MacDon- aid, 1458 Cameo; Vincent M. PafeUa, 1020 Fulbright; Julie K. Phelps, 421 West Fem; Alfred C. Polchow, 423 Sherwood; LoweU A. Ponte, 511 Terracina. Clifford K. Potter. 1010 Pacific; Robert L. Reiter, 526 Alvarado; Bob W. Tread way. 510 Alvarado; Alice E. Van Straten, 125 Prospect drive; Linda Kay Wilson, 727 E. C>-press avenue, and Benny L. Bellah, 7633 Griffith. Highland. The St. Beraardine students are Stephana P. Roth, 304 Norwood street and Patricia A. Thomas, 332 Michigan. The Yucaipa student is Karen L. Larsen, 34409 Ave. E. From Mentone and listed as student at the University of Redlands is Tero' S. Barak, 2044 Anzio. ilnnouncemenf of Services REYNOLDS, Mrs. Lydia 10:30 a.m. Monday Yucaipa (3iapel TOLSTEDT, Mrs. Lucy M. 1:00 p.m. Monday Redlands Chapel MOSS, Mrs. Beatrice 10:00 a.m. Tuesday Yucaipa Chapel LEE, Harry L. Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel CHAMBERS, Mrs.'Ada C. Services Pending Redlands Chapel DAVIS, SterUng Services Pending Redlands Chapel Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 703 BROOKSIDE AVE. 7M-244'

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