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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio • Page 2

East Liverpool, Ohio
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PAGE TWO EAST LIVERPOOL REVIEW MONDAY, MAY 3, 1943. Nazi Barbarism Condemned! By Pastor At Temple Service A special service of prayer and intercession was held Sunday night at the B'nai Israel temple at which churrh leaders of the city condemned the extermination of 2 million European Jews and appealed for tho govern mewt to take action to rescue as many as possible of those still In Nazi dominated Europe. Rev. Clyde H. Canfield.

pastor of the United Presbyterian church, spoke In behalf of the East a Notes About RAYON JERSEY ia us fii Sunday In The Churches CHURCH GREETS EX PASTOR IN 2 SERVICES HERE mmmmmm i nmiammii Jlazarenes Hear Reports Of i Year's Work; Quarterly Meetings Planned' Enroute to the annual moMng Jit the Kftntan synod, Rev. F. Ep Rlnart, DD of Philadelphia, secretary of promotion of the United Lutheran church stopped in Eaat Liverpool and jfionducted. both mornin and night Bervlcen Sunday In St John'i Lutheran, his former charge. Largo audiences, including some from other churche of the city, both cervices and following each be waa greeted by bis eumerons friend and ones associates.

He eerved for eight yeara. It was hi first, appearance in 4b church ainca the death almost three months ago of bis father, Dr. John Jteinarts, who for 44 con tlnuoas year was pator of the rongTegation. Rwt. Reinarti'a night theme was "Spiritual Reeoirrces." Oldest Member Present 'i In attendance was the congregation' oldest member, Mrs.

Elizabeth. Affner, now past 94, wbo Is a link back to the congregation wten Dr. Relnartx began hi long pastorate in 1886. Rev. Rein arts was presented by Rev.

John P. KindavatUwr. Asnounoement was made of the spring convention of the Brotherhoods of the Ohio Reaver valleys in the Trinity Lutheran church, of New Brighton Friday night. A number will attend from 8t. John's Brotherhood.

Smphastsing Joy of Eaeter tide to all Christians Dr. Rein arts spoke on the ecriptural aver MW Have Seen the Lord. Ha said: "In the early daya of the Church it was customary for Christian to greet each other "upon meeting with the declaration. The Lord i to which there was the quirk response. He la risen, indeed.

How the congregation has en Joyed a prosperous year was repealed in reports by the pastor and treasurer at the service of the First Church of the Nasarene yesterday morning. A plea was made and loyalty" by Rev. II. Dale Mitchell, the pastor. The treasurer's report indicated a surplus lund in the treasury ttith disbursements by the congregation Of 117,378.01.

To this was added sums paid by the Sunday school, Young People's society and two millenary societies plus other benevolences that swelled the total expenditures to $22.814 65. Of this aum $2,134.67 went for missions. Following a prayer of thanksgiving. Rev. Mitchell spoke on "Proving the Promises." he quoted from the Scriptures.

There was in atendance at the Sunday school a total of 505 persons. At night Rev. Mitchell spoke on "iDnocent Announcement was made of the appearance ntxt Sunday morning of Mrs. J. B.

Chapman, who with her husband. Dr. Chapman, have been missionaries in Africa. Both will attend the annual general assembly of the Akron district in Youngs town, May 11.12. To see one's self as he really is a slnnner by discovering God as the eupreme figure of the universe Is the firpt requirement of a Christian.

maintained Rey. Charles W. Newland, pastor of the First Free Methodist church, yesterday morning. He based his sermon on the vision of Isaiah when, In the Jerusalem temple, be "beheld the Lord upon His throne. His theme wae "Heart perfection." Campmeeting Set It was announced that the next quarterly meeting of the congregation will be held Sunday, May 23.

when Rev. J. S. Mitchell, the district superintendent, will attend. Plans are beginning to take form for the forthcoming annual camp meeting of Rochester district Free Methodists In the EaM Liverpool campmeeting grounds on Anderson blvd.

Twelve planned new cot tages will te erected, in lieu of unobtainable tents, If help can be obtained. Were Christians to meet fully their Individual responsibilities and perform them as they are expected to do, the work of the Church would go forward by leaps and bounds, asserted Rev. D. Park Chapman, mlnia ier of the First Churcb of. Christ, last night.

His theme was "Personal Responsibilities." Because humanity's Savior suffered during the time In wbich He assumed the Human role. Christians following after Him likewise must suffer at times to build His kingdom in the world, maintained Rev. F. Dancy Barnes, pastor of fcbe A. B.

hurcb last night. He epoke on the theme. "Suffering With Christ." It was announced that the congregation will Join In cleaning the Interior walls of the church tnkt week prelimi nary to the celebration of Mothers' day next Sunday. At the morning service Eugene Robinson, recently ordained as a NAZARENES SET AREA ASSEMBLY Delegates To Meet May 12 In Youngstown Church Rev. O.

L. Benedum of East Liverpool, superintendent of the year old Akron district of the Church of the Nazarene. announced plans for the denomination's six day general assembly for the district beginning May 12 in Youngstown. The annual gathering of the Women's Foreign Missionary society of the district will begin on the preceding day, Tuesday, May 11. Presiding at this assemblage will be Rev.

Mary B. Akers, of Akron, the president. Rev. and Mrs. L.

D. Osborne of China, and Dr. and Mrs. J. H.

Chapman of Africa, with Rev. Rhoda Jones, also of China, will be the speakers. Guest speaker will be Rev. Holland London of Little Rock, a former evangelist of the denomination who ha been heard in East Liverpool and who at present is the superintendent of the Little Rock district. Rev.

Howard Lewis of Toronto will head the young people's activities at the annual meeting. Rev. George Brlnkman, pastor of the Youngstown congregation, will be the host pastor. The Akron district was created last year from the once Pittsburgh district. From this city will attend the pastors of Nazarene churches and the elected delegates.

There will be 15 assembly delegates from the First Church of the Nazarene. They will include S. S. Bennett, a member of the district advisory board; Mrs. Emma Dunbar, school superintendent; Mrs.

B. A. Pepper, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenwood. Mr. and Mrs.

Arleigh Barrett, T. J. Rice, Mrs. Stanley Rice, Mrs. Leah Davis.

Mrs. Louis Sanford and Mrs. Ralph Sanford. There also will be 14 delegates from the congregation's two missionary societies. 2.00 yd.

Yard Goods 44 When you send your furs to storage ask for an estimate to MODERNIZE your FURS IM3 tauw? STORAGE time Gloves A WAR WHILE DOWN! Liverpool Ministerial association. In place of Rev. J. Hubert Henderson, who was unable to attend. The special program was in observance of a nationwide "Day of compassion for the Jewish victim of Nazi barbarism proclaimed Jointly by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America and the Synagogue Council of America.

Rev. Canfield declared: The Christian people of America must Join with our Jewish fellow citizens not only In protesting this cruel and brutal persecution, but also In using every means in our power for putting an end to it. Rabbi Harry Lasker, who conducted the prayer sertice, read a message from Very Rev. Fr. Francis J.

Lavery, pastor of St. Aloy sliis Catholic church, who said: "Rev. Fr. Oliver and myself join with you, Rabbi Lasker, and the ministers of the Protestant churches In condemning anti Semitism and every other form of persecution as un Chrlstian and un American, totally opposed to the teachings of the Almighty God, wbo is the Father of us all." FLIERS (Continued From Page Ons) most starving from the necessity of feeding three extra mouths and finally told them that one "master" could stay, but two "masters" just had to leave. Weakened by malaria, Hughes and Bordner set out.

Four days travel and they found a friendly village with plenty of food, but all one variety taro. cousin of the sweet potato, standard fare in the South sea islands, nutritious but monotonous. Occasionally there was a banana. The natives varied the taro with such delicacies as rats, grass hoppers, grubs and snakes, and "we went along with them on the snake meat," reported Bordner, "but the rats and the grass hoppers were too much." The men were separated four months and soon after their re union received a message from sn Australian who had been ducking the Japanese on the island for 14 months. He invited the Americans to Join him and share his attempt to reach New Guinea by canoe.

A native guided' them and early In February Hughes. Bordner and Wallace joined Pvt. John Stokle of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles on a New Britain beach. 8tokle had a rifle and fishing tackle and set a Tirst rate table. On March 17 an American plane spotted them.

The following day a neavy bomber came over and dropped a note telling them to be prepared for a getaway each night. On the night of March 24. a big Australian flying boat piloted by Squadron Leader Reginald Burrage glided Into the dark cove. Accompanied by the Americans' number one boy. Morotl, and by Stokie's two servants.

Gebar and Sekoba, the four soldiers clambered Into the plane. Burrage delivered them to an excited and expectant group of flying officers on the dock at Port Moresby. Storm Troops Chief Dies liONDON. May 3 The Berlin radio reported today Victor Lutze, chlef of staff of the Nazi S. A.

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