Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
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Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 6
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r» Fails nnd Gall People < Wites.M The S|>fl,rtf»cii! aT - i :• in St. Louie ; MORRTSOJf snoilT I REPOKTfl RRIAIf? Off OF i upD J fluii i nfiDn ^ i Many Interesting Places Are Seen By Miss Mary In Pennsylvania *Jn« fffsg'rft-rrt fljtrsfi By J'fsf Mi**f«n Mrs. Hist. ?"st"r«5^ sne« ^tt«f jyfra j Meet* Rfttsw! rrtwrwi' Smtart*?! «.nd Como, in M)—Mrs. Frprtfc Fs?K Mr. nnd BTld ,«on : }«et "Mrk. wh? ! TT ihr-v ft?? Rf th'- h«rnf {>! Mrs : brother and _ Mrs. Clarence Ornvo snrl fpmi Hy. They fUU-mlrd "Through flip Onturl?*," » pnjrrant of thn elory, pomp and cimimManr-r of pn<.: jtmndnjr graphically pn<l trroHvl carried out in rflrbration of tho fif- i tleth nnnivrr?nrv of th" "VfiU'di Prophet." it is raid thr.t ihn ' Vriietl I Frophrl" is nil !X!'.vrrfn). brlovrt). ! mysterious, acrlf--.. rui rvcr-youtie 'i pronhH in hrnrf. mind nnd 'bodv.! thoufih he tins rtiktl r.o wisely ovn i his beautiful kinedom fnr cTiiuri<•-.-. This yj'iu's paprnnt w.ts n RHmp'-f of thp glamour of romance. allegory, chivalry pml brills IcUrrs Mint form' tilings tbnt took place whrn th" world and the "Veiled Prophet" wnr young. There were one wns "Thr Vrll? float was brilllnnt with a yellow glow, thf prophet appareled In ... purple robes of royalty nnd carrying the ttmc honored baton of ceremony. With him were the firr.t. nnd .second high priests, the herald nnd almoner. Float No. 2 was "The Title Float." There were the ancient hards and historians of prose nnd ven-e nnd rpics, Homer. Virp,U, Herodotus, Bo- phoclfs, Lucydidrs, Omar Klinyyam. Livy and David. Noah and the nrk were shown In float No. 3, with Shem. Ham nnd Japheth. Float No. 4 war, Assyria. .... ..... librarj' of the world war, in nn A.s Syrian temple and the tablets of history were shown at the front of the float. Several high priests, the tem- n-'i Omi. I!! A ...,_ MEN WILL PLEAD GUILTY TODAY Morrison, l!i , Oct. B.~-<f5prcjnl> It xvn5 suinniinof-r) B.ttttrdnv Mia? ali of th.->se indicated by the (zrnnd jury wttlj (lie exception of John Shehr<\ rhnrped with fho murder of Ralph JarkMin. would appear in court to- tiny, plead cuilty and receive their T'-ntemTs fn>ni Jutige Larson who find ndjourned court until today. On ncr-ount of this wlllinenrw on the part of the indicted men. those who are Oft. k of GpH, TTi'i'nrrr) rvl?h friends to Prnn- sylvnniri to -p<:nr! a rnonth visHins M relative'-, In vnjirm* r!*(«"t. wr!!"« n very Infrrrrsjne letter from burg. Rh" writes that they , three days on the wny, following ,,. Lincoln highway nil the way from Cfnlt, with the exception of R few short dr-tmir.-s. The road. 1 ; were in nre of the jury panel were noticed that it would be un- nrccs<irir V for (h(> '» to report before ' Wednesday nftcrnoon. low TT • ~" , ~" thel uni °n «rovc Dancing Party Morrison. 11!., Ort. 8.—(Special) — The families of H. II. Frost, Will Blrt. Guy Ewers nnd Will Richards of this vicinity rave n dancing party nt the hown hall in Union Grove fin* condition, the weather Ideal and th" pc-rne-ry most beautiful. Thfi trip over the mountains was especially lovely nt this timr of year, with such benutiful coloring'-. They stopped at Gettysburg where Severn I hours wre •; petit on the old battlefield. ncrcs of which bine bren taken over by the gov- rrniwn!, A good vlrw of the -entire field was w.-en from the observation tower. Miss Honk visited the home wher her mother was born nnd spent he childhood. She found the old pine much as she had*pictured It from verbal descriptions. The place 1 located near the old nickel mine lorn; since abandoned. The lioun where her parents started house keeping is now the home of Mis, *>*Hn Wf- tb >*s<! fwirf of rn«wllrnt. when! '!'!f diffpirnt patrols c*hos* lh(iH Senders nnd fwktsnt*?, Throw chosen were: first patrol. Whlst.tT.! fpRfler. Thfirnfl. 1 ;, Bssistftnt; B^TORC! Wood row BrsrnTr?. pa trot ,-™ John Lfttkin, RR«;ts««nt;' third *p«trnV. I,", Ir. Hirk. patrol iPBder, F^*<?rc!t' Th» fx>ter sch^rni" e*rri*d. out wre pink and prwn. The to rvrrfsjxiTJd! with the i of twenty one yi^ars »pn ?r jn»e«U «^rp Mrs. Kmrna Mr. rtm? Mr? Dmrlrt "At this meeting thw wpre twenty-one scouts prewnt. We held !n-i spec t ion !n which the third pntiol ; w-on with thr^e points off. i "The best good turns RJS originally j written nre as follows: First: I ENT1ETAINS FEIINDS AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Oalt. JO.. Oct. a.—fSf^cIa!) I*, Hftyden celebrated his eleventh birthday Saturday by entertaining ft riding around on my WcycSe down ' number of hl« friends for the aft«-by the depot nnd saw a woman cnrryliiR two hi? Kuitciwws. I left my bicycle there and carri«*d thr-tn up to the hotel for her. Bhnwver; Pf-cond: After the rain last night the sewer wns clogged ii) ninht, npproxlmatcly thirty couples nttcndlnR. Refreshment' con.'.iMinfr of cpffco nnd rolls served late in t)^ evening. I {oak's cousin. school, taught The "Black Horse by her father hn Dig Up Storage Tank Morrison. III.. Oct. 8.— (Special)— , A Rar.ohno ,stornr;c tank, which was The first ; installed in the p.-trklnc of the north ?;lde of the buildins at the southeast corner of Main nnd Madison streets several years ai;o when the • . • — i place was used ns a garage has been pie and the sacred bulls were on the j du K up and will be used for similar float. King Babylon, the fifth float, with Nebuchadnezzar on his throne, the purposes elsewhere. Marriage Licenses ^umicnaunezzar on nis throne, the Morrison U! net » rc,^, u hanging gardens and remains of the MarS Hceisef wereTecS S«U urdny by Frank Bauer and Mrs Byrda Toombs of Davenport; George J. Bruns of Sterling nnd Hazel Rlg- ler ol Roclt Falls; Frank L. Bourne and Elizabeth Nlles of Rockford. Gait And Como Briefs Gait and Como. Oct. 9.—J. E. Ag- ncw and son John spent Saturday tower of Babel. Egypt was float No. G. with' the pyramids and the sphynx, the fam- aus statue of Memnon and Queen Cleopatra. The statue of Memnon lor centuries uttered a peculiar sound when touched by the rays of the rising sun. Float No. 7 was Palestine, showing Abraham with his flocks and the temple with the seven golden candlesticks. Persia, float No. 8. was a scene of Cyrus, the great wnrrlor of Persia, returning the gold nnd silver vessels that, were taken from the tabernacle The ninth float, "Crete." showed a wounded Cretan warrior beinj; treated by the early surgeons, ot ' which Crete possessed history. the first 'in Phoenicia, float No. 10, siiowed the rock of Gibnilu-r and the Phoenician mariners,, ihe world's first lor corn- mere*. Tyre, the eleventh flout, showed Hiram, a great and £ood_k!i)K. ..Aru.-, "b'tt." No. 12, had Mohammed's tomb and followers of the prophet. Float No. 13 showed the- Greek Olympian games, with the victorious contt.ii- ents crowned with wreaths of laurel. Athens \vas No. 14. with the Parthenon BS the main tlu'iiu-, "the mother of the arts. The Siege of Troy, No. 15, was u scene of the Trojan wars with the horse.' The six- and Sunday with relatives Park and Lombard. In Oak . Misses Eleanore and Jean Hopkins accompanied by Miss Lois McKin- noy nnd Miss Marlon Prlebe of been replaced by n two room build Ing of modern type. There were 112 pupils enrolled In tho Ipne room building at the time her father wn< teacher. An Amlsli school that Miss Hoak visited she found very interesting, especially the quaint dress of the children, so different from other .schools. Visits Historical Places She has also visited several old historical placer,, for there are many such In Pennsylvania with prominent early history. The Ephrata Cloisters was one of them—and Miss Hoak visited, there two days before the celebration of their two hundredth nnnivrrsary. Bhe wrotcnhat the building used in Washington's time nnd still used by the Baptist Seven Day Adventisjs is preserved ns nearly as possible in its original state. It is a frame building made of hand hued lumber nnd put together with wooden pegs. Latches nre of the old wooden type The house originally contained 62 rooms and a number of the bedrooms have been preserved with the wide board ror n bed nnd a block of hard wood for n pillow. Many of the doors nre IB inches wide and about four and one-half feet high. It is necessary to Jearn to stoop as one goes through. There are many relics here that were In common use two hundred years ago, but the wrftln? j ---- ,, •-4.^.^, *IA,,I iWJI X. 1 iL'UU U* J .41 i --- ---- ....v...;, Sterling, motored to Princeton on! e wlth the qul11 ! )en in 1<? 34 was Saturday afternoon to witness ihc : °, n f tlle most intere stlng. The mud flo Princeton-Sterling football Enrr<- , . ! mud floor on tne upper story, ch servcd a « a protection against The Como run finished silo nilrv 1 f nicn ser vcd as a protection against Saturday. "! ' ire - is still in perlect condititon, al- Mn;. L. c. King. Mrs. George Hoyden and Mrs. Charles Cams visited Mrs. Mallnda Wilkinson at the Sterling hospital and Mrs. Asa Scott, who has been confined to her bed for the past week at her home. Sunday. Both ladles were tnt-sruttti-- -with beautiful "flowers from the Kinp's Daughters. Mrs. Grey of Rock Falls is car- inir for Miss Nettie Olds. Mr. and Mrs, Sam Witmer: and Miss Cora Hoak motored to Clinton Saturday for the day. j MI.-..S Kdith Beins, teacher of the I Cuino school, spent the week end at I ncr home in Pekin. Kliiier Ktuillman spent the week end at the home of his cousin Fred i-k Falls football game. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Allen were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Schutt famous wooden ...^ ,,..^- „,, ,. teenth float was Ulysses and Pnly. .Venward. in--n«x>k- Falls Saturday phemus, the one-eyed giant. ' i afternoon they attended the The Caliph of Bagdad wus float ! ~ 17. the first to use the numeralb now ' universally used; and Shchereaad ol the "Arabian Nlcht-s" tales. The Colossus of Rhodes was iloat No. It!, the statue ot a man with a light, in i bis hand to light the harbor, one of the "seven wonders ot the woild." because it was so large, but no trace Of this statue can now IK found. Home, the nineteenth float. showed the Coloseum with a Roman holiday. wise Tin n were float No7 though the old thatched roof has been replaced by shingles. She tells about the Beechdale duck farm owned by Oram Brubaker, how it' is a place of beauty as well as activity One hundred nnd twelve thousand ducks were raised on this farm during, the past season, all .of which have been marketed except 20.000. Miss Hoak also saw the Conewin- EO dam, from wliich electric power is supplied to a number of the large cities throughout the state. The dam is the second largest in the world, constructed nt a cost of $40 000,000. Miss Hoak is now in Lancaster and will probably not be home for a few weeks. by our bouse, so in the morning I cleaned it out. John Larkln; third: I carried some groceries to a car from n store for an old Indy. Woodrow Bramm. "After the business part of the meeting we drilled for about fifteen minuter, outside. We then camo Inside and Mr. AH, our scoutmaster,, continued reading about McMillan's expedition to the Arctic. We closed with the scout benediction." I noon. The boys had ft football pnme and enjoyed various nmu,*empnf-s. Tine guests were E\ Howard rtpu Bn!j Marvin Lutyens and Har old Dunn of Rock Falls, Stewar King, Earl 4ohnson. Kenneth Ru H«T»!d* f>wl Mi.«*1em th* d!r«rt1rm of Mrs. A. I,. Shut* in Hjrrm. O 55lon Hftst*. Pr»yef, Mary Mlltr, R»ifh SldlinR- cr. Elisabeth Brsr«, fVmt,' 4« th* I-ight r.f }h" WorM. Klrsft's H*rs,.!d«. Kxplfirm^oTy t*lk. EUashef-h Be.r?. Promotton, Rvjth H*n*»n, Burbsm . to mlss'on band from King's Hcr- siMs, conducted by M!«s Hunt? Pierce, Mrs, l,f,w MSUfr nnd Ruth B!d- to Mr bright and Walter nnd Edwin Dav: of Emerson. Late in the aftfirnoo Mrs. Harden served reficshmpnts o sandwiches, pickles., cake and. ice crcMm. LeBoy was the recipient o n number of useful gift? from hi playmates, with their hearty wlshe for many more happy birthdays In the future. WILL GIVE TALK ON PLAYGROUND WORK Prophetstown, Oct. 8.—(Special) —Rev. George Milne of Stlllman Valley, will upeak at the city hall Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The public is urged to be present as he has a message for every one Interested in the recreation of the young people of the community. Rev. Milne has been interested in children's play for years and it was through his interest and the help of the Woman's Club of Stillman Valley that they were able to secure the national play ground prize of $500 a few years ago. His subject a "Play Grounds as an Educational factor." The program Is sponsored jy the Educational Department of Woman's club. WILL ENTERTAIN THE STERLING D.A.R. Prophetstown. Oct. 8.—(Special) —Dr. Mabel Brown and Mrs. Ada Pilchard, members of the Rock liver Chapter of the Daughters of •he American Revolution order of Sterling, are entertaining the mem- sers of the order Tuesday afternoon n Prophetstown. The program will Include a talk by Mrs. L. C. Wheeler f Sterling on "Our Relation to our Dependencies." Mrs. Palmer Rodee f Prophetstown will sing. Erie Band Plays At Game Erie. 111., Oct. a — (Special) — The Community High School band of Erie played for the Augustana- Carthage football game at Rock Island Saturday. CHADWICK BRIEFS Chadwlck, 111., Oct. 8.—Mr. and Mrs. Sam Turnbaugh returned home on Thursday evening after a week's visit with their son-ln-Iaw anc daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Farmm at Waterford, Wls. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Spencer left for Rochester, Minn., on Thursday evening, where Mrs. Spencer will enter a hospital for observation and treatment. Charles Williams had his tonsils removed at a hospital at Freeport on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey spent Friday at Clinton. Iowa. Mrs. Chas. Daggert. who has been seriously sick, Is some better. Miss Beulah Hartman substituted for Mrs. Bailey at the postofflcc on Thursday. Rev. A. D. Shaffer and Joe Warner of Shannon spent Friday with friends. The Phllathea class of the Hope Sunday school met with Mrs. W. W. Schreiner on Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bchreiner, Rennet Shultz and Mr. and Mrs. George Imel and daughter motored to Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Klrky and family. They returned home on Sunday. Mrs. Ed Hendricks returned to her home at Sand Stone. Minnesota after a visit with her sister Mrs. Mary. ERIEBRIEFS , ln Col( "nn- lr and Mrs - Kauffman and . 20, Balthazar, an Egyptian, Caspar, a Greek, and MUchior. a Hindu, journeying with Jesus. for the infant son Lee motored to Mt. Vernon on Sunday and visited with friends Mrs. Charles Hoak and son spent the day Friday at the home of Mrs Houk's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C E Goodrich, in Rock Falls. Oilman of DeWitt, la., *y-«t—ihe-home-of tils- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Olt- Mrs. Emil oilman received a let- Bisordcrly Conduct Morrison, 111., Oct. 8.—(Special)— George Jones of Fulton was brought to the county jail Saturday aftd given the protection of one of the rooms separating him from the outside world. The charge against him was one of disorderly conduct, and his hearing was to be held sometime today. ter recently from her son Walter Will Broadcast Over WOO -JErle T -JlL r -...Oct-a. «= XSpeclal) The many friends of Mrs. Florence Hartkop of Davenport will be glad of opportunity to hear her sing over radio Tuesday evening , - -•*. uw«« *»ajll'I, ««*"•" * ijv-ouajr CVCIflilg at 9l30 Ittook three hours and 15 iiiinuu-s!crl^ e w l ° < ? anudu wlti » the o'clock. Mrs. Hartkop. formerly ^; Ul M ..^ n ?' ^ .. s f«™l weeks I MU* Florence Campbell, lived in for the parade to muki- the journey through the hueetx. The ci-lcbruumi ._fif the Y.tik.d Prophet .is an i-umnU '• t n nhr-.iM ,,TVi ""'"-""-•» CAIW-I affair in Bt. Louis. | ° obtal " " or * Jn «« *"Kar factory. , ,. , * » . JV »*.*«* v, t'CAa i,, % • "Iv 1 lmoll!e '- bay are now "^'^'•^"'••-^^.theyex.K.-.t Erie before her marriage and will broadcast from WOO at that time. GUS RADEBAUGH TO SPEAK AT FULTON Morrison, 111., Oct. K. '.Special' — Everyone Interested in tin- ac'.ivuu-.s of the Izaak Walton L.-.-uvic, whether or r.ot they hold in-. n;U ;.,Ki|j m the tame at present i.i<: iniurd'io go to Fulton Fricuy CM mm-. v,h>:i tlie c.hapttT in that city u.!! hau: as ila guest, Gus Kadcbaiij.:!:, dirt ctor of. the department o: cuii.sfi iauon. ...ThOMi WilO V«lVf. VL':v';;.d'; Lit-.irri Ililv gentleman kr»ow ui. store for them lor h teresting talker who Wh*t he diiCUiM.-^ alc\ MORRISON BRIEFS _ Morrison, III., Oct. 8. _ . .. . . _ eorge Rt-nnlcker. one of the partners of Haime and JU-nuicker, Chicago commission merchant*, were in Morrison faaturday lookmg after the interests his Jirin on a business deal *"'*• Wl » Shards until tomorrow with relatives t it. in is a must in- V6-S" JUat - --., the hnej of true sjKiJtsaiauihip i:oju us many SJ^ies, It is *xptclwl that Moj- «i«rit--will t»Te tiuit^; u rvi"a : <;k : jila- ttee at the meeting. Ctoiulacil Meets Tuesday Eve M.orri6cn, Ul, Oct. 8.—(Bix-cub — Tte »4j«ura«d meeting of the ciiy wtjOiEil far ttse esirfeat a^anh is to fee heM ^euuxeg&v evening at ? . & peMtion signed by prac- »ti of—the twaertv «wne.r-s' by rtg- .. to insiaU IMS <3iU *t*Uuti Oil» 6Hf Ol the A A. over Vlilt and ^i^.us- Mr and ruis Uaiph Kaitr and bon Kobert auci Mr. and Mrs. H V MBhtMrr visiud station KTNT at Muscatlni- Sunday. ulenn Staniivrs of Ciiicago suent feuiKlay ii: the ciij. , Workiia-n j?ave the gates o f the o. ,1- h. w. Ry. at Geuesee arid case streets a fresh coat of paint Saturday lor —-— — T .1, iu w. i, ii^ ^rf 1C«V Vf^~ VICKS V v^p*o!Ru» . jaatijEjaaiw. jw* ew r«»& Girl Scouts' Meeting. j Morrison, 111., Oct. 8.~<Special)— Bluebird troop No. 1 of the Girl Scouts will hold their business meeting tomorrow evening at Presbyterian church, and if weather conditions permit will hold a drill practice and enjoy a hike after the meeting. Loses Four Fingers Ene. 111., Oct. 8. — (Special) — Earl, the thirteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swejuline, injured his hand KO badly Friday while Erie, 111.. Oct. 8.—(Special)—An eleven pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eschman Saturady at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Byam. Mrs. Eschman was formerly Miss Helen Byam. Roger Potter and family moved to Moline Saturday where Mr. Potter has had employment for the past few;.weeks.- Miss Lucile Coster was not able to attend to-her duties as teacher of the Sharon school Thursday and Friday on account of illness caused by an abscessed tooth. Mrs. Roy Digby of Lyndon and her house guest Mrs. Camllle Jour- donals of Great Falls. Mont., were guests in the home of the former's sister-in-law. Mrs. Perry Lancaster, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lancaster who have been visiting their sister- in-law, Mrs. Ada I*ancaster in Sterling returned home Saturday : --—Mrs, Elisabeth Blagg and grandson Lorraine Dillon were called to Princeton Saturday by the serious illness of the tetter's father, Wtt- liam Dillon. L Miss Froim Cooper, principal of the Junior high school, spent tha week-end with friends in Chicago; Mrs. Henry Weber accompanied her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Davies and son Roscoe of Prophetstown to Galesburg Sunday where they visited Ed. Anderson and other relatives Imel. Mr. and Mrs. Meryl Spencer were supper guests at the George Dambman, Jr., home on Friday evening. Later in the evening Mrs. Dambtnan had invited 18 young ladles from Mt. Carroll and Chadwick to her home and a miscellaneous shower was had for Mrs. Spencer, a recent bride. The evening was spent in playing games and visiting, after which dainty refreshments were suved-by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stein and family motored to Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday for a few days visit with relatives. Miss Therma Spencer had the misfortune to fall down stairs on Saturday morning, tearing the liga menta in her right ankle. Mr. and Mrs. J. o. Kerch went t< Kewanee on Saturday where the visited with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lon and-IamUy. they returned home ot Sunday. Mrs. Thomas McGinty and chil dren of near Milledgeville S pen Saturday with friends. Song, Bilvpr Trump*!*. MKsion and ami King's Heralds. Hymn. Tbo Morning Light Is Breaking. Why nn Bmilpfs Appear but In mnny Dark Countries? Child Life. Gladys McBrldt. America, Ruth Allpn. Africa, Andrry Jftmes. China. Barbara Mayhcw. Japan, Ruth SldUngcr. India, Mary MSller. R'orpn, Rntli Hanwn. Hymri, The Kingdom Is Corning. Pageant, The Way of the Cross. Mission Band nnd King's Heralds assisted by Emory Flnnlcum, Mrs. Worthy aMtthews, Katherine Pierce and Mrs. A, n. Mayhcw. |m«r tei-estMfjt t« report s«^ crop, w?ft».h»r Jn CSUM*. Mr. *f«i Mm. H, J «Tohn Tisifjpfl » tb* fore psffc of Mr. *nd Mw. Tom Mr. Rr,d Mrs. WUJ borne. Mo., f Mrs. K. McCrftcken MVPS. Mrs. Rsr«h B!nn!e anfl Missf Mildred RuUedge of M«eomb, III., motor«J herr R«tnrdp,y for R visit with Mrs. A. N. nig Mr, «nd Mrs. H. TI. Colby sntl son and Mrs. .1. K. Bobbins motored, to Galena, IU. Friday to attend the irtjcth nnniwl conference of th? Par- etit and Tcarhpr ftssoclniton of district t.hre? of iliinoLi. Mr. Colby reporii! 1 ^ for the Tampico association Rt the morning session. Tliey were unable to attend the afternoon session on account of the sudden illncws of tbelr son. WILL ADDRESS THE ERIE AUXILIARY Erie. 111.. Oct. 8.— (Special)— There will be a meeting of the Erie auxiliary of the American Legion at Odd Fellows hall, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Wahl of Sterling will b« present and will give a talk on the county work of the auxiliary. A short program will follow the busl- neaa meeting and refreshments will be served by a committee. Tampico W.R.O. Meeting Tamplro, 111., Oct. 8—(Special.> —The Women's Relief Corps held tlicir regular meeting Friday afternoon with a large attendance. The regular business was transacted and a former member returning here to make her home was re-Instated. A delicious lunch was served honoring all members who have birthdays in September and October. B. Y. P. U. Sponsor Social Eric, 111., Oct, J.—(SpeciaI)~The Baptist young peoples union held a social at the country home of B«l- va and Ruth Olson, Friday evening. About twenty five members and guests were pre^nt to enjoy tho games which followed the business meeting. Dainty refreshnwnta were served. Boy Scouts Take Hike Tampico, 111., Oct. 8.—(Special.) — The Boy Scout troop with scout master J. c. Weir and assistant scout, master Howard Richard hiked to the blow out Saturday afternoon, most of the scouts passed a part of the second test. Fires were built and their lunch cooked as » part of the scout work. !», I s . St. his IWITM* in , ,.„,.,„. •of the nW*«t sutlers of t.'hft ha* rws»v? f, 0 his reward. De*Si e*e?*k Tm&bty evening Rf?*?' A vf Mr. 3, in Mew , . t his early life and wh«r*. tn th* township of oMv*. lH«t«r conn- g, hs WM «ait^ J.n marriiwe Mte H^rofth . Kov. 33*» - ehUflren cams to '?"* ne * r Klnwtoii, wh»«» ' 11-1- I. •""-> *M»Hr mMtt*Q IO P«!ISh- of Falls; Henry at home? „»„ c Angel! of Austin, Mian.; Urn Pearson of Tampico and Mr* .Jackmsn of California Wn Three children, Willis, Sarah A Fred preceded their father to <;<*, glory land. w It was &«ld by one of his oJd- Jme friends and R man with whom ne had done business for years, Hint -he left no one but Manas hind him." his whole life being devoted to his wife and chiWrcn, h* havlnst united wHh the Baptist church in early manhood and without any ostentation or show, foltett- ed daily the example set by beloved Master. His passing let an empty place not noly «Hh widow- and children but with his many friends, which time alone can MILLEDGEV11XE BRIEFS MiUedgcville, 111., Oct. 8.—Bora to Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Miller, a boy >ct. 4. Mrs. Miller was formerly Miss Lucile Franklin. C. C. Mlllfer of Chadwicfc was a business caller here on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs, John Warren, Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Nickolson and mby will leavo Sunday morning for Chambersburg, Pa. They will go by the way of Niagara Falls and other places of Interest they expect to be gone four weeks or more. Mrs. Mayme Hawkins spent daughter, Missionary Meeting Tampico, 111., Oct. 8.—(Special )— The missionary held their regular ononthly meeting in the church parlors Thursday afternoon. Tho topic of the lesson study was "Stewardship" and was given by Mrs, M. L Pierce. The devotions were In charge of the President, Mrs. F. E Relnagle. COLOBFUL BUBBLES. When rainy days come, atart the children blowing soap bubbles and then color the soap suds for them. Any gay vegetable coloring will do aad they iwJoro bright yellow, red and other cheerful bubblea, Real Estate Transfers operafiug his lather-s sorghum mill that it was found necessary to amputate four of his fingers. Anderson is a brother of Mrs. Weber and Mrs. Davies. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hollo of Spring Hilt and the latter's lather, Byron Burridge. of Erie left Saturday on a oiotor trip to Tennessee where they will visit relatives. PROPHETSTOWN Prophetatown, Illinois. Oct. 8 (Special.)—Mr. arid Mrs. Clayton Webber have returned Jrom a wedding trip of several weeks In the western country, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Padden and son Clayton went to Flint. Mich ^ r '^ a ?^ Morning. ~ where they - were called by sickness in the family of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. C. W. Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. George Egert went to Clinton Friday where Mr. Egert will enter the Mercy hospital for an operation. Mr. Egert has not been well for sometime and it is to. ber hoped that he mids relief'in i operation. Assistant Superintendent and Mrs. Martin Bielema entertained the faculty of the Prophetstown ecluwl Saturday evening at their home on Market street. One of the teachers, Miss Underwood, was out of town. If Piles G^Quick Files are caused by congestion of jlood in the lower bowels, Ooiy an iutenyil remedy can remove the cause. That's why salve* ahd cut' fail. Or. i*£mhardt'« Hew-Roid, a ii&nuteijs tablet, Busxicctls, because t relieve* thia coogestion and itr«u|thWMi the affected yalis, Heai- h** giveu <juick, aafa and last* „ relief to Ujoiisansls ol Pite Sulleterg. it will do th« »«» for ypu of money back. Bickfsn-dii F insey and druggists evcrywlwre ui|h 'uus TBAINING VINES, your vines run along . iastesui M • a-.^jriefe-hot wall, try slippUig an Invisible .„. pin over the stems and sticking into the chinks of the brick tise BRIGHT BLUE. Call St "Patou," "JKirig," "royal" or "new; 1 bright medium blue promises to be so popular this fall that the woman who chooses a softer or darker color will be fortunate. Frank Picking motored from Wager, South Dakoto. in his new car arriving here Thursday evening for a few days visit with his uncle, J F. Oreenawalt and family. Miss Pearl Steese is enjoying a week's vacation from her work at the Franhm cafe. She spent the fore part of the week in Ghana with Mrs. Loren Crawford and is vlsitim? friends in.Mt. Carroll for a few days. Mrs. O. J. Aurand went to Brookville Wednesday to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law. Mrs. Jim Merchant. The M. H. M, Society of thn Brethren church met at the home of Mrs. Rose Allison on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Amy Runnels, Mrs. Mary Hendrlck, Mrs. Tom Fleming and Mrs. Emma Wolfe spent Wednesday in Morrison. Mrs. Milton Olmstead and daughter Almeda and -Mrs. E. Er Calkins motored to Rockford on Wednesday. Mrs. and Mrs. Grant Fleming are spending this week in lowa with friends ivnd relatives^ Mr. and Mrs, Lavine Ewbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Enis Book of Woodlawn Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ewbanka of Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Ames Seryver, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Scryver. Mrs, Margaret Barnhart, Sam and Walter Murray and John Bracken were supper ffaeats-YhuraJsy eve-'" " "" Henry. Wolfeer ' Elmer Overcash et al to Ervin B Jennings, W. D. to lot 11 Pralrleville! Lee county, $2,600. Mame W. Dillon 'to Elmer Over- Gash, w. d. to lota 6-6, block 13, E. B. Sterling, $10. Bettel Gibbons et al to Albert Larish, q. c, d. to lot 13, block 7, Merrill s addition, Rock Falls, $l. Floyd E. Breed to John W. Drum- mitt, q. c. d. to part section 32, Pro- Phetetown, $1. Lucelia B. Perault estate to Adam C. James, executors deed to part IdiUon/ Morrison, $3,600. Edward A. Smith et al to Morrison Capitol Theatre buildingr part Mock 10, Morrison, $15,000. R. N. Clark to August Stolb et al w. d. to lot 10 and part lot 11, block 30, E. B. Sterling, $10, John M&rschang to Carl E. Sheldon, q. c. d. to part sec. 31, Jordan township, $1. Carl E. Sheldon to. John Marschang et al. q. c. d. same, $1. Martha A. Everhart to John T, MagULet £l, a, c, d. to part .section 28, Portland. $1,500. John T. Maglll et al to Robt O Burchell, tr. deed to same, $3400. Henry P. Dauen et al to W. F Flock, w. d. to part lots 1 & 2, block 32. E. B. Sterling. $1. Sylvia T. Warner et al to Graham G. Thompson et al, q. c. d. to lands in PropheUtown and Portland 66wn- shlps, $1. Justin Dally to Lee W. Burrls w - to ___part_block 2, Henwood ant drovers addition, Erie, $400. T. Rasmusssen to National Tea ^'m' d -^° llots 7 - 8 ' bl ock 4, Wilson addition Sterling, $10. Elisha G. Hartman to W. H. Hart- maivq. c, d. to c*met«ry lot, *1. John Partridge to Emma Part- rtdge, q. c. d. to part sections 10 and 15. Hume township, $1. • NEW! FOR THIN WEAK FOLKS Get strength and nenr* *oro« quick! Fill out cheeks, neck and chest. Add E to 15 pound* * month. Taka iron for rich, red blood. Take cod liver oil tor good healthy flenh. Physicians say thsw» *r« the best tonics known. .Chemist* hav« learned how to extract tha vltamlnoa and •nervy-producing, weight-building element* from cod liver oil, and throw th« ueelcaa, nauseating oil »way. TDM* extract* are mixed with iron and other health-building Ingredient* in pleasant tasting tablflta known u Burka's Cod Liver Oil and Iron Tablet*. Get * box today. Tbeyn atart to build your weight and give you atrength and energy alaott at once. Fred H. Ebertey, Tb* Corner Drug store, Locust Streota.—Adv. A Clear Complexion Ruddy cheek* — sparkling «ye» moss women can have. Dr. F,M Ed.•ward* for 30 year* trwted eeores of women tor liver «ad bowel ailaientt puring them y«r» be gara hi* n&- ttoau a ratmtitute tor oOomel m&rta of a-tew well-known vegetable iagr«- dl«:ita mixed wltU olive oil them Dr. Edwmrda 1 Oilve ..„, Know them by their olive color These tablets are wondAr-workera on the liver and bowel*, which CBUM a normal action, carstylng oK the waste and polaonoua matter la oae'a trystarn. If you iave" ifpale face, sallow look, dull eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a llsilesa. no-good feeling, «ll out of sort*. Inactive bowel* you EJ? ."?•.£ P r - Kdw"^' Olive T»b- A Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Deer left Friday morning for a two weeks' visit with relatives at Springfield, Ohio Mrs. Emma Voltmer of Shannon spent Thursday here <flth her mother, Mrs. O. A. Maiming. William Olmstead of sterling was a business caller here Thursday &f. ternoott Mrs. M. W. Pittman. Mrs. Ethel Klmmel Mrs. Hasel Fogel and baby and Mrs, Sara shilling spent Wednesday in Sterling. Tells Skinny Men How to n Weight Thousands of women and men take Dr. Edwards' olive Tableta~now and then to k«*p lit. ific, soo and «0c.— We Buy Rags, iron,, metals of all kinds, old cars- bought at best "prices. Bring it to us or phone If the flat chested man whose rlh.< are almost bimtlM ttou wf«u5 doesn't try to make Wmself look Uke a real man, no one else will. When any man or woman needs more weight they ought tobe tSS TAMFiCO BRIEFS Tampico, HI.. Oct. 8.—Charles Miler of Harmon was a Tampico visitor Saturday. A. C. Garvin of Wenona, IU., pent the week-end visiting at the icme of Mrs. Jennie Turner and amiiy. MAY INTO PNEUMONIA — -— •—"^ »• * •* KJ*fW h0 t • ..McCoy takes all the risk-Read this ironclad guarantee. If after taking 4 sixty cent boxes of McCoy's Tablets or a One Dollar boxm any Udn imderwetot man or wl^n doesn't gain at least 5 pounds and "*el completely satisfied with the marked Improvement In health — your mouey will be refunded Just asi for McCoy's Tablets at BieMonre Pharmacy or any drug star*. Dtetrtbuted by McCoy* Labor- J^!l w U?? c -: ^ l»«fa-«buto« of Me- Chapman Bros. of Gas West sad «ad Mop the £h«, ci«*.u oes m if a two-fold tfco tofUwwd m Delay WJien you^m -buy -a good grade of Coal for $650 per ton delivered in your wn? We also have the oetter grades in all Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. B. Springer* and over ..... 4 Kb*. Spring* m up fa JOE RUBIN '" HOC* 'ifl'W^^^^P^V^^WwP^^Jp" ftodwcs

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