Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 27
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Paper Reveals Secret Fundings (ConlM ttm Page i) Mtipte. Violation of grand Jury seeraey iiv a Mrat offense. -^n. fidwardW. Brooke, Mass., raid he found It "inconceivable" that the Presi dent^s mihordlnates would not have told him about the Watlrgate bugging plans. --White House sources In* dicated the President plans to announce the resignations of a number of key advisers, as a result of the Watergate investi* gaiion, possibly within a few days' time. Nixon was in seclusion today in the Bahamas, reportedly considering his plans. Among those reported possibly leaving is chief of staff H. R. "Bob" Haldeman. —The New York Times said G. Gordon Liddy, one of the convicted Watergate conspirators, had been passed word by the White House to tell all he knows about the case, but that Liddy has refused. The Star-News quoted investigators as saying that Kalmbach made payments from the West Coast fund to Segretti, rather than from Washington- based funds as previously had been believed. These payments have been said to have totaled $30,000 to $40,000. The Star-News said a Senate subcommittee learned of the fund last faU but that the findings were not disclosed. It said the new special Senate Watergate committee now was looting Into the matter. The Post said that Nixon was advised in December and again in January about possible involvement of Mitchell, his Onetime campaign manager and former attorney general, along with Dean and possibly others on the staff in the Watergate affair. Nixon responded by saying "give me some evidence," one source said, according to The Post. Nixon reportedly pointed out that Dean and Mitchell had denied any involvement. Brooke said that Nixon's aides "conceivably" could have concealed the espionage campaign from the President, but he added it was "difficult for me to understand that they could." Welcker Disagrees However, another Republican senator, Lowell P. Weicker Jr., Conn., disagreed with Brooke. Weicker, a member of the Senate Select Committee investigating the affair, said he believed Nixon did not have "any specific knowledge" of plans to bug the Democratic headquarters last June. t have complete faith in the fact that the revelations .came as a real shock to the President," Weicker said In on Family(Continued From Page 1) blazing three-way gun battle, police said. Bennett maneuvered his auto to head off the Felton car, forced it to the side of the road, and jumped out of his car shooting at Bonner, who was Inside with Mrs. Felton and her daughters. Bonner shot back, police said, and when pursuing officers arrived they fired 28 pistol shots and one shotgun blast at Bonner. In the fusillade of fire between Bonner, Bennett and police, Bonner was hit several times in the legs, Bennett was shot twice in tlie head, and Mrs. Felton suffered slight wounds in the shoulder. Illinois Twins Killed in Crash In Oklahoma BRISTOW, Okla. (UPI) - A car slammed into a concrete bridge abutment on the TUmer Turnpike in Creek County today, killing twin sisters from Illinois. The victims were Diana Janit Blanchfield, 20, and Deborah Janett Blanchfield, 20, both of Elmhurst, 111. The highway patrol said the twins were riding in a car driven by their brother, James C. Blanchfield, 17, who apparently went to sleep at the wheel. The. car burst into flames when it hit the bridge and Blanchfield, who was pulled from the bunung wreckage by a highway patrol trooper, was hospitalized in Bristow with burns on his head and arms. Collision Kills 9 CALI, Colombia (UPI) Nine persons were killed and 12 others injured today in the head-on colllsicin of a passenger bus and freight truclc near Corlnto, in northern Colombia. Most of the casualties were worlcers from sugar mills in the area. CBS radio interview in New York. Brooke was interviewed NBC 's "Meet the Press." Rep. William J. Keating, R Ohio, complained in Cincinnati the Watergate case was not handled "appropriately" fcy the White House and could have "terrific impact" on the 1974 congressional elections. The PresMent announced last week there had been "major developments" in the case. He has been conducting his own probe to determine the extent of involvement of his aides. Sources Suggest Dladosnre White House 60urces suggested Nixon's expected announcement in a few days would disclose the results of the investigation. The series of developments in recent days apparently has triggered a bitter struggle for survival among key presidential assistants. The federal grand jury probe appeared to be focusing on efforts to hide involvement of Nixon's closests advisers, particularly White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman. It was reported the targets of the grand jury investigation include not only Haldeman but Mitchell, Dean, former deputy campaign director Jeb Stuart Magruder and, perhaps, White House domestic adviser John D. Ehrlichman. They Hire Lawyer Last week, Haldeman and Ehrlichman hired Washington lawyer John J. Wilson to "advise" them on the Waters gate case. White House officials and they took this action simply because their names had been mentioned in news reports. Neither of the aides went to Key Biscayne, Fla., with Nixon this weekend, although both frequently travel with the President. In weekend reports, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Washington Star- News said the federal grand jury is concentratuig on Haldeman's possible role in the Watergate incident and alleged pay-offs to seven convicted or confessed Watergate conspirators to keep them quiet about higher-ups involved in the plot. Looking into Funds Several sources reported the grand jury is looking particularly hito whether $350,000 in Nixon campaign funds was diverted secretly to a White House safe m April, 1972, at Haldeman 's request and later used to pay off the Watergate defendants and their lawyers. It also was reported that the grand jury was trying to find out whether Haldeman had received copies of reports on conversations that the Watergate team overheard on tapped telephones of the Democratic National Committee. The White House repeatedly has denied any involvement by Haldeman in the Watergate affair. Both Dean and Magruder have been reported prepared to go iMfore the grand jury this week and to implicate former associates at the White House and at the Committee for the Re -election of the President. Dean issued a statement last week warning that he would not be a "scapegoat" in the case. OilMbutt. lU. 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Write BOX J17. care Galesburg Register-Mail. An Equal Opportunity Employer—M&F. SEMI-DRIVER ~ Hauling heavy equip. At least 1 year semi-driving exp. Good driving record. Gone 5 daya at a time. If not interested in year around work— don't call. Phone 482-5802. WANTEQ: Experienced livestock trailer driver. If not experienced need not apply. See Cecil Miller, Alexis or call 483-3919.' SELL test, equipment to engineers. Will train person with aome college. 89,000. Call Jim Seattergood, 3^-1112, Wlttle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. LOCAL manufacturer of large off highway equipment has openings for experienced Mig and flux core WINDERS and TURRET LATHE operators. Apply in person, 8 A.^. to 3 PTM. Monday thru Saturday. KRESS CORP. Illinois St. Brimfield, 111. SALESMAN WHY DOES ONE MAN SUCCEED —GROW RICH AND OTHERS FAIL? We have the answer, it you are success motivated and measure success in dollars (the only real yardstick), you may qualify for our executive sales position. We will start you on a |30O per week draw/commission program and guarantee you a minimum of 118,800 first year's earnings , . . selling our chemical tools for industry to new f trospecta and repeat customers, n our business you can earn even more than $15,600 the first year — depending on your abilities — and double and triple your Income. TTiere Is no overnight travel. You must be an experienced, aggressive salesman (and I don't cara whether your experience is in selling Insurance — pots and pans — vacuum cleaners — real estate or yachts I) as long as you are a legitimate and hard working closer with a desire for bigger and better things, then I am interested In you. We are a nationwide 22-year old, AAA-1 manufacturing company that is right for a man who is looking for a legitimate business home not a "deal." If you are determined to succeed, let's exchange facts. We will be avaUable to talk this week. Call person-to-person collect. SHELDON BLOOM District Sales Manager OR MILTON J. WESTBRMAN V.P.—National Sales Manager (312) 681-4005 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9 a.m.-6 p.m. MADISON- BIONICS DIV. An Equal Opportunity Employer I Be» Wanted'Male-ll AtcoWhTANT: Light WdustHal. In Charge of dept. under comptrol ler. Also take a break in person nel and directing office work once in a while. Growth spot 17,800. Urgenti Call Rich, 348 -1112, Wlttle, Pryor te Smith Peraonnel. ARiA COMPANY is Offering « Do- aition in production mgmt, lliia could be a move up for you, into a new growing division of a national company. Construction background helpful. Call Rteh, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. TRAINEE: Sell shaving products to supermarkets. Co. vehicle, $7,000. Call Jim Seattergood, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. NOW taking applications for doorman. Apply In person West Theatre after 7 P.M. PRi NATIONAL CARRIER ' Needs Qualified Drivers Major trucking company covering 48 states now offering paid qualification training on their equipment. No experience necessary — short haul and over the road. Qualified experienced drivers earn over $12,000 per year, Applications now being acceptad. Representative on duty from Sunday thru Friday. Call Tom West 309-662-4381 for Immediate arallcation or writa to "Trucks," P.O. Box 107B, Indianapolis, Ind., 46206 — An equal opportunity company MOONUGHTING Can't make ends meet? In the rut of $2.00 per hour, four nighta per week, and Saturday? No end in sight? BREAK THE RUT! Unique marketing concept. For information Write Post Office Box 986, Champaign, 111. 61820. Present employment will not be Jeopardized. Help Wanted-Male-n I OR 3 MEN needed. Apply In per son. Must have knowledge of scrap iron. Galesburg Iron & Me tal Co.. Knc-svllle Road. PARTIAL LISTING VARIETY OF POSITIONS MECH'L. ENGR.—Area Corp. desirous of person looking to ...^ grow? $15,000 SAFETY ENGR.—Great «POt,ln_ area Corp.! $14,000 IND. ENGR.—Career position with solid future! - $13,000 ENGR. TRAINEE—Local Co. will train you into prestige ^.^^ career iio.uoo MAINT.FOHEMAN-Knowledge of sewing machinery helpful. Local spot! ROD. -$9,000 CONTROLLER — Expansion has developed this immediate opening! $8,500 TOOL A: DIB MAKER-Flne spot with local firm on the grow! $8,000 MACHINIST—Mld-SIze Co. Rapid advancement for stable person -— —$8,000 PART MAN—Auto dealership has top notch spot with Mgr. Iture! ... . $7,800 DIESEL MECH.—If your service background was in the mechanics field, you qualify! Co. offers additional training. $7,800 DRAFTSMAN—Prestige Job for career aeeker. Mech'l design $7,500 MAINT. MAN—Local plant offers spot with variety I — $7,400 FOREMAN—Be a leader with local Co. Supervise friendly crew! - - $7,400 DRAFTSMAN TRAINEE — Area Engr. firm will train person with high school basics. $6,240 CaU Bob TUton. 342-1118 Wlttle, Pryor St Smith Personnel rULL or part time worker needed to start immediately. No experience necessary. Phone 343-2106. An equal opportunity employer. Help Wanted-Male-U Help Wanted • Mal&-ll BE YOUR OWN BOSS Work when you want to work, fish when you want to fish and still enjoy the pleasures of an Upper income bracket. We are looking for the independent kind of guy who likes to take his job seriously, his pleasures when he wants them but is hungry enough he Won't settle for less than the best that's in him. He's the kind of person who starts himself, keeps himself revved for top performance, produces top results, comes up with a high income bracket. Our product is a unique kind of financial security. We train you. Be prepared to answer questions on the telephone. Call 343-1355 —Monday, April 23rd Hetp WaM«ll*Mal»«ll SALES: Work as aMiataht to manager In estabisihed territory to learn ag. products. Selafy 118,000 plus expenses. Call Jim^Seiltter- good, 348-1112, Wittle, Pr.vor it Smith Personnel, CONSUMER FINANCE Due to rapid expansion we are In need of Assistant Manager and Manager Trainees. No experience necessary. National.Finance Company with one local office and over 480 offices nationwide. If you are interested in a career with a future apply at GENERAL FINANCE CORP. 107 E. Main St., Galesburg 342-6141 Help Wanted • Female-lZ LADY for full time morrtinf work. Apply in person, morninja only. Bakers Dozen OOnut Shop, Grand & Whitesboro. 4 WIDOW ladles, 63 or under, needing extra money, car necessary. Writa Box 823 c/o Oaleeburg Register-Mail. B1!:AUTY operator, full time to replace retired girl. CaU in person or phone. Flair Beauty Salon. 208 Hilt Arcade, 348-3018. TIRED OF ROUTINE? FLORIDA baaed corporation now hiring girls over 18 to travel national resorts. West Coast, Hawaii and return. All expenses paid during training. $460 monthly guarantee to start thereafter, plua yearly bonus and insurance plan. New car transportation fumlsned. This is not residential aolicitmg. Selling business trade publications. For immediate employment. For appointment for Interview: Ph. Mr. Jerry Waller 342-8174 Automobile Mechanic Wanted by aggressive dual dealership selling two popular makes. Good Woget plus Fringe Benefits Apply Harry Bulson PUCKETT/AMERICAN & lEEP 342-3146 143 E. Ferris HousEwma, _ Experienced with AVON, BEELINE, RUBBERMAID, TUPPERWARE, etc., you can earn $4,000 to $6,000 as a Supervisor with SANDRA GIFT and TOY HOME SHOWS. No Delivery. No CoUecttag. Weekly Commission Checks. Exclusive Gift Line ready soon! Writa for details and Color Catalog, giving experience and phone number, to "SANDRA,''^ 7207 East McNichols, Detroit. Mich. 48212. Suite A. AU replies Confidential. EARN A VACATION THE AVON WAY! Make money In your spare hours for « getaway cruise, epring clothes — whatever your heart desires. Find out how easy It is to get atarted as an AVON Bep- reswitatlve. CaU: M2-im or write: Avon Manager, P.O. Box 1385. Galesburg. Bl. 61401. GRANDVIEW RESTAURANT Night Waitress. 3 nights a week. Must be 16. Apply in person. CAREER Insurance aecretary. Excellent opportunity, $400-$550 to start. Must be experienced in general insurance agency work. Moving expenses paid. Send resume to P.O. Box 29. Gales- bu|g?IU. or call 343-1160, 2-6 INTERESTED In teaching beauty and skin care for Nortti Side Drug in Galesburg? Excellent Sngs and a choice your own hours. Complete free training by professional, beautydlrec- tor. 342-1185 for Interview ap- nnintment. Car necessary. PART TIME or full time, days Good wases. Arby's Roast Bee derson. in person. 1661 N. Hen(Continued on Page 28) STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 389 N. KELLOGG — 342-3060 Open 6:30 weekly — Saturday 7:30. Ages 2 to 6. Help Wanted-Male-ll HONDA MECHANIC Volume dealer needs mechanic/; service manager combination. Excellent program and fringe benefite. Established dealer. Year 'round work. Call collect for interview, Harry Stein^ Peoria; 692-3200. New Officers(Continued From Page 21) ing president, announced the May 23 luncheon will be held at WoodhuU Plaza at 1 p.m. Officers will be installed then. Mrs. Roger Asplund gave devotions, and Mrs. Paul Setter- dahl, North Henderson, presented the program, "Memories of Spring." Mrs. Everett Winkler was her accompanist. Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. Walter A. Peterson, Mrs. Reginald Bergstrom and Mrs. Ronald E. Hoburg. Lynn Goben has accepted a position with 3M Business Products at Wihnette. Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Lanphere, -Monmouth, were guests April 18 at the home of Mrs. Fern Eiker. DOG LOST: Male Irish Setter. Northwest of Galesburg. Call 343 4926. WHITE male poodle lost around 2nd and Seminary Sts. Nam* Harry. Reward. CaH 343-0829. MAN'S brown leather wallet lost in vicinity of Grand Honda Sales Reward. 1494 Mulberry, 342-5530. Gruen watch, 343-2379. — Lady's Gold with sets, reward. LADY'S gold wrist watch lost, Saturday, April 14, Catholic medal on band, CaU 343-8710^ GIRLS Galesburg High School class ring lost. Initials D.P. 1973. Reward. 342-0743. Business Service—7 GARDEN TILUNG Jim Kohtz, 342-0448 A. Sc A. Painting and Remodeling Contractors, Houses, Bams, Garages, etc. Abingdon 462-3529. — Free estimates. WOMAN Painter — 12 year A Art Student. Neat and efficient. Interior — some exterior. Removing paint, washing waUs, varnishing, patching. $2.50 hr. Excellent references, 343-2796. GARDEN TILUNG Bill Swank — 342-5884 HOUSE painting — interior and exterior. Free estimate. Call after 3:30 P.M. Phone 482-3988. GARDEN TILLING — Rolling, aerating, powerr aking and fertilizing. England Lawn & Garden Serviqe. Phone 343-7049. MOVING? Sell lliose Extra Items FAST with a Low-Cost Classified Ad. The WANT AD Number 3437181 TEXAS OIL COMPANY -Needs man over 40 for exclusive industrial sales territory. Must have car and be able to take short trips. No relocaUon, Sales experience helpful but not necessary. We are an expanding AAA-1 firm established since 1933. We offer you fuU fringe benefits. Life and Hosp. Insurance profit retirement plan plus Incentive bonus, liberal commiBslons with opportunity for advancement. For personal Interview write a letter and teU me about yourself, BlU Gore. Regional Sales Manager, Southwestern Petroleum Corporation. P.O. Box 789, Forth Worth, Texas 78101. CAR WASH ATTENDANTS Full and part time and permanent employees required. No experience required but preferred. Minimum age requirement 17. Prefer high school graduate. Good starting salary, uniforms supplied. For further information call William Bonner 3427949 or report to Shell Car Wash, Main & Henderson St.. Galesburg, 111, on Tuesday, April 28. • WANTED: Driver salesman for Pepsi Cola Route. 52 weeks per year, no layoffs. Good opportunity for man willing to work. Paid insurance, holidays and vacation. Age 23 to 40. High school or equivalent. Inquire in person G&M Distributors, Inc., 343 Kellogg. S. DISHWASHER — Janitor. Nights. 6 P.M. to 2 A.M. Apply Beserra's Taco House. I'M STILL LOOKING for a Man agement Trainee for a local giant in the finance field. This company offers a solid future to a person who is willing to learn. Start low but salary and prestige potential are great. $6,000 or better to start. Call Rich. 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor Sc Smith Personnel. 98% of Market Unsold! We want 10 salesmen in Galesburg area to sell home security systems. FuU or part time. Earn $200 to $300 per week. Ideal for policemen, teachers. Insurance men, etc. Training program. Call collect Mr. Steward at 309-674-7618 MARRliSD man for year around work on grain and livestock farm. Must be experienced. References. Marvin Setterdahl, Rio, lU. 872-2775. ^ PRODUCTION FOREMAN 1. Must have 2 years experience in metal fabrication or woodworking. 2. Day shift. 7 to 3:30 p.m. 3. Salary position with excellent fringe benefits. Apply Personnel Office ROWE MFG. CO. High School Student 18 Years old, immediate openings for producUon work. Second shift, 3:30 to 11:30 P.M. Apply personnel of/lee, Rowa Mfg. Co. HelpWaatetf - Male, Female-MHelp Wanted - Male, Female-MHelp Wanted - Male, Female-lSHelp Wanted - Male, Female-lS J. I. CASE CO. ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS Needs Production Machine Operators • CHUCKER LATHE . TURRET LATHE • HONES • MILLING MACHINES • SURFACE GRINDERS • RADIAL DRILLS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS On 2nd and 3rd SHIFTS for Operators on any of the Above Machines, Plus a number of Similar Machines. THESE JOBS OFFER TOP INCENTIVE EARNINGS (PLANT AVERAGE CURRENTLY $5.40 per hour) Benefits Include: Excellent Vacation Plan — Paid Absence Allowance—12 Paid Holidays — Excellent Group Insurance and Retirement Benefits. Will Be Interviewing in the GALESBURG.SHERATON MOTOR INN Locoted on 1-74 ot E. Moin on MONDAY, APRIL 2 .3 and TUESDAY, APRIL 24 From Noon until 8 P.M. Ask at the Desk for: MR. R. S. LEONARD —Sheroton Motor Inn AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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