Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 5
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•- J -^ :I -.•','".. •:^^-'- ») M ft ^rs B?*?v •tst 'ftf*s» 5 LASfi HOlfHK QHTOAOO ¥iSIT r ...>», h ht» f frst in his niTt»: 0M».fj0nw, Ms stri of In !h* thro"Eh ; g tbr'ni-;<i nrd hi? op**n'.r.s in«« fos* brought 'into play mr»r.v efWtaflo*)* from tha?* 1 hlsh !n th*i cfflBnclls of th? rppnbllcm p^rtyl which he ergues rapport his cor.':m-! tstrn that the reign of rrpiibliran^m j in Washington should he cnrted, j Mr. Rob! n son. who rnovrs f >n t 0 Rofnrel? for n. sffond n<!rirp,v.i in Hew Mssico. has rtus; out of the rmi ptsslensl record a ffntement h. Senator Borah of Idaho, now campaigning for Hoover, that tho republican presidential nominee «>bH«* serving as food administrator undf-r Woodrow Wilson had permitted Ihrre vast monopolies which contro food In this country with relation to their commodities to fix their own prices. Farther he quotes the Ztfahonn SF saytoic at anoth*r lirrm that Mr. Hoover "who violated the most fundamental principle"! of the constitution of this country, will not have * very much regard for n statute In !. Europe." REPORT 22 HANGINGS , IN^MACIDONIAN FEUD London. Oct. e— (Tj.P.)— Twenty- two hangings in n renewal of nn old MacedonlASi political'feud were reported In a dispatch to tho Daily News from Sofia, Bulgaria via Vienna. The dispatch said followers of Ivan Mlchalloff. leader in the poli- • tical fight for the independence of Macedonia, had enticed 22 followers of the latfl General Alexander Pro- togeroff Into tho woods near Kus- tendil and hanged them to trees. Protogeroff, one of tho leaders in the fight to incorporate Maoedonla with one of the neighboring: countries of Greece, Bulgaria or Jugo Sla.via, was assassinated In Sofia several montixs ago. MichallofTs followers were accused of the murder. FALL WANTS CASE TO BE TRIED IN SPEING El Paso, Tex., Oct. n— (A.P.)--Al- bert B. Fall, whose trial early this year on a charge of conspirady to defraud the government in connection with the leasing of Teapot . Dome was postponed after his physical breakdown, wants his case to go to trial In- Washington" not later then next April." Th* former secretary of the interior told newspapermen here last night that he beMeved he would be in condition early in the spring to <*»nd the eastern trip. He said bis p r-^E 61 * 0 hBd ordered him not to go ( to Washington during the fall or winter, but had indicated Fall would e* able to mate tire trip by spring. Buss Aviator Says He May Have Been Mistaken Moscow, Oct. 8—<u,P.)— The Rus- Bign aviator Chukbnvsky. who found Captains Adalberto Mariano and Filippo Zappl of the Italia crew, said he believed he had been mistaken when he thought he saw three men on an ice floe. He said he thought -be ptoba!3ly.lQQk paraphernalia- .on the ice to be a human figure. Chukhnovsky flew over the spot where Zappi and Mariano were stranded and directed the Russian Ice breaker Kraeidn to their rescue, j He told the crew of the Krassin that he had seen three men and believed .without a doubt that Finn Malm- pen had been with Mariano and fcappl. *« nl.«<5 Sfi'iptfd tha policy, vhie.h h»,« rl f--T ,«n man? rrars on The Daily arei'e. »nd u-hich b<?for« coaid rwt put in eseaiiten b*c**»* ef tJ»* !;c C fj by the CliMtJWi M- r?f msil rates «r* now th« Th" Dally <l*«ett« rates for yrsrs, ami the ct«h policy will bs fcn«»<l to tiKfaetory, Iwlh to pub)!«her!! snd patrons" of the CUntan Her s.W. h? In a be morf HOT ON BTATI TIOEET OF O.O.F., SAYS GUBTIB •-»•( (jvf. nthT hftirl. ft ttft* rfjxsrt- that th* Ornkf SKwwHn rBijrht ? ^ s^h*^ to l**^ fr^f th*' Unit?^5 Sf^^^^ p^ : ^l W^ff'n^^i^T, f*J * I •¥**?*£"TT£*1 tn K^ : Mr* , Ofovs^ W. A!',b!!f wi B. Win.i9.nit, \*t W, H. Wright, Oii: fartr; «tf- Th* in M«n'-S'>niff-. to to t** !«re«t condi on Oaleabunt. 111.. Oct. 8,— >(UJ».)— Charges of Floyd E, Thompson, the democratic nominee for (rormwr. that the present republican state ticket was "the same old g»ng«<rejt- ifi« office," and that this "gang ustd public fund* to et?.Tich themseh'ss" were hotly denied by O. N. Cusler. republican candidate for gtate trcae urer, in a meeting at AblngtJon Ouster explained the workings of the state finance department and said Thompson's charges were untrue and that Thompson knew they were untrue. He asserted that Thompson had the privllega of ex amining and auditing the state books to ascertain the truth of his fclatcmenU, but never h»d asked the privilege or made suggeation that it Ix? done. Mra, Ruth Hanna McCorajJck and Otis F. Glenn were other speakers, Mrs. McCormick attacking Smith's fnrrn program and Glenn calling'at- tention to Smith's Tammany hall affiliations. DADDY BROWNING IS SEEKING GIRLS WITH 'BUSINESS IT 1 New York, Oct. 8.—(U.P).—Ed- ward W. "Daddy" Browning, rml estate- man. creator of clnderellas and husband of the former "Peaches" Heenan, announced ; hls newest line of benevolent endeavor. Daddy is looking for girls with •business it" which he defined was 'that certain indefinable something that salesmen have when they go out to sell, and girls have when they brighten up an office." The first 100 girls in Manhattan, 3i-ooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Hoboken and points west and south who have "business it" will x benefited to the extent of one free ticket each to the balcony at the opening of * music*! performance tonight. What is more, Daddy announced, he will b« waiting at the theater at 6 p. m. tonight to hand out the free tickets and so he advlfled the little working girl to "bo Just chock full of business it" if she WMU« to get in to see the chow. RADIO CORP. BUYS AN INTEREST IN KEITH-ALBEE 00. lr StfttW GTfT WFftTll f> tes. TTK* lat« .start rnaj return frnfn York snd Sng to the tSnns so Jftfe fn the ye«r. It «'s,s reported the far first tr»n.s- Atlantic TOyss?» flrtll b Abotit 13.000 and that 17 ptrson. hsve aplled for p«ws«ee. Among them are Robert, Reinsr, textllf manufacturer, of We*ha*ken, N. J now at HfUlelbcrf, and Frederick OilfiUan. at present in " Lucerne William B. Lwdjs. Jr.. reserved place, but lie is ill and may not be nblo to go. Several government of flcials may passibly m»*c the trip, Million Dollar Fire At Reading, Pa., Steel Plant Reading, Pa.. Oct. 8.— (UP) — DamaRe est.imated at $1.000.000 was caused rvt the plant of '.he Carpenter Steel Co.. her* when two gas tanks exploded, destroying four buildings and damag'ng ottiers. Hfvpral persons w&n> reported to have been ttiiown from bfd by the explosion and hundreds of window pnnca were shattered. No Injuric; thus far have been reported. Cause of the fire is unknown. It was thought a eas line exploded eith-r at u meter or at the entrance of the furnaces. For fees* ra*silt£ use ' Sum* Price For OiHtr 38 Ycflrw B ls- r n«!<r* (• S«l-, him *1 That Roy C. Sin, prMtnl c-ont*5t. r.r>rirtur!<w1 iiy s.hs W- iwsciMion. Rrxl W. P M^rrimaR *f Bprlnpn^W won !h«- fnrm !«tte« contest. Iy>on«.rr1 Carton. C?r»nit« Citv. took the pri?/' in thf) town speaking cont*-5t »t the n! bnnquft. Srnator John Dailey of Pooria M dr«is*d the convention on state tsx- . ing problems Saturday. EVANSTON~LOSE3 IN AN EFFORT TO HAY1 ZONING LAW UPHELD Bprlngfl'W, ill., Oct. R._fA.P.>— After lo-sing each round of Ita fight to stop construrtlon of iifw bulltj- ings by the Western Theologic*! ffmlnary in its rrsldtncc dlftrict, the city of Evanston hns lost apito in 1L<5 attempt to modify tho s« preme corirta drci.tlon In the ca» and save its zoning ordinance- in tact. Work on the seminary buildings has started, and corporation ootwwd William Ll.slcr for Evanston smid them was no desire to hinder It, but ndclrd that, "We feel that the courts opinion poos a little beyond the scope of the subject and are apprehensive of its effect on the toning regulations of Evanston. as well as similar ta tb. O n 3? w n,J R1SOIND W?ITATION ! lVf ' r '^^IIL 1 *™ ' - Wts- s TO MRS. WILLBBRANDT' ^^* ^ ^ .S^S^U. ' erti *^_ . » ^ , _ . - ._ j ' * - ' ' '• '" ' "-' * i t/Ttl t»ai Bickfftrd's Ph^ fs!l ; fr "7 FREE on Uncalled For Suits * $14.75 Forty-live suits to pick from. This for ten days only. M. Manfield West Third St., Sterling New tablet with startling pain Ing properties is harmless 'THIS comes from the world- JL famed research laboratories ot the Rhineland—trherc so many of the great triumphs of sclecce have been won. It is humanity'* long souglit way of easing pain •without the use of endangering antiseptics and narcotics. European physicians, hospitals and general public are abandoning the old ways daily in its favor. The tablet is almost tasteless. It contains no opiates, no pheriacetin, no awtaailid, no caffeine, no aspirin. Neither the weakest heart nor the most sensitive stomach is affected. The name is Ncophen. Relieve tome suffering one toa& Doctors' own CJIM record* ranging all the way from simple headache to the agonising pains of cancer ahow success after success to the credit of Ncophen. Usually in five minutea relief arrives. Colds, fev- cra and other ailments where perspiration is a blessing arc quickly broken up. Neuralgia, rheumatism, female pains, pleurisy and all other sources of suffering likewise. Safe for infants in proper dosage, M&ks test today The chemical name of Xeophen is, ciiinethyl-amitKiphcnyl-dim- ethyl-pyraimlon—a combination of ingredients which your pharmacist knows to be harmless. So for your own sake or the sake of some suffering clear one obtain some Neophen before stores close tonight. Tubes of 12 4-grain tablets are 50c. Or if you would first try free, sign aJncJ present couponT Puriftd THE HARMLESS NEW TRJUMPH OVER PAIN NO >*—* I'OR I'lU.T THIAL fOKU HOPKINS COMPANY 10 I). Third tit., sterling. III. use free trial packet of tsOlO! Name NO caffeine NO What you want ircra coal is heat—all you can get from it. And our coal contains more heat per ton than any other coal you can buy. You pay less for this coal, and because of the intense heat it gives, you use less, Which means a double saving for you. Bonny Blue Coal People's Ice and Coal Co. New York, Oct. 6... Radio Corporation of America has purchased an Interest In Keith-Albee-Orpheum, Inc. David SarnofT, vice president and general manager of tfce Radio Corporation, declined to make *oy tatemeint. It was reported In banMrnf circles that final negotiations hud cot yet been completed, but that present plans called for the formation of * holding company, atock of which will be exchanged for. the »ecurlUe» of the Radio Corporation, Keith- Alfa^s and film booking olfloea. Now is the time to look after your housecleaning for the wintry days ahead. o Will You HELP? b the bums and Wffl you Mm-¥wii him «mt ©f town? Cfimind ^ alt Lla^ry. Hfe wkhoiit ^ Cf , He b! 9 W ' <^ colUioni of ddhn is r for the , of buiiaeas, and Call Us-Phone 1240 Frank Stager Insurance gency Lawrtmti: Utilg. FAT »ICIA MODE RNE (P V_xC ulv Modernistic furniture, fabrics, accessories, now have their complement in silverware! Brightly polished bowls, tines and bkdes, and 'jeweled' colored knife handles contrast smartly with the planes of this magnificently simple design. Six-cover services, $30 up, with intriguing service silver to misch. All guaranteed for 50 yois. Are They Soiled? Look Dingey? Need Cleaning? Many homes in this district know that we can and do clean rugs beautifully—They have taken our word for it and sent them here—With the result ™t-the r look••Hke-iiew-^Ceftamrv~a8"a .matter of™ health in eliminating germs and dirt they have profited also. BESIDES RUGS-Qur Model Plant is equipped to do all of your home housecleaning— Such as CURTAlNS~-BLANKETS~~And BEDDING You will be surprised also at the low cost. We invite your inspection of our plant at any time. We take pleasure in letting folks know how and why we are able to render them a superior dry cleaning and'laundry service. . , . - DJEING—DRY CLEANING—LAUNDERING .' B. A, GEHRING fhird Sirttts I b p: fc ill, in! ley) I ifN ir?! "Once—Then Always" Dry Cleaning mid laundering Protect the Health of Our Cwtvmertf*

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