The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on August 12, 1945 · Page 32
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 32

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1945
Page 32
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DS Lincoln 5nntay Journal ami Star Anjruftt 12, li HAVELOCK NOTES Romance, Rhythm and Ripley f ppllIC ' Tf In The Good 01e' Summertime 1 v , I "P 1 v ,. opsiWsasrB ,. m ii ..... Urn Amwcne ,1s announcer on Columbia net work's popular "'Romance, Rhythm and Ripley" show on Thursdays. tony Doug law is baritone sing ing star on Columbia's "Ro mance, Rhythm land Ripley" I show. a - ""1??' i warn mm rm . w 1 11 JSP ,.. - (, S1 Marfoa Huff on Jrobert L RfpJey adds both tells those be - sparkle and. lieve - i t - or - not melody to "Ro - j tales on CBS' manee, rinyuim k o m a n c e, and Ripley" as; Rhythm and vocalist on the! Ripley' heard show. i over KFAB. mm i - 5aji uk Mi - , olT i - - vttwjr sv rr - , "sci b. . wi rMi VliKVSSTfVMJ . t 1 , ' - - V'J rCi i OmtfM ttmmf Dmmmm I Worn t4r XT EBRASKA'S champion 4 - H Club speakers, Dorothy Pohl of David City and Ronald Ritchey of Elsie, are introduced on the air immediately after being announced as winners of the two $150 scholarships "to the University ot Nebraska, awarded by radio station KFAB, Combat Men Depicted By Real War Veterans Most frequent comment of dialers who write in to CBS cbout the weekly air dramatization of The Doctor Fights (the program about real doctors on the fighting fronts) concerns the realism with which the guest stars portray their roles. Many letters say, in effect, "The actors - performances sound so authentic it seems as if they are combat veterans, too." "It is no illusion. More than S'3IATTEIl OZZIE? ? ? who stars in his o t the CBS own comedy;"Moore - Dur - show heard over; ante" show is KFAB is enter - 1 on a tour of taming service - Ithe South Paci - men in the Pa - fie this summer, cific. f who was to accompany Garry, was told by doctors to stay home. He's to go on a hospital tour. baritone star of his CBS show is busy doing three shows for overseas recordings. half the guest stars who so far have appeared on "The Doctor Fights" are veterans recently returned to civilian life. Most supporting players are GIs still in uniform - they are allowed by regulations to work during furloughs provided they remain anonymous to the listening audience. World War Records. Among the stars heard this summer who are ex - service men are Robert Cummings, Robert Montgomery, Ronald Colman, Van Heflin and Glenn Ford. All have service records in World War II except Colman. He was m soldier in World War I and was with Lord Kitchener's famed "Contemptibles" beginning in 1914. Seriously wounded in battle in 1916, Colman was subsequently medically discharged from the British army. Robert Montgomery (who, incidentally, turned over the entire check received for his appearance en "The Doctor Fights" to war charities) was recently returned to inactive duty after nearly four years as a line officer in the U. S. Navy. He held the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Montgomery has seen longer service than any other Hollywood celebrity. He Was a volunteer ambulance driver In the Spanish Civil war and later served in the same capacity with the American Field Service in France in the early days ot the present war before taking his commission in the Navy. ; Cummings .In Four Years. ! Robert Cummings, too, has had nearly four years of service: One of Hollywood's most experienced flyers, he was a flight instructor for the Army Air Forces and has trained hundreds of airmen, several of whom later became combat aces. Van Heflin and Glenn Ford are recently out of uniform. Heflin was an Army Signal Corps Lieutenant who led a combat movie camera crew into Germany during heavy fighting before the Nazi surrender. Ford is a medically discharged Marine sergeant who served for two years in the Pacific war lone. Bob Burns thinks that ball players should make good hus bands because they're always in a hurry to get home! A i ? T, ' 7 - , a met - m ., . mmm m . - . - sw m - r . 'ma. m sg - imm . t Harry Von Zell Makes Movie Debut At Last HOLLYWOOD INS Blond, stocky Harry Von Zell, whose laugh won him radio fame, reached another coveted goal today - stardom in motion pictures but he admits there was a slight" detour of 15 years getting there. "Ail my life I've wanted to be a XAN LADD will pinch - hit for Hedda Hopper Monday, Aug. 13 on CBS while Miss Hopper spends her vacation at Scrippts Clinic getting an annual check - up. Doctors are upset, she reports, because they can't find anything wrong with her! Question Airing mmw n7Tmii.rn:Tm:Tnr:ni Cosjse in and sew THE AMAZING NEW S0N0T0NE I "600" 'WancUrfuli Radio litenti who may hv questions about radio artitts and programs ara invited to send thara to tha Radio Editor, Sunday Star and Journal, Lin eotn. Nebraska. Answers will appear on this pge as soon as the requested in formation la available. Who are the two featured staffers with Charlie Spivak's orchestra? How old are they? Are either of them married? Lincoln, Neb. Irene Daye and Jimmy Saunders are the two vocalists with Spivak. Both are in their early twenties and have been with the Spivak orchestra for several season. Where are Sally and Sue who used to be at KFAB? How old are Bob Hill, Jack Wells and Wilson Brewer all of KFAB and are they married? Lincoln, Neb. Sally just recently was married and is now with her husband who is in the army. Sue is in Omaha. Bob Hill is 21, Jack Wells is 27 and Wilson Brewer is 26. Ail three are married. What happened to the program, "I Love a Mystery when the Jack Klrkwood show replaced It on CBS? Where is Irma Cart - wrijfht who used to be heard over KFAB? Strang. Neb. "I Love a Mystery went off the air entirely. Irma Cartwright is now with station WHO in Des Moines. rthat Swt past ail bearing axis I It's going to make a big difference in your hearing! mr 1 Fhone - 3404 JLO Federal Securities Bldg. 13th and N Sta Lincoln 8 r SIS Wertd - HeralS Bdf Omaha t mmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm UMI E a CEDRIC FOSTER NtW TIME SUNDAY 7:00 P.M. Sponsored by the EMPLOYERS' GROUP Copem4e a Cedrie Foster, dtottnguished eocnmeatator and reporter, fuat ratumad from the Pacific, and apooaorad by The Employers Group Insurance Corn - fMUEtle of Boston, will bring yow his analysis of current news ewsnta at this new time over TOUR MUTUAL STATION KFOR With Neutral Cetor Earphone and Card. Wa Invite f as Con In Far Demonstration. BURRESS OPTICAL CO. 1319V O St. llfllS: I sm Beftone MONO - PAC MeSlMsi ikt MlihiMMl sWirHtypttda 11 MeM ef awst aeariaf aim! Jkmorice's hnestelnai awaStv fctsetaa aid. Cosapietely eoataMtMt at one compact, prooi eioa4ifc unit, ttie monoc offer yo mm ijott, aaa wmrer. nam soanwa, NOW asaspped wfta m - eaapks ftoa - ir 6& mTs VF1 Jast eaeefsMMyeatoteaaV ins fcetorea yea's Mke m wis aetieasUy4sajMs aid to better aeaHBit! See it Try at K Send For FREE Booklat OzZIE NELSON and wife Harriet Hilliard return to the air Sunday over KFAB to star in CBS Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" comedy seiies, in which they frequently have their troubles, as witness. BrW Love 0f13 Tom Quinn S 2c is home oni Mrs. Ray Howard spent Wed - leave visiting his parents, Mr. and!"esday at Greenwood with her Mrs. Earl Quinn, after completing; "f1 Parents, Mr. and Mrs. l i a ..a, au. j i i ,. a. spf a. . s nis ooui training at ureat JuaKes, 111. The E. E. Extension club will meet Wednesday, August 15 at the home of Mrs. Charles Wil liams, for their regular meeting. Joan and Judy Williams will give a group of musical numbers. Mrs. Ivan Armstrong and Mrs. Chris Madsen will be hostesses. The Far and Wide club met Tuesday with Mrs. Harold Smith at her home, 4443 St. Paul, for a 1 o'clock luncheon and kensington. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown and daughter Norma, Yutan, were the guests of their daughter, Mrs. Donald Brown, and Mr, Brown, last week - end. Mrs. Russell Holmes and daughter Suzane, Denver, visited her mother - in - law, Mrs. Chester Hock, and Mr. Hock last week - end, also other relatives in Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Klassen spent last week - end with relatives, at Fullerton. Cpl. Glenn Gordon arrived Monday night from Germany on a furlough of 30 days to visit his fiM h.m aa in Omnhn irft Fri - wife and baby, also his parents,! d for their hQme Bremerton, tt m.l lltta b7iMm sTS. J - ! t rf M, screen actor, Von Zell confessed. "Twenty years ago I tried a short cut. I went straight to the studio gates. That's as far as I got a look inside from outside Von Zell made his screen debut at Universal studios recently with a featured role in "Uncle Harry," Wednesday, the eighty - fifth birthday anniversary of Mrs. 01iv Hartshorn, a celebration in her honor was planned by her children who assembled at her home for a family reunion and dinner. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Eva Morris, and three children, Bremerton, Wash., were among the guests. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Severson and two daughters, Barbara and Ruth Ann, Stanberry, Mo., spent last week - end here with Mrs. Severson a parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hinman. Their son Harry, who spent the summer with his grandparents, accompanied them home. The Hinmans also had as their guests Sunday, their son Robert and Miss Stahtnecker, Grand Island. The Twin Table Pinochle club met Friday with Mrs. Harold Gil - son. After the games, refresh ments were served. Mrs. Eva Morris and three chil dren who have been visiting rela - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Carrigan, Ravenna, spent the week - end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carrigan. Mrs. Susie Smith is in Shelby Washington. f A.M.M.2C Bob Jenkins arrived home last week from liorneo on a furlough and will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jen - visiting her son, Dr. Paul Smith kins. A family reunion will be and family, The Royal Neighbors met last Friday afternoon with Mrs. J. R. Carrigan for their regular meet in which he portrayed a druggist1 ing After the business session re - mvuiveu in a mystery. Film acting is far more tedious than radio, performing, Von Zell has learned. ,'You don't need grease paint in front of a microphone and you don't swelter from multitudes of kleig lights." But Harry Von Zell loves it. He gains weight in radio, and loses it at film studios. The kleig lights freshmen ts were served. Deiorts Klager, Omaha, was the guest this weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Densmore. Mrs. Irene Haynes went to held in his honor Sunday. Alice Jeanette Pierson, of Man - ley, has been the guest this week of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jenkins. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cushman and Mrs. J. White, who have been the guests of Mr. White's daughter and Mrs. Cushman's sister, Mrs. J. N. Shipps and Mr. Shipps, OMAHA HEARING CENTER 3rd Floor Suaderktad Bide. 40t So. 15tk Si Omaha. Nek. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS THIS WEEK after running out of words on the atomic bomb told of Ed Gardner (Archie of radio's "Duffy's Tavern) criticising the eperations of the USO and the army special services In Italy. Frank Sinatra made a similar beef when he returned from the same tour a few weeks ago. SAID GARDNER: We were routed politically by a lot of broken - down USO Charlies. Some outfits with pull could get four shows in four days while a lot of outfits didn't see a show in two years." SAID THE ARMY COLONEL IN REPLY: "Gardner is talking through his nat What is true of course, is that some outfits didn't see all the shows they would have liked to see and that we would like to give them.' aaa OBSERVING FROM THE SIDELINES: Hurray for the day when all our troops can come home to be entertained Inside theaters that have soft lights on the ceiling and thick rugs on the floor instead of In theaters of war! aaa WHODUNNIT? WHY ALL THE MYSTERY, we asked a few weeks ago when the air was jammed with mystery programs. Answer is, according to radio criminologists, that the1 average radio listener wants to get his mind off everyday worries. And there is nothing quite so relaxing as a nice quiet murder where time is really the only thing that is killed. Ingredients of a good crime show must include plenty of suspense. Humor is important too. Wisecracking sleuths mix puns with guns to produce their bang - up blend. The story must sound real. If some poor devil gets slabbed, mystery fans like to feel the very blood trickling out... the gorrier the better. The fictional blood spilling there's enough to fill the Red Cross blood bank to the brim and then some with a pat solution at the end of the show acts like a bracer against a turmoil of common cares. Thus, the mystery of why all the mystery is no longer a mystery! (We're through with the gruesome stuff Mike, you can come out of hiding now.) GIVE THE MAN NINE SILVER DOLLARS Tenor Jack Smith has turned down movie offers because he's happily married. And he's a smart man. Observes Jack: "You can't be in a different beautiful girl's arms every other day making pictures and not eventually succumb. Radio is safer. All you can do ' Is hug the mike! (Isn't that right, Frankie?) . - ' - . - ".. THE BIGGER THE SUMMER VACATION, THE HARDER THE FALL Trulv it has been an exciting summer for many radio stars. Contrary to public opinion the "big names" don't all loll around on beaches vacationing away the summer. DANNY KAYE is now playing in hospitals, camps and bases and will shortly go overseas . . . LIONEL BARRYMORE is making a picture called "Duel in the Sun" . . . FRANCES LANG - FORD is on another tour of the West Coast service bases and hospitals , . . EDGAR BERGEN has returned to Hollywood after a 10 - day stay in Reno where he combined a little fishing with cumn snows . . DON McNEILL took four days off this summer to go fishing with his dad , . . a number of entertainers are still overseas at this writing. - AROUND THE DIALS JACKIE COOPER is playing drums with Claude Thornhill's navy band . . . PHIL BAKER and his wife are writing a new novelty tune. "You'll Be Sorry" . EVELYN KNIGHT has just returned from a night club engagement in Rio De Janeiro . . , ETHEL BARRYMORE of ABC's "Miss HatUe" series will not be back this year . . . FRITA KREISLER guestars on the "Telephone Hour on WOW for the fourth time this year on Monday's program , . . GINNY blMMS and her new husband shouldn't have trouble finding a place to live he's executive head of the defense housing corporation in Los Angeles , HARRY VON ZELL Story Ot Atomic Bomb Broadcast On CBS Thursday The first authenticated war department program on the atomic 1 bomb the most dreaded weapon in the history of world warfare will be presented by the army services forces radio production unit over the Columbia network Thursday on "Weapons for Victory. The New York Philharmonic Symphony's final summer season concert over CBS is conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos Sunday after noon with George Sandor as piano soloist. Rear Admiral Joseph James Clark will tell the story of the carrier . "Hornet on "Report to the Nation" . . , Jean Hamilton, pianist, is guest on the "Family Hour" . . . Paul V. McNutt and Arthur J. Altmeyer tell how social security and federal state aid will facilitate individual ad justment from war to peace on hr ffranrinarenta. Mr. and Mrs. burn the surplus weight from his Rnv Feetin. iast week. chubby frame. TWnr flavin for California Born in Indianapolis, the son of to make their homef Mr. and Grinnell la this week to visit, hom0 Center. "cr ii - u. - iw, mi.. viUe ja Monday. They were ac - Hays, and family. J hw Mr and Mrs. Janice Feetm, Omaha, visited j r. - . ... mntinA Kal.ral Utiippo nV t sa rjw.w ww - a newspaperman. Marry nas en joyed a varied life. At Sioux City, Iowa, he graduated from high school, moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at the University of Southern California. During a visit to a small broadcasting station at Ingle wood, Calif., just as an amateur program was to begin, someone asked Harry if he could sing. "Sure," he replied. . Couldn't Help Laughing. While being introduced, he couldn't help himself from laugh - Mrs. Dale Flansburg visited relatives in Burlington last week. Sgt. Vincent Northrup arrived from overseas Monday and will visit his sister, Mrs. Vernon Good, and will leave Thursday for Iowa City to see his wife. Mrs. Good also had as her guest this week her sister, Miss Tressa Northrup, until Thursday, when she returned to her home at Nodawav. Ia. TSgt. Sig Graverman, Baltimore, has just returned from England and was the guest last i t v4.4. weekend of Miss Dorothy Teach wu u l. .uu w:.'man. and her parents, Mr. and IT UC11 I1B KUL UilUUsllI W 1UI Ills song, the phones became hot with calls from the radio audience for an encore of more laughs from Harry. From that auspicious start, Harry was hired by various small broadcasting stations for pro - Mrs. W. A. Teachman. The Bob Smith family moved into their home, recently purchased, at 65th and Morrill Ave., last week. The three circles of the W. S. C. S. met at the following places Wednesday: Grouo 1 at the grams. He became a singer - an - ' t, " c " ' nouncer. Then the larger stations Fhurc5 parlors Mrs. Alex Ster - beckoned to him. ;el. chairman; Mrs A. E. Nelson, "But all my life I wanted to be Mrs. Ed Axe and Mrs. Carl Liyd - a movie star - and by gosh, Pm holm hostesses; Group 2 Mrs. finally getting there after a fifteen year detour,' the comedian revealed displaying contracts for KFAB at 10:15 p. m. Monday two more future pictures. Journal and Star Radio Programs KFAB I KFOR I KOIL I WOW Columbia Broad casting System 1110 Kilocycles Bine and Mutual 1340 Kilocycles Columbia Broad - easting System 1390 Kilocycles Rational Bread - easting System 0 Kilocycles KFAB KFOR Suit. A. M. KOIL WOW 8:001 S:ia j $ m i 45 9:00 :tS S:8S S:4ft 10:00, 10:15 10.30 10:45 11:00 11:1a 11:80 11:45 Old r. Revival Old P. Revival Old P. Revival Old F. Revival Prophecy Voice Prophecy Voice Worship Hour Worship Hour News Bd McConneU Back to Ood Back to Ood Rev. Crawford Rev. Crawford Voice of Prophecy Voice of Prophecy Radio Bible Class Radio Bible Class News Christian Science i Morning News t Christian Science i Back to Ood JJBackJjo Ood Old Fash Revival Old Pash. Revival Old Pash. Revival Old Pash. Revival Rev. John B. Zoller Rev. John B. Zoller Revival Hour Revival Hour First Plymouth First Plymouth First Plymouth Ptrst Plymouth Revival Hour Revival Heur Lutheran Hour Lutheran Hoar News Blue Jacket Choir News Sunday Melodies HealtL System Hllights of Newt Chapel Service Chapel Service Chapel Service Chapel Service Omaha Front Page Cheer Up Time News Gems dt Jottings Story to Order Betsy Ross Olrl Salt Lake Choir Salt Lake Choir Transatlantie Call Transatlantie Call World Front World Front Concert Orch. Concert Orcb II III Mil 1 I KFOR) ! 1 S P.M. TODAY series of little digs! i i g NEW RADI0NIC HEARING AID $40 m - . alHsaSm aaam aa aaaam 1 &kjm o fee 1 VLA KFAB KFOB 8 UN. P. ML KOIL WOW 12:00 News Chapel in Sky News News 12:15 Voices Four Southern Harmony Sunday Reporter Farm Magasine 1S:SQ Civilian Defense I Civilian Defense Neb. War Prog. Defense Program 18:45 M. L. Nelson New Vagabond Dreamer Mitchell jfcUUey 1:001 Stradivari Orch Crime My Pastime Stradivari Orch. Bennett Brooks 1:15 1 Stradivari Orch Memoriea Stradivari Oreo. Bennett dt Brooks 1:80 1 Sun. Musicals Sammy Kaye World News John C. Thomas 1;45 1 Qiin Downs Sammy Kay World News John C Thomas zTOO Phiihannonie Trie Dreamer N. Y. Philharmonte World Parade 9:15 Philharmonic News N. T. Philharmonic World Parade :30 Philharmonte Gems of Melody N. Y. Philharmonic One Man's Family S:45 Philharmonic Treasury Salute N. Y. Philharmonic One Man's Family 3:00 Philharmonte Dart for Dough N. Y. Philharmonic Army Hour S:15 Philharmonic Darts for Dough N. Y. Philharmonic Army Hour S:K0 Klectrlc Hour At N K Ranch Electric Hour Neb. - Iowa Quia S:4 Electric Hour At N K Ranch Electric Hour Neb. - Iowa Quia . 4:00 Family Hour Mary Small Revua Family Hour Symphony of Air 4:15 Family Hour Mary Small Revue Family Hour Symphony of Air 4:80 Family Hour Charlotte Oreen'd Family Hour Symphony of Air 4:45 Wm. L Shlrer Charlotte Oreen'd Qulncy Howe Symphony of Air 5:00 Ouie Harriet Summer Hour , Silver Theater Catholic Hour 5:15 Oxsie 6 Harriet Summer Hour Silver Theater Catholic Hour 5:80 Rpt. to Nation Sun. Evening Party Report to Nation Men at Sea RPt , to Nation Sun. Evening Party Report to Nation Men at Sea 6:00 Men of Vision Drew Pearson Men of Vision Wayne King s:15 Men of Vision Don Gardiner Men of Vision Wayne King 0:50 Blondie Your America Blondie Bandwagon Mystei 0:45 Blondie Your America Blondie Bandwagon Mystei 7:00 That's My Pop Cedric Foster That's My Pop Frances Langford f:15 That's My Pop Curtain Call That's My Pop Frances Langford 7:80 Crime Doctor Curtain Call Crime Doctor Tommy Dorsey 1:45 Crime Doctor j Gabriel Heatter Crime Doctor Tommy Dorsey 8:00 Readers Digest Jergen's Sum. Ed. Readers Digest Merry - Oo - Round S:15 Readers Digest Mystery Time Readers Digest Merry - Oo - Round S:Se Btar Theater Mystery Time Star Theater Familiar Musle 8:45 Star Theater Jimmy Ftdler Star Theater Familiar Music . 9:00 Take or Leave It Brownstone Theater Take Or Leave It Hour ef Charm 0:15 Take or Leave It Brownstone Theater Take Or Leave It Hour of Charm 0:80 Night Editor Freddie Martin Wake Up America Meet Me at Parke 0:45 Trees. Salute Chapel Organ Wake Up America Meet Me at Parke) 10:001 News News Newa , News 10:15 j Weird Circle Town Meeting News Review Jergena Hew 10:80 Weird Circle Town Meeting Music You Want Mystery Time 10:45 j Jimmy Dorsey Town Meeting Music You Want Mystery Time 11:001 New Town Meeting New News. IMS) People's Plat'm ! Gay Claridee Jerry Wald Shredniek Orch. 11:80 I Music You Love i Rurs Morgan Le Brown America United 11:45 I Musle You Love Rusa Morgan Les Brown Francis Craig 12 - .001 Sign Off Sign Off 8ign Off i Symphony of Melod KFAB KFOR MOW. A. M. KOIL WOW ' 6:00! Newa Coffee Club Musical Clock News :lft j Down te Earth Coffee Club Musical Clock Aunt Sally S:8S I Lot 4r Joe Coffee Club Musical Clock Markets 5 j Markets Coffee Club Oood Morning Time Si Tune 7:00 Mews j Roy Rente """ ' Hew Alex Dreier , 1:15 Roundup Musical Clock Coffee Club - Lyle, Stan, Lyle 1:80 Roundup Bulletin Board Coffee Club News 45 Checkerboard Musical Clock Cof fee Club Reveille Roundup ; 8 :00lNew News . News World News Revit 8: IS Lily Pickens Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey A to Z in Novelf , S:S0 Back to Bible Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey Special Delivery 0:45 Back to Bible Breakfast Club Record Review ' Songs of Praise 9:0TNews My True Story i Valiant Lady News ef World 0:15 Jessie Young My True Story Light of World Lore Lawton 0:80 Jessie Young Church Hymns Evelyn Winters Road of Life Kvelyn Winter Woman's Opinion Bachelors Children Joyce Jordan 10:00) Amanda 1 Tom Breneman Amanda Fred Waring , l: 15 Second Husb'nd Tom Breneman Second Husband Fred Waring r 10:80 j Woman s Life Oil Martyn News Barry Cameron 10:45 1 Aunt Jenny Take It Easy Time Polly the Shopper David Harum 11:00! Kate Smith William Lang Kate Smith j Instrumental ! 11:15 J Big Sister Morton Downey Btg Sister j Melodic Mood t Uso i Helen TreaS Glamour Manor Helen Trent ) Aunt Mary f U;5 Texas Mary Glamour Manor Our Oat Sunday j Beautiful Life Ray Bachenberg, chairman, Mrs Bnnkerman and Mrs. Jbacnen - berg, hostesses. Group 8, Mrs. Ronald Marshall, chairman, Mrs. L. E. Case, Mrs. Francis Ferguson and Mrs. Julia Fagan, hos - tosses Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wolfe and son Billie, Tecumseh, are here visiting Mrs. Wolfe's sister, Mrs. Joe Hummer, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Miller. Mrs. Glenn Koch entertained at a family dinner Sunday evening honoring her little son, Everett, on his fourth birthday. Harold Walters, who has been the guest of his brother. Merlin, and family, has returned to his home in San Francisco. Mrs. Joe Hummer and son, Bobbie, who have been summer house guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller, returned to her home, Phoenix, Ariz., Tuesday. Helen Jo Miller, who taugnt at the teachers college at Kearney this summer, returned home Fri day. Merlin Walters, for the past three years principal of Belmont schools, has been elected principal of Havelock schools to succeed Donald H. Hare, who accepted a position with the Glendale, Cain., schools. Prof. Walters, before go ing to Belmont, taught English and science in tne riaveiocx schools. R. T. 2e Bob Hamman is here from Navy Pier, Chicago, where he is taking training, to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hamman. Mrs. Jack Keelan returned home from the hospital Friday, where she underwent a minor operation. Lieut. Alan D. Hinman, en - route from Buckley Field, Denver, to Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Tex., stopped over to visit. his parents before going into advanced training in the army air corps. Mr. and Mrs. Jean Rolland and two daughters, Dorothy and Caro lyn, of Council Bluffs, spent last weekend with Jean's mother, Mrs. A. V. Market, and Mr. Markel. Her mother accompanied her home. weeks vacation with them. Dr. and Mrs. V. S. Barkey and Cpl. Gregg Minder, who have been spending some time at Ness Lake, Minn., fishing, returned home Tuesday. Fifteen candidates for baptism of the Havelock Christian Mission ary Alliance church will be baptized at the Bethany Christian church at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ronald Marshall and daughter, Beverly, left Wednesday for Beardstown, 111., to visit relatives. The Mothers club of St. Patricks church met Wednesday afternoon with the new officers to make plans for the coming school year. The new officers are Mrs. J. F. Stastney, president; Mrs. C. F. McManus, secretary, and Mrs. Joe Lee, treasurer. Mrs. Art Erskine, Prairie Home, underwent a surgical operation at a local hospital, Tuesday. J. F. O'Connell was taken to the Veterans hospital for treatment Saturday. Mrs. J. W. Cates, College Springs, la., is the geust this week of her sister, Mrs. Bob Smith. The Smiths also had as their guests over the weekend their son, Frank Smith, and wife, Omaha. CPO Stanley Webster arrived last Sunday from the Admiralty Islands to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Webster. He will go to Chicago Wednesday where he expects to get his final discharge. He will still be subject to call to active duty. Mrs. Ralph Monia spent s few days last week with her sister, Mrs. Norman Lull, Morrowviile, Kansas. Bobby Pray left last Sunday for a three weeks visit with his uncle Dorian Chadd and other relatives, at Callaway, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Poppy and daughter, Ivyll, had a picnic dinner at the state fisheries near Gretna, with friends from Wann, last Sunday. Ivyll Poppy was the dinner guest of Miss Dorothy Auble, Ord, in Lincoln Tuesday. William Ross who came to see his father, M. Ross, who is ill, left Wednesday for his home in Boise, Idaho. His father, who is ill, left Wednesday for his home in Boise, Idaho. His father, who makes his home with his daughter, Mrs. Fred Ratzsloff, is improving from a slight stroke suffered several weeks ago. nirnin hearing AY UIII STRAIN with the new flesh colored incon spicuous Great War bora Revolutionary Development Rests snd helps Ears as glssaes rest sod help eyes; Corns In today for absolutely free demonstration. Send for free book. Louis Hancock, Distributor 916 Stuart Bldg. 2 - 4857 Diploma Low Payments Quickly Completed FREE LESSON High School Course at Home Many TinUh Its 2 Yearg! Ge as fast aa year ability permits! Prepare at heme dartag spare time! AH Instraetlea Is htdivtdeal. Oar graduate entered ever 500 different cellegee. Please awns see year FREE LESSON and Booklet. Haass ,wmhm.wim wwe.'Wwt't Address NO CLASSES. NO TIME WASTED GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL, YOV MAKE RAPID PROGRESS BY OLR METHODS. Ittltiea payments 85 Monthly. Alt teats famished. Mail eeupea far detail. AMERICA SCHOOL 4218 Highland Kaaeas City, Me.

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