Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 15, 1963 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1963
Page 27
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New Vera Stocks NEW YOftK (tfPI) - Stock market mltk% prices: Admiral 18% tnt T&T SOVi A)dmm Iowa Pith | Allegh Lud J6hns>Man 47*4 | AHd chem 49HKennfecott 75%' ' • AHd ftra Sits-' Kfesge'23% ! Allis Chai 17% Kroger 30 Alum Ltd 27 Lib McN 14% Alcoa 85V4 Lockhd 52Vfe ABC Pmt 30'/4 Mar 01158 Am Can 45'^ Maytag WA Am Cyan 59 Min Hnywl 103% Am M8tf WA Minn Min 58ft Am Mtrs 17% Monsanto 50% Am TAT 120% Mont Ward 37% Am Tob 28% Morrcll 25<A Anaconda 48% Nat Bis 5?% . Armour 41% Nat Can 15% .Atchison 29% Nat Dairy 65tt Avco 27V4 . NNat Gyps 45!4 Bentto 51ft Nat Ld 73ft Beth Stl 30ft NYC 21ft Boeing 33ft No Amn 58% Borden 62% Nor Pac 45% Borg War 45 Nor St Pwr 36ft Case 8% Olin Math 41ft Catplr 45ft outbd M 11% Celanese 47 Pac Tel 31% Celolex 27ft • Penney 41% Cent Soya 29 Ponn RR 19ft C&NW 26% ' Pepsi Cola 54% Chi RI 25% Phil Pet 52ft Chrysler 57% Piper Air 28ft Cities Svc 67 Pure Oil 44 Coca Cola 94ft Qua Oats 66% Colum Gas 30ft RCA 69ft Comm Ed 48ft Rep Stl 36ft Cons Ed 85% Revlon 41% Cont Can 47ft Rexall 35 Cont Oil 59% Rcyn Tob 39 Doerc 62ft Safeway 58% Diana 10 ft Schenley 2i 7 / 8 Douglas 23 Scars 88 7 /s Dow Chem 59ft Shell Oil 45 Du Pont 242 Simmons 41ft Eastman 108% Sinclair 45ft El Auto Li 25% So Pac. 36ft Erie 3ft ' Sperry 14% Firestone 33% SqD45ft Flintkt 21% Std Bds 74ft Ford Mtrs 50ft SO Cal 65% Friden 33ft SO Ind 60ft Fruehauf28ft SO NJ 68% Gen Dyna 24% SO Ohio.61% Gen El 78ft Stude 6ft ,Gen Fds 81% . .Swift 40 t Gen Mtrs 69;ft Texaco 71% Gen Tel 24% • • Texas Inst 72ft ; rGoodfich 47% Un Carb 105 '• Goodyear 33% Un El 27ft ,<Jrant;WT 23% Un Pac ,41ft Gt Nor 52 ft UntAir L 37ft Greyhound 40ft Utd Corp 8ft Gulf Oil 48% Utd Fruit 26% Homestake 52 Utd Gas 39 Hupp 7 US Gyps 85 111 Cent 54% US Rub 45ft IllPwr37% US Stl 46% Inland JStl 39 West Un 28 IBM 430% Wstghs Ab 30% Int Harv 57% Wstghs El 35% Int Nick 60ft Woolworth 70ft Int Paper 28% Yng S&T 99% (Mitobarf Order Bayers C. •. i Q. Stewards Market attlve, 25 cent* higher. Bulk fl^biat eastern shipping nogs, *i «.2 ^$l8 .5«. .Top, $18.75. Quotations: 200*230 .$18.00418,75 2.10-250, \..........fl7.50 -$18 .50 250-900 . I16.ZM18.00 Sows: •> 300-500 fi2.7Mtf.50 luihnell livestock Market is active. Top $18.75; 190-250 pounds, $18-$ 18.50; 250-300, $17-$18; sows bulking at $13.50$16; cattle, strong; lambs, steady. Nlarkets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in moderately active trading. Bonds firm. Ills':' government bonds steady in quiet trading. American stocks irregular. , Midwest, stocks lower. 'Cotton futures irregular- Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye, soybeans lower. Hogs 25 to 50 higher, top 19.85; cattle • steady, top ; 27,00; sheep steady, top 22.00; dressed beef mo-stly ,50 lower, top 44.50; .dressed i pprk; loins steady to 50 higher, top 49.50. Purses Snatched LaPLACE, La. (UPD-Thieves broke into a snake farm over the weekend and stole 150 alligators, five of them seven feet long. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Tuesday are 3,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Peoria livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 3,000; 1-2 190-225 lb butchers 19.00-19.25; mostly 19.00; mixed 1-3 180-250 lbs 18.50-19.00; 1-3 270400 lb sows 14.75-16.00. Cattle 400; choice 900-1,300 lb slaughter steers 24,25-25.00; mixed good and choice 900-1,200 lbs 23.25-24.25; choice 825-1,050 lb slaughter heifers 23.25-24.50; mixed good and -choice 900-1,050 lbs 22.25-23.25; calves 20; prime vealers 28.00-29.00; choice 25.0028.00. Sheep 260; prime 85-100 lb spring lambs 20.50-21.00; choice 90-100 lbs 19.50-20.50; utility to choice slaughter ewes with No. 3 pelts 3.00-5.50. Chicago livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 5,500; butchers mostly 25 to 50 higher; 1-2 190-225 lb butchers 19 .50 -19 .75; mixed 1-3 190-230 lbs 19.00-19.50; 1-3 230-260 lbs 18 .5019.00; 2-3 250 -280 lbs 18.00-18.50; 1-3 325 -350 lb sows 15 .50 -16.60; 350400 lbs 14 .75-15.75; 400 -450 lbs 13 .75-15 .00; 450-500 lbs 13 .25 -14.00. Cattle 9,500; calves 25; slaughter steers steady; nearly half dozen loads mostly prime 1,300-1,400 lb slaughter steers 27;00; mixed high choice and prime. 1,100-1,400 lbs 25.00 »26 .00; several loads mixed good and choice 900-1 ,250 lbs '24 .50 -25.00; mostly good 22 .5024 .25; several loads high choice and prime 1,00-1,100 lb slaughter heifers 25 .50; choice 800-1,100 lbs 24.00 -25.25; good and* low choice 22.50-23 .75; utility and commercial cows 14.00 -16 .00; utility and commercial bulls 19 .50 -20.50. Sheep 700; spring slaughter lambs steady; several lots choice and prime spring slaughter lambs 85-100 lbs 22.00; good and choice 80-100 lbs 20.00-21.00;, cull to good slaughter ewes 4 .50-6 .50. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 19,000; 1-3 190-230 lb butchers 17.75-18.50, mostly 18.00-18.50; 1-2 200-230 lbs 18.50-18.75; around 31 head expected higher than average yield of lean cuts 19.00-19.10; 1-3 230-250 lbs 17.25-18.00 ; 2-3 250270 lb 16.75-17.50; 2-3 270-300 lbs limjted volume unevenly 16,2517.00; 1-3 280-330, lb sows 15.0016.00; 1-3 300-400. lbs 14.00-15.00/ 2-3 400-500 lbs 13.00-14.00 ; 2-3 5.00 600. "lbs mostly 12.00-13.00. Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under ,grade Eggs - f .........16e Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens ,. 7c ROYAL SEPTIC TANKS REINFORCED CONCRETE SEWAGE DISPOSAL WITHOUT SEWERS Manufactured by Galesburg Vault Co. MO Wait Main »hon« 343-2412 WANTED TO RENT 2, 3/ and 4 Bedroom Homes for Gale Products Management Employees, being transferred to Galesburg, Call Gale Products, 142*9131, PerfQititel Dept., between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Oolesburt Qfota Matfcet CMMMttr* Grain a Supply Co, liiii P. M, wheat .i $i.8o Corn (old) $1.19 Corn (new) $1.04 Oats ....... .....- 58c Soybeans (old) $2.43 Soybeans (new) ....... 4130 Deforest Feed ft seed Ck, Wheat ........$1.82 Corn ...........$1.18 Oats , 58c Soybeans .......'...$2.42 Chicago Grain Rang* CHICAGO (UPD-Grain range: High Low Close Chng. Wheat Jul 181 179'/fs 180%-180'/ 2 up VA Sep 183'/« 181% 183%-183% up Vl\ Dec \Wk 188 189 'A -189 '/8 off Vi Mr IWA 191 IMA up 1% My 187% 186 18VA up Vh Wheat (new) Jul 159% 1KM 159%-159% off % Sep 161Vi'lflO% 161 off ft Cera Jul 128 3 /4 127% 128 Off 1% Sep 122% 121 121%-121% off 2% Dec 116V4 115 115 off 2V4 Mr llO'/a 118 'A 118%-118 '/4 off VA My 121% 120% 121 off'2% Oats Jul 66'Vfc 65% 65% off % Sep 67 68Va 66% offl Dec 69% 69% 69% off 1% Mr 72 71% 71% offl My 71% 71 71 offl'/i Rye Jul 127% 126% 127%-127 'A up % Sep I30 l /t 129% 130 unch. Dec 133% 133 133%-133%off % Mr 136 135% 135% off % My 134% 134% 134% off % Soybeans Jul 260 257% 257%-258 off 4% Aug 261 258 258%-258% off 5% Sep 259% 256 256%-256% off 7% Nov 259 255% 256%-256 off 7% Jan 262% 259 259 'A -259% off 7% Mr 265 261% 262 -261% off 8% My 268% 263% 263%-264 off 8 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP)-Heavy selling hit most commodities in the grain futures market on the Board of Trade today and prices were sharply lower in corn, oats and soybeans. ' Wheat opened in a broadly mixed range. , . Losses ran to more than seven cents a bushel in soybeans before meeting sufficient support to rally slightly. Corn slipped as much as three cents. Brokers said the heavy general rainfall over the weekend included the corn and soybeans areas FOR SALE 1962 COMPACT CAR Like New - $1100 1218 E. BROOKS STUMP CUTTING May cost Jesa than you think to got fid of that unsightly stump. / Call DeWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phona 342-0816 which needed It most and that It appeared to have averted a threatened disaster there. Deterioration of both earn and soybeans was understood to have been halted in all major producing areas. Wheat was 1 cent a bushel higher to 1% lower, July $1.79%; corn 1% to 2% loworr July $1.28 %; oats % to 1 cent lower, July 65% cents; rye % to % lower, July $1.26%; soybeans 4% to 7% lower, July $2.58. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)-Prices of most commodities were sharply lower in the grain futures market today after a burst of heavy selling drove buyers to the side line the Board of Trade. The pressure reflected a bearish influence of heavy and general weekend rains in the Midwest. It was described as having halted deterioriation of corn and soybean crops in all areas and probably averted a disaster. Carlot receipts were estimated today at: wheat 808 cars, corn 240, oats 27, rye 1, barley 37 and soybeans 77. Wheat was 1% cents a bushel higher to % lower at the close. July $1.80%-%; corn l%-2%. lower, July $1.28; oats %-1'A lower, July 65% cents; rye % higher to % lower, July $1.27%-'A; soybeans 4%-8% lower, July $2.57%-58. Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP)-Wheat No 1 red 1.84-84%; No 2 red 1.84%; No 3 red 1.83%; No 1 hard 1.95%; No 5 hard 1.92%; No 1 yellow hard 1.95%-%. Corn sample grade yellow 1.22%. Oats No 1 extra heavy white 69%. No soybean sales. Soybean oil 8%b-9a. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-P, reduce: Live poultry special fed White Rock fryers 19%-20;. roasters 23%26. . Cheese processed loaf 39-44; brick 39-43%; Swiss Grade A 5055; Grade B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56; 89 score 54%. Eggs steady; white large extras (HOKE LOT FOR SALE 90x166 in restricted area. BAIRD AVE., KNOXVILLE Cafi 342-7724 or 289-6651 HEALTH INSURANCE PRODUCERS Establish and build . • . YOUR OWN AGENCY! with National's HOTTEST SELLS* Here's a brand new $7,800 Hospital Income-Policy. It pays up to $150 a week for hospital confinement for 52 weeks. You can get if in different sized packages—$50, $100 or $150 a week on risks from 1 month through 69 yeais. In the entire 58-year history of National Casualty no policy has had the sweeping acceptance of 8055. You'll want to buy it as well as sell it. Write now for full information and a complete set of sales material. Address your inquiry to; I. P. Matthew*, Vie* Praiidtnt NATIONAL CASUALTY COMPANY 1100 Qrliwold Bide., Ditrolt 26, Michigan Wt fcivlfa ouf-of.fown aganfi fa writ* Par Annum Pavabl* Semi'Annually Investmenti by the 15th Earn from the First with Insured Safety A N I j LOAN AbSOCIAllUN 250 EAST MAIN ST. Galesburg ReQistgf*Moij, Galesburg, 111. Monday, Jufv 15, .tfltt WA\ mixed large extras 30%s mediums WA; standards Wh. Dew Jenet Averages NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: Indus 703.24 off 4.46 io rails 173.38 off 0.62 15 Utils 1IW.65 off 0.96 65 Slocks 254.12 off 1.47 Wall Strut NEW YORK (AP)-Thc stock market was down to a fairly sharp loss in moderate trading late this afternoon. Volume fo. the day was estimated at 3.4 million shares compared with 3.66 million Friday. Losses of key stocks went from fractions to about a point. It was the fourth straight daily decline. Most losses were fractional and many key stocks were unchanged, but declines of a point or so by several blue chips depressed 4he popular market averages. The downward trend took in most major sectors of the list- rails, motors, steels, oils chemicals, tobaccos, drugs, utilities, nonferrous metals and others. Xerox dropped a half dozen points as traders took profits now that the news was out on its big upsurge'* in profits. Control Data and .Texas Instruments lost more than 2 each. Beckman Instruments rebounded more lhan 2 points from recent big losses.' Chrysler recovered a fraction of a one point loss. Lockheed fell more than' 2. Du Pont was down about 2. Losses of a point or so were taken by American Telephone, International Harvester, Eastman Kodak, Texaco, ' Polaroid, IBM, and Merck. Corporate bonds were irregularly higher. U.S. governments bonds advanced. Weitern Illinois Birth Record WOODHuLL — Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pickling of Kewanee are the parents of a son born July 10 at the Hammond Henry Hospital in Gencseo. The infant has been named Mitchel Wayne. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Humphrey of Alpha and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Fickling of Cambridge are the paternal grandparents. Attends Reception MOSCOW (UPI) - Ilya Ehren burg, 73-year-old "dean" of Soviet letters, attended a Bastille Day reception at the French Embassy Sunday in his first public appearance since he was denounced by Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev last March. Ehrenburg chatted with guests but steered his remarks away from his chastisement for "unor- MIXED HAY WANTED Call or •••—Bill Bowen, ear* WMthdmn Cattl* Co., Inc.— CBIcQ STOCKYARDS GalMburg, 111.—Tal. 343-5612 ATTENTION FARMERS Tha Hall Truck Llna la making available to you aach Thursday, a pick-up load of cattla, hogs and aheap tot lha Chicago Mar- kat. Anyona having livaatoek to ahip. plaaia phona your ordar as early as possible. Your business will ba appreciated. We have four semi-trailers and two straight trucks at your service. HALL TRUCK LIME Ph. 734-7411 Monmouth. III. Tran$porUttlon Depnrtur§$ mimn A»HI m ALL 9CHJ!!DUL«a D/trfiftiff* UVtm flMt I fart Mail Jb. WOODHULL - Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wright of Moline arc the parents of a daughter Lisa Kay, born July 10 in the Moline Public Hospital. Mrs. Aileen Litton is the maternal grandmother, and Forrest Litton is the great-grandfather. WOODHULL — Announcement has been made of the birth of a daughter born July 7 to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cardoza of Santa Rosa, Calif. She has been named Laurie Alice. Mrs. Cardoza is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tyc of Santa Rosa and Mrs. A. R. Liscnby of Woodhiill is the great- grandmother. DALLAS CITY — Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Miller of Salem, Iowa, are the parents of a daughter born in Mount Pleasant Hospital July 9. Both .Mr. and Mrs. Miller are former Dallas City residents. Blasts Kennedy TOKYO (UPI) — A newspaper in Communist North Korea has called President Kennedy a "third class clown" for proclaiming "Captive Nations Week" and urging prayers for freedom, according to a Pyongyang radio broadcast monitored here. The broadcast said the remark was made in a commentary in the newspaper Rodong Shinmoon. The newspaper was quoted as calling Captive Nations Week "a despicable annual campaign of the U.S. ruling circles." thodox" views of the Stalin era The writer, who is suffering from a heart ailment, appeared frail and drawn. FOR SALE ANGUS BULLS. Farmers price. G. R. GAMES, Victoria 90 X ¥SafB«! I*... 10 Denvtr MfiRjrf _ 18 coitteraia ZeWT 12 Nebraska Zephyr •vrlintfoA w«. 8 to Omaha, Lincoln W to Kansas City 7 to Denver 2^2 •' 2 15 to Kama* City ^tJffl P £ 11 to Omaha, Lincoln —8-W ?• £ •l?-*,ft California -*,<~«-~03a-l». £ Santa re, i*«tbuu»4 » Chief *M a 16 Texas Chief .« 40 a IB Super Chief". „ ^ ^ ElCapitan* ——»:10 a m I SJ Chi if* . ——11.49 a. nY 124 Grand Canyon -.——2:20 p. nY 13 Chlcafe .an . .... 8:30 p. » Santa fa, WeattMfltna m. fn Ciiei PHorlttei DALLAS, m, tAP) edticatof luntfoy hi An At* 9 hiffiii urged the nation'* women to adtfgt three priorltiis of prtgress ^mi* cation, the ehnrjslnf of vain**, and maintenance of faith lit Wt* provement, Dr. Prank A, ft Off, president of the University of Alabama, said that education should be designed fof "those who by their knowledge and efforts aim able to make a contribution to the times in which they are living." „.2:3» a ..12:59 p. .3.20 p. .7:05 p 6:55 p m m. m. m m 10 p. m m. m. 9 K. C. Chief 19 Chief . 123 Grand Canyon 1 SJ\ Chief* If Texas Chief 17 Super Chlef- 151 Capltan' •—Flafistop . Osark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 8:53 a 64 to Chicago* .4:45 p. m. Ozark. Southbound 141 to St. LoJis •• 12:26 P ••-Except Sunday •*—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast To West Coast lo Wwrt Coast _ _ Eastbound To East Coast To East Coast _ _ Southbound To St. Louis ..lOtt) _ _ Northbound To Davenport 9:20 p To Peo a . 1:15 p To Peoria 823 p ... 6:59 a. 120 p. ...9:45 p. 12:01 p. ...-8:00 p. Fight Results By The Associated Press MEXICO CITY—Sugar (tamos, 126, Cuba, outpointed ftaflu King, 125, Nigeria, 15. Ramos retained world featherweight title. NEW YORK - Joey Archer, 159%, New York, outpointed Farid Salim, 161, Argentina, 10. NAGOYA, Japan — Mitsunorl Seki, 128V4, Japan, outpointed Dommy Barahaja, 126%, Philippines, 10. PANAMA — Eugenio Hurtado, 113%, Panama, outpointed Humberto Caraballo, 118, Colombia, 10. a. m Backyard Said 1170 LOMBARD TUESDAY, July 16—9 to S Clothing, Books, Dolls. Knlck- Xnacks. Old at Antique ATllclas. Sponsored by Neighborhood Taan-Agers lOYO-ROOTir* FOR CLOGGED "SEWERS, A DRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 - or Phone 342-6430 FOR SALE REG. ANGUS BULL BANDOLIER Breeding. Stop to look at him and his offspring. — ALSO- REG. SUFFOLK RAMS Some are show rams suitable for good purebred flocks. MRS. HARLAN E. WOLF ROBERT R. WOLF Kirkwood, 111. 793 N. Prairie St. Phone 2598 Galesburg, Illinois 342-5462 Farm 2 miles North of Kirkwood on blacktop. I I H. Cleon Johnson Co. 1130 North Brood Street Galesburg, Illinois Here's what you get when you consult us about MUTUAL FUNDS Professional guidance in selecting from over 250 funds. Impartial explanation of investment objectives (income, growth, or bonds) of the various funds as they apply to your personal needs. Knowledge of comparative performance of funds through the years *- a help in evaluating management ability behind each. I I Bi Explanation of the several methods of purchasing fundi. **> Personal service devoted to your interests from a qualified •j representative. | ^ For free prospectus on most nationally known fundg please call... H. Claon Johnson George Dontldion Mirguerite Smalley R, G. Thompson Galesburg 343-5314 Galesburg 343-6691 Monmouth 734-206$ Genesee 2023 -OMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 8-2103 Gilson, 111. Galesburg. 111. — 342-S234 CALL US For Your Combining Needs — Wheat and Oats. List your Beans and Picking and Shelling Corn for this Fall. CLYDE OLSON GILSON. ILL. Trojan 8-2109 TERMITES ROACHES - WATER BUGS Other Pest Control • Free Inspection and estimates • Locally owned and operated • Insured Frantz Chemical Co. PHONE 342-5713 READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Backyard Sale 962 W. BERRIEN TfJES., JULY 1« - * to S Sponsored by Lulac Council No. 324 Backyard Sale 796 E. GROVE TUBS., JULY 16 — fl to « In case of rain WED., JULY 17 Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must bo In our office. 12 noon day boforo ad runs. Coll 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. NOTICE Fish Market 131 SO. ACADEMY ST. Now Open Mon. thru Sat. —SPECIAL THIS TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Scored Carp . 3 lbs. $1 White Perch _3 lbs. $1 Dressed Carp 5 lbs. $1 FOR SALE CHEEP!! YOUNG PULLETS These will ba the last pullets of the season. Special prices on 8 week old pullets. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE PRICES THAT SUITI LING'S HATCHERY Oneida, llinois Phono 483-3611 PUBLIC SALE OF GOING BUSINESSES Two Elevators, Grain, Lumber and Hardware* Located in Knox County, Illinois, in middlewestern part of state and in an important Grain and Livestock area, on Wed., July 17, 1963 AT 10:00 A.M. (CDT) These Properties will be offered separately end then as a whole: Henderson, III. Grain Elevator Property consisting of 600, 000 bu. storage capacity, machinery and equipment. Watarja, III. Grain Elevator Property .consisting of 320, Q00 bu. storage capacity, ( m«chinery and equipment, Henderson, III. Hardware, Farm Supplies, and Lumber Company. Anyone desiring more information may contact any of the undersigned. Terms: 25% Down Payment, cash in hand on day of sale. Successful bidder or bidders may arrange terms for the balance with present owners, Davis Groin Company Holland and Robert llndsey, Auctioneer! Woodhyll, llllntif Mr. and Mrs. Pawl Davis, Owners Henderson, Illinois

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