Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 3
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P»*f«vr Ksr For Th» Jrj ffrr «f* f/, "Tr»t\ n f ( ^ V ' f s.s.'WTrtsiHon and Oswstte ?-o prmldfi i* ^s $1 J^rTTfc^n ?*l%cTl W^f'fe, fitf* O. Lltt.Ie, p»,*tor of the First B*p- Itet ermrrh, furnished the fo'lotdrig *?trd Sunday mornfr>e, usirtR «« bi.« t€Tt, Luke 7:41). "Mfi-tfer say on:" IRK ssjUd that it WRS p«, curiosity that prompted Simon to Incite Christ to his how*. It may be that a wars* or more ulterior motive actuated this Pharisee. but Jtts invitation was accepted. Hurt the Master w»s his guest. As the fe-sst was Kppad. p.n uninvited woman cam? nnd washed the feet of Jems with her tears, and wiped them with the bsslrs of h«r head. Thto dlspIwesesS the host, and Ire oormiMmeed to think evil of the Christ.' Thpn .Jesus said unto htm: "Simon, there is something I want to say to you" And he sak!: "Master, say on." It m*y have been mere politeness or common courtesy that made Simon Address Jesus as Master, but if W* expect to find the truth we must acknowledge Htm a 1 ? the supreme Instructor and teacher of the truth. We must go even further than that, we must ndmlt that He IB the embodiment, of all truth, and that the lines of eternal fact and spiritual reality meet In Him. Therefore, our attitude toward the* truth depends a great deal upon our attitude toward Jrsus Christ. When we honor Him as our Lord end Master, we correspondlnly place ourselves fn the relationship of disciples or sen-ante. The word Master doubtless haci a deeper significance and meaning when Christ was here on earth that it has today. In those days Master meant everything And after all unless Christ means everything he docs not mean anything. We must look to Him as the well approved teacher of God with the message of truth. Most Go Heart Foremost. It has been beautifully said that "we must go head foremost toward the world, but heart foremost to ward God." A* Nathanael approach ed Jesus the Master said: "Efchold an Jsreallte indeed in whom there w no guile." What did he mean? Jesus meant that Nathanael was searching for the truth with an ear neat and sincere heart, A person's attitude toward the truth depends upon the state of the heart The "almlst prayed: "•Incline my neart unto Thy testimonies" Hie was anxious that his heart might bend or Jean toward tha truth. One or the apostles wrote: "Let us draw near with a true heart in full assur- J"*f*L° f faith-" The Master said tn JUM parable of the sower that there were several kings of mil. the Btony thorn infested, shallow, and ejot! soil. Tlie point of the whole parable |s that the production of wheat depends upon the character of the sail. WilUnsncss To Be Guided. When Simon gave the Master permission to proceed with His discourse, he also subjected himself to wing exposed as an ungracious nost. a haughty self righteous mortal, a despiser of the unfortunate; and as a second-rate worshipper'of God. The words of the Master proved to be quite a revelation to Simon. The truth cuts deep. The apostle knew what he was writing about when he said: "The Word of God is more cutting than any sword with a double edge." But we shall never know the truth if we are afraid of what it will reveal Jesus-said: -"And-thls-la-th* sentence of •' condemnation, that the 14ght has entered the world and t* nf hwrely to know It. "IfmA aw in Ml truth nnrt t^sujj ra*.," When the M»st«T com« te in *n , "Ttsfre !s TORwt-hinf I to Yo;i," let iw reply, say on. Ewn ttio^jgh jfm« .Tt,srtJf» m*. fvfm iho«g.h twy me nahitnted, «ven thmigh they d^pp s,na cauae me raseh pmin, ercn thotigh ttwy potnt to my defects and sht»rt comings, Master, say oil am wllltn^ to to« ^oyrrneC by Thy truth, I Joyfully srabmlt to Thy rnonitJotw. t want to Jfve In th*» sphere of truth. I want to shun thp realm of darkness, evil and error Masrt*r. say on." FAMILIES GATH1E FOR FIONIO DINNER A number of families p&thered at the home of-Mr. and Mrs, Walter Hoak in Sterlinir Sunday and en- Joyed n picnic dinner. Thcee attending were Mr. and Mrs. El Miner of Hume. Mr. and Mrs. E. H Lane and dfi«stht«r. Miss Hasel and eon Elliott. Miss Cora Hoak. Mrs Emma Hoak, Mr. nnd Mis. Sam Wiluier suwJ Mr, and Mr*. Charles Honk and baby of Gait, .Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hoak and daughter Florence arid Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts of ejterUng. The afternoon was passed socially. TENNIS RACQUETS. Before putting the tennis racquets away for the winter, it will preserve the strings if you rub them with varrdsh, made quite thin by alcohol. Nettles sting because on their leaves there are One brittle hairs containing poison which enters the skiiv when the hairs—tubes, reaclly —are broken. Don't Risk Neglect! When KidneysSlow Up Give Help Promptly. M ANY" /«H» .crifia {*,!& fc, fading to heed wly dajftt •igiul*. Ttoi it (wrdcukily era* c£ icaW aaordtrt. A drtmny lialeu fading, lanientu «nd ttaSnea, comuat bide«ck« «nd blatJdtr ifisgtslirida an of. ten timtlf warning*. Uie Daan't Pills. Doon'i. • uimu- l«nt diuretic, inrrtase the activity of du kidney* and thtu aid them in cirry- jng <^ watte impuritia, g^-n^my^fj by thousand*. 50,0(K>U8»ra Endorse Doan's: e«wRln» nr ch-i-t P-vrj!" tw* trtjrti }»,*> m*?f*rK5 in Slip JwlifrnpntK 'b«<t bsv<-- <xwr» upert the worlfi. The rnrcr. of fiden rwnUfd In th» t.hi.rt!e tho ^N^uftT?* s^rid flofxi in the ff^^tnr'tion of rn*.rs. fir* fl.rx! brimstone rfn- Rtnxfw! Bodom sm5 Ownorroh. <!mrk~ tiw« when o«r Lord died. Faroin?'-. pert.fl«Tjws. Roods. MtrthquRke<: as prophwted by Christ, are intTea«;!ne In number throuchmit the world. Iri our brtef time on wirth, many of us JWT« mffi some of those i*hr?lca! WKTSS, We sre Hvlntt in n dny of world politics. It was within' the sphere of world politics when Jesus said, 'There shall be wars nnd rumors of wnr; naHon <ihnll rise up rslnst nation. 1 Thrre IIRS nlwny's *n more or lesa war ever sincf Cain slew hii brother Abel. But when has there been war in pueh gigantic proportions as in recent years? When has there been cr distres- of imtlons than now" There is peace on the Up and on paper, but not in the heart "In th- book of Revelations we have sevrn successive stapes of the church history from the'decay'of the first Jove In Ephesus until" the utter loathsome rejection at Laodl- wa. We arc now near the. elimax of church history. The departure rrom truth nnd holiness is increa-,- mu', ^^ funda mental truths of the Bible are being denied nnd nsr.ailrd on every side. A new theology in the pulpit and B new relijrion in the pew is the condition today. The Jewish sign is one of the most im- xjrtant signs of the times. The judding of the rtg tn?e sicken of by our Lord, is putting on leaves and branches nnd marks the sign )f the present movement among the Ar* *•••« p. F? Thr .''- 1 Si'' T'lvinc f.'!i',!rt«.hUi. .-F'vnv, Show O!r! inn. Rr-^ r > In Thf P>m. r-c:!in- M-.nv Wn»rr.<!. !>•-( HONOR <ill SIN ; , r!rl Marsha! Visrount Allenby. Iv ro of the Holy I.and durins; the World War. here is pictured with I,acly Allenby as thfy were welaitned in New York City enrouie to MouMon. Tes. There Lord Allenby xviil be cuest of h«n- or of the American JU'Kion at its annual convention. Jews in poing back to their land nnd how God is intervenlwp on behalf of HK ancient |>eoi»ie. The Jewish M£n calls loud. He is »t hnnd." Services will continue every night this week. You are Invited. Wednesday night will be observed as family niRht nnd Friday night as Sunday r,ch(K)l niKht. R'-ryfl'-l,-!. A Li! I If Clown !,««'. ''''T'li'-h'-f-.n, nindes. V.tirKii. All Ktir-fline, No;n<:. Th^ Foolish Virgin. Ki!!ernn.-:n, Whnt Evrrvbodv " " " K?<!i!ri. Knrlv to Bed. IV-innhU;, Money of Hrr Own. Prf.'izir! F;':r«|)e Me—Never, n.viii". Iiestiny Bay. K',-»?•!-,. T\if Brigndp. <'i!»-v. Don, Tiirnhull. Thr Handsome Man IVnnri. The Tenderfoot. Aidm-ii, A Lantern in Her Hand. 'VumiT, Tinker's Ijeave. OiCRory. Redwood and Gold. Hrmith. Surrender. Jameson, Fnrewell to Youth Venner. Brief Candle. Non-Fiction. Wilklns. Flying the Artie. Cof, JiiKRllng a Rope, Butterworth.' The Parent-Teacher A/isoclatlon and its Work. Turner, Machine Shop Work. Shirley, A Short Life of Abraham Your Sore Dts. ToruUtn* ay nlievtf end • TrykAt Ho«pit>lrin$1.00. ,<*"=* *l 0 Mrs. Dorothy A. London twd Better Way ®f Wringing to X kuiurt nn uj. ufeca «t eigbt « o put A tu*l Catliax u»id I tuui ^ DOAN'S A STIMULAMT DafRETIC »% KIDNEYS fiwter-MUIwm C* M/g OKW. DuDU^ItX. I F YOU were to pass a clothes-pin between the rolls of the Maytag Roller Water Remover, it would appear as in the illustration above. In like manner, this large, soft, upper roll hugs the lumps, folds and scams in the clothes, reaches down into the low spots, and leavca no w«t places-to'retard drying on the line. Buttons, saaps or ornaments go. through safely. Exhaustive experiments convinced The Maytag Company that a soft top roll, working against a hard bottom roll, creates more effective wringing action than two soft rolls or two hard rolls, The Roller Water Remover.ihcorporat- ing this method, is exclusively owned and controHcd by The Maytag Company. It permits perfeSrt wringing with less time and effort than ever before. The detail drawing at the right, above, shows you the many features of convenience which make the Roller Water Remover so handy. The safety-feed makes it easy to start the clothes through the rolls. The tension automatically adjusts itself to a thin handkerchief or a bulky blanket. The drainboard automatically reverses itself, and pressure on the safety release makes it possible to instantly separate the rolls. For A TtiaS well known lecturer on cooking and home management who will conduct the Sterling Daily Gazette The M«yt«g won world leadcnfelp by truawaa^mgninthchcnnc. Telephone for » Maytag before next washday. Bxpoicncethe advantage of tiie caast^Juoiinum tub and gyrmfottm action. Sec the M^ytag do B waging in «ti hour without hand-rubbiag anytbiaa. // it doesn't fell UssJj, daft tpep it. «uid otteouut, ia frteae. Gemairo ma- eirenngs almost au furnituje to make to add restige to What you tlit«mgli yearn to life, assured by tins the f«ym*nt* MATTAG Totuuicd PROGRAMS ntubui-gh. Tsifet." Wed.. 10:OO P M WCCO, * • u o « ojUi. M<ir... Ji-JO P U , JUj»tw. fepri^&id, Kii.. 7:.40 K M Twwlo.Caa.Tuf*., JdBP.M. WHT.f^ T" T~ ™-«wn»«rimi>euco, rn., /XK) P.M. l ^ > . Tw*. Thure.. Sat.. 10;5S A. M. i_i .-.--* ._ ^ uu sm^» chool 0 B, A. Forster & Sons Jttummum^&esher Maytag dealers everywhere follow th* standardized rule of sending a Maytag Jo. s hom^to do a w^k's washing free, and »ithout-obligation of«ny kind- This is the way all Maytag Aluminum Washers are sold. The Maytag must sell itself soldiy:.-ujx« its prfermsac© ia thfr fcetae. It M»ftj/-wash evct-y^oag to your entire satisfactioa. Must wash everything quicker, easier and cleaner dmn other washers. Must wash everythin^--«vea cdlars, cuffs and wristbands, without tsuad-rubbuag. Mttit prove to you, in your own home* that IE is tfce most helpful Bouie4*uaamag uoit ywi have ever scea or used. Watitdd Maytag Co. tone Main MS It-A Wed Third St. Everjr-Woman Sterling, Rock Falls and Surrounding Sections is invited to attend the Free Cooking School which will be presented next week, beginning Tuesday and lasting through Friday. This famous lecturer will discuss—home making, marketing, entertaining, the budget, menu 'planning, reducing, child feeding and all phases of cooking. There will be cooking demonstrations 'every day in the "modern kitciien which wilfbe installed in ILLINI THEATRE, STERLING, ILL. FREE TO EVERYBODY -. .€, it. Move ..........W. If. Many Gifts for the Home!

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