The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 15, 1965 · 33
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 33

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1965
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Tha Nswt and Observer Friday January 15 1965 33 It Happened Last Night WHMmnoMranU Hope's Christmas Special on tonight By BILL FAITH Guest Cohmnitt SAIGON South Vietnam-The "go" signal that would aend Bcb Hope's USO Christmas troupe into war-torn South Vietnam was being reserved for the 11th hcur When our plane took oft from Bangkok on Thursday morning Dec 24— Christmas Eve in South East Asia— none d us not even Bob Hope knew our destination It was still possible that military authorities in Saigon would evaluate the situation u too tense and dangerous: Only the pilot knew and he waited until our C-123 transport was cruising down the Gulf of Siam along the unfriendly shores of Cambodia before he announced he would be landing in less than two hours at Bien Hoa the air strip that was devastated by guerilla mortar fire t month ctrlter resulting ia many casualties Apprehension among the triupe was the highest I had ever observed in my four years of Hope Christmas trips Two copies of a national magazine story on the Vietnam war circulated rapidly through the plane The article carried a map showing the concentrations of Viet Cong and it was obvious that no matter where "we landed we would be surrounded by the enomy Stepping off the plane at Bien Hoa we jaw sandbag trenches and gun emplacements along the runway and in the - distance the ghostly frames of a few destroyed aircraft We got our first glimpse of the two dozen grim-faced MPs that would be IffilBXDCDIHfflDSI" The lop aletters hit here first From twist to folk musk and everything In be-twMn There's elweys RICORi) BAR AIN t Thlem's JOIN THIEM'S RECORD CLUB! Thlem'a Record Shop 26 W'Hrttt St TI 2-7281 Cor-' III Hill Mil It'll W llrfMt Direct from key military installations in the South Pacificfrom South Vietnam to Guam Bob once again plays "Santa bringing Christmas to American GI'sWith JHISLohn Janis Paige and Anna Maria Alberghetti &30 TOKICHT WTVDI1 The Great Littb Richard's Show & Dance mSi AUDITORIUM FRl Jan 15 9 PM to 1 AM Featuring 0 Larry Laster 0 Little Richard's Royal Guards 0 The Famous 4 T's 0 Malcom and Eddie along with 0 Little Richard's 10- pc Orchestra J Admission $250 Tickets on sale at the usual places Thicm's Record Shop and Hamlin Drugs shadowing us wherever w went Everyone was armed with weapons in a ready position We were hustled into waiting buscs-their wirdows shielded with heavy mesh to repeal hand-grenndes— and our convoy took us the short half-mile to ths show site Tall sentries stood ou both aides of the stage Many more seen and uiueen surrounded the audience and back-stage areas They were a comforting sight It wai Christmas' Eve yet it wo bet ax! steamy The girls rubbed ice on their arms and legs in the dressing tents Out front several thousand eager GIs had been assembled quick ly without fuss as part of the "confuse the Cong" plan Low flying armed helicopters guarded the periphery of the base - - Hope stepped out on the stage to shouts and cheers that could have alerted the Cong 20 to 30 miles away An MP told us that the enemy was actually much closer than we thought Ski-nose said: "We got a tremendous welcome at the airport here They thought I was a replacement In fact we got a 21-gun salute three of them were ours If there are any Viet Cong in the audience remember I've already got my shots" The show as off to a good start And when it was over we were convoyed just as quickly as when we arrived to our C-123 for the short airtrip to Saigon At Saigon's Tan Son Nhut airport our plane circled the field and our pilot told us later he saw what appeared to be a group of about 20 black-suited Cong to the left of the landing pattern The convoy from the airport in the city was probably the most frightening ride any of us had ever taken MPs riding shotgun in jeeps spaced every two or three cars blew on shrill whistles incessantly to clear the curious crowds as we soed to our hotel At the fashionable Cara-velle Hope and the other stars were swiftly ushered inside stepping over piles of broken plate glass and we were told that less than 15 minutes before an officer's barracks 100 yards away had been blown up Blue smoke still mrag over the streets our baggage had been sent back to the airport We waited to find out if we would remain or be sent out of Vietnam The decision was to stay Hope was invited to Ambassador Taylor's for a small reception and while he was there Coif f wrists Lead the Way Hope Breaks 'Em Up In Vietnam — even the MPs guarding the stage have to smile By EARL WILSON j NEW YORK — The way they say it in our terribly chic N Y circles now is "Are you going to Washington for the Corona- ton?" Maybe New York's a little jealous Texans will be outnumbered at the Inaugural by only one ctfler group — hairdressers Nowadays stars like Carol Channing Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett travel with their personal ha'rdressers if possible At times like these when there's such demand we under stand the hairdressers' fees are so high ($1500 a dav) that LBJ would prefer lettine "Mr Ken neth" De President and LBJ I would be a "coiffurist" There's talk of the hairdress ers operating in planes flying between Los Angeles New York and Washington Edie Adams' husband Marty Mills says bme usually gets her hair done in a bar either in a restaurant or in their Rolls Royce and they have a drink en route — complete with Hairspray sprayed into it "When I order a martini now" Marty says "I usually say to the bartender Tut a little Hairspray in this so it'll taste right' fi I was telline Arlene Francis the famous ad-libber about the belly dancing school "The Stairway to Stardom" next door to the Americana- Arlene flipped "Shouldn't they rename it 'The Navel Academy?" jacK carters lovely wife Paula Stewart is about to break out as a single cafe star — and sne'll be beautiful " Cafe Comedian Dave Barry says at uie Lopa -we got back tbe Star of India but lost the Star of Cleopatra" Somehow I omitted Buddy Hackett's name from the stars at "Fignt For Sight" So great now in "I Had a Ball " he was at his best When he told the audience "Just seeing me alone was worm the price of -j i -1 1 aumission ne was ngnr "Ton? Bennett's eotten reli gious" Jackie Kannon says at the Ratfink Room "Every evening he kneels and prays toward San Francisco" Jackie says a New Yorker's a guy who when he tries to buy a Cadillac his welfare check bounces Molly Bee's crazy about Frank Sinatra Jr But a married co median gave her a big play in Vegas NBC Veep Dave Teb-et was pretty clever signing Linda Bennett (of Bountiful Utah) to an exclusive deal as she'll star in the James Bond 'ThunderbaU" There's now an Israeli Jimes Bond — says Joe E Lewis — "Israel Uoid Secret Agent 00695 — we get a discount — he's appearing in a thriller titled 'Dr Nuuu?' " TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: "The quickest way to get a doctor is to turn on the TV set" (Brooks Alta Bulltein via Quote) WISH I'D SAID THAT: "Friend of mine decided to go on a diet after getting rtuck in a phone booth" (Clyde Moore Columbus Dispatch) REMEMBERED QUOTE: "A philanderer is a man who considers himself too good to be true" EARL'S PEARLS: "Secrets-ries today say their wolfish bosses are old dears — but what they want is a young buck" (George Kirby) "When a husband says he'i leading a quiet homo life" Don Miner was telling Abe Zucker man "he may mean that his wife isn't speaking to him" That's earl brother The Holiday Troupe tonight -highlight on 90-minute special ' CAMMtuH VeULASSj NOW Showing! Leva li where vmi find It but wliat cm you de ibwt It it M DOIOWf J n I li IVlj Pastures 1:30-1:U-I:N- 7:1M:1S Night a Sun foe— Wkdiy Matlnit lit Jr Adm Mc— Nut RicomnwuM fr Chlldrtn TOMGHT! SEE THE E03 HOPE SHOW THAT MADE HEADLINES ALL OYER THE COUNTRY 90 MINUTES OF LAUGHTER FROM SERYICE BASES IN VIETNAM KOREA THAILAND GUAM OKINAWA AND THE PHILIPPINES li-4iilllllfi (A mmm liiiKPiajspw r t V J St i opt h nuti in th Shw In Muthnjt Ain)-Chhtmu 19M CHRYSLER PRESENTS THE BOB HOPE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL STARRING y JANIS PAICC ANNA MAIIA AIBEHCHETT1 ANITA BRYANT JERRY COLONNA JCHN BUBBLES MISS WORLD" OF LIS BHOffN NN Stt'fttT) AND HIS 1AM0 Of HPI9WH PETER LEEDS S V TONY HOPE IMCIAL tUT JILL ST JOHN 8:30-10 P M CHHYCtrn - CORPORATION CHANNEL 11 he decided to visit the explosion victims at Navy Hospital' Later at dinner a reporter' noticed blood stains on his shirtcuff as the result of shaking hands with the wounded Hope who never misses a Christmas Eve Midnight Mass learned there was a service being held in a hotel room He passed the word and we were escorted by armed guard through barbed-wire barriers along the curfew-darkened streets to divine worship in a secret upper room The next two days were a continuation of the first On Christmas we played the heavily-Cong infested Delta region of Vietnam At Plelcu part of our audience consisted of aborigines called Mon-tagnards in loin-cloths At Nha Trang the "Riviera" of Vietnam we were told this was a "rest and recuperation" center for GIs We were also told it served the same purpose for the Viet Cong Is this a crazy war? Cur final show at Da Nang was played in the rain We had been given the most fantastic security ever afforded a dignitary or diplomat As we boarded our plane we were grateful our purpose was achieved without incident to the GIs or to us and the International waters were a happy sight ' MOVIES - Downtown TFE PLETpw SEEKERS— A re-Jmsh of "Three Coins Tti the Fountain" with the setting in Madrid rather than Rome Three girls American of course brazenly look for and find husbands Ann-Margret Tony Franciosa (AMBSADOF GOLDFINGER— Sean Connery Honor Blackman Saturday Re view: "Ian Fleming always imagined big but probably never bigger than in Goldfinger in which the world's foremost gold smuggler and hoarder Auric Goldfinger attempted nothing less than to crack Fort Knox and remove the hoard of gold it contained He nearly carried it off too as the movie just made demonstrates in crackling violent extremely suspenseful fashion There has been a switch of directors in this third of a continuing series Guy Hamilton's touch is equally light and he has paced the action even a bit faser" Time: "Like Dr No arv Fr-n Riia With Love the two previous Bond bombshells this picture is a thriller exuberantly travestied No doubt Goldfinper's for mula for box-office gold contains entirely too much brass but who cares?" (STATE) Neighborhood QUICK BEFORE IT MELTS— An original and funny comedy about a pair of magazine-type-journalists who take it upon themselves to bring feminine companionship to the poor boys in Little America Robert Morse George Maharis (VILLAGE) OF HUMAN BONDAGE— The old Maugham classic that some- bow doesn t quite get across much of Maugham although Kim Novak turns in one of her best performances KCm Novak Laurence Harvey (VARSITY) THE OUTLAWS IS COMING— The new effusion of the Three Stooges out to save the vanishing American wildlife is above th cut cf the average Stooge comedy The three Stooges (COLONY) Drive-In BTCTXI BFCH-Frankf Ara'on Annette Fim''o WHAT'S UP FRONT— Tommy Holden and girls THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING— Will ard Parker Virginia Field frSTi McLINTOCK-John Wayne Maureen O'Hara HORSE SOL-DIERS-John Wayne William Holden RIO BRAVO-John Wayne Ricky Nelson (TOWER) TICKLED PINK— Tommy Holden June Par THE LOVERS— No players listed MOUSE ON THE MOON-No players listed (CENTER) X— First run and opening today TELEVISION 7 am— Orchestra leader Xavier Cugat will discuss his paintings which are currently on exhibit in New York and will draw caricatures of the TODAY show cast There will be a film report on the annual bo£t show in New York (WRAL WITN WECT WSOC WSJS) l:3e pm— Korea Thailand the Philippines Guam and South Vietnam- were all vis'ted by Bob Hope during his annual Christmas tour to enterain servicemen A filmed 90-minute special of highlights of the tour is featured on BOB HOPE PRESENTS (WITN WTVD WECT WSJS) II fii-Slattery races against the clock to fight the extradition of friend while handling a time-consuming variety of "ivrfliT Ugiaiitiv duties $m 6LATTEFVS PEOPLE (WTVD WNCT WTMY WBTV) NOW thru SAT Kim Nivik-Liurtnci Hirviy 1 i:M l:M T:M t:M E SHOWING I WlERDrive4nTITCA?niS TONIGHT ADULT HITS! JOIN THE FUN! ' LYOU'LL BE — v ' MWVI FIRST RUN 90e ADM BIKINIS UNLIMITED! Hit No 2 "THE LOVERS" Hit No 3 "HOUSE ON THE MOON" The BIG JOHN SHOW! John Wayne in 3 BIG HITS! "MORSE SOLDIERS McLINTOCK RIO BRAVO" OPEN 6:30 START 7:00 TONIGHT and Saturday! SNACK-BAR SPECIAL BUY TWO HOT DOGS GET ONE FREE! J ' j ' V—jiAinows imtsr DtxmbtTktAm J X Hl-WAT M UOy AT THE BELT LINE! mill IN TECHNICOLOR PLUS: Cartoon & Newt Feat: 1 : 10-3: 10-5: 10-7: 10-9:10 Adulti We Children 15c Bah Adults 0c Child 15c IT'S THEIR NEWEST AND FUNNIEST! I t X Jr Uc-Ch'4 35C I Fettt 1:3M:?I i Adults lie 5:13-7:1I-Mi now! jTrnn IT Starts January N WALT DISNEY'S "MARY P0PINS" Register at Thlem'a Record ehna 4fir Orlalnal Sound Track lAlbum ef "Miry Papplw" NOW :: ' Vi m v I mm 1 FOR FUN THRILLS FRANKIE ANNETTE And All the Swlnoersl "BIKINI BEACH" Com Early Eot Out At Th Theatre Hot Delicious Food Served Nightly mmmmmm lrziXK i lV 1 Open At 6:1S Starts At 7:00 — 2 WOW! HE'S GOT EM THE GIRLS WANT 'EM "WHAT'S UP FRONT" COLOR Pure Terror "THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING" J r" fo) o) la) o KI® 9 MIXING BUSINESS AND GIRLS! MIXING THRILLS AND GIRLS! MIXING DANGER AND GIRLS! - yds itStXTUidr In Ian Fleming's OOLOFlHilr 6ERTfROBE6oo6rj HONORBLACKMAH IN TECHNICOLOR ct 1:05 - 3:05 - 5:05 - 7:05 - 9:05 ADULT ENTERTAINMENT All Stats C3 Starts TODAY

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