Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 14, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 7
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MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1944 NAUGATUPK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Fall Elections Are Near But ;As Usual News \¥ant Ads Get The Winning Vote! Next to Nothing Yi-s. 63c Xe.vl lu noiliiiiy \vlioii von I'c.'iliKf ;ill l.lic nicin'V ymi can L;'!.'!' in ivtui'u fc'f a .'5 day ;l \\m- Want Ail. Announcements u Lost Aiu| Voiinil I'OCKfc'T liiiolf lost, with niimcy, t;:iN ration book. .103 Hi^h street Merchandise Fuel Merchandise 28 Article*) 1,'AKTIAI, I'liiu*, •! teeth. Sundiiy tit U. S. R. outing. ,•?!•> reward, l-'taaso ir.-ill nri75. Employment Wnnti'd—Miilo <-OI.I.K("ri()N MAX free, to Inivt'l -.-Pleasant outside work: trail-line hy Wat. Mr.'''- Eui'nitijrst .$7S wocU and i.'P. Write Box b'V in CHIT cf News. •MO.NUALUNTS Special prices on All Memorial! V. RICHAKDS 260 3o. Main St. Nauftutuck Automotive Autn-t .V MOUTH Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm AV. Starr (Jorp. -I3S Watortown Avc. Dial 5-ll>!6 tor .Halo for Mtovc, funmet.*. and. fireplace. Harry Edwards. Burton Road, Beacon Falls. 'Phone-Nau'galii'clt U'147. ' ' OltDb'K Now—For limited nuppl. of seasoned wood. Also ficli stones, ^and, gravu-l, one coa ranga, one gas range,. one watc I'.eatc-r find numerous other Items LlRht trucking and moving-. . Dla 2302 ^ctcr •! p. m. G. Suiinnrdi 538 So.. Main Street. ' . Merchandise Household Articles Ili'lp Wiintud—IVnialo PART TIME 7 tn 12 A, M. or PJ.30 to 0:30 P ,M. I,U;HT. CL.KAN BKNCHWORK ;ino So. Main St.. Waterbury WOMAN f'>r li«u*«i'work. f> houra three days a week. Reply Box H. Cart; of The .Nuws. 2/i IIi-lj) >V:*.ntrtl—Mule or i'Vinlilu I'AHT TIMi; III-.T.l' FOU SA 1,'S- AGK i-'ACTOKY. ARMOUR CO, WATKr.BURY. !),"<; KOUI) CAU. A-l (.-otiditlon nil Rood tirus. C;ill 2-108 after 'JrSO p. in. Wanted PACKARD "A siai'e place to buy" l > acl<ar([-A\"at-oi'i!iiry, .Inc. •ISC WntcrtowiT, Avunuc Dial 'l-t'109 Contractors I'alntlni; For Sale For Sale >'I.V1'; rrni fur u-fainil.% houst s-'ilc. Karnsi: and nice barn. Ijirxc lot. b\x c-noiiKh for 3 more houses. Pin-.entions 12'iNlTO. Faces un 2 rn.'tds. Nice locauon. Patsy I-.ribt'i- «lo, Rcnltor, 172 Hitrh St. Phone 'SP.-I or 3-l'iS. NJi room, DIH- family IIOII.-H' located on North Main street, hot water furnace, hardwood I'looi-M. Te;er>honQ Uril!) evoninKS. J-;iOHT rnom, 2-fiinilly liimsi*. All inipi'Os'ornt'nts, in K°^d condition. 2-ciir canine and tnr^'e lot. Price .•Sfl.TUO. Also I2-:-ooni 2-famlly f;rirnKC and extra build. r-'rlce ?6,300. A, Shepley. r/\rj.;n JI.ANGIXG und ^V•. F. Cotsi, 17 Cediir Tel. 0-l5i. Street. UAUV—Car Kent*. Play [ions, batlil- netta, cribs, hiph chairs, Ivantwet mattresses, toys, THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Waterbury ONE single ln:d nuiltrnSH • niul one double bed mattress. Bolh Red Cross. Slightly used. ifUO.OO each. Telephone 5S-17. KTli; homo fiir[i houpht for cash. -Mifrh'cst prices paid for electric rofritteratoi-s, .washors, and stoves, regardless of condition. Francis Furniture Co. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone. 3000 .: OUR 33 i-d ANNUAL 1 AUGUST' SALE la Now Orojuy O'n Hiiro's You'i* Oliunco To Save' Hcru we 'go again Vith • more -super values for August! -.While the supply lasts some of .you first- comers will snatch up unbelievable bargains in fine living room'suites, bedroom, suites and quality dlmnp; room furniture. This furniture comprises one of our biggest' purchases, a pre-war- purchase' thut hns made our selections larger now than ever before. Included in this 1,'reat event are bedroom suites in great variety ., . . period styles, modern, and Swedish Modern, al- njost any kind or suite you couJd wish for , , . dinette suil.03 galore and r.i tremendous selection nt occasional pieces, kitchen furniture, •ugs and floor-coverings, and nursery furniture. There is furniture or every room and most needs. See these outstanding values now ,t Albert's and SAVE.' CuJinectJcut '.s La ryes t Furniture 1 'Store ' A-L-B-E-.K-T-S •2(>S South .Main St. Merchandise To Buy WOULD lUto to, Rot Nome t!iln K x to ! 'help make up my auction, Labor Duy, sucfli as ,old glass dishes, cliialrj,. 'smal.l tables, old vases or. any old 1 things,"especially small, items. Fred-Church Telephone 1C-18. . ' Merchandise 30' BANK mifo. rtupoftlt !>oxe» wanted. Highest caah prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. Murphcy, Republic 6084, 810 Yeatman Avc., Webster Groves 19, Mo. DIAMONDS-And Old Gold Bought Watch repairing our specialty, GRAND JEWELRY 112 Grand Street Dial 5-0082 Articles For Salr; FAMOUS WAXON FURNITURE POLISH $1.25 fit. Write or phone '1-1559 WAXON POLISH CO. 3S Beverly Ave. Watcrbury, Conn. Want Ads results in the News nre us Sure as death and taxes.. CHIMS—Youtlibud*, Baby , Carriages, Play Pens, Bassinets. Large selection .of toys. Lowest prices in town. 'BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. — . __ . Education Instructions /.KAK.V .SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE Good field ^iasseur-5- needed Evening cl.ijsses. Write for free booklet. College Massage, 77 Plaza, Bridgeport. . Services JOHJVS MCStC SHOP Wo buy, sell, exchange, und repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Watty,. Conu. .17 ; BiiNlncm ScrviccM Uendcrcd Education ADTO PALVTtNG. COMl'J.ETR JOBS REASONABLE. ALSO SIMONIZING. JIMMIE'S OAR- AGE. WATERBURY 5-1203. 31 Local And Private Instructors DINA SCHOOL OP MUSIC STUDJOS—WATBY. 4-0028 553 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano — Voice — Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults Jensily of population in New York city's east bids district has decreased by about 50 per cent in the .as! 37 years. 38 1'ro'fensional Scrviccu EXCELLENT HEtIl'HOI.STER- ING and Blip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering ..Studio. Mastcrcraft artisls. 1 Grand St. Waterbury. Dial -J-OG-15 RED top insulaUnif wool. All types. Installed if desired. T. j. Mon- tambault. 530 No. Main St. Union . City. Tel. '2683. Sell your cl!ild'.s baby ite^ns today in a News Want Ad. Services L'rofcKKional Serviced GJlAKO.SKIJi'S Radio Repair Shop. Radios oxpcrtly repaired, moderate prices. Phone 5017. CUSTOM Special 2-piecc Suite J59 GPOF.FI.N- .UPHOLSTERING CO. Xiiugatuck: ' 4690 39 WanU-d To Bender Service* ELECTRICAL KcpwJrlnr Service Appliances h specialty. Ray Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 4000. ATTENTION Jtteccrofux Owa«n —Repair*. Kenufnc part* and •crvice. By bonded Eivctrolux Man. I. .Nlaitcn, 3 Tnreaa Av«. Telephone 4822. 10 Cleaning A<id Dyeing KFEVMAN'S . Xaugaluck's Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first class .dry cleaning not only' in family jar- nents, but blankets, rugs and 6U»- sppcinltiea in Jhis field. . KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street W.-iterbujy ICK box in tfooil fonuilkm for sale. Apply r>C Coen St. i \Viintcd To Buy You only need A'cws Want. Ad. dial CAS H ! Mecca Music lor Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Co. 203 Bank -1-1422, On The Air Today house, Ins lot. Trl. 2-1 'J'lt'O iiiMilly lidiisc' (in IHflll.'lllfl «vrniif. Twti family house ' on Srott street. Four room, one family house*, I sicri! luiul on \Vooster .street. Pricu $3,000. John Hcaly. Tol. 50?.:. TIIKKK ,vi*ur old fuiir-room iniKl- «rn house for afilc in NaiiKfttuck with coal furnace. Venetian bliru!:i and ialaid linoleum In kitchen and bathroom includod. I'rlce S.VOO. Call ri.'ilO. A'/ui 3iv Wanted To Buy )Nl'i, Two nrul Hirer ftimlly hinisf wiintcd. Al-so fiirms and Jot; Tel. W31. •H'K IfAVK KUVKUS f'>r l-'i rurally houses. Jon. V. RoskO, Union St. Tel. •102i;-20,'i2. Uirul For J-DT for sale nn I'rospi'ul .strn*t ~~> x 137 feet. Call Wanted To K<>nt i.'.NG f(ui[ili> n-ci-nlly niiirrli*:! oks •! or fj rooni hcuso lo rent crtitivil location. Telephone COTTAdK wiuili-tl ill l.hii from 2,"lh or 2Hth until f'Jtiy. Cull M>\* or 'l n m, ''tN'K nioin rent or A|IIK)I 1' y [orr.'il sains rrr ? ros^ Wnntrtl to rent. Address (.'HIT tif '['hi-. News. ntfi f.J vr. Box. N, TII Html 1 Kf)OMs to ri.iii. Would Ilki* 2 sidiill*. liuniii-n jit Iti Shofflf-US t.dnc. SIM* Victor CfirriiulitiHljl, •1:00 p. in. \VAEC — Service Time U'JZ-VVATR—Correbpondenls Abroad \VKAF-WTIC—-Eai-ksuipc U'ife WOR—News; C.-uribliag 4:13 p. m. WOR—Rambling with Gambling; WATR-WJ2—-Forum; Norman Sllov.- VVEAF-WTIC—Stella .Dallas •!:;«) p. m, U'EAF-WTIC—Lorenzo Jones* \VAEC—O.':' the Record; Sinftins; Neighbor WOK—Bob Stsinlcy Orch. \VATR-WJZ-NCWS •1:-I5 [>. m. WEAF-'.VTXC—YoiinA" Widdor Brown WATR-WJJ5—Hop Harriirnn WABC—Raymond Scott, Show O:DII p. m. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WABC—Fun with Dunn WOR—Uncle Don WATK—Torry and Pirates >~>: IT) p. MI. WABC—Mother and Dad WTEC—I.ovc and Luarn W.V r R — .M olody Ruvu o WOR—Chick Cnrtcr ,j;.'iO p. m. WOR—Tom Mix Show \VABC—Three Si.sters \VBAF-WTIC--Just Plain Bill WATK-WJ2—Jack Armstrong News (i;l«) |>. rn. WJZ — Mjdniflht WABC— Wilderness Road \VOK-Supurmiin \VTIC-Front Pa^'O ]'-;i.r:'oll \S-'A'm— Sen Hound (J.'OO p. 111. WOR — Headlines; Prayer WT.IC-\VEA]'--WJ5S— News; Talk \\'A"'R— IVovvs (i:l5 p. in. WABC — Murray Orch. und Choru.*! \VliAF — Screniidu to America W.A-TR— Music for Dining WTIC— Prot. Schcnkoi- U-'JZ— JiUiel .-incl Albert WOR— .N'e-wsroe! ,'.s Music ram r '* NELSON EDDY * TONIGHT AT 9 WTIC WEAF THE TELEPHONE HOUR* GREAT ARTIST SERIES •P1UVAXE, BUCK WOR--NCW-S \VEAF — Ttic -Mood WABC-Jcri Sullu \VJZ — .Whose War? WTIC— Strictly Sports WATR— NL-WSS; Soil),' Pro O:-!*! p. m. WOR.— Stan Loma.x WABC— World Today \\'.\7. -Henry Taylor." Xuw.s W'l'rC- WEAF— Lowell Thomas, A" CW.S \VATR — Pleasure, Profit: Inter- ludc 7; 00 p, m. WEAF-WTIC— Millie shop WABC — I Lovu vi AlysLoiy \\'ATR-U'JZ— Hoj-a<:a .Hci'dt Orch. \S'OR — FulLon Lewis W£AI---\VTIC— News of the World 7:15 p. in. WEAF-WTiC— .News of the Worl \VOR- .-A-uswci- -Mtin WABC— Oalelinc 7:. 'ill J). in. WOP. — ijou Sobol Show WEAF— Al Roth Orch.; Itevuu WATR — Pl-.ono Your Answer WTTC— Dnncc Orch. \VAEC-Thanks to Yanks WJ5J — J^onc Kiinj,'er 7:-lO p, in, WEAF— News WATR—Fo:- the Oiri.i- WTIC— Studio Program X;IKI p. in. WATK-WJZ— Watcfi the \Voi-lcI Co By WE A F- WT I C— Cavalcade WABC— Vox Pop W ATR- W OR— IN' e ws 8:.I3 p. m. W-ATR — Lum and Abncr WOR— Nick Carter X:'M p. in. WTIC— Voice oC Firc.stonc WABC — C<iy Nlnaiio.s IJevuo 8:45 p. m. WHN — DodRO-rs vs. Curds WATK-WJ2— Blind Date WOR— Sherlock Holmes fl:(K) p. m. WTIC- WEAF— Symphonic Orch. WABC— Mayor o"f the Town WOR— Gabriel 1-Ieatte.r: Tost WJZ-WATR— Counter-Spy !)::iO p. m. WATR-WJZ — Spotlight on WABC— "Thrj Man Called WOR— Music of 'Worship WTIC— Pclletior's Orch. WEAF — Information Please | ' A Year Ago | World War | August 14,1943 U— (By United Italian ^overnnmnt Rome an opnn city. Presidor.t Roosevelt n.nd Prime Minister Churchill issue a joint stiitfiment in '\VnshinKton report- infi tliat July was llic most successful month in battle the U-boats. ' . American Liberators, based in tin? Middie East, make a 2.500-mile round trip to bomb airplane plants Wiener Noustadt, 27 miles from Vienna. Allied bombers Ir.ivol more than OO milns from Australia to bomb Salik Pnpnn, in Borneo. On the Russian front, the Red \rm\' closes in on Kharkov. Oliver X" 10:(M) p. ni. \VOR-Ncws V.UK-WATR — Rny-mond \\HiAF-WTIC— Con tciitod Krain WABC— Screen Guild .I<>:1,> p. in. W AT R-WJ Z— Ted Ai^lo : 1<):.W p. in. WvVB— Johnny Morfjan Show WEAF-WTIC— "Or. J. Q." \S'OP. — Sy. -n phonetic \VJ2-Aradcmy A\vo.rd TJionter WATR— Xcws; Good Olc Days 11:00 p. in. ALlj Stations — News 11:1.1 p. in. WATK-WEAF-WTIC-Now.s WAEG—Doan Hudson Orch. WJ2— Jon Gni-t Trio II :'.W ]>. Ml, WEAF — For Liic- RocoreJ WABC— Johnny LOI-.R Orch. WJZ-WATR — Sal udos Amines WOR— Giiy Lomtaardo Orch. :ll:.15 p. m. \VEAF~DcnJiy Bcckncr Orch, 12:1111 Midnight VVATR— Sifrn "Oft WABC — News; W;u'J-j'r..crtbn Orch- W.JX— News; Olson Orch. WTI'C-WJSAF— News: Stoi'ics WOR— Fields, LopcK Oi-o-hs. 1*'A TALLY IN.lL'ltlCU Hull. M.-IJ.-S.. Ausr. J.I—(UP)—A )3-yo:ir-old Somoi-N'illc man* is dead is a result of a fre.-i.k accidstit. John Spina was killed when a nioek 01 wood fel'. on him as* the Boston to Nantashc't boat was onsinit into its pier ;it Hull. Spin;; itood on :i lower deck and Ihr. vood—weifrhin),' .-i.bO'jL four pounds —dropped from the ujjper part of he vessel. ON VACATION ! BUZ SAVVYKB ROY CRAVE THAT'S QMAHTV/YEJ. MV. WTHER A MAHABANI SORT/WAS SOITAN OF BATU. OBOV. IF CUILI HARRISON COULD ONLY SEE ME NOW. BUT HOW DO YOU ADWESS AMAHARANI? OR SHALL I BUT THERE'S SOME THING ABOUT YOyR fYft. TOUR MY MOTHER DUTCH. I WAS EDUCATED IN JAVA, SINGAPORE, AND ENGLAND. TO THINK THAT SUCH FOOD WAS ABOUT TO BE WASTED ON A BANDY- LES6EDJAP. BY THE WAV, ANGEL, WHO jsARE YOU ? NASINGA.THE MAHARANI OF BATU PACT. ROBINSON noPETHlS IDEA OF VOURS CLICKS, HE'LL 6E WEEt ANY MINUTH -^ Sir DOVMN THERE H NOW ACT LIKE Youtee ^ '—•^MOTHER SACK OF THIS -AND PUT THIS WIG ON SET THAT CAR HIYA, SLICK CHICK/ By ROBERT STORM NOT JACK i ME <HL'&T MAVg SEiN ONF CF "We TWO Mf,5.MwU;[.e.,.SEV£iZAL HUFJDe.rO VJRC WON T 5cT FAS! WE f ROAD BLOCKED AT IOTH E,MD*5-' vou Cr Trie KAN THIS WAV VcAd 1 WHILE VOU MEN PUMPING tjEAO THE SACK V4RP, THIS e OUT THE -SIDE ce.4v.tEO INT; IN A DESPERATE BID FOR FRKDO/M, BUT ARE AlET WITH A OEADLV AND SXCTF VOU WNT CHONGEO P\ 6\T, HOVU OftST SE JOSTLE LIKE 1VWL32 ^~7^^l SWUT-TWL VOUNC»-Ut4?? - l'IY\ HOC ON THAR, GOOGLE I! SINCE UNKSNOFFV AWVW! •jS 1 '"' Roy.-ilston. Mv-is-s., Aupr. .1*1-—(UP) —The--head of thc v exllc*d"'family of Austria is vaoiLtioninpr at Royals- on,. Emprcr-s Zita is staying at he estate of Mrs. Calvin. Bullock 1 , 'he emprc;a—laceompiiniad by her aujrlite-:-—. motored to Roya]sto_n rom Ottawa. Prepare Robot For Launching SR1CK: AMD SANDY WAITING FOR DARKNESS IN •ORDER' TO - MAKE THEIR ESCAPE FROM METOWER, WILLIAM KITT Hnd CLAREXCE GBAf TH!5 16 BAb/'.THW FELLOW. "BREKK", HAS NOT BEEN CAPTURED.' SUPPOSING HE . ROUSES THE PEOPLE - -. AND TELL 1 :) THAT oio TAR TOE PROTECTOR, .-••HAS BEEN .OVERTUROWM, I HAVE IT.' ERE THIS "BREKK" CAN STRIKE. I WILL HAVE MY' 5ELF PROCLAIMED THE MEW PROT&TOR AN&- -BE INVESTED WITH FULL POWER AT A LE6AI ASSEM BLY OF ALL TRIBAL CHIEFS.' *t wdkin' in ycr sleop, Buck. Ya start on a 50-mil* hike in the morni-vi" Gf?EAT ENEMY, COMES TO A DECISION AND SKEETEK By \V.Vt.t,Y BISHOP STOf>,'.' VJKO GOES TKERE?' FRIEND op. OKAY, <SO AHEAD AMP PINO 'SOME CTAPS.'/ GITIHJIII c'ii|itlon :i(;coi7ii)«- this picture dc»crlhc<« It an a robot plum* biiinj*; hutilnl into position ;it the kuincliini*;; ]i|atfonn ln,*f.oi:c* l>ifl."K f,i.rt:<l. Oli l v,lpiisl.y v Hie ouptiun Uocsii'l; siiy wlicirc the platform !.*• JiiCHlt'd. This photo 'was rudioi-d from'Stockholm .to. VorU.. (Intcrmitional).' , , : '.

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