Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1928
Page 2
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IK otliPr p,?Hf!y Car Trwek t? x-* n.f TW, pjc.-, mjimvf. Mr* rl*trr-in-t/uv. Mrs. Norn of K.lrkl<md. rrrrhTd n h" • frrrptyMfi. prof. BCW- C'nrl. risbt y.irs of Rirf>, v (l:>.;i»;h('-r, rlRlit months 'd uith minor prrntrhcR. T««; bnrily dnmapff!. P';nt!on. driver or the n "!> :!':n(l under $,'00 bonds i^f 1 of driving without will l>n hf-Id this , driven hp his f*rr*fTO*or O H' l&nemim «f ROC*. W«.nd!" cr«sb^" lnt« s RTisvel rtiotnr (m^k tn front f th» AHwrt. Wnwt ?>f«n<» rm t?ii» Ltoenln j-i!(jj-i«rgy jpipsir i-TV-i.^'r^jo risht mik«5 wr-t of tbi« rify, Mrs. Bo-irmn, Utr> boy'.-, moihrr PuKfw] s fMt! ,;,- f .,5 rl£rm prm fln<| it gsr.h on (he J>»rr}w«rt »htch rr- €!«i.n.'<1 four her hnr*r Bmtnmrs !.*wn Bf'npf P7t~h tm t lrui,n. n r-in r;nti n bnb ok! rvr.njw-' T1?r- en," ^ I'ut:rnf< Ir.ifk. n-n.H on n cha lir.hK The HiUrntinn by Centner C. M, Fry* n< the Trout); mulrrtnklng parlor \vhcrr thr rrm ( iin.<i oT the boy were takrn. Folkm-i'V? the inquest the body will be taken to Hock Island for the Tunrrnl nntl burial. Prof. Tins* rum rcid family had been to Kiikhmd, and Bflvideir, IU., no f» visit find were enrowte home Satin day evening. Prof, Bos- Irum is in.<,tturfor in Christianity nt A:::7ur,inna college and fdwj leader of the choir and was returning from n Miort in order to tnko charge of his work Sunday morning with -«H>-riwirr HP had • fltopptd «t thf Mc-Cur- fillinc station nt Speodbow 1'firk coiners for oil rtnd gas, visited for n few minutes with the attendants nt. the Ktfttlon and then continued on his way west. Just before the necident two cars from the west approached and passed him. It is believed that the lights from these ears dimmed his vision for ft second or two and with the lights on his car dimmed he could not see the pravel truck until within IS or 20 fert of it. The truck did not have n Uill Unlit, Pro*. Bostrum swerved his ear to avoid the crash but lie was (rnvellnR nt too great a ppoed and hi.s ear .struck against the roar left corner of the truck fend the right side of the sedan was ripped open. Thorste-n. the hoy who was fatally injured, was sitting on the right hide of the ear in the front seat with his father and his younger brother Carl was Kittiou between him and liis father on the front sent, Mrs. Bostrum was sitting on the right .side of the car in the renr seat and Mrs. Benson was on the left side of the ear. The ear did not upset fol- lowjnR the crash but swerved around npninst the truck, The Injurfl per:<>ns were rushed to the hospital 1ft the _ Woods nmhulance. The Injured lad never rcRiilned consciousness, Hi?; :::nll \\as fractured on the right Md" oJ his head near the temple. . ',':.;o Motorcycle Policemen Wil- b.i.- c-.isliman of this city and Hal KoiH'.-is oi Dixon were on the scene a lew minutes following the crash. KiHTne Ktanton, aged 24 years, driver of tiie truck was brought to this city and was released under S500 bonds fur his upiwarance this afternoon ftt a <>'€l(K-k t» fore-Judge Vf. A. StotTklo to answer to the charge ol driving the truck without lights. Sianton is employed by the Gus Strom Construction company of TUInncapoIis'nnd was working on the pradioE work along Route 80. He had .started to make the turn Into ihe Albert Weast driveway when the craih occurred and had the right front wheel off the paving. W-Atta AK .liiVIIIJ! jft i -J? -i n * ITS o r r• n c v At Haljowe'* 5 !! Fro lie X ami in Brash?,' ch«mpl«n Hi!!: "Morris TOD A Y awl TOMORRO rnif !(«!•>,''' .John 3onn*irmn rori Purlpy PaUeibr, nr- hs--s» b*^n complete?! by the e!rc«,)on of offk*™ ami forms'(ton of plfuw For th» M 5 Tho Senior PJBAS officers aw t'AUGHT. — Catsadlan Authorities are debating the sanity ot John Gibhs. 20-year-old bail- ilit. facing life imprisonment for his daring single-handed robbt-ry oi a Grand Truiik mail <-ar nv»r Windsor. G»bhs was captured "ihe other in Detroit on a Grand Trunk rry which bore the train ha had robbed and $22.000 was found in his lioekets, oil Jeers say. If <ound guilty Oibbs fac«s lif »M lorty law, GREAT CARVING CALLED A "COLOSSAL FAILURE."—"The. most colossal failure in history a rmiti!at«l imperfection that cannot be reclined!" That was how Snmuel K. Venable, one of the principal owners of fltone Mountain, in Georgia, described the Confederate memorial that is shown in the upper photo, an it appears today. Venable defended Outzon BorRlum. lower left, dl.ncharpert designer, and denounced the mrmorlnl afefieialloh Tor Us ""extravngani exin-ndHures." Tlie present sculptor, AtiRUstus Lnkemnn, lower right, he charged vith disfiguring Borglum's carving of Ocnera.1 Lee. Then Venable acted to forfeit the association's title to the memorial and to turn the woi*. over to the Unit- ca Dfiughters of the Confederacy. MINIMUM SIZE OF COLISEUM SITE IS OUT 500 SQUARE FT, In view of the fact that several very defilrnbln sites for the location of the Sterling municipal coliseum lack several hundred square feet of measuring up to the dimension requirements as announced In tho advertisement for bids, the board of directors Monday morning decided # ro-advertlse and decrease the minimum size of the site from 14,000 to 13,500 square feet. There is a maximum limit on the dimensions. All bids must bo in hands of the t>oard before 7:30 evening. Oct. 19. o'clock Friday MORE THAN 2,000 GO THEOUGH NEW HOUSE Announcement In a page adver- Jsement of The Oajsettc thai-the lew house just completed by Harry f. Harshrnan. contractor, at 1510 jocust street, would be thrown open o the public for in spectlon on Bat- day, Sunday and Monday has at- .racted more than 2,000 people to he place. At one time Sunday there were 27 automobiles parked in the vicinity of the house. Between 12 o'clock ioon and a p. m., there were 380 »y—actual count who took advan- age of the opportunity to inspect he house. The house is a beautiful six room structure of Spanish architecture and contains the most modem of all conveniences. It has been sold and the purchaser expects some time this week. to move in W8-date-it**. )AMERICAN H1STQR.' OCTOBEB 8. 1402 — Columbus' crew threatened to throw him overboard. 1782 — John Adams, American minister, concluded & treaty with Holland. 1889 — Franklin Pierce, fourteenth president, died. Ifffl — Chicago lire destroyed 17,500 buildings: killed 200 and caused loss to property estimated at $200,000,000. PROBATE COURT RECORDS Cordlela Seger est. Affadavlt of posting notices to creditors filed and approved. George Qustoff Benson cat. Same. Leander 8. Kauf mann cst. Same, Mary 8. Scotchbrook est. Re-petition to sell real estate to pay debts. Affidavit of non residence filed. Peter E. Plerson est. Cert, of publishing notices to creditors filed and approved. Lucetta Kenwood Paschall est. Hearing on Instrument reported as last will set for October 29th. Prank M. Elmondorf eat Same. Leslie A. Brown est. Petition for letters of adm. filed and allowed. Bond of $3000 filed and approved and letters ordered. Ella C. Lathe est. Inventory filed and approved. W. H. Martin est. Claims totaling allowed. Maggie JaiLts esL Claim allowed Amelia Cordes, $126. Alice A. Randall est. Claim allowed John H. Gerdes, $500. Anna Rick est. Aff. of poising and cert, of posting notices to creditors filed and approved. Martha H. Strock est. Dedlmua potcstatum ordered issued to Clement R. Nyc a notary public of Los Angeles to take dejia&iUon of Clarence A. Dulin. one of attesting witnesses and return same, Raymond J. Leitz est. Aff. of post- Ing and cert, of publishing notices to creditors filed and approved. Report of private sale of personal property filed and approved. Sale of real estate to pay" debts allowed upon filing of bond in sum of $3,500. Charles W. Pry est. Instrument presented found genuine aa to representation that it is last will and testament, SPeittton. for letters tear amentary filed and allowed. Bond waived in will. Lucy A, Wlnans est. Inventory filed and approved. Alice F, Miller est Same. Joseph B. dsell est. Upon motion final report approved. Discharged. Hiram C. Thompson est. Proof of notice for final settlement filed and approved, final report approved and discharge ordered. ptw»!d«it.; y, j«jd Hftrolt} C . Th» Jurtlm 1 of- flrwrs !»rc Floyd HJaby, pt*jsifl«it; OMirneve CSart. vie* pr«i.jfmt- Charies Conner, »*crs!Ary, and' l«o Schneldrr, treasurer. The Bins and QnM At??m*H bt».rtl has b*en orffaniwd R* follows: Susan Wood, editor-in-rhief; Catherine Frye. ns,sl<;Lant; Kunn^th- MOOT* business manoger, Olen Bioiigh. ns- ?!stant; Marian Bchumacher, literary editor; Bernics 8haw, ixstJ«t,*nt- HrwJ Frank, art editor; John Andreas, assistant; Daniel Dale, boys' siwrfs; Kathtrine Kinp, girls' sports; Hazel Schicrry , sweety and dramatics; Paiiilnr Stevens, assistant- Amsbaugh, actlvitiea and or- tion«; Orpha Kickjtey, asnist- int; Otto Kommor. "Snnpa;" D fi ji a Mas Fnddrn. assistant; Harriet Hulwr, jokes; Perry Richard, assistant; Dorothy Thomas, calendar Frank Itnyre, assistant; Charlotte Beecher, ahimni; Bruce Oltmaai «nd Evelyn Hess. ftRsistantA Ruth bonRnbatiRh. Dorothy TrdsUe. Lcorw Folkers and Florence Lease will be the typists for the annual board Miss Marie Hcrshey is faculty advisor for the Seniors. Caste For Two Play*. The Bterlins Higb. Players were organized before commencement last June by electing the following officers: John Overholser, president- Marian Bchumacher. vies president' Catherine King, secretary; Harriet Huber, treasurer; Susan Wood, business manager; Floyd Rich, assistant business manager. The Players have already begun rehearsals under direction of Miss Rayma Rawson, for the one act phantasy, "The King's English," which will be a feature of the annual Hallowe'en frolic in the gymnasium on tho evening of Oct. 25, with stunts and social features by the students. The cast will Include "Rlpley OTRannigan, a gentleman adventurer, king of the western shores of p r>f Thff fun for th* frolic SMtlifTK^. Th" hig drumstJc cwnt of th? <,"T will h*( the Senior ciss* play. HiriianJ BrinsJry Rhctldan's alwft.Tn rir-iishtful fiv* »e.t conwdy. "Th« Rivals," on? of t,}^ favortte'vchlclwi for the genius of Ihe great Jowsph .TrfTr-rsm ftGd |*c«lia,r!y sullsd to toe fnlrntR of jfjung srtors. HehenrsUs JIBTP l^fim, urx}»f ; mm "ihc cast of marketers: 'TSlr Anthony Absolute," Olen Btough; "Captain Absolute," Floyd Bich; "Rir Frwncis O'TigRcr," Harold Car- p-rntcr, "Faulkland." Bern«rd Dexvpy; "Acres," Louis OHmuns; "Fa?," William Le Fcvro; "David," Guy Coats; "Coachman," Perry Hlrimrds; "Servant," Daniel Dale; "Julia," Brrnlce Shaw; "Lydla Lnnguir,}!." Lucille Collier; "Mrs. Malnprop," Dorothy Trostle; "Lucy," Harriet Huber; "Maid," Pauline Stevens. The Latin club, "the Societas Latlna," has not yet planned a Latin. -piny but has organ lied with the following officers: Evelyn Hesa, president; George Huber, vice president: Marian Hill, secretary; George Hill, treasurer ; Miss Harriet Echtcrnnch and Miss Bertha M. Forbes direct the destinies of the Latin rlub from the laculty standpoint. * Musical Orrsrmaiioni. The musical organizations have begun to harmonize both vocally and I nst rumen tally under direction of Prof. E. H. Bergh. A glee club of 105 voices, "boys and girls together," has been organized and will present the comic opera, "The Pirates of Pcnzance," April 11 and 12. A Sterling high school band of 30 pieces and an orchestra of a) pieces are also being organized by Prof. Bergh. The musical organizations will be heard in concert work during the year and in the May festival of music next spring. The football team Is absorbing attention In athletics. The fence at the Community athletic park has Floating universities are now a regular feature from America and n addition hundreds of Americans are sending their flnlshing schools „ France. England and Germany. children to the of Switzerland. Dear Friends: I don't know whether your top coat and fall suit need cleaning fcnd repairing or not I know mine did. The boss got kind of personal about that top coat, He said if I was going to continue writing ads for him, I would have to practice what I preached. So I had it cleaned, pressed and repaired and now I won't have to buy a new one. One customer remarked yesterday that he had thrown one suit away three times. Later he would find it, send it to the Ideal Cleaners, and after it waa cleaned and pressed," people would ask him where he got the new suit. It pays jto take care of the clothes. Send 'em in. Ben Zeen IDEAL CLEANERS 17 East Fourth St. TODA Y and Clara Bow! The one and only! You will be docked i\ lotpf laughs if you misa the first boat Her Hlilp of joy greater than "It," Sm A greater nkow semon— -Watch the big pictures we have. Watch our lobby for dates. ILLINI TONIGHT, TOMORROW Teeth That Fit We si)eciauj» oa plat* work. Get our advica and prices before bavta* your t«eth attended to. Our plates have that kv« tooUj appearaase, that oftnoot l» detected fnun th&imtursl t«ih, EnftiBmstioij fr« n«t your wont doae at our Sitnltary, Modern, ''''''"''" 71 '" S«t of Tsett! ........ $18,Sft a Plate* ........ , , .«?,&§ (8. a White) Wctit or Gaul GitHnu ..»«.. .$&i9 t& yt, n Karat fliia Gold Inlays BUS low as pj Porcelala Fiiliags ..flit 'Ti.-ttJti Otter Work hi Wbeaa Fl*is« Sam MMN li^S ..fIJM Twin City Dentists 9 4. ML to $ I*, M, €i«*c^ Mt.wO«y, Wtid*i*aH»jf «4<4 fHi^ «ti 6 I*. HM» A., & i*OtJ<I-iiif , H&. iiio. H SiSJi Fitat A**, H««k Blig,, r«'i»UI*«i, 1WU with DARLING DOROTHY, MACKAILL and JOLLY JACK MULUALL Romance on the docks of 'Frisco, with the tang of the sea to spice it Hugs and thugs! Fights! Fun! A.. filuuighAfed. girl wj turns tables on a Jolly Jack—yes sirr-kidnaps him—and then falls head over heels in love. «t**r Also National Candy Week! This week—make every member of your family—or your sweetheart, happy—with a box of Packed in 1, 2 t 3 and 5 Ifo. Boxes. 1 Lb> £* gpitf A better assortment Box l3dC in 2-lt>. box at $1.50 We also pack any size box with your favorite selection. "Madoe For Lovers of Better Candies" The Chocolate Shop 108 Boat Third Street FEATURES OF OUR SERVICE As Savings and Budget Experts fTHe &£ppy family, regar&esa df its tke, has a system of thease daya, No more hit^uid- miss habits. Instea.1, a small amount Is put away each pay da^ goes to meet bills and cur- ;u> ssv* that um be <kvis<al i THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE TRUST & -

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