Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 24
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14 Galesbufd Rfeg^ster-Mgij, Golesburg, Monday; April 23, 1973 Market Reports T< lay aALesBtmo OHDER BtJYKRs Bttrlingtoii NoHkeni Stockyards Market: fully steady. Nd. 1-2: 200^^ $35.00-13^.25 Quotations: Nd. 1-3: 200-230 ........ $34.50-135.00 No, 1-3: 230-2*) $33.75-$34.50 No. 2-3: 2W-300 $32.25-$33.75 Packing Sows: $27.75-$31.25 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 2,100. Butcher Trend: opened steady, closed 25c lower. No. 1-2: 200-225 .$36.50-$37.00 •No. 2-4: 200-240 .$35.50-$36.50 240-270 $35.00-$36.00 2W;300 $34.00-$34.75 Sow Trend: steady. Mm $32.00-$33.50 Boars: 350 lbs. up .....$30.00-$31.00 XEWAMES AVCTION REPOHT AprM ao, 1173 Rtetlptt Caiil* CalvM. Hegi Shatp This Week 152 14 318 42 Last Week 102 5 192 14 Last Year 146 5 367 101 CATTLE: Receipts mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Feeder steers and heifers steady. Cows SOc lower. FEEDER CATTLE: mixed Good and Choice 300-SOO lb. steers 46.5049.00; some Choice 350 lb. heifers 49.50; Choice bred replacement cows 315.00-400.00 per head. COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 33.00-36.10; Canner and Cutter 27.00-34.50. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder fairly good. Prices Inlarier H09 PrICM SPRlNOFIfiLD (UP!) - Interior hogs: 25,000; about steady; No 1 -2 200-230 lb 35.25^5.75; No 1-3 230, some 240 lb mostly 35.00 ^.25, few 34.75, few early 35.50; No 1-3 230^ lb 34.50^5.00; No 2-3 150-270 lb 34.00^4.50. pigs. Demand fairly go( 1.00-1,50 per head lower. SLAUGHTER BOARS: 250-650 lb 29,80-31.00. - FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 20-40 lb 28.50-32.00; 0Or7O lb. 35.50-39.00; some 100 lb. 46.00; all sold by the head; bred sows 112,50-175.00 per head. SHEEP: Good replacement ewes with lambs at side 15.00-17.00 per head. Indianapolis Livastock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock Hogs 2,500; steady to 25 higher but closing steady; No 1-2 200-240 lb 36.50-37.00; mostly No 1 -3 200-250 lb 240-270 250-290 280-315 36.50-36.75; 36.00-36.50; No 2-3 35.25-36.00; No 2-4 34.25-25.25; No 3-4 J3.50-34.25.' * Cattle and calves 1,100; steers «nd heifers about steady; dioice «teers 45.00 - 46.25; good and Choice 44.00-45.00; good 41.0014.00; choice heifers 44.00-44.25; pod and choice 42.50 - 44.00; |ood 40.00-42.00. Sheep 250; lambs mostly steady; choice and a few prime spring Jambs 36.50-37.00; good and choice wooled 34.00-36.00. Joliat Livestock - JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 1,900; steers 25 higher; heifers 25-50 lower; high choice and prime steers 47.00 - 47.50; Choice 46.00 - 47.00; good and choice 45.5046.00; high choice and prime heifers 45.50 - 45.75; choice 44.50 - 45.75; good and phoice 43.7544.50; no canner or cutter cows. - Hogs 700; steady to weak; No 1-2 200-220 lb 36.50-36.75; No 1-3 200 • 240 lb 36.00 - 36.50; No 2-3 240-260 lb 35.50-36.00. Tuesday estimated receipts cattle 400, hogs 600. St. Louis Llv<Dstock . ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock: Hogs estimated 5,500; mostly steady, instances 25 higher under 230 lb; No 1-2 200-230 lb 36.75-37.00; No 1-3 200-230 lb 36.50-36.75 ; 230-260 lb 35.50-36.50. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 44-54, medium 40-50, small 2537; B large 39-50. Hens ice-packed broilers and fryers 42.50-44.50. Eggs wholesale Grade A large 28-36, standard 22-26, medium 26-34, unclassified 8-10. I Market for Career Apparel Expected to Expand: Firm Traasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through April 18. Wthdrwls 1222,270,542,972.98 Deposits 193,380,216,445.51 Cash balance 10,058,838,276.83 Public debt 456,540,036,543.52 Internal revenue collections on April 18 were $2,219,341,448.21. NEW YORK (UPI) - Emilio Pucci put Braniff on the apparel map In 196S wheh he first designed clothes tor the airline's stewardesses. The famed designer al^o set a trend in career apparel which has taken off in other industries. Chicago Product CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese Processed loaf 70.25-79; single daisies 76.50-80.23; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-91, B 87-89. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest egg^: Firm; prices unchanged; extra large 56; large 56; medium 51; standard 46; pullets 36; checks 34. Now York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral im AUdOhem 35^! AUd Strs 28 Allis Chal 9% Alcoa 561 /4 Am Air 19% Am Can 32V8 Am Cyan 28% AmElPwr 26 Am Mtrs 8% Am T&T 53 Anaconda 21 Arlans 2% Ashl Oil 27% Atl Rich 78% Avco 12 Bea Fds 25% Bendix 42^ Beth Stl 30V4 Boeing 18% Borden 23% Int Harv 30% Int Nick 30V4 Int Paper 37% Int T&T 36% Iowa P&L 23% Johns-Mn 24Vi Kennecott 28V^ Keys Cons 16% Kresge 36% Kroger 18% Lib McN 5y4 Litton 9 Lockhd 7% Mar Oil 36 >/4 Maytag 35 >/4 McD Dgls 36% Merck 97 Minn Min 82% Mobil Oil 71% Monsanto 56y4 Nat Bis 47% Cap C Bdg 52»/01in Corp 15% Celanese 35 Cen Tel 22% Cessna 23% Chrysler 33V4 Cities Src 47% Oulbd M 38% Owens-Ill 36% Penn Csn 2% Penney 83% Pepsi Cola 84 Coca-Cola 143V2 Pfizer 40% Colum Gas 31 Phil Pet 47% Comm Ed 33 V4 Comsat 51% Cons Ed 24% Cont Can 28% Cont Oil 35 CPC Intl 3iy4 Dana 36 Deere 42'A Du Pont 173V4 Eastman l3,V/z Exxon 100% Falstaff 4% Firestone 22Vi Ford Mtrs 65% Fruehauf 30 Gam Sko 28V4 Gen Dyna 18V4 Gen El 63y2 Gen Fds 26% Gen Mtrs 73% Gen Tel 28% Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 24% Goodyear 26 Greyhnd 16% Gulf Oil 25y2 111 Cent 21% 111 Pwr 30 Inland Stl 34% IBM 426% Live- Procter G 103% Quak Oat 37% RCA 28% Rep Stl 29% Revlon 61% Safeway 34% St. Regis 42y4 SanFeInd 27% Sears 99% Shell Oil 48% Simmons 21% So Pac 35 Sperry 41% Std Bds 51% SO Ind 89 Stvns JP 29 Stude 451/^ Swift 25% Texaco 41 Tex Inst 182 Un Carb 43% Un El 17% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 22% US Stl 34% West Un 25% Wstghs El 35 W^yerh eo% Woolwrth 21% A lot has been learned about career apparel, or the "non­ uniform" look, since the days when the Braniff stewardess was the Barbie boll of the skies. In line with Pucci's theory of climate comfort, she was expected to have 18 different outfits for all kinds of weather and circumstances. Transportation services, auto rental agencies, banks, insurance companies and public utilities now using career apparel agree three outfits are adequate, according to Frost & Sullivan, Inc., a market re search firm. Boost Annual Volume The current market for career apparel' is $65 million a year, but Frost & Sullivan anticipate by 1980 al of the 48.3 million white collar workers in the labor force will be dressed by their companies. This would boost the industry's annual Midday Price Drifts Lower On Wall Street NEW YORK (UPI) - Prices drifted lower through midday Monday on the New York Stock Exchange. Analaysts said many investors were still away for the Easter holiday which made for light trading. Shortly before noon, the ividely watched Dow Jones average qi 30 blue-chip industrial stocks had declined 4.29, to 958.91. Declining issue's topped advances, 621 to 544, among 1,563 issues on the tape. Two - hour volume totaled about 5,100,000 shares, compared to 7,200,000 shares in the comparable period Thursday. Salant Corp. was the most active issue, off y4 at 8y2 on 107,300 shares. Weyerhaeuser was second, up 1% at 60% on 44,400 shares, and International Telephone & Telegraph third, up % at 36% on 38,000 shares. Prices on the American Stock Exchange declined in moderate trading. volume to almost $300 million, .lead Most companies embark on the apparel venture to give their employes a better sense of belonging to the corporate scene and to provide an attractive fringe benefit. A career apparel program also has the advantage of improving the employes' image. The majority of men and women now wearing career apparel are in jobs requiring contact with the public, the' survey said. More than half the firms having a career apparel program pay for their employes' outfits. The National Bank of North America reportedly spends $200 per employe, Frost & Sullivan said. In about one third of the cases, employes either share the cost or pay all. American Telephone and Telegraph Co. offers career apparel manufactured by Hart Schaffner & Marx to its women employes on an optional basis. The women can buy the high- quality clothing at moderate prices, but must foot the bill without AT&T's helping hand. Eight Major Manufacturers Frost & Sullivan cited prices for men's career apparel ranging from $10 for trousers to $85 for an overcoat. Women's wear starts at $10 for a blouse and makes a rapid ascent to $110 for a coat. More than 45 per cent of all career apparel is produced by eight major manufacturers, including the designer house of David Crystal. Since career apparel can be worn both on and off the job, its spreading popularity should to some reduction in purchasing of private wardrobes, Frost A Sullivan said. This trend may be offset, however, by the fact that career aj^arel manufacturers need to maintain styles for at least a year and are keeping seasonal changes to a minimum unlike the man for all seasons, Emilio Pucci. Matter of Fact .loriAlnvanttMi Jilted ti9 tht m. P «t* otfleo to vm iKftrnt of any mw tnd ttitfia .prdc* ess, aiaeliiM, inanufie- turt> or eompeitttoB of niit* tof. or any mt ind tiie* fill Improviinonla Itt thoM catoforifti. The ttint to the patentee ft of "the right to exdiNle otheri from nak* ingt using or selUng the in* vent ion throughout the U.S." for the .term of 17 years, The World Almanac •ays. }f «ir«p«per flnterprlstt AtM. Get A Load Of This GILSON READY MIX 876-2291 LARRY JOHNSON Wclcom* Back AU Old If Naw Cuitomtn PUBLIC AUCTION FRIDAY, APRIL 27 — 2 P.M. 256 Acre WARitm CO. FARM IM Aem TUUbla, Loft of Improvmanti V2 Mile East of Swan Creek, lit. Possession At Closing Owntr-^HESTER 0. HALE Sale Held at Premises BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION CO. Aiedo, III. - 309.582-5136 WEIR REALTY, MolJne III. - 309.797.1173 CALL FOR MOCHURE - Production Worlters Needed Equal Opporlunltr Employar # Oeod Weriting Conditions # Good Wage Rotes # Pojd Vocations and Holidays # Paid iniuronco Apply At 801 No. MAIN ST. ABINGDON, ILL. BRIGGS "Wonted to Rent Reiiabi* Gentleman with Son would like to rent heme in country. Ph. 289-4995_ FOR SALE 196S FORD COMET Fair Condition $300.00 20 INCH GIRL'S BICYCLE Brand New SSO.OO Phone 342-2468 Or Saa At 431 Monrea Removal of Trees STUMP REMOVAL TREE PLANTING TRIMMING - FEEOrNG RHADE TREES rOH SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE 343-7111 — 342-M8> 1964 WILLY'S JEEP 4 Wheel Drive, New Tires, Top, Lock Out Hubs, Looks and Runs Great. 343-5775 EXCELLENT NORTH LOCATION ^ NEW SANDLER-BUILT BRICK and FRAME 3 bedrooms, fully carpeted, full dry basement, large double attached garage. Large trees and nicely landscaped. $31,500 Pb. 343-4907 or 343-5138_ Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (iirpi) stock: Cattle 2,000 steers 25-50 higher; heifers mostly steady instances 25-50 higher; choice ^eers 45.50 - 46.65; good and ohoice 44.50-45.75; good 42.25- M'-SO; high choice and prime lielfers mostly 45.50, 1 paclcage 46.00; choice 44.00-45.50; good and choice 42.75 - 44.40; good tO.5042.75. THogs 4,500; steady to in-' dances 25 higher; No 1-2 200^40 lb 36.50-37.00, 25 head 37.25; ^0 1-3 200-250 lb 36.00-36.50; No 3-3 250-270 lb 35,50-36.00, 270-280 ^.00 - 35.50, 280 - 330 lb 34.00 r 45.00; No 2-4 330-360 lb 3?.a0- ?4.00. Heated by the suo, air rises in vast updfafts, especially in tropips, suclcUig up more thm 1,000 billions of gallons of seavitater a day. i BEAT INFLATION EARN 11 Year Certificate Notes 1500.00 Minimum 125,000.00 Maximum For Information Write to Post Office Box 379, Galesburg. IOTO*ROOTfR| FOR aCQGED >on't 010 Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 — or Phone 343-6430 No Charge if We Fell GUARANTEED WORK SPECIAL SAVE $2.00 — REO. 15.41 LATEX WALL PAINT Now $3.49 Gallon Good thru June I, 1973 SEED POTATOES RED &c WHITE ONION SETS & PLANTS TRADING POST 1515 E. Main HENDERSON TOWNSHIP riREMAN'S AUXILIARY HAM ft BEAN SUPPER (AU You Can Eat) Tuesday, April 24 5 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. TOWN HALL HENDERSON, ILt. Donation: Adulti - $1.50 Childran under 12 $1.00 Include* DESSERT at DRINK FARM AUCTION SAT., APRIL 28 — 10 A.M. 1 Mile South of Mercer Co. Fairgrounds, Aiedo, III. 710 feeder pigs; 2 tractors; ? trucJts; 1—D4 cat bulldozer; lots of hog sheds, feeders, tanlts, fence; '59 Pontiac car; tools; implements. At 1:30 At Same Farm ... ANTIQUE AND FURNITURE SALE Lots of good usable furniture and some antiques. Mr. ond Mrs. Donald Nestrick, Owners BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION CO. Auctioneers: Bud Henderson and Bob Ryan Cleric Pnl Malone WANTED Unfurnished lower apartment near Cottage Hospital for retired gentlemen. Will sign lease and can furnish excellent references. Will pay premium rent for nice place. Pleose coll 342-6787 or 342-0413 between 8:00 o.m. - 4:30 p.m. NOTICE To Henry County Taxpayers Due to circumstonces beyond our control the tox notices usuolly moiled the lost week of April will be lote. Further notice will be published when o definite dote hos been set for moiling dnd when poyment of toxes ore G. HERBERT JOHNSON County Treasurer NOTICE KNOX TOWNSHIP Due to the recent law passed, in regard to Personal Property Tax on individuals, Please Mail Dog Tax Money to me at R.Il 4, Box 58, Galesburg, 111. Tag and receipt will be returned. Male $1.00, Spayed Female $1.00, Unspayed Female $3.00. Tiianl<s, MYRON McCOY, Knox Twp. Assessor SAKRETE • Mortar • So nd «l Grayel GALESBURG Builders Supply Co 6O0 I MAIN STREET Phone 3^^4J55 Mr. Farmer Mr. Controctor, too! Before you order CONCRETE for your next project .... we invite you to Y\ CHECK —^ OUR PRICE Phone Concrata Dispatcher 342-41S5 for ?1 QUALITY READY MIXED CONCRETE Prompt & relioble delivery V] CHECK —'GALESBURG Builders Supply Co before you buy 600 E. Main, Galesburg I AM NOW CONTRACTING ON MY OWN FOR YOUR Pointing * Decoroting NEEDS RUSSELL LaROSE '^^ Ph. 342-7129 Notice to oil truck ond trailer owners WIGHT CHEVROLET CO. Offers a C Test Lane for Your Convenienc* Located 20 miles East of Galesburg on route 150, Mr mile North on route 180, Soutli of Wiliiamsfield. Advantages are: 1—Easy Access. . 2— No Long Lines to Wait In. 3—Unlimited Testing. 4—Convenient Hours. Monday thru Friday 8-5:30 P.M. SATURDAY 8 -12 NOON NOTICE GALESBURG BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. is now Open on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 Please help us give you good service by placing your concrete orders before 4:00 on Friday. Phone 342-4155 For Ready Mixed Concrete and Aii Related Materials. SPORTSWEAR • DRESSES (Jr., Regular and X4arfle SI mi) Jewelry • Purses Sleepweor MITCHELLS' Kt. 34 — On«ida> III. 9 A.M.. 5:30 P .M. - MON.-SAT. mt PARKING LOT MERCER COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION VIOLA, ILL. SPECIAL STOCK COW & FEEDER CATTLE SALE Wed., April 25-7 P.M. 100 Mixed Steele Cows from one locd farm about % of these cows wili have calves at side. The remaining cows will be pregnancy tested and sold in lots to suit the buyer. 25 Choice Bl & Bl WF steers & heifers - 400 28 Mixed Bulls & Heifers — 300-800 NOTE: WE WILL SELL FAT CATTLE, HOGS AND SHEEP AT OUR USUAL TIME AND SELL THE STOCK COWS AND FEEDER CATTLE AT NIGHT. 9:30 A.M. — Fat Cattle 12:30 P.M. — Shaep, Hogs, Feeder CattI* Mercer Co. Livestock Auction Home of Locally Consigned Cattle. For Further Information, Phone Office Phone 596-2125 - Home 667-2218, Day or Night RONALD DOUBLER • Manager Public Sale Having sold my farm I will hold a Public Sale of the Personal Property at the farm located 4 miles South of Galva on Route 17 then South on 180—3 miles (watch for sign) then 1 mile West or East of Victoria 2 miles to Route 180 then 2 miles North (watch for sign) then West 1 mile on SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 1973 at One O'Clock - HOGS 42 HEAD SHOATS - MACHINERY 1963 IHC 560 gas tractor w/fast hitch & wide front end; IHC Loader for 560; IHC 460 gas tractor w/fast hitch—overhauled last fall; IHC 461—4 row cultivator; IHC Fast hitch 8 ft. rear blade; Ferguson 30 tractor; Ferguson mower—hay rake—3 bottom plow & 2 row cultivator; IHC 37 wheel disk w/11 blades; John Deere 4 section rotary hoe; John Deere 490 planter; John Deere 490 planter made into 30" planter-for beans; 250 bushel gravity box on flotation tires, Goodyear; Case 3-14 puU plow; Flare box on gear w/ hoist; Flare box — Hay rack & gear; 2 pull disks; IHC—2ME corn picker; Old spreader on steel; 2 wheel trailer; gas tank & stand; 700 gallon water tank on Goodyear; Tumble bug scraper; Boom sprayer for 3 pt, hitch: 5 round hog feeders; 2 creep feeders; 4 sheds w/open fronts; 2—2 pen hog houses; 1—3 pen hog house; 3 steel water tanks (1 new); 4 wheel corn eleVator; 1961 Ford 6- cylinder 1 ton truck w/box; hog wire & posts; drill press stand- anvil, blower for forge; Big pile of old iron; 2—10 gal. milk cans; Coast to Coast E-Z Ride lawn mower, 7 h.p. motor, 3 speeds; chest type deep freeze, 20 cu. ft.; 1 swivel rockeri, I recliner. rocker; stone iars & fruit jars: lard press; Whirlpool wringer washer & tubs; large iron butchering kettle; Coleman upright furnace. TERMS—CASH Not RaiponsUiI* for Accident* NO LUNCH AuctlooMM: HOLLAND LIND8EY, GaneMO 944-4541 ROBERT LINDSEY. Andover 47t-4101 ROGER JOHNSON, Cambridge Clerki: DALE JOHNSON «nd DALE LODGE HOWARD MOFFITT, Owner PUBLIC AUCTION of REAL ESTATE April 25,1973 - 2:00 O'Clock P.M. at 716 South Seminwy Street, Galesburg, Illinois. LOT ZONED HEAVY INDUSTRIAL with business building thereon (at 716 South Seminary Street, Galesburg, Illinois) now bebig used for an automobile transmission service, de- sc.'ibed as fallows: That part of Lots 0 and 7 in Block 116 in the Second Southern Addition to the City of Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, bounded by a line beginning at the Southeast corner of said Lot 7, running thence North along the East lines of said Lot 7 and said Lot 6 a distance of 1022 feet, thence West 25 feet, thence North 3 feet, more or less, to a point which is 8 feet normally distant from the center line of an existing switch track,,thence Westerly along a line which is 8 feet noi-mally distant from the center line of said existing switch track a distance of 124.2 feet, more or less, to a point which is 93 feet North of the South line of said I^ot 7 and 148 feet West of the East Une of said Lot 6, thence South 93 feet to a point on the South line of said Lot 7 which is 148 feet West of the Southeast corner of said Lot 7, thence East along the South line of said Lot 7 a distance of 148 feet to the place of beginning, Knox County, Illinois. TERMS OF SALE: 20% of the sale price on day of sale and the balance within 15 days upon delivery of deed. Possession June 1,1973. Subject to taxes for 1972 and 1973 and subject to existing easements. ALSO TWO VACANT LOTS in Keithsburg, Illinois, being Lots 5 an 6 in Blocli 12 of Keith's Second Addition to the City of Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois. Said two vacant lots will be sold at the same time and place, subject to the same terms as stated above for tlie Galesburg real estate, except that said two lots will be sold subject to taxes levied for 1971, 1972 and 1973. Golesburg Realty, Inc., Owner BARASH & STOERZBACH Attorneys at Law 1?1 South Cherry Street Galesburg, Illinois 61401 Phone: 309-343-4193

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