Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 15, 1963 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1963
Page 25
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Here 1 g How. •. Oole&burg Reaister-Maif,..Ggjesburfl, 111. Monday, July tat, )9 »-M m By* VIVIAN BttOWN At* Newsfeauires Writer People with good taste on imall home furnishings budgets have it made, points out interior designer JOHNS-MANVIlll INSULATION Vonr Neighbor Says Call WMITIJ- 3424)1 IS Yale Burge. They can find good inexpensive substitutes foi? just about any-* thing their elegant neighbors eft' joy in home furnishings, Two things In particular—wood panelling and authentic-looking furniture reproductions are changing the look of the middle- class home, Surge says, "One can have richness in an inexpensive wall panelling that is hard to tell from its costly counterpart. And furniture designs BEST BUILT HOMEBUILDING COST m SUMMER BONUS SAVINGS on our regular cost-reducing exclusive Owner-Completion Plan a • .and NO MONEY DOWN on your lot We bund to your specifications, at lowest costl You may add the easy custom finishing touches and reduce your building costs even more. Now is the ideal time to start the home you've always wanted. Best Built will do the job quickly and skillfully, with highest quality materials. Our Owner-Completion Plan is the easiest way for yoa to own a home, exactly as you want it, for exactly what you can afford. Let us build it mow, for your summer and year-'round enjoyment. COMPLETE, PERSONALIZED FINANCING Convenient one-stop service—No waiting • No red tape • Small monthly terms to fit your budget UP TO 25 YEARS TO PAY I I 0 BisTBuiirGa MAIL COUPON OR PHONE US TODAY1 PEORIA 676-4741 OVER 75,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SINCE 1911 •EST BUIIT CO. , _ „ BIS lit. National Bank Building Peoria, Illlnoii. ^ Without obligation, pleas* fornfeh m rfafaik if: • Semi-finished hemes • Completed homes FIH ... Hlostrated Mew Hone Catalog Home. Address. City I awi • Wt hi_ • I do not own a lot no*. GRM - 7-15 and finishes have become so flilfhenllc In appearance that even wdfttiholes are reproduced," he says, Subject to .funk The average consumer "has been subject to so much junk for years that manufacturers are retaining the talents of knowledgeable people in the field of fine antiques and fine reproductions so ordinary Americans can enjoy the luxury of living with them," he says, • He illustrated by showing how to use a new leakwood masonite, available in 4 by 8 or 4 by 10 foot lengths, in a library room. The authentic look is accomplished by photographing fine veneers to get the actual graining, he explains, and these are put on steel plate rollers and rolled out while color pigment is controlled. He •uses it for bookshelves in the same room. Finds Several Ways There are several 'ways to install it, he says. One way is with steel brads on wall surfaces, filling nail heads with putty. Moldings are tacked to baseboard and ceiling for finish. Or the panels may be tacked to Vi by 2-inch wood strips to the existing wall about every four feet. Corner moldings may be mitred. The panelling may be tacked right to house studs in a new house, eliminating plaster. The material is fire resistant, washable and childproof. Burge, father of three, says it is ideal in a child's room. "But if used in a child's room, where it is extremely practical, it should be combined with brilliant colors — oranges and yellows." Shapes Design The library room designed by Burge had a beige and black checkered rug on the floor, a leopard ottoman and chair cushion. "Colors that are especially good with dark-toned woods include the chocolate browns, beiges and contrasting colors such as coral and other shades of red. Almost all the autumn colors are good with it. I'd rather use warm colors than blues and greens," he says. Burge is particularly ecstatic about new furniture reproductions. "All the furniture in thrs new collection is being reproduced with distressed markings of the authentic old furniture — fly specks, worm holes, three or four layers of pigment that make it look real old." Burge made the master models of an 18th Century line of furniture that is to be mass produced. "If we can improve the taste levels of people, it will help everyone," he says. In his opinion the cost of furniture should not be prohibitive. For Your Convenience NEW OFFICE HOURS 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. "CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL 343-8665 — 343-4136 When You Broil Steak, Do Your Guests 0? What's the fun of a bar-b-q if the steak is rare and your guests are well done? Get those troops in out of the sun and under the cool, pleasant protection of a Fiexalum Aluminum Patio Cover. Enjoy outdoor living — rain' or shine; give all- weather protection to patio furniture (to people, too.) Attractive? Very! Nationally advertised Fiexalum Patio Covers come in a variety of styles and colors. Since they're custom- made you can design your own most flattering effect. Practical? And how! Spring-tempered aluminum Fiexalum Patio Covers have a special 2-coat baked enamel finish with a 5-year guarantee bonded by Continental Casualty Company against chipping, cracking, peeling. Like to add an outdoor living room to- your home? Call us for free demonstration and estimates, 3$>m£um/ AUTHORIZED DEALER GALESBURG CANVAS PRODUCTS 117 Weft Usey Street 343-9384 Check List Offered for Heating Plant 18lh CENTURY ROOM?—The furniture Is not antique, but reproductions of 18th Century furniture. Wall covering is inexpensive wood panelling. Interior designer Yale Rurge says it is now possible for families to find tasteful home furnishings at moderate prices. Allergy Ills Are Relieved By Air Conditioner System If asthma or hay fever has you wheezing and sneezing your way through the summer, take heart. You may be able to cut down on the itchy eyes, stuffy nose and labored breathing by simply turning on the room air conditioner. The Medical Committee of the Allergy America Foundation of says that as long as you stay in an air conditioned room, your symptons often will be relieved. And if you have an air conditioner in your bedroom, you won't be so apt to be kept awake in the nightly battle for a breath of pollen-free air. In using room air conditioners for the relief of symptoms, the Allergy Foundation cautions that it is important to set the thermostat of the air conditioner properly so that the temperature within the room is not more than 12 degrees below that of the outside air. "Extreme cooling* will often irritate the membranes of the nose and bronchial tubes," the voluntary health organization says in its booklet, "Asthma, Hay Fever and Other Allergies." Recognizing the benefits of air conditioning, the Federal Government now allows a medical expense tax deduction for room air conditioners purchased when physicians prescribed them as medically necessary for heart patients, asthmatics and allergenics. The new deduction went into effect for the first time in 1962. There were 97 million days of restricted activity reported due to asthma and hay fever in 1959 and I960, the Allergy Foundation states Only Renewable Trees are Nature's only renewable resource, and will grow from seed once the current crop is cut Wood is unlike oils and minerals which, once mined, are gone for ever. in its pamphlet. The victims were allergic, or unusually sensitive, to air-borne dusts, mold spores, and pollens from weeds, grasses, trees and plants which do not affect non-aiiergic persons. Seasonal hay fever especially is caused almost entirely by these airborne allergens or inhalants. Room air conditioners can re- duct the amount of pollen in the air at the height of the ragweed season by as much as 98 per cent, tests by Dr. Orren D. Chapman, head of the Bacteriology Department at Syracuse University, showed. Other forms of relief from the distressing symptoms of asthma and hay fever are drugs and series of injections which help desensitize allergic patients as long as they continue the treatment. Immunization by a single injection is also under study at the present time, the Allergy Foundation states in its pamphlet. The free pamphlet may be obtained by writing the Allergy Foundation of America, 801 Second Avenue, New York 17, N.Y. Making An Entrance Dramatic is the way to make an entrance. Use vertical wood screens to mask uninteresting en trances from garage to home, Cedar posts and one inch lumber is ideal for this purpose. During the summer, every homeowner should take a e&ld, hard look at the performance of the heating system in his home. There are six important checkpoints the homeowner can use to determine the efficiency of his heating system before next winter's healing season begins. The homeowners should answer the following: l. Is the system properly tem­ pering tfiillrf I. Are floori, Walls Nftf othW surfaces warmed? 3. Is heating smooth arid *t «8 frorrt floor to celling? 4. Does the system create drafts? 6. Is there a constant, gentle circulation of air? 6. Is the heat clean and dust free? READ TUB WANT AMI America's FIRST READY-MIXED Pure Linseed Oil A rubber washer between the handle and the bold on the inside of a dresser drawer will keep the handle from wobbling. Be modern with .JSL NEW DIALCET FAUCET J. P. BENBOW Plumbing Ac Heating 1197 S. West — Ph. 343-2136 GLOSS *6.95 MOUSE PAINT The first ready-mixed, pure linseed oil house paint made in America . ,. and still the first choice of home owners because it I goes further, lasts longer and retains that * "just painted" look. Durable because it's formulated with the finest quality ingredi*, entg. Beautiful because it provides •; satiny-smooth lus-tre. Economical because it lasts years longer than ordinary painty ORWIGS HARDWARE 719 N. HENDERSON 343-6413 Rivoli Grain Co. Manager Is Elected NEW WINDSOR-Walter White of New Windsor, who has been in the employ of Rivoli Grain Co. at New Windsor the past several years, was elected as manager of the company by the directors who held a meeting Friday. White will assume the office Aug. 1 and succeeds John L. Carlson, who resigned and has accepted the same position at Good Hope. Basements In five out df seven regions of the nation, new houses have either a basement or a crawl space, according to a Forest Service survey. This emphasizes the preference of most housewives for easier-to-walk-on wood floors. READ THE WANT ADS! Add charm and beauty to your home. Free Estimates Without Obligation COMPANY 1000 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, III. 342-2813 1 HOLT PLUMBING & HEATING is proud to announce its appointment as an Authorized Dealer for GENERAL ELECTRIC Central AIR CONDITIONING and HEATING Products Nationally-famous G-E Central Air Conditioners and gas fired Furnaces will be sold and installed in this area by us . . . along with the unfailing service when and where it's needed. A complete line for all residential and commercial needs. CALL FOR FREE SURVEY AND ESTIMATES it U • • • the last word Air Conditioning Get'a hold of HOLT 892 E. Brooks St. Galesburg, III. PHONE 343-4345 Low-Low Financing Available

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