Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 14, 1974 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1974
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Official Carroll County Board Proceedings Times Herald, Carroll, la. Friday, June 14, 1974 Board of Supervisors Office, Carroll, Iowa Monday, April 15,1974 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in Regular Ad- iourned Session at the Board Office at Carroll, Iowa the county seat of said County on Monday, April 15, 1974 at 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to adjournment with all members present. On motion the Board of Supervisors canvassed the results of the Special Election held on April 9, 1974 in Willey, Iowa regarding the granting of the Electric Franchise in that community. The results were as follows: Yes 42 No 0. The results of this election are on file in the office of the County Auditor. On motion the Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims and authorized the County Auditor to issue warrants for same: 15.00 15.00 30.00 120.00 57.40 34.30 62.20 27.20 40.30 300.00 68.70 47.92 GENERAL FUND Mrs. Roger O'Tool, Jail Matron 16.00 Dr. ^. B. Morrison, View Bodies (Medical Examiner) Dr. R. B. Morrison, View Bodies (Medical Examiner) Dr. R. B. Morrison, View Bodies (Medical Examiner) Susan Bauer, Extra Help: Treas. Office Walter Koster, Mileage 52.40 Registration 5.00 .. Lewis H. Rich, Mileage .. Leonard Rupiper, Mileage 57.20 Registration 5.00 .. Jack Thein, Mileage Orel Thomas, Mileage 35.30 Registration 5.00 Carroll Chamber of Commerce, Membership in Region 6 Regional Tourish Council Burroughs Corporation, Office Supplies: Auditor 25.20 Data Processing Equip. Supplies 43.50 Coast to Coast, Office Supplies: Auditor 1.98 Janitor Supplies .99 Jail Cabinet 44.95 Stone Printing Co., Office Supplies: Treasurer 145.50 Sheriff 17.59 163.09 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Office Supplies: Recorder 83.18 Xerox Corporation, Office Equip. Rental: Recorder 139.39 Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Sheriff 26.00 Wertjes Uniforms, Sheriff Uniforms 278.25 Secondary Road Fund, Sheriff Dept. Car: Gasoline 157.70 Schroeder Oil Co., Sheriff Dept. Car: Gasoline and Oil 119.27 N.W. Bell Tele., Telephone Line for Sheriff Radio .. 18.00 St. Anthony Hospital, Co. Medical Examiner Expense: X-rays 60.00 Huffman Memorial Chapel, Medical Examiner Expense: Transporting Bodies to Des Moines for Autopsies 75.00, Motel and Meals for Driver 32.78 107.78 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Medical Examiner: Postage .50 Iowa Office Supply Inc., Office Supplies: Co. Ambl. Serv 5.53 Donavon Stanzyk, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline .. 3.00 Rix Brothers, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 8. Repairs 18.95 Paul 8, Wayne's Service, . Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 13.80 Moorman's Conoco Serv., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 78.73 Schroeder Oil Co., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline .. 8.06 Larry Cruchelow, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Equipment (Radio) Welding Supply Ambl. Serv.: Twp. Trustee Meeting .. 4.00 J 81 J Electric, Permanent Improvements at County Home: Wiring 633.14 Manning Monitor, Publish Proceedings and Levy Sheet 582.36 Coon Rapids Enterprise', Publish Proceedings 327.14 Glidden Graphic, Publish Proceedings 202.49 Treas. State of Iowa, Sales Tax First Quarter 1974 .. 2.44 Harry Bohnenkamp, Mileage 49.40, Meals 3.32 52.72 Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Alco Center 10.00 Raymond Sapp, Hauling: Social Services 3.50 R 8, C Office Supply and Printing Inc., Office Supplies: Social Services .. 1.97 Koch Brothers, Office Equip. Maint.: Soc. Serv. 55.00 Deluxe Cleaners, Rug Ser- , vice: Soc. Serv 12.00 COURT FUND Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Clerk .. 50.00 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Office Supplies: Clerk 48.65, Magistrate 107.46 .. 156.11 Stone Printing Co., Office Supplies: Clerk 254.65 State Dept. of Health, Office Supplies: Clerk 16.50 Koch Brothers, Microfilm: Clerk 9.50 Alfred J. Klocke, Meeting Expense 26.00 The Lawyers Coop, Pub. Co., Law Library Supplies 18.15 The Lawyers Coop. Pub. Co. Law Library Supplies 19.50 St. Anthony Hospital, Blood Alcohol Test: Melvin Wegner 15.00 Lester Schulte 15.00 30.00 State Hygienic Laboratory, Breath Alcohol Test: Ray Kraus 30.00 Webster County Auditor, Carroll Co. Share of Court Reporter Salaries First Quarter 1974 2939.90 Charles Finders, Court Reporter Expense ....... 47.60 Kenneth Richardson, Probation Officer Mileage 8. Expense 44.97 Alfred R. Thorup, Probation Officer Mileage & Expense ...... 53.76 Jury Verdict Research Inc., Office Supplies: Judge Smith 9.50 Otto Bluml, County Home: Household Supplies 35.43 Wilke Drug Co., County Home: Drugs 82.71 Center Pharmacy, County Home: Drugs 13.05 St. Anthony Hospital, County Home: Hospital .. 75.00 Moorman's Conoco, County Home: Gas and Oil 31.49 Reinart Service, County Home: Equipment 215.00 Schenkelberg Implt. Co., County Home: Repairs to Equipment 14.95 Renze Hybrids, County Home: Seed Corn 57.00 Darrell Heuton, County Home: Seed Corn ...'... 136.80 Stone Printing Co., County Home: Office Supplies .. 34.10 Coast to Coast, County Home: Mlsc 11.48 MENTAL HEALTH « STATE INSTITUTION FUND Foley Rest Home, April Care 250.00 Thomas Rest Haven, March Care 434.00 Adam's County, March Care 150.00 Leacox Drug Co., Drugs ,. 8.00 R. G.Wilson M.D., Medical 7.00 Harvey Drug Co., Drugs .. 73.10 Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. 19.85 Medical Associates Pharmacy, Drugs 16.00 Dr . R . B . Mor r i son, Examining Physician Fee: Mental Illness Case 15.50 Russell Wunschel, Comm. Atty. Fee: Mental Illness Case 15.50 John G. Longnecker, Sheriff Fees: Mental Illness Case 49.75 William G. Polking, Atty. Appointed by Court Fee: Mental I llness Case 15.00 University of Iowa Alco. Center, 19 Days Care 427.50 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Hallett Construction Co., Asphalt Concrete 39345.23 Brown Supply Co. Inc., Signs 427.00 Lake View Concrete Products, Concrete Pipe 615.12 Treas. State of Iowa', Sales Tax 1st Quarter 1974 .... 7.17 Precision Lubricants Co., Grease 683.00 Freight 42.21 725.21 Neppel OH Co., Gasoline 1105.94 D. Fuel 224.01 .... 1329.95 Bliss Tire Service, Tires and Tubes 159.16 Swaney Equip. Co., Filters 11.95 Arnold Motor Supply, Repairs to Equipment .. 12.51 Wilkins Auto Parts Inc., Repairs to Equipment .. 35.53 Reinart Service, Repairs to Equipment 129.90 Carroll Machine 8. Welding, Repairs to Equipment- .. 8.70 Brown Supply Co. Inc., Repairs to Equipment .. 829.10 Breda Oil Co., Repairs to Equipment 2.00 Gasoline 2.25 4.25 Nelson Har'dware, Hand Tools 10.48 ELECTION FUND POOR FUND Carol Bass, Mileage: Food Stamp Cashier Food Stamp Cashier, Provisions Iowa Elec. Light 8, Power Co., Gas Town of Templeton, Water Manning Muni. Gas Dept., Gas Peoples Natural Gas, Gas 18.00 46.00 29.55 13.55 26.09 22.72 Gary Brauckman, Overtime Henry Billmeier, Snow Fence Bert Irlbeck, Snow Fence Clem Balk, Snow Fence .. Lawrence. Wolterman, Snow Fence Joe Irlmeier, Snow Fence DeLoss Garrett, Snow Fence Fred Kasperbauer, Snow Fence Art Polking, Snow Fence .. James Von Bon, Snow fence • John Von Bon, Show fence George Roberts, Snow Fence • Bernard Ankenbauer, Snow Fence William Pottebaum, Snow Fence Vernon Fence Schafer, Snow 124.00 Bock Bros Co., Co Oxygen Town of Coon Rapids, February Ambl. Subsidy Town of Manning, March Ambl. Subsidy Deluxe Cleaners, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Laundry Deluxe Cleaners, Courthouse: Rug Service .... Iowa Public Service Co., Courthouse: Elec Iowa Elec. Light 8. Power, Courthouse: Gas Interstate Elec. Supply Co., Courthouse Supplies: Bulbs B 8, H Super Valu, Courthouse Supplies Bob's Sport Center, Courthouse Grounds Maint.: Sharpen Mower Blades .. Iowa Elec. Light 8. Power, Co. Office Building: Gas Doris Walkup, Co. Nurse: Mileage 55.10, Meals 2.00 Vincent Halbur, Washington Twp. Trustee Meeting Vernon Ehlers, Washington Twp. Trustee Meeting .. LeRoy Albertsen, Washington Twp. Trustee Meeting Ronald Frahm, Washington 5.50 400.00 400.00 6.53 51.14 499.95 204.10 11.04 12.55 5.00 87.55 57.10 4.00 4.00 4.00 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec City of Glidden, Utilities .. Spurgeon's, Clothihg Carroll Medical Center, Medical Tucker Pharmacy, Drugs Jefferson Clinic, Medical .. The Village Clinic, Drugs .. Westendorf & Langenfeld, Dental Dr. David McCoy, Medical Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. Wilkp Drua Co.. Druas Woodlawn Pharmacy, Drugs Lawre'nce Olerlch, Rent .. Donald J. Hallinan, April Rent Roden Ins. Agency, April Rent -... Berger Brothers, April Rent Milo Dalley III, March & April Rent Bertha Reiling, April Rent Ed Gross, April Rent- Mrs. Shirley Robertson, Foster Care: April Lutheran Social Service, March Foster Care .7 Carroll Health Center, March Care Mrs. Rosina O'Tool, April Room and Board Gibson Products Co., Supplies for Homemakers Carroll Lumber Co., Supplies for Homemakers .. Joe's Paint Center, County Home: Paint, Etc Drees Oil Co., County Home: Heat Fareway Store, County Home: Provisions Bernholtz Bros., County Home: Provisions Dennis J. Minnehan, County Home: Provisions Carroll Wholesale Mkt., County Home: Provisions Safeway Stores. Inc., County Home: Provisions Safeway Stores Inc., County Home: Provisions Metz Baking Co., County Home: Provisions Marvin's Market Inc., County Home: Provisions B 8. H Super Valu, County Home: Provisions Century Laboratories Inc., County Home: Household Supplies 4.19 16.68 9.49 111.75 5.00 44.00 7.00 8.00 118.88 192.81 140.00 . 84.55 90.00 20.00 25.00 70.00 90.00 60.00 50.00 156.18 255.86 341.00 25.00 77.37 16.00 97.13 711.99 90.44 99.45 26.76 34.88 110.44 19.41 97.06 48.96 146.S4 176.17 Herman Lammers, Snow Fence James Jessen, Snow Fence 14.63 67.50 87.50 100.00 60.00 100.00 80.00 100.00 100.00 67.50 107.50 9,7.50 60.00 80.00 42.50 62.50 60.00 Crouse Transfer and Storage, Move Three Voting Machines: Carroll Comm. School Election .. 26.00 William C. Arts, Jr., Election Expense on Mileage 32.70 Motel 16.48 Meals 6.00 55.18 Rita Tigges, Judge of Election - Willey (Franchise) 26.00 Verna Mayer, Judge of Election • Willey (Franchise)- 26.00 Bertha Broich, Judge of Election-- Willey (Franchise) 26.00 St. Mary's Parish, Rent of Room for Election - Willey (Franchise) 15.00 On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, April 29, 1974. William C. Arts, Jr., County Auditor Leonard Rupiper, Chairman Merle Wiederin Snow Fence Iowa Office Supply, Office Supplies: Engineer Martin L. Schmeiser, Mileage Detlefsen Electric, Rewiring Manning Shop 281.45 Sieg Fort Dodge" Co., Garage Supplies Iowa Public Service Co., Elec.: Co. Garage Deluxe Cleaners, Co. Garage: Laundry Farmers Coop. Elev. Co., Co. Garage: Fuel Oil Standard Oil Co., Co. Garage: Fuel Oil 481.75 Standard Oil Co., Co. Garage: Fuel Oil Town'of. Templeton, Co. Garage: Water T o w n -of Breda, Co. Garage: Elec. Town of Dedham, Co. Garage: Water Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co., Co. Garage: Gas Culligan Soft Water Serv. Co. Garage: Soft Water Serv Town of Lidderdale, Co. Garage: Water Drees Oil Co., Co. Garage: L.P. Gas Schroeder Co., Co. Garage: Fuel Oil L & M Electronics Inc., Service on Radios Northwestern Bell, Radio Line Greteman Ins. Agency, Ins. on Equipment 1715.00 Dale Tiefenthaler, Chemical & Abrasive Spreading Moville Construction Co., Bridges: Project LR- S-LE3-73 Farmers.Coop. Elev. Co., Pipe Culvert Maint Carroll Ready-Mix Concrete,. Pipe Culvert Maint Moorhouse Ready Mix Co., Pipe Culvert Maint Dale Tiefenthaler, Grading Project No. TE1-74 5722.80 Promes Drainage Co., Tile Lines 534.25 Highway Surfacers Inc., Asphalt Concrete 712.13 100.00 14.84 50.60 13.78 64.23 . 29.87 176.61 61.91 7.50 27.20 9.00 155.29 34.50 8.50 223.15 86.90 48:'00 6.00 82.50 9690.92 29.60 58.72 19.43 Board ol Supervisors Carroll, Iowa Monday, April 29,1*74 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in regular adjourned Session at the Board Office at Carroll, Iowa, the county seat of said County on Monday, April 29, 1974 at 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time, pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to adjournment with all members with the exception of Jack Thein. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the following applications for County Business Licenses and authorized the County Auditor to issue licenses for same: Earl Thede dba Swan Lake Concession Stand; LeRov Sondqeroth. Vincent J. Goetzinger and Melvin Brincks dba Roselle Trio Tavern; R. L. Fridley dba Carroll Drive-In Theatre: Leonard J. Beyerink dba Riverside Tavern: Alfred Tiefenthaler dba Al's Corner; Leo F. Fleskes-dba Fleskes Store; Jerome J. Broich dba Broich's Store. On motion trie Board of Supervisors approved the application of Earl Thede, dba Swan Lake Conces- > sion Stand, for a cigarette permit and authorized the County Auditor to issue a license for same. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the hiring of Marilyn Eischeid as a second Public Health Nurse at S3.79 per hour. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the semi-annual report of Bernice Williams, County Treasurer for the year 1973. This report is on file in the office of the County Auditor. A motion was made by Orel Thomas and seconded by Walter Koster that the taxes on the property owned by the Coon Rapids Community School District be cancelled as this is real estate owned by a school district. All voted aye. On motion the Board of Supervisors signed the Certificate of Completion for Project No. LRS-LE3-73 for Bridge construction by Moville Construction Co. This is on file in the office of the Countv Auditor. , The Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims, and authorized the County Auditor to issue warrants for same: GENERAL FUND Manning Monitor, Publish Proceedings The Manning Monitor, Publish Proceedings .... Burroughs Corporation, Data Processing Equipment Supplies Burroughs Corporation, Maint. on Console of Date Processing Equipment .. William G. Polking, Atty. Fees — Services to Board of Supervisors Iowa Public Service Co., Elec.: Alco Center Heese Apartments, May Office Rent: Carroll Co. Alco Service Center .... Harry Bohnenkamp, Mileage 91.70 Meals 7.43 Coast to Coast, Keys Made: Social Services Raymond Sapp, Hauling: Social Services State Comptroller, Carroll Co. M 8, C Replacement Refund to State of Iowa .. COURT FUND Bernice Williams, Petit Juror Certificates Carroll Typewriter Service, Office Equip. Maint.: Clerk Alfred J. Klocke, Meeting Expense: Registration .. Northwestern Bell, Telephones: Clerk 76.70 Courtroom 45.74 Magistrate 43.21 The Manning Monitor, Notice of Public Meeting Regarding the Appointment of a Co. Magistrate The Lawyers Coop. Pub. Co., Law Library Supplies West Publishing Co., Law Library Supplies Shepard's Citations Inc., Law Library Supplies Michael Duehr, Court Reporter Expense C. H. Wild, Chief Judge, Carroll Co. Share of Cost Incurred in the Administration of the Second Judicial District William Polking, District Court — Atty. Fees — State vs. David Clayton Davis William Polking, District Court — Atty. Fees — State vs. Ronald Dean Ryun 247.92 194.03 133.21 1461.93 145.46 4.11 100.00 99.13 1.05 3.50 3418.60 1159.15 93.00 10.00 165.65 13.76 23.65 145.00 54.00 16.05 17.75 170.00 255.00 POOR FUND How to find MID-IOWA insurance agent. Call us. And Ask for a recommendation. Insurance Associates 214 West 4th St. (Thomas Plaza) Phone 792-4324 Carroll Naturally, we do have a tendency to recommend ourselves. But this tendency is understandable. After all, what other agency this area offers the extra services we offer? in YOUR , liuunntti mndtptntenl] I AGENT , Like having a staff of five knowledgeable underwriters. Each specializing in a certain insurance field. • Fred J. Dolezal • James J. Kratoska • Tom Oolezal • John Fortune • George Coffin THE HELPING HAND INSURANCE PEOPLE Maintaining to help you. a separate claims department twelve in- Oh, yes ... we also represent surance companies and we insure just about everything. Can't find a good insurance agent! Call us. We just happen to know a good one. Mrs. Roger O'Tool, Jail Matron 16.00 Susan Bauer, Extra Help Treas. Office 113.60 Walter Koster, Mileage .. 46.50 Lewis H. Rich, Mileage .. 41.60 Leonard Rupiper, Mileage 53.20 Jack Thein, Mileage 35.00 Meals 5.05 40.05 Orel Thomas, Mileage — 32.10 Northwestern Bell, Telephone: "Supervisors 23.44 Auditor 29.31 Intercom. 101.60 Treas. 54.93 Recorder 31.00 Sheriff 72.90 Ambl. Serv. 48.69 Co. Nurse 23.82 Alco Center 30.32 Social. Serv. 205.31 -.... 720.32 Boone Blank Book Co., Office Supplies: Auditor .. 30.84 R & C Office Supply and Printing Inc., Office Supplies: Auditor 3.01 William C. Arts, Jr., ISAC & NACO Seminar — Registration 10.00 Mileage 20.00 30.00 Carroll Typewriter Service, Office Equip. Main.: Recorder 139.50 Carroll Typewriter Service, Office Supplies: Recorder 2.00 Ray F. Reicks, ISAC & NACO Seminar Registration 10.00 Michael J. Kelly, Meeting Expense 43.75 Halbur Auto Clinic, Replace Broken Glass in Sheriff Car ..; 71.17 National Sheriff's Assn., Membership Dues-8. Ins. John G. Longnecker 55.00 Bernholtz.-Pros. Frozen Foods'and Dairy, Storage of Meat from Coon Rapids School Breakin .. 5.00 Iowa State Industries, Jail Supplies,: Mattress Covers....:...:: 170.50 Carroll Typewriter Service, Office Equipment Maint: Co. Atty 46.50 Dr. R. B.Morrison, Medical Examiner : Postage .60 Mileage .21 .. .81 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Medical Examiner: Postage .50 R. C. Wooters, M.D., Autopsies and Expense • 442.30 Gibson 'Products Co., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Supplies .. 6.54 William J. Reineke, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Driver — Meals 13.72 Gas 33.68 Less Overpayment on Claln No. 21101.00 46.40 Eldon R. Squibb, Ambl. Serv.: Gas 11:05 Meals 7.21 18.26 Tractor Supply Co., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Supplies .. 13.96 S and S Store, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Equipment 20.07 Wayne's Signs, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Lettering Ambulances 61.00 Carpenter Uniform Co., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Uniforms .. 999.94 Coon Rapids Automotive, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Repairs 4.73 Town of Breda, Co. Ambl. Serv. Subsidy for March 400.00 Neppel Oil- Co., Court House: Fuel Oil 209.76 Dust Tex Service, Court House:.Dust Mop Service 6.20 Drees Heating & Plumbing Inc., Court House Repairs to Heating Unit 245.30 Joe P. Frank and Son, Court House: Repairs to Plumbing 11-60 Raymond Sapp, Court House Grounds Maint.: Hauling 15-25 Doris Walkup, Co. Nurse: Mileage 18.50 Meals 3.12 21.62 Iowa Dept. of Social Serv., Food Stamp Insurance .. 80.00 Iowa Public Service, Elec. 13.26 Glidden R.E.C., Elec 13.91 Mr. and Mrs. John Eischeid, Shoes 8.23 Family Health Clinic, Medical 36.00 St. Anthony Hospital, Hospital 219.80 University Hospitals, Hospital 223.77 City Hotel, Room Rent .... 5.00 Catholic Charities, April Care 1392.50 Dwight F. Crosby, April Foster Care 210.00 Dennis E. Miller, April Foster Care 200.00 Clothing 68.45 268.45 Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Fryar, April Foster Care 100.00 Clothing 20.00 120.00 Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Feld, April Foster Care 100.00 Clothing 25.52 125.52 Mr. and Mrs. N. Greving, April Foster Care 300.00 Clothing 18.50 Drugs 18.75 337.25 Community Opportunities Inc., Transportation and Storage of Government Commodities 254.85 Iowa Dept. of Social Services, Emergency Relief 134.15 Star Drug, Supplies for Homemakers 13.20 Joe P. Frank 8. Son, County Home: Repairs to Plumbing 7-89 Northwestern Bell, County Home: Telephone 31.05 Iowa Public Service Co., County Home: Elec 326.10 Sernett Family Center, County Home: Provisions 4.40 Household Supplies 24.60 '. 29.00 H and H Company, County Home: Provisions 36.55 Anderson Shoe Store, County Home: Shoes .... 22.95 Heires Elec. Co., County Home: Hamilton Beach Mixer 69.95 Dr. R. B. Morrison, County Home: Medical 8. Drugs 88.50 St. Anthony Hospital, County Home: Hospital .. 25.70 Carroll Livestock Sales, County Home: Stock Pur chased 19.65 5.25 20.00 7.00 40.00 50.00 55.00 21.15 117.69 65.00 65.60 561.00 330.00 215.00 10.00 1290.00 41.55 45.50 56.67 42.90 10.40 3.75 5.00 3.38 15.69 29.77 17.50 21.63 292.50 Carroll Cooperative Co., County Home: Pig Starter 101.00 Farmers Grain & Lbr. Co., County Home: Grain and Pig Starter 394.47 Juergens Produce 8. Feed, County Home: Feed, Seed and Sanitizer 158.57 Paul Danner, County Home: Seed Corn 131.60 Elmer Kruse, County Home: Seed Corn 89.00 John Scharfenkamp, County Home: Seed Corn 92.70 Kloser Seed Store, County Home: Fertilizer and Insecticide 772.24 VETERANS AFFAIRS FUND Cash Allowance 30.00 Cash Allowance 40.00 Cash Allowance 25.00 Manning Muni. Light Plant, Elec Manning Muni. Water Dept., Water Iowa Elec. Light 8. Power, Gas Carroll Water Dept., Water Manning Muni. Gas Dept., Gas Irlbeck Oil Co., Fuel Oil .. Iowa Public Service Co., Elec Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. Carroll County State Bank, House Payment Berger Brothers, Rent .... BOUNTY FUND Bernice Williams, Co. Treas., April Bounty .... MENTAL HEALTH & STATE INSTITUTION FUND Lakeview Manor, April Care 3699.60 Shady Lawn Rest Home, April Care Foley Rest Home, April Care Boone County Auditor, March Care Boone County Auditor, Repr. Payee, Cash Allowance ... Valley Rest Home, April Care • Handicap Village, April Care 4/17 to 4/30/74 312.00 Cook 8, Caslow Drug Co., Drugs Dr. R. B. Morrison, Medical West Central Iowa Sheltered Workshop, April Housing 1320.00 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Northwestern Bell, Telephones: Engineer 35.73 Garage 20.94 Martin L. Schmeiser, Mileage David Paulson, Mileage Town of Lanesboro, Co. Garage: Water Arcadia Water Dept., Co. Garage: Water Manning Muni. Water Dept., Co. Garage: Water Iowa Public Service Co., Co. Garage: Elec Peoples Natural Gas. Co. Garage: Gas Farm Bureau Ins., Safety Books Carroll Co. Treas., Drainage Assessments on Co. Roads, Drain 23 Willey Lateral 10.16, Drain 23 Prill-Best Lateral 11.47 .. Deane Remsburg, Chemical 8. Abrasive Spreading Layne-Western Co. Inc., Bridge Maint 9491.25 Smith Construction Co. Inc., Asphalt Concrete .. 180.04 Precision Laboratories Inc. Asphalt Concrete 208.78 Stuart M. Ross Co., Corrugated Metal Pipe 3862.17 Midwest Culvert Operations, Corrugated Metal Pipe 4697.24 Brown Supply Co. Inc., Paint 36.20 Dedham Oil Co., Gasoline 34.54 Diesel Fuel 216.92 Tires 81 Tubes 12.00 263.46 Missouri Valley Machinery Co., Repairs to Equipment 213.82 All Wheel Drive Co., Repairs to Equipment .. 461.57 Heuton's Skelly Service, Gasoline 2.71 D. Fuel 123.13 Oil 5.75 Repairs 5.00 136.59 Snap-On Tools Corp., Hand Tools 54.13 Michael Todd & Co. Inc., Tools 68.80 WEED FUND John L. Beyerink, Meeting Expense 84.34 BRUCELLOSIS FUND W. D. Felker, Testing 3.50 E. R. Henning, Testing .... 29.00 G. G. Jennings, Testing .. 73.00 Donald J. Casey, Testing .. 66.50 Richard J. Schwabe, Testing 8.50 B. B. Merrick, Testing .... 29.00 Darrell H. Eich, Testing .. 40.50 ELECTION FUND Daily Times Herald, Cable TV Election: Publish Notice 143.81 Ballots, 8, Voting Machine Strips 97.15 240.96 Daily Times Herald, IPS Co. Willey Franchise Election Publish Notice \ c ,h 1? Votinq Machine Strips 15.00 171.52 Daily Times Herald, Carroll Community School District Election - Voting Machine Strips 20.00 COUNTY INDEMNIFICATION FUND Treas. State of Iowa, Balance of Fund as of 12/31/73 '80-. 1 ? On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, May 13, 1974. William C. Arts Jr. County Auditor Leonard Rupiper Chairman Business & Professional Directory INTERNATIONAL Handling all phaict at Travel NO CHARGE FOR OUB SERVICE 108 W 8th, Carroll 792-9742 BUY - SELL - TRADE USE THE DAILY TIMES HERALD CLASSIFIED ADS PH.: 792-3573 4875.65 R. R. Dappen, Testing 20.00 THE OFFICIAL ASSOCIATED PRESS 1974 BRAND NEW, the 1974 AP Sports Almanac is the first volume compiled by the expert and seasoned sports staffers of The Associated Press,the world's largest newsgath- ering organization. NOW-it's available to all readers of this newspaper. Check below on the book's content and details on how you can obtain it. 928 pages of sports facts seems incredible-but true-and at what a great, low price! This AP charter, paperback edition for 1974 is packed with information on some 100 sports throughout the world. You'll be able to find the particular facts or figures on a sport, from archery to yachting, at your fingertip, the book includes histories of each sport, some rules of the game, winners, times, champions, personality profiles, great photos —and more. And the price is low-only $1.65 (plus 20 cents for postage and handling). Send for your edition today, and think about what a great gift for birthday or any other reason this book would be! Simply till out the coupon below and mail it with the correct remittance to the address indicated. AP SPORTS ALMANAC (Carroll, Iowa Daily Times Herald.) Box 306 Teaneck, N.J. 07666 Enclosed is $ _ ..— .. for - copies of The Official AP 1974 Sports Almanac at $1.65 (plus 20 cents for postage & handling) each. NAME_ ADDRESS—- CITY STATE... _ ZIP CODE. _. BOOKKEEPING FARM MANAGEMENT HAROLD WM. SCHMIDT H&R BLOCK TAX CONSULTANT Carroll Manning 792-2770 Home 105 W. 6th St 653-1616 R. M WINJUM O D Optometrist Complete Vision Care including Contact Lenses Dial 792-3318 1 Block West of Sernett's COMPLETE (NSURANCE SERVICE Life — Accident and Health — Fire — Auto All Commercial Lines Robert L. Krous, Roy P. Lenx Carroll 792-2580 — «Jredo 673-4422 KRAUS & LENZ Insurance * fund lor V.S. Government Securities, Inc. Are you a cautious investor looking for more income? *• The Fund seeks current Income by investing in securities which are guaranteed by the U.S. Government or its Instrumentalities both as to the payment of principal and interest. * Daily Interest accrued by the Fund on the portfolio securities. * Minimum Investment: $230. For fund Prospectus write: American Giowth Fund Sponsors, Inc. 611 North West St. (Professional Bldjt.) Carroll, Iowa 51401 Phone: 792-2866 Attention: Wayne Halbur, Mgr. FARM MANAGEMENT Hail Insurance Investments Stocks and Bonds 2002 Crestview Contact HARRY D. FRANK Drive 792-4400 Carroll lervice TYPEWRITER & ADDING MACHINE SALES and SERVICE Cecil H. Cobble Owner 223 E. 5th, Carroll, Iowa 5V401 Phone (712) 792-3248 No Charge For Estimate* DR. JOHN E. MARTIN OPTOMETRIST EYES EXAMINED - GLASSES FITTED Contact Lenses — Children's Visual Problems New Ground Flooi Locotion — S24 N. Adom» St. i Between Honnoich Beauty Shop ond Sherwin-Williami) .Clo,.d Sot. Afternoon) Phone 792-9709 CorroH. l.». DR H. K. RICHARDSON, Optometrist Dial 792-9687 805 North Main St. EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED •• Ralph M. Crone ATTORNIY-AT-LAW Dial 792-9277 516 Vi N. Adams St. CONTACT LENSES R j. FERLIC, M.D. 715 N. Adami—Carroll, Iowa Office Hours: 9 to 12—1 to 5 General Practice—Obstetrics Fracture*—X-Rays Office Dial 792-4120 Homo Dial 792-3401 BILL COMITO BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Over Wetter-s Appliance Canter Ph. 792-3105 R. B. MORRISON, M.D. 117 East 6th St. - Carroll, Iowa Central Practice — Medicine Office Phone 792-3543 — Home 7924630 Our Experienced PHARMACIST Blue Cross Blue Shield When someone gets sick his first concern should be about getting well. His last should be about money Join your County H.I.A Associated BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD see or call Make check payable to The Associated Press Fae Nieeswanger HIA Secretary Sac Oty. la Ph 662 3343 Mis H W Harmeyer HIA Secretary Carroll. Iowa Ph 792 3848 U. Ph 792 9744

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