Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 15, 1963 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1963
Page 24
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24 (adfcsburo RedistcrMoil, Gdle^burg, Ht. Monday. Juiy 15, 1963 Do-It-Yourself - - - •iirtilfrm mammmmmmm inmmnminnT i Be Keen on Keeping Your Wimp-Edged Tools SHARP By MR. FIX, Newspaper Enterprise Association Every boy knovlte something that most adults tend to forget: Use dulls a pocket knife, arid rubbing It on a stone sharpens it again. What is true about pocket knives is true, too, about almost •very tool in your collection. Commercial 6c Domestic Fire Insurance Aik About Our Home Own- in Poller PUn. Huff Insurance Phono 342-4414 220 Hill Arcad* .umiiilHl Hliiiiu As soon as you acquire tools with cutting edges, get yourself a stone — one of the silicon carbide varieties — or make use of a mill file, in some instances, to keep edges keen. Keep Sharp As you acquire experience, you will want a variety of stones in different shapes, sizes and grits. Natural stones have been replaced with artificial materials, and it is possible to get both a coarse and fine grit in the same stone. Tools that become very dull and nicked need more than a sharpening. They need grinding. This is done generally with a grindstone or emery wheel. If you are using a power-operated wheel, be careful that you don't overheat the blade, thus causing it. to lose its temper. Dip the tool in water occasionally as you grind, to cool it. Straight-edge tools with a bevel along one surface should be ground so the bevel remains the same. This is generally 25 degrees. Whatever you grind, move the blade back and forth so that it is ground evenly. Not Too Hot Once ground, the blade is sharpened on an oilstone. The oil which saturates the stone prevents overheating. Use a light machine oil. If, after much sharpening, the stone gets clogged, place it in an oven, then wipe away the oil that comes to the surface. Grinding and honing (sharpening) generally arc done AGAINST the edge. A revolving grinding wheel should turn toward the tool. A blade should be sharpened by rubbing it against the stone in a circular motion, with the blade raised slightly so that the FLOWERPOT HANGERS UP youtt twnd, pmct, PORCH, ETd. SEND COAT* HANQER WIRE, USE ACTUAL PC5T$ FOR BENDING JfQ ALUMINUM RIVETS l" STRAP ALUMINUM- SHELVES CUT FROM 3/4" EXTERIOR PLVWOOD. CUT HOLES TO HOLO LIP OF POT L. - CLIP AND S A V Emm ...-J pressure is against the edge. For garden tools, keep a file handy. Clamp the tool to be sharpened in a vise, when possible, Retain the old bevel (the meeting edges of a pair of grass shears have no bevel). For kitchen knives you may want to get one of the hand or power sharpeners. Simply draw the knife through and you have a new edge. Drawing a knife down against a sharpening steel is still preferred by many. Homes Council Recommend* Kitchen Storage Hints Lack of storage is probably the most common complaint about the modern kitchen. Good storage is relatively easy to suply it custom-built cabinets are used. However, factory built units are more economical. Manufacturers have developed and standardized cabinets and appliances which can be arranged in a variety of plan types. While these cabinets do not provide the convenience of custom-built stor age they can provide efficient combinations of storage space and work surfaces. The University of Illinois Small Homes Council and Agricultural Experiment Station conducted a study concerned with the amount of cabinet space required'In kitchens in terms of factory produced cabinets. The cabinets used in this study were typical in size and design of most cabinets on the market, including both base and wall units. Fit Items In functional' kitchen storage each item in frequent use is clearly visible and easy to reach and grasp; shelves, drawers, and accessories are specifically dimensioned to fit the size of items to be stored. The study showed that the ab solute minimum amount of base cabinet should be 8 feet 6 inches and the minimum amount of wall cabinet 3 feet 6 inches. For ample space and a liberal amount of supplies stored the recommendations totaled 13 feet 6 inches of base cabinet and 5 feet 6 inches of wall cabinet. For further information on kitchen storage space requirements and distribution send 15 cents for Circular C5.31, "Cabinet Space for the Kitchen," to the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council, University of Illinois, Mumford House, Urbana, 111. Illinois residents add state sales tax. ON TH New exterior building materials continue to reach the market every year. But. some of the old-line materials cling to their popularity holding firm against the onrush of modern products. One of these time-tested exterior coverings is stucco, a mixture of portland cement, sand and water. In certain types of applications, some other kind of cement is used and, in others, hydrated lime is added. Many manufacturers turn out a factory- mixed stucco which has all the ingredients mixed in the correct proportions, including mineral colors to insure permanency and uniformity of shading. Stucco is especially desirable where durability in all types of weather is essential. In addition, it is fire-resistant and possesses insulating properties. SKELGAS BULK TANK INSTALLATION For • Domestic • Commercial • Industrial • Bulk Tank Sales and Rentals 45 8. Prairie St. It is interesting to note that the new presidential weekend repeat on Rattlesnake Mountain in Virginia is a buff-colored stucco ranch-style house. It is unlikely that either the President or the First Lady would do any of the exterior maintenance work if any should be necessary. But this is pure conjecture, since stucco which has been applied properly is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only an occasional washing down with a garden, hose to remove surface dirt. We can assume that everyone connected with the construction of the Kennedy retreat made certain that there was no slipshod. installation work. Incidentally, stucco has no political affiliation. It also was used in the Reverly Hills, Calif., home which former Vice President Richard Nixon sold recently when he decided to take up residence in New York. For Excitement If you want to create an exciting back yard, why not install a wood deck out from your home, but have it extend out to a sharp point, or build it in a circle or a half moon. Any unusual shape will give character and charm. Douglas fir makes good deck lumber. Good Paint Lumbermen and paint manufacturers are combining forces in an effort to develop better extei^or finishes. Some finishes now will Inst 10 years when properly applied to wood surfaces, they say, but they want even better surface finishes. READ THE WANT ADSI A major breakthrough in house paint New Du Pont LU CITE House Paint Incredibly dmble -SO OdSy 10 USB- Now, the spectacular benefits of "Lucae" for the exterior of your home! .New "Lueite" House Paint forms a tough, durable shield that resists cracking, chalking, dirt and fading better than oil base paints. Flows on effortlessly—without tiring brush drag. Dries in minutes to a lovely flat finish without the temporary shine of old fashioned paints. No special solvents needed-clean up with soap and water. For every surface— wood, masonry, cement block. Needs no primer if old paint is in good shape. 12 BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND INTERMIXES MOST COLORS FOR ALL EXTERIOR TRIM: DU PONT TRIM AND SHUTTER ENAMEL Tough—Ma /vstiUat IT PAYS TO SHOP AT CLAY'S end DESIGNED & REMODELED s 43 South Prairie St. WALLPAPER PAINT 342-5517 CALL ON AN EXPERIENCED Qualified General Contractor For the DREAM KITCHEN You've Always Wanted \\i:h our i -omplou* huiiiiiim and ivmmlelinc MTYHU we doM ^n wiie kttclk'ii no your desires . ami jjne you total a>ot estimates on both materials needed and labor. You ean save on labor too as our "UOL'SE DOCTOR" setAiee allows you to work right along with our contractors. We'll iio all the work or help you with every building and remodeling job. KIRK'S LUMBER COMPANY 1006 MONMOUTH BLVD. 342 2128 itsH!!;>: : .:!t&£:i:i&&i All types of masonry—concrete, brick, hollow tile, etc. — provide an excellent base for stucco, although paint and dirt must first be removed from them to provide a proper bonding surface. The more general type of application in private houses is stucco reinforced with metal lath over a frame structure. Three coats are applied in first-class work. The third coat usually has a little ( more body than the first two, this: being accomplished by the use of more cement proportionate to the amount of sand. Various types of stucco finishes can be obtained. When having work done, ask your contractor to show you samples so that you can select a finish which harmonizes with. the architectural design of the house. One of the latest finishes is called marblecrete and is obtained by throwing marble chips, either by hand or machine, into the wet stucco. Bedroom Lavatory A Convenience- Bedroom vanity lavatories have given impetus to bedroom modernization, says the Plumbing- Heating-Cooling Information Bureau. Also known as counter-top lavatories, these fixtures combine the benefits of a wash basin with those of a dressing table. Draw* ers and shelves under the fixtures provide plenty of storage space. Located in the bedroom, it gives the lady of the house a place to primp without the need for limiting the use of the bathroom facilities. By ANDY UNO AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: We will be mov ing shortly. We have wool, wall* to-wall broadloom In our present living room and plan on rolling It tip the day before the moving men arrive. The living room in our new place is slightly smaller than the one we have now. We hope to put down the broadloom ourselves, but some trimming will be necessary. Is this difficult? ANSWER: The cutting of most types of broadloom is not difficult, but it requires care to'be certain that the cut is clean and straight. The carpeting must be turned over so that its underside is face up. A line is drawn where the cut is to be made. Check and double check it, since a mistake can not be rectified. Place a straightedge along the line and make the cut. The general recommendation is to use a sharp knife of the kind made for cutting carpeting. We have had good results with the type of metal-handle cutting tool which utilizes a removable blade. As in ell do-it-yourself operations where a sharp Instru* ment is being used, be extra care* ful not to stay directly behind the blade as the cut is being made. (Questions of general interest Will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) READ THE WANT ADS! TERMITES? FOR rttEE INSPECTION -CALL- ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. Z15 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for ii COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over 10 yra. dependable sertlce •ertje THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Laundry • For Bath • For Kitchen With an WATER 'SOFTENER Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, 111. For o Batter PAINT JOB USE BENJAMIN MOORE'S V House Paint *7 2S c 3 ALES8UR3T HASScaf 85 O.BRQM NOWIATBINGLIENS! 1963 13.2 cu. ft. REFRIGERATOR AT LESS THAN 1947 PRICES muni mini YOU GET ALL THIS Automatic Defrosting Zero Degree 100 lb. Plus Freezer Slide-out Shelf 2 Large Porcelain Vegetable Drawers—Holds nearly 1 bushel Right or Left Hand Doors Half Gallon Milk Container fits in door shelf No Door Clearance Needed on Hinge Side • No Coils on Back— Fits Flush to Wall • Fits Like a "Built-in" • Five Year Unit Worranfy • Famous G.E. Quality ONLY TB304X 219 95 •MOB JF exchc Price i* with trade-in refrigerator let* thaw 10 years old in good operating condition. WHY CONTINUE WITH SMALL OBSOLETE REFRIGERATOR? BUY ONE LARGE ENOUGH FOR YOUR FAMILY NOW, DON'T WAIT UNTIL HOT WEATHER KNOCKS OUT YOUR OLD ONE, Wf SERVICE j 1 WE FINANCE"" RINGLIEN APPLIAN CES/KITCHENS • 1111 U111 MM 11 42$ E«» Mom fti»* p is| m ., m «

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