Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1928
Page 11
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ft «*»•> F , I \ hi. fnr R"f?» |1 : EXTRA SrrCTAI, BARfJAfKa TO ; MOVE OUT AT O'TCK I <3I>24 FOT1D tiKjnr roach, nil grwx} rub- v Her. good running r.«jwHUon. Reduced to f(K>. lean FORD setlnn. all pood tirw, motor f»jf!i fine, *25. JB24 HUDSON coach. In very good running condition. Ftrsi one here fete thin ear for S7S. ThtsjJs of It— S70 for ft Hwdnon coach. OAKLAND touring, about ft *33 model. High hood, good robber, motor good. Tours for *50. A»I T ... touring. pxtr» good running e«f. tlreis A-l, »7S. _ «pdRn, recently overhauled and r«-*ntly repainted. We will actually take ?S5, QLTMAH MOTOR CO, Lester M. OKrrmn, Prop. •5-l!L'-P " B -O-N — E-8-B-E-X BUICK OFFERS HONEST VALUES, GUARANTEED— tr" r »JS i »h>^ fir IPS* NASH 4-dfHir soup*, gwrt IR34 HASH fl 4-p<5,*<»f,r! p.h$r>* thro^jphout. JP3S FORD coach. STERLING WASH BALKS oooTilisso 'CARS— " " BSfltOC «e«inn, drlv«n 34 mile*. WHIPPET Msach, rfriysn ?,n ml!ei. 19SS CHKVROLRT ,«w**m. 1037 CHKVnOT..ET coach. 1025 ESSEX conch. IB33 BTAE 6 cf»r!i. ALL RECONDITIONED and rwidy to go. We want you to drlvn them. V. E. BROWN MOTOR SALES JJ8 W. THinO BT. PHONE 337 IPJJO cilKVROI/ET 4-doo>'~sedan,good condition, lirnicr nnci other extras, A rw»l buy for winlrr. Pric*d rwu»on- __abl«>. Call 510 W. 8ev*ntrt St. MOTOR' 1N r-f O A R AO E~ DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 401 R TTTinn BT. 3PHONJ8 1807 1024 MAXWELL upoft lnbdeY.~8e« Dick Ma*ke. 724 Wallace St. Sterling. '> """ PACK A R?) 8EDAH*~ff)R~SALf~ _ Write 'Packard," cars The G»*ctt« 6'iWNoT"ftncl 'ftreajslng ~ wi tiTTornpTste rmwlern equipment. Try u». U, E. Iiong, $31 ftMt ThlrdJSt. '"'TKXACO*bll." iT 1ror'" win terrify Tt rii P. Vlering. Texaco Service Station, 400 First Ave., Uock Falls. qunntKy of corn *h!ch It rn««t TVI,»fn of n l^ct from- Copprr (,'lsfj, Rt'iroln nn;! Arola. Yo\ir« for , Mylfn pn?1 e*«1, th.» Tractor M*n' Si9 Jfe«t, Third Bt. washing irmclsfnT. Call nt R13 W. Fourth St. any day 11 IK and 1 o'clock. Ml!SU*l 'Mnrriinnaiiif! «-| VICTROi.A wl fV over 60 rcrnrdi, "good n* new. BOS Eighth Ave., Rock Falls. MEN'S work pan;-. «a' "VaTuVat SI .15'. H. J. Murllrr, 310 locust, St.. base- .(«i CAST! {TOP. DEAD ANIMALS Phone Roehell* 4S« Reverse charge* DEAD ANIMAL, 1B85 BOTCK Ma»t*r els eedna, carefully need by lady driver, extra good condition in every w»y. |038 NASH epeclal sedan. Not a mar or blemish on it, interior like new, l»w mileage, priced »200 below actual ' 1934 BOTCK touring, four of them from »300 to »400, two with -winter enclosure*. These values are well known. , 1634 JEWETT sedan, tires Ilka a«w, new top, extra good mechanical condition, special At 9335. 183B JEWETT DeLuxe «ed»n, low njile- aso, tlrei Ilka new, ,4-wh9*l hydraulic brakes, beautiful Interior, mechanically perfect. A very attractive - vnlun at ffioo. {TWO PORb touring*. Moline Knight touring, Buick touring, two Dodge coupw. Bulck cport roadster, Bulck 4-cyllnder touring. Priced at G20 to •975. |f* ABB badly crowded for space and muat move thefce cars regardlesi of prtc«. Oet acquainted with tha won!,„*., ^«-.^- -acrerea here. Your as part flUrllng lottery ona Electrlo Co., 4 _ Business Service " J»Uiiri*M Services Offerefl J8 AUTO aLA8S7Wo"hava~piata""gll»e8"Tri stock for any stylo car. We Install glass with factory ground edge, not the makeshift edgo you IIBVO been accustomed to. Sterling^ Auto Body 3t. CASH for dead nnlrnala. Phono 160-"j or 325-W, Gchrader'a Renderlne Workc, Sterling. 30">r,. (fRAIH i)UMP."Jacob"i£ufJf. Hock FRlln. Tamplco phone. 07 aridjfoard ~ itobms with"lJoari" ROOM and board in private home, Very rciiBonable. 734 Eighth Ava., Ro<-l{ Palls. Phono 872-U. CORPORATION and 0erv)co rcpainag _. — „...>.„ called for and dellverfid; al«o wiring jobs. B. M/ Wltmcr. 1609 E. Fourth Jjt. Phone 1227-M.__ fYPEWlUTE«isnror^enTrBoid"or' "e'x- Changed. Hepalrlng a i^eclalty. Colored Coronas, $60. Hallett'a Book JStore. HAULINO with diimp truckr"JuiS cars bought. U«ed parta for vale. Knapp, Bode Palla. Phone lQ3a-W. WB BPaOTALi^B in acetfT«n«~ajSa electric ara welding. Bogotfa Bepalr Shop, rear of Bterltpg Qarefa. reUned . Mr*. Oatcrhoudt, Hotel Oalt Bldg. Phon« laia.W. ZtEDUCTICIN every day thin week until oold on aU use4 cars. This week only at our new "u*ed car" location ftnd service department, 1307 ease Fourth at. "187 OHRTBLBB 60 rotdJtcr. 917 CHKY8LEB 70 sedau. •88 HASH Advanced 6 nedan. 94 REO 8 eedan. 'Sfl OAKLAND Landau eede.n. *?7 IWTESNATIONAL 1H ton HI Stake t, thoroughly ~wu&"Uticleifstarute*'a& tar pl&ats. Oire full _ A VE.reoi— TwiTB«igi¥lFooma In quiet modern home, clcaa tn. tot gentlemen. Seventh Ave. Phone TWO home. 109 1817. J. TWO'TMODER?rfuTnlihld~7oom3 fo? light houeeltfteping, close in, front _entrftnce. Sll^y. Sixth St. TWO J'urnlshcirroFrSloFilghThouse: keeping, modern. rea»on»bly priced. Phone 1101-J. *™'^»'»**™ « «.»• »*ii?«4«ibt v w W i WUM1 BD8irt~ went for light housekeeping. 301 J^^Hl*? 6 - Phone m4-J. FDRHIBHED modem" room* for lianH hounefcceplng. 318 W, Third Bt. market* which to a larg* th» ruHnst prict. from «ff««ct« of corn prir»« in Oh!r«fo h«v4j fewn *T th« Btat«s spring Rnd winter whf«t nrt on a better fiporf, tawi* th*n of comparrd to Cattxdn. HfrB-*v»r, cio- mrstlc viRlh'.p supplies of whMt con« t.lnue to phow- irKTFa<w*. and »v« ei- ppct«i to totsi 115,000.000 bu*h«lt by MondRy, tiifi in^tiy y^ars. An of the oats market is persistent iumtl nr^i<< of receipts. For the moat port, t?n> provision llrt l.i hlRher owing Jnrgply to good <Jo» ir.etitlc dernsnd antl b«c«us« of a fts,ll» Ing-off in the volume of hog srriwl* in Chicago. CHICAGO URAIN REVIF.W By John P. Bough »ttd Prt><w M»iket Editor) Chicago, Oct. 6.-— (A.P.>—lnc;r«ft»*d activity and ntrength devridfied In ths wheat market todsy, bu* proftt-t^Ktog Bo!f» on tho price bulge* led to re»#- tiorm In the final hour. Complaint* of dry wrather In domestic wheat territory southwest was a bullish factor, and better export demand-was alao in evidence. Europe taking 000.000 btt. of whfst today from North America, including eome UnlUd aUt«« hard wlntpr grwdca. Considerable att«n- tlon was al*o given to new high-record prices hers lor rye and to Australian port strike development* likely to hinder wheat export* out of Australia. • Much of today'* buying of wheat here WM on the part of trader* who hava b*en conspicuous of lat« on She selling side of th« market. Adda from assertion* widtly circulated that on th* basis of growers' cost domsatio wheat Bonthwe»t and nprthwwt _Apartments ^VB BOOWinodem apartment, with garage, clows in. Poaseaslcm at ones. care MAHiSBED~MA^ with small or~5o family to work on farm. Steady work through the winter. Wrlta "X." care *?5 REO 0 -cab and chassis. Rebuilt throughout. ifANY OTHERS. All prlcw. Easy *crma. Qoocl trtuisa. Open, Mondjiy^ *"" " S»y""wjd eaturasy Hignto am .«. us, BELL MOTOR SALES tr, \Ohan41er and Diamond T L LOCUST 8T. AND 1207 E. 4th ST COMPETfiHf mala for general housa- work. Pleaso jurnish refsrences. Call 1713 or wr|t» Mi». p. B. Sogaard, 80S W-jBewButb^Sfe. J *~»-~ 8tngi«nai¥towork on farm. Mark lyue. 1^ miles vftat of Hock Fall*. POUR experienced roofers, at "oncel Apply at «! t East Third St. or phone 635. th»e"aduili _ acrea, northwest SterTini with ample B. o. past\ms and hay- land for stock. Very reasonable rent and term lease to right party, w. 8. ror Bent 11 *nd ons ohlld, Keferencsa required. Write XJj.. care atuHitto. OLKRK". at Hotel, to start wbrE at once. Bes Mr. Johnson. CURL for ooc*Uig. Cftll at l&OS Locus? Bt. or phone 634. BARQAINS IN USED CARS— 1 • S92« OAKl'.AfrD Landau eedan. Uas OLDSMOBILE 4-door eedan, A-l ee it, a-door sedan. Cheap. PONTIAO a-door sedan, very condition In every way. JLQ31 PORD coupe. tourtag. fhtt class. CARS ara priced way below •Jctual worth. If "la ^»e market c*U see them, J. W. MoDONAtD THIHD AVE. PSONI? 1489-W USED ,. 18 OHEVBOLET coach. aUghtly as/a dt'momtiatoi', in cbanlc&l couultlou. 1838 CHBVEOLET sedaa, ' to every way. Hide In it, FOSB SKiliD tudor *edftii, good con- cUtioa fjaA vwy rcMoii»DJy priced. 'O FOKD trucks, coaditlou. boales, Ur«t 613-616 LOCUST ST. "WSS7 'i«iSil~A^i _. . -- _ ttrs». like wvt, B« Mr. Carteou, at, 't4-0¥D loaiii COUP*. A-l C0UditiOU, iiCW &tnXl tUliUtlluU. STEICTLY modern buagaiiaw, ju»t completed, one-half block from Central acbooU H. M. Broderick. Phono lattl-J. • FIVE BOOM houEe, West ^Qncoln Highway. 915 per month. Oaulrapp netting b*lo» 1893 values,-friamlaot Higher prices were uraiair today thai threahirxg returns In MontASfe and North Dakota havo been len than was estimated, and that Winnipeg wheat plus th* ctfrrylng charge to 3«cembcr is higher thaa wheat in Uu United States. March and May corn today roach*d new high record prices for the season, but the corn market aa a whole •bowed at timea a ttndency to aut»- ?siirs f™i=" ; f ^-T "»" ;; -™"" s **%%&s%ssjs£ ssc rs^-ss-jl aas S3Ss H 5-" ^ r '-r ™' s= vf uu ifi say pnsioi ana nis team will na an outstanding nn«> f/>!>m n^^mo r^nni^ i. _ m .. u i _« _„__ ___._j»«^^ loam. George Lepplg la a guard of the rocn who wm the opponents the Irish will face. •10.78$ 12.50; we*k'« general trade t . . lowest in months; moderate loading ' netntsEary to staff off further decline; mart fed steera ai.oo to »a.80 under ' Hoga 38.000. Cattle 3B.OOO. aW«. ?n naui''quuten,~lt'wM tended that Buying h*a bwn v »».done. and that recant aharo gatotf tn - iST**" 1 *"•*'"«• price bad discounted snaay bullish g"**? 854MX), reaturw. In this oonifcetlop itwa t H °K« ?or all next pointed out that five state* eaut et ' Chicago feftva nearly M,000.000 buah- •U mora corn thu oeaaon than a year ««o. high time. Sheep receipt* 6,000; todayl run actloOly ail direct; for week 305 doubles from feeding stations; 18000 direct: f«t laniba 50c to »1.00 lower: •teftep «t«ady; feeding lambs 60 to 78 OSBU lower. Week's top prices: fat rang* terabs. tis.&O; nstlvea. »13 vs- f«urllne«, 91060; ewes. 88.75. Bulk pic** for week: range slaughter lw»b«. »13.«)e 13.25; natives, $1360<* 18.00; throwouta, $ 10.60 1$ 11.00; fat , * C ' 00<38 - 50; Jamba, »3J5 ' MONDAY'S ESTIMATES Chicago. Oct. 8.—(A.P.)—Unofficial ll«Mtock estimate* for Monday: 120,000. 1-4 cent off t« l-t ' -t cani advance; oern provl«ianj» • varying from 3 c«nt a»t- ck to a rise of 60 coats. PRODUCE CniCAOO PRODUCE . S°. Oct- «• — CA.P.5 — Todaya prodHco market quotations are as fol- (Oonnnuefl rrwn pagft one) tho utmost energy;" promotion and defense of the foreign trade; maintenance of a "sound merchant marine;" economy In government BO as to bring about further tax reductions; maintenance of the army and Ravy to a point to remote "ewm the .lear of foreign Invasion, 4 ' and for foreign policies "ever directed to the cause of peace that wo never again need sacrifice our sons oa the field of battJe." "To our veterans who gavo fYee- tern; ly of their all in times'ot dangw 1 " conttaue'to CHICAGO OKAIN KANQE fnsas) Low 1-28 '4 ' Close 1.3* SEVEN ROlOM^nodern~~brIc¥~Fomi" double garage, at 818 Bevanth Aw — — . . KICKLY furnished modern home near buaiaess district. Wrlto Li., care young man waata^Tn- slde work, has electrical ejt|ierlenp«, prefers to work In grocrey store. Call 1287-R. _O$t,jmh. Phone 18B3-R. BIX BOOSTtnodera »««. Kate Myers. 607 Blxth AVB. Financial »usliteas Opportunltigfl LtmCH ROOM at 226 Rrat A?»., Hock Palls. Fully equipped and ready for business. Instruction Duncltijf. Dramatic 44 ~ bajrmony taught by Louis Belson, artist of national reputation, over Blciford'a every Sunday ftfteraoon and day. _Oarage« for Bent. .88 '4 '**% .67 «V .4854 .4S •46 » 1.0614 1-07$ 1.08% 1337 13.37 .83 1.07 V4 1849 13.30 HALF double-garage, electric lights" cement floor. J. 2. Taylor, 708 Fourth Ave. Phone &05. Estate For Sale COZY COTTAGE, S roolna and bath", hot air heat, ecreened In porch, gas- age. Lot 60x75. Ninth Ave. Weziger. Realtor. SEVEN R"dairinodern hbusolofliK or will exchange for amaller proB- Seventh Ave. Price «a2QO. I. B. 6nav« ly, Lawrence Bldg. by doing JQ la w«*k» without books. Learn to earn 460 to WOO a week. Earn while learojteg, Fre* employment help. Write for big free book. Opyne «iecmo»l ftaiieal, t%|. m. and Super Ool. breeding. P. P. Om j»tead^-County B03-11. CANABV bif9 alnger. Phoae SKfff WEEKLf—I*Ut stock It alcCar tby'« feed store. Paoca (W3-W a Tsuupleo phone. Shipping County ot Waltesidej la th« matusi- of the application of Mary C. Wolf, guardian of Amelia ihurl* a4d Zita Paris WoU, mlnorg k> cell real estate of her wards. Public notice la hereby given, that by virtue of an order thia day entered lu the County Court of Whlta- alde County in the above entitled c»U6«Y the undersigned will offer for Sil* af public vcndue »J1 the right, title and hiterest of Amelia Paria and Zita Paris Wolf, minors, in and to Jthe following described real estate to-wit: ' Lot Two (2) in Block Eight <8h Men ill & Httpgood'e Addition to U» Guy of Rock fulis. Wblt«ttd« tountf Illinoi*. Sale to take place on Tuel- 4»y, Octoiaet I&UL, A. C. 18S8, at iO-^> o'clock A. M. at the South front door of tho City Hall. Sterling. Wlnoi* Terms: Tea per cent cash, balance oa terms sud subject to U» apfronU gt thu court. "•" Mary 'C. WoU, of Amelia 1 and Zlia Paris Wolf. (By High Wheat- March 1.34% May 1.97% Corn- Dec. .83 ?4 March .86 May .saft Oate— Dec. .44 H March . .48 & Uay ,«$jt Rye— Dec. 1.07% March May Lard— Oct. Nov. 13.30 Pec, &2.4Q Jan. -12;7p Ribs—Wo quotation Bellies—. get. 14.78 HJW NOT. If.88 14.00 18.76 CHICAGO^ Chicago. Oct. fl. -*- — •" market quot»Uo«a red, ; »o. hard «1.17@1.18; No. 4 hardV «TiaT No. 3 nortlwrn ajurtsg.fl.n a t.I8; No. 4 northern spring, «1.10; No. 6 north- era epring. »i 101 «&mft) ffl grmlc PBT<BT 1*2. * Corn—No. 2 mixed, MLS; Ho. a yellow. $1.05® 1.06; No. 3 yellow. @1.04; No. « yellow, No. 6 yellow, S8@09; No. ffi). Butter lower; receipts 9,933 tubs- cawamery extraa, 47; standards. : " . flnrta> ** I 1-3; flrota. reoBipta 6 cars;! but generous in enacting and *«. »._ ,«j pretlng the - Hcx>ver said. Egga cases. . unchanged; receipts 4,337 not the system of Lincoln or Roosevelt. It U not the American system. It not only undermines initiative but it undermines state and local self government. It Is the destruction of states rlghte. "Democracy, however, must be master in ita own home. It can assure the conservation of our gov- ernmentaily controlled natural resources in the interest of tho people. It has demonstrated that by the power of regulation It can prevent abuse; it can and must control natural monopolies in full public Interest." Thia Utter ' pronouncement was interpreted at Including tha vast water power resources of the country. AJter proislag the south to? itc wonderful industrial expansion since the world war. Hoover said he knew the people of the couth would agree with him "that thene results could never hava been attained but for the helpful co-operation and sound policies in the national government, ENFORCEMENT 1AK BUT lie DOESNTT WANT m., Oct. <J~(TJ.P.) — fhs republican party was criticised by The Rev. H. H. Peters, BlocznUnfftea, 111, st the closing session of the Illinois convention of Ihs Disciples of Christ, for making "« complete fizzle of law enforcement," in tha last eight years, Nevertheless, Ber. Petais added that ha felt "that the temperance farces are safer under the ieadcr- ahip pf Herbert Hoovsr than under Gov. Alfred E. Smith." Smith, explained Peters, "is £wet and would ascend the eighteenth if be could," that ch«ng*s-J»«i*se policies to'do is to Sitrln If.W 14.78 14.SH 18.80 REVIEW Chicago. Oct. fl._ <A.P.) -Prepon- aeranic* as evidence appears to indicate heavier autumn production of butter t&jm during the fall of 1827. cattle have had ampje ree4 durtng "» »w summer, and crops, both grata ajad forage, have In most a*c- tlona equaled, if not exceeded, the average, thus assuring ample sup- pll»» Bf Hairy feed. P prie regarding production, how- *r« not In unison. Borne maker* «x« showing increases from week ' "To protect our people from violence at home we mutt revise our court procedure to produce swifter and surer Justice and we should begin with the federal government. "It ia absolutely essential to the moral development larged opportunity and the en- ol the ._ boye sapeciaUy thisee la the cheese d eoodemed m iuc territory, where»» Bhow alight decrwwes. US4** 1 esica circumstances, and with utorage withdrawals light, all red musty. grade, 7Q@tl , butter is at present marked witn caution, larger users of butter an WKking out their own storage §tca **L *» » result, fresh arrivals are neglected and glrla In every home that we Increasingly strengthen our public school sytem and our Institutions of higher learning. "All legislation, all administrative action, must aland the supreme test that It provide equal opportunity for all our citizens not for any special group. "I do not favor any general extension of th» federal government I{ltfO T«16 Pnfiy&T.iAfl , of litiKrntAGB in -., ™.._a i AI * r *'*^^*»»* w* MU£U4C5tt 111 owtf u^c«j| cuiUWVU CUCUUet cgmpeUtion with Ita citizeag. it is the state Industrial board. can bring only distress and disaster, "I realise that I came here as the candidate of a political party with whose policies many of you with- to my -sight and many within th« sound of my voice have often differed." he added. "I respect your views regarding that difference. y$t eo closely welded In common interest ara the pressing issues e? our nation today thai It ohould bft no longer tmusual for a elitgea of any region to vote for » president who represents the principles which correspond with hla convictions." MAN ATTACKED BY BEAB ALLOWED COMPENSATION Helena, Mont., Oct. 6 — <AJP.) — Joseph Billy, a sheep herder who, wiiile tending his flock, was atUck- flTCBENTS CAM TURN ON RADIO FOtt C£Rfe¥ CLASS . Chicago, Oct. 8—(AJ>J — When Prof. T. V. Smith at the University of Chicago calls his class to bbUota* phy together these raonaings «t 8 a. m., all that Is necessary for studcuts for The hour of 3 a. m., is a bit early dtudent phllosojdMsrs to arise. . . Smith, himself a philosopher, reaUwd this. To tnset tne Mtuatlon, h* BOW broadcast* hla lectures. Members ot tha slase, if they eo desire, may "attend" classes by turning oa their radios. SET. . New &ed itswepe»it» gias bm*. Fast B«ta add ecst to guest inys. One can Jacauer old tio tnys aoaie neutral shsdes, like cm«a. to better sei off a flamingo oar botteeup yellow set PasiUveJy the most teraiame _»»»as bit* of appfijrel aseo tbls fall ara little brassieres and pantia seta ot Nile green, peach aari Hesh trans- ** ••"" --"^—, WHM* m**+**,f*~- M* *VMV B**^'u, fc»w»*iM n 9 ^ Ds&si u7»nS— ed and seriously injured by a bejajwrent velvet witb, Alencon Jac«. has beeu allowed compensation by "The panties are cut circular with t ft« ernrxt •n«4t*«fwlAt k«. M Jl J»*A^ » * " ""'•# *••*** Kye, Ho. 4. »1.01. B*rley a«cd, 67®78. Timothy seed, *£.40@6.00 Clover seed. «i32.00«S0.30. Market . Oct. e. — (A.p.) tos futti Itcim, «a ti. CHICAGO HVKK'JCOC « (U. 8. Department of Agrtculluret Chicago. Oct. a.~(A.Pl_Hog!i receipts 8.000; market mostly eteZd* ta JOc lower than Friday's averra ter grade packing sows Jo to Jo lower; top aiMB, psOd for * lo*d choic* around 230 Ib. weight*- » few loada of good and choice^lJWuiSo V aversgw. ilO-SOanj peavy butcher* on loads of «J4 tot* of uwxiium quality »lO^S@;o.76; v*ry few pig* oat mte; bulk of FINANCE NEW YOBK~STOCKH Nenr Yer*. Oct. «.—fA:P.) —Heavy buying of the pool specialties fea- *"—* "" In^iukiHy htghcr opening ia today's atock market. Ptpc op««j«4 with a blov'k ahares at S3 7-8 and General a with a block of 6000 sham both up fractionally, and at Igb rarorda. Coty opeacO. 3 tOgtoer aud General llatlway 81-3. International Nickel at"* nesj ptak »t no, Chrysler » point ^twer. prollt-l&kiug developed lu the recent stroiig spots, iiluc. which ran up S point* r, quickly fell back 43-8 and a-r^iS- tost a P° ilit<i o* yt»t«rday« v pw«* gain. Montgomery-Ward ai»o of 23.000 Bharea of C*r changed i^uds «t 7**J?t* eU *' w *< 1 by » further s«Jvanc* HfOord. Wail Street hears that uitty of Interest 1. being esub- -eaaocg Pi-es^ suwi Car. Um- M|M» ana Blaw KJIOX. pitjmrs- tory to Use fortn*tloa of «, huu« merger which m*y at with a block of move* UB U» 843-4. Uu» highest pe«it Kiftor -liM. Murray wWh » Wasdt <rf S«<l store* mt JOS. up 6 e*ch«iises to 6Uip4ll iUi Itetii CiJUIitfit-Ji it: s»**y its ta ««p|^y Ote world Great Oaks From Ltiile Acorns Grow And Thus They Serve Humanity. Great Fires From Little Sparks Grow and Humanity Suffers. Moral Watch Sparks and Above All Insure Yourself Fully Against . Losses by Fire. Gaulrapp & Flock Agency

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