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Quad-City Timesi
Davenport, Iowa
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Tuesday evening THE DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT AND LEADER august 2, 1927 HAMB0NFS MEDITATIONS DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT 'QUEER" CASE OF HARRY NEW, I WHO HAS FORGOTTEN POLITICS By J. P. Alky AN URBAN NATION senate half a decade ago. He'd outlived his kind ot politics in Hoosierdom, just as Senator Underwood outlived his. In Alabama, and SKEEREP o' DIS HEAH EF I LoS' FNE WOULP KILL ME EN EFI WUZ.

TO WIN PIVE lt By CHARLES P. STEWART Exclusive Central Press Dispatch to The Democrat. Washington, Aug. 2. Postmaster General Harry S.

New plugs away at Ills job with an every-day persistency much more suggestive of a hard-working business man than of the typical political oftice- WEBBER ASSOCIATED PRESS other politicians outlive theirs from time to time, here and there The old order changes, and they're left high and dry. a solemn duty to their health, as well as a great pleasure. A soft-drink concern operating in the South icpoited a lew years ago that it was that year spending 51,000,000 on an udertising uud publicity campaign. It 13 a veiy common thing lor individual business houses to spend "from one (o two or three million a year on advertising, for a long lime it was thought by many people that advei Using should lelute almost strictly to business houses, but now it in becoming more and more evident llat states and comities and cities can advertise to grout advantage. The state of Jowa, lias been widel advertised in leceiit years by the Daily Pies'! Association, whose members have linanced annua; campaigns costing tens of thousands of dollais.

Davenport is planning to advertise iL? imitation to its neighbors lo come and visit us, and to tell them it some of the worth-while things they will find here. It pays to adveitise. equipped with electricity. There Is running water in the house, and the farmer has even laid out a nine-hold golf course on a hilly section ot his land. All that this farm PRAT Let's not wast such an awful lot of sympathy on Harry New.

As he observes Indiana politics now, from republication of spec; er and" his family has was made from the land and that wealth lia? 3 been invested right at home. Thel the outside, looking in, perbars he's glad he's where be is. events, he was out. He'd been one of the Old Guard family is benefited and the entire Washington, D. Aug.

2. A little less than 50 years ago, or in 1SS0, more than 71 per cent of the population of the United States was rural and this was primarily an agricultural nation. In 1920 more than 51 per cent of the American people lived in cities and towns of over 2,500" population and the country had become primarily Since this last census was made not only has the percentage of rural population decreased, but the number of people actually living on farms has dropped from 32 million in 1910 to fewer than 2S mil 1010, 10M. Its the Old Guard's custom or, rather, it was more so then than It is now to take care of the faithful, of long standing, with some i ne average cabinet member puts in as much lime at his desk as he can spare-In a broad general a he knows the policy he wants his departments to pursue that is, the policy his administration wants it to pursue but he leaves it to his subordinates In community is benefited. The other farm is directly across the road.

Its soil is equally rich and productive. Ten years ago the owner felt that he had enough money to move to town, so he did so aud placed a tenant In charge of the farm. Today even the foundations of the farm bouse are rotting, and the place, while still producing bountifully, is anything but attractive. All the income seeps to the city. A decade ago this farm offered better living conditions than sort of an appointment, when one ot them came a cropper at the polls.

New got the postmaster general- PLANE CRASHES IN JOB LOTS. Airplane deaths in a week at Chicago have amounted to seven. The total in all the living irom Tri-city fields in eight years is only three. By a stiunge coincidence, the two later crashes at Chicane have occurred while a special- inquest into the first was in progress, with Colonel Paul Hender lion in 1927. Last year the farm population decreased 649,000.

the greatest loss in any year since Straightway he seemed to put politics behind him altogether to stop worrying about 'em, anyway, 1920. Why farmers leave the farm told In a recent representative FLYING FROM SHIPS. Clarence Cliambevliu is the tlrst llyr to lake ou from the deck of a passenger steamship, but not by any means the llrst llyer to fly from the deck of ship. do the pursuing. HARDYSHB He's busy with speeches 'and conferences and "fixing" most of his time.

it does uov son, lormei assistant postmaster general in char vey made by the department of agriculture and referred to by Secretary Jardine in an address to the Country Lite conference. More This capacity for letting the dead past bury its dead and devoting New air mail, sworn in as a deputy coroner to assist in the Investigation. 1'iobably he will take part in all three Inquiries, and some uselul inhumation should (Copyright, 1927. by Th Bell Syndici That honor still belongs. and alwas will belong, to Eugene lily of Davenport, who in January, Hill, at Fan Kraurltv.

ofi i lie deck of a battleship every bit of his attention to the liv-classiest quality Postmaster Gener- than one-third, or 37.S per cent, ot the farmers who moved lo towu ing present appears to be the and alighted ou a neaiby landing and later took on tram the field and lauded ou the batileihip. between 1917 and 1926 did so tor economic reasons; 25.2 per cent al New has got. He expressed it once in the te's a politician at all. he isn't, any more. result.

In these cases, and in nearly all like them, it wi' probably be round that the planes were far fior the best, some ot them defective, that a flyer wa inexperienced or careless, that a student jammed th Perhaps Earlier llian that. IClv had flown from a bailie- were actuated by old age aud physi shortest, neatest interview I ever dipping ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS cal disability, while 10.9 per cent made the change in order to give "As I see it," says Secretary Jardine, "if we are to develop a fuller aud richer rural lite, it we are to make farm life and the farm home sufficiently attractive to keep the best farmers in rural communities, we must pay more attention to the technical principles ot rural consumption. That is to say, we must assist the rural communities to achieve the highest possible standard ot living on their income. It will be to the distinct advantage ot every individual and to the American nation as a whole to achieve efficiency ia rural consumption." How to Keep Them on the Farm. A few years ago there was a pop One of our national magaz controls, or occasionally that hootch had something had Ioped out the idea of getting ship at Hampton roads, his phi race ot the water and giving splash, altho he kept control Ioughby Spit.

('holographs of Ins teat at lo do with the tiagedy. a statement each fiom a consider their children better educational opportunities. Only 2.5 per cent of the farmers jeported that they had left their farms because they had. ac li tie kept in mind that an enormous lot of able number of public men, felling what period In life said public man FREE INFORMATION FOR ALL flying is going on, and that the sudden accelera be seen ou the valla of Hie Smithsonian. Institution quired a competency, so it does Hon of interest sinco the Lindbergh flight is taUing thousands of people in the air.

sometimes without pioper equipment and training. Fields are crowded not appear that the agricultural This is remarkable, considering what he was once. lip until about five years ago Hairy New was one of the most political polticians who ever grew up iu Indiana. The state speaks for itselt as highly political a patch as there is on the map. New's own heritage was political, to the last degree.

His whole life was intensely political until he was already growing old old enough so that it might reasonably have been guessed it was too late for him to change. Maybe he wouldn't have changed, if he could have helped himself. He wasn't given much choice, for a fact. Indiana simply omitted to send him back to the United States. considered the mast useful, intei estlng, important in which to live-youth, meridian, old age, what? They came thru with all kind ot views, very various and most them carefully considered an.

pretty long. Finally it came New's turn. industry is so prosperous as to attract any one who lias a good-paying job in any other line. A ular song with a recurring lin with eager would-be passengers on all fine days, flying schools are bookd lull with students, and the conditions may account for the occasional accidents few farmers l.S per cent oE those "How are you going to keep hln down on the farm, once he has included in the survey moved into seen Broadway? town In order to turn their farms Mr. Postmaster General, in your over to their sons.

It would be The department ot commerce Is progressing steadily toward inspection and liceusing of planes used In interstate flying, and examination and licensing of pilots. It has no authority over planes at Washington, and it Mauds out piomluenily ill the chronology of important and dining feats in the air. Planes are being flown from our -airplane carriers, where a fairly long iiiuway is provided, while launching them from a catapult is the practice ui other warships. Willi their engines going full throttle the catapult, operated by compressed thiow. them Tree ot the ship at Hying and they procced merrily upon their way.

Clianiberliu's feat demonstrates what may easllv be done on all big liners, simply by the provision ot sufficient clear ninway lor a plane at the lime ot taking off. It KUggosts auxiliary air for passenger liners which nitty be developed extensively in the future. expenonce, when's the grand climacteric in a human career?" interesting to know how many farmer boys have run off to the New was too busy to look up, cities and left the old folks flat but he answered "Always now." which might be flying from a Chicago field, for instance, without going outside the state, and it remains tor the state of Illinois to deal with them, providing for their inspection and licensing. After federal inspection is well under "way, and the old down on the old homestead, hut this statistical study does not go into that phase of the constant migration from rural regions to urban centers. Secretary Jardine believes that one way of doing it Is to supplement the natural attractions and advantages of rural life with modern conveniences in the farm home.

And, he says, that sort ot thing ia being brought about, slowly perhaps, but surely. For instance, 3S.7 per cent of all farms in the United States now have telephones, and in some states the percentage runs surprisingly high S6 per cent in Iowa; 62 per cent in Ohio: Washington. )j. C. Q.

Does the discharging of a rifle cause one noise or two? C. T. A. There are two separate noises when a gun is discharged, the report noise and the bullet-night noise. Q.

How long Is it since England wiecks of planes hanging over from war line lit Most of Them Land Owners. 'he survey show's that S4 per cent ot tho farmers who joined In TODAY'S TALK By GEORGE MATTHEW ADAMS Author of "YOU CAN," "TAKE IT," "UP." migration owned their farms time the change was made. been woin out, washed out or burned up, there will piobably be few planes used solely mira-state flying. Then federal control will have been developed to a point that comparative safety in all planes will be assured. 66 per cent in Indiana; 73 per cent took Ireland, and what was the Probably most ot the farms were mortgaged, but the majority of them were farmers of over 100 Illinois; 69 per cent in Wlscon-' 62 per cent in Minnesota and Missouri; 76 per cent in Ne King's name then? O.

N. A. In 1155. Pope Adrian IV by braska; and 78 per cent in Kan- If Something Didn't Come Back. There is, of course, nothing sadder in this world than the example a hull gave Henry It ot England acres.

The families included in the survey had lived from one to more than 40 years on the farms from which they moved, and those who Only 10 per cent of all farms SQUAWKING ON THE GAS TAX. Monday, the new 2-cent gas lax became effective in Illinois. Chicago appears to he raising a big holler aboul It. even tiio half of Hie la Is to be spent in th" county in which' it 01 initiates. If that is io.

Cuuk county will have a lot ot money to spend 011 its own highways, and what more does It want? Who is It drives out on Governor Small's paved highways, but the Chicago cur owners, when they can get out to them thin the tvaliic'; Let them build wider roads so as to get out, and not many ot them will he louud uthome, or in church, ou Sunday. They will all be making a bee line for the country. Ami in spite of the squawk raised by the Trill, we thnrity over the entire island of of the person who feels that each day brings back naught but loss and disappointment Ireland. classed as owners had been Each ot us has handed him days and nights that are drab in actual possession ot farms from Q. What is the seating capacity enough, hours and hours that are crowded with frailty, yet if we didn't report water piped into the farm house.

In New England the percentage Ib 48; in New York, New-Jersey and Pennsylvania it Is almost 25; in Washington It is 29; In Oregon 26; and In California 56. OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE MOUNT TACOMA. am glad to see The Davenport Democrat take a stand in favor ot restoring the aboriginal name to Mount Tacoma." writes George F. Cram ot Chicago, the distinguished map and atlas publisher. "I have taken a great interest in the matter, because a great wrong has been done by the Board of Geographical Names at Washington, at the in year to more than halt a cen-y.

More than halt ot these of the Stadium in New York City where open-air concerts are held farmers were under 50 years of keep giving be that gift of ours ever so small we, too. would be a member of that vast group who see naught life but colorless doom. It something didn't come hack, then surely life would present a blank and withered aspect, like night with all its lights gone out. But, thank God, things do come back! The smile returns. The the summer? S.

M. Seven per cent ot all tarms.ln the United States have gas or elec- Secretary Jardine inclines to the ew that the farmer who has pros- llght. The high Bpots are Utah pored should remain where ho has good deed even though unappreciated at the time the kind word, the prayer, the little gesture of love, under cover of a flower, or a book. For every generous impulse that the human heart gives out, something with 43 per cent, Massachusetts with 2S, and California 26. found his prosperity.

"By remain don't believe Hie car owners of Chicago mind pay that two cents any more than lowans mind pay three. All we ask over here is lhat the money into real, honest to goodness, paved highways. Are there more post offices railroad stations in this coun ing on the farm," lie says, "the going to have bet- it and everlasting comes back. Sometime, somehow. Love is never wasted, tbo often misplaced.

And there is nothing surer or truer than the law of compensation. try? E. R. fairly well-to-do man could do much to raise the standard' of living In his community- In moving to the city, he enters an entirely new en-1 which Is the real law of life, placed in the world when the Creator put There are approximately stars above the earth aud all thru the space ot the heavens. 000 post offices in tho United with a good chance or tcr homes or a more wholesome rural life so long as leaders place all emphasis on the city and are willing to assist rural lire only It the country will adopt what has been worked out for the city," says the head of the department ot ag- yM riculture.

"It we get leadership in these phases of rural life, it will 5, nut there are only some G00 railroad stations. being a misfit in the new Gurroundl ings." It is not necessary that we understand all the acts of the great Mystery is beauty. And beauty is religion enough for anv man. These little Talks are continually bringing back more than they carry out. tho imperfectly arc they formed and expressed.

Nothing To Illustrate his point, the sec stance oE Seattle. The aboriginal name was Mount Tacoma. Captain Grey discovered that Northwest Territory two years before Vancouver saw it. He showed Vancouver the entrance to the Straits, and our insistance on the 49th parallel as the boundary line was made on the ground ot 'discovery and At tlie time of our Revolutionary war. when we were lighting for our national existence, Rainer, then a captain in King George's service, did us all the harm he could, and after the war he was mnde an admiral in the service of England.

There Is no valid reason why we should recognize Vancouver's act in naming so hue a peak after him." The authorities oil seem to be on the side of the change, and we suggest to the government that it ignore the Seattle town lot boomers and give the rest of the West a chance. Now would be a good time, when Washington seems to be just waking up to the retary tells of two Kansas farms. more than sparks from a battered and beaten heart, jet filled with the feeling of a universal desire the duslre to help. day newspapers in this country? H. T.

one of 100 acres a family has ADVERTISING PAYS. Atlanta, recently raised $1,000,000 for an advertising campaign, to csrry on a very successful appeal to public nlleniion that It has been making for the three veins. All th" cities nud states in the South, urges the Manufacturers Record, should be doing what Atlanta has been doing. Its editor finds a text lor his discourse in the Uible. Numbers 24:14.

iu which the prophet declared, will tldveitiae thee." All down thru the ages, advertising of one kind and be difficult to design farm somehow, something always comes back to the writer, im houses as beautiful, as well adapt- The growth of the Sunday mediately after the words are typed and sent on their way. lived for 30 ycats. The head of the family has retired, but lie con-i tinnes to live there, with his sons to our landscapes and needs, as newspaper dates from the Civil (Copyright 1927, George Matthew Adams) War, but it was not until many the better farms of Germany, ot France, of Denmark, of England, barge of the farm actual oper after the conclusion of the that the large Sunday edition are to the landscapes and needs ot ation. The farm home has a small but good library, a fireplace, a ra-J dio, and a piano. Shrubs and trees those countries." began to make its appearance.

study, too, community already been tried out in England, has not yet been introduced In America, but plans for balloon jumping near New York are now in progress. Balloon jumping is very simple. another has been Increasing, as people have learned shade and beautify the place. Th house, pump house, and barn ar Can You Answer These About IOWA? fact that there is something in the way of land and people weBt of the Ohio. ah you oo is tie yourself to a IfffeBenny's balloon, whoso total lift is a trifle A.

Some of the most important races won by Crusader were the less than your own total weight. A man weighing 160 pounds, tor Belmont Stakes. Suburban Handi Mrs. Kennedy says she and Aimeo were to divide fifty-fifty on the proceeds of running Angelus temple, without saying how much that left for the Ixird. cap, Dwyer Stakes, Maryland example, might use a balloon IOWA QUERIES.

(Questions and answers furnished to the Associated. Press by cap, ana Havre de Grace Handicap. relationships, he adds. The modern larin family will not live an Isolated life. Yet we do not want the farm family to depend solely on jfr4 the casual entertainment of the typical village.

The agricultural community must be developed, with, opportunity for amateur music, dramatics, and sports. "A national policy of about country life, about rural standards of living, about the conditions that surround the farm family," he says, "many believe to be a move in the direction that has led to the destruction of historic civilization." more and more to realise the tremendous business-crentMig power of advertising. Engluud raised Its volunteer army by advertising The United States sold It3 billions of wai securities by advertising. Switzerland draws its vast tourist business by advertising. When the raisin growers ot California found lhat they had produced more raisins than the market would lake at a profitable figure, they voted for no adveitislug campaign and they made the American people feel that the eating of raisins was a total lift of 100 pounds, which would reduce his weight to a bare SO.

But his muscles -would still tho State Historical Society ot WHAT OTHER PAPERS SAY tests? W. E. S. A PHEASANT'S DIET. 1 What was the color of tho first uniforms for Iowa soldiers In the Civil war? be geared to move 150 pounds.

As a result, tho balloon jumper can casually jump over lakes, trees houses, moving automobiles and almost anything else that comes in his path. And no matter how My sister. Gladdis was roeding this afternon and she suddinly felt A South Dakota newspaper reports that a farmer A. These biennial contests are Instituted by the Grandees of like eating cherries that state, finding a dead pheasant, openeu crop and found in the same: flower buds, Spain. This year It was announced lhat they would cover both worlds time, and I went up to tho fruit of new milkweed which had recently appeared great the height to which he may store to get her 15 cents werth But, he says, "so long as we have ve iu 192S and 1930.

The 192S contest partly to be obliging and partly on jump, his balloon will always him down as lightly as a feather. in that sis ot nvustaro flowers, Vi pieces of leaves and stems of weeds and grasses. The milk weed buds had 65 seeds in each, or a total adequate production, our main Interest is not in reducing numer ln- "Apart from this sporting phast account of feeling like cherries self, and I came back with tl saying. How mony do you think 4. What two men were elected United States senators from Iowa In 1869? 5.

What Iowa product won a gold RIPPLING RHYMES ically the movement from of over 900 seeds. No corn or wheat seeds of any writes Mr. Hoppin, "there may be farms to cities. Rather, our prob kind were found in the crop. i great practical future for the for 15 cents, fruit lady gave lem is to keep on the farm those medal at the Centennial Exposition If this particular pheasant is typical, the pheasant Gladdis? he 4 men and women who run Idea in its less daring use, not by trying to lose all our weight at Never mind starting eny gessing is in no sense a crop destroyer but rather Is an cnemv of weeds.

However, this happened in South life, who love It. and who can con so that we can make these ntests, hand the bag over, Glad deals with the castle, and the subject may be considered to cover any castle or castles In Spanish territory, of whatever date ownership. If the paper deals principally with the historic and archaeological aspects. Essays may be submitted up to Feb. 1, 192S, by which date they must be in Madrid.

They must be written in Spanish, be original, and never before published in any language. Notice of the award of the prize will be made on or before May 1. 1928. The prize is pesetas (J1900 or tribute substantially to Its deve Dakota. Perhaps weeds are the best to be had for huge jumps like aerial kangaroos dis scd.

in 1876? Answers to lows Queries. 1. Graj'. 2. John H.

Gear. 3. William Peters Hepburn. 4. James B.

Howell and George but by using It to gain merely a Well enyway I know ixactly how a poor lonesome pheasant In South Dakota. Dodge Messenger. slight alleviation of the weight of THE WONDER OF HOOVER. meny she gave me because counted them, I sed, and Gladdis sed, How could you count them wile years and good dinners, and to help to make our progress over the O. Wright.

Mackinac earth just a little lighter and gayer." Forum Magazine. putting them In the bag, drop them in one by one 5. Creamery butter. BALLOON JUMPING How to jump over houses, walk like precious stones? On the ample porch at the William Allen Whites at Emporia Secretary Hoover talked and answered questions put to him by Kansas editors for three hours. The discussion covered every possible subject from tho Chinese civil wars, conditions in Russia, the stale of Eng Island John Uamuiill of Iowa yesterday sened notice on President Coolidge to align himself with the effort to provide economic aid for the American farm.

6i- or get out of the picture as a presidential possibility am! make way fur someone who Is favorable in agriculture John thinks easily In terms of dp. cisive act Sun wht'ii i is the other fellow who Is to be active. Cedar Rapids Gazette. on air, and dodge the deadly automobile by Jumping over it instead of away from it is described by No, she dumped them In all at ace as It they was something use-ss. 1 sed.

I counted them on ihe ay home by undumping them In i.v pocklt and then putting them ick In the bag, 1 sed. and Gladdis my stars, have you bin i. During the of Vienna 1GS3 by the Turks, some baker's lerick S. Hoppln In an land. France and Germany, business cycles in America and how to avoid sport of balloon jnmp-jvery poor health," says the Horton the apprentices, who were working in hem, the chain store, cost of retail The new sport, which has Headlight-Commercial.

"Writing lingering every cherry In tho bag. distribution, waste In production underground bakehouses, heard a thumping sound which puzzlod them. Two of the apprentices I sippose IU half to wash them higher education, flood control. In before 1 eat them. Cheerful CheriS! The land waterways, rail and ocea freight rates.

On each of these snl Well do you wunt to know how guessed that the Turks were driving a mine and reported the noise HANDSOME FEET. Men often laugh at Johnson's feet, they are bo large and flat and square, aud when he goes along the street they block the traflic here and there. And strangers luiu around to gaze at Johnson's feet, as on he goes; "We've not," they snv. "in all our days, beheld a set of hoofs like those." And them arc jests from Mike and Pete, and from the tinhorn village sports, as Johnson tools his widespread feet along the alleys and ihe courts. But Ihose who know this Johnson best, who know the course that he pursues, don't spuug the tawdry quip or jesf about the contour of his shoes.

For Johnson's feet are always found wherever luckless people dwell; where grim privations most abound, they bear htm patiently and well. The night is dark and full of sleet; a neighbor fell and spoiled his and Johnson turns his well trained fcjet toward that stilckeu neighbor's bhack. The night is bleak and thick with rain, and Johnson hears that Gaffer Blown Is writhing on a couch of pain away across the sleeping town. Ills feel are sore and fain would rest, they ale too fired to walk or wend: but Johnson turns tlieni bv west, and goes four miles to help a friend. Th" river rises in file night, and people, roused irom happy dream, nre homeless, in a hitler plight, upon an Island in midstream.

The poor man's humble burns, the smoke still finals upon the air, and he, whichever way he turns, sees only ruin and despair. And Johnson's feel nre always first to find the road to scenes like these, to lake the hungry liverwurst and wholesome tripe and boneless cheese. meny she gave you for 15 cents. I "UPLIFT" HAS NOW BECOME A BYWORD. That good old word "uplift" has been worked to death.

It used to convey the meaning, elevating the moral and spiritual status of society or individual, the beti'Tiueut of conditions In "Us world of ours. But uplift has been attached to the tor. i. ions ionise of leforms of all variety till It has gradually gone Into disrepute. Carroll llciald.

jects the secretary was full of In the commandant, who verified sed. and Gladdis sed. No, and I sed. their suspicions, drove a second Well 111 tell you, she gave formation, fertile In Ideas His suggestions were Invariably fresh. They sparkled with originality.

WV it ihm winds flint croon ThX moment atirravd tunnel, and exploded a counter- Ixactly 33, do you wunt mlue which killed great numbers Ixactly how 1 found out? seemed to those who heard as the essence of common Turks and caused the siege to Gladdis sed, and I sed. Well be temporarily raised. A little later 111 tell you. I ate every third the xir. Or did tK-milirwj moon sense.

The general Impression or competency that the country has lurks were driven back to wile I was putting them hack In the Ed Post of Atchison, Walt says he has been sick a great deal the last year. 'I feel so miserable I cannot write you a long said Mr. Mason. "However, Mr. Maeon continues to write a poem a day for a syndicate, at $16,000 a year.

Ills Income, counting the magazine work he does In addition to his daily rhymes, is $25,000 a year. Years ago be worked on the Atchison Globe and Emporia Gazette. His 2,000.000 friends in Kansas hope for his speedy recovery." Walt Hughes of Emporia had a letter the other day from the Good Fat Poet declaring that ho had lost 70 pounds, which brings him down to 130. He can qualify as the Good Pott, but will have to enter the welterweight class on Avoirdupois. lerbcrt Hoover Is heightened IN JUSTICE TO MR.

DAWES. "Without any disrespect to Mr. Dawes, it Is a fact the vice president lives in Chicago," remarks the Newell Minor. Without any disrespect to the Mirror, the Sun protests. The Dawes home is In Kvanslon and Bvanston Is not a part of Chicago and is not reputed to desire such connections.

Sac City Levn tow on intimate contact. The United States Is In luck to have such a their own country. As a reward for the Intelligence shown by the baker hoys, they were granted the privilege of making and selling a rich kind of roll In the shape of the Turkish emblem; The Crescent. When Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI of France she sent to man In high place in the government. If he could stay there tor 10 hag, and then I multiplied the number I ate by 3 and that made ixactly 33 'because I ate Ixactly 11 not counting one exter one that I had to eat to make It come out even.

And I quick dropped the hag in her lap and wawked nut, and she was so comfortable with her book she dldcn't chase me, ony I herd years what a transformation In national efficiency ho would Kansas City Times. lonna for an Austrian baker to THEY KNOW A GOOD THING. You (in not see any of those southern Iowa voting down road bond Issues, do you? Hamy. Men have faith In -what they be tench his Paris confreres the art of her callng sourcastic remarks after making these rolls. They were me till I was all a ways out of the lieve only when they want to bt ileve caiiea "croissants Djr uie rrtnea.

souse, being as.

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