Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 20
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1 • ^ 1 f 1 4^ it. 4 ^ 6^ I: WW *4 .A* -=? -St 56. ?^ ^ L J •St "1*1 i- •I V m 5 ill •fa 39 •m "4* ilttr* April MONMOUTH tiM^aitei|9*N«rthwiitim Rail* im IffItlfid for • I flnn to ittft tAfk this It driuaiti flood wattra (hot I oloiod roadi and throaten- fid homoa at tho loutheait edge of Monmouth for ilx waoks ))ut thty waitod too lonf. The six Inehoi of rain that fell in thii aroa Saturday night completed the Job of flooding the home of Mr. and Mri. Fred AdKina, m Kait llth Ave. Adklna lald today th «t I har huiband went out S jr a couple of houn early fiorday avanini and returned to find II inehei of water run* nlni thfough their homo. She said It appeared all of their furniihlngi would I M totally ruined and that they were iiot [red. leii the flood waters started rm at the comer of S. llth %tA K. nib Ave. early in nice. Hie railway officials were told thit the drainage lake ap- ptartd (Q be forming t^ecause a culvert under the railroad right pf way wai plugged with silt and debris. At the annual Monmouth Toivnship meeting April il, G. V, Homer, supervisor, was or* dered to talce steps to cl|ear the Clogged drain or drains and bill whomever was responsible. A week later, a representative of the Illinois Commerce Com* mission came to inspect the Mtuation. He concluded that the blockage was under the Chicago- Northwestern tracks and ob^ tained an agreement from the railroad to clear it put. Thursday, railway officials ar* ranged for the Ki^tJier k Co. Oofrespofident M^. Urraifia Sttuth 412 i m St. For Mtsecd Coplii Before « P. M. Phone 7S44 )I1 Stop What? stop sign at the corner of S. nth St., and E;. nth Ave., has little effect-on traffir or floodwaters which have swamped the area for six weeks. Heavy rain Saturday raised the level even further and suirounded two vans, supposedly parked on a high dry spot. clogged Construction firm of Monmouth to start clearing the drains this week. Saturday night, the rains came. By Sunday morning, all of the Adkiiis* possessions were ruined, and several other people in the area had suffered flood losses. Flood Trouble Doubles and Mrs. Fred Adkins, n26 E. nth Ave., had l ^fuge at the home of a relative Saturday night whe 18 inches of flopdwater swept into their home. The family home had been surrounded by water for al weeks when a plugged drain under a nearby railroad right- of-way caused a lake to form at the southeast edge of Monmouth, and Saturday night's rain caused the lake to engulf the home. Warren County's Young COP Chairman 1 ^ MONMOUTH « Mlei Martha MqCrery of near Monmouth, ^eiident of Warren County Young ftepublicans, Saturday was elected deputy dietrict governor for the 19th Congressional District Illinois Voung BepuhUcana organiwiion. Roger Johnson, Warren County circuit clerk, and Dick Baner, chairman of the Illinois Young Hepublicans, were the featured speakers at the luncheon meet* ing at Meling's Restaurant* Bep. Tom Ballsback. R.III.. was scheduled to attend hut had to cancel because he was ill, Guests Included State Sen. B. i(atherow, R-C«r^ than; State Bepi. Clarence g, Neff of Stronghurpt and Tem MpMasters of Ontida; Joe Shn- mons, chairman of the Warren County Repubiiopn Central Com* mitteej Clark Hpyvath, Jr., national chairman of the Illinois If '4 / Women's Unit Voung Republicans; Garry Boose, candidate for state ehair- man of the lYR organisation, and Eick Hargravei, candidate for downitate vice chairman of the lYR. Gregg Bradley, president of the McDonoifgh County Young was master ti oeremenies. John Morrow, president of the Mercer County Young BepuWi" cans, was moderator of a general discussion and the election. ALPHA - Mrs. S^vayne wind installed new offlcera of ^ Bap. tist Woman's Sooloty and toyal Workera circle at a mooting here April i«. Woman's society officers installed were Mrs. Wind, ^resi. dent; Mrs. Owen Garlsen. vice president; Mrs. Nyle McCurdy White cross chairman; Mrs. Chester Hiet, leadership deyel* opmcnt chairman; Mrs. Telford Johnson, secretary, and Mrs. Laveme Plunkett, treasurer. Circle officers installed were Mrs. Richard Bland, president; Mrs. James Bethell, vice presi* dent; Mrs. Ralph Spence, secretary, and Mrs. EHeabeth Blunkett, treasurer. Appoint Chairmen Chairmen appointed were Mrs. Leonard Davison, tove gift; Mrs. Raymond Sproston, lead^ cfship deyelepment 5 MlSs Mary Foster, White Cross; Mrs. Clarence Mason, missions, and Mrs. illmer Price, • tftrlstlan serv-. m ^ "flfflii for tots," iftlloil Wia m Itarted MtfOhased Jowiion for lOllOheon, ice. Mrs. Roger Asplund presented a a Tioltati from Mrs, the May 4 It was announoad« Mrs. Roger Aaelund. Ophiem, and Mrs. ^naid K^apke, atfeamwood* werojwoiti, Host- eises were Mrs, Olarince F OS- burg, Mrs. Ivan SHannon and Mrs, Clyde Barton, Mrs. Claude Rico was elected president of the AlWood Wom- Kn 's Club at a moating April }l at Grace l4Uthoran Church, OphlaQii other offipera oleotad were Mrs. Donald CalWns, vice president ; Mrs. Kenneth Ungor, recording secretary; Mrs. Curtis Walsten, correspgjidlng secretary; Mr^. Wallif Unai, treasurer, and Mrs. Floronce Cole and Mrs. Melvln Rutledge, auditors. Mrs. Walter Minder, retir- (Continued on Page 27) Knoxville Easter Egg Hunt Cunfighters, Can-Can Girls In Demand In Florida F .45 caliber revolver or a sawed- has something going for their off sliotgun/* dads. the can By DAVID L. LANGFORD OCALA, Fla. (UPI) ^ A man still hire out as a gunfighter in Florida, if he's fast enough on the draw. And despite the toplesa go*go craze, there is still a demand for cloth - bundled provided they enough. girl dancers, can kick high On a recent rainy day, of that kind of demon From America Ask Bob Chambers, who drove a Greyhound bus for 20 years, worked for a while a$ a special state investigator under former Gov. Haydon Burns, and then strapped on a sixgun. Chan*ers, who at 59 bear? a striking resemblance to actor Richard Boone, today is **top gun" at a Florida tourist attraction. How does a bus driver turn gunslinger? had to get a special rig '<bolster) made to outdraw them," says Chambers, who mm trains the other gunflght- ers at Six Gun Territory. "I use a low'Slung, Paladin-type rig." He also recruits young men, mostly from the local area, to stage hourly gunflghts in the streets of a make-believe importance training was clearly strated when the town marshal shot Don Hegsmith up on the roof of the general store. The ficript called for Hegsmith to fall down into the street. He did, but he sprained an ankle in the process. ''It's a lot of fun," said Chambers. "All of us have a little kid in us." The kids might like the gunplay, all right, but in the "Palace Saloon" Molly Parks MoUy. a petite redhead who tpams with her mother, Vickie is helping keep alive thf art of can-can dancing. Like Chambers, she recruits mostly local talent and teaches them herself. *'The can-can is not hard, as compared to some modern jazz dances, but it is very stren" uous," said Molly, who has been dancing with her British- born mother in many forms of show business since she four months old. Admissions Friday: Clyde Mrs. Bud New Gas Craters Erupt in Michigan WILUAMSBURG, Mich. (UPI) — Ten more families were evacuated from their homes in this northern Michigan resort area today when a new and dangerous natural gas crater spouted in a region previously unaffected by the gas geysers. is flammable and explosive when trapped." State authorities standby arrange completed ents to insure adequate firefighting manpower and equipment for any possible emergency. Meanwhile, tlon Co,, a Standard Oil Amoco Produc- subsidiary of Co. of Indiana South Lautner Road which '^.^j^S blamed for tlie The new crater was found frontier town. , •There's a certain fascination^'""^ —" 7 'ul7 |craters, said it planned to begi.^ itr said Chambers. *'We try about four miles west of here'^^jjjj^g ^j^^,, J ^^j^^ with athletic and about one mile east of Bailey, Oquawka; Steele, Mrs. Madge Tatman, Mrs. Herbert Walton, Mrs. Mary Lescher, Monmouth; Elwyn Bower, Roseville. Dismissals Friday: l^ouis Burk, Miss Angela Lodwick, Baby Joseph Scott Miller, WiU son Oquendo, Mrs. Edna Moberg, Monmouth; Mrs, George Breuer, Kirkwood. Births Friday: A son to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tenold, Monmouth. Admissions Saturday: Charles Ray. Mrs, Malbine Forte, Monmouth; Master Charles Earp, Gerlaw. Dismissals Saturday: Mrs. Gilbert Flag?, Mrs. John Wis- kierchen, Benjamin Sells, Oquawka; Mrs. Carolyn Daniels, Mrs. Paul Burton, Monmouth ; Robert Tinker, New Boston; Mrs. David Lenz, Kirkwood. Bhrths Saturday: Daughters to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Girt, Monmouth, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sims, North Henderson. More than 200 youngsters participated in an Baster egg hunt Saturday at the Knoxville Public Square. In the photo above, children are shown making a mad dash for the. goodies, while below several of the young­ sters show off their work clothes—cdmplete and Easter bas- wlth big ears, cottontails kets. (Register-Mail photos phrey.) by Dale Hum- Matter of Fact m teacii to get Iwys fe-iiierience so we can tiiem to fall from a roof without hurting themselves. We teach them the spin fall and even try to teach them the difference in down by a blast from a Acme, said Kenneth Lowe, a the Michigan Natural Re- • 1 H [NDDENIUREMISERV KMTtfllllY .tfiiiaiiiir. spokesman for Department of sources (DNR). *7he fact that the eruption occurred a bloclc removed from the original ones forced us to decide the 10 families would have to move also,'* he said. ease gas pressure today. State geologists theorize the craters were caused by a natural gas leak during oil drilling in the area. A similar proposal to drill Saturday was rejected by the Michigan Natural Resources Department because of the high Cardinal Seeks Amnesty, Steiger Marries Secretary his NEW YORK (UPI) - nal Terence Cooke, in annual Easter message, asked if the nation's leaders could Cardi-i where it Is bogged in conunit- tee, said, **It is totally undemocratic for it not to be let out on the floor to be voted, *^balance a genuine respect for;upon by all 33 of the state! the laws of our land with true senators.*' 'presiden; A native of Toledo, Ohio, Ms. Ledger, Sunday was re-elected chairman of the board of the Bureau of Advertising. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, of the New York compassion for those who, for sincere reasons, would not serve in the military." About People Steinem said. **rm looking forward to coming home to a victory celebration" when and if Ohio ratifies the amendment. We discover"aW thXS^ NEW YORK (DP.) men to pffer a fitting substitute in service and return to their Frank Times, was re-elected vice chairman. MAJllON, :H1; (yPI)-Thieves in.Marlon didn't take a holiday Baster SmW: An intrudar at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church rectory took $500 in l^aster collections while the pastor, the Rev, Albert Buratto, was saying Sunday morning Mass, Police said an unidentified young man inquired of nuns at the covent when Mass would be over. At the Country School Restaurant, $1,600 in roceipts was taken from a hiding i ^laec SPRING CAR CARE Of-FFRS FND SAf NITE About 60 families have been concentration of the potentially forced from their homes since 4. '•• Miracle plastic D£NTURIT£ refill loose deocures in five min* utei. This "Cushion of Comfort" rfums.Youeata tU, eVfA tOMM fmbarrafsmear. No more food pardcles vnder plates. D£NTURIT£ lasts for months. Ends daily bother of powder, paste or cushions. Just remove when refit is needed. Tasteless* Odorless. Monsy back f uarantee* Ac all drug counters. last Wednesday night when the first of several gas craters began bursting from the earth, belching a dangerous mixture of natural gas, water and mud in geyser-like eruptions. Tight security continued as state and local officials sought to minimize the danger of fire and explosion. volatile gas. Seven new geysers were discovered during the weekend about three miles west of the community, scribed ated" which de- was virtually evacu- Grand Traverse as by a County sheriff's deputy Sunday night. Phones and electrical service "There have been nq fires, nowere shut off from the area explosions and no injuries, where gas concentration was changeover. Lowe said. *'but there's alwaysiheaviest and cars were banned the danger because natural gas;from the area. The U,S. is the only industrial country ia the world which is not on the metric system and is not yet involved in an official changeover, The World Almanac says. Sen. Claiborne Pell has estimated that the U.S. loses $10 billion to $25 billion a year because U.S. measurements are not compatible with world standards. Congress has passed preliminary legislation aimed at a voluntary homes/' the cardinal said. LOS ANGELES (UPI) Actor Rod Steiger was married during the weekend at his oceanfront hpme in a ceremony he wrote himself. Steiger, 47, married Sherry Nelson, 36, his secretary. It was the thirct marriage for Steiger and the second for her. Batten, chairman of Landmark Communications Inc. and publisher of the Norfolk, Va., Pilot and Star- Virginian When Buying or Selling L ESTATE REA SEE P ' 4 ^^V^ Copyright © 1973 Newspaper EnterpriBe Asan. CLj;VELAND (UPI) Gloria Steinem, campaigning to keep the Equal Rights^ Amendment alive in the Ohio Senate, HAROLD WILSON at HAROLD WILSON REALTY 1131 N. Hendereon Ph. 343-3103 Almost 2,000 thunderstorms are raging at any one time, sending lightning stabbing the ground 100 times a second. 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