Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1928
Page 8
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TfJvW-f.Ijtg aft ?te>> f n f f>rrr* *>. t i >^v^ ! *f^*-: Hr bar! KT*TI th«s l hrssrisr^ ,Tsjr.*»*i*i r-n infrfr-| ftrst Jibrsrinn. Mrs, AT1*w Murd<X:Jr.: T'n Err? th~» ffr.rr if ther?' TSSTV't Mr*. W. M. TrflCT 1 Jons I rttnreh nrt?3tv!?t, ^-lr~. lyf>|si S1^.T"p. sf 1 rhHrff-n'R dfpinrttnfnt ,«"tfyT!nffTi*Ml!nt,. Mrs - .. ..f>r; -5.?l--'-int Mrs. Arthur Oibwn; onranist. Ila- Dr. on towysrst ^TFTH? famill?* **f th<r con- in the past. ha* «b<wn q^it^ nn inrrraw. nwmtMrr* win b*> re-re i ml «i f?wwffty morning which win b<? Vs^kl nt 10 and '*f which !>r also mpd spent tl» Smy mi«S «t tlw Mr. jsasS Kra. Hellrtt hora*. Both Mr. »B«5 Mrs, of in thr> milm rif nnr !os<3 of fhi<; r-fmriUir>n POUR BEID01 FLOOR OH GAEROLL ROAD Morrison. 111.. Oct.. «.— <Rp?r|nl l -—Th« floor of the bridfrr on rnntc "the Carroll rond" n*= it is gfn- of Charles McK>e nrnr Mor- rtojp, -ras pouiTd yrstrrdny. bridge h one bfing tmilf hv r?<Tid"d!y err. Th? car borf no Jirr-nw land flhoiit nil Mir riff sits , rniiM bf» obtfllwrl rctr* that fhp «c- j fid-Tit (v-rnrmi Th'ir^y JR?H!!]{ 7 o'clock *vh?n the Fort! .,,, , nnd n Chry«!rr mrt h^su! on. It wa-; Mn'ffi without lirrnra A .'iit?n pnlntrd on the UnHirton". C7r»l . or thf Fnrtl ft! that time, .'-ifjp rrad "To IvjM." Two WT;P broken off nnr.i no tires HhmjRh till Jffl Mrs, Alice Miir- rls.w, Mrs, Psrmrnter; girl's cl»s*. Mm. D. F. Millikan; hoy's class, M. I. jFmlrfen; Intrrmwllatr. Mr*. Cha*. jMulray: Junior. Mrs. Arthur Gibjson: third rwr primary, Mrs. Mas ' WiliJrr; wroncl year primary. Miss IlabrHp Mltrhcll; first yp»r primary, Ml.*. 1 ! Lona Murphy; hfRlnners. Mrs L. Shrpsrrt, more culverts to build on this strip i ^ISS^i.Sir^mTCf S|LACK OF .QUORUM IN R few entrance culverts to yiml* ««...— along the right of way. They expect to complete their work in nbout another wwk if the wr-nthrr holtir, MORRISON COUNCIL MorriF-on. II!, Od. 6.— (Special.> i says: NEWS OF MORRISON SCOUTS, TROOP 91 Morrison. 111.. Oct. 9~ (Special.)— Euccne Larkln, official scribe of troop 91, Boy Scouts of America good -rj,^ remains approximately j c ~, ^ ur!ot)rr m^nns of the city | "Troop 91 held its wwkly mMting care of, it was Mai^FrMnv Bf»cr- i nti . on , ln ' ;t fvmintf, bring convened j hi the municipal building. There was Boon. " nly lon « ™<>uRh to adjourn until I a very Rood attendance, with only i f\ f* tf W-lf **lf *•# T'« m^.^«.^_ „!. ^u« — —.-. t ._ S * MORRISON LINEUP 1 o'cJtx-k nrxt T^irsday evening. one scout Mayor VanOsdol had not rccx>v- "A: cird lufficiently from his lllnpss of hiess VALLEY JuTO FLAWS FOB SUPPER Off 23 , Oct. «"-<aDeei*U T\IK I^adif-s Aid society of the ^^ Valley Presbyterian church held very plensant meeting with Claire Wrmy, Wednesday aft. PIMM were mnde at this mertlng fcsr |j!clj be th« nnntial held at, the church , November 23. The President, Mr». JL K. McCulIiih loxteWd the follo«- Is also fw «!] Bffsir: Dinner ing committee to take charge of th® -Mrs. Robert Ross, Mrs. Frank Irlon, Mrs. F. P. Austin, Mrs. Jamea McCullagh. Mrs. Charles Patterson, Mrs. William Letcher, Mrs. H. C. Cobb, Mrs. A. S. Durward, Mrs. William Matthew. Dhilhg room—Table No. I, Mrs. S. A. Pattcram; table No. 2, Mrs,. Claire Wray; table No. 3, Mrs. Ar,. exercises bus- brought up. A football ( „ ,,,,,., KB.* ei ii ic ft& \ft - *-»• v.-J..J »> t.m.,i •^ri.^tjf^iiv u{j. t\ i lJUl OCT J1 FOR E. MOLINE GAME ! l ! ir Irst frw <3n >' s to n»«"d the MS- jteam will be organijwl and will prac- ._ j •'>'"»• *»<* «Utermnn H. J. Itendall i U«? Ttiursday night. We have not Morrison, 111 Oct 6—(Special > l WaS °, U ° f tllp ctly ' An IU>m »P-! bw>n nble to flnd a coach >Tt. A ten —Coach L. E. Rhnrp ntirl h!-= wmd ! [T'" 1 f f « f Ioral rvenin * I >a P cr to | minute patrol mrrting was held dur- ol pigsiin puntt-rs sot out from j L^L*-,,, H l,V 1Pre Would *" ™ | «"K -which Morse siffnalling was Morrison at noon todav to pivc bat- m ,^ B " , A ' dennan Humphrey, ; studied, as Morse lias Ue to the East Molinc high school l^.-^ 3 Ji 1 .. thc . clt >'- ^k u lor | by Uie troop, players. Albert Scott, thc tiny but mighty end, is substituting for Bob Tracy, who is out on account of a broken collar bone. Green, Carney, Gilhooley and Kemmer went along as relief men, the regular lineup for this game being DcVries, le; Gray. It; Sullivan, Ig; Maurits. c; Rogrrs. rg; Watson, it; Renkes, re; Scott, qb; Howe, Ih; Header, rh; Filkirks, fb. PASS EXAMINATIONS FOR U. S. CITIZENSHIP Morrison, 111., Oct. 6.—(Special.) —Three foreign-born persons were successful Friday in parsing their examinations for United States citizenship, which was given them by Judge Ncls J. Larson. The three men were Menno Gerhart Elius, born in Germany, and Joseph Bon- ardJ, who came here from Italy, and both of whom are now residents of Rock Falls, and Jacob Lyzcnga of Pulton, who came to this country from- the Netherlands. ' •«• «.«ii- \*nj t M.nJIfc it lOr ' "J Ml*^ l-i WjLl. granted nnd went out on his milk! "The patrols ha\-c each chosen a rout** nnd could not be located when < Project on which to work for the a call was made to his home by tele- | nest two months. The first patrol phone. All of the alderman except i will take signalling, the second pa- Mr. Kendall were in the city, but *~* """* *"*"" "~~* '' trol will take first aid. and the third patrol will take archery. "We played a few games and with the naming of Alderman Boyd to net as mayor pro tern the requir- ... •,-.,... „ ,v w KRIwa mm ed quorum was not present, so that J Scoutmaster Knox told a nature adjournment to the later date be- story, we sang taps, and thc meet- came a necessity. — *— --** --• .... Sunday School Only Prophetstown. Illinois. Oet. C — (Special.)—In the absence of the Rev. L. V. Sitler. who is away nt conference, there will be only the Sunday school services this coming Sunday at the M. E. church, which will be called at 10 a. m. RECEIVES FLOWERS FROM CLASSMATES Morrison. 111., Oct. 6.—(Special.) —Classmates of Ilarry, son of Mr and Mrs. L. V. Parker of this city, have sent him a lot of beautiful flowers to the West Suburban hospital in Chicago, where he is now recuperating from an operation for appendicitis. He is in the second grade of school here. Mrs. Lyle Pearson being the teacher. He seems to be getting along fine, ahd'at the present rate will probably be able to be removed from the hospital to the home of relatives sometime during the coming week. nig adjourned o'clock. promptly nt nine MORRISON BBIEFS Morrison. 111.. Oct. 6—(Special.) Two very attractive stuns were plac ed on the windows of the Whitcwde!, - 1 -**™"* «»« busy digging po- cafe bv a traveling uahiter. i t ' lloes . an . d £ uMln * corn * or shred- Funeral of R. D. McMulIen Morrison. 111., Oct. 6.—(Special.) —It was announced yesterday that the funeral of R. D. McMulIen who parvsed uwuy Thursday afternoon, will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:20 from his late home on North Orange street. Members of Grove lodge No. 257, 1. O. O. P., will be in cluirge at Grove Hill cemetery, where burial will be made. SUGAR GROVE Sugar Grove. 111.. Oct. fr—(Spec- ial.)—Farmers'are busy digging po- PLACE NEW STOVE IN PASTOR'S HOME Morrison. HI.. Oct. 6.—(Special. 1 * —During the absence of Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin Hoffman at the hospital in Iowa City, members of the congregation took advantage of the opportunity afforded to have a beautiful new gas stove installed in the parsonage of the Reformed church, replacing one which had become somewhat antiquated. LYNDON REJOICES IN NEW PAVEMENT Lewis; thew. No. 5, Miss Mary Mat- Farewell Party For The Christian Church Pastor And Family Erie. 111.. Oct. C.—(Special*.—Despite the storm Thursday evening a large number of members and friends gathered at the Christian church and held a picnic supper hi honor of the pastor. Rev. Gresham and family, who expect to leave next week to make their home In Arizona. The evening was spent socially and a nice sum of money was given Rev. Gresham as an expression of esteem and love. Both the church and community regret that the family are leaving and especially that his resignation was due to a change of climate being necessary for his health. Rev. Gresham will preach his farewell sermon Sunday evening. cafe by a traveling painter. ; ^ Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sauer. who!j,,' c have been visiting relatives and ! Jack Frost got in good work week and this warm weather numerous" friends °and™n-iauves"in I \'Jl^ ln f ™ rn lea(vgS very brUUe Morrison, recently left Wednesday i M.lrired Ihomas is unable to be in for their home at Albuquerque, N. j bcl 'f \ S, u " e " n K Wlth a severe cold. jj j Bt r' Pearl lost a good milch cow The Ralph Kaler family expect to! f ""' n "", ve J )a ™^'^move very .hortlv from their homeL, Mri c -* re « lce Baker nnd children on Clinton street to the house on | ** *" Leonard have returned South Oenesee occupied by the \%°™ ^ elr vaca »°" »l*nt in West Floyd Mason family who in turn ; vir »> ima Will move into their newly acquired Orange Lyndon, Oct. 6.—(Special)—The paving on Route 86 through Lyndon will soon be completed. On streets leading to the river long pipes are being laid for pumping up the water used in the cement work. Townspeople rejoice in the new road way and everyone interested in the growth of th* town hopes .new traffic will bring added increase of trade to the merchants- and all -places of business. Employment will also be increased when men and women can live here and work in Sterling, as they now do at Morrison and Pro- phetstowa. DEER GROVE BRIEFS Deer Grove, 111.. Oct 6— (Special.) Burton and F. Knight transacted business in Red Oak William Heron of Missouri visited . lfclliili . .his parents this week. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pearl motored j Mrs. I. Bechdolt was caUed to Tam™—:.... ... „ . — i T.I/V. on account of the illness of her ~" "-•"- "J »•«• =t» iuua uujiuiuua ... j ... «. i ». m . * of William Drennan. who has heart' Mr ' and . Mrs " wuke McGulre <* James Lawry and C. E. Well.s re-,,.. ,, T ^ turned home Wednesday night iroru ^ rou " 8 - M , rs ' Drennan being Mr. a business trip to Indianapolis. , *•'*]** fsl , ster ; rhe >' mo ^d to Wis- it-ii \ c*Hrs Cedar Rapids are visiting at home of John - - - • The the of Mr. and Mrs. recently underwent an operation at a hospital in Clinton. The little JEnglish bull .dog. .owned ed Wednesday afternoon just »!,,.;,>, »« , """« "_. time after the familv had re- ! ».'"» Mrs. Leon Hart and ' to their home horn in tin- *3 , Mrs clara Goodricl » at Good- country. The dog run across, Lincoln i „* * ttrm ho , me - T1 ' ere was tt ^ood highway in frout ot its home and '! l " d "" ce "' "i™bers and one was called back by Mrs. Howe, be- BU " ' Mr f: Men ^ h of Nebraska. The ing struck bv a tar. as it can e in S,t ZZ ™ S WU * held * 1th MnL answer to the call. It lived only . Cl l ua «»«"*«. Oct. 10 o ii^i i.tiC4ioi, tii joviuiL. .airs. ! . , * * . iA . will be-remembered as; Uie tolne of the lalter's parents. Mr ' and Mrs ' ChUdes and Mrs. Frank Smith, formerly of Ster-' . , Imp. json of Missouri are guests at the business _ j in Davenport Thursday. Enoch Anderson motored to Lail!e Thursday and spent, the day. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Collins of Taiupico attended the Democratic meeting at the town hall Thursday evening. Mrs. James Rssmer visited ber Friends nave received cards from i<o.i»i w jciuiu 10 .Kiwimui ioaav »«,.. r , , v , , ,— •»•«—. Jrom Chicago where tiiey drou' on'»J K ' Ra!ph JohnsOD and daughter, Myia Maisng that they are enjoying every minute of their motor trip Unuugil York Jacob Heck man and sons are busy uling gravel tor on lht ' cement work to fann.i.hwe Mr. and Mrs. C. A. lu-nkes are ex pected to return to Mom^on today Jrom Chiotj ' Wednesday. Mrs. Jennie Vandenmde moved in from the country Wtdnttday to the home on eait Luirohiway which she purchased &ome nine ugu iroiu Dr. W. J. Miuni.< E. B. Kmney. tra\t-ling pu.-tal ex•miner. paid the Murmun postoflice a visit ytraterday and cli-.-ckt-d over its records. He found e\erytiinig in » very commendable condition. Th« £«iae of H. U.-'Smouae was imloteauoaally oaiiued Jrom the li&t of those 84ii*«mg tlie iue call to tte Harry Pruls tome Thursday soSght. Mr. Bmouie did his part ana Bearding to all reports, waa jiM A& soaked in the 'heuvy 5 any of Uie otter boys- M. mi* Harrison &ad Kiargwet MUier, have re fiHOoa Cmoigu. \vht;s . they have been to '. the &«Ui t&uuou of the Grand . .. of the Ofder of Eastern j Trmriday to ipeud the day as KpieMMjt«Uve» of Pr&uxue j there Mrs. u-iihan ujll Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Schwaxnber- ger and daughters Mary, Cecelia and Lois Jane of Clinton visited the LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndun, lil, Oct. suid Mi's. W. E. Fox go to Clinton, la., to stay during th« winter month.-. Then- daughter. Marion is utieiiciing and living in the Mias Mrs MiaS school there of Mr. and Bia«g was &u guest 'IXjesday m tiie home of gnmrips^tus, Mr. and Mrs. P. Mxs. Walter Teach, Mr. and Mrs. Myrow Bow^u Mid Mrs. 'Condie lo Parents Wednesday. Mr. and Kli-s. Roy Noble and daughter Viola are spending this week in St. Jcxseph. Missouri. Harry Bustoa is c*meutirig the driveway of his crib. Pete Rose and Mrs. Arthur Rose of Rorkford spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. William O'Neil. Mr. «uid Mrs. Mike Loagtard and son, Vincent of Walnut and Miss Auaa O'Neil motored to Chicago Fiiday sad ipeiu the week-eud. Clair Forwaid of Tampico speat '1'tiitfbdsy litre. N». of of this city. Gttux Decker \v:!i i ts K* run' A iUCvj ol HU- CteUs a Yellow' 8 TAMPICO BRIEFS Tampico. HI., Oct. 8— (Special)— A. E. Bennett and Raymond Ma- ^^ WI1 . loney motored to Chicago Thursday hearts of a whole pnttoraftate as ihisy did »t *r»d Pan! mnA 80** and Timothy awl Luk(? went fwtti WttftcPlif HSe g»te by » river 8Me to m plwee of ptRyer sttd sat down, mud spotaft \mt« tha women that were cora« toffetiwr. And even thc women at church mm not lite the stare—innumerable. Why so many absentees? As* the auto. Everybody is on wheels cm Sunday; goin« to sec "distant*' r*la» tivpR. It's so: "M all the Rutomo- bilrs were drawn up in lira?, one he- hind another in close formation—it •s'ould be Sunday, o? Sunday afternoon." Why not git« the auto a rest nnd put into practice another ought-to—ought to attend church. Babson says great change in the church are Imminent. Let m consider his prophecy next Sunday at 11 o'clock and Inquire what arc the prospects for ils fulfillment. Union young people's meeting at the Congirgadonal church at 6:45 p. m. All ages and both sexes invited—P. H. Mason, pastor. NEW LOCATIONS HI PEOPH1TSTOWK HUrwte, Oct, §.- <8petiMU.) — Charles Rich»n)aen has street, op«si:tat hi-i tin to that btrJMIng, raoaisa t^rson another of the fire victims Is nrrw permsnently located in the Stertsmnt and Clark on Washlnjrton nt-rwt with a complete outfit of new furntsh- ' for Uie shop. PASTOR OF LYNDON CONG'L CHURCH HAS* RESIGNED CHARGE Lyndon, III, Oct. 6.—(Special.)— Rev. P. H. Mason, for six years pastor of the Congregational church tendered his resignation on Sunday morning just before the quarterly communion services. Everyone hears of Mr. Mason's resignation with regret that is general throughout Uie community and It is felt most keenly. Mrs. Mason has been a helpmeet to the deepest sense of the word and both have been loved and esteemed, young and old expressing like sentiments. Since they have been here so long, it will be hard to go on without them as everywhere they haw fitted into al departments of church work and social activities. In Joy they have been the first to add to It, in reverse the first to sympathize and always the first to help allay the heavy hane of sorrow. The parting will be sad but Lyndon people will be cheered by the knowledge that wherever they go peace will follow them and the Officers Of Tampioo H%h School Classes Tampico, I1L, Oct. 6.—(Special*.— TN Tampico high school classes have elected the following officers: Senior class. Margaret Leahy, president; Leonard Peterson. Becre- tary-treasurer, Junior class, Evalyn La Due. president; Vernon Avery, vice president; Fern Carlson, secretary and treasurer. Sophomore class, Ksths-yn Graham, president; Maud Allen, vice president; Ethel Meek, sccrfttary- treasurer. Presnman class. John Olsson, president; Suzanne Jacobson, secretary-treasurer. I USTICK BRIEFS game. . Mrs. Roy Brown, daughter Patricia. of Tampico and parents, M. Lyndon Dianer Party Lyndon. 111. Oct. 6.—(SpeciaJL)- cm. ui ituujJico ana parents, m. —j——••»«. *»»., v^-t. «.—\ojjecjqju*— and Mrs. Aaron Brants, and Mrs. i Mr - » md Mrs - F - C- Thomas, Mr. and Max Fisher of Hooppole left Wed-! Mrs - Arthur Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. nesday morning by motor for Cedar ] c - *- Conrad. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Falls, Iowa, where they will visit J 8etUes ' Mrs A!l « Murdock and Mr. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert j and Mra - w - M - Tracy were dinner Shere. Mrs. Shere. Mrs. Brants andi gueste on Friday evening at the «*..*. T*I~».— _£~4 nntne of Mr cmii mfrw n ¥3* m«tm Mrs. Fisher are sisters. V. W. Cook returned home Thursday night from Chicago where he attended the city series games this and Mrs. Nr E. Detmison lefr Thursday morning by motor on a vacation trip to Springfield, ni. T. H. Payne left Saturday morn- week. home of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Millikan. Mrs. Loveland of Mt Pleasant Ia» was an out of town guest and Mr. and Mrs. Tracy were honor guests. Lyndon Society Meets Lyndon. 111. Oct 6.—(Special.)— The Lyndon Ladles club will meet Mrs. O. C. Morris and Miss Kittie B. Morris assisting hostesses. The missionary society of the Congregational church will meet on Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lyman Turaey. •* •" -• i •**•** «-»j**»*»ji* 4-M*uu:3) \*mu WU1 u££c1 ing for his home at Elizabeth Town, on Saturday afternoon at the home Ky.. after a two weeks visit here -- -•— - ... - """*= with his daughter. Mrs. Ben Wade. The basement of the Christian church has been enlarged this week, by moving the partitions and cementing more of the floor. Mr. and Mrs. John Maloney accompanied by Mr. Maloney's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maloney were entertained Sunday at dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Gus, Proeliger at Thomas. 111. The after- i noon was spent gathering walnuts, i Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Strousa Kewanee visitors Thursday. Mrs. Ida Allen returned Thursday evening by the way of. tSerling from several weeks visit at ' Lansing and other places hi iiichi- . «an. she will visit at the Alfred m Smith home about a week-before fornia. P. J. Bymmonds of Admire, Kansas, who is visiting relatives spent Friday at the P. E. s*j|M»eM' home. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ootole arrived home Sunday by auto from a four weeks visit at many different hi Kansas. The Altar and RcJ&ry society of St. Mary's church elected officers last Sunday as follows: Miss Roae Cooney of Deer Grove, president, and Mrs. Wm. McCortniefc, north of Tampico, secretary and treasurer. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, has been pierced for the longest water tunnel in the world* fifteen miles in length when coin-' pleted. Lyndon Boy S&mts Hi. Oct 6.—(Special.)— an Boy Scouts held a at the bank on Tuesday „ when they drew up ptnT»f for future meetings to be held every "---*— evening at 7:30 at the bank. Blagg and Harold Bowea ' patrol leaders and Al- uican scribe, c. C. Conrad «eout -master. -'-LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon, B1.7 Oct &.— (Special)— Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ahren* mute a business trip to Mineral Wedneaday. Mrs. Alice Maberry entertained Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horkm and fam- iiy_Bund&y. Sept 30. 11 Siaberry, now of Clinton, spend the week-end with his grandmother, Mrs. Alloe Maberry. H. C. Ahreus made a buaiiieaa trip to f*ro(ih«tstown Thursday miming MJas Imogerte Olson spent tij* , toMt _ Mon^ It is calculated that 100 years ago 170,000 newspapers were sold weekly in Great Britain. Today the figure has risen to approximately 75 - OGOjOOO. to her thiuwt | due to UK- .M'piH'ati'jn <,i ivld GAMAKD TRUST CO.** First Mortgage Bonds -Which BAMKS BUY— exeelteat Ihvt,sijnents for jrourftiadk INTEREST t payable semi-amiually 0 DeBominationa: $1000, $500, |100. Ask for pur b(M)kle^ Increasing Your Income Through InY^tmeiii* FRED B. FRERICHS % mi Ustick, 111.. Oct. 6— (Special.) — Mr. and Mrs. Prank J. Milnes. Mr. and Mrs. William Bechtel and son Glen returned home Thursday from Canistota, South Dakota, where they have spent the past two weeks consulting a doctor in regard to Mr Mimes health. He seems greatly improved at this time and his many friends hope he will continue to improve. Relatives and friends here have received word of the birth of a son Thursday. October 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Breiding. Jr., of Sterling at the Sterling public hospital. The mother will be remembered aa Miss Atha Kratx. The Kiwanis club of Fulton entertained their wives and a number of guests at a fried chicken dinner at the Spring Valley Presbyterian church Thursday evening. This dinner was served by the Woman's Missionary society in the basement of the church. A new chicken house 20x30 Is being erected at the James McCullagh home. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn McKee and two children Ruth and June of Sterling are visiting at the C. 'R. McKee home. jil., Oet, Mrs. J. H. ?.ntn» ?!«,,? afternoon. Tl» roll rail answered by q«otto« Scripten; ver^t. The wckty TOted to hm'tf the rppaJrs to ths M. K. t&Siante, tbe same us iha L«dk»' Aid dSd last •wss. were »!«> ra*d« for « cWcJWn dinner to *» given at the Zoraa chsreh, present w«ra Mrs. Minnie Walnwrlgtht. Mm ,T. F. WaJnwrtgM, Mrs. Judd Wainwlght, Mm O*erire WalnwrtRlit, Mm Larv«jfi W«Jn- wriglit. Mtn, John Bwstlw. Mra. Edgar Walters, Mrs. Frank Wake. ST., Mrs. Frank Wafce, Jr.. Mrs. Lores Allsbro, Mrs. Elmer Skclton. Mte? Kstie Mead. Mrs, George Earhardt, and Mrs. Homer Daily. Mrs. Clarence Ward assisted Mrs., Ke.slerscij with the entertainment. vrf the Jcsfta AM y wbfeh wwi h»w In fa, the Irnoks of tfronr- Mm, WBl Bnrrt* t* ttsiek of i|«|-o«tf. - Wttte of t«r. Mm • "»rt omoi m4 Mr. M with i the fonmri fn p. Hj HILLSDALE LADIES' CLUB HAS MEETING R. E. StedhtiTst left Taa»y for *lw*art whom he win stttst tha ceienrmtlon of the mrentteth mm!" bat* Saturday. Mr. Medhurst hwinl the «3?b»t® when he w«s a feoy of fourteen. Mrs. Martha Franks tinted friends to Sterling «. few days this week, Mra. Bemlce Seiben, Mrs. Edith Walker and Mrs. James Qucsde visited relatives in O*nese0 Batetlay F. A. Schaible and Perry Medhurgt were bustae«5 visitor* to TiskUws, Friday. Mr. am! Mrs. J. p. KJrWmnd have ^ *° , 8t - Pa«l for a brief vtot with their eon Clarence and family Hillsdale. III., Oct. 6.—(Special)— Mrs. Wm. Kesslcr cntertatoed the Ladles' club yesterday afternoon at a one o'clock dinner. The afternoon was enjoyed with contests andj ?aroea. the contest winners brtr*g: Mrs. Mary Oliver. Mrs. Fannie John- i •»n, Mrs. C. P. Nelson. Mrs. R. C.' Palmer, Mrs. Jess Hanna and Mrs, Ralph Mose. Those present were Mrs. Fred Wll*y of Davenport, Mra. Fannie Johnson ancl Mrs. John Wise of East Moine, Mrs. Christina Butrer of Sterling, Mrs. Wm. Vosrt. Mrs. Mary Oliver, Mrs. John KueW, Mrs. Let Pranks, Mrs. Jess Hanna, Mrs. C. D. BuUser. Mrs. R. C. Palmer. Mrs, Ralph Mose, Mrs. Charles Conrad. Mrs. Clarence Conrad, Mrs. Wm. Kessler and Mrs. C. F. Nelson, all of Hillsdale. the Family Prophetstown Club Women At Morrison Prophetstown, 111.. Oct. 6.—<Special).~The following ladies, members of the federated clubs of Prophetstown. the Prophetstown .Woman's club, attended a meeting in Morrison Thursday which proved to be very Interesting: Mra. B. M. Frary. Miss Haze! McNamttra, Miss Leafa Seibert. Dr. Mabel Brown, Mrs. Goo. Pisic, Mrs. Earl Martin, Mrs. Stacy Amett, Mrs. Ear! Passett, Mrs. Prank BaylLss, Mrs. Bert Lyon. Mrs. Marry Lawrence. Mrs. Everette Brooks. HILLSDALE WINS FIRST SOCCER GAME Hillsdale. Hi, Oct. 6.—(Special)— The Hillsdale soccer team defeated Cordova to a snappy game yesterday afternoon, score 4 to L The game was played at Cordova, The home Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. S fb. Springers over 4 /&». Springers up to 5 IB* ............ 24cB». No. 1 Brown Egg*, per doz. ......... No. 1 White Eggt, perd&z. ,84c Produce Co. root wf Second Ave, ST2RUNG TELEPHONE *33 Wise Parents- Teach Little Ones to Save Saving is a habit which takes years to cultivate. Parents should know this fact and teach their children the thrift habit early. Start an account for the child today—in the child's own name— and let him see how dollars can grow into fortunes. Come in today and get one of our Free Savings Banks. Teach the children to deposit a few cents daily. When the bank is filled, bring it in to us and we will credit the amount to the child's account Let w If II yvu &/ our Cttlfege Smwftg* Plan for ff&itr eMMren. Our ^atlt^s officer fee, &ltxl t& exptam ik? pfatt ttt FirSt National Bank FIMST fMUST £ 8 A ViNGS MANE

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