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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts • Page 7

Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts • Page 7

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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BTTCHBima DAILY SENTINEL, MOAYy OCTOBER 16 lW mm BACK TO WASHINGTON. fLadjj alsoueeni also been Lazy Livsr 0. SMILET it verything is Ready for Autumn Merchandizing Everv department in our store is ready to greet you with the newest and most at tractive Autumn Merchandise, Everything indicates a prosperous everywhere Hind lb prepare for this and to avoid the sharp advances" which are being made everywhere, we bought heavilv. Never was our stock so large. Never was our stock so well selected.

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Jackets, hoed AO OK admiral Dewey's Visit to New England Brought to an End. Boston, Ovt. 16.Airila the cheers of 10,000 people, Admiral ewey. departed Irom Boston last night for Washington. His departure brought to a close two days enthusiasm on the part of a hero- orstuping popuiauon, visibly expressea receptions and parades.

The admiral spent a very oulet sun- day in the city, necessitated by fatigue which had followed bis arduous duties Saturday, and, in fact, of the past four days. He did not stay all day In his apartments in the Touraine, but bile there be did receive many cans from friends. After breakfast he spent eome time with Dhis mall, and then Gov ernor Rollins of New Hampshire called. Later, accompanied by Lieutenant Brumby, the admiral went to the Somerset club, where he was the guest of E. Morse.

At the club lunch was pair-taken of, and when the time came to ave-the-cro wd-of expeetant-Bpeefratc-n as so large at the Beacon street en trance that the admiral and party stepped out a rear entrance. Here Po lice Commissioner Clark Joined them and all walked back to the Touraine, the aQ- apparently, aoJMnjUlotteed by and R. T. McKeever left the hotel closed carriage for tne southern Terminal, It was under escort of mounted police The crowd which followed was a large one, and a greater one was at the station. The party at once went aboard the express, which Immediately left.

PECULIAR ASSAULT CASE. Manchester, N. Oct. IS, Hooksett is greatly stirred up over an alleged assault case, A month ago Philip E. Crooker, a Civil war veteran, married the 15-year-old daughter of Fred'Locke.

Locke went to the Crooker house and made a nerce assault, it is alleged. uDon hto son-in-law, who Is his senior. Crooker neat mm on and nurried to a neighbor ing nouse, wmtner his wife had preceded him. Locke was arrested and 'wae ar raigned in police court on a charge -of aggravates assault, tie pieatledl nolo and was held In $400 bonds for trial in the supreme court. THIEVES "MUGGED." Boston, Oct.

16. The photographs of 5 men detained: at police headquarters as expert thieves were taken yesterday for the rogues' gallery. The men were picked up during the celebration Satur day and were held for safs keeoimr. Many of them were faultlessly dressed, and their appearance might be expected aeceive -tnase-wno were not familiar with criminals. DENIED BY THE PORTE.

Constantinople, Oct. IS. The porte denies the statement telegraphed from Bucharest last week that the sultan had drowned in the Bosphorus several women of the harem for alleged complicity with members of the young Turkish party. I have been troubled with constipation years. It, was rulninff my health, my comfort and' my" complexion, and I am-gladlo-say that Celery King has restored all three, and this after trying many other medicines that were supposed to be good, but which were of no value whatever.

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Greh, British agent at PretDtla. received every civility on his Journey from the Transvaal capital. Six of President Krucer's bodyguard accom panied Greene to the border of the Fret. Bute, ana he received the same cour- leoua treatimejM In the Free state. The news of righting at Modder river 1 mot confirmed.

The station master at Modder river telegraphs that Boers from tne nortn ana south have taken Gaiwrer- ahat, which they are fortifying. Following Is the strength and dfaoosl. tlon of the troopa in Natal. At Lady- Bmun. seven battalions, 32 guns, 4000 in- taniry; at istacourt, zw volunteers, and at Colenso, 420 volunteere.

These, with the force at Pletmarltzburg, make a tout ot is.vw men in Natal. President Steyn of the Orantre Free Transvaal maintain their telephone con necuon. Allwalnorth dispatches sav that Frere bridge, which heretofore has been a great aid1 to Boer is now ctosed and guarcleJby Capepolice. commando, strengthened by 800- Boers irom omunneia, is menacing Allwalnorth. A Kaffir brought to Vrybure by the re turning hospital train says passed the scene of the recent armored train disaster and saw several bodies of white men lying there.

either Ladysmith or Glencoe except that a pairoi irom tne latter niac? exchanged hots with a email body of Boers on the road to lieipmakcar. All reports agree that the Boers now occupy Newcastle. poet tents have been discovered eight tiles southeast of Klmberlev. jSreat clouds of dust 6een 10 miles to the east- ard ot Klmberly seem to indicate the movement of a large body of troops with wagons, xwo imperial Officers also dis- 'ered. a column of 400 Boers coins In the direction of Modder river b'ridge from Johannesburg; bmail parties of evidently nn a conwnandeering, have passed Kaffir nver.

There are large commandos either side of the railway. The burghers say they will have 2000 men. They probably intend to Join the other force in camp seven miles from the Cape Colony torder. Communication by means of scouts is maintained between. Ladysmith and Action Homes, which it Is reported the uoers trom Tintwa'pass contemplate at- The Free State laager below Van Reonana.

pass- Is said' to-be- four -mi les long and to have at least 12 guns. It is expected that It will await the British attack. The Modder River station master re ports that firing has been- heard in the direction of Kimberly, and the staltlon master at Belmont telegraphs- that force of Boers is advancing southward. There is an unconfirmed rumor that the imperial forces intercepted a bod of Transvaal Boers who were attempting to Join the Boer forces at ModderTlver. ana max a neavy engagement occurred at bpytsrontein station, south of Kim- teriy.

FATAL SHOOTING AT DALLAS. Dallas. Oct. 16. George Lewis, col ored, was shot- and Instantly killed by John Reeves last night.

The shooting occurred In the waitine room of the Santa Fe depot. Reeves, accompanied by hi.t wife and niece, was awaiting train. Mrs. Reeves was approached by who aemanaed ner seat. She re fused he attempted ito eject her, ac companying his demands with profanity.

LOOMIS'TEEA PREVAILED: Caracas, Oct. 16. "United States Min ister Loomls recently made a long argu ment before President Andrade urging a suspension of the law relative te foreign insurance companies, the 'en forcement of which, the minister said, would drive all such companies from Venezuela, The result of Mr. Loomls' argument was that a suspension of the law was granted until March, when-the statutes will be'amend'ed- by congress. This action saves 16,000,000 worth Qf busl- American BROWN GIVES IT UP.

Chicago, Oct. 16. A special -to The Tribune from Wichita, says Carl Brownr who ledOoyey'a army-to Wash Ington and w-ho arrived in Wichita from Dertver on his second march Saturday, yesterday declared the march off and notified his men that he would go no fur- TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. The press of Berlin points out that at the recent reception to Benjamin Harri son he was especially honored by Em peror William, who disregarded the rules of court etiquette by seating General Harrison at the table of honor reserved for members of the royal family. J.

F. M. Lyons of Boston, an-insurance- writer, died at Lowell, aa the re sult of ah operation performed with a view of saving his life. Lyons had stopped a runaway horse and received severe injuries. Frank Kane was probably fatally stabbed In the abdomen at Boston.

charged with the crime. It Is supposed the stabbing was dotte with a screwdriver. John Towler, secretary and manager af the Waterbury (Conn.) Specialty company, committed suicide In his office by mooting. was jean oia. tsxxsi- ess worry Is believed to be the cause.

Friends of Senator Scott of West Vir ginia have received word from Morgan- so rapidly that he is now considered out of danger. Major Marcnanti, wno commanaea ine Prcncrrexnedition Into the Soudan, It is stated, wished to go and flgh for the Boers, as revenge lor uemg onngea to withdraw from Fashoda, but the French government refused him permission to join the ioer lorces. It Is expected that during BIffhop Pot tor's stay in the Hawaiian Islands he will xnimlne thoroughly into the conditions eccleslastlcnl affairs tlKre so that ho mny report, at the next general convention of the Kpiscopal church as to the of In of R. Boers Said to Be Attacking Tom Extremely Anxious to Cap ture Cecil Rhodes. Usual Batch of Conflicting News From Africa.

London, aaetue new' concerned! there is very little change in the situation to be noticed. The state of affairs at Mafeking can only be con jectured. The occupation of Newcastle by the Boers was prepared for and ex pected, the place haying been abandoned by the British. ery neavy rams and Bin5WsaTe ported, which hamper the Boers' move- ments; and they are finding that they began too late even to easily obtain the initial success counted upon. They evi dently find the advance upon Ladysmith difiicult, either from the north tne west, as General White's reconnoisance seems to have sufficed to deter them for the present.

Dispatches received late last night show that the -Boers have surrounded and are attacking Kimberley. The place was in a state of siege at the last reports, and by this time It may havi fallen. One of the prime objects of the Boers in attacking Kimberley was to capture uecii Khodes. It is believed they Would willing to sacrifice 10,000 men inorder to get him. He is hated as of the most deadly enemies or the Transvaal.

It is reported -that General Joubert offered a reward, of $25,000 for Rhodes dead or arive. If alive, he would be rich "prize of war" and almost beyond price as a hostage. If dead1, the prime factor In the English machinations against the'-Transvaal -woTrldr in "tha opinion of the Boers, be out of the way. The Cape Town correspondent of The Morning Leader, telegraphing Sunday night, says: It is reported that fight ing began at Kimberley this morning. The railway has been cut at Belmont.

A special dispatch, at Dundee, Vatai, Sunday afternoon, reports that Commandant VUJoen's force had left Newcastle for where the Transvaal flag has been hoisted over the town nau, The Daily Mall's Cape Town corre spondent, telegraphing Sunday evening, says: Kimberley is besieged, but the Boers are massing in force. No details, however, are obtainable. The Boers have cut the railway at Belmont, have seized the Spyfontein railway station and constructed fortified earthworks. There are strong defending forces at Modder bridge, and the Orange rivre bridge. The object of these energetic operations Is believed to be the capture of Cecil Rhodes.

Kimberley Is now iso lated, both railway and telegraphic munication being cut. The Daily Mail Glencoe camp corre- tpondent, under date of Sunda; "Jl force, uh'def 'nviljoeJiii! from Spitzkop, occupied Newcastle Sat urday aternoon and, ItJs reported, planted their riag over the' tow hall. it is rumored mat tne uoers nave cap tured a police patrol of six men at De Jagers drift, on the Buffalo river. Five hundred Boer troops occupy Bor- ier siding, northward of Fourteen Streams, with cannon, where they are awaiting orders to destroy the line or attack Fourteen streams. The railway telegraph officials have abandoned Maribogo.

The nearest.Brlt- Ish point of communication to Maie- king, therefore, is understood to be Betlagoli, 6 miles away. while it Is the general belief that the. Boers are attacking Mafeking. there is still no connrmation of the report. If-I the Boers had met with any success.

It would nave peen announced, as the only telegraphic communication is In the hands of the burghers. The ab sence of news, therefore, Is regarded a good sign. The following official statement has been published at Durban: "The gen eral omcer comimanaing at Liadysmt. Issued forth on Friday morrtdng with strong flying column and) position covering Ladyamith. He re- connoitered for the enemy, who showed no disposition, to advance.

They are re ported to be inside the Berg atthe foot of Tlnitwa pass in force, witn a second com mand at Ollviers Hoek. The troops have returned to It is reported from Wencoe that a large Boers under Commandant Vlljpen, at the foot of Bothas pass, i miles on the Natal side of the'border. The Transvaal flag has been hoisted at Charlestown, and Commandant Vil- joen has sent a message to Newcastle laying the Boers win hoist the Trans- the people need not be afraid, as even- Was the Boera took would be nald for ffhey wanted to slaughter cattle. Pew people are left In Newcastle. A train' of wagons five or six miles length was seert descending Molb Nek towards Loorn Kop, nortn of Wools inrt.

reaches fhere In disjointed dispatcher. It Is learned from an authentic source that a large number of troops, including cavalry, artillery and infantry, left Liaaysmith on friday with wagons. Ing In the direction ot Acton Homes, Where the Boers are reported to be en- camped. The Dublin fusiliers 'arrived from Glencoe by train and' proceeded in tin samp (H orii')n There litis been no 01 A Special lot Flannelette full skirt, prettily trimmed with braid, only 98c Pine qualities of Wrappers rl" $1.25 and $1.50 ftV A special lot of Wrappers, good val- Ladies' Oating Flannel Robes, cut lull, pretty colois, only Ladies' belter quality Robes, pret tily trimmed, at 4OC Several styles Ladies' Outingr Gowns, extra quality outing, neautiluliy trimmed, only $X00 Other quality Gowns. 81.39 ana $1.50 Outing Gowns for Men 50, 60e and $1.00 Very good Children's Outing Gowns 50 and 75c Sleeping Garments, A tew dozen Children's Jergey Sleep ing garments at DO Ladies' Bath Robes.

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