Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 11, 1968 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1968
Page 15
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tt-0" ti-Olflf *«»e*il<m S»rvlt« Plan No. 657606, available at your CountyExtenilon Offle«, '• THREE BEDROOM HOUSE Here is a house plan for a comfortable, three-bedroom house with two baths and medium-large rooms. It will provide your family with plenty of room for informal living in the Combination kitchen-family room which opens into the carport. The carport is shown for a single unit, but the roof could easily be extended to make a double carport. With the car or cars left In the driveway, this covered area will be ideal for outdoor activities. The central conditioning system-and the water heater should be located in an outside storage space for lawn equipment and other items. The formal living room maybe entered from either the foyer or the family room. The two bathrooms are designed back to back to save plumbing costs. The laundry equipment makes this location practical and most efficient. The main bathroom is compartmented to double its usefulness. The front compartment contains a wash bowl, dressing table and wheeled laundry cart, as well as two closets. Each of the three bedrooms is of a comfortable size and has extra large closets. If you would like to study this house plan, call or write the Hempstead County Extension Office and request Extension Plan No. 657606. Beat .Inside Fashion Story: On the "outside" of Bonnie and ;-. Clyde, Thea Van Runkle nominated for an Academy Award . for her interpretation of the "Dillinger Look" of the Fay Dunaway and Warren Beatty costumes. The way she recreated the "depression look" has swept the fashion scene. The Oscar should be hers. f NEW DELINQUENCY PATTERN: Probation officers re- riect new "cultural" directions. Ten years ago, youth "acted out tensions" by malicious mischief— burglary, car theft, etc. Today, narcotic and marijuana offenses are "No. 1." Theory is .that Young America is "interiorizing" their personalities. The fact that the PROPORTION of persons under 18 has increased in the past 10 years relates to the "interior" theory of youthful personalities. Patterns of girl, delinquents have not changed as dramatically as boys. Running away and sex delinquency still head the list of offenses. Parents are being involved in greater numbers in court hearings and courts are placing severe parent-child conflict cases in foster homes. Authorities of correctional institutions take a dim view of reports of the use of narcotics in/on their physical plants. Claim "convenient exaggeration." Assert that pills "are much larger contraband problem than marijuana because the latter can be easily detected." CREW BY DAY, HIPPIE BY NIGHT: Huge wig market — for boys.' Crew cut on school boys are "longies" ut night. Leading manufacturer claims sales of 3,000 a week. "Best seller" is a $30 job of acetate. The $70 "stretch" version is "Beatle length" and made of human hair. Suicide is No. 2 as cause of death among college students. Autos are No. 1. A common misconception is that young "talkers" of self- destruction are not likely to attempt it. Drugs such as amphetamines, L.S.D. and other hallucinogenic drugs break down natural inhibitions against suicide. Authorities in colleges watching the pot scene very closely. o.,,,,™^r, BREASTED TWEED: College men are turning SHARPLY toward double breasted tweed jackets. Fashion cats "personalize" with novelty buttons. Vents are long. Collar roil is high. Flap pockets complete the scene. LIFE FOR PUSHERS: New York state moves against persons who sell marijuana or narcotics to teens. Those convicted will receive life imprisonment if legislation now pending in Albany is approved by the state legislature. , Teen Credit Climbs; Credit cards on the rise. Major stores and gasoline companies not as leery of bad risk factor as they were two years ago. A major exception: Record clubs using "fan" type teen magazines to attract mail orders. The teeny hoppers are slow pay. Should not be confused with credit card buying. "GEMS" TO REMEMBER; Empires may come and go. The U.S. may win in Vietnam or just stay on and on, but the only thing that really goes on forever is the diamond — it actually lasts forever. Then too, every diamond lias already been around for millions of years. LIGHTS UP: As seen in eye clinic of Los Angeles County General Hospital and in private homes in too wonj/ places of lute — L.S.D. {rippers who "(urn on" under a sun lamp. They just stare into it or night by the hour in lieu of the real sun. Like L.S.D. function* in lieu of real life. Kl "' result? Incredible eye damage — burning of the retina. 'SS. One emergency treatment is to pour drops of ittc into the eye in order to stifle the sickening pain -that's when the (rip ends. Tto Work Week «to£ wa* week, b*i-a»e a standard grotto to He United Uun 8llcnc * r * usld^n S gunT was n w ! $t«tM in 1938, is «UU rare in fo lhe united States stopped mplt Otter b^triaJMcoun- w w, the passage O fa federal triiM, miny »f Whom Still ad- ^ ^uA* all s Ulcers to Mfj'i to $? 48-boMr work be |-e tf fctwe3 with the Treas Wftl- ur y Department. WPt (M») STAR, Printed By Offset A Glamorous Strawberry Pie Salutes Easter By 6AYNOR MADDOX —"~ ^ NEA Food Although fresh strawberries nowadays are available all year round (prices change, of course), the peak season is from April through June. That's make a glamorous fresh strawberry cheese pie a natural for the Spring-Easter festivities. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Served unadorned to be dipped in powdered sugar, they are always a welcome dish. Welcome, too, in many fruit cups, desserts and in jams. But for the gala Easter feast try this pie. STRAWBERRY CHEESE PIE 1 envelope unflavored gelatin % cup cold water 1 container (8-ounces) cottage cheese 1 package (8-ounces) cream cheese, softened '/4 cup milk 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice Fresh strawberry and cheese pie for Easter. Vz cup sugar % teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon light corn into bowl. Add cream cheese; 9-inch baked pastry shell syrup beat with electric mixer until Soften gelatin in cold water, well-blended. Gradually add Dissolve over boiling water; milk; beat well. Mix in lemon reserve. Sieve cottage cheese 1 pint strawberries, washed and hulled cup chopped pecans u i ce( sugar salt and dis . solved gelatin. Pour half of mixture into pastry shelf; chill 15 minutes. Reserve half of berries for top. Slice remaining berries and arrange over cheese layer in pastry shell. Sprinkle pecans over berries. Carefully pour remaining cheese mixture over berries. Chill about 1 hour or until set. Halve remaining berries and arrange in a double border on top. Brush berries with corn syrup. Chill until serving time. Makes one 9-inch pie. Ground Liver Makes Easily Into Patties Vary (ho weekly serving of liver by grinding, (hen shaping into patties which are wrapped in bacon. This liver serving is different because of the patty shape as well as the rice and herbs which are added, explains meat expert, Reba Staggs. Cooking time for the patties is short, 10 to 15 minutes. Any of the four varieties, beef, pork, lamb or veal liver, may be used for the recipe. Not only Thursday, April 11,1968 does liver provide first-class protein hut valuable iron and other minerals and vitamins, so essential to good nutrition. Livof Bneon Patties t !i pounds sliced liver 2 tablespoons lard or drippings 'i cup minced onion 1H cups cooked rice 2 eggs, beaten I'-j teaspoons salt ' i teaspoon pepper 'i teaspoon thyme 'i teaspoon marjoram 8 slices bacon 2 tablespoons lard or drippings Cook liver in 2 tablespoons lard or drippings until very lightly browned on each side, about 5 minutes. Grind liver. Combine ground liver, onion, rice, eggs and seasonings. Mix well. Shape into 8 patlies and wrap a slice of bacon around each. Brown patties on both sides in lard or drippings. Allow 10 to 115 minutes for cooking. 6 to 8 servings. CORN CROPPKRII.F.l) JOHANNESBURG (AP) Severe drought may cut South Africa's mui/e (corn) crop for this year to about half of last season's 10 million bajis, farm experts report. SAVINGS ARE GROWING IN RABBIT SUCCESSION AT KROGER'S Fully Cooked Butt Portion Ham LI, 49$ Fully Cooked Whole or Half Semi- Boneless Ham u>79t Mvhafer Brand Conned Ham 8 ct$5.99 Country Club Canned Ham 10 can $7.99 -n» Morrell Boneless S ows Chef Horn u,$1.29 SLfl Lamb Loin choice center fi £1 OO R!b *1 1A Alices you get WHOPS Lb. J I. J 7 Chops Lb.il. 17 when you buy a r lull shank hall him from Kroger. Country Style Slab Plus Top Value Stamps the Kroger extra that helps take the) pain out o! paying lor Easter gilts. ' X / V STORE HOURS: MONDAY THRU SATURDAY - 8 A.M. To 7 P.M. ^ Hams Prices effective through Saturday, April 13,1968, Sliced U.S.D.A. Choice Tenderay Boston Roll Roast Naturally tender Tenderay takes the guesswork out of buying beef. Sliced Bacon Lb 59< Canadian Bacon u$l.l9 Iron Skillet Pure ^^ S | iced Pork Sausage u.49t Pork Loins u,69* Oscar Mayw Sliced Bologna, Pickle Loal, Salami, Liver Loaf S plit Lunch Meat tr Fresh Frozen ij.S.D.A. Choice Tenderay Beef-Standing Baking Hens u,39$ Rib Roast u.89* Fresh U.S.D.A. Choice Tenderay Beef leg 0' Lamb Roast u,99{ Chuck Steak u,59< U.S.D.A. Grade 'A 1 10-14-lb. U.S.D.A. Choice Tenderay Beet—Shoulder Your Choke with coupon and $5.00 or larger additional purchase - r - •"• ""— " 4«-»7-iu. U.S.U.H. v/noice lenaeraj Broilers u.39( Turkeys Lb .39( Swbs Steak Shortening . Lb. 69* S srro C«n Q JJ' Ice Cream Kroger ^^M ^1^ *Dtf WINMQOO PUY1NG Sure-Thingo! *HO PURCHASE riECiSSARV TO PARTICIPATE. Get detail* fro* you Kroger (lira. Spotlight Bean or Kroger Vac-Pack Fofgers Spotlight Bean or Krog 49139 Lb-. .Can Salad Dressing KROGER QUART. JAR 4 1-lb. Pkgs. J you to buy your choici ONE POUND COFFEE FOLGERS 49$ SPOTLIGHT BEAN or -„. KROGER VAC-PACK 39C with thit coupon and $5.00 of ia'a.r additional pu'chol.. deluding tobacco. Good through Saluuay Alma Chopped Kratt Parkay Margarine Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 3 & $1 (Except Ham & Shrimp) Morton Dinners 2pkgs88t Mb. Avondale Crinkle Cut 4Loav°e z s88t FrenchFries5B Labg 89t Kroger Sandwich Buns or gj rds Eyfl * Wiener Rolls 4&:88t Cool Whip n ^ White or Buttermilk Mel-0-Soft Ap.il 13, 1768. zzzays Fabric Softener Downy ass—-»*«« g«ta 4is$i ?sas 'MS ~* *••««« Fruit Cocktail ." Kroger Bartlett Pear Halves 3 Home Pride Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Assorted Facial Puff Tissue Rainbo Sliced Hamburger Dills French Salad Mustard White or Cider 3 A; 88<J Kroger Vinegar This week's special: REVERE WARE Regular $6.50 Value . Roll 3 200-ct. Pkgs 49( Pt. £15* DISCOUNT PRICES ON •EALTH & BEAUTY AIDS Regular or Ha/d-to-Hold WHITE RAIN HAIR SPRAY 13-oz. Can Save 709 79 Regular 31, Size Pepsodenl— Save 6« Toothbrush Rejulat 65< Size Save 22« — TooUipaste P0p$o<ltnt Saje 10, — Blue Irylcrwm Regular {1.05 Sije Save 30, .6 V- Packers Label Cut Green Beans 8 Green Giant Niblets Corn 4 Pride of Illinois Cream Style Corn s..?fi°.w?n 4 Avondale Tomatoes 4 l ca« 88$ $1 Kroger Tomato Juice French Chili-0 Delicious Heinz Ketchup Cans J- Qt 14-c P> l-i * COOLRISE * CARlFREE STORE COUPON AIIH THIS ^— - — OtOKC UUUfOH Robin Hood Flour 5 lb. bag 39 Plain or Self-Rising * CAREFREE* CO coupon good ihfuujjn Saturday, April 13, 1968 AT YOUR KROCER STORE Quantity rights reserved. Copyright 1966, The Kroger Co. Utility All Purpose Red Potatoes *_CQQLRISE* CAREFREE* ta r C»M(it)ri—2T Corsages St. Au|ustint Gross Sod IIIIKS __ COUPON TOP VALUE STAMPS wit tklf (ivp** fffrf «ll || llt< l|*nil ll*l»4 100 Sltmpi «l|h i ptckaiti FROZEN lnn VEGETABLES ["] 1UU Sump. W ith 2 p*cfc»«i — Mb Krogtr ZIPS or Mb. KfO|tr Kiiutu or tn Homy GRAHAMS f] 9U Sdmpi with two lojvti _ Kn KI»|«I RYE BREAD I ] 8w SlMip» »ltti I p«ck»(ti ' KtOfii SHOWN n' SERVE ROLLS 01 BAKE n' , n SERVE BREAD f 1 OU SUmpj with 2 Ib. ctn Uif/ltnd Clut COFFEE I ) 9U SUmpi with Twin Pick Ptnn Chimp LIGHTER tn FLUID [' I BW SUmpi wild 2 pickiifi -, KrO|«i COCOAHUT . ... [""] tO SUtrpl W lih l-pl, 6 01. c«n Atmiuoni On« Sliu FLOOR WAX I" I SUmp. with 25 Ip. Sotln Hood Pl»ln 01 S«ll-RI|!n( .... FLOUR [ j Sl«npi »lir, i.p, un( | C|n ^ J M*/l«idCluti COFFEE ' IIP

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