Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 10, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1964
Page 14
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14 -Frfday, April 10,1964 Redlands Daily Facts POLICEMAN FINED HASTINGS, England (UPIK Police constable Douglas Passmore was fined S2.80 in court Thursday for passing red traffic lights with his motorcycle on his way to the scene of an accident. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 33387 Superior Court of the State of C«I1 foniia, for the County of S*a Bernardino. Estate of ALBERT r. AUSTIN. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GRTEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that aU persons havin( claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the cleric of the above "entiUed court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the offices of Russell Goodwin, Attorney at Law. 306 Esat State Street. Redlands. Caltfomta, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first pubUcaticn of this noUce. Dated April 10, 1964. ALBERT r. AUSTIN. Jr. Executor of the Will of the above named decedent RUSSELL GOODWIN. Attorney at Law, 306 East State Street, Redlands, CalifomU. Telephone: 7S3-4710. Attorney for Executor. (First publlcaUon: April 10, 1964) Sell No-L,nnger-Reeded Axtlda rsru Facu Classltled Ads CAU. PV 3-3221 TODAY THE TRIPLE-VALUE 1. Full-size comforf and convenience! 2. Full-size power and performance! 3. Compact economy and handling ease! TRADE NOW! Big Over-Allowances WeVe DEALING! A. C o 402 Orange ALMIND "43 Years In Redlands" 792-5211 TELEVISION IN REVIEW By BICK DD BBOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Winter is past, spring is here, and the crack of the bat will soon be heard in the land. The baseball season opens next week. It is a purifying and uplifting thought. But wait—there is a story of television and baseball which, though it may be only a faded rumor now, is still indi' cative enough to cause chills and back-stifiening among fans the national pastime. With large money at sUke, rumors can become facts faster than you can spell Bo Belinsky. The story originated thus: Not long ago, some baseball people let it be knott-n in influ ential places at the networks that they were unhappy at not getting loot equivalent to col lege and professional football for. the television of games. The money paid to football was fantastic. Golfers were cashing in too. As for baseball's major leagues, there was—and is-^o comparison. Their network games are broadcast on week ends, in the daytime, may be of no special consequence, and are not seen in major league towns, or in certain minor league cities where a game is in progress, or in some other areas either. At about the time the baseball people were expressing their displeasure, the rumor arose. It was said—and video sources have smce confirmed— that there was talk that at least one network might have been interested in broadcasting a game a wedc in prime night time, probably on Mondays. So far, all right. But there was, according to the sources, at least one catch that should in furiate fans: It was felt among the televi sion people that baseball, as now played, can be rather dull, and that the game aired might not be of razzmatazz interest, and the implication was that if baseball could only adjust itself by changing a bit for network video, things might have a bet­ ter chance of working out. Do not bet against the possibility of such adjustments, be cause money is money to the business people of sports, which is to say nearly everybody in the game. Yet the true baseball fan should be outraged and protest if such action comes about, for the never-ending au-| dacity of some television bucks ters knows no real concern for sport except as a commodity. To the real baseball fan, it is the beauty of the day-to-day action, often inconsequential, that makes for an oasts of needed innocence, and the cumulative effect that makes for the peak excitements. It is no commerce|free sport, admittedly, but it goes with apple pie and mother {—and should be protected even against its own owners. Th« Channel Swim: Multimillionaire Huntington Hartford is profiled by CBS-TV's "Chron iele" April 22 . . . Adiai Stevenson appears on ABC-TV's 'Issues and Answers" April 19 . . Cyril Pilchard portrays an eccentric writer on NBC-TV's "Dr. Kildare" May 7. ABC-TV's Patty Duke show cracked the top 10-rated programs, coming in ninth Ac tor James Daly subs for vaca tioning Hugh Downs on NBC- TV's "Today" April 14-30. Irene to wed Spanish prince in Rome THE HAGUE, Netherlands (UPI)—Defiant Princess Irene of The Netherlands plans to marry her Spanish fiance in Rome .before the end of the month, court sources said today. "The sources said they imdeT' stood that the Dutch government did not want Pope Paul VI to perform the.ceremony and had informed him that it would pose problems in. The Netherlands if he officiated. Irene, 24, and her fiance, Don Carlos de Bourbon Parma, 34- year-old son of the Carlist Pretender to the Spanish throne, visited the Pope on Monday but there had been no indication he planned to marry them. The Dutch government feels that a papal ceremony would not be favorably received in The Netherlands, which is about 60 per cent non -Catholic. Princess Irene's conversion to the Roman Catholic faith has already caused a major controversy in The Netherlands. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through aassified Ads. HELP RELIEVE BOREDOM ALDERSHOT, England (UPI) —Aldershot's town council has given permission to a launderette here to install a one-armed bandit to help bored house wives while away their time on washdays. 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Redlands Blvd. Ineerporattii 793-2141 Mysterious Answer to- Previous Pimie ACSOSS IBIadc 4 Hamlefi fetter 9 Witchcraft 12 CoUege cheer •13 Is bone 14 Limb ISSboshonean rntii?" 16 Angry ITPagode IB Christie's . female deteebVQ 20 Strain 22 Mouse gems 23Ulce manner 24 Watered EilkS 27 Swerved 31 False sod 32 Tint 34 Glacial snow 35 Hindu queen 36 Select 37 Sesame (var.) 38 Cut out 40Tolcen 42 Chaldean dly 43 Assembled 44 Undetectable 4Yo{me'alfflOO jfelij, 5 Engage ' ' SHaiem teoB 7 Hardens SAfzicanfly 9 Despise 10 Epochs 11 Noel 19 Haunts 21M;sted0llsny 24 Mud ZSRocktVUting genus 30Glen 46Jot 26^:—in the dark 33 Against grarity 47 Unless (Latin) 27Aniinaldodor» 39 Spring flower 48 Hindu month (coU.) 41Tur]dshinn 49 Pledge 28Penetiated 44SlighUy{mnsic> SORim again 45 Persian SSJoIcetoIdon 29 Madder genns tcntmalcer vaudcyille stage TfT 4S£iiuestnaS school , 51 Shoulder (comb: hf form) ' 52 Cheroot 54Root (ab.) 55 Witch's pet 56 Custom 57 Hen product 58 Mouth 59 Vision eoEnglish river DOWN J Cudcoopint genus 2 Rate (Latin) 3 Invisible charged particles HtJiE CLEARING THE Df(*^ Of Ail Our USED CARS 1958 OLDS, 88 4 Dr. Hardtop—Air conditioner, power steering and brakes, radio, heater, whitewall CftQR tires, etc. Exceptional value at ^OTS 1958 BUICK Limited Convertible — Air conditioner, full power, leather interior. 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CaU- fomia. hereby invites sealed proposals or bids for the fumisbing of aU Ubor, materials and equipment for the construction of sanitary sewers for the City of Redlands as more particularity and in detail described In the plans and specifications en­ tiUed. "Elizabeth Street Sewer" filed in the office of the City Engineer of the City of Redlands. California. Said Elizabeth Street sewer consists of Installation of main and materials Indicated on the plan: 1. Crescent Avenue —100 feet 3. Elizabeth Street —3716 feet. Each bid shall be In accordance with plans and specifications and other related contract documents on file with the said City Engineer, where they may be examined and copies thereof may be obtahied upon deposit of Ten Dollars ($10.00) per set. which will tie refunded in fuU amount to each bidder submitting a bona fide bid provided plans are returned to office where obtained within five (Si days alter award of contract. To plan holders not submitting • bid and on all extra sets of plans, the refund will be Five DoUars ((5.00) subject to their return as stated above. Said proposals or bids shall be delivered in a sealed envelope marked "Sealed proposal for the construction of "Elizabeth Street Sewer" to the City Qerk of said City on or before 10 o'clock ajn. on the 2Ist day of Aprfl, 1964, on which day and hour all proposals or bids will be opened by said City Council. Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to Section 1770 of the Labor Code of the SUte of CalifomU. the City CouncU of the City of Redlands. California has ascertained the general prevailing rate of hourly wages and rates for legal holidays and over- tinie work in the locality where this work is to be performed, for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute tlie contract which will be awarded to the successful bidder. The prevailing rates so determined by the City Council are set forth in Appendix "A" of the specifications and form a part of the Contract documents and are on file in the office of the City Engineer. It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the contract is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under him to pay not less ttian the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them in the execution of the contract. Bidders shall furnish a list of subcontractors, if any and their addresses as part of the bid. Before submitting bids, contractors shall be licensed la accordance with the provisions of Section 7000 through 71«S inclusive, of the Business and Professions Code of the SUte of California. Bid shall be made out on a form attached with the contract documents and shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or bid bond for not less than ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. made payable to the order of the City of Redlands. The above mentioned check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder wiU enter into the contract if awarded to him and will be declared forfeited If the successful bidder refuses to enter Into said contract within ten days, not including Sundays, after being notified to do so by the City Council of said City. Each bidder may be required to furnish a sworn statement of his financial responsibility, technical ability and experience liefore award is made to any particular bidder. The successful bidder will be required to furnish two acceptable surety bonds: one shall be in the amount of twenty-five per cent (25^) of the contract price and sliall guarantee faithful performance of the contract and insure the said city during the life of the contract and the other bond shall be in the amount of fifty per cent (50^) of the contract price and shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of California to secure payments of all claims for labor and materials used or consumed in the performance of the contract The right is reserved to waive defects and to accept or reject any or all bids or tmits thereof. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (301 days after the date set for the opening thereof. Dated: AprU 7, 1964. HAZEL M. SOPEH. City Clerk. City of RedUnds, California. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Mhiiroum 3 line*. 5 average words to the line. 33 letters and space*. Oo not abbreviate. ITime STlmcs STImes 2 Lines SIXO 11.32 12.40 3 Lines 1.00 IM 3J0 4 Lines 1.00 3.6« 4.80 5 Lines lis 3J0 6.00 6 Lilies IJO 3.96 7.20 7 Lines 1.75 4.62 &40 8 Lines 2.00 5J8 9.60 9 Lines 2JS IO.»o 10 Lines 2J5 6.60 •aXK Per Month by the line —$3M Commercial Bates on Request CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and Found Personals Special Notices Employment Wanted . Help Wanted . Schools-Instzuctloas _ Nurseries - Day Schools Room and Board For Rent . Wanted to Rent. Bargain Spot Business Services — Musical Instruments Real Estate Loans— Money to Loan- Money Wanted . Mortgages-Trust Deeds Bustaess Opportunities _ Income Property — Beach - Mountain Industrial Property Lou and Acreage Real EsUte Exchanges— Groves and Ranches Real Estate Wanted Commercial Property — Houses for Sale_ Mobile Homes-Trailers . I'rucks - Trailers Automotive Imported Cars _ 10 _ 13 _ 15 _ 22 _ S8 _ 40 _ 41 _ 42 _ 43 _ 44 _ 47 _ 48 _ 49 _ SO _ SI _ S2 _ 53 _ 54 _ S5 _ 58 _ 59 _ 60 _60A CANCELLATION CanceUatlons of private party ads may be made until 9 a.m. the day of publlcaUon. If made after 9 a.m., cancellation will bo made for the following day. . . Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type setting cost of 11.00. Employment Wanted etc. 796-0922. liable: by 792-2669. i Help Wanted CARPET ,^»i ™=.„/"5=«''"°'^'" salesman- _St?W^g80^ 0™>«« BABY sitter wanted w »^ir ^^^"%M^ PAINT salesman - clgrh" — salary?"^ o7i ^ir COUPLE to manage ^men Anart- 5^°HJ2 .-^""iP.^_ in e«hanS ?lSr WOJIEN lor day or^iJKT ^ »PPl? in person. B ^eTltor; Redlands Bivd. and Cnrr^SJ^.' WOMAii and Citrus Avenue, i've-in with elderly woman. J. o nursing care Pleasant surroundtass. Altemoonf and e^- WOMAN>llnister-Edn5?rS5HtrS55.- on: typing, mimeographmir Komm '^^S'^I- "^-"S qSartSs"™ jOshed if desired; moderate salary. ^^^"^ RrtlandsTor phone 796^)084 or 793-mij WANTEH: m^ experienwd in the service and tastallation of coolers and furnaces. Knowledge of sheet metal, carpentry or electrical work W"!- 1™.'"in 'he right ma* for this type of work. Interviews after 5 p.m. Ed Sampson. 1338 Wabash. Mentone. ' • wa ERRORS Where an error Is made on the part of the Redlands DaUy Facts, and the Facts is notified by 9 ajn. day following first insertion, correction will be made and the ad wlU be run properly one additional day. The Redlands DaUy Facts wtU not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. DEADLINES Private party ads —4:30 pjn. day preceding publication. Commercial Ads—3 day preceding publication. ABBREVIATIONS Readable and unoersundable ads promote greater results. The use of any except standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements is false economy, therefore -only Standard Abbreviations are authorized. NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBV GIVEN that an application has been filed with the County Planning Commission by Roger L. Doering. requesting a variance, pursuant to the provisions of C:ounty Ord. 678. said application seeking to CREATE SUBSTANDARD LOT witWn A-1-10 (Umited agriculture 10 acres minimum parcel size) zone on the following descrilied property: Ptn Wii SWn SE54 Sec. 32, TIS R3W SBB&M lying N. of R/W SOUTHERN PACfflC RR. Beg at NE cor sd parcel th S.4S7' parallel with E. U of sd parcel th W. 96' parallel with Beaumont Ave. th N.4S7' th E. 96' to POB. GENERALLY LOCATED SE COR BEAUMONT AVE (formerly Denman) i NEVADA W. REDLANDS AREA. NOTICE :S FURTHER GIVEN that the above matter has been set for public hearing Isefore the County Planning Commission on Thursday. April 23, 1964, at 10:15 a.m.. in the Planning Commission chambers, 316 Mt. View, San Bernardino. California: and any persons owning property affected by the proceedings may appear and be heard in support of or in opposition to said proposal at time of hearing. Dated this 8th day of April. 1964. SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION. Index No. 2G9/119 PHONE 793-3221 Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. SUte Phone 793-2368 1 Lost and Found FOUND — Transit complete with tripod; chain saw. Identify and pay for ad. 792-3472. FOUtlb —SmaU light brown female dog. Protrudtag lower teeth. Please claim, she needs owner, about to have puppies. 792-5424 or 793-2579. 3 Special Notices tVtiOLESALBi To • United Beauty & Barber Supplies IS W. SUte St 793-2758 4 Employment Wanted CARPCNl'idR, cabinet maker, small al- teratlons. repairs. Watfcins, 797-0596. PAINTING —A-1 workmanship, reasonable. '"Bob" DeWitt, 793-372Z ZEGERS Painting and Decorating, licensed and insured. Free estimates. 792-2661. NOTICE OF BEARING ON PETITION FOB PROBATE OF WILL AND FOE LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 33501 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the matter of the EsUte of JOHN WHEATON. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Veaulah Banks for the Probate of Will of John Wheaton the above named decedent and for the issuance of Letters TestamenUry thereon to Veaulah Banks petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, will he heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m., on AprU 17. 1964. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and sUte. Dated April 1. 1964. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Oerk. By Edith Campbell. Deputy Clerk. RUSSELL GOODWIN. Attorney for PetiUoner. (Fh^t PubUcaUon April 3, 1964) Woman Mature woman over 40 who has private Redlands Ime to do telephone work from her home 4 hours per day. Salary. No selling. Call TU 3-1157 between 9 and 3 9 Room and Board HOME atmosphere Tnd cootdnc Couples or singles. -92-;41s HOTEL CASA DEL REY Retirement hotel for senior citizens, home cooking, friendly atmostihere. 303 Nordina St. Redlands. 792-9068. 10 For Bent A-APARTMENTS 2 BEDROOM, modem, dean. Close in. 792-2416. r BEDROOM lumislied duplex. Water and disposal paid. 792-S554. PARTLV lumishea 3 room apartment. Redecorated. 793-5457. SROOM furnished apartment Adults. 533 Brookside. 3 ROOMS, furnished, 233 4th St. CaU at 20 W. Clark. GARDISM Apartments, iucaipawea. yiimlilied or unfurnished. .97-9265. - YHV OVliia6CKER'S RE-NTALS 627 Brookside Eves. ,92Mij20 2 B6DR06MS and family room, un- f .mbhed. S80. 792-8190. "ROOM lower, lumished, cariwrt Near market churches and bowl. No acts. S60. 519 W. Olive. bEoROOM, nicely lumisfied. Pool, yard care, water paid- 590. 792.6131 or 792-3360. "BEDROOM furnished apartments, $65 and *70 per month. No pets, no children. 792-3841. 454 F6URYH—Nicely lumished. lower, single, air conditioned. 792-6110 or 793-5135. ROOM furnished apartment. SS5. Very nice. Loma VisU Apartments. 205 W. Fern. COVELV unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment Air conditioned. Hardwood floors. 624 Pine. 792-1104. DELUXE 2 bedroom, carpets, drapes, built-in range and oven. Carport with extra storage. SIOO. 79^.6326. BEDROOM, unfurnished. No chij: You Can't Beat These Prices You Can't Tie 'em l -DOOB. 1951 DODGE 1957 DODGE SPECIAL SEE THESE CARS TODAY $349 • $249: «229: »349: '249: $229: '199 f ^99 w: •Van Dorin Motor Ccl WPERIAl - CHRYSUR - DODGE DART - DODGE TRUCKS | 1617 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2493 ; (HWY. W NEXT TO DANCERMONO'S NURSERY) ( CORONET 4-DOOR. Radio, healer, sntepiatio transmlsilon, power steerlnr. whitewall tires. 1956 DODGE CUSTOM ROYAL 4-OOOR. Radio, healer, ante- matlc transmission, power steering, power brakes, whitewall tires. 1956 DODGE COEON'ET 3-DOOB, Badlo. beater, snlomatle traasmlsslon, whitewall tires. 1957 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-DOOR BARDTOF. Radio, healer. anloRstio tranamlsslon, power steering, whitewall tUes, 1955 PLYMOUTH S-DOOB. Radio, healer, anlsmatle transmission. 1955 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON. Radio, heater, aalomalio transmissIsB. Needs seme work. drcn or pets. Newly decorated. ?75. 12415 Ridgewood Dr.. Yucaipa. NEW 2 tKdroom apartments, cooling, built-in range. disposaL Private patio, pullman bath. 590 a month. See manager. Apt C. 745 E. Brockton. 792-5755. FURNISHED APARTMENTS. weekU rates, 515 and up. monthly rates. $50 and up, utilities included. Children welcome. T92-758S. 1122 West Palm. Apt 3. . 2 BEDROOM unfurnished apartment, stove, 690 month. Heated swimmmg pool privileges and club house. 1316 Sylvan Blvd. See Manager Apt 7. 792-3955. SEW duplex apartments, furnished or unfurnished. See what we have to offer! ?85 and up. No children under 12. 1121 Beryl St. Mentone. 794-3411. 2 AND 3 room tumishea apartments, $50 up per month, weekly rates. Swimming pooL Shady trailer space, $20 up. Mission Motel & Trailer Park. Riway 99. 3 miles west of Redlands- COnASE-APARTMENT for the convenience of an apartment and the privacy of a home, see ROOSEVELT COURTS ?107 to $127 534 Roosevelt Road Apartment Homes 1 & 2 bedrooms with 1 & 2 baths. Private balcony or potio. Forced air heat. Dishwasher. Air conditioned. Built-in range, oven. Fully draped, carpeted. Sound proofed. Across from Sages. From $125.00 Cypress Terrace. 325 E. Cyprcsi ACROSS FROM SAGE-.<; 7M-X!79 Ted's Apartments New Completely Furnished 1 or 2 BEDROOMS Soundproofed, refrigerated air conditioning, heated pool, patio, auto- maUc laundry, storage in carport Gas and water included. 27385 W. Redlands Blvd. (Near Alabama) 793-3679 1954 FORD STATION WAGON. Kadio, heater. 1954 BUICK SPECIAL :-DOOR HARDTOP. Kadis, healer, aaia- raatlc transmissioB. Needs pahit 1953 CHRYSLER NEW TORKEB S-DOOR. Badie, healer. Plantation House Apartments » 2 BEDROOMS A Carpeting J ^ • BeWgerator J ™n«e « Refrigerative Cooling * Patio ^ Recreation Room 8^ ^SS' Apartment Living" 850 W. Stote Manager. Apt t Terrace Garden Apartments A 5 Unfurnished • z oeorooma ^ Private patios • 5'°** Fenced ± Carpebng ^ Air-conditioning • f ^ pool • Drapes 1 story ^ Spacious rooms • 1200 sq. ft • $125 month Laundry facilities. Pets allowed. Mgr. iTo. 3 142 THE TEBHACT:. REDLANDS 920-930 Stillman Ave. _ . if.*** PI^M to Live PATIO PARTMENTS 2 bedrooms, built-ins, air conditioned, carpetedjlarge private covered patio^ Extra storage rooms. Near U. of R.. Sylvan Park, scliools. Quiet area. $125 nionth. East on Colton to Chapel St, turn right to Stillman, theiright Manager, Apartment H. Devel-A-con, Inc. 338 Brookside 793-2518 Parle Terrace Deluxe Apartments • 20 x 40 POOL ins. • Befrigerator. * Park-hk» srounds. • Garages. • Storage area. •Laundry room. • 2 bedrooms. XVi bath. • Adults. • No pets. • $m.$i3s on lease. Manager. Apt 7, 792-3724 1324 Stillman Ave. Near U. of R., East on Colton to Grove, south I block to Stillman. OPEN DAILY

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