Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1928
Page 7
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*.nr! one :- i tot frf?fm«h!p with O«d tb*» f J#su«i Christ, hi* son. »n4 ftlwlhPr SLR chiMrPTi, ff\nt of th* hPftrsnly « eotrtSnoeiri, 7 'ln ordp? to of the eW!<Jr*n of O«H!,. mwst b* bom MmSn, spirHunlJy born klnfttern of Orel" for his text ttvs first rnsr>- f«f of 1 John: 1-fl, bs Vfrj> clearly stated that e spiritually m<n'rt«d person m«st ws?k In spiritual Hght." for Ond Is light orra must love mwl hi* felJowman. for Ood !s Th« Hfe nJ the Christian mmst rJthtou* beeaiiss Ood is rtchl^r nsui, He must judge rpIriUml petSenee by God's idea of right sm vroMir, not man's. The «jreng*Ifrt raid, "The t!»n must brnr the badge of love or th« world *H! trot have confidence in his church or profession The greatest test of spirituality 1 ths test of holiness of Iteart find Jiff." Th*r» will be cervices? <onlght, ant on Sundity morning an<j Kmtifrttrt Brmndfeliner will at all • these wrvlces. Hia for Sunday rjlfht win bo "Signs o Th® Times, or the Near Return o the lord." Sunday school nt 9:30 n, m , sermon at 10:30 a. ,•«., F. L. c E. 6:4S p, m., »nd the evening Mir vice at 7:30 p. m. The cervices wil continue all next wrek. rtf ju^pv^ s«mr>fty rrm «**.«! st fit. Msrr' fh'J-rb Till ht> p,'. foilrmre: fi:Sfl *. rs, % a. m. nnd in n. m. Itoly every P«n.1«>- from 3:50 to 3 -30 m. Wp*k-<1ay 5s-rvj<^. 7 R. m. Oon- frnm 3 n'rlwh on, ftnd on th« of f-ll hniv dp.ys, «.lso on Ih? <!ay pf'Tnoon before the first Pri dny of rach month. CHURCH SERVICES (?, _, WEST STERLING MISSION Orlswold avenue. Sunday school at 3:30 p. m. Regular Sunday eve- nlng services nt 7:30. A cordial welcome to all. FIRST BAPTIST Opposite Central park. Sunday r.chool at 0:30 n. m. Morning worship at 10:45. B. Y. P. u. nnci C. W, C. at 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30. GOSPEL TABERNACLE 306 Fifth avenue. Bible school nt 9:30 a. m. Sunday preaching services at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Evangelist Win. Herbig will preach at these eervices. The public invited. GRACE EPISCOPAL Rev. R, c. Talbot, rector. Eighteenth Sunday alter Trinity. Holy communion. 8:00 a. m. Church school, 9:45 a. m. Holy communion »nd sermon, 10:45 a. a. All are cordially Invited. CHRISTIAN Second avenue and Sixth street. James Q, Moore, paster. Worship and communion nt 10:45 a. m.- sermon subject, "The Water of Life." Evening service at 7:30; sermon sub- J««t, "The Conversion of Palfl." Bible school at 9:46. Christian Endeavor at 8:30 p, m. You are cordially invited to these services. ^^ Chester M. Irwln, 9,-30 a. m,. Bible school <l«M Stmday IS?, present., $+0 col!«;t4on for Porto RU can home ntlssjort relief). 10:45 ». m., comrnanton wrvtee. RWplten of new members, Infant baptism. ©:SO P. m., Christian Endeavor. Wednet- day. 6:15, church night, b*finning with a picnic supper and at 7 o'clock Prof. E. T. Austin, superintendent of the Sterling high school, will jrlve n Rterwpticon lecture on "Religious Architecture." CONOREOATIOHAL Corner Second avenue and Fourth street. Sunday school at 8:4ft a, m. in three Assemblies, Church service at 10:45 «, m. with address by Rev. Carl A. Qlover. The increment of the Lord's Supper will bo administered during the morning worship. Mary and Martha class meet around the new fire-place on Monday eve- nitiR; picnic mipper. Btereopticon lecture at 7:30 Thursday evening on "English Shrines," The Congregational church extends a cordial welcome lo all to 1U work and worship AIMKC "AT THE BRINK OF HEIJL"—"Tblo Is the wrr brfj|» hell," said Aimee Sample Mr-PIin-son, Lo* A DP?!** pvantrHtst", alter had vt«sit*d ftome of the famous resorts of rarR Here nrc Almfra the taxicab in which ,-hr tourrd the rlty. 'drunk and disorderly" on Uir police blotter were in reality of wife-bffttlnR nnd that iher*> meeting after the morning service. Prayer meeting »t 7:30 Wednesday evening. Clwir rrhearsa! Thursday ,...,...,„. .,.,v.-./ t r,m, s „,,,, n mv night. Miwslonary roily nnd imtl-! were more of such crimes in »..j lufe at Elkhorn Wednesday nfler-lone year under the wet period than noon and evening;. j florins? ihr entire past ten ye*r» — — • Jii'-firr«! of (}je prnre will CHURCH OP THE BRKTimEN j whether or not I am right. 61B 8i?:th avenue, s. S. Bknieb,! in rlo--ln« allow me to say this; pastor. Sunday is the dav for reujOnvemor Al Smith stnnds. I take It, nnd worship. May it he time, but. for nn exaitReraled locnl option- may part of it be hept for worship, state option as it were. lows might Sunday school at, 10 n. m. This tr, | RO dry nnd Illinois wet. or vice vcr- tiie _0rat Sunday of a new yrsu inJRa. How did local option worfc out in the past? I hnve but to rail nt tent Ion to the report of the of for the yesr ROCK PALL8 CHRISTIAN Harry E. Shlffer, pastor; phone 1309-,!; 609 Third utrenue. Bibtc Bchool at 0:45, followed by the Lord's Supper, nnd preaching^ theme, "The Way." Young people's meeting at 0:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m ; theme. "None other Salvation." The every member canvass of the church will be held this Lord's day afternoon, beginning at 1:30. Basket dinner at noon. Midweek prayer meeting Thursday evening. 7:30, at the home of H. L. Shlffer, 217 Fourth, avenue. A welcome for all.- R. F. CONGREGATIONAL Frank P. Fitch, D. D_ minister. Why go to church? Because the church Is the miiiitiMt; eaeney on earth for human help and betterment. Sunday la "Communion day." The aftcrament of the Lord's Supper FIR8T CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST Church edifice, 503 Plritt avenue, fitorUng. Sunday morning service, 10:45; subject, "Unreality." Wednesday testimonial meeting, 8 p. m. Sunday school, 8:43 a. m. In connection with the church edifice a free Christian Science reading room a maintained where the Bible and all Christian Science literature, Including the quarterly, may be read or borrowed. Room Is open dally 'xcept Sunday and holidays from 2 o 5 p. m. and Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9, FIRST UNITED BRETHREN j Harvey M. Bllnger, pastor. Church I school at 0:45. Samuel Howe, superintendent Morning worship at 10:48. "Saintly Men and Their Prayers." Junior Endeavor *t 10:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor at «:30 p. m. Miss Minnie McPherson. president. Gospel service at 7:80 p. m. A sermon to young people. Finance religious education. It is hoped Hint It Will be R rally tiny {or all who are connected with the work. Worship. ,.••..>._ , tlt mi: jt-m cnuiui houri. 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Chrw- April 30. 1917. which speaks for it tian Workers end young people's (Jo-: self. He say;,: pertinent at 8:45, At 11 a. m. the I "Tho number of arrests the past pastor will preach from the theme. • year for violation of city ordinances "Moving Forward in the Divine; and stale laws appears to have hi- Plan." Al 7:30 p. m. a special group i creased very much over the preccd- ol young people from Uw duirirt -I i"K year, e*p*c»»ily jn the direction young people's organization will pivc '"''"'•"* '•" the program. All arc welcome. Midweek service Thursday nt 7:30. FROMOURlEADERS (Continues] from r»Ec five) Martin of the locnl theaters and find out how such an arrangement would suit, nowadays. I claim that the drinking fountain at the corner of Third street and First avenue had a hollow top which unscrewed; the saloon keep- era used to take turns leaving a quart deposited in the hollow top at closing time so that the night policemen might have their nocturnal nip. • I claim that until the cities of Sterling and Dixon went dry at the same time no woman would ride the last Interurban car between the two towns because of the rowdyism and fighting. I claim that half of the cases lni>rJ(>d 'drunk and disorderly.' For HIP year ending May 1. 1917, the total is 75. This is caused largely by the 'barrel houses' operated in townships outside of sterling and there should be. I feel, some other method of punishing offenders of this kind Uy other than a fine, as a fine Kmns to have but little effect on parties who violate thla ordinance." etc., etc. Friend "Observer." I have here Kiven facts and figures which arc indisputable. Can you match them? If eo get busy and «arn a part of the ten dollars which The Gazette lias offered for such reports *«* Beautiful Bittersweet Tamplco. HI., Oct. 6.—(Special)— The very pretty decorations of bittersweet berries in the State bank are being very much admired. Like other autumn delights, bittersweet is unusually colorful this fall, but only the Initiated know where to find It VOTE for YOURSELF During the Presidential Campaign Use this JB ALLOT ^Supplied by the New York Life Insurance Company NEW YORK N. F. Vote for "FAlR-WEAT-ttER 1 ' (luring - m*L ernsm verware i You don't have to appreciate Modernistic art to adore this COMMUNITY H.ATB interpretation. For though its polished planes and its 'jeweled' handkd knives we the very essence of the aew art, they are the very heart of smart simplicity. Services that bring tomorrow to the table o* today! ... for g« Qf e %ht covers, $50 upwards B. A. GEHRING YOUJt JEWELS® Locust & Third Strmtt YOUR BIG VACATION By leaving your dividends to accumulate at Compound Interest, you can mature an Ordi- nar y Life, or a Limited Payment Life, Pol lev as an Old Age Endowment. If you took o«e now, which of the feUfmia* ftraoouts do you thiak you would select? Vote Here (Just check ihe amount) $2,500 D $10.000 6,000 Q 15,000 7,500 D 20,000 $25,000 Q After-checking the amount, ask our representative to explain how you can mature a low- premium policy as an Endowment. New York Life Insurance Co. "Strongest in the World" Lyle B. Wilcox, Representative 311 Ave, F Sterling Telephone Main 1717 0&|mb1« Supply Teacher rrophftsfown. Oct. «.— (Special) MrNftmar» Is nupply- Msfgff .'"'!"*. WlH iwintT. T. c:)«tk, ^ Fr! or _, ., ----- - ..... THE c:o: It tnf> ocif*.n w»r«> dried tip the _ to s ^ns:^ 0 S^! »"«"«* **^- «-'^->- a !»yfr M>e-inSl*» thick. ^ Jis con\P**s Those Old Tires Better drive in now and let us repair and vulcanize those tires in preparation for the cooler driving days. We are fully equipped to handle all kinds of repairs. Every job is guaranteed and our prices will please every motorist. WE SELL FISK TIRES Hankenson's Tire Shop * Open Evenings and Sundays ill Locust St. Tele. 33$ Besides having one of the most modern battery and electric service departments in this part of the state, we have specially trained help to render most any service you might ask for. . Let us check your wiring, test the battery, change oil and clean out the old grease before cold weather. It's cheaper to do it now. CAR WASHING-GREASING Best Garage LLEWELLYN & SCOTT, 8-8 West Fifth St^ Sterling *—can best be determined when you compare price -with quality.-When youbuy paint here, remember that you are not only getting the advantage of price but that you are buying quality as •*•» - *"" »•* *'i well. and protect your buildings from the destructive weather that as to come. You may feel assured that the paint material purchased from us is the highest quality obtainable and at prices that are right. Pure Linseed Oil .-.,,,.,,.,,$LOO per gallon' (5 gals, or more) Pure White Lead .......... $13.75 per hundred (100 tt>. kegs) Pure Spirits Turpentine $1.25 per gallon S W P (Sherwin-Williams Paint Prepared) $3 J0 per gallon (5 gals, or "more)"" S-W Barn Red $1.59 per gallon (6 gals, or more) Hendricks Drug Co. 1

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