Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 11, 1968 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1968
Page 13
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Schedule HOP! « STAR, mittd fty Offset Court Docket There 1$ Magic in Communications Thursday, April 11, APRIL • fltt SeCCJNb HuUfi&fiD $65 (e&m) MS «wnw m |7f30 (COLOR) BEWITCHED f?06 (COLOR) THAT OStt PEYTON PLACE '•>•:."• ABC SPECIAL "One More Tift*» (COLOR) l> H?l00 (COLOR) (COLOR) (C010R) IZtOOM *j ' fRffl/f.,.. AraiL i TBi O'CLOCK REPORT THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF 1 ,-6!/,5 AT. TEST PATTEftN ,7:00 (COLCR) BOZO'S SIO TOP SHOW •8! 30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "My Own True Love" Phyllis Calvert IfljOO (CCtOR) THIS MORNING lijOO .BEWITCHED il!30 (OOLOR) TREASURE ISLE 12!oo (COLOR) DREAM HOUSE 12s30 ,(COLCR) • WEDDING PARTY 1800 (COLOR) NEWLtWED GAME 1:30 (COLOR) THE BABY GAME Is55 (COLOR) CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2s00 (COLOR) GENERAL HOSPITAL f 2:30 (COLOR)' DARK SHADOWS 3s 00 (COLOR) DATING GAME :-3s30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Lets Face It" Bob Hope, Betty Mutter 1 5:00 (COLOR) . ABC NEWS 5s30 (COLOR) 5--30 REPORT 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6'. 30 (COLOR) OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD 7:30 (COLOR) OPERATION ENTERTA3MMENT 8:30 (COLOR) THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT »9:00 (COLOR) JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE 10:00 (COLOR) TEN,O'CLOCK REPORT '10:30 THE BIG MOVIE "California" Ray Milland, Barbara Stanwyck 12:00 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF KAR 1:30 AM Thursday } April 11 6:30 Comedy is King NBC (C) 7:30 Chrysler Presents Bob Hope 8:30 Dragnet NBC (C) 9:00 The Dean Martin Show NBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign <OJ;f Fridey, April 12, 1968 45 55 00 25 30 00 25 30 00 25 9:3Q 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:30 I; 00 1?30 2:00 2:30 3:00 A: 30 5:00 5s 30 00 30 30 30 9:00 10:00 iOiiS 1G;30 12:00 RFD vith Bob Buice (C) Morning Dovotions (C) The Today ghov) NBC (C) Arkansas News and Weather (C) The Today Show NBC (C) The Today Show NBC (C) Arkansas News and Weather (C) The Today Show NBC (C) Snap Judgement NBC (C) Nancy Dickerson with the News Concentration "NBC (C) Personality NBC (C) Tho Hollywood Squares NBC (C) Jeopardy NBC (C) Eye Guess NBC (C) Edwin Newman with the News NBC Little Rod: Today (C) Lot's MaUo A Deal NBC (C) Days of Our Lives NBC (C) The Doctors NBC (C) Another World NBC (C) YPU Don't Say NBC (C) The Hike Douglas Show (C) X Love L»ev f Troop Hunt Icy : >'nit ley Report W'>C News and . oathcr Report (C) Tarasan N? C (C) Star Trek NBC (C) Tho Hollywood Squares V 'PC (C) Huntley Brinkley Special "The American Aleoliolic" Kewn ana iVefither (C) Lonnie GiUbonn Sports Snow The Tonifiht Show NBC Sign Off ?M CQMBP* * 8 KING - C " «tlO »|00 10*00 2ft AM MORNING 6t4S It Of) 7s 25 8t2S §S30 $860 9 8 25 9»36 16 »00 lOJjJO llspd 11830 12100 12t30 1»00 1«30 2iOO 2t30 3 »00 3t25 4 i 30 5:00 5t30 6 $00 6! 30 7:30 8 8 30 9800 10s 00 I0s30 12s 00 FARM blGES? - C fd&AY SHOW - C fODAY IN fEXARKANA - C fODAV SHOW * d fODAV IN SHftEVEfOftf - Q TODAY SHOW - d SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - c PERSONALITY - c HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLtNE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OP OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAPPALOT CLUB - C HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - C MARSHALL DILLON - BfrW HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE * (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C TARZAN - C STAR TREK - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY SPECIAL - NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS; - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV THURSDAY. APRIL 11 ' 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 11:00 Second Hundred Years - ABC (C ( The Flyinft Nun - ABC (C) Bewitched - ABC (C) That Girl - ABC (C) Peyton Place - ABC (C) "One More Time" - ABC SPECIAL Arkansas News and Weather - (C) World News - (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Arkansas Sportsman, Jerry McKlnnis Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) FRIDAY. APRIL 12 7:30 Bozo's Big Too Comics 8:30 The Fugitive - ABC 9:30 Thts Mornine - ABC (C) 11:00 Bewitched - ABC 11:30 Treasure Isle - ABC (C) 12:00 The Noon Show - Live (C) 1:00 Newlywed name - ABC (C) 1:30 The.Baby Game - ABC (C) 1:55 The Children's Doctor - ABC 2:00 General Hosnital - ABC (C) 2:30 Dark Shadows - ABC (C) 3:00 Datina Game - ABC (C) 3:30 Bozo's Bii? Top Comics - Live 5:00 Bob Young News - ABC (C) 5:30 Truth or Consequences - (C) 6:00 Arkansas News and Weather 6:15 World News (<:) 6:20 Bud Campbell Snorts (C) 6:30 Off To See The Wizard - ABC (C) 7:30 Operation: Entertainment - ABC (C) 8:30 Guns of Will Sonnett - ABC (C) 9:00 Judd for the Defense - ABC (C) 10:00 Arkansas News and Weather - (C) 10:15 World News (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 10:30 The Late Show - "HOME BEFORE DARK" Jean Simmons, Phonda Fleming KSLA-TVGI2 THURSDAY APRIL 11 6i30 Clmarron Strip SsOO CBS-Thursday Night Movie "Kings Of The Sim," Yul Brynner, George Chakiris 10s00 News/Erwin 10:25 Weather/Griffin 10s30 The Late Movie "Thunder Over The Plains," Randolph Scott, Phyllis Kirk 12800 Weather/Vespers FRIDAY APRIL 12 - c 6125 Economics (Mon-Thur) 6»25 Across The Fence (Frl) 6|55 Your Pastor 7»05 CBS News/Benti 7:30 Bob & His Buddies 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9i00 Candid Camera 9?30 Beverly Hillbillies 10}00 Andy Of Mayberry 10 ? 30 Dick Van Dyke Uj00 Love Of Life U»30 Search For Tomorrow il»45 Guiding Light 12i00 News/Owen 12»30 As The World Turns It00 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 1*30 House Party 2»00 To Tell The Truth 2!25 CBS News/Edwards 2i30 Edge Of Night 3tOO Secret Storm 3:30 Cilligan's Island 4i00 Rawhide 5i00 McHale's Navy 5«30 CBS News/Cronkite 6500 News/Owen 6i25 Ueather/Bolton t-.;.'iO Wild, Wild West 7j30 Goner P;, le, USMC d;00 CBS Fri'-.ay Nighi Movio "Joan Of Arc," In>,riU Bergman, Jose Ferret 10;00 News/Erwin I0s25 Weather/Griffin 10:30 The Lace M9vit "Tht Silver Chalic*.'," Paul Nt'w«nan, Virginia Mayo 12:00 Weather/Vespers .CITY DOCKET Thomas Carter, Eayfield Lind* •sey, David C, Mulllns, Ho sea Taylor, John Henry Pugh, Billy Woods, Drunkenness, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond, Billy Woods, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $16.50; fine and costs suspended on good behavior. Kelly Light, Drunkenness, Plea of not guilty; tried, found not guilty, Paul Foster, William A. Webster, No driver's license, Forfeited $11,50 cash bond, John Brasher, Robert Vernon Cox, Herman Frierson, No driver's license, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond, John Brasher, Norman Ranee Gill, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty; fined $106.50 and 1 day in jail. Bonnie Junior Harris, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $356.50, 15 days in jail; driver's license suspended for 1 year. Bill H. Bishop, Ronald C. Walker, Dillon Wheelington, Speeding, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Dillon Wheelington, Running stop sign, Forfeited $11.50 cash bond. Earnest Charles Jones, Disturbing the peace, Tried on plea not guilty; found guilty, fined $31.50. Charles Ross, Billy Woods, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Billy Woods, Resisting arrest, Plea guilty, fined $56.50. Earnest Charles Jones, Assault and battery, Tried on plea of not guilty; found guilty; fined $56.50. Junior Lee Reed, Carrying concealed weapon, Plea guilty, fined $56.50. Jenny Light, Drinking in public, Plea not guilty; tried, found guilty, fined $16.50; fine and cost suspended. Charles Richardson, Driving without owner's consent, Dismissed at cost of prosecuting witness. Terrell Wayne Adams, William A. Webster, Reckless driving, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Arthur Jean Jackson, Arthur Jean Jackson, Shop lifting, Plea guilty, fined $31.50. F. L. Womack, Permitting unlicensed driver to drive vehicle, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Raymond Aaron, Failure to pay parking tickets, Fined $7.50 parking tickets paid. Charlie Graham, Possession of taxed intoxicating liquor and beer for sale, Plea guilty; fined $106.50. Charlie Graham, Possession of over legal amount of taxed beer, Plea guilty; fined $106.50. STATE DOCKET Paul Mosier, George Thomas Woods, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $31.15. Otis D. Johnson, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $136.15 and 1 day in jail. William G. Jones, Speeding, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. William R. Vanscoy, Improper passing, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Sarah N. Schobey, Passing stopped school bus, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Allied Van Lines, Riding with 4 persons in cab, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Gordon Butler, Drinking intoxicating liquor on highway, Forfeited $31,15 cash bond. Billy D, Gray, Drinkingon highway, Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. Faye Burns, Possessing beer tor sale, Tried; found guilty, fined $86.15; notice of appeal. F. Banda, Foster Brewer, Continental Produce, Virgil Cox, Odell Grooms, Henderson Mfg, Co., Overweight, Forfeited FAMILYi LAWYER Bequeathing Your Body Since time immemorht!, men have been making bequests of their money or other worldly possessions. Hut suddenly, just within the past few years, a new kind of bequest has come into being. Today a person can bequeath not only his wealth but also various parts of his own body. This has become possible because of a series of scientific breakthroughs. Doctors are now able to transplant, from the dead lo the living, everything from eyes to kidneys, from skin to bones. One result of this development has been to focus attention on the unusual legal problems that are involved. Offhand it might seem that it $46.15 cash bond. CIVIL DOCKET E. L. White dba White Motor Co. vs Johnny Abney, T. 0. Porter Implement Co., Garnishee, Action on account for $210.37, Dismissed with prejudice. should be just as easy, legally, to donate one's body after death as to donate one's blood during life. But there is a stumbling block. In mailers of burial, the law has traditionally given consideration not only to the wishes of the deceased but also to the wishes of his surviving family. And even though Ihe deceased may have wanted to donate all or part of his body, the widow or other relatives might well feel differently about it. In many stales, relatives do have a legal right lo say no. The doctor who defies them, removing organs or tissue without (heir consent, may be exposing himself lo a damage suit—and perhaps criminal liability loo. for tampering with a dead body. Fven if i he rights of relatives are in doubt, the mere delay caused by a dispute may make Ihe whole question academic. For ihe Irans- plantation of most bodily parts must be done swiftly, within minutes of dealh. lo be successful. To clear away these difficulties, a special committee has gone to work under the auspices of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform Slate Laws. It is drawing up a model statute, to be recommended for adoption by the various slate legislatures. The committee is seeking to insure, to every person willing lo be a donor, that his wishes will be carried out. It is seeking lo devise a modem mechanism for a new kind of gift—and lo transplant it into the- body of the law PICTURE PHONE PAIR— Southwestern Bell Science Demonstrator Curt Johnston pretends to talk to his wife over a simulated Touch-Tone Picturephorie set as part of his new program, "The Magic of Communications." Is there any rnagic about the telephone? The Lions Club and the Hope Junior High students in Hope will find out what effects magic lias had on the telephone system when Curt Johnston, science demonstrator of Southwestern Bell in Arkansas, presents his all-new show, "The Magic of Communications," at the Town & Country Restaurant April 15 at 12 noon for the Lions Club and April 17 at 2:30 p.m. at the Hope High School Auditorium for the Junior High school students. While neither Harry Houdini nor the Great Blackstone ever produced anything for the Bell Telephone Laboratories, their touches will bo present in Jolms- ton's show. With the help of magic tricks, humor, and electronic equipment, Johnston will demonstrate how the different kinds of telephones, ttioir colors, and working parts and principles have boon researched and developed through the years by Bell scientists and engineers, always working with the customer In mind. Joiinston, a graduate of the University of Arkansas, has been V'l BOKIN(i SPOUT, but ice iiKhiug is popular in Finland. II Lake Keitele during uiuiuui coolest arc some of 1,700 anglers who drilled holes iu Ice of demonstrating new communications developments for Southwestern Bell for several years and all over the state. Though he knows his business, the new show has taxed his abilities. "This year I had to become a magician— something I had never even tried before," said Johnston. "It's no easy trick, either — completely different from anything I've ever done in my previous shows—and it required weeks of practice." Joiinston will show how thorough research, careful planning and hard work— all aimed at improved service for telephone users— have contributed to nearly every phase of telecommunications progress and expansion. "There's nothing magic about Southwestern Bell and the Bell System, but the wonders of communications lend themselves very well to magic demonstrations," said Joiinston. The program was arranged for the groups by Manager Joe Mahan of Southwestern Bell, 3 Women Rob a Bank, Maybe LOS ANGELES (AP) Three womon—or were they?— robbed a Bank of America branch in Highland Park of $3,713. After talkijig with clerks, police said at least two of the bandits were men in woman's clothing and heavy makeup. Tho woman who covered the getaway from the lobby Tuesday apittreiuly was the real tiling, investigators said. Symphony in Tribute BO/J'ON CAP) - The Bo,top. •Syui/iony Orchestra and 2,GOO concert iwtrons bowed their heals and stood .silent for one minute Tuesday at the conclusion of u section in tribute to Dr. Martin hither King Jr. Northwestern Starts Drills KVAN.STON, 111. (AP) - Northwestern's spring football drills start Thursday with a squad of 80 candidates. Mcmkato State Names Director MANKATO, MJju). (AP) _. Dr. Richard 1). Koppenliuver was appointed director of utiilut- ics at MuiJalu Stuto College Tuesday.

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