Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1928
Page 5
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rj.§?, »f ft f .f -f f ff-e , §30 la m ?n** istrs? of "*•<-• 'Th<t of n^'-'^v nr* fh*l T'nt.hT r(mi!a.r {-SB* In M».TT HPT Msr" F f' PS % Tb» Oftft HWTY*« of fWto »r* folng ?« M.rr? tb* *»f tl» Girl Be»<-n« d*p»rt- h«teser?*9 this *s»r, *itb*mt, (M*tabn«* fmm th* T, w. c. Ttae? HUT* p?i«dir«1 1*0 .froro trtajst!»<«i and olntw, STV! h»*t tlSO *rm<< rAlmn! by the Girl nerves from «t wh!rh toother will b* jatf. to n»e them through. Ml-w Jtcrtti JUwteWng, secretary of the Y. W, O. A., and th* board members *PiP»el«t» wh*t the Rirh have done, *ed WTi lastly proud of them. . *Th* part frw week's thp Ohl Reserve tri»ngl»s haw organised them~ eelvps for the new year and officers s« follows: Wallace school: president. Fka-- »W5« 81ms; vk« president, Knthryn I*tt»; secretary, June Risndbenf: Dorothf Manneld; nong *rt« Jtommers, nnrf rhp?r Alice Folfiom *nd Nollya Merrin school eighth triangle pr*s!d«nt, M*dora Wlllott; 'vice president, Florence Walker; secreta So* OetWe; treasurer, Melburta KoB>; sons leader, Ruth Mac Len- jmn, and cheer leaders. Joy Sheldon *»d Dorothy Lane. Merrill schoo 8*wsnth triangle: president, Doris Kotb; vice-prcsldent, Leita Comp- Becretary Helen Poc!: tres-uir . / HiiSJ 'CmraT cong leader, Cliar- tetta Honk and cheer leader, Helen Walton. Central school seventh triangle- president, Aileen Harshman; vice- president, Bevei-ly Ruth; secretary Betty GOsIierl; treasurer, Barbara Kendricka, Central (school ciRhth triangle; president. Miriam Dyson; vloo president, Betty Btoddard; secretary. Lois Hartley and treasurer Lucille Broers, Tha Wangles arc meeting weekly with their advisers, and have some fine programs scheduled for the jear. SOCIAL AFFAIRS An enjoyable "500" party was sponsored by the degree staff of the Sterling Rebckah lodge Thursday evening In the I. o. O. P. hall, It being the first party of the season. In spite of the storm there waa a largo crowd present to participate la the card games, nigh prizes were claimed by Mrs. William Kraft and K. E. Crimea, and the low prizes went to Mrs. LeRoy Hendricks and Alec Reed. Refreshments were •erved by a committee. New Arrivals .Born, to Mr. and Mrs. AU»rt welding, at the Sterling public hoa- 1 " Thursday, a son. Mrs. Harley FTemming of DeKalb , S the guest of Mrs. Al Maynard /over the week-end. f -IBs: Tn fhatikinR you for pn!>H*hJn my t*r»n?, letter ww»IT!ne old MOM* in SfTlinir. rm.j I mot »t thte Mm *lso esf<-n<l my hwnrtfclt thanks fc the nroplp, who in my pT^s^ M th» wltw of my rrwd, th» edliwr of Th» onrit!« Stflnm, city Scott W!Il!8.rns, two prom!nent *n r^rwiWteftns snti mimertmn oth p«rsom. all with mors »bility Hw writer. It In » cowjplim«n to me to bn cl*s»?d with any of ttw> . I doobtt howsver, If any o them except, pmsSbly, Mr, Williams has thw intimate knowlcds» of rm« conditions possessed by the writer Now com**? Rnother writer to The Oasette ssndsr the nom d« plume o er." This penttenmn at tempts to compare present omdl tions wllh thww of the past. No one, not even as ardent a dry *w you, Mr. drandon, will Ri-gtre thu present, conditions are perfect. Tha they are, however, an Improvemen o%'er the good old days so longingly desired by the writer of the anonymous screed end his fellow dtec!- ples of Al Smith any unbiased observer must, and will, admit. Failing to prove h!,i point the writer turns to the time-worn subterfuge of trying to work np sympathy for his cause by baiting and abusing the editor of The Gazette. Bunk! The politicians have been working that trick ever since Martha Washington was a school girl. It's so sold that we of the O.OP. have long since abandoned it for mom lucrative methods. Admitting that The Gazette Is not always right politically for the simple reason that Its editor Is human, it Is generally right because the public Is seldom fooled en masse and It Is the job of The Gazette to cater to the public. "Observer" his argument and gloatingly holds up to the public the shivering skeleton of The Gazette by sagely hotriine that you, Mr. Grandon, are operating your paper for iroflt. Betrayed) What a wonder- 'ul brain Observer must possess to make such a statement Heretofore everybody was of the opinion that you were printing your paper lor pleasure. Oh cruel, cruel world! •Observer" states generalities. Surely there must be some facts, jet's dig some of them up and sec f "Observer" and his fellow Jeffer- sonlans have the nerve to answer them. If I am not mistaken, J. w. McDonald wa mayor of Sterling root about ISM to 1913. John Hague* was his chief of police and Judge C. E. Sheldon was Us city ittorney. Several of our democrat- c brethren were membera of tha city council. There were seventeen -arhrn Mayor McDonald want t,h*> I also ho'<d that. Mayor Ohl*f ItaffJriek fo c:1f»«n up the «! of tsFWitfhitiftTj whtch fhnif claim that the w-ord? *HI show that f-h« chief of police rioted fmir mreh pl«r«><t. Tn ons of thfrm, over what is now the Aresds laundry, eisrhf. girl* wpre found. Another vns located in at««rir*r allpy «mi fotir wom^n wprp found therein. Thp*:« twelVB wom«?n, t-oK?lher with th?ir ml8tr*sscs, hangers-on, etc., made ft total of e!ght«n persons who were m*klnR a living from prostitution at t.T)*t timp. 1 have- not t!ie rec- wdf! of the two other places closed by the administration but there certainly must hnvp. bfi»n at least one woman in e«ch. Total, twenty persons of which at least fourteen were women who lived by paid prostitution. Can "Observer" Bhow such a record at present without the saloons? If so. let's have the name, locations and number of Inmates. Why keep everything to yourself? I hold that Lottie Houston operated one of the aforementioned placet!. Prior to that she had operated in the old Charter house on the site of the Wyne-I>avcr store She was arrested and tried before Judge Mitchell, I believe. During the trial "Papa" Houston became indignant because one of the witnesses cast reflections on the morality of his Rlfe;4w> took R swing at the witnesses and was fined fifty dollars for contempt of court. You nee. "Mama" Houston was supposed to be virtuous in Fpit.e of the life she led. A5 T r'cmc'hiber If, "Mayor McDonald had one of the cleanest administrations Sterling 1ms ever had He refused to tolerate vice and fur- .hermorc he made the saloons trot the straight and narrow path. I hold that there was more want ind suffering among women and children in any one winter during ,hc days of the saloons than there las been in all of the past ten win- era put together; I further hold hat in nearly every case it was ound that drink on the part of the lusband and father was the cause. The good women or'the Sterling Voman's Club through their philanthropic committee relieved a arge number of these cases; I am ertaln that the then chairman of the philanthropic committee will icar me out In my statements. I -all to the specific attention of the adles one case over a West Third treet saloon where the husband pent all of his earnings for liquor, leaving his wife and four little chil- now ^«r ! r?« i r. Tn thin l»tfpr rost others. I.-ft's hr-ar from "Ol on this, T hold th*t CorbnT Five's undent rr^ord*; win show thnt tbWe wr-re "«it Jr^ct t-nn deaths a yrnr rnnsrd by drink, directly or indirectly, Sn Whlt^side rotmty. T rernll one Fpe- riTlo inita-ife •R-hf-re n. man drowned ne«r th« wafrr works in trif5e ove.r a foot of water; he rolied fj fnr 5"ii?/e therr !•: now, I rifim inM. »t. f.^oi into the river while drunk and'hta ,,„. .,. ^ „,.. companions were too badly crock«l to In'erv'ew ' to rrww him, I am certain thai ' ' s it wss oftrn n«- (i|trinv nieht to srf. ftnd fight. It out. T ^l^lrn th«' ihT?» rr?>«! qr> flfffrl'' b*)l !n n prnnnnpnt Wnll «frp<?f. n urhSch djK-rftte?! frti-Ti ft pmb .n fin the MRSTP of the Ars<!of Music. Thf st^e? hatidi fo p'm'n t!ir> Vint'tin two min- brfrirp fh»> CLirtftin Wilt lip (tO the clovrn-hrfftthed m.- mlaht crt. hack to th?lr Keftt the nrxt nrf t from. for ton dnvs onlv. t "Observer" B<H.tfll and _gj]^_ol»nge by looking 'Continued on pfti^e seven) West Third St., Sterling Mr. I'^niK-r, ripvnre you rpplscc 9 your Farm Jjriitinp B a -« fr ip q< j?i vc ?1 r. n rn ]j^ ^Tp \\pve porm> vnry ;<f-r^ctivo prices in offer, CalJ at onr plajif, 1*o Avrnun A, or phone ,1//1 f.\ 7f9 Co, 109 AIT, A, 'Sterling, III. H. /. FOLKERS Attorney at Law PRACTICE IN ALL COURTS LOANS and INSURANCE Collections made promptly. When it comes to fescriptioas You can rely on the efficacy and safety of the drugs we offer here. We're cautious, conservative and scrutinizing as to what goes on our shelves and over our counters. What we off er must -baye.basic qualities for its claims—must render corrective or constructive service. And when it does, it is to be had here at economy prices. . ALL NEXT WEEK Take Advantage of Fliese Money-Saving Values Mineral Oil, full pint ... .59c 60c Size Pine Cough Syrup We 25c Hand Lotion 19c 50e Milk Magnesia Jlc 50c Double Combination Face Cream ..... .. 2$c Mystic Dry Cltaaer ,,,..t7c Mineral Oil and Ager 79c • P. D. Q. Fly Spray, 75c and 1.25 value 52c Madro Rat Poison, kills rats only „ 43c Closing out one lot Flat Wall Paint ........ 39c QL Our ttrewtiptioit department is manned reliable pltiar- Locust Looked After Completion Here is a Photo-Cut of It Today The Best Way However, is to go Out and See This Home has the Most Modern Plumbing & Heating System Anson A. Dieterle Possibly you, too, have a constructive aim in life and would like a home of your own—Let the firms represented here, aid you in its fulfillment. Open Saturday, Oct 6th to Oct 10th Inclusive But 4 Days Remain in Which to See It. We ask you to note the ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Installed by Stanley F. McEee Electrician Sparton Radio The Pathfinder of the Air 511 E. 3rd, Sterling Wherever The Best is Demanded you will find Better Paint Products used. Better Paint Store A. C. Conde 120 W. 3rd St. Tel. 994 Model Home Located at 1510 Locust Street Erected by H. T. Harahman Decorative Iron Work from the "Wilbern Forge" maker of Hand Forged BuildingHardware Rust Proofed in Colonial, Dutch Colonial, E ng 1 ish and Spanish designs. Wilbern Share & Forge Co. Rock Falls, III. i Think of It Window Shades— That are washable—No more cracks or pinholes—Waterproof, that rain cannot hurt. Think of the joy also in shades that can really be cleaned. 'Tontine" by DuPont Long wearing—No more frayed edges. The Model Home is hung with Tontine Window Shades. We can supply them in a color scheme to lit your own home. Formerly Gait's OWENS BOOK STORE 20 E. 3rd St. PRIDE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT is inherent with us in every job we undertake We Take Pleasure in Serving Our Clients Well. T. Harshman CONTRACTOR & BUILDER "Particular Work for Particular People Materials in The MODEL HOME From Basement to Roof From Our Yards and Stock. All Nationally Advertised and Used, Simpson-Powelsoti Lumber Co. High Quality—Superior Service — Mzmwmfi&e

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